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Found 402 results

  1. So, I am facing a dilemma and would like your input. I am planning to file for the CR1. Fiance`s family is footing the bill and we will repay after his arrival in US. They want me to go with the family lawyer but when I met up with the lawyer he wasn't very nice. He wouldn't answer basic questions such as 'After I give you the paperwork for you to organize, will you send the petition off or will I send it off?" He replies "Who will I send it off to?" I replied 'I don't know. Not sure." (Because I genuinely do not know who sends it off, I ask as a potential client) I ask again a few minutes later and he responds "Why do you need a lawyer?" I take a breath because I am irritated at this entire situation, I don't like lawyers and do not feel like I need one. I'm only here because the family is paying for him. I look at the aunt(who recommended him) and say "You were recommended to me." He then says "You don't have to follow through with any recommendation." I nod in agreement. Out of fairness to him, it was a free 15 minute consultation when he normally charges $300 / hour but since I am now a 'friend of the family' he met up with me. He has not been hired as my attorney as of yet. Not only did he not answer my questions but he was condescending. I do not like this man. But the fact is he has helped two family members with immigration. I'm also positive that when I explain my thoughts to the family they aren't going to listen and be loyal to the lawyer particularly because they share nationality and he has helped two family members, the earliest being this past fall. What can this lawyer do for me? No idea since he didn't sell himself to me nor answer my questions.
  2. Hello folks! I was reading some information about the NVC and interview phase of the CR-1 Visa and came across something I wanted to ask to any of you who have already gone through this. To my understanding, my husband will need to bring the original financial documents as part of the I-864 (Affidavit of Support) to his interview in Naples. I'm not sure how much I trust sending sensitive documents like that over mail to Italy. Am I being paranoid, or is it "safe" to send those documents to my husband through some type of trackable mailing service before his interview? Any advice is greatly appreciated, especially about the NVC and Visa interview stages. Thank you!
  3. Hello, Community! Here's a rather unusual discussion, If income requirement can be justified by presenting a job offer (internal company transfer) to work in USA, Attained by beneficiary, In case if petitioner doesn't have any income ? I know co-sponsor is an option, But if the mentioned scenario could satisfy counsellor that alien won't be a burden on government for benefits as He/ She has a job offer ? I know it's not a usual case for counsellor either but if the motive to make sure pettitioner makes enough money to take care of family and alien then job offer to beneficiary should fill the gap without the help of co-sponsor. Tell me what y'all think and if anyone had a similar case.
  4. Hiii, I cant find the answers to two of my questions anywhere. I'm applying to the IR-1 from another country. I'll be living in Brazil while my husband lives in USA. Here are my doubts: Can I move to USA in the middle of the process, while my IR-1 is still pending? Can I apply for a work permit from outside of USA? So I would get there being able to work?
  5. Hello everyone! I am new to this site. I am from the Philippines. So my husband sent our I130 packet on October 20th and got our NOA 1 October 27th. We applied for CR1 and we are on Texas Service Center. My husband forgot to include our passport photos. He is currently deployed now and my sister in law is the one who will receive any mails from the immigration. He was able to send our packet before his deployment. Now it bothers me because we might get RFE because of that Im just wondering if we can send our passport photos now since they are still not processing our case to avoid getting RFE or just wait from them? Thank you!!
  6. Hey all. Is anyone here that have completed there visa interview in Mumbai ?? I am cr1 visa. I need information about Mumbai us consulate. In the interview I know the phone is not allowed. But I am coming for interview with cab. So I need mobile to book cabs. So in security check do they take our mobile and place somewhere safe and give token to it?
  7. So I am the petitioner. My husband lives in Morocco and I just received the email if his letter from the NCV. I was wondering am I able to send all the forms on his behalf? And am I able to select an agent for him or does he have to do all that from Morocco? Also what are the exact documents needed? What is the affidavit of support? Can someone give examples of what each document is? I’m lost!
  8. Hello, here are some screen shots of my completed NVC Package I'll be Shipping off soon , i side loaded stuff for more proofs any tips and Suggestion would be good ,
  9. Hello. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Michaela and I am 21 years old, my fiancee who lives in the Philippines is also 21. We were planning to get married in the Philippines but I can only stay there for a month (Going home this December 2018-January 2019) since I am still in college. Our problem is we didn’t know that we have to wait 10 days after submitting requirements to obtain marriage license. And before that we also have to attend wedding seminar and I have to go to US Embassy to get my Certificate of Non Impediment. (Btw, Can my sister get if for me while I’m not in the Philippines yet?) Since I am only gonma be there for a month I don’t think we have enough time to get married? (We’re only planning civil wedding). Also, I heard that after you got married, we have to wait 3-6 months before PSA issued our Marriage Certificate so I also have to wait for that before filing his petition, right? I’m thinking about doing K1 Visa (I have enough income) but its just so expensive. And I’m also thinking about going home this May-June or June-July, then comeback in December. Any suggestion? I would highly appreciate! Thank you.
  10. Hello guys, So now after my CC I am awaiting to be scheduled for interview at Mumbai consulate. I have a question for anyone who might be in similar situation like mine specially people who have been through Indian consulates. My wife has our marriage certificate and her original birth certificate laminated, I know in US some documents are considered invalid after lamination. Does anyone have any experience about presenting laminated documents during visa interview? Did they accept/reject it them? Any inputs will be helpful.
  11. Hi everyone, I have immigrated to the US from Canada on Dec 23, 2017. I have CR1 visa. I have been researching about my situation whether or not I need to file tax for 2017. As CR1 visa holder, I believe I do. Do I simply file 1040? If so which one of 1040 form? Any advise would be appreciated.
  12. Time

    Hey everyone, I received the NOA2 January 10, 2018. I just looked on www.uscis.gov to see my case status today, it says "Case was sent to The Department of State." One month later. My question is how long does it take for the case to reach the visa center from Texas Service Center? Online, it says the case was sent on February 1, 2018.
  13. Hello I am an Indian citizen and my future wife is a US citizen. We were initially thinking about going the K1 visa route, but reconsidered and have decided to go with CR1. She is working full time and doesnt have time to fly across the globe for a Indian Wedding, so we have decided that we will have a small marriage (court marriage) in the Carribean ( Granada ), the marriage certificate from there will be in english and the process is quick. and then she will file the paperwork in USA to initiate my CR1, if all goes well, I will do the visa interview in the Mumbai Consulate. Our relationship is real, so Im not worried about proving that. Do you think the visa officer will have a problem with the marriage ? I have read here that visa officers ask for full photo albums , with specifics from hindu marriage ceremonies, where the husband is tying garland and sindoor. She is christian and Im hindu but both of us are very mildly religious, so it doesnt matter to us. Also I dont have money to fly out my parents/relatives for the marriage. What can i do to prove that the marriage is legit, should i take a lot of professional pictures ? Any documentation that I should be aware of for a foreign country wedding ? Also would Indian US consulate need some Indian marriage certificate or will the Grenada one be enough ?
  14. My wife (the petitioner) lived abroad until late 2016, worked for only 2 months and her income did not exceed 2000$, now she is a full time student with no income and no work .. ofcourse we have a joint sponsor but my question is: is I864 the only form that my wife should file to the nvc? thank you
  15. Hi, I am filling up the I-130 for my spouse who is in India. One of the lawyers I consulted said that initially I only need to submit a marriage certificate as the evidence of marriage, however the instructions for filling the form say that in addition to the marriage certificate I also need to provide additional evidence of a bonafide marriage. From the list of documents they are willing to accept as evidence, the only thing that I can provide is an affidavit from my brother and sister who were present for the wedding, and pictures of the wedding and honeymoon. I have a few questions regarding that- - Is the lawyer right that I just need the marriage certificate, or is it necessary to provide additional evidence. - If I should provide additional evidence, should I provide affidavit or pictures, or both. - Affidavits from how many people should be fine. Is it ok if it comes from my siblings? - is there a proforma for the affidavit that I can use? Thanks.
  16. Hello all I-130 filers, Lets put our I-130 timelines for Nebraska Service Center Filers
  17. Good morning friends: In my preparation to NVC stage I´m trying to have all the required documents ready for that step. But my question is this: About the police records my case is this. I´m from Cuba, but living in Bogota Colombia permanently since March 21 2017. I left Cuba at my 27 years old. So next March 21 i´m going to be here 1 entire year here, also my application was from the begginingin here in Bogota and placed in NSC ( 5 1/2 months since P.D). When I´m going to assemble the NVC package they require Police Certificate, but "It is said that (If you re living in another country for 12 continuously months or more, for the process NVC stage and Embassy Interview I will only need the Colombian Police Record since I´m living here and no longer in CUBA... This is my question and really thanks in advance for your answers and readings! Best regards, have you all a great day!
  18. Hey, everyone. Currently, I have two separate I-130 petitions in the USCIS stage: one for my spouse and one for my stepchild. In preparation for the NVC stage, I've been reading about Form I-864 so that I'll understand how to complete it correctly. I've read the I-864 instructions several times, and I've spent hours searching the VJ forums. However, I still need clarification about my specific situation. SUMMARY 1. I've filed separate I-130 petitions for my spouse and my stepchild, which are both in the USCIS stage. 2. My spouse and I have one biological child together, who was born abroad and lives with my spouse. 3. Our second biological child will be born soon under the same circumstances. 4. Separate CRBA filings will be made for each of our two biological children after the second is born. 5. Our first biological child doesn't have a SSN yet and couldn't be claimed on my 2017 tax return. 6. I'll use a joint sponsor in order to meet 125% of the poverty guideline for my state. 7. The joint sponsor lives in a different state with a lower poverty guideline. HOUSEHOLD CALCULATIONS According to the instructions, I'm required to file separate I-864 forms for my spouse and my stepchild since I filed separate I-130 petitions for each of them. The following text is from page 4 of Form I-864 followed by my attempt at the household calculations. I've included questions in the calculations where clarification is needed. By the time that I need to submit Form I-864 to the NVC, our second biological child is expected to be born. That's why I've included our second biological child in certain household calculation questions. Please let me know what the correct household calculations should be on each form. FORM I-864 — PAGE 4 Part 5. Sponsor's Household Size NOTE: Do not count any member of your household more than once. Persons you are sponsoring in this affidavit: 1. Provide the number you entered in Part 3., Item Number 28. _____ Persons NOT sponsored in this affidavit: 2. Yourself. _____ 3. If you are currently married, enter "1" for your spouse. _____ 4. If you have dependent children, enter the number here. _____ 5. If you have any other dependents, enter the number here. _____ 6. If you have sponsored any other persons on Form I-864 or Form I-864 EZ who are now lawful permanent residents, enter the number here. _____ 7. OPTIONAL: If you have siblings, parents, or adult children with the same principal residence who are combining their income with yours by submitting Form I-864A, enter the number here. _____ 8. Add together Part 5., Item Numbers 1. - 7. and enter the number here. _____ FOR SPOUSE PETITIONER FORM I-864 1. — 1 (Spouse Beneficiary) 2. — 1 (Petitioner) 3. — If I enter "1" for my spouse, she would be counted twice since she's the same person being sponsored. Should I enter "0" instead? 4. — Should I enter "3" (stepchild + two biological children) or "0" since none of them could be claimed on my 2017 tax return? 5. — 0 6. — 0 7. — 0 8. — (Depends on the correct answers above.) JOINT SPONSOR FORM I-864 1. — 1 (Petitioner's Spouse Beneficiary) 2. — 1 (Joint Sponsor) 3. — 1 (Joint Sponsor's Spouse) 4. — 0 5. — 0 6. — 0 7. — 0 8. — 3 FOR STEPCHILD PETITIONER FORM I-864 1. — 1 (Stepchild Beneficiary) 2. — 1 (Petitioner) 3. — 1 (Petitioner's Spouse) 4. — Should I enter "2" (two biological children) or "0" since none of them could be claimed on my 2017 tax return? 5. — 0 6. — 0 7. — 0 8. — (Depends on the correct answer above.) JOINT SPONSOR FORM I-864 1. — 1 (Petitioner's Stepchild Beneficiary) 2. — 1 (Joint Sponsor) 3. — 1 (Joint Sponsor's Spouse) 4. — 0 5. — 0 6. — 0 7. — 0 8. — 3 OTHER QUESTIONS 1. My family will live with me in my state of residence, which has a higher poverty guideline than the state where the joint sponsor lives. Which state will the joint sponsor be required to meet the financial requirements for: his state of residence or my state of residence? 2. On page 12 of the I-864 instructions, it states: "If the first joint sponsor completes Form I-864 for some rather than all the family members, a second qualifying joint sponsor will be required to sponsor the remaining family members. There may be no more than two joint sponsors. A joint sponsor must be able to meet the income requirements for all the persons he or she is sponsoring without combining resources with the petitioning sponsor or a second joint sponsor." It's my understanding that only one joint sponsor is allowed. Does the above instruction allow the possibility for one joint sponsor to sponsor my spouse and a second joint sponsor to sponsor my stepchild? That's not what I intend to do, but I'm wondering if the instructions allows for such scenarios.
  19. I've heard that a lawyer can't help if denied a K1 visa. When I asked a few local lawyers what they could do for me if we are denied at embassy they beat around the bush so I take their lack of an answer as "no, they cant help." 1.Have any of you used a lawyer? 2. If not, do you regret not hiring one? 3. If you did hire one, do you regret doing so?
  20. Hey guys i need your help please My wife (the petitioner) is unemployed right now, she is a university student, she only worked for 2 months in a restaurant and got paid by checks. We have a joint sponsor for our case and he is going to file all the required documents but What should my wife file other than the i-864 .. she has no income ( as i said she is a student) Thank you
  21. Hello VJ family, I married my husband in May of 2017. I'm trying to do my taxes for 2017 and I'm trying to understand how to go about it the best way. I'm in the middle of cr1 process right now and I don't want any problems for NVC. Can I just file single and then do an amendment??? Getting documents from Haiti is like pulling teeth..... the only thing I have is his birth certificate and notarized copy.
  22. Hi everyone. Im not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I hope I can get some clarification and help from everyone here. I have a friend who is from Vietnam, but was a foreign student studying in Vancouver Canada. While she was studying in Canada she had met a US Citizen and they developed a relationship. After awhile she applied for a visitor visa to come visit the US the relationship she had with the US Citizen had gotten quite serious so she stayed in the US longer and overstayed her visitor visa. Now they are about to get married. What are their options and what are her complications If she is to adjust status after getting married? Thank you.
  23. Hi Guys, I have been checklisted at NVC, original SD: 12/20/2017. I called today to see status on application and the NVC rep told me that they need my marriage certificate and my husband's birth certificate (which was sent obviously) but they need it in a different form because the ones that were sent are not accepted. The NVC said wait for the email and it will explain what we need. Ok, so cutting right to the question is do i have to wait for the email? Or can i just send the documents since i already know what they need. Any help kindly accepted, thanks in advance!
  24. We applied CR1 visa in 2017 and my father in law is my Co sponsor but then in 2018 he became unemployment, should I worry? Any suggestions what should we do if we don't meet another Co sponsor? Thx
  25. i saw this mentioned in a comment on another thread but didnt want to derail it (paraphrased) K1 used to be a lot faster than CR1, but now the difference is only a few weeks and since the CR1 comes with instant work/travel rights, might be the better choice Is this true, regarding processing time? Him being able to work sooner would be HUGE benefit, if the processing times are similar. A few weeks difference i wont squibble about, you know? Better than him going stir crazy for 6 months waiting for adjustment. We had decided on the K1 probably a year ago solely based on the faster processing time. We have 95% of our paperwork together for the K1, we're not filing till next month, but, as I said, getting married now wouldnt be a big deal if theres little processing time difference...we're not doing a big wedding anyways so no plans to change or worry about lol What are the cost difference and document/requirement differences? (i know i can look it up but its stupid o'clock early lol). While the Cr1 is in process would be be able to travel back and forth from the US as he does now (another big deal). We know once the K1 is submitted he COULD be denied, but he has solid work and family ties to Canada so assuming the agent on duty isnt overzealous, crossing, we are hoping, wont be too much of an issue. And if it is, I can cross (its just harder for me with child and dog care -we have 5 pups and an 11 year old (previous marriage of mine) )