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  1. Hello everyone. I need some help. I am a 10 year greencard holder (IR1). Since leaving my spouse (please refer to previous topic). I was able to file a divorce case with a court in CA. My spouse got served and this must have triggered him as he has reported me to USCIS (I'm not worried about this as he has no evidence since it’s all lies) but my concern here is that he told me he will be filing a response to my divorce by ticking the box “annulment based on fraud”. I appreciate that this maybe not be the right place to ask but I cannot afford a lawyer and wanted to know how I proceed if I filed for a divorce based on irreconcilable differences and he is responding with annulment based on fraud? He is doing anything and everything he can to spite me and I just want to move on.
  2. Hi there! My boyfriend and I are very new into this process, I reside in Canada but I’m a Spanish/Venezuelan citizen and would like to move in next June to the USA with him to close the distance. I’ve read that the process is taking over two years and it’s costly to apply for it. We just want to know an average time of how long it will take and the cost, so we can start it as soon as possible, we are looking to get married in December but if we need to do it before we’re open to it. Thank you all so much in advance for your answers.
  3. Hey everyone. I had put up another post and I am so thankful everyone in this community is so helpful! I would like to share an edited version of Cover Letter we have and the evidence, to get some opinions, as we have been so stressed about making sure we have enough evidence before we send. It needs to be sent by 6th September but I want to get it sent asap, this week if possible. "Dear USCIS Officer: I am filing a joint Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, with my spouse. My wife entered the United States on a CR1 visa on September 6th 2020. We respectfully request that this petition be accepted for removal of conditions on residence for Shannen. Please also find the following documents enclosed to verify the status of our marriage and ongoing relationship: Check for $680, including filing fee of $595 and biometric fee of $85. Form I-751 Form G-1145 Copy of Permanent Resident Card (front and back) Copy of our marriage certificate Copies of both of our Driver’s licenses/ID (front and back) Copy of apartment rental agreements with joint occupancy (2020-2022) Copies of the tax statements for the previous two years (2020 and 2021) Copies of Shannen's W2 forms Copy of Life Insurance showing that my wife as the beneficiary Copy of Rental insurance showing coverage for both myself and my wife Copy of our Car insurance certificate showing we are both insured Copy of our Health Insurance coverage for me and my wife. (2021-2022) Copy of new Health Insurance, showing both myself and my wife are insured under her job’s health insurance. (2022) Utility bills in my name and some in my wife’s name. Letter from State of Texas Department of Public Safety addressed to petitioner, to show proof of address Letter from Texas Toll addressed to me, to show proof of address Four sworn affidavits by U.S. citizen friends and family, attesting to our relationship and marriage -Name of father -Name of brother -Name of friend -Name of friend Birthday and anniversary cards we have written to each other since my wife moved to the U.S. Screenshots of our social media pages showing our ongoing marriage and relationship. Photographs include: -Our Wedding (August 2019) -Our Honeymoon to Universal Studios, Los Angeles (September 2019) -A vacation to see Shannen’s family in Ireland (August 2021) -Thanksgiving with my family (November 2021) -Our friend’s wedding (May 2022) -My wife Shannen’s birthday in (June 2022). I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and respectfully request your favorable adjudication of this petition." -We recently opened a joint bank account since we never really considered having one, we decided to just go ahead and open it but since it's recent, we don't have much to send away. Would we be best to explain why we hadn't set up a joint account until recently, or even send our own personal statements? -We have printed about 35 photos and written dates, locations and names on the back but I read something that they need to be printed on paper, would that be best? -Utilities are mostly either in his name or my name, as he was paying most of the bills, we hadn't considered that they would need to be in both names, so we hadn't adjusted it. Will this be an issue? We are open to suggestions and tips, please let us know if there is anything else that we should change or consider as we want to make sure we provide as much evidence as we can.
  4. We have been married since 4 years. now we having a problems in our relationship. I have 10 years green card so my question is if we get divorced can my spouse cancel my green card and deport me?
  5. Hello guys, I recently got approved for an IR1 in May. The day after my approval, my husband began escalating his verbal abuse and vitriol towards me and eventually blocked me on everything claiming he wanted nothing to do with me over some very pathetic arguments we had been having. He then unblocked me and we tried to work things out as things between us were not going well. He kept dumping me and taking me back in a constant cycle over very minuscule problems and abusing me/threatening me over messages. It got so bad to the point where I just allowed him to dump me. I then entered the USA to activate my greencard. I had hoped that in this time, he would calm down and we could work things out but his behaviour got worse. He asked for me back and I said no. He is now threatening to report me to immigration services and claims that I used him for a greencard. We were together for almost 4 years, I entered the marriage in good faith but ultimately could no longer stay as his behaviour started to make me concerned for my safety. I put up with a lot of abuse from him from day 1 because I loved him and believed he could change. I am now worried because he emailed me telling me that he will report me to immigration and tell them that I left him shortly after I got approved. And that I have been trying to file for a divorce (which I have because I do not believe we can work things out). How will I know once he has done this? Will my green card be taken away from me? Will I be able to tell USCIS my side of what has happened? (I have an extensive file of evidence including: emails, whatsapp messages and voice recordings of his abuse). I have also applied for a re entry permit so that I can go back to the UK to take care of my ill mother but I ultimately want to move here and make the USA my permanent home. Will his false report affect my re entry application? I apologise if this is confusing or lacks context. I just need some help.
  6. I was trying to find information on how long it takes for the green card to be mailed to your US address after entry with a permanent resident visa. My husband has his interview in Costa Rica on August 9, 2022 and is planning on coming soon after if it all goes well. Anyone have similar experience and can tell me how long it took for the green card to arrive? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I was wondering about any help I could get with my situation. My family and I live on a TN visa in the US and had our interview in Montréal 12/13, we had to return to the states and did not give the officer our passports then and there. We were told we were approved and were told to mail them back instead, and the passports were delivered 12/22. My family and I have been here in Canada since 12/19 and need to go back, but haven’t gotten any updates other than on 12/30 where the status still said refused. We emailed on 12/24 and got a response yesterday and on 12/29 (day before the emailing update). I’m desperate to go back to the states but I can’t seem to figure out anything to do, any help?
  8. Excited to finally get this packet together and sent out the door! I thought I was going to submit it in March, but now it looks like it will be closer to April.
  9. I am currently living in Thailand with my wife, and want to start the process for getting her greencard when we plan to return next year. I am filling out the I-130 Form on the USCIS website and am running into the following issue: On the "About You" Section, the phone number fields will only accept US phone number format. I don't have a US phone number anymore. I can enter my mom's US phone #, but I am concerned this will cause problems later. Can anyone advise how I can fill this out properly given the constraints of the USCIS system? I have searched extensively on my own how to contact them, but it has proven to be difficult. I greatly appreciate any advice or help anyone can offer.
  10. Hello AOS gurus, I'm following the visajourney timeline for K1 to AOS https://www.visajourney.com/guides/k1-fiance-visa-flowchart/ Since many of the AOS Field Offices processing times are over 2 years https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ And if the interview date is after the 2-years of marriage from K-1 and AOS is approved, is the 10-year green card granted or the 2-year green card? If the 10-year green card is granted, then it would save a Removal Of Condition process, and we should be rooting for the AOS interview delays? Thanks for any responses.
  11. My wife submitted her I693 prior to entering the US on a K1 visa in May 2021. We have the green card interview for AOS in two weeks and aren’t sure if she is required to get the covid 19 vaccine as it wasn’t required for the medical exam prior to October 2021?
  12. Hey guys! I just graduated from college in April, and got married to a U.S. citizen in May. Before getting married I submitted an opt i765 late April because everyone else was doing it. Now me and my wife are filing i130 and i485. It’s been more than a month and my opt hasn’t been approved yet (I know it takes 2-3 months). My question is should I wait for my opt to be either approved or rejected before submitting my green card package? Because on my opt I had my status as single, and my status on i485 will be married…. I don’t know if that will be a problem at all. thank you!
  13. Hoping to connect with Jan filers. On my receipt it said California but agent on emma said its in Texas and said it was in Texas to begin with. Couldn't understand.
  14. Hi My brother has green card he got married in Pakistan Applied for spouse immigration 1/21 got Receipt only no approval yet Anyone has similar situation? Priority date? Approval date? Interview date? Any info appreciated TIA
  15. Hello, I want to fill in I-130 form for my wife and child. I found in USCIS page that I can fill in one I-130 form for both. Has anyone tried to do so? as there are not enough space to fill in data for both in one form. Thanks
  16. Received the NVC login information (welcome letter) and would like to pay the IV Fee and any other outstanding fee. But when I hover over the NOT PAID area or FEEs tab, nothing is clickable. Is it because my petition is not eligible for further processing at this time? Am I supposed to wait on an invoice first? What am I missing? I don't want a year to lapse and then be kicked out of the system.
  17. Hi guys, So I received an email today confirming my interview and my interview appointment is scheduled May 3rd. I have a slight problem. My husband will be starting his new job today and will not receive a paystub by the time I have my interview appointment. I have advised him to provide me with: - Updated I864 - Updated tax return - Letter from employer confirming he has started his job My husband will still be earning well over the poverty requirements so we will not need a co-sponsor. Will the lack of paystubs cause any issues? And will I need to take anything else? I am getting seriously worried.
  18. Hi all - apologies for the hyperbole, but it’s a bit of an emergency. I know the idea is that IR1 visa holders have to come to the US with or after the USC spouse. However, my wife and I are currently in transit and she has missed her flight (we’re travelling separately). This means I will arrive in the US before her. Can I still go through immigration etc pending her arrival? Sorry for the urgency but I’m actually sat in an airport right now, not knowing what to do. This is a bit of nightmare. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi there, I have been legally in the U.S for 6 years now. My parents and I applied for Political Asylum 6 years ago; however, it has not ben granted yet (but i have a work permit and social security ever since). I met my husband 3 years ago and we have been living together ever since(same leases contracts, bank accounts and trips for the last 3 years + we did our taxes together this year), and we got married in July 2021 and by August 2021 we sent all of our document, and in December I had the appointment for the finger prints. On April 13th 2022 we got a letter with the approval of the I-130 case and so far there has not been any interview. The only document left to get is my immigration medical exam (I-693), which I will get done tomorrow and send it. I was wondering if it is likely for me to get an interview for the I-485 case, also is it likely for my case to get the permanent green card? Thanks for the help!
  20. Posting from a throwaway account as I shared my last account with my husband. So I am a UK citizen and married an American Citizen. To cut a long story short, we went through the IR1 process (we have been married for more than 2 years). I had my interview at the London embassy at the very end of March and I was approved for a 10 year greencard. I have sold most of my belongings (including my car), quit my job and did everything that I needed to do in order to prepare for my move to the states. Sadly I recently discovered that my husband has been using multiple dating apps and attempting to meet up with women. I confronted him about this and it is as if his mask has fallen off, he has become a completely different person- spiteful, bitter and angry. I feel so blindsided and heartbroken. I feel like the man I married does not even exist. He now wants to get a divorce which I will not be contesting. I have a few questions that I am hoping you guys can help me answer as you are all so helpful and informative. 1) I have mentally and physically prepared myself to move to the states, if I still want to move, will there be any issues at the point of entry? Or will I not be allowed to go because my husband and I will be getting a divorce? 2) I have (obviously) not yet visited the states with my approval, can my husband cancel my greencard? 3) If I am able to go and 'activate' my greencard, I was planning on applying for a re entry permit to come back here to the UK and make sure I am fully ready to move. the re entry permit would buy me some time and extend the usual.6 month waiting period if I feel I need a few more months. 4) If I am granted a re-entry permit, could there be a possibility that I am denied entry based on the sole fact that I am no longer with my husband? I apologise if this does not make sense. I have had little to no time to research any of this as I was completely blindsided by my situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Greetings to all the fellow members. My apologies in advance for all the verbiage. My mom won the DV22 lottery and is currently in the process of moving to the US. She is 52 years of age. I myself am more than 21 years old and hence, won't be able to join her. We both live in Russia. And so we are currently planning to take the F2B route once she steps on the US soil. Lately, I've been rigorously examining the process. There is but one aspect that seems most thorny in our case. That is the aspect of financial sufficiency of the principle immigrant (i.e. the sponsored person). So I'll turn to my questions then: 1) You see, given how lengthy the whole process is, it is quite likely that she won't be able to meet the minimum income requirement. Thus, I'm planning to gradually over the coming years transfer my cash savings from my bank account to her bank account in the US. The amount will definitely be substantially more than enough to cover for the lack of income and then some. And by the time she has to file the I864, she'll be able to supplement her income with ample savings that would have already been sitting on her bank account for a couple of years. But there is one thing that concerns me. Wouldn't the CO somehow find it suspicious that a woman of her age with such humble income was somehow capable of amassing such a sum? If so, could she just tell them that these are our family savings? Finally, would this require any documentary substantiation? 2) Second, I am a licensed dentist in my country and have all the necessary credentials to prove that. Given all the hardships, including financial, that one has to persevere through in order to become a certified dentist in the US, would this somehow negatively impact the CO's judgement? After all, I'll have to pay circa 200 0000 to 300 000 dollars for the whole licensing process with no ability to work as a dentist in the interim. Thanks in advance.
  22. Hi everyone, I would like to travel abroad 2 months before my Conditional green card expires (marriage based). I will file for removal of conditions on my GC a month before the travel date. My question is can I travel while my removal of conditions is pending ? Or do I have to wait for the USCIS to send me anything before I can go ? (When I get back my Conditional GC will still be unexpired) Thanks for your help !
  23. Hello everyone, hope you’ll are doing fine. I had a question about staying in United States. I have B1/B2 visa for 10 years (till 2027) and I have filled spouse visa green card I-130 in November. So, my question is can I stay more than 6 months in the United States if my application is still pending?
  24. I am currently in US on L1A visa that is valid until Aug 2023.I have I-797 and I-94 valid until Aug 2023. Since I haven't traveled to India in last 4 years, my visa stamping in passport is expired. My company is planning to do EB1 concurrent filing in April 2022. Along concurrent filing forms I-131 and I765 will be filed. Do I need to travel to India for a visa stamping in my passport ? Will my I797 / I-94 approval will be sufficient for concurrent filing?
  25. Hi, I have my GreenCard Interview (K-1→AOS) next month and I'm confused about medical exam. Please help me! I took my medical exam overseas in Oct 2020 then filed I-485 in Jun 2021 so I don't think I need to get another medical exam, according to the form I-693 instruction. Also my DS3025 is completed. However, USCIS is now requiring COVID vaccine and this page below says K-visa applicants are not required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as part of the immigration medical examination; however, the other components of these Technical Instructions do apply to all applicants.(←what does it mean!?) https://www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugeehealth/panel-physicians/covid-19-technical-instructions.html And this page below says The applicant must complete the COVID-19 vaccine series and provide documentation of vaccination to the civil surgeon in person before completion of the medical examination. https://www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugeehealth/civil-surgeons/covid-19-technical-instructions.html I called USCIS, and the guy said the normal vaccination card is fine, but I don't see any correct answers anywhere.... so I'm worried. Can I just bring my vaccination card (which is the normal covid vaccination card I got from pharmacy) ? Or I need to complete the Part 10. Vaccination Record of I-693 completed by a designated civil surgeon? Thank you for your time to help me. Vaccine Requirements According to Applicant Age (Print-only).pdf
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