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  1. Excited to finally get this packet together and sent out the door! I thought I was going to submit it in March, but now it looks like it will be closer to April.
  2. I am in the USA, having arrived a few weeks ago on my K1 visa. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I had to come over much earlier than planned because of the travel restrictions. I am currently working remotely for my UK-based employer, doing the same job I've been doing for over two years but I am reading really conflicting views online about whether this is allowed, and it seems to be a very grey area. Some people seem very certain that it's okay because it's not a US based employer, and I'm not doing work for a US business, whereas others are saying any form of employment is not okay. My employment ends with them on the 31 July and I've been honest on my forms ready to submit to the USCIS, but I am wondering whether I need to try and leave earlier than that and terminate my employment ASAP?
  3. I-485 permanent residency based on US citizen husband and my case was approved on March 25. The date of the receipt was July 2, 2019. My interview was on January,14,2020. We are in Indianapolis.
  4. Hi all! I am a US citizen filing I-130 online for my sibling. I have questions regarding filing the form. 1. I am naturalized citizen, but I have lost my Certificate of Naturalization. The guide on VJ says I can provide my US passport, but on I-130 there is no such option. 2. I don't remember my A number. Is it important if I am a citizen now. Can I just skip this question? 3. My mother's last name is now different from that on my and my sister's birth certificate. In fact, she changed it twice. But there is no such question in I-130. So I just have to put in her current last name which differs from the name on birth certificates. It doesn't make sence. Do I need to provide her marriage and divorce certificates in "Additional Information"? Thank you!
  5. Hi All, I got approved for my IR-1 on Friday 13th March 2020. They state in the media that LPR's are exempt, but I'm kind of in limbo as I haven't yet moved. Embassy have my passport so it's not like I could even go now. What is my status? Am I a Green card holder or is it after I've moved?
  6. Hello everyone...So me and my husband are scheduled for the AOS green card interview next week. I have checked the requirements on what we should bring on the day of the interview but because I keep on researching, many have different experiences and just wanted to ask you guys some insights on several questions on mind that I have: 1) do I have to reprint the whole AOS PACKET with affidavit of support etc... that I have already sent last time and bring it to the interview? I was confused because it says "unless otherwise submitted" but then I see other people that printed them again and brought to the interview. Redundancy? 2) it says bring some photos to show our legit marriage- Should I start making a scrapbook collage of photos from the start that I entered here in the US then married, up until now? Or should I make again another one from the start of our relationship till finish? I mean, I did that scrapbook thingy before and passed it to my interviewer for the K1 VISA interview and gave it to them and they never returned it to me, so should I make another one? what are your experiences? 3)Anyone here recent aos filers that did the ds-5540 (public charge) form and brought it to the interview? is it mandatory? Any answers would be highly appreciated!!! Thank you so much!
  7. Me and my wife, we paid our immigration fee on July 23 2019. And we entered in US on November 3 2019. Today it's been 130 days we entered US. But still we haven't our green cards yet. Our visas are expired and we do not have any valid identification card. We received our SSN shortly after we arrived and we expected the same for green cards, but it didn't come through. We have contacted USCIS several times, they are not really helpful at all. All they say is wait for 30 days and no feedback on that. My wife got call from USCIS and they provided appointment details. We went to local USCIS office in Lawrence and they simply told we have to wait and nothing can be done at the moment. We are desperately looking for help to get our cards. Please help/guide us to get our greencards.
  8. A month ago I got an RFE asking for a I-864 coming from the petitioner's in this case my wife, we did send one but it was a Joint sponsor, anyway I got all the information ready to sent on what the RFE is asking for, but here is my dilemma: I just got my medical exam done, but I don't know If I should sent it with the RFE that way I don't get a pink letter saying I need to get my medical exam, anyway I hope I can get some help or advice here since I am planning on sent the package between today or tomorrow.
  9. Okay so my husband and I met almost 5 years ago and have been married for almost 4. We had a lot of issues in the beginning where I thought he was using me for his green card and we filed for a divorce. It was never finalized however. He applied for his political asylum in the tome being until we figured what we were going to do. We had a baby and got back together. And started filing for his green card. we got pregnant again and a year later had another baby. After the baby was born, we had another big issue and separated for a couple months. At this point I was very angry at the issue that had occurred and he was trying to take full custody of my children. I was angry and scared of him taking my children back to his country. I reported him to immigration because I honestly felt like he was using me and trying to take my children at the time. (Which I know what not true, now) we got back together again and continued with his green card process. we had his interview today and I was asked to stay in the room alone and she asked me about the report. I told her that we had issues two years ago and that I did report him because I felt that way at the time. But we are working on our marriage and going to a marriage class at our church and we resolved our communication issues that we once had. She then asked if he was lying about his asylum and I said no that his lawyer told him to apply because it would give him time to figure out what we were going to do with our relationship. My husband doesn’t know about the report. my husband came back in and she asked him where I work, he forgot the name of the place but knew my occupation and knew i worked in a hospital and where it was. Then they asked if we knew each other’s birthdays, asked my husband our anniversary and the kids birthdates which he knew, and that was it. She said we would hear back within 30 days. I am so scared that I ruined this with my stupid anger and acting on my emotions. I told the lady i was emotional after having my daughter but i don’t think she believed it. Even though it was true. All marriages have issues but we chose to work through them instead of getting divorced. We do have a legit marriage with two kids, but we just had a lot of issues in the beginning. I’m just scared that I messed it all up. I regret reporting him but at the time it’s what I believed.
  10. Hi, Does the spouse of a US citizen who is already in the US working on an H1B or L1A visa need to file the I-131 advance parole and I-765 EAD forms? Would he or she be able to travel outside the states on the H1B/L1A visa without these being file while they wait for the the i-130 adjustment of status to be approved? If they do need to file these forms (i-131 and i-765) then will it then cancel out the H1B / L1A visa once she receives the EAD? Any assistance would be appreciated.
  11. Hello, anyone here who had experienced AOS Marriage based green card interview in Las Vegas Nevada USCIS Office? Interview is next week...I'm super anxious and nervous....What should me and my husband prepare for? What do they usually ask?
  12. Hey everyone, I’m freaking out a little right now😶 I will have my K1 Visa Interview in the end of February and plan to move to the US in the end of March. My Fiancé will graduate from college in March too. He’s gonna start working in May and my plan is to file for my Greencard in May too. So now I tried to make a list with all the things in need for my Application and saw the I-944. My Fiancé’s dad is gonna be our joint sponsor on the I-864 but what do we do with the I-944? My Fiancé just starts making “good” money by May so we don’t have much to show as money or assets. Can someone help us what we’re supposed to do or does no one really knows yet how it works?🙈
  13. Hi there! I am currently applying for Aoj along with I-765 for work Authorization. on my I-485, currently have a Request for information however my I-765 is currently overdue processing time and it is still "active." I'm not sure if my RFE stops the I-765 from processing as I'm trying to get the documents together to send it off ASAP. so if anyone could let me know if my I-765 is being held up by the RFE on my I--485 that'd be great! Cheers!
  14. Hello good people! My boyfriend and I are planning to get married soon. I'm on a F1 visa and he's a US greencard holder. After we get married we plan on starting our life here in the US. It looks like things are expedited when you're married to a US citizen, while it takes longer when you're married to a resident. My question is, does it matter if we got married now while he is on his greencard? Or should we wait till he becomes a US citizen? He's already done with his finger print. Also, what if we just got married now and he could file my greencard application once he becomes a citizen? Wouldn't my application still be treated as the application of a spouse of a US citizen? Or the fact that we got married when he was on his greencard slow down the whole process? Thanks in advance!
  15. After entering USA , throu CR1 visa , I still have not received green card after 30 days of POE , and nor are there any status updates on the same on USCIS case status online . Should I be worried ? . Also I changed my address talking with cbp officer at the airport while POE . Does that affect my gc status ? . Nb :Poe was at chicago : O'Hare
  16. Hello, so I just renewed my passport recently and now it is under my married name which is great!!! But I have a new problem, in my new passport they put my middle name as my maiden name. And my Green card has my actual middle name. So it's likes this in my Green card: ALFE MAY ALONTE ZINGER ( ALONTE is my middle name) PASSPORT: ALFE MAY LEONARDO ZINGER And we're planning on traveling back to the US in a few months, will I have issue entering the country or will it be okay as long as I bring my birth certificate or some kind??
  17. Hello everybody, I am currently living in the United States and working with an H1B visa. My company recently offered me an option to get a green card through a sponsorship program. I am sharing my life with another foreigner (we are not married) which does not have any kind of long term visa for the US (F1). My question is, how can he get the benefits of my (supposedly) green card ? Do we need to get married before, during, or after the green card application process ? I've been told the Green Card process in my case would likely take 2 years, so how much time would that take for him to get the ability to work and travel freely from and to the United States ? Thank you for your answers !
  18. Hi, I recently had my greencard interview and was told by the officer that everything was approved aside from my medical, which he said the doctor had failed to fill out correctly and I was going to need to file a new medical. The officer said that the notice should go out the next day and if not, early next week. This was over two weeks ago now and I have had no update to my case nor have I had anything in the mail. Is this a common phenomenon? Do RFE's take a long time even just to be issued? The USCIS helpline said I should just send my completed medical to the office that I had the interview at, but that goes against the process the officer described which was to wait for instructions in the letter. Has this happened to anyone else? If anyone else had an RFE after the interview , how long did it take to be sent? Thanks all for the advice!
  19. Hi, I'm hoping someone can shed some light for me on this subject. My husband and I have hit hard times rather suddenly and we have a 4 month old daughter. My husband is working however he is currently only on commission only and is still learning on the job so his pay is not even scratching the surface of our outgoings, this is the only job that has responded to him as of yet. We are on the verge of losing our house and are behind on practically all of our bills and to top it off my husbands truck (the only vehicle we have) was just totalled on Monday. I'm honestly at a point where I'm like ok if we lose the house we lose the house it's just a 'thing' we will be back on our feet again soon hopefully but I've been told about WIC and CHIP regarding our daughter as she is our main priority. We don't have any health insurance for any of us and she is behind on her shots and checkups. I'm currently breastfeeding but my diet as you can imagine isn't great and she will be going on solids soon so WIC and CHIPS seem to be able to help with both of them problems. My concern is that I'm not eligible to apply for these because I'm a green card holder and I don't want to be 'a cost to the government' & I'm due to remove my conditions in August and I don't want jeopardize that. Has anybody been through a similar situation and can advise me on this? I'm desperate
  20. Hello, I just have one question regard my case in applying for a Green Card through marriage on the K3. I am currently in the U.S. working on an O1. I am about to apply for my Green Card through Marriage. I want to see if I can switch employment during the wait time for my Green Card once I file it, do I need to file I765 for that to be possible , to enable me to work untied to my current employer? My current O1 has 2 more years of validity on it with my current employment. I read on the i765 form not to file the i765 if you are on an O1 however im wondering if this will enable to me work separate to my O1? Do I need to maintain my current status working on my O1?
  21. Hey guys, So I have all of my forms filled out, and all of my supporting documents, but I dont know where to send it to? I assume I send them all together and all to the same place, but which USCIS office place thing do i Send it to? I live in New York City. The forms I am sending are: i-130 i-130A i-485 i-131 i765 i864 Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers
  22. I was a conditional resident that just got conditions on a green card removed this September. I had my biometrics in August 2017. I have received a 10 year green card on which in the white square in the right bottom corner it says "Fingerprint not available" instead of actually having a picture of my fingerprint there. What is the possible cause of that? Is that a problem? Is it going to affect my international travels (specifically being admitted back in the US) in any way? Do I have to file I90 to get a card re-issued?
  23. Hello everyone, Wondering from those with experience how long it took your green card to arrive? We paid the USCIS fee before entering the US and received his SS card 2 weeks after entering. Its been 6 weeks here in the US and still no green card. If it doesn't come in soon who can we contact? Thanks in advance!
  24. Hey, Have just submitted all our paperwork online on CEAC tonight. Just curious about how long till we hear back and whats next? Will I receive a letter with interview and Medical or via email?
  25. Hi All! I’m a United States citizen. I’ve been living in Italy since September 2018. On November 30, 2019, I got married IN ITALY to an Italian guy. We want to move to the United States ASAP, preferably NYC where I’ve lived my whole life. So far I have filled out the i130 form. Then I got stuck. I do not know what else I am supposed to fill out (when applying from Italy) OR where to send stuff. Dallas lockbox ? Or do I try to make an appointment with the Consulate here in Italy? Where - Naples? I tried to call and can’t get a human. I looked here and on USCIS site. SOME OTHER QUESTIONS I HAVE: 1) SPONSORSHIP: I have not worked since July 2018. I have no income. Even then, I was not making enough to sponsor my husband. I have no assets. Can my MOTHER who is also a citizen, sponsor him on her own? How do I go about that? What form? 2) PROPOSED RESIDENCE: I listed my mom’s apartment for where we would live after moving to NYC. She owns it and it’s where I grew up. I still get mail there I’m sure and it’s listed on my expired driver’s permit. 3) PROOF OF CONTINUED RESIDENCE IN USA Someone told me that I need to show that I am still a resident of New York. Meaning I should vote, renew my expired driver’s permit (I don’t have a state ID or license) and take other affirmative steps to show I have not abandoned New York/ USA. Is that true? My family immigrated to NYC almost 150 years ago and has been there since. I was born in NYC and have lived there my whole life. Since I moved to Italy September 2018, I’ve visited NYC from December 22, 2018 to February 1, 2019, and from May 22 to June 15, 2019. by just being out of the country on and off for 14 months, I obviously have not lost my citizenship. 4) APPLYING FOR SPOUSE VISA FROM ITALY I know it is more difficult & lengthy to apply from OUTSIDE the USA. Has anyone done this who could contact me? We got married in Italy instead of in USA because my husband is not in the financial position to quit his job in Italy while living in USA and waiting for a visa in USA. He wants to apply for jobs in USA but feels that it will be easier to get one once he has obtained his green care or its at least pending. Getting a job to sponsor him is difficult. I want to move back ASAP but I don’t want to leave my husband. I don’t have the funds for a lawyer. I am homesick and miss my family and friends and my city. I am not fluent in Italian and it’s hard to find work here. I think I have more opportunities back home. Please message me or comment if you have been through this or you can help.
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