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  1. Hello, My husband (US citizen) and I (same sex marriage) had our first interview this past week. Everything was going good and the officer was neither polite nor rude, he was neutral and professional for the most part. The officer asked us basic questions together and saw a big girl I was carrying with mr and asked if that wa San album, I said no it’s all the papers and documents I’ve gathered but I also do have an album and hand it over to him. He doesn’t ask for the papers but takes the album. He then decided to separate and decided to ask us questions. Basically conducted a stokes interview in the initial interview. I was nervous but managed to answer the questions to the beat of my ability. I may have messed up a few minor questions due to the nervousness and anxiety I was feeling but I felt relaxed and confident for the most part of it. My spouse however was very nervous and fumbled a few questions. My husband got the venues for our first date and proposal confused, we were throwing out and getting in new furniture this week and my spouse said there were 4 chairs instead of 2 at the dining table and blanked on a few more questions due to the interrogation environment. He did however managed to get a majority of the questions right but is feeling worried because he fumbled a few of the important ones. He also mentioned that not all of our friends in our pictures knew we were married when most did. We didn’t manage that good and I had told all of our friends that we were married. I think under pressure he wasn’t able to remember and said not all but some knew we were married. the officer said the case is held for review and will get back to us in a couple of weeks. We’re worried sick, the officer didn’t even ask for our documents and proof of joint living. I had spent so much time gathering those documents like leases, shared utilities, bank statements, credit card authorizations, and so much more. The officer used to cut me off while I was giving him the answer to his questions and proceed with the next one. These answers were the one where I was explaining everything with context. I’m disappointed because I know we could’ve done better and all the wait time and hard work we have put into this process and paperwork will go to waste without them even looking at our documents and speaking to us when we were clearly not at the best of our abilities. I know it’s our responsibility to bring our A game but nerves got the beat of us there. I am thinking of speaking to a lawyer and just wanted to know if someone went through the same thing and hopefully find some advice on here. Thanks and hope everyone has a wonderful day
  2. Hi VisaJourney Fam, I received 2 year green card through marriage. Applied for 10year GC, and recieved I-797 notice to extend my status for 1 year, until actual GC gets approved. I am planning to travel Aruba. It doesn't require visa if you can prove that you are a permenant resident in USA. Has anyone tried to travel to Aruba, or any other country requires you to be permenant US resident? And showed I-797 letter as a proof of residency?
  3. I filed AOS on June 2019 and finally got our interview scheduled this August 2021! They were asking for us to bring our pay stubs and a letter from employer (for both of us - me and my husband) I'm not sure if I also have to bring our W2 (since I don't have W2 yet because I just started working) Do we need to file NEW Affidavit of Support (me and my husband)?? Or I just need to bring the COPY of Affidavit of Support of my husband's that I submitted when I filed my AOS? Also, is there any checklist of requirements to bring on the Medical Examination and Interview? Thank you for your answer!
  4. Excited to finally get this packet together and sent out the door! I thought I was going to submit it in March, but now it looks like it will be closer to April.
  5. Hello, One of my son will be 21 years old in December 2022. When should I start worry about his age? Right now his case is at NVC. All of the necessary documents are submitted per June 22. Thank you and have a blessed Monday everyone!
  6. We have the interview in the embassy soon, but we have a baby and he was not included in the process. What we should do? Please I need some help.
  7. Hi there, My CR1 visa was approved in April but as I’m a teacher I wanted to wait until the end of the school year to fly to NYC so planning to fly on the 24th of July. It seems as though I may have secured a job to start at the end of August, but interviewed assuming that my Greencard would arrive soon after arrival. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to arrive? Is it true that I will not be able to start work until I receive it? Is there anything that I need to have with me aside from my passport with visa page? I know previously you needed to take an envelope with medical details but I think that has moved online now? Thank you, Caroline
  8. I'm currently a holder of a permanent resident Visa under category E21 and I want to bring my family from Russia. I would please like to know what the requirements necessary to bring them to the United States. To remind that I’m a self petitioner.
  9. ‘Innocent mistakes’ will no longer cost immigrants their green cards or visas https://www.yahoo.com/news/innocent-mistakes-no-longer-cost-162638119.html ‘Innocent mistakes’ will no longer cost immigrants their green cards or visas Daniel Shoer Roth Wed, June 23, 2021, 12:26 PM Immigration authorities in the United States have rescinded one of the policies implemented by the Trump administration that had one of the most profound negative impacts on legal immigrants with pending or upcoming applications. The 2018 policy had granted U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) adjudicators broader authority to issue case denials over mistakes or missing documents without giving applicants the opportunity to fix them and provide additional documentation. It “resulted in USCIS denying certain benefit requestors an immigration benefit even though they would have demonstrated their eligibility if given the chance to provide additional evidence,” the Department of Homeland Security agency said in a policy alert issued earlier this month. The rescinded guidance affected almost all immigration applications, petitions and requests, including U.S. citizenship, permanent residence or green cards and visas. [balance of article removed by VJ Moderation, to comply with "fair use" protocols]
  10. Hi! I'm an 18f who was able to get here through an ir2, sponsored by my citizen through naturalization dad, last september 2020 while I was still a minor (17). From what I've read, I have automatic acquisition of citizenship because he naturalized while I was under 15 and I was able to get the permanent residence status while I was under 18 (17). We were going to apply for a passport before my 18th birthday but my dad unfortunately lost his original naturalization certificate. Fast forward 7 months later, the replacement certificate already came and I've set the appointment to apply already. My question is: does my dad still need to make an appearance during the application or not?
  11. Hi all! I'm new here but about to start this process. I have a few concerns if anyone has experience. I came to the US last year for a holiday (VWP), had my flight home cancelled in December, received 3 x VWP extensions, found a job (as flights were still 15k+, I'm a registered nurse so was in demand, was eligible for an E3 and had it in my plans to work overseas again at some point - I spent 2019 in London), and re-entered on an E3 mid-March after an emergency appointment in South America. Obviously while in the US during this process I met my boyfriend (hence the title haha). We met back in October. Everything was very normal and fine until we found out last month that he has to move to Puerto Rico. Being on an E3, my visa is tied to my job. Being an RN, I can't get a job immediately in any state as I have to be licensed there. I also don't speak Spanish so I'm not eligible for most of the jobs there. We didn't want to do long distance so we were looking at how I could come to PR with him. We are getting married so that we can be together. A few things! We have to leave ASAP, but my 90 days since my last entry (03/19) is the exact date we wanted to get married (06/17). He is meant to be in PR the week before, so we legitimately can't have him leave any later. Our city hall is only doing Tuesdays and Thursdays as well and it's Thursday the 17th, extending beyond this would add another 5 days. I have the obvious worries about this with the 90 day rule. If you had asked me when I entered on the E3 if I'd be married in 3 months I would've bet all my money against it! It was definitely not planned, but can I include any evidence in our I-485 to reflect this? Secondly, given my US travel history the last 8 months I'm worried they'll think I was entering fraudulently at some point. I genuinely wasn't! Granted we entered into our relationship while I was on the VWP, but I couldn't get home to Australia unless I was willing to pay 20k. My original flight was cancelled after I was symptomatic for covid. This was reflected in my VWP extension applications. Despite the stress and convoluted sounding experience I'm so happy everything has worked out how it did. We're super happy together and so excited for this next adventure. I can't imagine the pain of being denied our application and not being allowed to be together. **One of my good friends is an immigration lawyer, I have obviously spoken to him but wanted some anecdotal experiences. Thank you in advance!!!!
  12. I did my concurrent filling on Dec 22 2020. Still no biometrics appointment. Fees recieved date 3rd March 2021. Is it possible to get the EAD and AP combo card before I485 biometrics? Does EAD/AP issuance require biometrics? I have my biometrics done during visa process in 2018. Processing center is Texas.
  13. My Sister husband (citizen) filed for her 2 children 5 and 7 last September and awaiting approval! My Sister children father went behind her back last week and filed his own application. What will happen to my sister pending application she filed last September? Will there father application interfere with the first application there mother sent? She's really confused and upset. My sister and her children father live in the US separately as permanent residents. The children live in another country while processing
  14. My husband (Austrian citizen, lives in UK with me US citizen) became DQ on March 18th 2021. Do you know when I can expect the interview to be scheduled in London? We have just had a baby and I am due to start a PhD in California in August 2021. Do you think we can expect his interview to be scheduled and cleared before then. I have submitted an expedite last week (21 May 2021) and have not heard anything back yet. Has anyone here recently had their expedite requests accepted? I really do not want to be seprated from my husband/ cannot afford to due to the little one in August and desperately need my husband to have his visa/ greencard cleared by then. Also, we are thinking if he does not have an interview scheduled, he could help me move and settle in California traveling on the his Austrian passport/ travel visa that he can obtian online and come back to interview in London. The caveat is that the travel visa is only valid for 3 months maximum. If his visa interview is not scheduled within the 3 months, then we could be separated on separate continents. Thanks for your insight.
  15. May 11: I received a mail saying USCIS recalled my green card due to the error of the alien number on my green card. ( I checked my case # on the website. It said USCIS recalled your green card. ) May 12: I sent back my green card along with the notice to the PO Box listed in the letter. May 13: Mail was delivered May 25: My case status changed to “card was destroyed” : On May 25, 2021, we destroyed your card for your Form OS155A, Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration, Receipt Number IOE....., because the Post Office returned it and we did not hear from you. You must file a Form OS155A, Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration, with the correct fee to obtain a new card. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. Does it mean they received my old card and destroyed my old card? But why does it also say “we did not hear from you. You must file a form OS155A” ? Does anyone also have the similar experience of green card being recalled? Thank you! Btw my green card was issued in Feb, 2019.
  16. Hi all, I won the dv-2022 with case number AS6xxx. I also admitted to the school and will be starting Master degrees in the US from this fall. I am now thinking obtaining F1 first, and then processing Green Card after successfully entering the US. However I've already started filling DS260 without any knowledge regarding F1 and Green Card. But I've not submitted yet. Will it affect my obtaining F1? Thank you in advance!
  17. My wife and I live in Massachusetts. Her and her mother immigrated from Brazil when my wife was 4 and has always held an up to date green card. Her mother just became naturalized 2 years ago. We were legally married in 2019. My question is; when can she apply for naturalization? And what are the steps to doing this? Also, what are the benefits of becoming a citizen vs. just holding a legal green card? If she wants to become a citizen she has to apply and pay fees right; there is no way of just transitioning to becoming a citizen because we are now married? I have been getting lost on the mass.gov website and cannot, for the life of me, find a definitive answer. TIA
  18. Hi, I have gained my Lawful Permanent Resident status in the US on April 2019, last year, on that time I was serving in the army under mandatory law for military service in my home country. I have been serving since November 2017 and until July 2020. I have already had flight tickets in my hands into the US that were planned for April 2020- so I shall not remain outside of the US for a period longer than 1 year. Unfortunately, Covid-19 pandemic has shown up and I could not have come to the US on times because the airline has cancelled my tickets. because of that, I have exceeded 1 year outside of US borders and now I need to apply for SB-1 Returning Resident visa in order to come back to the US. this upcoming process is exhausting and complicated in order to issue me a new immigrant visa and may hurt my naturalisation process. my green card was only issued last year and is valid until 2029, my question is if would you recommend for me to just take a flight now into the US and deal with the immigration officer at the port of entry or start this visa process with the embassy in my home country?
  19. Hello, My husband came on a K1 a few years ago, we got married, he got his card and now it is expiring within 90 days so we are going through with the Form i-751. He already did biometrics and got finger printed when he first came here. This form is telling us to include a $85 charge for biometrics that is non refundable. Would we have to include this? Do they usually perform 2 biometrics? Thank you
  20. Any Filipinos here that came here on k1 visa, married here in the US and now has a greencard and kept their MAIDEN NAME? I really want to know because I need to apply for Philippine passport RENEWAL soon and am not sure if i should declare that i am married and give them a report of marriage because I still want to keep my maiden name. I thought that report of marriage was OPTIONAL? Their form for renewal of philippine passport asks if I am married or not. I am married in the USA but not in the Philippines. Im just confused. HELP pls. Thankssss
  21. Hello everyone, I need your advice. Thank you for taking your time in reading my post! So my younger brother has an expired greencard, he is scared to get it re-new because he has a felony and is afraid of getting deported & getting the application rejected. Here is another curveball both of our parents became America citizens before we were 18, but didn’t bring us along with their citizenship, Who are both divorce at the time of citizenship. Can he still renew his greencard & still have the process go through?? Many thanks for taking your time writing your advice!
  22. Hi! In November, I came to usa with k12 visa, and we got married in December. we received the first AOS notification in late December. my wife's in the military. and she's always harassing me and kicking me out of the house. She used my status to harass me. I depend on her, i don't have work permit, i don't have any status and no one here.for months, she was constantly beating me, and I constantly had bruises and wounds on my body. because of the constant pressure and violence, I couldn't take it anymore and had to call the police. and because of domestic violence, my wife stayed in jail1 night. and we talked again the other day, and she said that there would be no more violence, that she regretted it. I believed her, and we got back together. I called the detective and told him I didn't want a prison charge, and the case was dropped. but yesterday she hit me again 3 times and left the house. I can't make any contact with her right now. I have video recordings and photos of the violence she inflicted on me. now this relationship has ruined me psychologically. divorce is the inevitable end. so far, we haven't been to any interviews. any chance I can get residence permit? Sorry about my English. Thank you!
  23. Last month President Biden revoked the presidential proclamation invoked by former President Trump, regarding a freeze on issuing green cards (10014 and 10052). These proclamations were related to non-family based immigrant visas. However, the US consulates have yet to resume stamping out these visas. Anyone have any idea, what is the timeline. Biden revoked the proclamation https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2021/02/24/a-proclamation-on-revoking-proclamation-10014/ Thank you
  24. Hello All! I have a few questions! My husband has arrived here in the US on an IR1 visa. 1. When is he able to work? 1a. If he is able to work now, how is that possible when most places of employment require a social security card? 2. How long does it normally take to get his social security card? 3. What is normal delivery time for his green card? I know the paperwork says 120 days. 4. Can he get a driver's license now? 4a. If so, how do we do that? I have so many questions! I appreciate your advice! If someone has already asked these things, can you please post a link to the answers and I am happy to read on my own! Thanks so much! Lindsay
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