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  1. if I include a scan of my short form US birth certificate as well as a scan of my passport, will that be enough to verify my citizenship ? Or do I need the long form birth certificate no matter what ?
  2. Hey everyone. I totally screwed up my I-751 application and sent in an old copy of the form. I was trying to get ahead of the game by filling the thing out months in advance but ultimately played myself! USCIS kindly sent back my entire package and (I think!) rejected my payment, for which I am very grateful. My question is about the evidence I submitted. It looks like all of the sheets have been scanned into their system (there's a code at the bottom of every sheet). Do I need to re-print everything to resubmit? Or will they just look at the code and realise they've already scanned it and move on with the application? The scanning code on the I-751 and G-1145 both have a scribble through them with a signature, which I'm assuming means that they have rejected those. I'll obviously be re-submitting a full (updated!) version of the I-751 and a new G-1145, but I'm getting a little miffed at the thought of having to re-print all of the evidence. Has anyone else ever had their full package sent back? Did y'all simply send the thing off again with the new things they requested? As always, super appreciative of any help you can provide. Big thanks, Peter.
  3. I-751 Cover Letter Immigrant & US Citizen Address C U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services 2501 S. State Hwy. 121 Business Suite 400 Lewisville, TX 75067 Date: August 8, 2020 Nature of Submission: I-751 ORIGINAL SUBMISSIOM To Whom It May Concern: Enclosed please find our JOINT I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, for Immigrant (A-NUMBER) and evidence of our marriage. Contents include: One (1) check for $680 (Application $595 + Biometric Service $85 fees.) Form G-1145, E-Notification of Application-Petition Acceptance. Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. Copy of Immigrant’s Form I-551 (Permanent Resident Card.) Evidence of our relationship (Detailed list on pages 2 and 3.) Copies of documents submitted are exact photocopies of unaltered documents and I understand that I may be required to submit original documents to an Immigration or Consular officer at a later date. Sincerely, US Citizen Immigrant Evidence A. Housing & Utilities 1. Address A (Start Date – End Date) a) Joint lease b) Renters insurance c) Electric bills d) Final statement 2. Address B (Start Date – End Date) a) Joint lease b) Welcome letter c) Renters insurance d) Electric bills e) Internet bills 3. Address C (Start Date – End Date) a) Joint lease b) Renters insurance c) Electric bills d) Internet bills B. Memberships 1. T-Mobile family plan (showing both our cell numbers.) 2. CrossFit family membership (right before they close due to COVID19.) C. Affidavits (3 affidavits from family and friends.) D. Financial 1. IRS joint tax transcripts for 2017, 2018 and 2019. 2. Joint account bank statements from August 2018 to July 2020. 3. Immigrant’s Merrill Edge Transfer on Death Agreement (showing US Citizen as sole beneficiary.) E. Insurance 1. 2018 of US Citizen’s insurance (showing Immigrant as family member.) 2. 2019 & 2020 Immigrant’s insurance (showing US Citizen as family member.) a) Insurance cards. 3. Immigrant’s HSA (showing US Citizen as 100% primary beneficiary.) a) HSA cards. F. Benefits & Retirement 1. Immigrant’s Beneficiary Designation forms (showing US Citizen as 100% beneficiary for 401k, pension, life insurance.) a) 2018 – 2019 Company A b) 2019 & 2020 Company B 2. US Citizen’s Beneficiary Designation forms (showing Immigrant as 100% beneficiary for 401k, pension, life insurance.) G. Pictures H. Misc. 1. Trip A plane tickets, hotel booking, Disneyland, Universal tickets, and other tickets. 2. CITY Zoo tickets (picture is included in Pictures section.) 3. Refund check addressed to US Citizen and I. 4. Receipt for buying furniture for our apartment from Rooms to Go. 5. Assortment of mail addressed to US Citizen and me. Thank you all for your time to read this. I'll be filling it on Monday as my GC expires on 11/06.
  4. So, I logged in online and downloaded my tax transcripts. Can I print them out and submit them as part of my evidence package? Or do I have to get those copies requested and received by mail? Thank you.
  5. Hi Folks I'm moving forward with my Naturalization under the 5 year rule (nothing like avoidance to seemingly go in my favor!). I have been searching and found other threads about the evidence needed to support the N-400 and, lucky me, my procrastination makes it slightly less unwieldy than my initial AOS back in 2014. I've got a draft of my online application done and would love to verify my plan for the "Evidence section" before I submit. I have no citations etc to worry about. I have already loaded: front and back of my green card marriage certificate as evidence of my name change that happened when I got my green card. my kids birth certificates I reviewed other threads, could include if it helps for a smooth process: Canadian passport bio page My birth Certificate? is that helpful? Washington state drivers license To help me remember my travel history (i have only gone back to Canada to visit family - land crossing by car - so no passport stamps), I requested my records from the Canadian border agency as well as the US site that lets me download my US crossings, so I have that available and could load those PDFs. My read is that, It seems not helpful to load evidence of my ongoing marriage as I've held my green card for longer than 5 years so tax transcripts, my USC husband's birth certificate etc. Thanks for your feedback (and patience around this type of question).
  6. Good evening, My husband and I dated in June, got engaged in December, and got married in February. I know it was a "short" but it is what it is and I love him to death. I am on the evidence portion of the I-130. So far, I uploaded our pictures, 3 affidavit letters, joint bank account from the bank, our chat history, paper work showing he's on my life insurance, social media posts, and airline tickets. Is there anything else I can add to prove that our marriage is real? Is what I have enough? I know an eyebrow will be raised because of the timing.
  7. Hi all, I'm almost done putting together my I-130 package. The USCIS instructions don't seem to say that we must include a copy of the spouse beneficiary's passport or birth certificate, though I have seen this listed as required evidence on other checklists for the I-30 and I-130A. Can you tell me if it's required or not? Same goes for form I-94 - I have included the details of my I-94 and passport on the actual form, but am not sure if I need to provide copies too in the evidence section too? Many thanks in advance, Katy
  8. I didn't see a August 2018 I-751 topic so I thought I'd start one. Preparing to send mine in less than a week! It might be quite a number of pages... Anyone else filing in August 2018 and is getting their packet ready?
  9. Hey Visa Journey!! With the uncertainty of how things are currently going I've decided to start the process to apply for my U.S. citizenship. I'm a bit stuck when it comes to the amount of evidence to upload on the website. For eg. how far back and how many pages of joint back statements should I submit? Are there specific pages of my taxes that I should submit? I figured because I'm filing online I don't need to upload every page of specific documents. Has anyone had any experience with filing form N-400 online? Any advice would be great thanks!!
  10. Yesterday I received a rfe for a photo passport. I only submitted copy of passports, marriage certificates and copy of citizenship, but not birth certificates. am wondering if I can send photos of my wife and I ( us together) and birth certificate in order to avoid further rfes . I asked many lawyers if can do that. they told me to only submit the requested information. I am only wondering if someone has submitted evidences that were not requested before. Thanks
  11. Hi there, I have a couple of questions about evidence of our marriage/relationship for the I-130. The evidence asked for on the online I-130 asked just for marriage related things like certificate, tenancy documents, Any other relevant documentation to establish that there is an ongoing marital union (which I guess can include photos of wedding ceremony receipts of wedding and rings) which I can provide. Although, the beginning of our relationship before my wife came to Australia, we were long distance. Most of our chats happened over different platforms like Tumblr, Viber (which I do not have logs for any more >__<) and iMessage and FaceTime calls. Question 1: Do I need to add chat/ call logs in as evidence of time spent while apart? I'm struggling to find this old information as it was about 4-5 years ago, I've only got little screenshots here and there. Question 2: Are photos and airline receipts enough evidence as I can easily source these or do I need whats mentioned in Q1? Question 3: AM I reading too much into it all and should just provide marriage evidence? Thanks in advance!
  12. Good evening VJ community, I am looking at the requirements for filing for citizenship for my husband. He has an almost 15 year old daughter from a previous relationship who lives with her mother in his home country (Venezuela). While she doesn't have his last name and he isn't on her birth certificate due to a conflict-prone relationship with her mom when she was small, everyone knows that he is her father and they are currently in fairly regular contact. We have included her information on every immigration form we have filed. He has sent money on a regular basis to her mother for her support pretty much since he has been here (4+ years) and has also taken clothing items and other necessities for her when he has visited Venezuela, or more recently sent them back with another family member who was visiting the US. Because of the currency problems that Venezuela has had for many years, he isn't able to send money through regular channels like Moneygram, rather it is done through a third party arrangement: We deposit checks into that person's US bank account, and they deposit Bolivares into the accounts of the people in Venezuela to whom we are sending money. Does anyone have any ideas of how to demonstrate this payment of support? I think the mom would be willing to write a letter saying that she has been receiving the payments, but would that be enough? Perhaps the woman with the US bank account could also write something explaining that she has been facilitating those payments for us. All the checks we have are written to her (the money transfer woman) not the mother or the daughter. I suppose he might also have Whatsapp messages talking about money and other things he has sent, but I don't know how useful those would be?
  13. Hello guys!! Have a good day! I’m just wondering if it is possible/necessary to file taxes jointly if the spouse is currently out of US and does not make any taxable income? Also I’m a us citizen and I just got back to US after living a few years with my spouse in Sri Lanka and I got a job offer here which makes over 150% on federal poverty guidelines and since I haven’t filed any taxes while I was living in Sri Lanka (because my income in SL was too low to file taxes) How do I prove that my income is sufficient and will continue to support my spouse & he will not be a public charge?
  14. I filed i751 bona fide marriage with divorce/annulment pending procedings. I had an interview with uscis officer and once i handed him my annulment decree he said he can't adjudicate my case and interview me because legally my marriage never existed. If the law says that marriage never existed why does the form allows me to choose an option of bona fide marriage waiver ended in annulment? I waisted my money, time, only to go to USCIS and being refused an interview? The officer never looked at my bona fide evidence nor asked me questions. Is that some kind of loophole or misleading immigration law? I'm devastated. Anybody knows what I can Do? File a complain, write to Ombudsman?
  15. Hello VJ members! I hope you're all well! If anyone can shed light on a current situation I would greatly appreciate it! I am currently gathering documents to send to my finace for his interview. However one of things on the checklist requires evidence of domicile. What documents are acceptable? I am already sending pay stubs and other bank documents which include my legal name and the address I reside at. What other forms would I need to send for evidence? I didn't think I would need to send more evidence considering everything so far has my name and address. Should I send credit card bills statement? I'm just a little confused as to what I should send that would be acceptable. Any feedback would be great!
  16. Hi, Im about to file my GreenCard adjustment of status from O1 to K3 application through marriage, do I as the beneficiary (applying for my green card) need to provide my Tax returns for the past 3 years also? Thanks
  17. HI All, So I asked my local Congresswoman to step in after hearing nothing for 2 months on our AP. She did and to my amazement got a detailed response. Backstory....So after my fiance had a very good interview back in September in Jordan and was told by interviewer "Everything looks good congratulations and have a seat" we got called to a final window where they returned his passport and said we will call you in a few days. That followed with another email saying we will call you shortly. Shortly turned into 2 months. Via email they requested proof of evidence of our relationship. Ok of all things????!!! That was the most obvious. But ok...we sent them the same stack we dropped off 2 week prior to interview and even more....chat logs, video logs, call logs, photos, photos with family, family statements and then some...I loaded them. He sent it them via Aramex. They said "Received! Give us 4-5 days". That was on November 5th. Congressional aid stepped in recently and sent them an email with a confusing reply from Embassy that read "They are refused under INA221g pending evidence. Once we are done Administrative Processing we will update you". The Congresswomans intern was confused. She said "I don't know what it is they actually confused me . You are either refused or under AP. However you submitted evidence 2 months ago". I filled her in. I told her we never received a 221g but I guess asking via email is the same? Never knew! At any rate, the evidence was sent in. By the way interview questions were simple...just 5, same as the others, I know my petition was flawless. No issues. Congress is sending another email today and will ask for clarification. However, has anyone in here gone through the same?
  18. Good Morning and Happy New Year! If this is in the wrong area, please feel free to move it. My husband will be applying for citizenship next month based on our continued marriage of at least 3 years. We have been waiting for an interview for his ROC since September 2019. The way things are looking with the Atlanta field office, I don't think we'll receive an interview date prior to his eligibility date. He became a legal permanent resident on 5/1/17, so based on the USCIS early calculator he would be eligible to file on 2/1/2020. He is going to apply on 2/2/2020 to make sure there are no issues with early filing. For those who have filed or are thinking of filing, what do you think of the below evidence? I appreciate any suggestions or advice. We included what was required per the instructions and a little extra just in case. Thank you so much! Form G-1450 Authorization for Credit Card Transactions in the amount of $725. My completed form N-400. A photocopy of both sides of my Permanent Resident Card A copy of the inside front cover and signature page of my wife’s current US passport and my current Mexican passport. A copy of my wife’s US birth certificate. My marriage application (indicating my name change) and marriage certificate). My current driver’s license and my wife’s current driver’s license My Selective Service Information Letter and additional supporting documentation relating to my failure to register. 2016,2017, and 2018 joint tax account and tax returns. A screenshot of our lease information indicating our move in date was 9/14/15 and lease renewal documents from 2018 to 2020. Copy of Bank loan application with Me as “Borrower 1” and My wife as “Borrower 2” signed on June 30, 2017. Screenshot of payments from joint loan from July 2017 to June 2018. Bank statements from our joint account from June 2018-December 2019. Retirement statements from our joint account from December 2017-December 2019. Joint financial plan from our financial planner Mrs. H Documents from our joint purchase of the Truck from July 2019. Joint AAA insurance from June 2017-June 2020. Joint medical, dental, and vision benefits confirmation form from Wife’s employer along with a copy of our joint medical cards. Joint AAA membership card since 2016 and joint Sams Club membership since September 2015. Flight and hotel confirmation along with an itinerary from our trip to California in December 2019. Photos from the start our relationship in 2010 to present. Original certified copy of court disposition from August 31, 2010 in City, State when I received a Driver’s License Violation citation. Original certified copy of court disposition from April 2012 in City, State when I received a No Driver’s License and No Brake Lights License violation. Original certified copy of court disposition from City, State in April 2017 for No Driver’s License and Improper Lane Change. Copy of Judicial Correction Services, Inc receipt showing my probation fees paid and that my probation has been successfully terminated. Copy of Proof of Incarceration in May 2017 which satisfied probation requirements.
  19. Hi all, I'm trying to gather all of the documents I need for the K1 interview at the London Embassy. I read somewhere at the start of this process that you should gather more recent evidence of your relationship to take with you as proof, though I can't seem to find anything in UK specific forums or on the official embassy website. Should I be looking through our chat logs again and printing evidence or is it not necessary?
  20. Hello everybody, I am soon going to apply to remove the conditions on my green-card. When I applied for my temporary one instead of hiring a lawyer I took the advices from you guys. So again here I am :) When I went my initial green-card interview I got approved on the spot and the interviewer gave me a temporary greencard (Which one was valid for 1 year) on the spot. It is bc the interview was two days before Valentine’s Day and my spouse told the interviewer he would want to take me to Canada( we live on the border with Canada) and our cool interviewer gave us that piece of paper which can be use as a greencard. My question is should I include that one in my package ?? Also, my spouse has a child from his ex and I have a great relationship with her. Should I include my pictures with her? And should I refer her as my “stepchild” or my spouse’s “ child” I just want to be sure which one would be more appropriate? thanks 😊
  21. Hi I'm hoping someone would be able to assist. In the summer of 2017 i started talking to my now wife from the UK over facebook. (we met via a comment i made on a news video) We met in person in the sept 2017, she stayed for two weeks. When she returned during xmas 2017 i proposed and my wife chose to stay in the USA so we can marry and begin AOS. I married my now wife, in March 2018. July 2018 rolls through and i'm made redundant, we had no money as we were made broke by bills (a only one working) My wife was 112 days overstayed when i lost my job which is when my father in law advised he would sponsor me for work. Once we got to the UK, my father in law made a confession that he had no means to sponsor me and my wife was unable to meet the visa guidelines to sponsor me. Since then (july 2018) i have been living within the UK at my in laws house with my wife. I have filed taxes for both 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, haven't worked since in the UK. I'm ready to return home to the USA! I've since joined a I-130 page on facebook, and was told i don't have a strong case for intent to domicile or domicile proof? I have a bank account still in the USA which i use for money transfers from my family I am able to provide an employment offer from my cousin who owns his own muffler shop, My mail goes to to my grandpa's house which is were my mom & step dad live; this would be my intended resident upon return to the usa, until i am able to lease a house/flat for myself and my wife. my step dad AND my mom can provide affidavits of support which far exceed the 125% poverty guideline. I've been gone 15 months, but i'm concerned that my petition will not be granted after being advised on facebook that my intent to domicile is not sufficient enough, not even if i return upon receipt of noa2 (which we have been advised as long as i return home upon receipt of noa2 everything should be fine?) I sure do hope there are people who can assist with this!!! I do not mind leaving my wife to go to the USA, as we have spoke about accepting the heartache for the time we have to spend apart. P.s would my wifes green card be permanent as by the time all the paperwork has been filed we would have superceeded the 2 year anniversary of our marriage. Thank you for reading and i hope i get some insight into this. Regards, Mark.
  22. I was responsible for managing the bills and my spouse used to transfer me money during the month for our expenses (That is basically why we opened a joint account). Sometimes when she transfer money, she would write me a note. Those notes could be sometime a little inappropriate. We both had dirty sense of humor, we never really assumed anyone will take a look at the statements, so I am wondering is it okay to just conceal those notes with the sharpie like the president? I will not touch the amount or the transaction info tho. Also, I am not keen that the USCIS IO keen of Zelle and such money transfer, do I need to explain to them how Zelle works? I can ask my soon to be ex wife for a bank statement to prove that she is the one transferred the money; other than that, the statement usually shows her first and last name, bank name and #, and amount
  23. My I-751 has been deemed abandoned and denied because I failed to submit the requested additional evidence (I had already sent these requested documents for my N-400, and mistakenly disregarded what I thought was a duplicate request for the I-751). There even have been two naturalization interviews that USCIS de-scheduled onsite due to this matter. Following this, I submitted my I-290B (within the requested timeline), as a request for a motion to reopen and a motion to reconsider. As of today it has been over four months since USCIS received my application and cashed the check. Would you reapply with a new I-751 application because USCIS cannot provide a timeframe for the processing of the I-290B we previously sent? My green card extension stamp, which is in my passport, expires May 2020.
  24. My American SO and I met in Israel ( I had to fly there too, because we both wanted to visit Jerusalem), and he ran across overly suspicious security agents in Ben Gurion, who confiscated his laptop and entry & exit permits, as he was about to board a plane back to the USA. As the result, my love permanently lost both his laptop and the primary evidence of his visit. That has been our only meeting IRL so far. He applied for my K-1 this Spring and 3 months later we got the RFE for not including passport style pictures and the evidence of meeting. Unfortunately Israel no longer stamps passports, so those entry & exit permits are extremely important. I've got all my documents, including the Israeli stay permits, passport stamps, proving I left my own country and later got back, boarding passes, flight itinerary, paid hotel receipt and what not. My fiancé , however, has only the boarding pass from Israel to the USA, a paid flight itinerary and a paid hotel receipt ( we stayed at the same hotel), as well as our picture , where we were holding our Israeli stay permits. It was taken from a distance, and one can't see those permits clearly. We called the Israeli Embassy, and they said, they could mail him the government entry & exit records, corroborating his visit, but it would take more than a month, and our deadline was in the beginning of September, so we had to respond to the RFE and send them what evidence we had. Do you think, it will be enough or not? My elderly father has serious heart problems, and his condition hasn't really improved since I told him the news...
  25. Hello, I am a U.S. citizen filing form I-130 along with I-485, I-864, and I-765 for my father. We have all requested evidence except for one divorce decree of a marriage he had prior to the one with my mom. The document is in Venezuela, and given the unstable/disputed government situation it is very difficult or close to impossible to retrieve without being there or paying someone to do so, also, my dad's ex-wife lives in Europe now and does not have it with her and suggested she has gotten rid of it. We were informed by an Venezuelan unofficial source, who knows the subject, that such decree (from 1980) is part of what they call "dead files" and possibly not easily retrievable at this point. Would this prompt for a request for more evidence? Even if I am providing proof of the legal marriage between my parents at the moment of my birth, and my birth certificate? If I have to add something in lieu of this missing document, what could it be? Thanks in advance.
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