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  1. Hi everyone, We are currently at the document upload stage of the DS-260 application. I, the applicant am a British Citizen who was born in India and moved to the United Kingdom before my 1st birthday. I have obtained a certified copy of my Birth Certificate from the Municipal authority in India - This document is bilingual (Punjabi & English). Would this bilingual Birth Certificate be accepted as supporting document and also accepted at my interview which will take place in the United Kingdom. Or, would I still require a translation? I've tried researching this but cannot find anything specific to UK requirements. Please see below extract from my Birth Certificate which shows both languages in use; Thanks in advance! Jas.
  2. Hi everyone. I have had non-immigrant visa denials in the last two years. Now I have an immigrant visa appointment coming up, and although I have read that it should be fairly straightforward and relationship focused, I'm apprehensive I will get asked questions about my previous interviews and denials. Do you think this might happen? If it does, there's no problem with the answers, but it's just making me feel edgy. Going in there confidentially and recieving two denials in the past has shaken my confidence and now I need it!
  3. Hello guys 😊 I've read about a couple of people on here who have attended the interviews with the beneficiary, whereas others don't. Anyone have an idea on what seems best? Is it best to attend alone or is it better attending together? Thank you!
  4. anyone here doing consular processing thru the London embassy or requested expedite at NVC level? we've been waiting so long to hear back from the NVC as to whether or not the London Embassy will grant the expedite.
  5. Hi, I'm filling out my DS-160 in preparation for booking an interview at the embassy in London. The CEAC online form won't let me 'add another' entry on the Previous Work/Education/Training Information page. I'm thinking of submitting my online DS-160 as it is and then printing the additional info along with my printed form and taking that to the interview. Would anyone recommend this course of action? I've tried to find contact details for the CEAC website to get someone to help but they appear to be illusive. Looking to get my interview arranged as soon as possible so any help would be much appreciated! Cheers Stuart
  6. Hi all, ive read alot of forums regarding this kind of issue, I have 3 juvenile offences from 12 years ago one was a reprimand, referral order and a conditional discharge 6 months. All minor crimes when I was a nuisance of a teenager, I have since enlisted and served in the army for 10 years and I'm due to leave in march, scheduling my k1 visa interview for February. I have one adult caution for battery which was just threatening someone and got cautioned for it, should I be worried about all of these, or will my juvenile record be overlooked due to my 10 year service In the military? All of these showed up on my acro report I literally have no idea what is going to happen, any advice would be great, cheers.
  7. Hi all, So I'm getting pretty close to the end of my visa application journey. I had my medical on the 14th Feb, and then my final interview is booked for 25th Feb. I'm currently being processed via DCF and therefore, interacting directly with the US Embassy in London, bypassing the NVC. My questions are for anyone who has done this process before, and more specifically the below: One of the supporting documents to provide at the interview is the I-864 (affidavit of support). However, when we submitted our application via our lawyers, this was completed and sent with the original I-130 application. Therefore, my question is, will the embassy have access to this document? Or should I try and get a copy to be safe? Also, does anyone know how long the interview usually lasts? I'm trying to book my travel accordingly. Thanks in advance, B.
  8. Prior to my Interview, I prepared a binder containing my DS160 print out (the one with the barcode), Passport (current and previous), x2 Visa Photos (they only required 1), email confirmation of my interview appointment & courier information, I-134 & supporting evidence, signed reaffirmation of relationship by the sponsor, police record (ACRO), original birth certificate, evidence of ongoing relationship, NOA1 & 2, Letter from NVC & photocopy of I-129F. For the affidavit of support evidence we included: - Tax transcripts - Signed letter from her company stating her position and salary, on company letterhead - 12 month bank statement - Pay Stubs - A signed Letter from her bank, detailing when she opened her account and the present balance. Everything that is bold and underlined is all that I was asked for on the day of the interview, but don't take that as advice as all you will need - I found it was better to be over-prepared for the interview. Here's my summary of the day: - Boarded tube from London Victoria to Vauxhall on the Victoria line, then walked (5-10 mins) from Vauxhall underground to the US Embassy. - Prior to the airport style security screening, you'll be greeted by an officer who will ask for your appointment confirmation email and passport for inspection. You will also be asked to unlock your phone and open an app. NOTE, laptops are not permitted into the building and they will require you to drop it off at a nearby cafe where they will look after it for a "small charge". - After security you will queue at the reception area. I was towards the end of a rather long queue for 20 mins without moving an inch, until 11:25am, when they rapidly started scanning everyone's DS-160 then would notify you where exactly to go. I still made my appointment on time for 11:30. When they scan your DS-160, they'll put a sticker on it with a reference number - pay attention to this as this will be shown on a screen when it's your turn to see an officer. - After reception, you'll take the lift to the 1st floor, take an immediate left, then another left at the end of the corridor. You'll find yourself at a waiting area with 7 or 8 kiosks. You'll wait here until your reference number is shown on one of the screens. - In my case, my number was shown immediately. An officer asked for my passport, ds160, I-134 & evidence, visa photo, police records and birth certificate. In return, he handed me the results of my chest x-rays from the medical, and also a document notifying me of my rights as a spouse in the U.S. He returned me my birth certificate and visa photo (he only needed a photocopy). He asked for my finger and thumb prints, then invited me to take a seat until my number was called up again. - 25 mins later my number was again displayed on the screen. I was called to a different kiosk, where an officer asked me to raise my right hand and affirm everything I was to say was honest. He asked me one question - "tell me about your fiancee'". I proceeded to tell him how we met, what she does for a living, where she stays, our wedding plans, how many times I've seen her since 2017 and about the engagement. His response was this - "I have no more questions, all I'm looking for is that everything makes sense, and this makes perfect sense." And that was it. Extremely painless. All together, I was in the Embassy for 40 mins. The officer informed me that my passport should be back with me within 2 weeks.
  9. Hello - Newbie to the site and just trying to get my head around all the forms and processes. I'm a US citizen married to a UK citizen. I have permanent residency through a company sponsored visa although we intend to move back to the US next year. I will head back for work prior to my wife's visa being approved so she will move as soon as that is fully completed. I do have a few questions and would appreciate any insight VJers can provide: If we were to apply via DCF in London, can we do the concurrent filing with the I-485 and I-864 being submitted with the I-130? I've seen conflicting information on this and so am a bit unclear if this is possible. If the above is a no and we were to still apply via DCF in London for the I-130, can I be back in the US for the remaining part of the process (i.e. the I-485?) I am looking to apply by end of this month prior to terminating my permanent residence status here in the UK. I've read it can be faster to apply via a DCF so would like to take advantage of that if possible. If that is not the case, then I presume I could do a concurrent filing upon returning to the US in January 2020? Many thanks for any and all responses!
  10. Hi all, I am urgently looking for advise on rescheduling my CR1 Interview visa in London as I am unable to make the date, it breaks my heart to say that as the process has been 15 months already but I really can't get back from the USA for the date given (day before Christmas). I am currently here on an ESTA visa. I wondered if anyone had any idea how to reschedule as all I am being told is to let the date pass and another date will be opened up to me. I am extremely nervous to do this as I have also been told this can be classed as abandonment of the visa and will mean my visa is then denied. Please can anyone advise?
  11. Hi everyone, Just looking for some advice please. My wife and I have recently filed our I-130 application via the London Office who have also confirmed they have received and started to process 1 week ago. My question is, is there anything I could be doing in the interim? I.e. pulling additional documents together ahead of the next step (whatever that is!?). Thanks very much,
  12. Hi everyone, Firstly - MASSIVE thank you to everyone here in VJ!!! You've all been extremely helpful! A little bit of context - I just booked my medical exam this Thursday (Oct 31st) and set to eventually have the interview on (Nov 14) once I get the all clear. I also received a letter from the embassy today - it's a letter confirming they received our approved petition in support of our K1 Visa application. However, we're confused about this bit in the letter saying... "In accordance with 9 FAM 41.81 PN3.2, please find: - One copy of the petitioner's approved Form I-129F, together with any criminal background information (including information on protection orders) that USCIS has gathered on the petitioner and any information that USCIS has provided regarding prior Form I-129F filings by the petitioner. - One copy of USCIS's IMBRA pamphlet" It was confusing because the small envelope I received only contained the letter and neither one of those copies they said to 'please find'. I did get a PDF IMBRA pamphlet online but the copy of my fiancé's approved Form I-129F is what's seemingly missing. Was it meant to come on a separate mail perhaps? I already sent the US Embassy an online query about this. We searched the forums but couldn't find any information about this. We're aware that in many cases, people didn't have to bring the letter from the embassy or even a copy of the approved I-129F and were still successful in their interviews. We're just wondering if people had similar issues or can shed some light on this missing copy. Thanks heaps!!!
  13. Hi All, I am an Australian and was lucky enough to win the DV Lottery for 2018. I am extremely excited but just trying to wrap my head around interview timing. I am currently living in London and will do my interview here in London. However, my UK visa expires at the end of April 2018 and I am concerned this is going to be close to when my Interview is Scheduled. My case number is roughly 700 (of about 1400 visas for Oceania Region). Does anyone have experience Interviewing in London or had to change their interview Location in an emergency? I would really appreciate any insights. Thanks very much
  14. Just wondering if this is normal... I had my interview on Friday, October 18th, and I was approved. I've checked the CEAC website today and my case has been updated today, October 21st, but it still says that it's ready for interview. Is this normal? I though the next update would say something about administrative processing or something?
  15. So my interview was yesterday, and after waiting and worrying about it since we sent our petition back in February. The interview was a breeze. I plan to leave a review of the embassy when I'm back on my computer later. As I was told it was mainly waiting. Out of all the stuff I brought I was only asked for; my passport, i134 with employment verification letter and bank deposit statements, birth certificate, change of name deed, police certificates from the UK and Japan, one passport photo, and reaffirmation letter from my fiancée. So there was a lot of waiting and then I was called for my interview. After raising my right hand and swearing to tell the truth the interviewer asked three questions. Where did I meet my fiancée? When was the last time we met? When is the wedding? I was also asked about my past drug use, as I told the truth during the medical, and I just confirmed what I had already told the GP at the medical. Then she said that the visa was approved and I was free to go. That was it. So I left the embassy and called my fiancée to tell her the good news. Now, I've got to wait about 10 days for my passport and the envelope that I've not got to open, which I guess is sent with the passport? The only thing they gave me is a CD with my chest x-ray. So yeah, the visa has been approved and I can't stop smiling!
  16. Hello, So the day is approaching. I have all the documents I need and now it's only two more sleeps until the most important interview of my life, at least to date. There is so much riding on this interview it's unreal. The thought of it being denied is terrifying and although I know that's unlikely I still feel as though my and my fiancee's future is in the hands of a stranger. A stranger that I have to present documentary evidence about our relationship as well as answering their questions. I know I have everything. It has been checked and checked. Orangised, clipped together, put in a folder and then indexed with post-it notes. I also know that London is a so-called 'easy' embassy and that, according to what I have read on this site, the interview isn't an interrogation. More of a friendly chat. Heading in to Friday I still have two little niggles. One that we put my step-fathers name on the I-129f form, I've been advised by a very knowledgeable contributor to this site that this isn't a worry, but until the interview is over it will be. Two that I have her income tax return for 2018, one of the years when she was working abroad so she didn't work in the US at all in 2018, 2017 or 2016. As she was working in abroad the return only shows a taxable income of $17,000. I have been told through some posts on this site that London doesn't need the tax return as long as the employment verification letter shows that her income for this year is over the 100% poverty guideline. She has been employed in her current job in the US since January and she makes well over the 125% poverty guideline for a household of two. So hopefully the employment verification letter along with the I-134 and other supporting documents, paystubs, bank statements, etc. Will be sufficient for the interview. If they only rely on last years tax return we are pretty much screwed but I doubt that is the case. So, for all of you who have had their interview in London what tips do have for the interview? Were you nervous and was it a problem? And what did you do to calm down? Yoga? Deep breaths? I have also reviewed a lot of consulate reviews for the London embassy and looked at other peoples reviews of the interview and I have made a list of questions that it seems that they are most likely to ask during the interview. They are; How did you meet your fiancee? What does your fiancee do? What do you intend to do while in the US? (What do you plan to do for work in the future?) Where does your fiancee live? When do you and your fiancee plan on getting married? How often have you met? Where do you plan to live when you move? How long have you known each other? When was the last time your saw your fiancee? All of these seem straight forward and easy to answer. Has anyone, who has interviewed at London, felt as though any of the questions were a trick to try and catch you out? This was only supposed to be a couple of questions but it has turned in to an essay... Pre interview jitters I guess... So, I'll stop here.
  17. Hello, I've had to make an account to ask a question I don't seem to be able to find the answer for. I'm looking over my documents for my interview in London, which is in two weeks time, and on the I-129f form under beneficiaries parents we have put the name of my not-biological father. He is my parent though and he has looked after me since I was six months old. I have also changed my surname so that I have his and everything from medical records to school reports have always been in his surname. I filled in my DS160 about 3 weeks ago and because it stated that it wanted biological parents information I filled in that form with my biological fathers information. Now I'm worried that because the my father on the I-129f and the DS-160 do not match it could cause an issue. Has anybody got any experience in this? Or any advise? Thanks in advance.
  18. This might be the stupidest question I have asked on this forum to date... My interview is this Friday and I'm rejigging my folder so that all the stuff that they are definitely going to ask for is at the top and easy to access. As the I-134 form is eight pages should I staple them together or just hand it over as separate pieces of paper? And yeah, feel free to call me out on how idiotic this question is but this is immigration and I want to make sure of EVERYTHING. Even staples...
  19. Well after waiting most of the year and having to provide evidence for a RFE, my K1 visa interview in London is almost here. As this site has been invaluable to me during the process, with this account and my previous one which I lost the details for. I thought I would seek clarification from those who have experienced the process at the US embassy in London and just make sure that I have everything I need for the interview. A little background me and my fiancee meet on Tinder back in February 2016 while we were working in Tokyo. We hit it off straight away and we were together as a couple until I left Tokyo two and half years later. She stayed in Tokyo for a few more months and then she went back to the US. On our returns to our native countries we have seen each other six times with me visiting the US five times, I have much more freedom in regards to work, and her visiting the UK once. We got engaged in January this year and sent the petition off in February. It has been a hard spending most of our time apart since leaving Tokyo but we have made it work and we are really looking forward to the next stage of our lives. So my interview is in one week. I'm excited and a little nervous but most of all I just want this stage to done with so we can be together, get married and file for the AOS, etc... So for the interview in London next week I have the following; Appointment letter/Email confirmation DS160 Reaffirmation letter signed by my fiancee and dated September 16th. My interview is on October 18th and the I797 expired on October 17th... I-134 Dated September 6th which I got on my previous visit last month. Employment verification letter dated September 4th on company paper from her work's HR department. Stating everything that is required and her income is well over the 125% poverty guideline. Stamped letters from her bank stating the account balance and the amount of money deposited in the previous year. For both checking and savings. List of transactions from both accounts for the previous year. Two paystubs Income tax returns for last year The full I129f submission with supporting evidence. The full RFE submission with supporting evidence. A photocopy of the I797 My full birth certificate. Change of name deed. Japan police check. ACRO police check. Receipt and vaccination records from my medical. Two passport photos 25 pages of our facebook messenger conversations spanning the time since the submission of the I129f. Thats 25 pages out of 3116. I did think about printing the lot but I thought better of it. Apartment lease contract. She is moving into an apartment next month and as we are hoping that I'll get the visa I've put my name on the agreement. My I94 and travel history showing my last 5 entries and 5 departures from the US. Copies of flight itineraries with boarding passes. A letter from my mum explaining the gifting of our engagement ring as she gave it to us. A print out of an email conversation between me and my fiancee discussing our wedding plans. And some photographs spanning the last 3 years 7 months of our relationship. I think this might be enough, or possibly way too much, for the embassy in London. But until I have that visa in my passport, or at least I have been told that I've been approved I won't be able to fully relax. So for those who have experienced the interview at the London embassy do you think that I'm prepared enough? Or possibly a little crazy? Cheers.
  20. Hello, This is a repeat of a post I made a few weeks ago but I wanted to know if anyone who has interviewed, or is interviewing, at London has had a similar experience/issue to myself. Way back in February me and my fiancee completed the I-129f petition. Answered all the questions truthfully and throughly. This petition was approved almost four months ago and my K1 visa interview is this coming Friday at the embassy in London. On the I-129f under beneficiaries parents we entered my parents details. The names of the people I have always considered to be my parents. However the name we entered for my father was my step-father. Because he has always been my dad and therefore my parent, the instructions just asked for parent making no distinction between step or biological, we both didn't even think about putting the name of anyone other than my step dad in the parent section of the I-129f form, as to me he is my dad and therefore my parent. Now as you are aware before the interview a DS160 needs to be completed by the applicant, the beneficiary. On this form it clearly asks for the names of BIOLOGICAL parents. So I entered the names of my biological parents as they are written on the full version of my UK birth certificate. I have emailed the embassy explaining this discrepancy between the beneficiaries fathers name on the I-129f and the DS160 and they replied answering a question that I did not ask. People on this forum who may or may not have been interviewed at London have said that this is something that can be sorted out by the CO at interview. But I want to get any information I can from anyone who has been interviewed in London, which is way I'm posting a repeat of a question albeit on a different forum, the previous was in the whole K1 forum whereas this is just in the UK one. It is too late for me to change anything I know but this is the only issue I can find with our whole petition/visa application after reviewing all the documents and it's worrying me a little. Not a lot as it was done honestly without any intention to misrepresent but it is still that niggling doubt in the back of my mind. Sorry for posting something similar to that which I have posted previously. But anyone with any experience of this, or something similar, that could at least make that niggle quieter would be a great help. Thank you!
  21. So I’m not sure if I messed up, my medical is all scheduled for Oct 4th and I was looking through the embassy website and found you could schedule your interview. So I figured I would book it for Oct 28th as that’s plenty time after the medical and it makes it do able for me to travel up and down to London. The embassy didn’t give me a interview date, is this an ok way to go about it or have I messed up?
  22. Hi All, Struggling to find any info online - so creating my own thread. Some information like dates will be vague because I am sure they are following my every click My wife (US) and I (UK) have been in the spouse visa CR1/IR1 process since June last year. After being together for years, we got married in Summer 2018, and applied for the visa straight away after weighing up fiancé vs. spouse visas with finance and work opportunity etc etc. I have finally been sent a London interview date of October XX, 2019. While we are happy to be at this stage, I am actually very unfortunately unable to attend this appointment as I will not be in the UK at this time. There are no options on the CSRA online portal to re-schedule this appointment, or even let them know I won't be able to make it. I called the embassy helpline on two occasions and spoke to two different people who told me to just miss the appointment and then I'll be able to re-schedule - but this sounds dangerous to my visa and potential future, and something I'd like to avoid at all costs. Has anyone been through this before? Anyone know any inside scoop on this? I have been terrified of doing something wrong during every step in this process and now I am at risk of failing during the final stretch. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thank you, unionmac
  23. So I was under the impression I-134 is used for the interview stage of the K1. At the moment I have one for my sponsor (fiancée) and her father as she just started a new job. However some places I’ve read London embassy need I-864 instead. Has anyone got a solid answer? Also as the benificiary going to the states do I need to file an affidavit form too?
  24. Hello My fiance has an interview for his K1 visa at the London Embassy in about 3 weeks. We are confused by a few things because all the sites say different things, so I've got a few questions. 1. Do I need to bring the ORIGINAL I-797 NOA? We never got that in the UK, and it is currently at my moms house in Florida. I have a photocopy of it, and can get the original but I don't know if I actually need it. 2. I've seen people/sites say you need the ORIGINAL I-134. How am I supposed to get the original if it was sent off to the embassy in the packet? I have a copy of it (A copy of the whole I-129 petition), but I don't understand how I'm supposed to produce the original for this. 3. For my I-134 I'm using an annuity fund, which the majority of isn't taxable. So I can provide photocopies of my annuity fund agreements and monthly/yearly payouts that are stated on there, and again does this paperwork for the fund need to be ORIGINALS? Or can it be a photocopy. And would I need/should we print out my bank statements showing these deposits being made into my account monthly? 4. Does my fiance need to take MY (us petitioner) ORIGINAL birth certificate, naturalization/passport/etc. to his interview? Or will a copy of my certificate/passport suffice? Or does he not need anything of mine? The sites are all so conflicting. 5. Do I need the Original I-129 approval notice? Again, this is in Florida and we are currently in the UK waiting for his interview, so I can get all this sent over but I'd rather not have to send originals with sensitive information over but if I must I will. 6. Can anyone who has had a RECENT interview at the UK Embassy in London for a K1 visa tell me what documents they brought with them? I get the general sense of my fiance's passport, ACRO report, DS-160 confirmation, etc...but what about all the rest that I've read about people bringing? One site says one thing, his confirmation email with instructions says another thing, the london embassy site says another thing, it's so confusing. 7. I read on this forum that I (USC petitioner) can attend the interview if he requests that I come, but when we called the UK embassy in London they said I would not be allowed in. So which is the real answer lol. 8. Lastly, regarding my I-134...does anyone think it will be an issue with the fact that it's an annuity fund? I make well above 100% poverty line on it, even well above the 125% and I've got the paperwork/proof of it. It's just the majority of it isn't taxable income. Thanks in advance
  25. Hello just curious how the Embassy in London is.. how are the immigration officers? Did you have a good or bad experience? Was your case complicated or not? Thanks!
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