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Found 23 results

  1. Hello All I thought I would make a Thread for Australian's who have their CASE COMPLETE at NVC and are waiting for an Interview to be scheduled at the US Consulate in Sydney! It might make it easy for us to keep in touch and update each other! I hope this is OK 🐨 We were DQ'd this morning so we will be waiting a while lol
  2. Has anyone with K1 visa left the country already? Please let us know
  3. Hi I want to know if an illegitimate child needs parental consent or something else. The child is 4 years old and the father is not part of the picture and never has been.
  4. I recently mailed out AOS for my Wife and Daughter after marriage to K1. 2weeks down i just received the whole package with a rejection notice. "Stating i filed the wrong I-485."I did download the most recent I-485 07/31/2021 from the uscis website a week before mailing it out but it turns out they rolled in an updated version which expires 10/31/2021 same week i when i mailed it out. Long story i got my whole package back which really hurts... 1) My question is has anyone been through this before? 2) Did get the most updated form and mail back the same copies? or printout all new copies? Reason being they have a green form on the package asking me to place it on the package when am resubmitting the the package. And on the bottom of the page they have codes running on the bottom? 3) Also i signed my daughter's i485 as the preparer. i dont know if thats another error right there. I will be glad to get any information to help us through this process. Wishing everyone the Best.
  5. Hi VJ members! I moved to the US in May 2019 under a K1 visa. I am planning to bring my 13-year-old son after I receive my green card (sometime this March!). I have included him in the I 129F petition and I-130. Do we apply for a K2 or K4 for him to come to the US? Thanks Jonan
  6. Hello, Me and my mom, we migrated to US 4 months ago and our conditional resident cards are still being processed. I’m turning 21 in this December, so I wonder if I could apply for Legal permanent resident card when my 2-year-green card expires? Thank you so much
  7. K2 interview but scheduled after K1 expires (365 days from K1 ends 02/20/2020). We've filed the DS-160 and received an interview date for my stepchildren (10 and 11). Here is the issue. My Wife's K1 was approved on 02/21/2019. We understand the K1 expires on 02/20/2020 as far as being able to use the K2 follow-to-join with in one year. The US Embassy in Thailand scheduled our K2 visa interview for 03/22/2020 which is clearly after the K1 visa expiry date. Need some help with what we should do. Carry on with the interview date? Grateful for any comments.
  8. Hello good morning I wanted to ask a question My fiancée is from Venezuela but lives in Colombia with a two year permission only. I want to submit the k1 paperwork with a lawyer but a bunch of lawyers keep telling me that there is a travel ban from President Trumps law. One lawyer even told me that there is a 5% chance she can get accepted as a k1. Some lawyers don't even call me back. My question is do you know anyone that has had a recent case after President Trump's law that have either been rejected or approved with a k1 visa? Thank you and God Bless!! I really need help. My fiancée and I are really depressed because everything seems so difficult and almost impossible. PLEASE HELP!!!! Hola Buenos dias. Queria preguntarle algo. Mi comprometida es de Venezuela pero vive en Colombia solo con permiso. Yo quiero meter los papeles igual a ustedes del k1 visa. Varios abogados me dicen que pueda que la niegen por el travel ban osea Venezuela esta en una lista negra de Estados Unidos. Han escuchados otros casos recientes de que los acepten a los Venezolanos o los niegan?
  9. My fiance (wife now) moved here in a I-129F visa in September. We were married last week (6 weeks after her arrival). Unfortunately, she didn't bring her 8 year old son because we wanted him to arrive near the beginning of the summer so he could get acquainted with English before he started school (approximately 7 months after my wife arrived). Her son was listed on the I-129F, but I never filed a DS-160 for him because I wasn't aware I needed to file one. It didn't matter because my wife didn't attempt to get a Visa for him at the time. When I asked the embassy, they said I needed to file the following documents: · DS-2001 (Link) · DS-160 Confirmation Page (Link) · GSS Confirmation Page (Link) Now I am filing the I-465 to adjust her status (plus the I-765 and I-864), plus the required paperwork. I have a few questions that are stressing us out: Can I file a I-465 for him even though her son still lives in Thailand, or do I need to wait for him to arrive (or wait for his Visa to be granted)? Can I use the same GSS confirmation page I used with her, or do I need to go through the form again (I can't even recall what that was)? If I file the I-465 after he arrives, is there anything I need to worry about aside from the extra filing fees? Finally, I will need to file a I-131 so she can travel to pick up her son in May. How accurate do the travel dates need to be on I-131? I looked all over the place to find answers to these questions, and I couldn't find the answers anywhere. I really appreciate any help people can provide, because I'm at a loss now. Thank you - Joel
  10. Something unexpected happened, my LFO is San Francisco and the waiting time is around 17 months to 24 months, so I wasn't really expecting any updates on my AOS any time soon. Today I went in and check my case status out of curiosity and it says that 2 days ago an interview was scheduled . So I have a couple of questions: 1. How long does it take to receive the notice on the mail? 2. To the interview, should we take our daughter who is also adjusting status? 3. Would the notice say the documents that we should take to the interview? Thanks so much for the help!
  11. Hi guys, I figured I could start this thread for May 2018 AOS filers in case no one has started one already. I filed for my two children , 11 and 9. They followed-to-join with K2 visas. Whats your case? Good luck to all us and let’s believe. It’s possible.
  12. Patriz and I are close to the Interview stage of our K1 Visa process. Patriz has a 4 year old daughter in a K2 visa application and we are worried that she may not be able to leave PHI with her. The daughter already has a Passport without fathers consent. Patriz has never been married. Father married another woman before the child was born. Father's name is still on the Birth Certificate. The father is not supporting the daughter. He does not see the daughter. Question: Will she need a the father's consent if she has a CENOMAR?
  13. Approved by USCIS July 18th We have our NOA1 receipt, but no NOA2 because they forgot to put an APT number on the address. NVC was contacted and I have Email/Letter from NVC. We are in READY status. Waiting another week for Passports to arrive so DS-160 is not complete. Printed Application Fee Receipts today and will pay the fee today or tomorrow. Question: After we pay the fees, can we go ahead and schedule an Interview or do we need to wait for the NOA2 document to arrive in the mail and the DS-160s to be complete?
  14. I'm just looking for verification that a green card holder who came to the US as a K1 can file an aos for her son who came to the US as a K2 at the same time. She would rather file it without the original petitioners assistance. The son is unmarried and under 21. Is this possible? Any issues to watch out for? TIA
  15. I think we made a big mistake, my wife's daughter who is 20 now had plans in coming here before she turned 21, my wife came as a k1 visa holder and her daughter remained in Colombia until she finished school, soon after she finished school she got pregnant, now she and her boyfriend applied for tourist visa but visa was denied, Can my wife apply for her and her baby to come here before she turns 21? I had the chance to apply for her as American citizen but we were told since she has a baby I'm no longer elegible to do it, but my wife instead.
  16. Do you know if they require any legal forms/letters to move with kids (aged 9, 11)? Kids’ Dad is totally supportive, mediation docs state that any move out of region needs to be communicated, but will they require something more than a notarized letter from him granting permission? Thanks in advance!
  17. Hi everyone just wanted to know about your stay out of the US using AP while waiting for your GC??? do any of you stayed longer out of the country for more than 8 months? Did u encounter any problems? What’s the longest stay of yours out of the US? Thanks to those who’ll respond!
  18. Hello everyone, My fiance and her son have K1 and K2 visa which will expire July 19 , she is having problems getting signature from her son's father for permission to being her son to USA . We have a couple questions Is it possible to get an extension for their visas and I can send her proof that her son will have better life here ( best schools, his room decorated, etc. ) that way she can show a judge that and they can make the father sign the permission . Or if she entered before July 19 without her son, and we get married but she only stays 2 weeks to collect evidence of better life, if she returns to Peru I know we will have to start Visa over and as married couple but will it be easier or harder since she had a Visa before as fiance?
  19. I submitted AOS, EAD and AP for me and my son on 8 may 2019, we got notice of rejection 14 may 2019, my son and I are from K1 and K2 visa and i have been married on April 20, 2019. I read on the Notice they asked for my son's copy of NOA2 form I-797 of I 130 ( petition of alien relative), they are mistakes on that makes my application been rejected - USCIS think my son is from Alien Relative I130 and asked me to provide evidence of NoA of I130, meanwhile my son is a K2 and a dependent from a K1 and we were applying together. I called USCIS representative and explained about the application was rejected but actually my son is a K2 visa holder, he said i need to resent all the application again and add the proof of NOA2 I129F, (even though I actually already submitted all in my AOS, EAD, AP bundles of my son and my application) I got all my paper returned to me and there's marked on the bottom of it printed, i called the USCIS and explained my situation, and he advised me to resent all my documents along with a copy of my approved NOA2 of my fiance I129F petition. What should i do? do i need to reprint the new forms and also all supporting documents ? or just send all these paper again and add explamation that i am a K1 and K2 visa not from spouse visa? thank you
  20. Hello im filling out the cfo form. What do you put in 'NEAREST RELATIVES...IN THE PHILIPPINES'? I tried not to put anything in there but it requires tel number and email. What should i do?
  21. My girlfriend and I have been dating for a few years now. She' has attempted numerous times for a B1 Visitors visa with no avail. We both knew it was a long shot but made 5 attempts. She has a child from a previous relationship whom will be 6 years old soon. I want to apply for both her and her son. But the situation is this. His father is from UAE, he has not been a part of his son's life since his son was only a few months old. She has talked with him about attaining letter so that she can apply for the K1 and he refuses. I've read this letter can be asked for my immigration. Is this something i need to be concerned about? And if so, what can we do to ensure a smooth journey. How can she leave with her child?
  22. Preparing to go to CDO, Mindanao. Found a $900 r/t Den-NK-Manila flight for next month, Wanting to get the Person--Person part completed, so we can start paperwork ASAP., I haven't been on here in awhile, but in just looking it seems there has been a slowdown in processing times. Are K'1/2 Visas still making it through ok is my main question? I meet the 125% as of now and should still after March 1, 2019, unless the 125% goes up $7k Another question, is St. Luke still the ONLY place to receive Health Approval? Thanks for your help. Let the fun begin I suppose
  23. Greetings, I entered the United States with my daughter on a K1 and K2 visa. My fiance, now a husband, got married within 90 days of entry. However, my visa expired on December 10, 2018. That being said, I am currently applying for registration of permanent residence (AOS). For financial reasons, we give priority to my application and will do my daughter's at a later date. I know this may seem like a silly question but I was wondering what I should answer on Form I-485 with regard to the section "Information about your children" where it is asked, "Is this child applying with you?". In addition, under "Information on previous marriages", the question "Prior Spouse Date of Birth", I do not remember his date of birth, I have not spoken to him for more than 10 years and I have no means of contact either. Not to mention, our divorce certificate does not indicate this information either, unfortunately. Can someone help me with this? I want to make sure to fill everything in correctly before sending it. This is obviously something I do not want to take lightly. I appreciate it enormously! Thank you! ❤️
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