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Found 14 results

  1. Hello All I thought I would make a Thread for Australian's who have their CASE COMPLETE at NVC and are waiting for an Interview to be scheduled at the US Consulate in Sydney! It might make it easy for us to keep in touch and update each other! I hope this is OK 🐨 We were DQ'd this morning so we will be waiting a while lol
  2. I am looking for guidance for a child of a K1 holder that was not on the original I-129F. The son was birth-registered as a sibling due to restrictions where mother have no marriage certificate at the time of birth. The birth certificate showed the parents were the grandparents. Can the son be eligible for K2? What is the process to include him as a K2? Appreciate the response.
  3. Hi, We are about to start the process for K1 and K2 visas but I received new information from a friend who migrated to Singapore years ago. Her annulment was granted and full custody was given to her with visitation rights given to the biological dad. When she tried to bring her son to Singapore, she was required to get consent from the dad even if she had full custody. She had a hard time because her ex wasn't cooperative.. My annulment decree says that I have ABSOLUTE custody of my kids and my ex is given visitation rights. Will I need to secure a parental consent for my children or will that be sufficient since I was given absolute custody? I have read a lot of information on this here but what my friend told me about her experience just worries me so I want to make sure. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, all... Hoping for some factual information as I am running out of Time AND nails to chew on... 🙄 I just wanted to try to confirm with everyone here about aging out (Philippines)? Our (her) daughter is turning 21 in October 10-10-22. It seems like with the current wait times we're not going to make it without a Expedite. I have done 2 expedite requests but they were denied, with just a simple form letter saying we don't qualify. 1: What is the time frame rule for expediting due to age out for Philippines? 2: As far as my understanding goes, We need to have her here by say 10-09-22 at the latest? (Because her birthday is 10-10-22) 3: Or does she need to be here like.. 10-01-22 so we have some time to get married and dated stamp & send the adjusted status? Also I've looked on here for timelines and I know everybody wants to know the same thing so I wanted to post my time line, along with Expedites Also: 4: Does anybody know what time frame they're working on currently? For K1 K2 from Manila? We're about a Year & 2 months right now..... 5: Has anyone had any luck talking with a Senator or Congressman? If so what can they do, or what would I be asking them? I'm about to send a 3rd Expediting requests, it seems a lot of people got lucky on the 3 and 4th requests... Our time line so far... Manila & Oregon USA. Sent (all apps go to TX for distribution)...02-10-2021 Received in CA...........................................02-19-2021 I-797C Receipt............................................03-20-2021 Called to get NVC case number ...............04-06-2021 I-797....(aka USCIS approval)....................11-10-2021 NVC extension form letter ............. ..........01-23-2022 NVC Expedite request ............... ..............02-06-2022 NVC Expedite denial.................... ............ 02-09-2022 NVC 2nd extension form letter. .... ..........03-25-2022
  5. Hello, I am the US citizen petitioner. My fiance and her daughter ( K1 and K2) entered usa in June 21 and we got married in July 2021 in USA. I filed for AOS for both of them and done with their biometrics. I got a RFE ( attached) for the daughter's AOS case- asking us to submit the marriage certificate. I had already sent the marriage certificate issued in the USA. I plan to send it again. Are there any other suggestions on what else i should send?
  6. Hi there, Looking for advise if possible. A panel physician (seen at the medical prior to the interview) has given us some tough advise about my child's self harm being recent enough to put them under Class A for inadmissable (editing to note, they do not have a formal diagnosis of any mental health disorder as they are too young to meet criteria for diagnosis at this time according to the way things are handled in the UK). They have asked for more evidence as the medical notes, particularly psych are very patchy, due to their care under camhs being very recent and the person handling them being unreliable and ignoring our pleas for paperwork. The window between now and our interview is very short, perhaps too short to get the information we need. As you can imagine we are crushed, as we already have a plan in place for their care once we reach the united states. The level of care in the UK is well below par, particularly with teenagers, as it is very difficult to diagnose them, not to mention the waitlists being incredibly long, so their care if we remain in the UK is likely not to improve for a considerable amount of time. Owing to this, we already have a plan of action that we had intended to instigate the moment we're on U.S. soil, my fiancé is incredibly supportive with mental health for both of us. The physician did admit that they weren't completely sure how it would be dealt with as my child is obviously a K2 under my K1, but now I'm terrified that we're about to go to the interview and be denied. My questions are as follows: Should I reschedule out appointment in order to gather more evidence? (It specifically says that our medical won't be forwarded to the Embassy until they get all the information anyway) Are children on K2's that have something that puts them as inadmissible, treated differently to adults? Or is the whole thing rather universal? Is it possible that I would still get approved, and if my child gets denied where do we stand? (I've tried to search this kind of thing happening and not really found much in the way of information) If anyone has any feedback, however small, I would really appreciate it.
  7. Background & Plan: My fiance with two minor kids lives in her country and I have applied for a K-1 visa recently and received the receipt from USCIS. I know that it's a long wait before the visa petition moves through the different stages and finally gets the visa. Our plan is once she gets the K-1 visa she will come by herself to the US and we get married here and apply for I-485 for her and the kids. Below are my questions and appreciate it if anyone here who has the relevant experience could answer my questions here. Thanks much in advance. Questions: 1) As she will be coming by herself on the first trip on K-1 visa can I still go ahead and apply for I-485 for her kids along with hers or do the kids have to be present in the US for me to apply for them? If I cannot apply for the kids without them being in the US then what options do I have? 2) As the green card process might take a long time she might need to go back to her country after 2-3 months of stay in the US to take care of the kids till the green cards arrive. I heard that if the applicant leaves the US the applicant's I-485 will be terminated as USCIS will deem the I-485 application is abandoned. What is that I need to do here in such a way that she can travel back to her country and still have the I-485 in motion? 3) In connection with my question in #2 above someone suggested applying for advance parole so that she can travel back to her country. Is that true? If it is true then when I receive the green cards for her and the kids (hoping that I can apply for kids green cards along with her without them being in the US) can I courier them to her country so that she can come back to the US along with the kids? 4) To avoid all the above complications if she plans to come along with the kids on the first trip do I need to apply for K-2 visas for the minor kids now or based on her K-1 visa (kids details are mention in it) she just needs to fill up DS-160 forms for each of the kids before the interview to get the K-2 visas? I apologize for the long questions but I want to make sure that I do the right thing and not mess up the entire situation. Please answer in the same order so it wouldn't add up to the confusion I'm already in . Thanks much in advance.
  8. Hi Folks, has anyone experienced this scenario regarding the US Embassy in Manila, Philippines. We have two K2 derivatives on our petition and they're included in the DS160. My Fiancé had to go through the sputum protocol. She received the results on August 25th and we just now received our rescheduled expedited interview for October 14th. In the letter from the embassy they state: No other applicants and no petitioners will be allowed entry. Anyone have a similar experience? Did you bring the children?
  9. Hello my name is Alejandra V. I came to the us in 2012 as a child of a k1 petitioner. I enter the country with a k2 visa but I turn 21 in 2013 and my moms lawyer said that I couldn’t continue my immigration process as a k2. In sept 2014 i got married in the US I never went out the country . in April I start my own case to get a green card with my husband support, In sept i got my job card approved and a week after i got it by mail. On oct 27 we went to our interview with the immigration officer, he approves the I-130 but the I-485 its under revision, he said that it can be a problem to get approved because i enter as a k2, that they may give me another interview or the decision by mail, the person who told me that i can apply to get my residence didn’t told me that that could happen. Tomorrow will be a week since my interview, and I’m anxious because i dint know that may be a problem that i was here as a k2, he also said; "I recommend you to not leave the country yet", which put me to think all this week that i may be approved, he din't said yes or a no, i don't know but i think he didn't want to tell us in that moment, i'm so confused… please can you help me or explain what did i have to do instead that? or how likely do i have to wait for the decision letter arrives. Thank you .
  10. I have seen couples doing fiance visa k-1 while i-130 so thier spouse can come earlier to the United states. Is this true and how does it work and the process?. I already applied I-130 so wondering if i can do that.
  11. Hello! Asking for someone else... Is it possible to start K2 visa process when the K1 holder is already inside the United States (married or not). Or K2 is ALWAYS attached to a K1 process.
  12. I am an Aussie, currently in the US on a B2 visa visiting my fiancé. Our I-129F petition was finally approved, and I know I need to leave the US to be interviewed for my K1 visa. I have two dependent children, currently in Australia, who will need to be interviewed for their K2 visas. Is it possible for us to be interviewed in different countries (i.e. for me to be interviewed in El Salvador and for my children to be interviewed in Australia)? Reason: it is difficult to get a flight back to Australia with current COVID-19 travel caps and we want our family to be reunited ASAP.
  13. Good Day, I am a green card already since end of the last year 2020, who happens to have a k2 to follow later that arrived here in the US last Feb 2021. Now I just want to know who happens to have the same experience like mine especially in sending their AOS. Are the requirements the same like mine (K1 Visa here)? How about the cost since they are just 11 years old and 8 years old? Do I have to be in a rush in submitting their AOS? or I can submit it together with my ROC next year before my 2 year Green Card expires? Sorry I got so much questions, especially if I'm not sure myself questions in my mind just keep popping up everywhere. Thanks in advance lovely people.
  14. I recently mailed out AOS for my Wife and Daughter after marriage to K1. 2weeks down i just received the whole package with a rejection notice. "Stating i filed the wrong I-485."I did download the most recent I-485 07/31/2021 from the uscis website a week before mailing it out but it turns out they rolled in an updated version which expires 10/31/2021 same week i when i mailed it out. Long story i got my whole package back which really hurts... 1) My question is has anyone been through this before? 2) Did get the most updated form and mail back the same copies? or printout all new copies? Reason being they have a green form on the package asking me to place it on the package when am resubmitting the the package. And on the bottom of the page they have codes running on the bottom? 3) Also i signed my daughter's i485 as the preparer. i dont know if thats another error right there. I will be glad to get any information to help us through this process. Wishing everyone the Best.
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