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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I am a US citizen. I married in Feb 2018, I filed I-130 for my spouse who is in pakistan. I sent all my paperwork in April 2018 and received a letter stating everything has been accepted and will be getting sent to Potomac location. then Oct 26 I got a I-797 again but this time it was much more detailed, it stated that my paperwork is now being transferred to National Visa Center for processing for Visa and now they will contact beneficiary, it also says to allow 30 days before contacting them and it also gave their email. I am just curious to know if anyone has been through something similar and how long approximately did everything take? I am hearing so many mixed things from friends and also a relative of mine who went through something similar and she is now here with her spouse within a year so please any info would be nice lol. also, I was told by someone since i am a US citizen the "Visa Bulletin" doesn't matter for me since i am not a permanent residence(green card holder) but a us citizen
  2. My American wife filed an i130 petition for me The case is at the NVC now and requesting i846 the affidavit of support. My wife has a problem in the domicile and income Can we use a joint sponsor in this case? or the petitioner MUST be the sponsor? Can the joint sponsor be my brother-in-law who fulfills the domicile and income conditions? Thank you for your help.
  3. Scaret_e

    Cr-1 visa

    Good morning everyone Im going to do a cr-1 visa. Has anyone did it on your own? or has anyone paid a Service to do it for them such as rapid-visa, immigration lawyer, etc??
  4. Hey guys, I was deported back to my country,Perú, on March 1, 2017 for working illegally. I was deported upon arrival to the US and barred for 5 years. I sent my I-130 petition last year and it was received June 5, 2017. I waited for months and the status changed to “Case was recieved at my local office” on January 31, 2018. My case has remained the same since, it’s been over a year and I’m still waiting for an approval. I can’t begin the waiver until I get approved. I really want to reunite with my wife and I’m not sure how much longer I have to wait. I would appreciate it if anybody could help me get an idea on how much longer I have to wait or if anybody is going through the same situation as I am. thank you!
  5. A year ago, my ex-wife withdrew the I-130 at the green card interview. We had been going through issues, she cheated and we decided to try and reconcile before the interview. It didn't as planned, we were separated. According to her, there was no mention of marriage fraud at the interview, the Immigration Officer asked her if she wanted a home visit and her not being sure of what to do said no and he said if she didn't want that then she needed to sign the paperwork withdrawing the form I-130 and she did just that signed a document withdrawing the AOS. A couple of days letter I got the denial letter saying my case was denied on the basis that the I-130 was withdrawn, again there was no mention of marriage fraud l which I feared because at that point all trust was broken between her and I. We planned to re-file again after consulting with lawyer as that apparently was the best course of action. But our marriage was again tumultuous, due to actions on both our parts. We decided to get a divorce. I currently on F-1 status still, with another year of OPT and have been seeing someone, we have discussed marriage but I wanted to know if I could adjust again, albeit I know more scrutiny? Less
  6. Hi, my Dad had applied for my uncle to come to the U.S, and my uncle has received the NVC welcome letter, which would mean that his case has reached it's final steps. But my uncle had married and now has a son. How would I add them to this case so they can come together. I know they are eligible to come because that's his wife, and his son is under 21 and unmarried. I just need to know the steps on what I have to do for this situation. Thank You.
  7. Hi A quick background, also a request Please do not send me any abusive responses, if you do not like what I am asking, please do not respond, you do not know my situation, therefore, you have no right to criticise me. Thank you I got married, and followed up getting her here, on a spousal visa, I think K1 She came here, and few months later, became abusive, lazy, demanding etc. I tried and did what I could do to keep the marriage going, then we had a baby. The wife came here on Jan 20th, 2017 Now she is visiting her family back home ( with the baby), and I want to divorce her, and hopefully try and revoke her visa, so she cannot come back to the USA I will support the child fully, I am down with that. Its here that is just plain unbearable. Now in a threatening mode. Thanks to anyone who has any idea what I should do here, frankly I am scared for myself and my two kids from previous marriage.
  8. My (now) wife came into the US from Canada on December 1st and was given until March 1, 2018 to find a job on her I-94 which is attached to her passport. On Feb 16th, we got married, however we need to wait for the Marriage Certificate to get processed before we send in the paperwork as we need to attach a copy of said Marriage Certificate to the packet. We also need to send a copy of the I-94 that is attached to her passport. Will she be deportable since the packet will be sent after March 1?
  9. Salaam Everyone I have created this topic so we all may benefit from it. My friend recently got an appointment at DIJABOUTI for his I-130 petition for Alien relative. In other words he got an appointment for his wife. He traveled to Dijabouti and did his appointment but was not issued the visa. He spent over 4 months in Dijabouti awaiting his visa. His petition was under ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING and still is. My question is what’s going on with the travel Ban? How long will his case be under administrative processing? Dijabouti is costly for the average Yemenie and many yemenies are suffering trying to bring their family members into the United States. Is there a lawyer or an immigration specialist out there who can help? Are there people out there of yemenie decent with the same issue? What can we do? Help help help!
  10. I married my husband 10/12/13 in sudan, received approval of I-130 10/2014, my husband interview was july 2015, but his visa was denied Nov 2016 because they said his birth certificate was fake. My husband was born in a refugge camp in sudan but returned to our country Eritrea after the war ended. His nationality is Eritrean. When he went to get birth certificate from Sudan government, they denied him because he is not a sudan citizen. They someone in the office told him they would help him if he paid them. So with no other choice he did. The Us embassy said the birth certificate is not real and asked him to get another one. My husband got his birth certificate from eritrea which stated he was born in Sudan, and got the cetificate authenticate, but Nov 2016 the US embassy denied my husbands visa because they said he committed fraud and needs to get birth certificate from Sudan because he was born in Sudan. My case was sent to USCIS 4/31/17 for review. I file a 1-601 waiver accepted 9/17. And yesterday I received a update i will receive a letter of intent to revoke my I-130. My husband and I are so sad and tired over all of this. My lawyer said they will fight it but does anyone have any similar experiences or ideas of what me and my husband can do. I just want him here with me so we can start our family, as soon as possible. I am at an age were my window for child bearing is get late. And i want to have a baby asap with my husband. But I want us to be together when it happens.
  11. Our love story and or brief Time line Met on Facebook in June in a comment section Conversed on whatsapp He asked to marry in July, planned and executed small private wedding I traveled to Jamaica to marry Mr. , Married in August 21st 2017 I then returned home to New York. Then visited Mr. again in September returned home to New York. Mr. recently changed jobs and home address, his current address is temporary, because its too far away from the new job. My question is should I wait to file the I130 for when he has a permanent address. Does the beneficiary receive mail during the process.
  12. Hey guys, Sorry if this is the wrong place to post as this is my first time to this site. I have been married to my wife which lives in Canada for a little over a year now. We are going to go through with the sponsorship through form I -130 but I got one concern and a few questions. My concern is about my income. I was working earlier this year, in August, but I left that place and am just focusing on school as am I wrapping up with my studies. With that being said, I know that you need to be 125% above poverty level (correct me if I am wrong) which I am not at since I don't have an income. Should I be getting a job right now because if I don't start having an income then we have a higher chance of refusal? Or is there ways around having no income / being below the threshold? Currently I am living with my family here in the US and that is why I do not have an income currently because my family is helping me out while I finish school. Another question I have is about moving. If I currently am living in NY, and I sponsor my wife, when she gets accepted are we able to move to lets say Cali later down the road? Or do we have restrictions that we need to stay in the same state that we started the sponsorship in? Thank you anyone and everyone for the help in advanced.
  13. Hi Guys , how long will take to get interview if u send the IV PACKAGE I applied for my wife , PD July 2016 . I did send the IV Package today , how long you thnik now when she will get the interview in algeria ? I hope its before 2018 thank you
  14. Hi I have a case I-130 from USCIS in Nebraska Service Center is now passed my PD date (At December 9th 2016 now) and my PD is Dec 6th 2016. I am a US Citizen filing for my wife. Well its been almost 10 months wait, called USCIS even to Tier 1 and Tier 2 (Although its hard to get to Tier 2 because they will keep saying its the same), and no good response. I already submitted inquiry last week and USCIS says to wait 30 days for it. also submitted letter to senator/congressman last week, no response from either one. Does anyone know any other way to get by this or any other tips? are they gona send me any NOA-2 noticed from E-mail, Text OR physical mail OR the USCIS app? and is there a chance that they might send an RFE because I am hoping not even after this long period of wait. Im already waiting 10 months almost and im just told to wait, and if they send me a physical mail how long is that and is it from a letter from USPS or UPS?. Thank you in advance.