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  1. Hello! I'm filling out Form i-864 Affidavit of Support for my spouse. She is Ukrainian, and due to the war, is currently in Germany, waiting for the rest of her visa paperwork to process. Item 2.a. in Part 1 of the form asks for her Mailing Address. Typically, we've been filling in her Ukrainian address on her other forms, even though she isn't "currently there" due to the war. Should we fill in the same thing here? Or should we use her current address in Germany? For anything that requires her to be sent actual mail, we would fill in her German address. I just don't know if the address entered will actually be used for any real mailing purposes. Any insight would help! Thanks!
  2. I am filing an i-130 online for my spouse can someone please tell me that in what section can I upload my divorce certificate as I was previously married , i-130 has specific sections like proof of us citizenship and proof of marriage section for evidence so I am confused in what section do i need to upload my divorce certificate P.S I am a LPR and I came here based on previous marriage with a US Citizen but my marriage was real and I had children from previous marriage which shows it was legitimate so I also want to know in what section I can upload the birth certificate of my child from previous marriage to show that marriage was real
  3. Hi Everyone, We filed I-130 and I-485 together for green card for Spouse of US citizen in Sept 2021. Biometrics were taken in Oct 2021. I-485 is moving forward with status showing "case is actively being reviewed" while I-130 is still pending on "Just Received". It has been now 8 months for I-130 not moving and we tried to enquire about that and we were told that it is still in "pre-processing/background check" and that cases in this phase cannot be expedited. 1- Is this usual 2- Is there something we can do about that? Thank you
  4. Hello, I want to fill in I-130 form for my wife and child. I found in USCIS page that I can fill in one I-130 form for both. Has anyone tried to do so? as there are not enough space to fill in data for both in one form. Thanks
  5. Hi there, I have been legally in the U.S for 6 years now. My parents and I applied for Political Asylum 6 years ago; however, it has not ben granted yet (but i have a work permit and social security ever since). I met my husband 3 years ago and we have been living together ever since(same leases contracts, bank accounts and trips for the last 3 years + we did our taxes together this year), and we got married in July 2021 and by August 2021 we sent all of our document, and in December I had the appointment for the finger prints. On April 13th 2022 we got a letter with the approval of the I-130 case and so far there has not been any interview. The only document left to get is my immigration medical exam (I-693), which I will get done tomorrow and send it. I was wondering if it is likely for me to get an interview for the I-485 case, also is it likely for my case to get the permanent green card? Thanks for the help!
  6. Hello all, My I-130 receipt notice has an IOE receipt number and states TSC at the bottom left. However, I subsequently received a USCIS online account access notice with VSC specified at the bottom left of the notice. I have since applied for I-129F and that has been delegated to the VSC. So, I am confused as to whether my I-130 is being processed at TSC or VSC. Every day counts and it looks like TSC currently has shorter processing times. Any help on this topic from the group here is greatly appreciated. TIA!
  7. Hello! I filed an 1-130 for my husband and I was trying to find some information online regarding military records for Korean men for the CR-1/IR-1 visa. Does anyone know more about this? Do they just check that the Korean husband has completed their service? My husband actually received a medical exemption and completed his service, so I am curious how this affects our case. If anyone can help me and provide more information that would be great! Thank you!
  8. Hello guys!! I need your opinion on my situation. I am a US & Sri Lankan dual citizen who recently moved from SL to US. When I was in SL, I petitioned for my husband to come to the United States and we are in the final stage of the process with the embassy. Since I came to the US during the covid period I couldn’t find work related to my field which is Bio Tech & Pharma. So I started working for a coffee shop as a cashier. But I wasn’t making enough to sponsor my spouse neither had I filed taxes before, so I submitted the i864 with a joint sponsor( income $30,101). She was working for a hotel but with this covid she was temporarily laid off from work but she was receiving unemployment benefits. So by the time of the interview of my spouse I could find a job in my field with an income slightly higher than the income requirement set by the DHHS poverty guidelines. It is about $1000 higher for the current year which is $22,608. It will be around $31,104 before taxes for the next year ($18 an hour & 36 hours a week). We also don’t have any dependents. I prepared a new i864 including new income details and asked my husband to present it to the CO at the time of the interview. Then the CO had issued him a 221g to review the case and after almost a month later, yesterday he was informed by the embassy that the officer needs a new joint sponsor. Herewith attached a screenshot of the email from the embassy. I don’t know anywhere else to find a new joint sponsor. I would certainly make way above the income requirement next year as I will be having a pay raise starting from next month. Also in the email from the embassy they have mentioned that there is a requirement to file a i864A. From the readings I did, I don’t think there’s a requirement to file a i864A unless the petitioning USC spouse uses his/her family members as the joint sponsors to meet the income requirement. What do you guys think I should do? What are my options? Thanks in advance.
  9. My husband (the applicant) had his IR1 interview in Mumbai and received a 221g letter asking for submission of additional documents to prove that I intend to reestablish domicile in the US. (I have been living in India for a few years.) We live in New Delhi and planned to drop the documents and passport, as requested in the 221g letter there. However when we make an appointment with the VAC on US Travel Docs, we have to select a date for the appointment and the location by default is Mumbai. We are confused. Do we drop the documents (and passport?) in Delhi? Do we need to travel with them to Mumbai again? What is a "Follow Up Appointment" and do we need to submit additional documents there or to a drop box anywhere beforehand? I've seen a few queries like this here. Would appreciate any help.
  10. Hi all, my wife has an O-1 Visa and her company is sponsoring her a new EB-1 Visa (the company lawyer said us that the new Visa will be ready before July 2022). I noticed that this Visa is a an employment-based green card and that if her I-140 petition is approved, his spouse may be eligible to apply for admission to the United States in E-14 immigrant status. We are living in US and I have an O-3 Visa (as spouse of an O-1 Visa holder) that expires in July 2022. Do you known how is the process to get a E-14 immigrant status and what does it means? What are the next steps to get a Visa? If my O-3 Visa expires do I have to leave the US? Thanks to all.
  11. Hello all, I am a US citizen and I have already filed an I-130 for my foreign spouse (NOA - 12/08/2021) at the TSC. The current processing times indicate 10-14months of wait time before my spouse can join me in the US. As I was looking through the forums, I did the see the option of filing the I-129F as well for perhaps a faster entry of my spouse into the US (current processing times indicate 3.5-7months). However, the USCIS website (https://www.uscis.gov/family/family-of-us-citizens/k-3k-4-nonimmigrant-visas) indicates that the need for a K3 visa is rare as the I-130 is processed faster. So, I am in a bit of conundrum as to whether I need to file I-129F or just wait for my I-130 to be adjudicated. Greatly appreciate any feedback you all can share!
  12. hello I applied for an I130 back in November 2019 and as of august 2021 I got denied. they sent a RFE in septmber 2020 but that was it and I never got a NOID which is unfair and I thought my case would be approved 100% with the amount of evidence I have given. they said "Upon review of the record, it has been determined that you have not submitted sufficient documentary evidence to establish eligibility for the benefit sought. Therefore, the petition is denied." I have a few days left to appeal the decision and I spoke to a senator and congresswomen to help me on this issue and they are willing to do so. I just do not know which is a better route for me, appealing or refiling. I have much stronger evidence that I gathered up based off the denial, my attorney is saying I should refile, but that will make me lose my priority date of 2019..and its already been two years. I am hoping if I appeal USCIS may just change their decision based off the newer evidence and not send it to the BIA (that's where it takes a very long time) and that will take up to 2-3 months. what do you guys think... I am a US citizen I submitted wedding pictures, affidavits, certifications of our marriage, appropriate filing fees, wedding invite, a personal letter, passport pictures of both of us the NEW evidence I have(this was available but I do not send it because I did not feel comfortable) pictures after marriage(assortment), closer affidavits who know us on a personal level, text messages on many social media platforms, video calls/meetings, on many social media platforms, passport stamps showing travel, honeymoon receipts of hotels, gifts(gold) he brought me, our anniversary gifts for each other, this is a REAL marriage and I love my husband dearly, and everyone who filled before me did way less than I did and got approved. I feel horrible. please help me with any information or past experience you can Thank you
  13. Hello everyone Background: Wife is a US citizen by birth, lived in Canada (has a Canadian passport, US social security number as well) since she was 6 years old. I am a Canadian citizen after I came to Canada back in 2001. We got married in Dec 2016 (first marriage for both of us) and have 2 kids (born in Canada 2019 and 2021). We are planning on making a move from Toronto to US (exact destination within US not decided) Some questions: 1. Does my wife has to fill out I130 3 times with all the documents attached to each application (1 for me, 1 for our older son, 1 for our younger son) 2. Does anyone know if we have to do this at a Toronto consulate or can we do these applications online? 3. We have a marriage certificate (married in Canada), kids Canadian birth certificate, purchase and sale agreement of a new construction home (to be completed by 2023), her US birth certificate, life insurance beneficiaries, one joint credit card. Anything else we should definitely have? Anything else I should know about. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. All the cover letter examples I have seen are pretty much bullett point descriptions of what is included in their i-130. For the "additional proof of marriage" (visa is for my wife) we only have pictures of our relationship. I figured I would upload maybe 8 to 10 photos and explain it in the cover letter (like a short narrative) to explain our relationship. What do you all think? Is this appropriate or is this not what the cover letters are for? We are relying on the photos because we do not have any other proof of marriage examples that are listed in the appplication (such as joint bank accounts / lease / affidevits). There is an "additional information" form (we are filing online) so maybe that would be a more appropriate spot to elaborate on the pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I just have a general question that I was wondering, I get emails about the estimate of my approval. I’m curious if it’s true & accurate. Anyone experienced it?
  16. Hi everyone! I’ve been lurking here for a while and reading information. My husband and I will file for the CR-1 via consular processing later this year. (We have not filed anything yet and don’t plan to until maybe this summer) However, he is going to visit the US with me in March. I’m actually moving back to the US from South Korea and he’s helping me, but he will be visiting for a month on his ESTA and then returning home. I know he should bring a letter from his boss, proof of temporary travelers insurance, phone bills, bank statements and what not proving ties to South Korea. My question is, has anyone with a Korean spouse experienced issues at the border? He is going to bring his credit and debit cards instead of carrying cash as well because he can use it at international atms. I know they may check how much money he has, so bank statements would help with this. thank you for your help in advance!
  17. Hi there my cr1 interview is in about two weeks. But right now I am confused about the additional documents that I can include in files for the interview day. I have collected all the documents according to the usual guidelines. But since it’s an expedite case on medical case I have included the doctors reference letters and expedite email approval in my files. If anyone can suggest what other documents can I include in my file would be really helpful. Also if I should follow any sequence for documents while arranging my file for the interview day. thanks in advance
  18. Hi! I havent seen any post about the Nashville TN field Office. I created this forum for every nashvillian filing AOS through marriage and who is waiting for an interview. I would like to have an idea of The office processing time. Please write down your time line below if you are waiting to be interviewed or already had your interview. My Priority Date is OCT 22 2018 and i am still waiting for an interview.
  19. I will try to give some of the backstory: Basically I am Greencard holder (Brazilian, got from my mom who is now an American citizen) before I turned 21. I am turning 25 in a month. I am currently in Brazil and plan to return to the US (Providence, Rhode Island) in a few months (I have a Travel Document, which expires on April 5th, 2023, but of course I won't be there that late). My boyfriend, on the other hand, has a B2 Visa, and is 26 years old. Although he has a French passport (his mother is French), he was born, raised, and is currently living in Brazil. He is unemployed due to personal reasons. His mother is a Greencard holder, married to an American citizen (have been together for about 12 years and officially married for 4 years), and is on her way to become one as well. They have recently bought a house in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Her husband is a Marine veteran (served for 36 years) and she is currently studying English and focusing in teaching French in the US (she was a teacher in Brazil for more than 20 years) We want to be together. I want to bring him to the US and I suppose it all starts with us getting married. But... What's next? There is so much information scattered around that I am left truly confused. Can someone shed me some light?
  20. Hi Everyone, Our case has been with NVC since July 2021, they only checked the documents after 4 months and requested for a new document but no response yet, been 2 and half months. We are thinking to expedite our request as my husband has been diagnosed with clinical depression recently and he is diabetes type 1 and he lives all by himself, because of the treatment he can barely take care of himself affecting his overall condition which in turn is aggravating the diabetic condition leading to very low sugar levels and unbelievably high levels which is life threatening. Would NVC consider it for expedition? Thanks in advance.
  21. My wife had her interview on May 20 for her f21 visa at US Embassy in Nepal and she was approved at the interview and was given a white approval card which says approved and instruction to collect passport. The status on ceac shows Aministrative processing since then and after looking up on VJ, it sounds like normal after interview. Now when I log in into ceac on page where we uploaded all our AOS documents and civil documents, the AOS section shows INCOMPLETE and has 864EZ line item as missing. I already submitted the regular 864 during the NVC process and everything showed completed until after interview. They din't ask for any further documents at the interview or even after interview. They didn't keep any documents at the interview as well beside Medical and kept passport. All the copies of original documents, 864, tax documents and even the passport photo was returned back after interview. I was in impression that they keep copies of civil documents and the tax documents but they didn't and i am kinda confused. May be they just use the scanned copies that we uploaded during NVC?? Is it normal or did embassy mess up something ? May be that can bring impact on the admin processing ? Can anyone who recently got approved verify for me if they have similar situation ?
  22. Hi, i wanted to seek some guidance on my situation. So I am a Canadian citizen married to an American green card holder. He’s suppose to be getting his interview for citizenship soon as he had to reschedule it due to an error. I am wondering what would be the best way for me to be able to get a work permit in the USA. Should I apply for jobs and see if I get a tn visa (I am a policy analyst)? Should we apply now for my sponsorship or wait till he gets his passport?
  23. Hello group, my husband and father of my children is incarcerated in america , my question is if he can file an i130 while locked up , we have a sponsor of support for me and a residence which will be his residence upon his release.
  24. Hey all! Hope you're all doing well! I am twenty three years old and happily married to my wife who,as you may have guessed by me joining this forum is a US citizen, however am Canadian I would love by all means to be able to love with her in the United States however my medical history concerns me , I as a teen had been in and out of voluntary psych wards at my local hospital due to self harm and a suicide attempt, I've been four years clean now from any of that behavior I am not medicated nor do I see a psychiatrist, never needed follow ups o just sort of took life by the horns and made the changes necessary to get out of that loop. Here I had thought that I left that past buried behind me now come to find out it has a possibility of keeping me from living in the ISA with my wife? I am not sure how I would explain my situation nor if my family doctor would be able to write a note in support as I haven't ever had regular visits with her ( year or so gaps at a time) . I'm not sure where to go with this ,I'm quite nervous to be honest. I won't lie at all during the medical obviously as that would be an even worse decision I just need advice on what to do. To my knowledge I've never been formally diagnosed with anything. And was only ever in the past a risk to myself never others in any way shape or form. Any advice is extremely appreciated. Hope you all and your families are well.
  25. I’ve been dq’d since November of 2020 wanted to know has anyone recently had an interview around that time frame?
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