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  1. Hello, I am a u.s citizen and so is our child he has his report birth abroad and u.s passport my wife is Icelandic. we are filing a I-864 and we are using a joint sponsor to support us on a separate I-864 QUESTIONS 1.As the primary sponsor to my wife since my child is a u.s citizen do I still need to add his info under Part 3 family member 1. 2. On my joint sponsors i-864 do I have to list myself and my child under part 3 as derivatives to my wife? I wouldn't imagine i need to since me and my son are both u.s citizens and not aliens. 3. Do i still need to fill out an I-864W for my son even if hes a u.s citizen no SSN yet but has u.s passport and report birth abroad. We are filing at our local embassy. Thanks for any clarification Very respectfully Pat
  2. We are an engaged Canadian and American who want to get married, obtain a spousal visa, and live together in the USA. We have a lot of flexibility in our lives for travel and want to be together as much as possible during the 1.5 to 2yr visa process. We are considering the following timeline and would greatly appreciate any advice about possible issues, hurdles, and/or other considerations. We get married in Fall 2023 in Canada, spouse then enters USA on tourist visa (as a tourist) for 6 months. Spouse stays at National's owned-home in those months and returns to Canada in early spring 2024. At which point National files for spousal visa and leaves for Canada for the summer, and Europe for the fall - winter- spring while the visa process runs its course. Spouse returns to Canada for visa interview at Consulate in Canada when requested Any experiences with: filing for spousal visa 6-7 months after marriage in Canada? is that enough of a marriage duration? National leaving the US during visa process? Spouse coming in to the US on a tourist visa while married to a national? Spouse coming in to the US on a tourist visa while visa process is in its final stages? Thanks and we appreciate any feedback and insight!
  3. Hi. My Uncle is a naturalized US Citizen, he filed the 1-130 for his spouse who resides the Dominican Republic. Yesterday he asked me to please see if there was an update. His status is "Case Is Actively Being Reviewed." I wandered around a bit and saw the copy of hi i-130 form, and i noticed that he filled out both question 61 and 62. Both with the location where he lives in the United States. His wife does not nor has ever lived in the US, i figured he should have only filled the Question 62 do she can work with the Embassy in the DR. I called the USCIS center, a lady told me to write a letter and sent it to the office working on his case, in Potomac. Im currently working on that. My question is, is this the correct course of action, is there hope for this mistake to be fixed in time so i can avoid having to file a different form and add a lot more time. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hello everyone, i filled for I-130 online for my wife, in the middle of January, and i have been checking the USCIS website for any updates frequently. When i uploaded the files, the processing time was 12 months and after the months were passing it went to 11 months and then to 10 months. I checked again a few days ago, and the processing time went back to 12 months, and i have absolutely zero updates about our case. The embassy in Greece also has no news about us either. On the receipt notice that was generated automatically with the filing, it says Nebraska Service Center, if that matters. Any advices or thoughts about what we must do next (if we can do anything except waiting) or any recent processing times would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello! I filed an 1-130 for my husband and I was trying to find some information online regarding military records for Korean men for the CR-1/IR-1 visa. Does anyone know more about this? Do they just check that the Korean husband has completed their service? My husband actually received a medical exemption and completed his service, so I am curious how this affects our case. If anyone can help me and provide more information that would be great! Thank you!
  6. I'm new here, so let me say Hello first. My husband (US citizen) is in the US military so we met and became a couple while he was stationed here in Germany. We just got married in February and he's doing the application now. I'm a lil bit worried if the additional evidence of our marriage isn't enough and I can't live with my love. Because we weren't apart until he got stationed back in the states end of 2022 we weren't traveling to visit each other so there's maybe 2 boarding passes he could upload. The other thing because he lived in the barracks we never lived together. The additional evidence to our marriage certificate we put online so far: -Joint lease for the apartment in the states -Docoument I'm on his health insurance -Document I'm on his life insurance -Statement of our joint bank account in Germany even if it's more for savings for our future. -Verification he has a financial power of attorney -Verification of my pregnancy from my Obgyn -My dependent military ID card -Screenshot of the information system I'm his dependent and contact person -a few pictures of us -affidavits from our family and friends What y'all think we could upload or is it enough? I hope someone can help Thank you :)
  7. The situation: my gf is a US citizen, and I’m Ecuadorian. We have a 4 year relationship, and right now we both live in Argentina. We are both currently at university. We want to get married, so we can travel and live in the US. We don’t know what’s better for us, the K1 or the CR1. Our main doubt is: Can we still do this even if we both live in Argentina, and we want to travel to the states? Sadly I let my B1/B2 expire, and because of the pandemic I haven’t renewed it. I paid the $160 fee por Ds160 and have my interview due tomorrow, in my country (Ecuador) but I won’t be able to show up because of my schedule (I’m mentioning this because I need to know if losing a visa appointment could give someone a bad record or something like that) We are both 21 y/o. She has double nationality (US and Ecuadorian) We met in high school and came to ARG to study, and last year she spent almost 9 months in US working. Would she need her payment stubs or something like that? Does she has to be obligatory in the US for whatever process we want to make? I heard about a Joint financial sponsor. This person has to be member of her or my family? Or can it be whatever person that volunteers? What’s the best option for us? How much time can it take for us to live in US together and for me to get the green card?
  8. As my wife is a Taiwanese citizen, and I am an American citizen, can we first move to USA together, her with a visitor visa, and file an I-485 adjust status, along with all the other Immigrant visa paperwork and documents, for her to get her immigrant visa, all the while living in the USA? I saw a posting online, stating one's spouse could already be living with them in the USA (not sure about what visa), and file the I-130 and I-485 at the same time, for the path to getting the green card. To give a little background about the details of our case, we already had an immigrant visa issued to my wife a few years back and were unable to use it when it was valid. We re-started the process last year, sending in her passport with the IV to the U.S. Embassy and they reopened our case. Would we need to refile the I-130 in America to do the above? Or is it too late to do this option as we've already started our case and the Embassy here in Taiwan knows all about it? Hope to get any helpful comments. Thanks!
  9. Hello, my wife is from India and I'm a United States Citizen, if I file the forms necessary for a IR-1 in America, and she ends up getting a student visa to study in Canada as Graduate student (she is getting into a PhD program), can I transfer her embassy to Canada when she arrives (after DQ happens)?
  10. Hi. So, I am flying to the U.S. Next week and have my spouse/immigrant visa which I got around 2 weeks ago. The whole process was quite nerve racking and had me probably worrying more than I should have. Anyway, is there anything I should prepare for when I get to the border officers? Or is it pretty much a straight forward process of confirming details given I've already done the interview etc and been accepted. I'm naturally quite anxious when it comes to all this and just wondering if anyone else can give some experience or insight. I'm coming from the UK.
  11. Blessing Ann


    Hi everyone. Is anyone here from the Philippines and applying for a spouse visa and unvaccinated . How was the process? Did St.Luke’s ask why you are not vaccinated? How was the interview? And how did you apply for a waiver ( religious and moral convictions ? Pls share your experiences. Thank you
  12. We filed for my husband's AOS on January 2022, our timeline goes something like this: January 2022: Filed I-130, I-130A, I-485, I-765 and I-864 in the same package. Two weeks after we got the I-485, I-130 and Biometric receipt. February 2022: Biometrics appointment March 2022: Received EAD June 2022: Received AP (we filed these last two separately without knowing it could all be filed at once) November 2022: Received a RFE and sent evidence two weeks after December 2022: Evidence and I-130 approved, BUT the I-130 approval letter asks to file a I-485: "The petition indicates that the beneficiary wishes to apply for adjustment of status to that of a lawful permanent resident. They should submit a copy of this notice, along with a Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status." Does anyone know why this is being required again? Or is it just a template and our I-485 is actually being reviewed now? Our assessor says we don't need to worry since the USCIS clearly already received our I-485 and has been paid for, but I can't find any information on this online. Any suggestions on what to do?
  13. Hello! Me and my fiance are about to get married soon. He is an american citizen, however he moved out of US and back to Romania (where we met) 2.5 years ago. My questions are: 1) I understand that he, as my petitioner has to also be my sponsor, but how should he prove that he intents to get back to the US? 2) How should we get around the financial issues? He has a job here but he will most likely give it up and change it if we move. Can we get a joint sponsor? I will also specify that his parents and brother live there, would that be relevant? Thanks so much and sorry to bother you!
  14. Hi, My husband and I live in Singapore. I recently lost my high paying job and my husband's company is likely relocating him to the US in Jan/Feb 2023. I need to go back to the US to get employment. With these two circumstances, and the fact we have lived overseas in Singapore for approx 5+ years, I would like apply via DCF. Does this sound right to meet the criteria? Has anyone else done this in Singapore and how long does it take, roughly? It would be great to see timelines as we pull all of our docs together. TIA!
  15. I have a question my friend is a United States Citizen, she filed for her husband and kids. They husband got approved and was sent to the nvc, but the kids got approved but need an i-824 to be sent to the NVC. The person who helped prepare their paper i-130 made a mistake. I would like to know if there is a way to speed the kids i130/1824.
  16. Hi. I was wondering if anyone has experience with the spouse of the DV winner being asked to complete the DS-5535 form after the interview? Trying to understand the possible timeline... Thanks!
  17. I came to the Us in 2020 on an esta to spend time with my boyfriend. However my country Australia was making it very difficult to get back so the US kept extending my visit untill June 2021. I found out I was pregnant and stayed and had the baby. Me and my boyfriend then decided to get married. However I need to go back to Australia due to a family emergency next month. What ways can i go about this so I wont be banned. I am fine with staying here in Australia for longer than a few months. Also to mention spouse is a former service member.
  18. Hello, we are completing the I-751 petition to remove conditional residence status and noticed on page 7 and 8 things get a little confusing for Petitioners that are also the spouse. Section 7 is the petitioner's statement - I am petitioning for my immigrant wife, thus I signed in this section. Section 8 says "spouse or individual listed in part 4" which is also me as I am the spouse of the immigrant, is it then safe to assume that I am signing this document twice? Does the immigrant sign this form at any point? I do not read anything on here that signifies that the conditional resident immigrant signs this form. One bonus question, when I print I do not get a barcode at the bottom of the page. Is this necessary? Thank you everyone!
  19. My brother green card holder applied for his wife 2/05/21 receipt received priority current Pakistan Still no approved I-130? Wondering how long for approval of I-130? and visa? USCIS website states its still in time frame. Seems lot longer anyone around same date have gotten approval? interview?
  20. Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing great! My RFE response was received on May 11 2022. I have been patiently waiting. Today (sept 9), I talked to an agent and they said since it has been outside the 60 day timeframe, they will file a service request and I got the referral number. They told me to wait 30 days. There wasn’t any change on the status (should there be? Like “inquiry received?” Or is an inquiry different from service request?) Does anyone have experience with an agent-filed service request ? How long did it take? Good news? Any thoughts? (VSC: PD Aug 2021. US Citizen filing for Spouse)
  21. Hello! 😊 I received an RFE in May. I went ahead and uploaded the documents and also mailed in. The RFE letter said to mail in, nothing about uploading. The upload was done one day before the tracking number for the envelope said delivered. So, on my portal it says “RFE Recieved” for the uploaded documents I uploaded. However, there is no indication (other than a FedEx tracking number) that the physical documents was delivered to USCIS. There is no upload of physical documents (same set as the documents I uploaded, just a printed version). What do you guys think I should do? It’s been more than a month. Vermont service center. Anyone with a similar experience? Advice? thanks!!
  22. Hi there my wife immigrate to usa as derivative beneficiary mean she was a family member and immigrate with his parents as child beneficiary but before immigrate she has been married to me although in ds 260 form in her information we also select there as the marital status is married and also provided there information about her spouse... now she is in usa and she's gonna apply for me as spouse visa please tell me is there any problem in this proceeding? I heard that my petition will be denied as she married before enter to usa please any one with authentic information help me please too muc confused
  23. Hello Everyone, Finally, last month we received the email from the NVC informing us that our case becoming DOCUMENTARILY QUALIFIED, 7 months after submitting all the requested documents, Can someone help us to estimate our waiting time from the time our case has become DOCUMENTARILY QUALIFIED and have an interview date (US Embassy in Freetown, Sierra Leone). If anyone has had the same experience lets help us reduce this waiting pain. Thanks.
  24. My friend’s lawyer said to my friend that ”You can work and pay tax since you are a spouse of US citizen. It’s nothing have to do with immigration process, but to work and put tax. She said it’s kind of special measures so that IRS can collect taxes because a lot of people work under table anyways and there is income limit of course. If you file tax for the income, you should file as a sole proprietor. “ Anyone knows about this? If you know the information and or the link? I will help the friend’s tax file for this year, so I need to know but my friend didn’t ask her lawyer much about that.. Thank you in advance.
  25. Hello all, I am a US citizen and I have already filed an I-130 for my foreign spouse (NOA - 12/08/2021) at the TSC. The current processing times indicate 10-14months of wait time before my spouse can join me in the US. As I was looking through the forums, I did the see the option of filing the I-129F as well for perhaps a faster entry of my spouse into the US (current processing times indicate 3.5-7months). However, the USCIS website (https://www.uscis.gov/family/family-of-us-citizens/k-3k-4-nonimmigrant-visas) indicates that the need for a K3 visa is rare as the I-130 is processed faster. So, I am in a bit of conundrum as to whether I need to file I-129F or just wait for my I-130 to be adjudicated. Greatly appreciate any feedback you all can share!
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