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  1. Hello, I'm a US permanent resident since 2015. I have Italian citizenship while my wife is Iranian, currently residing in Canada. We applied for the I-130 petition for my wife last year, and we have a priority date of August 2018 at California Service Center. Since my wife is an Iranian citizen I'm unclear whether she would be issued a visa post approval of I-130 or not due to the current Travel Ban in place? Does anyone have direct experience? Also what is the average time post I-130 approval before Green Card granted? Thanks, A*
  2. Hello everyone, We filed a I130 also I485 for CR1 spouse petition for me a week ago , i know it’s early and I should be patient lol but im excited about this process also stressed a little wondering how long will it take? I also know there are backlogs in USCIS offices. Im looking for someone who is/was filing from the same area or around here in Jacksonville Florida to share her/his experience as far as timeline and any advice would be greatly appreciated too about the greencard interview later on as well. Support and encourage each other in this stressful waiting time ! Have a great day😊
  3. I have applied my spousal visa and submitted the documents in Chicago lock-box and our documents reached to USCIS office on 26th of September 2019 and got response from them after 5 days that our receipt number is this and receipt notice has been sent to my wife through mail and after making account on USCIS website we got the reply after some days that our application has been approved and now in review. So I want to know that I am currently in Pakistan and my wife is in States and she is citizen so now how long more it will take for review to be done and estimated how long it will take to get to NVC?
  4. Creating a post for 2017 I-130 filers for spouses of permanent residents, please share your PDs and any further actions going forward.
  5. Hi! I havent seen any post about the Nashville TN field Office. I created this forum for every nashvillian filing AOS through marriage and who is waiting for an interview. I would like to have an idea of The office processing time. Please write down your time line below if you are waiting to be interviewed or already had your interview. My Priority Date is OCT 22 2018 and i am still waiting for an interview.
  6. My 2019-2020 FAFSA was flagged for verification at my university's financial aid office because I reported my spouse's income in 2017. I am the US citizen, and he did not pay US taxes in 2017, because he was not a resident alien, permanent resident, or a US citizen at the time, and did not make any income in the United States. He lived in Greece and paid taxes to the Greek government for the entire year of 2017, and was not liable to file taxes with the United States for 2017. We submitted his Greek tax form which shows his total income and taxes paid to the Greek authorities for 2017, and now they are requesting a 4506-T form from my spouse to prove he did not pay US taxes. We were married late 2018. Has anyone here gone through this? I am nervous about him signing anything stating he did not pay taxes because it doesn't quite encompass the truth, and do not want this being misconstrued by the IRS and have it come back to bite us. Any help would be much appreciated!
  7. Hello everyone. I recently moved to Japan under military orders with my husband. In the Uscis website there’s a box I was able to check letting them know I’m a spouse of a member in the U.S military, however I’m having trouble with the format of our mailing address. I put all the information needed but what I get from the website is the following message: WARNING: There was an error from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) address service. Please review the address you entered to make sure it is correct so the USPS can deliver mail to the correct address. I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong.. Any help will be much appreciated !
  8. Hi, I recently submitted a petition to bring my husband to the US but we are both currently living in his home country, New Zealand. We intended to live here til we got approval and the spouse visa sorted, but I realize that could take very long. I'm currently looking at visas I can apply for to stay in NZ longer, but that's a whole other process, but much easier than the US for sure! So I am thinking of other options as I want to move home to Hawai'i, especially if we have a baby. But I obviously won't move without my husband. So I am curious as to what our options are. What visas can he apply for? How long would it take to get a visa? How will it affect our I-130? Should I just stick it out and apply for a visa here in NZ? As far as sponsorship, my parents have agreed to sponsor him because I financially won't be able to until we move back to Hawai'i and start working again. Any advice is appreciated
  9. Hi everyone 😊My case is now documentarily qualified as of 2/13/19, just out of curiosity how long did it take for an interview to be scheduled by NVC at consulate (preferably at Islamabad)
  10. Hi! We have just submitted our docs through the ceac site. Now we're not sure if it's complete! We've read in some topics here in visajourney about married joint sponsors needing an i864A to accompany their i864? They filed their taxes jointly, but one of them is now a pensioner. My husband(primary sponsor)'s annual income reached the amount needed above poverty guidelines. But we still decided to add a joint sponsor just to be sure. Now we're doubting if this will be the one that would delay us! Should we be expecting them to ask for the i864A? Can't they just base it on my husband's income and not need any more documents for the js if it really indeed incomplete? Thank you!
  11. Hi, can someone please advice me on the waiting times for an interview at CDJ? I am a US citizen petitioning my wife. She has never been in the US. Please share your CC and appt date. Visa Class: CR1 February 11, 2019: Priority Date June 4, 2019: approved petition NVC receives case August 22, 2019: Case completed waiting for interview
  12. Thread for 2017 I-130 filers for spouses of permanent residents, Mumbai Consulate. Please share your Priority Dates and any other questions.
  13. Hello everyone, I'm an American citizen and my husband's interview was on Feb 20th 2018. He had all of his documents but had to go under administrative processing because of the travel ban on Syria. He's been under administrative processing since then and the CEAC site states that his case was last updated on Feb 22nd. Does anyone know how long the AP could take and is there anyone that is/was in a similar situation? Thank you.
  14. Hello! I am hoping if someone could maybe help me by sharing an experience or some professional input regarding my travel plan to US. I am a beneficiary to i-130 spouse petition filled in April, for which i have so far received NOA1 and waiting for approval. I have recently given interview and secured b1/b2 multiple entry 10 year visa to travel to US for which during my interview i gave reason for travel/purpose attending a wedding . 1. i have bought a return ticket for a time span of 4 months , i was hoping if anyone could share their CBP experience, if anyone else had a petition pending and went with a long time span return ticket...( what kind of questions or documents were asked and so on ).. also since the wedding i am going to gets done in about 20 days can i face problem by telling CBP i want to spend the thanks giving and new year with friend and family 2, in my ds-160 i mentioned i will be going for 20 days but since i have changed my plans and extended my stay to 4 months .. will this be smething that could land me in trouble with CBP?? 3. Since i got a good deal on the return ticket with a clause that cancellation or date change will attract heavy penalty , is it fine to have 2 return tickets i.e incase if i have to buy an early retrun date ticket ? thanks all for any and all help.
  15. I came to the US three months ago on EB-3 or to be more specific on E31 Visa. I have a Permanent Resident Card now. I want to bring my spouse and child to the United States. I was told E31 visa holder's spouse and children can come to the United States much faster than other Permanent Resident Card holders. Could someone please guidance on the process. I have been searching online, but couldn't find much information. Any help will be appreciated.
  16. Greetings Viewing the length of time obtaining the Spouse Visa which can average a year. I will be planning to marry my fiance whom lives abroad and I am a Born U.S. citizen. She has no family here in the states, and I wanted to have a double marriage, one for her family in her home country, which would not include any formal notice of marriage to the country, but purely religious ceremony, and then have a court marriage here in the states, with legal certification, using the K-1 Visa. But looking online, this would likely void the K-1 Visa. Another thought had entered my mind. If we had a court marriage in her home country, and then apply for the I-130 Visa, and then go through the process to approval back here in the states. Once approved, I would return back to her home country, and then have a religious wedding ceremony in approximately under a year from the court marriage and prior to taking her to America with the approved Spouse Visa. I had checked with her home country rules, and there is no issue with extended religious ceremony after the marriage certificate has been approved, but will there be any issues with the I-130 Visa. Essentially, I would be marrying the same person twice within a year. One court and One religious. Hopefully this makes sense. ~Zee
  17. Hello i am new to this website. i am US citizen. i filed my petition for my wife i130 in december 2018 .. i got only letter that they received .. now its been almost 8 month.. i have not received anything .. can anyone tell me what should i do ? and how long it will take ?
  18. Does anyone know for sure if the US citizen spouse can accompany the beneficiary to the embassy in Islamabad for the interview?
  19. Hi All, My husband lives in the Dominican and I am a US Citizen. We just got the NOA2 and are now waiting on processing from the NVC. Does the NVC packet get sent to my husband or to myself? Is it sent via mail or email? I ask because addresses in the DR are very different than here and I am not sure that the mail really works the way it does here in the US. I am sorry if this is a silly question but I want to make sure that he gets it. Thanks! Trisha
  20. I applied for an Ir1 visa for my wife. Our case have been expedited through USCIS and NVC due to our sons medical condition who is in the US. We just had our interview at the embassy on January 6th 2019, and the officer told us that that all documents are complete and he doesn’t need anything else at the moment. He also said that my case will be rejected due to the travel ban (my wife the applicant is from Yemen) but they will review if she qualifies for a waiver. I said thank you for your help and left the embassy. On that same day I checked the case on CEAC and it said REFUSED the next day it swiched to ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING. It’s been 6 days since the interview and they’ve updated the “ Case Last Updated ” a few times as shown below. Janurary 2019 6th: REFUSED casE last updated— 06-JAN-2019 7th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING case last updated—07-JAN-2019 8th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING case last updated—08-JAN-2019 9th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING case last updated—09-JAN-2019 10th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING Case last updatd—10-JAN-2019 11th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING case last updated—10-JAN-2019 I need your your guyses help on how long does it normally take for an EXPEDITED case due to medical condition take to get through AP, and if there’s anyone going through this or has gone through it?
  21. I’m filing two I 130 for my spouse and stepchild. I’m just confused on how to answer part 5: If you are also submitting separate petitions for other relatives, provide the names of and your relationship to each relative. Should I answer on item number 1. Yes? (Since I’m petitioning 2?) 2.a. My spouse details? 6.a. My stepchild details? thank you for the answer
  22. Hi everyone, do we have May 2019 I-130 filers here? I just want to make a thread for us! Journey-mates? haha! So, we sent our package last May 24 to Phoenix Lock Box, USPS says that it will be delivered by May 28. I'm excited! How's yours?
  23. Just to be clear this is not a question related to my husband and I. My husband's cousin was on the F24 Visa since 2013, at the end of 2018 he married a U.S. Citizen and so his I-130 petition was filed December 2018 for the CR1 visa. About a month ago he was given the NVC case number and options to upload his documents for his F24 visa. Nothing was done because he and his wife are aware that that application is no longer valid and must await the CR1 visa approval from USCIS and NVC. The questions are: is there any thing they can do to speed up the CR1 Visa application considering he would have arrived in the U.S. already with the F24 Visa (two of his sisters also on that same visa, same time, are already in the U.S.)? Are there any penalties or fines that they have to pay for not having cancelled the F24 visa prior to petitioning him for the CR1 visa? Any other concerns they should have? Hopefully this is enough info to get some answers, but if not, ask away. Thank you in advance to all!
  24. Really need help on this one. American citizen, native born, married a Filipino and had a child. I want to take my spouse to visit my home and family, but we DO NOT want to stay. We had already tried to obtain a K1 visa before we married, but ended up at an impasse because we were unable to acquire a police clearance from a certain country because the country will not issue one to non-natives. You can get one by bribery, which we did. They then processed it for 3 months, but dated it for the date of bribery, withheld the document, and then gave it to us 3 days before it's expiration. Tried to explain everything to consulate/embassy. They didn't care, obviously. We need a visa where we can skip this step as it is not possible to obtain these documents legally. Also, a visa that will not limit our travel. We wish to remain abroad. Any and all help or advice is greatly appreciated!
  25. Hi all, Our case was documentarily qualified on 01st Feb 2019 and we were in queue to be interviewed at the Mumbai Embassy (we recently changed this to Singapore). All cases that were completed after ours (except one) and before April 19, have received their Interview dates and we haven't. When we call NVC then say everything is fine with our case and we are in the queue. I can't figure out why would we be skipped and fear something must be wrong at the backend. Has anyone else been in the same situation? I am worried that even though we've moved our case to Singapore, we will continue to be skipped!
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