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  1. My case changed to being reviewed on april 22nd and again today may 10th so what does that mean or have to say? Anxiously waiting hope you guys can help!
  2. My case I 130 is on case is actively being reviewed by Uscis, how after will this change ? Like what are the next steps? And how long do they take?
  3. Hello Everybody, I am American. I want to marry my Russian girlfriend. We both live and work legally in the European Union and have visas in the Czech Republic. We would like to be married and be allowed to travel to the United States together from time to time, but we want to continue living in Europe. My question is..... If we get a K1 visa, and are approved, can we still live in Europe and can she travel with me to the U.S.A whenever we want? Or do we have to stay in the U.S for a few years? In general. Which visa process should I do in order to achieve this goal?
  4. Hi, I would like to know if anyone else see the same status when they check their case status. It has been like this since december 2019 when I filed the case online. This is very concerning. Is my case just sitting and collecting dust? Thanks for the help
  5. Hello, I am peruvian/american citizen in Lima. I live here with my peruvian husband and peruvian/American daughter. I’m planning to move back to US, as soon as possible in the next few months. My husband has American tourist visa. I made some research about both forms. I l understand I can file i130 online, but i485 must be sent by mail. Since we are here and I want to start the process asap to make it faster, what should I do? Submit i130 online, and mail i485 almost at the same time? We should wait here for approval? Should I send both and move to US and wait there? Us embassy in Lima is not working at all, they are just useless and appointments they are giving are insane. whats my best option to get his paperwork asap? TIA
  6. Hey everyone, me and my fiance have been needing some help deciding how we want to do our marriage and her visa for our future. We have read a lot about both a fiance visa (K-1) and a spouse visa. I'm American and she is Peruvian. We understand that the process for both does take time and depends on the embassy of Perú. We are looking for advice from anyone from peru thay knows how the embassy is currently functioning with fiance or spouse visas at the moment. We understand covid has put some delays on a lot of visa approvals but I beleive that they are still processing the spousal and fiance visas. We've come to understand that the spouse visa will probably take a minimum of 2-3 years however she will receive her green card and be able to work in the US and move in with me immediately after receiving the approval. The other options with the fiance is to wait a little less time, around a year, for her approval and get married in the US within 90 days of the approval. She would then have to wait 3-6 months ish for a status adjustment and receive, I beleive, her green card as well. During that period she can't work or leave the US is what we understand. The other thing we've read is I need to meet a certain income requirement. As I'm a student right now this might be hard depending on how high it is but not impossible. Does anyone know anything about the income requirement? I live in Oregon currently. In terms of how much is required and if they check house hold income or personal income? Do they check this through taxes from the previous year? Here's where we run into trouble trying to decide. We're both currently in school right now. I'm working on my bachelor's with about 3 years left and she is working on starting her PhD or masters. We are trying to plan in a way that we can be able to live together as soon as possible which means we are looking into options for her schooling and mine to align. Does anyone know if she can study while on the probation with the fiance visa at a US school? Or can she receive a student visa while waiting for either visa approval? The other option we were considering is the spouse visa in which I would finish my degree online and she would attend a post graduate program. I am also attempting to maintain an online job as an English teacher with TEFL certification. Does anyone know if it would be problematical legality wise to work out of the country with an online job? (tax laws etc.) Does anyone have any insight to our situation? On any part of it would be helpful. We've been debating what to do with constant research for 3 months now and haven't been able to make a decision so any help is appreciated. We have also looked at immigration lawyers as an option. If anyone knows if this is worth it and if so good references would be helpful. Thank you!
  7. Hi, Just wanted to know if the USCIS send any letter after receiving petition and if it does, then how long does it take ? Thanks in advance.
  8. I am a US citizen and my fiancé is a Spanish citizen. We plan on getting married in Spain in August then moving to the US as soon as possible once we are married. We are unsure of the fastest way to get to the US in our situation. Should we apply for the fiancé visa now even though she will be my wife by the time she receives it? Or do we have to wait until we are married in Spain then apply for the spouse visa? Thanks so much for any advice!
  9. Hi, My husband and I are living together in NZ - we've been settled here together for the past 4 years. I'm a US Citizen and he's a kiwi. We submitted the I-130 on Feb 10th and about a month later received a letter saying it was received. Just wondering if anyone has some current timeframes of when they heard back and received further information after filing the I-130. Ours is getting processed in the Nebraska Center. Also, if you have any links or resources advising on the next step so we can be prepared that would be much appreciated. Cheers
  10. Hi everyone, we have just started filling out our I-130. Our situation is as follows: family with 2 + 2 children living abroad, married for 5+ years, 1 non-US citizen. Intent to move to the US all together at once. Obviously we don't have an address there yet. But we intent to stay at our relatives for first days/weeks until we have found a place to stay. Can we fill in their address in the question below on I-130? And also later when applying for IR-1? Do we need any sort of "proof" or anything like that and at what stages of the process do we need it? Thx for every help, Tom
  11. Hello, so my husband is a US citizen and he's trying to gather all the information before filing for my visa (not a US citizen ) and was wondering if he can file without having his certificate of naturalization, he only has his US passport. So is it required as part of the filing?
  12. I am completing the I864 EZ form and have a question about part 2.a. "Immigrant Mailing Address" My husband is the immigrant, and he lives in Honduras. I am the sponsor and live in the US. For the immigrant mailing address, I am not sure what to put because he lives in a rural area and does not a street name or house number. Should I list his sister's mailing address in Honduras, or list mine?
  13. Hello everyone, I know trying to get a time frame for interviews in Ciudad Juarez is almost impossible. Just trying to maybe get an idea. I was document qualified and received an email from the NVC that all my documents were accepted in May 2020. Should I expect an interview scheduled soon?
  14. Hi everyone. I will visit my Husband by end of this month to finally see him after 7 Months! I find out that spouses and children can travel during the ban. I have a B1/B2 Visa but my daughter only have a ESTA. Can she travel with the ESTA to the US as a child from a US-citizen?
  15. Hi there, Previously I was a F4 DQ applicant, I mean I still am, I received DOCUMENT QUALIFIED email along with my family members as at 25th November 2020. It was all fine until 11th January 2021 when I got married with a US citizen. Now I am afraid that I should let the US embassy or NVC know that I got married as I am already disqualified to immigrate with my family through F4 visa category where my mother is the primary applicant and my uncle is the petitioner. Can anyone please guide me through what should be my next step before my spouse file an application for a CR1 visa category. Thank You.
  16. Hello! Wondering if anyone here is on the same boat as I am? It's been a few months (Oct 2020) since our last e-mail from NVC; pending interview schedule at the US Embassy in Montreal. We don't know what the timeline is as of the moment or if we are getting an interview date anytime soon. I really miss my husband and we haven't been together since the US-Canada border closing last March Our priority date is Feb 2020. Anybody here who has the same (or close to similar) situation? Would love to know!🙂 thanks!
  17. Hi! I havent seen any post about the Nashville TN field Office. I created this forum for every nashvillian filing AOS through marriage and who is waiting for an interview. I would like to have an idea of The office processing time. Please write down your time line below if you are waiting to be interviewed or already had your interview. My Priority Date is OCT 22 2018 and i am still waiting for an interview.
  18. Hello All, I am a USC, and I filed i-130 for my immigrant spouse February 6, 2020. I received my NOA1 a few days later. My receipt number had IOE written on it, but on the bottom left corner it said Potomac. I have not yet received my NOA2 or no other updates at all. Is there anyone else who is going through this same situation? Any advice on making this "wait" easier...
  19. Hi, everyone! Has anyone used assets rather than income to sponsor their spouse for a CR-1/IR-1 visa to the U.S? If yes, can you give some details and did it work out? Also, for U.S. citizen spouses, is the difference in required income and actual income multiplied by three or five to determine assets needed? MORE INFO: I (U.S. Citizen) am sponsoring my husband. I would like to include 2020's tax return in the I-864. I earn just over the minimum income required. However, I usually claim a number of deductibles on my taxes because I am a freelancer in a gig economy. If I claim the deductibles like usual, this will lower my income to a few thousand dollars less than needed. On the other hand, if I don’t claim the deductibles, I’m going to owe a couple extra thousand dollars in taxes which isn’t ideal because we’re expecting a baby in the spring and I’ll be out of work for a while. Our total assets amount to around $32,000. I’m wondering if that’s enough to cover the asset requirement, but I’ve read conflicting information online. Any replies would be appreciated!
  20. How everyone please help me understand because I have googled and research with various information I am not to sure of the real facts where do you submit the form I-864 is it included in the initial application when you start of as a petitioner or do you wait until they actually request for it. When does one actually fill and submit this form please please help.
  21. First time post from a US citizen seeking guidance and information regarding EAD renewal for my sister-in-law who is spouse of an approved E2 renewal. In May 2020 an E2 renewal package including I-539 and I-129 and I-765 was submitted to USCIS California Service Center. I-765 for SIL’s EAD renewal was also included in same package. All fees including a Premium processing fee were included. I-129 I-539 E2 renewal for primary beneficiary, my BIL was approved within about a week. I-765 for SIL EAD Renewal remains pending and previous EAD recently expired. historically renewals for all applicants in a E2 package have been taken care of at same time. Although the I-765 is not technically available for premium processing, USCIS has always handled it as I understand as a courtesy. Please note at the time of filing via the CSC our family immigration attorney had seen typically approved within 90 days. Now well into the pandemic, USCIS has definitely dropped the ball as when an EAD is finally issued it will still have the same expiration date as BIL’s recently approved E2 renewal in 2022. USCIS collects full price but eventually will issue a reduced time EAD. As an American I am appalled and embarrassed our government is is so unfair To applicants. SIL has been employed as an educator here in Washington state, for both higher education and K-12 Public School SIL has now requested Expedited in the public interest via phone. public interest as she is a Certified teacher in a speciality area where online teaching is not effective. An August 19, 2020 DHS and white house memorandum now list teachers in this arena as essential workers. Additionally SIL has contributed to research, is published, been keynote speaker at major conferences and has provided expert testimony in past to house education committee in her specialty area. I reached out to one of our senators however just received a copy and paste sorry we can’t help you response. Please share your simular experiences and suggestions so I can help my sister-in-law. thank you in advance for your guidance and will blessings to each of your immigration issues
  22. Soooo my husbands interview was 4/9/2019, they kept his passport and told him everything looked good and they will email him, 24 hours after interview we got ds5535 questionnaire which we did and sent back. We’ve been going back and fourth with inquires but nothing. Then randomly July 16 2020 we got an email to bring new medical and come for oath/fingerprints..we were so excited the only downfall was passport was expired so he wasn’t able to get a medical done but I told him to just go there the embassy was empty when he went they told him oh we can’t see you without medical but my husband told them NO this is ur fault my passport is with you guys and it expired in April you all don’t reply so they went on with everything else and gave him a paper which stated he can get medical and sent it to them we’ve submitted it all on 8/17/2020 we got an email from the embassy many weeks later stating they’ve received all documents and here and STILL nothing! -any idea if Islamabad embassy is issuing visas? -anyone know if there’s been any good outcomes lately? -been in AP for 17 months!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. I am a U.S citizen who is married to a Russian citizen. I am currently living in Russia with him but we plan to go to Spain next year, as he will be doing an exchange program in his university. He is getting a type D student visa since he needs to be there for over 90 days. Do I need the same visa to enter Spain, due to Covid-19 restrictions? Or can I just enter with our proof of relationship? Also, if that is all I need to enter, can I apply for the same visa as him while in Spain, so that I am also allowed to stay that long as well?
  24. My spouse, married in USA, is here in USA visiting using his 10 year vistor visa (B2 status). We're getting ready to file I-130 and an extension to stay. Are there any other options?
  25. Farv

    Montreal Embassy

    Hello! My husband’s cr1 case got approved from NVC and has been stuck at the Montreal embassy for 5 months. I know the embassy opened up in August and I think they have completed the backlog interviews. But does anyone know what month the embassy is on? Our case was end of June. Thank you!
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