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  1. Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone has received an interview appointment at the Abu Dhabi Embassy after recently getting their DQ. it would be great if someone would share their experience.
  2. I was DQ'd early October 2020. I am also in the F-1 category, daughter over 21 of a US Citizen (mom). I'd like to start this thread for those in a similar position waiting for an interview after being DQ'd during the proclamation/suspension in Jamaica. Last April made EIGHT years waiting and I am just beside myself at this point. Any news to share? I also got an email in March from the NVC reminding me that I am DQ's and that they'll keep in touch basically until I get an interview date.
  3. I was a regular reader of the last London thread to keep myself updated with current timelines etc before it went to 70+ pages and way off topic. I thought it was such a useful resource so I’ve decided to start the ball rolling again so we can keep each other updated on news as it comes in. To kick us off, me and my wife were DQ 10th July so we’re hoping to get our interview appointment email early November. It appears June DQ dates have been scheduled so hoping this is our time after literally years of waiting. Fingers crossed for no Tier 3 lockdown in London!
  4. IR-5 DQed cases Waiting for IV Interview Letter at Mumbai, INDIA This topic is started to share the status and progress of IR-5 cases which have been DQed (Documentarily Qualified) and now waiting for getting the Interiew Letter from the NVC / Consulate . Notwithstanding the Ban on IR-5 till end of 2020 and hoping no further extension , all IR-5 applicants will be anxious to know their future . Therefore , all IR-5 applicants may share their information on following points - Priority Date , DQ date . Subsequently they may share progress of their respective case . They may also share their Interview Experiences . Such information will help all concerned members . Good Luck .
  5. hello , we have f4 case application and scheduled Interview at 22june , but consulate asked from us again to upload new Police certificate , our lawyer tolding me its to early to upload new additional Documents "NVC will fast trasnfer Doc to our embassy , but im little scared NVC sometims Delays to review Reuploaded Doc , it will be to late then , bcs 22 june is for 11 days and i dont think NVC have time to Tranfer moddified Documents To our local embassy , what should i do?
  6. I made a group for those who are pending interview in Montreal Consulate for F2A visa category. My case has been Documentarily qualified/case completed April 4th, 2019.
  7. Hello, US Embassy Jamaica are processing IR1/CR1 interviews starting with reschedules of interviews cancelled in March/April due to Covid-19. Anyone been rescheduled yet? What about new interviews for DQ's since April? I became DQ on June 17th, no interview date yet. Trying to get an idea of how long interviews are taking to be scheduled.
  8. Does anyone have any info for the time frame for interviews in London. My wife and I were documentality qualified on February 22nd and still waiting on an update for her interview.
  9. Hey guys! My interview in Montreal is scheduled for March 30, any advice would be awesome! So anxious to get through this and get my life feeling normal by being with my hubby. Married for 4 years this summer and with him for 6.5 years this summer ❤️.. I waited til my daughters got older to do this ( they are staying in Canada, my oldest is pretty much on her own now and my younger is staying with her Dad, she’s almost 17) Any advice too on all topics mentioned is welcomed
  10. I was arrested back in the mid 2000s. It was mistaken identity and quickly resolved as such. I declared it on all my forms and have a police certificate showing no convictions and police computer print out showing no charges etc. Is that enough for an N400 interview? It’s hard to get any more documentation because there wasn’t any!
  11. Hi! Our CR-1 application got documentary qualified on Sept. 24th. We are wondering how long does it usually take until we get our interview email or date in Egypt? If anyone went through this recently can you please tell me how long you waited for the interview after you got DQ? Thanks.
  12. My fiance scheduled her visa interview in Bangkok. She rescheduled the interview once when an earlier time slot was made available. Now an even earlier time is available and we are interested in rescheduling again. On the reschedule page it says "If you cancel this appointment, then you will have exceeded the limit of appointments canceled, and will not be able to schedule another appointment until another MRV fee has been paid." What is unclear to me is whether they mean that if we reschedule again after this time we'll have exceeded the limit of appointments canceled or if they mean if we try to reschedule this time that we'll have exceeded the limit and need to pay again. Anyone know definitively from experience? Thanks.
  13. Hello I received an email from Embassy to schedule an interview. After entering all the details, I could not find any appointment dates. Just to check if that was really the case, I created another profile with a secondary email address. To my surprise, I can see that there is an appointment date available. Note that the primary email address contains all the information so I cannot duplicate my profile in my secondary email address. Upon inquiry with the support, I did not receive any update. Its been 2 months already since I asked questions from the embassy support. Yet there is no solution. My question: 1. How long does it take for the consular to rectify to my problem? 2. Is it normal to not have an appointment date while another profile does have? Additionally, to check again - I tried a new schedule to check with other visa classes and still no date show up. This is a website technical error. Does anyone have a solution to this or have encountered this before? Thanks
  14. I see that there aren't many users who will attend an interview at the Senegal US consulate. Anyway, for the few that are (or have already), how long does it usually take to get an interview date after DQ? If you have, mind sharing your experience? Anything helps.
  15. Hello all! I'm trying to gauge how much longer we might have to wait for an interview. We are applying for an Ir1 spousal visa (green card), and as of May 13, 2020 we were Documentarily Qualified at the NVC and just waiting for an interview in Ciudad Juarez. I'm wondering about people who have been given appointments in Juarez, how long was your wait time from when you DQ'ed to when they scheduled your appointment? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hello All, Has anyone been through the interview process with a reckless driving misdemeanor on their record? I am trying to find more information on this topic in Seattle, but couldn't find much. I have my interview scheduled soon and I am very concerned about this when it comes up with the officer.
  17. Hello everyone, hope you’re all well. I just thought to make a thread for people waiting to get an interview in the consulate in Lagos, Nigeria (for all categories), so that we can keep track of how long the backlog currently is. Could everyone who posts please specify when they were DQ’d and when they got their interview, if they’ve got one, please. Thanks so much! I'm F2B, and I got DQ on 19/01/2020
  18. My husband (Austrian citizen, lives in UK with me US citizen) became DQ on March 18th 2021. Do you know when I can expect the interview to be scheduled in London? We have just had a baby and I am due to start a PhD in California in August 2021. Do you think we can expect his interview to be scheduled and cleared before then. I have submitted an expedite last week (21 May 2021) and have not heard anything back yet. Has anyone here recently had their expedite requests accepted? I really do not want to be seprated from my husband/ cannot afford to due to the little one in August and desperately need my husband to have his visa/ greencard cleared by then. Also, we are thinking if he does not have an interview scheduled, he could help me move and settle in California traveling on the his Austrian passport/ travel visa that he can obtian online and come back to interview in London. The caveat is that the travel visa is only valid for 3 months maximum. If his visa interview is not scheduled within the 3 months, then we could be separated on separate continents. Thanks for your insight.
  19. Hello everyone, Perhaps someone can help me out here. I have requested the embassy to reissue my expired k1 visa. It has expired (in june) during the covid travel restrictions, restricting me of travel to the USA from Europe. Today I have received the following email (which I think is positive): We are inviting you for a follow-up interview on x Before this appointment it is crucial you compete a new DS 160 application from. You received instructions to return you IV packet to this office, please follow the guidance and return us you IV documents. In order for us to process your K1 visa application we need you to complete the following steps. You can complete these steps after your follow-up interview. Login to your account and pay the application fee. https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-nl/iv You medical is expired, please follow the guidance in the attached documents to schedule an appointment for a new medical. Request updated Dutch Police Certificate (VOG) Updated Financial documents I-134 and tax documents Kind regards, This leaves me with the following questions: - Is the IV packet the sealed big envelop I have received when my visa first was approved? - does the embassy want that sealed envelop send to them via mail or me to take it to them on the date of our interview? - What to expect from a follow up interview. Thank you for your time and response.
  20. Since the Public Charge rule is no longer in effect, does this mean we no longer need to bring the DS-5540 to our visa interview?
  21. NVC DQed IR-5 cases Waiting for IV Interview Letter This topic is started to share the status and progress of IR-5 cases which have been DQed (Documentarily Qualified) and now waiting for getting the Interiew Letter from the NVC / Consulate . Notwithstanding the Ban on IR-5 till end of 2020 and hoping no further extension , all IR-5 applicants will be anxious to know their future . Therefore , all IR-5 applicants may share their information on following points - Priority Date , DQ date . Subsequently they may share progress of their respective case . They may also share their Interview Experiences . Such information will help all concerned members . Good Luck .
  22. Hi, I recently received the notice to appear at the green card interview (it has been under "ready to schedule an interview" for over a year now). My wife and I have a decent amount of money saved, and I am currently working (EAD) and making more than enough to meet the poverty threshold for the affidavit of support. The thing is, my wife (sponsor) has been out of a job since the end of last year (for personal reasons: online school enrollment and others). So on the first version of the affidavit we provided she was the provider, and she can also provide proof of meeting the threshold basically for all 2020. As for 2021, I am the sole source of income of the household. Will this be an issue for the interview? Do I need to find a co-sponsor? Or are our bank statements + my pay stubs enough? Or do they only care about the initial affidavit of support? I am not sure this will even be an issue / looked at but as I am the applicant and she is the sponsor, I am not sure I can be the one used for the source of income. I couldn't find any clear documentation about this online. Thank you!
  23. Hi all, hope you’re doing well. I just joined visa journey, sorry for any bad formatting or anything else on my part. My spouse (from Canada) and I just got DQ’d on December 31st. I’ve read a lot about the horrific wait times for an interview at the Montreal embassy, and it’s been disheartening. I was just wondering if all the previously cancelled appointments have been rescheduled and if the embassy is working on scheduling new ones only now? I read on an excel doc from this site that all cancelled interviews have been rescheduled. If true, would you have any estimate to how long it would take to schedule an interview now? Is it still 4-5 months? Thank you all. I appreciate this website and all who help a lot. It’s been very comforting and informative.
  24. Hi everyone My husband and I have been waiting for NVC to schedule an interview. Our case was DQ October 28th 2020. Has anyone gotten an interview yet with similar DQ?
  25. When attending K1 visa interview at the embassy - do they already have the evidence of a relationship submitted with the initial petition? My fiancee and I have been together 15 years and we have a child - we submitted substantial proof of this with the initial petition (15 years of photos!, flights, joint banks, mortgages, etc). Will they have all this to hand at the interview or do I need to collate copies of it all and briing it with me? Apologies if this is answered elsewhere (search didn't really help).
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