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  1. Hello, US Embassy Jamaica are processing IR1/CR1 interviews starting with reschedules of interviews cancelled in March/April due to Covid-19. Anyone been rescheduled yet? What about new interviews for DQ's since April? I became DQ on June 17th, no interview date yet. Trying to get an idea of how long interviews are taking to be scheduled.
  2. I see that there aren't many users who will attend an interview at the Senegal US consulate. Anyway, for the few that are (or have already), how long does it usually take to get an interview date after DQ? If you have, mind sharing your experience? Anything helps.
  3. Hi People, I have been on this forum on and off so I would consider any kind of comment would be helpful and useful for me. I filed joint i-751 with my ex spouse back in December 2016.Things did not went well and we decided to Divorce and it happened in May 2018.I let the USCIS know before receiving my divorce decree.We sent an amendment with my lawyer,divorce was finalized in may 2018,USCIS has sent me a RFE in July 2018 asking for my signature to switch the case in to a divorce waiver.But also on RFE it was saying that we don’t shared commingled finances.They also stated that there was a huge wire(my parents send me money for me to purchase car) transfer on my bank statement,and my 2016 taxes were showing much less income.They asked me where is this money comes from.Me and my lawyer reviewed everything one more time and sent them a much better package in September explaining that transaction.10 days later our response to RFE(I’ll attach it here).My status changed it to We sent your case to your local field office for an interview I honestly know so many people has no evidence but they have been approved with a divorce waiver and without an interview,since then no action on i751.My office is Miami Field Offfice.When I went there for stamp.They told me that my case is there.So since there is no action on my i751 my lawyer advised me to file n400 under 5 year rule.Which I filed in December 2019.They scheduled me and n400 interview for March 2020 but unfortunately as all of you know its been cancelled due to Covid19.They rescheduled my interview for beginning of September.What should I do to get both interviews be done at the same time?cause in the interview letter it says that n400 interview no mentions about i751.My i751 is pending for almost 4 years.It’s been a disaster for me.I have been waiting for this process to finalize to so I can sure that I will be living here the rest of my life and start my new business with peace of mind.I’m having really hard time because of this waiting game.Mentally is more though for me.My parents are also old.I couldn’t see them for a year.I need you guys advises what steps should I take or can I take to get this interview happened.Do you guys think if there is something wrong with my case since they went rough in that RFE letter.Any kind of comment will be appreciated!!also here is my rfe letter back in 2018
  4. Hi all, Just trying to figure out if and when the Paris embassy/consulate will reopen for interviews. Interested in getting information on all interview scheduling. I found something interesting on FB: What do you guys think ? I personally can't find any info on the embassy website Have a good one
  5. Hello , all my documents were accepted by NVC at the end of January. I was expecting email from the local embassy at the end of April as every case i know gets interview call after 3 months of documents qualification. and then COVID-19 happend. Please let me know when are they going to reopen for interviews for US immigration. Living apart from partners is devastating . Please reply if u have any update or going through same problem.
  6. My husband received an email after being in AP for 1 years for coming in for oath and fingerprints and embassy is also requesting new medical. Anyone else go through something similar? Any idea as to how long the process takes until you get visa?
  7. Hi there, we are new to Visa Journey. My spouse is scheduled to be interviewed for the IR1 immigration visa at the US Embassy in Tokyo in 2 weeks. We are now preparing the documents and questions to be asked. Wonder if any fellow VisaJourney-ers could provide some points on: 1) What documents are required to bring to the embassy? We were told to follow the instructions on State Department embassy website regarding documents to bring to interview. Will there be other additional info to bring? 2) DS-5540 - the “Public Charge” form - it seems the embassy has stopped issuing immigration visa following the ruling on July 29th in SDNY which enjoined the implementation of the “Public Charge” policy. Yet, State Department still has not provided guidance on how to follow the ruling though USCIS did already. 3) What questions would the CO being asking my spouse? Like to hear some real case questions being asked at your interview. 4) Any other tips or pointers would be helpful? Best, TK
  8. I am a US citizen and I filed for my minor child Back in December 2019 and it was approved on July 20, 2020. I Paid IV Fee. I believe this is an immigrant visa fee. I thought there's no need for visa if a US citizen was to petition a minor. I guess I thought wrong. Once we have submitted the Immigrant Visa form and Affidavit of Support, I believe the next step is interview. How will the interview be now that there's CoViD? Do I have to be present during the interview? Meaning, I have to fly to the Philippines to be on the interview? Please enlighten me on what to expect. Thank you.
  9. Hi all! First time posting here but have followed along for a while. My wife and I received notice from the NVC in early June that we are "documentarily qualified". So as I understand it, we now wait for the interview date. My only concern is what impact the coronavirus has had on scheduling in China, and at Guangzhou in particular. I've read a few things online that people's interviews were cancelled earlier this year and still have not been rescheduled. Has anyone done their interview recently? Has anyone who needed to be rescheduled successfully done so? With a lot of the restrictions in China having been lifted I would assume embassy operations should be a bit smoother, but I'm anxious to know how long we might have to wait. I'm also here on a visitor's visa and am applying for my second extension in hopes I can be here for the interview. I usually do visa runs to Hong Kong but with the border closure, I can't do that. If I don't get an extension I'll have to go back to the US with no idea if or when I can come back due to COVID restrictions, which is something we never planned for. Hope to hear about your experiences.
  10. Anyone else have their interview cancelled at The US Embassy in Montreal? My interview was supposed to be March 30 2020 at 930 am .. I am in the dark about my documents as my Background check expires July 12 and My medical expires August 21st (ish). I can’t update my medical because the office isn’t open to them now and neither is the police station to update background checks. I find this so completely unfair to not be given any update giving peace of mind. The money that has been invested and most of all the emotional investment. Anyone hear anything at all??? Grasping at straws here
  11. Hi All, I'm adjusting from K1 and applied for AOS in May 2019. Our interview was initially scheduled to be in March 2020 but was cancelled due to USCIS closure. Our interview has been rescheduled to Aug in NJ (yayy!). They have sent us the standard interview prep letter and in list of documents needed, they have stated: A completed medical examination (Form I-693) and vaccination supplement in a sealed environment (unless already submitted). We submitted vaccination supplement with I-485 and medical was completed for K-1 visa. My understanding is, if the interview was completed in March 2020, new I-693 was not required. But if the medical is older than 1 year, a new medical examination is required for the interview. In current covid19 situation, I'm trying to avoid going to the clinic unless absolutely necessary. I'm wondering if it's a good idea to wait till interview and see if they really require a new medical? Anyone else have been in a similar situation? Any suggestions/recommendations are appreciated!
  12. I am just curious to know if anyone has interview scheduled at Embassy Ankara, Turkey without expedite or emergency. Our DQ was on 4/20 still waiting to hear from embassy. I saw one Turkish lawyer on Instagram said his 3 client have interview coming up in July but he didn't mention if it they were expedite or not.
  13. Hey Everyone, Currently a situation has occurred and we have decided to remain in Sweden. Living in Sweden now, we had filed all of our paperwork, got approved from the NVC recently, and are waiting on a date for the interview at the embassy. But as this may come as a shock to some, we can not move to the states. So a few questions have risen. 1.) Should a formal letter be written to the NVC and to contact the embassy to inform them of the situation? 2.)Is there a possibility of punishment such as a fine or a travel ban (my wife is not allowed into the U.S. for example)? 3.)Can we still go through with the process and move to the states years later? (guessing obviously not....) 4.)May we reapply for a green card in the future (in 10-12 years)? This decision has rocked us to the core and I want to be a 100% on what the consequences will be. Thank you to all that help me. Cheers.
  14. My fiance and I were talking about the interview today, and we were wondering if anyone could share their experiences about conducting the interview in their local language? His interview will be in Mumbai, India, and it seems like they have the option to conduct the interview in their language of preference. Has anyone had an interview in Mumbai and not completed it in English? Were there any issues? (My fiance can speak English, and I speak limited Telugu, but with other people he is less confident in his English communication skills.)
  15. Hi all, I have my interview next week and I am wondering if there is a law that states that US spouse visa interview MUST be conducted in person rather than an alternative, like zoom? Or perhaps, a different consulate (In Melbourne?) Is there a US federal regulation or Act I can refer to? Would anyone know where to find such rule Thanks!
  16. We're just beginning this process, and our marriage was far from conventional, so I'm a little concerned about the visa process even though we've been married for over a year and have a ton of photos and tickets of us traveling together. We're getting statements from some of her family members, but like I said, our marriage was not conventional so her family wasn't really involved. I'm wondering, will they want to talk to her family members in validating whether or not our marriage is bona fide? Thanks!
  17. Hello! I hope someone can help me understand why uscis case been open for almost 2 months here in Mi and i’m not seeing anyone getting their interview re-scheduled or scheduled in general? my case was ready to be scheduled for an interview may and still no news or nothing. Hope someone knows anything! Thank you!
  18. Hi, Want to find out if anyone in NJ has gotten an interview for I-751 since the field offices reopened. My wife's case status has been unchanged since early April. USCIS stated our case is ready to schedule for interview and that they will send out a notice but haven't gotten any notice in the mail. When COVID hit and the state in shutdown, our thinking was let's just wait and fully expecting everything to be delayed. We'd go on the site everyday to see check for status but nothing changed. And now there are news of USCIS furloughing staff due to budget issues. The extension letter expires in Nov. We applied in Feb 2019. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks. -JK2019
  19. Good day all, All documents and fees were approved and completed on my IR5 on March 7th 2019. Notice from the NVC was that an interview would be scheduled at the Consulate and I would be notified by email or mail. Does anybody know what the approximate turnover times are for the interview? Can I expect an interview in April? Thank you!
  20. Hi! We have been doing the CR1/IR1 process since March 2019 in Spain. A month ago, we got an email from NVC informing us that they'll be sending our case to the local embassy/consulate, but we didn't get any posterior confirmation about this. CEAC says that the case is 'currently in' NVC. The embassy just officially announced that they'll start processing their routine visa services in a few days, but it's my understanding that if the case is in NVC they'll not process ours. We've tried contacting the NVC about this but we haven't heard back. Is anybody in the same situation? What is recommended to do here? --- Just after posting this, I realized that there's an NVC specific subforum, but I can't figure out how to move it there. Maybe the mods can move it?
  21. Good day. Would love to get some opinions here, or if anyone can share some info. So, as I’ve read somewhere, that the US Consulates worldwide are conducting interviews for CR1/IR1 Immigrant Visa applicants (maybe also some other types), despite being officially closed. Does anyone know, if that is true and actually a reliable information? Wishing health to everyone.
  22. My wife is US citizen and soon I will receive email for interview details so I wanted to know that I only have to go to US Embassy here in Islamabad Pakistan for interview or my wife also have to go to the office there in states for interview.
  23. Hello, Our interview date was scheduled for March 31st but was canceled mid-march due to Covid. Anyone else in the same boat that is working through California Service Center? If you’ve had your interview rescheduled in California, what day was your original interview? Thank you!
  24. Hey, I received a call from the embassy two days ago to inform me about my CR1 interview by the end of this month, however I have not received the invitation appointment letter nor did my lawyer. Is this normal? I took an appointment for the medical and they requested my DS260 since I don't have the letter, but I am scared that by the time the interview happens, I wont be having the letter with me. Thanks !
  25. Hello dears ! The embassy contacted me yesterday via phone and informed my that my interview is by the end of this month, and they asked me to update my case file on CEAC with the same documents but new dates (such as police record, Marriage certificate, etc...) However my lawyer did not receive any invitation letter from NVC nor did I, and we are not able to access CEAC to update my documents without this letter since NVC is not informed yet. Did this happen to any of you before? I will try to contact the embassy tomorrow to see what to do, and I will bring all the hard copies with me to the interview, but I am not sure if this is enough without updating my case file on CEAC. Thanks !
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