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Found 728 results

  1. Jen&Cal

    Approved !!

    Finally we were approved yesterday - this whole process has taken almost a year. Now we await the Visa in the mail ! Hopefully it will not be long. We have not seen each other since January and cannot wait to finally be together again - for good ! Good luck to everyone else ! It has been such a difficult process.
  2. Hey friends, creating this thread so we can get help from our fellows who have/had there interviews in islamabad embassy. Please do let us know the experiences, tips and advices. Information related to medical or anything that can help
  3. Hello everyone confused a little, as you guys know that atmy i751 interview day That lady told me shes gonna cancel my n400 interview n she did , i got a letter says they cancelled it , on November 9th , they have again rescheduled my n400 interview , while my i751 decision is still pending , so it means they have approved i 751 or what ? Any helpful answer would be highly appreciated..
  4. Our scan date at NVC is February 9th, which marks exactly a full year since we started the process. Sarcastic ''yey'' And things are slowing down again. We still have at least a few weeks to go before our CC, but I found out that Mexico is now taking up to 4 months to assign interviews, which is just beyond ridiculous and I almost don't want to believe it. The frustrating part is there is nothing we can do apparently, So incredibly frustrating, dealing with immigration. Sometimes it feels like we're ironically being punished for following the legal path, instead of adjusting from a tourist VISA (which I know can be legal if ''it wasn't premeditated'' but it's definitely something that people abuse, lawyers recommend it all the time and it is a grey legal area/loophole) Has anyone had an interview date yet? are they really assigning December approvals for April,? Can it slow down even further? I'm mortified.
  5. Hi All, I have a query regarding my Interview in the US Embassy in London this Friday. My wife and her dad are providing I-864's and as per the London Embassy requirements, all documents are required to be brought on the day of the interview. The checklist for required documents suggest originals or certified copies are required for all documents except Passports and Photographs. The originals have been posted to myself but it will be tight and not a guarantee I will receive these before the interview. Will printed copies of the forms and relevant evidence be accepted? I found a couple of topics on the matter, but couldn't find any specific to London Interviews. I know the NVC accept scanned copies now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Matthew
  6. I may be overthinking this BUT, any advice welcome I have my N400 interview end of this month, in April I went to Australia to travel with a family I work for (I am a nanny). I told them I was traveling for 'pleasure' but while there I was paid to care for the children I'd travelled there with. When / if I get asked in the interview my reason for visiting and I say I was working out there with an American family (10 days) will that be an issue? I was paid legally and pay taxes in 2019 of course, just wasn't sure whether I'm fixating too much on things that wont be an issue. Thank you!
  7. Hi Friends, So my fiance was given a white 221g with administrative processing marked on it. His passport was also kept. I emailed the Islamabad embassy asking them why he wasnt issued a visa. I got a reply back from them today. This is the reply:Dear Sir/Madam, Our records indicate that this case is in its final review. Please feel free to check back with our office after four weeks. So guys should i consider this a good sign? They didnt write the usual its in AP so just wait for it response. Plz give any feedback you guys might have!
  8. Hi! My husband is Colombian but he lived in Panama for 6 months. He needs the Police certificate from this country. Any idea how to obtain this document from abroad. Please!! His visa category is IR5. Thanks!!
  9. Can anyone advise me how far in advance do you get notice of your interview date, please and thank you kindly?
  10. Hello, Today I received this update on my case one month after filing and I have three questions: 1- Will I get the date of my interview on the My Case website or only through the mail? 2- How long after this notice should I receive my interview date? 3- How long after receiving this notice could my interview date be? You can check my timeline to help me answer these questions. Thanks guys!
  11. Hey, if your sibling is being jailed and not proven guilty until now. Can you get your visa? My case is filed under f2A but I want to know if they could deny my visa cuz of my brothers criminal record? I’ve nothing to do about this case! But I’m worried if it could affect my process. Please let me know.
  12. Hi all, NVC approved my AOS and IV package for CR1 class immigrant visa for Spouse of US Citizen. It has been 2 weeks already and still no appointment yet. I called them and they said they can not give me an estimated time for interview scheduling. Anyone here can give me an estimated time for their CR1 case at US Consulate in HCMC ? Thank you
  13. Hi, I thought I wanted to share with you all what kind of questions were asked at the marriage-based AOS interview. Can anyone tell me how yours went, and the overall flow of the interview? I am going to share mine. My US spouse and I got called separately (my spouse first, and me second). The interviewer asked my spouse about 20 questions (which I thought were way more than I had expected, after I read everyone's experience on here), and took note of every answer to check if I will give her the same answers later. After my spouse finished the interview, my name was called and here is the flow of what I went through. By the way, I have no criminal history, no health issue, and no immigration issue in the past. 1) When I entered the room, I was asked to raise my right hand and swear to tell them the truth during the interview. 2) First, she went over my application and asked me to answer the following: ---What is your full name? ---What is your birthday? ---What is your place of birth? ---What are your parents' names? ----What is your spouse's name? Including middle name ----What is your spouse's birthday? ----How did you last enter the US? ----(Going over the application) Have you engaged in any illegal activities etc (She asked me about 20-30 similar questions, to all of which I answered no). 3) Then she asked me to submit any documents that prove that our marriage is based on true love. She counted the number of pages of the documents I submitted and asked me to sign a paper. 4) Finally the interview questions. (She asked me so many, so I am going to write all I can remember. ) ----How did you come here today? ----What type of car? ----How did you and your spouse meet? ----What is the date of your wedding? ----What did you do after the wedding? ----What did you eat at the wedding reception? ----Did you eat cake? What kind of cake? ----How many people attended your wedding? and how many witnesses? ----What kind of siblings do your spouse have? ----What bank do you and your spouse use? ----Do you and your spouse have a joint bank account? ----Do you have TV and/or internet at home? What provider? ----Do you have a cellphone? From which company? How about your spouse? ----Where do you and your spouse work? How much does each of you make? ----What did you and your spouse do last night? ----Do you live in an apartment or a house? If apartment, what's the rent? Who owns the property? ----Who do you live with? Any roommates? What are their names? ----Do you have a washer and a dryer at home? ----Where do you put your dirty clothes? How about your spouse? ----What's the color of the bathroom? ----Is there a window in the bathroom? ----Describe your bathroom. After that, she asked if I have any questions. And she did not tell me if I passed the interview or not. My USCIS online case status has not been updated, so I am still nervous if I did okay. Anyone, please share your experience!
  14. Hi We have spent the last 6 months waiting for an appointment (green card through US citizen spouse) for an interview at the Embassy in Athens, Greece. NVC insists that the long wait is due to lack of availability. No matter what we do, we don't seem to able to get NVC to look into our case further. We know that the embassy does have availability and we are aware of cases that were behind us and have received appointments. We have also tried contacting the embassy in Athens. No luck there either. Their reply is that NVC does the scheduling. Any ideas? We have tried lawyers, congressional liaison, calls, emails, contacts. We have talked to NVC supervisors. We have also tried expedite requests both to NVC and the Embassy. Thank you!!
  15. Hi all, While I've been looking at the timelines of other people who have done the K1 journey from Australia, I've noticed a bit of a pattern in that it seems like the Sydney consulate conducts most of it's K1 visa interviews towards the end of any given month. Is that just a coincidence, or does the Sydney consulate actually wait to do K1 interviews in the last two weeks of the month? Reason I ask is my medical is next week and I was hoping to jag an interview early next month. Thanks.
  16. Good Morning Just sharing my experience. My husband already had his interview in Guyana on September. I know you may have many questions however everything was good. If you follow all the steps that you receive from NVC on the interview's letter you will be fine. About Guyana, we went to a hotel, you should be prepared, everything you will need is expensive (Food and hotel ) transportation is not expensive. We went to a hotel that I booked online. People are nice they do not speak a lot you will need to approach them if you need something. The food is veryyyyy spicy you need to make sure that you order everything ( Original ) and not spicy. The taxis are cheap you can ask the hotel front desk to arrange them for you at any time needed. We got the food from a hostal ( Cuban people who sale food ). You need to buy bottles of water because it is not potable. Before landing fill a immigration form for each person who is traveling even if you are a family, they do not accept immigration form per family, it should be filled personally even if you travel with children which I found really weird because children had to sign them. An important advise for the medical exam is to be there as earlier as possible the same for the interview, they do not follow the hours schedule for them, they attend people on the same order they reach the place. For the interview you will see a long line but you don't have to wait on this line, this line is for local people , just go with the officer in the entrance door and show her your interview letter and your passport. Last advise is that you should be relaxed, our interview was nice and most of the people there said that it was nice to them too , just answer clearly everything they ask for, they know you are nervous so you don't have to hide that lol . Good luck for everyone who is still waiting.
  17. Good Afternoon Basically I've noticed quite a few people tend to book their interviews for dates shortly after their medicals. Well I've tried to see what date I would get if I booked my interview today it's the 21st of November. Nearly 3 weeks in the future. My medical is on the 15th. Is it alright to book the interview now or do I absolutely need to complete the medical then have a grueling 3 week wait for the interview? Thanks for your help Declan
  18. Hi Everyone!!!! I had a combined N 400 and I 751 interview today in Dallas Office. I posted my interview experience here for those who contemplate filing N400 while I 751 pending or if you have already filed N400 while your I 751 was pending.. My husband and I arrived early at the Dallas FO. Within 5 mins, an officer called my name. I asked her if it will be just me and she responded both of us. She mentioned that she is glad we came early because she came early hoping we would be there! In her office, I can see lots of stacks with labels N400 and I751 ( guess a lot of people have done the same thing I did ). She explained that I will have 2 interview. She will do the I751 interview and then another officer will conduct the N400. She asked for both our IDs. Questions for my I751 : how long we have been married, how we met, where we work, when we purchased house together, did we have kids, have we lived separately longer than 2 weeks. That's it. I asked if she will need anything else. She said "I don't". Then she said I will not receive my 10 years GC if I pass the N400 test. So during the oath ceremony, I just have to hand over the 2 years GC. The interview lasted for 10 mins tops. Then I did my N400 interview and passed. If you want to read details of my N400 interview, please visit N400 July 2017 Forum. My status in egov.uscis.do/casestatus now said I am in line for the oath ceremony. However my I 751 still said my case was received. At this point, I know a lot of people are saying that filing N 400 will delay your I 751. I guess it just depends on when you filed the I 751 and where you file your N400. In my case, I filed I751 in Sep 2016 CSC. If I had not filed N400, most likely I would still wait for my I 751 until next year. Since my main goal is citizenship, I would say that filing N 400 has helped expediting my I 751. Again, this is my personal experience so I can't say the same for your cases. Good luck to you all!!!!
  19. So my husband and I went to the interview this morning and we had our son with us and a translator in the room as well. The whole interview was around 30 minutes. They got our marriage certificate, birth certificate for our son, rental agreement for our apartment, photos of our little wedding, And after the whole thing was over with the lady said she’s not making a decision now but we’ll hear from them within 90 days. If anyone has anything new to share please let me know!
  20. Hello. I recently renewed my Pakistan Passport as first time MRP since my previous 2 Passports were manual and expired. I had a choice of 5 and 10 year validity but I chose to do a 10 year even though I would be eligible for naturalization in 4 years and 9 month but my AOS is still pending so by the time my eligibility comes for naturalization, I would not have any issues with expired passport. Did I make a good decision by getting a 10 year validity? Price was $46 for 5 years and $83 for 10 years. Do I need to bring all my previous expired passports to the interview as well and if the IO makes the approval decision on the spot. Which page would they stamp it in the passport?
  21. Just curious about what everyone's fiance brought with them to the interview... It seems like Ghana applicants bring lots of proof due to it being a tough embassy. We did not frontload our initial package, but I am trying to make sure I have everything now. We already know about the passport photos, DS160, police report, birth certificates, and medical. Also, not sure if it helps but we met and dated in person while working in a different country. We've been together a couple of years. And this last year we lived apart because I returned to the states, but I have visited him twice. Here is what we have..... (1) i134 form a. 2015-2017 tax transcripts and W2s b. 1 year of paystubs c. Verification of employment letter (2)Proof of Ongoing Relationship a. 25 pictures of us from my summer trip to Ghana (some with his friends and family) b. itinerary from my flight c. Airbnb and hotel confirmations d. whatsapp chat transcript (3)Letter of Intent to Marry Are we missing anything?? Any other interview suggestions...
  22. Hi all - My fiance is Syrian. It's taken us almost a year to get to this point. We have our interview coming up in just a few weeks and I'm just wondering what happens now that the travel ban is in place. 1) He's affected by the travel ban - so what happens if they deny him a k1-visa? 2) Will they automatically deny his k1-visa since he's from Syria? 3) Can he get a waiver? Any ideas on how we can get a waiver?? 4) If we get denied - what should we do?
  23. Hi you all!! I'm in a tricky situation because I sent my P3 today, and I wanted to pay the visa fee and schedule my interview for a few weeks, and I was really happy because earlier in the day I saw that the first available date was on November 5th which was great for us. But now, after only 2 or 3 hours, it changed to December 18th. Is that possible? We're freaking out because we can't wait that long. Also it says my credit card is denied, I don't get it. Someone from Argentina that can help me? Thank you!
  24. My interview was never scheduled and the status changed to "Interview Cancelled" ? Did anyone have similar experience ?
  25. We had our K1 Interview scheduled for Nov 2, 2018 but due to a needed medical treatment we had to cancel and reschedule for after Nov 23 after all results are back. I am looking and there is literally only 1 date available for the rest of the 2018 calendar year (Nov 9), and nothing shows for 2019 either. Does anyone know how often they open up dates to interviews? Is it a couple weeks at a time? Judging that there is nothing available in the foreseeable future I am assuming that they open up dates gradually. Would love some insight if you have it. Thanks!