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  1. Hi guys, I'll be having my interview soon and my medical is done but I got problem with the registration for courier services. I would like to ask if anyone has been or has any idea how US Embassy Riyadh courier registration services works. I followed instructions to register but there's no CR1 or IR1 available, Just K3 Visa. Tried using it but of course its asking DS-160 while ours is DS-260. I am confused because I know I need to register but why the details are not fit for our apllication. If I dont register and pay, will they give me options in the Embassy (if ever approved) on how I could claim my passport?. Hope someone could help. Thank you in advance.
  2. I made a group for those who are pending interview in Montreal Consulate for F2A visa category. My case has been Documentarily qualified/case completed April 4th, 2019.
  3. I have sent my fiancé all the required documents to do his interview however (I don’t know how), but I managed to leave out the I-797 and we are left with 9 days to his interview ; he will not receive it on time...does ANYBODY know if GHANA EMBASSY accepts photocopies of the I-797??? Or would they request him to provide it at a later time but still continue the interview?
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to gather all of the documents I need for the K1 interview at the London Embassy. I read somewhere at the start of this process that you should gather more recent evidence of your relationship to take with you as proof, though I can't seem to find anything in UK specific forums or on the official embassy website. Should I be looking through our chat logs again and printing evidence or is it not necessary?
  5. My case is ready to be scheduled for an interview BUT my combo card is still pending(no news for 162 days). What is going on with mine? Most of people here seem to receive the combo card first. Should I call the USCIS?
  6. Hey, my case is filed under f2a. I’m on NVC stage atm while my husband’s greencard about to expire. Could this affect my case in any way? Can I take his expired status to my interview? Also, my brother in law who’s going to be my joint sponsor has an expired greencard, can he still become a joint sponsor? I’m worried about my husband’s status. What should we do? Please help a girl!! Thank you.
  7. Hey everyone. My Pd is June 30th’ 2017 and my case is filed under f2a for spouse visa by my husband. We’re on nvc stage atm, what do I need to know is that my husband’s this year income is around $31,000 is that enough? Also, he joined this job 2018s summer (June) but his last year pay with this job was around $24000, what should we do now? Should we submit his this year’s paystubs along with employers letter? Do we need to submit any other documents too? We are going to submit his brother’s paystubs too as a backup. Do we necessarily need to submit; IRS, w2 and 1040? Please someone make a proper list for me!! Thank you in advance
  8. Hello tanong ko lang baka my the same case sa tatay ko, He interviewed last sept 24, pero bago yun nag interview din sya sa NBI kasi nakulong dati yung tatay ko which is case dismissed naman na at pinass namin lahat ng dismissal letter sa NBi, online at dinala nya din nun interview nya, okay naman lahat kaso binigyan sya form na 221g kasi kailangan pa daw reviewhin at tatawag nalang daw yung embassy kung kelan nya dadalin yun passport kaso ma expired na medical nya sa Nov 29 kaya nagwoworried ako. Tanong ko lang gano kaya katagal ang process ng ganito? salamat sa mga magrerespond.
  9. Hello. I just received my interview date for Montreal (CR1). What wait time have you been experiencing to receive your documents and be able to travel to US after the interview is complete? Thank you!
  10. Today is the day... Getting to London My appointment was at 09:30. I had some bad experiences travelling to London last time for the medical, they weren't the best this time. I swear London doesn't like me. I was flying BA1471 from Inverness to London Heathrow. Leaving at 19:05, arriving at 20:35 and staying overnight. Unfortunately the day I was travelling London had Yellow and Amber weather warnings, with all the airports having IFR flying conditions or worse -- though knowing London that could have just been for a mild drizzle... sorry Londoners -- this meant I was paranoid all day the flight would be cancelled... luckily it wasn't, it just arrived about 20 minutes late. I was also worried about the Revolution Rebellion LARPers slowing things down also but that didn't happen either I'd recommend going for a mid to late morning appointment if you can as it would make things easier than my experience. In conclusion, every time I'm in London, Caledonia starts playing in my head -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TX9h558Tz1E Getting to the Appointment I recommend storing any luggage above a small backpack or bag, there are various options for this. I stayed in the Heathrow Central Travelodge. I got one of the many buses going to Heathrow back to the airport. Took the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station. Then it was on to the Underground, took the Bakerloo - Southbound Line from Paddington until Oxford Circus for 5 stops, then switched to the Victoria - Southbound Line for 4 stops until Vauxhall station. There are 4 exits from that station, exit number 4 is the best to take in my mind. Then it was just a short leisurely walk (12 to 15 minutes) to the Embassy. There are two entrances, you want to go to the South Pavillion -- it's the one with the line. I arrived at 08:20, I skipped to the front of the line, a woman asked for my DS-260 and Passport, wrote on the DS-260 and told me to come back at 09:00. Walked around for a bit and came back at 09:00-ish she put a sticker on the DS-260 then I went through security, skipped the line -- death stares all round from those queueing -- took the lift to the first floor then left and left again... you'll know when you get there, there's a smaller area with a few windows and seats -- numbers 19 to 24 -- one of these windows is a cashier. I took some crappy pictures if it helps anyone know what to look for https://imgur.com/a/RHFbZHJ At the Appointment I waited a few minutes then went up to present my documents. I had to have my fingerprints taken. Answer if I was ever married before, did military service, lived in any other country, if I was adopted, etc. Then despite bringing a massive binder full of stuff all I had to provide was my passport, a visa/passport style photograph, the courier confirmation, birth certificate, marriage certificate, police certificate and that was it. Everything else was consulted through the NVC uploads. Everything was fine I was given a handout on domestic violence, sex trafficking, etc and told to sit down and wait for the interview portion. This next bit took a bit longer as there were belligerent people holding up two windows. Complaining about how much money they had already spent, and how the embassy was conspiring against them, etc. When I got to the interview portion I had to swear what I was telling was the truth, give my fingerprints again and answer a few questions (How we met? When we met? If I met her parents) and that was it, was given everything back except the passport, told I was approved and that I should receive it in 1 to 2 weeks, based on previous experiences though I'm hoping it's a bit faster. I was out of there by 10:20, probably would have been faster were it not for the belligerent people.
  11. Hi, AOSfiling date is August 7th. Receipt date : : August 21st Biometrics Notice Date: September 10th Biometric Date : September 18th Case status Changed to interview scheduled on October 14th I checked the similar timelines and nobody's case status changed to interview scheduled so quickly. Is this normal ? Thanks for the reply. Regards, Mark
  12. Hello buddies I wanted to create this topic on I-751 (petition to remove condition on residence) for New York filer. A lots of people getting MSC receipt number which is believed to end up with an interview in the local office, but there’s no specific processing time for New York field office, please feel free share your processing experience here
  13. Hey All, so I've been reading a bunch on this new rule being implemented on October 15th. I have my interview at the embassy on that same day - will these new changes apply to me? I know it will affect us when we adjust status once my fiance (USC) and I are married but I just can't see anywhere if it will be implemented for my interview. Any insight will be much appreciated.
  14. Hi all, I would just like know if anyone has recently interviewed at New York City field office for I751 divorce waiver application. How long did it take them to schedule an interview after case has been transferred from Vermont center to New York City field office? How long did it take to get a response? Any help will be much appreciated
  15. Hi everyone, does anyone have an idea when is the best time to schedule an appointment? I’m afraid of freezing my account again. Where can I check the availability of date? Is that even a possibility?
  16. Good day all, All documents and fees were approved and completed on my IR5 on March 7th 2019. Notice from the NVC was that an interview would be scheduled at the Consulate and I would be notified by email or mail. Does anybody know what the approximate turnover times are for the interview? Can I expect an interview in April? Thank you!
  17. K1 visa here. i have been having trouble getting past the 'upload passport' section after creating an account at ustraveldocs. i have already completed the DS-160 and completed the payment. however, every time i log in it sends me to this page with the notification about the DS-160 and upload passport. even if i upload my passport, all it says it that my account will be updated but i have already done this twice in 72 hours and it still sends me back to this page. no other option but to log out. i have tried using a chrome, safari, and firefox. i have also tried changing my password. other noteworthy information: upon creating an account the system tells me that there is already a previous account with the same email and the only choice was to merge it. system also directs k1 visa to immigrant category before creating an account. has anyone encountered this issue? attached is a screenshot of the page im currently locked in, preventing me to schedule an appointment. any help is very much appreciated
  18. Hello, everyone. I had just gotten back from my interview and would like to share my experience (in exchange for good luck haha) First, here's a brief timeline: Application Submitted: July 23, 2019 Biometrics Scheduled: July 27, 2019 Biometrics Date: August 16, 2019 Interview Scheduled August 16, 2019 Interview Date: September 27, 2019 The Cleveland Field office only has a estimated time of 4-8 months but I was still pleasantly surprised at how fast everything was scheduled. On to my interview experience: My interviewed was scheduled at 8:30am but I had read the time wrong and got there at 8:00 right when the office opens. I was the first person to sign in and was the first person to get called in after waiting for about 5-10 minutes. So if you have an 8:30 interview, it wouldn't hurt to get there earlier (and potentially catch the IO in a better mood). My IO was a woman with a strong french accent, but I understood her nonetheless. She called my name and greeted me. She asked for my ID: green card, driver's license, passport. She then asked me to stand up and raise my right hand and put me under oath. Her first question was about my trip outside of US that lasted 183 days (exactly 6 month). The application system had a warning about it so I knew she was gonna ask about it. She asked to see the passport stamp to check exact departure and arrival dates of the trip but US immigration didn't stamp for departure. I only had electronic copy of the itinerary so I asked for her permission to check my phone to show her. She just needed to see the exact dates of travel (leaving and coming back to US). I thought they'd have records of exact travel dates from immigration so I had only prepared for other trips during the middle of that trip. So it's best to print out your travel itinerary if your passport doesn't show all the departure and arrival dates. She also asked why I made that trip, why it was for so long and who stayed at my US residence while I was gone. At the end of the interview she mentioned that they might need more evidence from me, so I gave her my phone bill that showed I maintained my phone number during that 6 months. I also had other frequent trips but she didn't go into details for them. After explaining my travels, she went through my application line by line, starting from my name and address. I have an issue where I was accidentally registered to vote by my high school teacher, so I decided to put "Yes" for whether if I ever claimed to be a U.S. Citizen. But my IO corrected me and said it was whether if I actually claimed to be American and changed my answer to "No". I also explained why I was registered to vote and never voted in any elections. She asked for any evidence so I gave her the documents I had previously obtained from the Board of Election as proof that I cancelled the status and never voted. All of the evidence I gave my IO was also already submitted electronically. But it seems like she wasn't aware of it (not sure if they will read the electronic supplements after the interview). So I suggest if you have any supporting document that you'd like them to know about, definitely talk about it and give them physical copies because they might not ask for it during the interview unless you show them. I also typed a cover letter explaining all my issues and reasons in details and gave it to her. For my case, she didn't ask detail questions about taxes or jobs but it might be different for each IO. Reading and Writing test was the same sentence: "The President lives in the White House." Writing was on a electronic pad. It was pretty difficult to write nicely so don't worry about handwriting. There was no erase option but you can ask the IO to start over. Questions were exactly like the booklet and I answered them 6/6 correctly. After that, IO asked me to confirm my personal information again and sign. At the end, my IO said the evidence I provided might be sufficient but she still needs to talk to her supervisor about it. If they need more evidence, they will send a letter asking for more. If my application is approved, they will send a letter scheduling the oath ceremony. My result paper says I passed the test and "A decision cannot be made yet about your application." My IO was strict but nice and understanding and my interview lasted about 30 minutes. My advise is to be articulate and explain everything well. Know your application weakness and prepare evidence for it. I did a lot of research on this forum and even talked to lawyers (both lawyers I talked to advised against applying for citizenship due to the issues I listed above and the current immigration policy, but I decided to go for it anyways. We'll see if they're right about it.). Most importantly give them physical copies of supporting evidence once they raised a concern even if they didn't explicitly ask for evidence. I printed out all all the evidence I previously submitted electronically, as well as others I didn't submit, and labelled them accordingly so I didn't have to dig through all the documents to find the one I need. It might be an overkill but it's better to be prepared than to have to re-submit more evidence later. That's it! Fingers crossed I will be approved for oath ceremony soon and good luck to everyone on this journey!
  19. Hi, Today was my fiancé’s long awaited interview. He had more than enough paperwork, including the I134, but they told him that they needed an updated letter of intent to marry. Is this something I can scan over in the interest of time? Has anyone been in this situation, and if so, how long did it take after the embassy received the letter for you fiancé to get his visa? They took his passport and from the impression he got, it seems that he is in the clear after they get the letter.
  20. Please my daughters interview is coming in weeks time. She have not received interview letter from the from Lagos Nigeria consulate? Can she go with printed copy of email sent to us by NVC?? I have been trying to contact the consulate not taking calls
  21. Hey friends, creating this thread so we can get help from our fellows who have/had there interviews in islamabad embassy. Please do let us know the experiences, tips and advices. Information related to medical or anything that can help
  22. I have been going through the forums here and will soon be undergoing my interview under an EB5 Investor Petition. Has any members been through this Visa process and can they shed some light on the interview questions and requirements?
  23. Hello everyone, Visajourney has been a great help to us with the immigration stuff so in return id like to share our i751 interview to everyone wondering what and how it goes. Since most are probably gonna go through the interview due to the recent changes i hope it helps. Interview schedule was at 8:55am but we arrived and went in at 8am. Screening (like the ones on the airport, emptying your pockets, belt and watches on trays and then shoes off) [We did not bring our phones inside since usually its like that with immigration interviews, but the moment we were waiting in the reception area we saw several using their phones even if there's a sign saying no using mobile phones while waiting🤣] Reception (where you will give your appointment letter just the 1st page, then wait for your name to be called) 8:30am we got called in. Swear to an oath etc etc . He asked for our ids (we gave our driver's license), my expired green card and asked us documents wed like to submit. Then the interview. Here are some of the questions arranged accdg to how the interview went 1. You have a child together? 2. Can i have the birth certificate? (They want the copy and original, they will double check stuff from the copy you gave that day to the copy you first submitted to the original) 3. So tell me, how did you guys meet? (Literally what he asked us) 4. When did you start seeing each other? 5. When did you meet each others relatives? 6. How long have you been living with each other? Who is living with you? 7. Have you been on a vacation recently? (He asked us twice in between these questions) 8. Tell me, who were with you on these vacation? 9. Did you stay at a hotel?where did you go? 10. Who paid for this trip? 11. So where is your spouse working? (This is where it seems like the officer was really testing me how well i knew my spouse) 12. Whats his position? (He then asked my spouse the nature of work) 13. Does your spouse work overtime? 14. What's your spouse's annual income? 15. How much rent do you pay? (Because i gave the lease contract late) 16. Who pays the rent? How long are you living in this address? 17. Do you host parties at your house? (He was joking since our address has a "fiesta" in it) 16. How old is your child? 17. When is her birthday? 18. So i want you to face each other and in 30 secs tell each other what made you decide to marry? (I was so nervous i just started saying whatever comes to mind that i liked and loved about my spouse) 19. So lets just go over your file.. ( this time i knew we were almost done) he just asked about whats in your i751 application so make sure you memorized everything from your name to your bday, to your socials, address, spouse bday, children's names and bdays etc.. He then turned his back and gave us a letter saying our application is approved and green card will be delivered in mail after 1month to 90days. 9:10am we were out the room and back to the reception where the lady was congratulating us probably because of the big smile on our faces. My only advise is try to relax and be calm. Smile at your interviewer. Adjust to his/her pace and mood, if he's in a lighter mood smile from time to time. They can feel it if your lying or being truthful. Regarding documents we submitted, we gave him latest copies of our bills, most recent photos, lease contract (which was specifically asked on our interview appointment letter), tax documents, health,life and car insurance copies. Hope you guys got an idea of the interview from our experience😊
  24. Hi everyone! I'm starting this thread for those of us having their K1 interviews in Buenos Aires during the Argentinian summer. Let's keep each other posted on experiences, doubts, concerns and comments. Good luck!
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