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  1. Hello everybody , As you know, I have completed the application procedures And when I checked, I discovered the error in the physical address field. I put the old address where I lived the first time I came to Morocco, and not my current physical address. Some advices, please. Thank you.
  2. hello , please help how can i sign the FORM I-130 online , we are not sending paper we choice to file online please if you know tell me thank you . ( we already know that we have to sign the form i130A if the beneficiary overseas dosen't need to be sign , we are living together overseas)
  3. Can anyone confirm what vaccinations are required for an adult age between 18-64 for immigration into the US ? According to the Travel Gov State website the following vaccines are required for immigration purposes: Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Influenza Influenza type b (Hib) Measles Meningococcal Mumps Pneumococcal Pertussis Polio Rotavirus Rubella Tetanus and diphtheria toxoids Varicella They provided the below table to showcase which vaccination applies for which age groups. However it is not clear how up to date this information is. https://www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugeehealth/civil-surgeons/vaccinations.html https://www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugeehealth/pdf/Vaccine-Requirements-According-to-Applicant-Age-p.pdf I have not taken vaccinations for Varicella, Meningococcal and Pneumococcal. Are these required for an adult age between 18-64 ? Any clarification would be appreciated.
  4. Hello everyone, my husband and I are filing for marriage based green card application and I am currently in the U.S. with a F1 (OPT) visa. In the support documents for form I-485 should I put copies of my previous leases and W2 forms and tax returns? also being a college student I have been living in multiple houses but I am missing one sublease document should I add an explanation for it? (I contacted my previous landlord but no luck) Thank you
  5. Hello! I have a couple of questions concerning my wife’s status. My wife and I currently live in CA since 2020. She is from Norway but here in the states since 2019 finishing her Masters program on an F1 Visa. We got married in December of 2022. My wife will be finishing her masters in the summer of 2023. I would like to be cost effective and fill out any and all paperwork needed to obtain my wife’s US citizenship/green card. any help would be appreciated!
  6. Hi everybody I need some help, my wife(I am a US Citizen) came to the US on a esta, we got married in march and the immigration lawyer filed I-130 I-765 I-485 on the 18 of April when do you expect the work permit to come? and even more importantly when will she be able to travel outside the USA? She did biometrics and July and she just did her immigration physical(dont know if it makes a difference) Than you so much for your time!
  7. Hello, I (beneficiary)am currently on my H1B visa and in the process of applying for my green card through marriage. My husband(sponsor) does not meet the income requirements so I am planning to provide my income as financial support for my green card application. My income meets the requirements. In this case, will I be able to switch jobs while my application is being processed by USCIS or will I have to continue working at my current employer until I get my application results. Please advise and thanks in advance for your help!
  8. Hello, We found a some one who is willing to file our GC through employment in USA inland. We are on visit visa as on in USA. I am born canadian citizen and my husband is born indian citizen holding canadian PR. My question is if some one can guide us how we can file our GC? I don't want me or my husband to get over stayed in USA. Till I have research online I have found I am eligible for GC application if everything went smooth, I will get GC within a year. Will my husband will get the GC too with me or I have to sponcer him after I get my GC? Thank You.
  9. Hello everyone! Our case story summary: Husband and I got married on January 2019 and then we sent our AOS first application a few months after that but got denied due to hubby's loss of job and couldn't provide documents they needed to continue the process. So, we re-applied again same year but this time we have cosponsor so then we got interviewed and approved after waiting forever on August 2021 (2020 was just a rough year because of COVID). I received my green card and I noticed on my GC I only have 1 year left before it expires but I supposed to have 2 years right? After the approval. (I was hoping to get 10 years green card lol because of us being married for more than 2 years (I know its not guaranteed, case to case basis I guess) before approval but only got 1 year left before it expires). Basically, on my green card says I was a resident since August 2020 but I never got approved that year. So, our current status now is they sent me a notice letter saying to apply for ROC, also says I got approved on the year 2020 but that's not true. We didn't bother to call USCIS. But my question is, if you were in my case what do you think you could've done? Thanks for reading!
  10. My husband is a greencard holder through his IR-1 visa process. So he basically got the greencard through our marriage. He recently went back to his home country for the holidays and is returning to USA on January 7. Although he has his greencard in his possession, will he need to show other documents at border control, such as our marriage certificate? He says no, but I'm worried and feel like they'll ask for it. Anybody here know for sure? Thanks
  11. So this may seem stupid but I can't find the answer anywhere.. my husband has a greencard and went back home for a month to spend the holiday with family. He's coming back to USA January 6. We got the tickets and the airline is asking for visa info. I know that's normal, I'm just confused on how to fill it out.. I don't know what to put for visa number or date of issue since the greencard only has date of entry I believe... He has his original visa as well, but I'm pretty sure it's invalid now since he's in possession of the greencard already? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, and also any insight on how to fill out this visa info section? Thanks
  12. Does anyone know if they can bring a baby to the green card interview? I was pregnant after filing adjustment of status for k1 visa and now already got the interview scheduled for next week. I’m not sure if I can/should bring the baby to the interview? I have no family here to look after my baby.
  13. Hi friends My friend applied his green card in April 2021. any idea what is the timing to get actual physical card if it’s been moved by USCIS office to Kansas City - MO. Thanks in advance.
  14. USCIS Expands Partnership with Social Security Administration Release Date 08/09/2021 WASHINGTON— USCIS announced today that applicants filing for lawful permanent resident status are now able to apply for a Social Security number (SSN) or replacement card as part of the adjustment of status application process. Previously, these individuals had to apply for a Social Security number at a Social Security office. USCIS is revising Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, to include the additional questions needed to apply for an SSN or a replacement card. “This expansion of our partnership with the Social Security Administration illustrates our commitment to operating our nation’s immigration system more efficiently to save applicants time,” said USCIS Director Ur M. Jaddou. “Eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and optimizing collaboration across public-serving agencies is a key priority for this agency and the Biden-Harris administration.” After approving Form I-485,in most cases USCIS will electronically transmit the data to the Social Security Administration. Upon receiving the data, the Social Security Administration will automatically assign an original SSN or issue a replacement card, as appropriate. This partnership with the Social Security Administration will not increase the filing fee for Form I-485. This change to Form I-485 is effective immediately, and applicants can begin filing with the updated form today. USCIS receives about 576,000 Forms I-485 annually.
  15. Does I-130 approval take longer if the sponsor and petitioner don’t currently live in the US? I’m American and petitioning for my husband. We both live in Nigeria though. I filled for him in October 2020 and all I’ve received is an acknowledgment that my application was received. I feel like other people have moved farther along in the process so I’m just wondering whether my current situation is delaying the application process.
  16. Hi, I applied to downgrade from EB2 to EB3 (AOS) on October 27th. The USCIS bulletin back in October accepted the date of filing date which was Sept2015 and my priority date is April2014. The current USCIS bulletin(July) states that they only honor final action dates. I know for green card they always look at the final action date, but for EAD will they honor what the date of filing date was at the time I applied? Or do they wait for it to become current. Thanks for any help regarding this. And I apologize if my question is confusing. -Akash
  17. Hello everyone, So I filed taxes jointly with my husband, I wasn't working at the time but my husband was. My question is am I considered an independent taxpayer or what is my status exactly ? When we filed I was in the AOS process and I got my green card later. Thanks for your help !
  18. Hi, Requesting expediated interview date in Montreal embassy due to a standing a job offer? I have applied GC under IR1 category and DQ'd on Jan 16 2021. I know they are doing interviews for DQ'd in spet 2020. I know I have few months left to get an interview but my wife works in USA and I have a job offer from a multinational company. I really dont wanna let this opportunity go. Company is willing to do my TN ( I am a canadian citizen) but chances of getting TN approved is 50-50 due to green card is in process. What are your thoughts about me requesting an expedited interview ?
  19. We had a long history, as I described earlier. I am (the wife of an American citizen, the marriage was concluded on 1t of December 2018) and my two daughters entered the United States on 21t of October 2020. My youngest daughter and I received our green cards for 2 years in February-March 2021. The eldest daughter, for some unknown reason, no. After finding out the circumstances (the officer at the border did not enter her in the database as having entered the United States), USCIS conducted proceedings and finally today my eldest daughter received her green card, 7 months after entering. But here's the question: she was given a green card for 10 years. The category that stands on the card is IR2. On my card is CR1 and my youngest daughter CR2. Do I need to do something in this situation? Should I call and change to a 2-year card? Will this affect anything in the future? Thank you for your answers.
  20. Hello Visajourney friends! I recieved in April my Green card after adjusting from K1, i was recently offered a Job, and they are telling me I will go trough a background check. I was deported before I applied for a K1 Visa, my removal was waived and I have no other issues, but I was wondering if my deportation will show at the background check and if it shows, if you believe this will be a cause of they revoking me the job proposal? what do you think should I be worried?
  21. Hi everyone I need some help and advice about my removing condition GC paper I have to submit next month try to start collecting stuff I wanna know do I need to send them my passport size picture again too and how many and how much I have to send the fees and what address I have to send because last time I try to see its look like the change the some address I am Dallas TX right now and can plz let me know what documents I need to send them again I two big questions since coronavirus we didn't have so many new picture together but I have old man few new one is that any problem and second question is when they send me letter about I have to submit my paper for removing condition because I read some where they send you one letter too. I will really appreciate that all of your help always Thank you so much
  22. Guys, please advise!! My AOS marriage based interview was completed, but the case must be reviewed (Initial Review). 06/2017, my LPR husband filed I-130 before I-485 (non-concurring), receipt 09/15/2017, approved 06/25/2019. (Beneficiary, me decided to file AOS within US). We had our AOS interview last week, it was short but went smoothly. We felt very confident—per officer’s verbally told us that he was satisfied with our case. Because our I-130 was already approved, but the officer told us that still needed our physical file of I-130 from other location prior to finalizing my AOS application. We didn’t bother asking what location. (I-130 upgrade) We notified NVC National Visa Center and NBC National Benefit Center right away after my spouse became USC. The complete packet AOS we submitted was included the copy of I-130 approval notice. I am a Canadian, born in Thailand. NVC New Hampshire had notified us back in 2017 that our I-130 case will be forwarded to US embassy in Thailand where I don’t have any tie with my birthplace no more since immigrated to Canada. When typed in the NVC case number+invoice id sent from NVC NH, I see my I-130 case has been ready for an interview at US Embassy, Thailand since 2017. “My questions” 1. Any Ideas, where is my physical I-130 located, NBC, NVC New Hampshire or US Embassy Thailand? 2. How how long does it take after the USCIS local officer has requested the physical file I-130 from above locations? Any advice or sharing similar experience is greatly appreciated.
  23. I had a query regarding the employment history in the I130 A section for marriage based green card. (Currently on H1-B) -I worked for Employer A from March 5th 2018 to Present (26th Dec 2020 at the time of writing) -We were acquired by Employer B and the acquisition was completed on the 1st of December. I signed the new employer (employer B's) offer letter on the 21st of December. -We do not need to initiate an H1-B transfer as it is apparently only an 'amendment of status'. -I am yet to receive a pay stub from my new employers, employer B. (I will probably receive one or two before submitting my Green card application forms) Query: How do I represent this on the Employment history section of the form I 130A.
  24. Hello all! 1- I entered the US on Dec 25, the officer asked me questions then stamped my visa and wrote CR1 but he didn’t write any expiration date, so is it normal? 2- when should we remove conditions from my visa? 90 days post arrival or 90 days before second anniversary? I’m lost!! 3- when will i get my greencard approximately? We paid fees before i entered the US.
  25. My spouse, married in USA, is here in USA visiting using his 10 year vistor visa (B2 status). We're getting ready to file I-130 and an extension to stay. Are there any other options?
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