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  1. My boyfriend and I are starting the K1 visa process but are worried about whether my past F1 denials will cause the embassy to believe that I only wanted the F1 to get married. I was an Au Pair in my boyfriend's city, so I have spent a considerate amount of time with him whilst there. After my time as an Au Pair I applied for F1 (via change of status) at a school in the same city and was approved. I then left the US for Christmas and had to reapply for the F1 at the embassy in the UK and was denied last month. We have since decided to get married so that I can be over there with him. I know that previous F1 denials generally don't affect the K1 process, but we are wondering if they could deny our K1 petition assuming I only wanted the F1 to get married (this is not true I have a 4.0 transcript and was working very hard). I also do plan to study over there my original course of study eventually once we are situated, as I do not have a degree from the UK . Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks for any advice!
  2. Ok, so long story short, due to some issue, I wasn't able to book the appointment-date for our k1 visa today but here's the thing, like 12 hours ago, I was seeing "First Available Appointment Is Friday February 1, 2019", & now, I'm seeing "First Available Appointment Is Friday February 22, 2019". Is this for real? I mean how is that all of those slots got filled so rapidly within hours? And, if this is how fast they typically get filled, then how in the world was I possibly able to see the date that I did earlier in the day? Can anybody clue me in on what's going on here? Is this "normal" somehow? At first, I was so happy that I was going to get a date about 3 weeks out but now, it's 6 weeks, & who knows what it will be when I actually get down to booking my appointment tomorrow.
  3. Hi everyone. On Jan. 8th I had my interview at the US Consulate in Naples. I was told that we provided all the needed documents and that our case was approved 😍 The Consul said to expect my passport in the mail in few days. CEAC showed Application Received on the same day of the interview and the header changed to Non Immigrant. Startin from the day after the interview (Jan. 9th) CEAC shows ADMIN PROCESSING and it’s never been updated since then. Anyone has any idea on why my visa hasn’t been issued yet? Previous experiences with the Consulate in Italy show that it shouldn’t take more than 3 days to get the passport in the mail. I’m a little upset, I really thought I would have spent this weekend with my fiancé but no, I’m still stuck here in Italy 😢
  4. I'm from US (Suburbs outside Detroit, MI) and my Fiance (Beneficiary) is in Colombia, we applied via a law firm and I reviewed all forms up front for our K1 Fiance visa. I will be going to see my fiance over Christmas and New Years and I think it would be a good time to overview some things together. RE: prep steps for NOA2 / Consulate meeting - If anyone has any Bogota / Colombia specific tips they are much appreciated (especially anything I need to prep for the meeting) My fiance and I are awaiting the NOA2 (at 141 days), and I have seen some get there in 163 days. Best guess is somewhere by 1/12/19 through 2/12/19 would be the earliest to hear something back on NOA2 or more info needed; I hope and pray...with some luck a case approval a case# and moving to next steps happens fairly early in the new year. I appreciate any insight on preparing for the meeting at the Consulate. She will fly there from another city in Colombia with her daughter. (I assume this needs to be some days ahead for anything that can be prepared early.... if they allow medical a certain number of days ahead, etc) Are there any updated guides? I had seen some guides where they say to start calling the Colombian embassy about a week or so after NOA2 to verify the Consulate has received the case package; then to call 2 days after receipt to get the "beneficiary/fiance packet" as it was stated it will not be mailed to the beneficiary. I'd like to stay on top of this to avoid delays. On those guides they list links to the packet 3 / 4 / DAS but they are broken links now. See below: https://www.visajourney.com/wiki/index.php?title=Colombia_Club_Guide_%26_Tips If anyone has a links or Bogota / Colombia specific tips are much appreciated. I just found this link when researching the medical items.... in case this is all I should need:> https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/BGT - Bogota.pdf and https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7hB3bl9Snfkb0NiMVFUd2JsVjA/view but appreciate any other heads-up items outside the box that I should be aware of. I still need to put together my package of papers for the meeting as we have had 2 more trips to see each other between mailing the application and the consulate meeting. All of our text, voice, video chat communication is 99.5% on Whatsapp (some on facebook), so I'm not exactly sure how I will show that in the meeting hah... maybe print a bible of chat dialog from whatsapp? Thanks so much for any help or insight, Happy Holidays and best of luck to all! Don_aka_Arturo & Aura
  5. Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone who has recently done (or is currently doing) the embassy part of the K-1 process in Buenos Aires, Argentina, so I could ask them some questions about the embassy letter/package. I (the beneficiary) have moved since we filed the I-129F and tried to somehow notify the embassy of my change of address, to no avail. We've called every phone number possible, sent emails, etc, and can't really find out wether the letter was sent to my previous address, if someone actually wrote down my new one, if they're waiting for something... If anyone has recently received the packet from the embassy I'd love to hear about its contents (the latest online copy I could find is from 2014), I already submitted the DS-160 and if I can just print out any extra form I need that comes with the package, and pay, and make an appointment for the doctor and the interview, to get on with the process regardless of this mail they're supposed to send, it would be awesome. If anybody can help us, we'll be eternally grateful. Thank you!!
  6. Hey guys, husband just received and completed the DS-5535 form through email today after the consulate received his passport/ document on 10/24. Can anyone share tips/ success stories after AP and DS-5535? Pleaseeeee tell me someone’s been issued a visa recently. I’m starting to freak out 😪😔😰😰 I’m praying to be patient 🤲☝️
  7. If we have moved and are the beneficiary, how can you update your mailing address to receive your mailing for packet 3/4 from the consulate. (Canadian resident) I only see the option to update the mailing address for the petitioner?
  8. So Johannesburg consulate is apparently booked up for several months and our visa petition expires August 13th. I am just so frustrated that this isn't going as smoothly as we'd hoped. They only do interviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays so go figure. I am really hoping that there is someway I can get in before the visa expires. There has been so much money, time and effort into this and I am going on half a year without seeing my fiancé, it sucks. Anyone been through this particular situation before? Any good advice, what are the chances of scheduling an emergency review to get in before the expiry date. This is ridiculous that they expect the people to log onto a site everyday in hopes an appointment will open up.
  9. Hi all, While I've been looking at the timelines of other people who have done the K1 journey from Australia, I've noticed a bit of a pattern in that it seems like the Sydney consulate conducts most of it's K1 visa interviews towards the end of any given month. Is that just a coincidence, or does the Sydney consulate actually wait to do K1 interviews in the last two weeks of the month? Reason I ask is my medical is next week and I was hoping to jag an interview early next month. Thanks.
  10. Hello All, I'm curious to find out how long did it take the applicant to get an interview appointment once they received a letter from the NVC stating that their case is in queue awaiting an interview appointment? Date of letter is Oct 4, 2018. Our interview will be held in Cuidad Juarez (CDJ).
  11. When my husband and I got married in Morocco back in April, it was a very small thing at his house. Just me and him, his parents and his best friend. We took lots of nice photos of me in different dresses, with dates and milk, etc but I'm concerned that because it wasn't a huge celebration, the embassy will think its not genuine. His sisters really wanted to be there but one of them was still home recovering from a c-section and the other one lived too far away. We plan to have a big party here with my friends and family and some of his friends that live here once he (hopefully) gets the visa. Does anyone think this will be seen as a problem? Thank you
  12. Us citizen mom petitioning for children 14 years (15 by the time of the interview) and 18 year old sons. What kind of questions will they ask at the interview? Children are in Ghana
  13. I'm switching consulates for my husband's IR-1 visa interview. However, our case is still at NVC, and we have not been assigned an interview date yet. Our Case Complete Date is 9/21/2018. We sent all required information for the Consulate transfer (Montreal to Mumbai) to AskNVC. My question is, at what point are we put into the NVC interview queue for the Consulate we are transferring to (Mumbai in our case)? Will we not be put into the new interview queue until we are assigned a new case number? If this is the case, how long does it usually take to be assigned a new case number? I'm concerned this will end up slowing us down, and have not been able to find reliable information on this topic on VJ.
  14. Hi I got an email for DNA appointment for son in Ghana and it says For beneficiaries (children) under age 18, a signed notarized letter or Power of Attorney from the petitioner in the US, giving the local guardian (even the mother) authority to sign documents on behalf of the individual providing the sample. I already email them the notarized letter for his guardian in Ghana but what kind of documents are they having her sign on his behalf? Does anyone have any experience as to what actually happens at the collection? Can we bring an interpreter as guardian does not speak english?
  15. We just got the email stating that we are in line/ queue for our my husband's appointment in tegucigalpa but I was wondering if anyone could tell me how long after you got that email did you recieve the consulate appointment and how far ahead was the appointment. His priority date is April 1st 2016. Also how far ahead dis you make the doctors appointment? Do you have any suggestions on which doctor was best? Thanks .
  16. How long does it take for the Rio De Janeiro consulate to process and send the K1 Visa after interview. I live in Belo Horizonte Is it faster to use the CASV or mail to my house? My fiance needs to take off of work and he needs to know how long to take off. Please help. Thank you!
  17. Hey everyone, So we just registered to get our interview and we are still waiting. Does anyone know how long the Johannesburg consulate takes to get the interview ball rolling?? Right now it states there are "No available appointments". Our email letter from the consulate on next steps for K-1 visa/instructions was sent on May 10th. Then it says something about 1-4 weeks to schedule interview from the date the NVC receives package from consulate, is this said "package" the DS-160 form?? I am totally lost on that bit. I am in hypervigilant mode and don't want to miss a thing! Thanks everyone for ANY help on these issues. Best, Megan
  18. Hey Everyone, My interview for my green card is next Tuesday morning and I just wanted some extra advice or any tips. I’m pretty nervous but just really want to make sure I don’t forget to bring anything, all and any advice would be great. My interview is at the Sydney Australia US consulate. Thanks
  19. Hello everybody, My name is Steven, this is the first time I am posting something in a forum, I appreciate your time for reading it. I guess when you are back to the wall you are trying desperately to find anything to rescue you or make you feel a little bit better. So this is our story, I am a US citizen leaving in Israel for several years, My wife Neomi and me get married in 2014, we have three kids (8,6 and 2), two before the wedding and one child after. I want to precise Neomi used to have a Green Card following her previous marriage to a US citizen in Florida, she divorced in 2012 and left back to Israel. so all our kids are US citizen as well, two were born in US and one has been Naturalized at birth. Neomi Green Card has been cancelled/revoked more than three years ago since she left US in 2012. I work for an American company with a branch in Israel, last year I had a job opportunity in US that brought us to start in October 2016 an IR-1 Visa process to my wife. The process was very long, months after months till finally we get confirmation from USCIS that our case is at NVC, since we have a child with special needs, we requested to expedite our case to the US Consulate in Jerusalem. Our request has been approved and less than a month after, out case was ready at the Consulate. We are now middle of June 2017, waiting for the US Consulate to send us a date for the interview. In the meantime, I flew to US for two weeks to prepare everything, I rented a house, registered the kids to school and even made a copy of the offer letter the HQ in US provided me. Three weeks later, we had "THE" date we were waiting for so desperately. July 28th we came to the US Consulate for Neomi interview, the consulate asked for all the paperwork include a copy of the lease for the house, a copy of the registration school and a copy of the offer letter. The consulate focused most of the questions to Neomi life in Florida and asked a lot of questions about her previous relationship with her ex husband. At the end of the interview, the consulate said the Visa is refused, that our case will remain in Israel for further administrative processing and also we have three documents are missing. She also said she understands our situation and asked us to bring the missing documents as soon as possible. Two weeks later, all the missing documents have been provided and we received an email saying "Our case is currently being reviewed by a consular officer. Once a decision is made, we will contact you for the next step". I replied thank you very much and also since our kids are registered in a school in US, they don't have any school arrangement in Israel and that we would appreciate if they could answer before school starts. We also explained them that our child with special need MUST start a treatment in US as soon as possible. Yesterday, I get this email below that completely devastated us, my wife cried for hours, the kids were completely lost and I fell like the ground just collapse under my feet. "Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for contacting us. Your visa application is refused for administrative processing. Typically, this process takes at least 9 months to complete, but on occasion it does take longer. We are not able to take any further action on the case until proper authorization is received. Once this authorization is completed, a consular officer will review the case again to determine if the case is documentary complete and to verify that none of the documents are expired. Please see the time line below for further information about the validity period of documents: 1. Israeli criminal register certificate: valid for one year from the date of issuance. 2. Palestinian non-conviction certificate: valid for six months from the date of issuance. 3. DS-260: valid for one year from the date of signature. 4. Medical report: valid for six months from the date of the exam. Please check on the status of your pending immigrant visa application online by visiting the Department of State’s Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website. Best Wishes, Immigrant Visa Unit (RMH) Consulate General of the United States in Jerusalem So my questions are. Is anyone already went through this specific AP? Why us? We are regular and normal people without any criminal record, never been arrested, never did something illegal and we don't belong to any political/terrorist/communist group. All we want is to seize this job opportunity and move back to US, a country we love so much. We will appreciate your advises. Steven and Neomi God bless US
  20. Wondering if anyone could help as we are getting desperate. It says on the USCIS website that payments can be made for I-130 via bank draft. We have scoured the website for the information for the bank transfer and cannot find it. Called Frankfurt multiple times and emailed to no avail. We highly prefer paying for this via bank transfer. Anyone know what the information is to make a bank transfer? I see you can also pay with cashier's check/money order...if bank transfer is not possible, how did/do you go about paying with cashier's check/money order within Germany? TIA!
  21. I received an email from the US consulate in my country (located in Sydney), which is very exciting. It asks me to create a profile on USTravelDocs which includes completing the DS-160. Who else has received this email before and if so is there a time limit in which I can complete these steps? Thanks!
  22. We started this whole process in 2016 which was 2-3 months after we got married. February 2016 we send in the first application. Ehen november came around we send in a waiver and waited to get approved by NVC. The visa was approved by NVC first by summer 2017. Then NVC send us the approval for the waiver around January 2018. This is what took the longest time for us. On march we received a notice that it was approved and to wait for an appt date for the consulate of juarez mexico. We received a notice with the date a month later for june 13. We went to Juarez my husband did medical exam first then he did fingerprints the next day. The following day we had the interview and i waited for him outside for about 2hours and he came out with a blue sheet saying it was incomplete. He was asked if he had recent taxes and we didnt bring them so our cade was left on Administration processing, the blue sheet he received had instruction but when our lawyer and my sister were in the middle of getting forms and documents ready we received an email changing the instruction around 6pm that same day. Our lawyer did our paperwork my sister got the needed documents. Friday of that week June 15 all documents were sent to us from California and didnt received them til tuesdsy of the following week. Let me tell you the worst part of all of this is waiting and cant do anything. On tuesday was received at a local DHL just to be send out at the DHL location next to the juarez consulate. After 4-5 days after everything was send in my husband case status change from Administration processing to ISSUED!! After it was issued we still had to wait another couple of days to receive confirmation of the package delivered to DHL for pick up that was thursday morning june 28th. That same morning we packed our stuff head out towards el paso to the bridge to head out to give the packet to immigration and he got his mexican passport stamped and we left mexico amd took a bus from el paso to los angeles california. We have been back home for almost to weeks and yesterday july 10 he received his social security card and now he is waiting for his green card to get here. We still dont have a tracking number for the green card but i keep checking the case status with a receipt number given when i paid the fee for the greencard the day we left. If anyone had questions let me know. I knoe this wasnt soo detailed lol
  23. valentinasc

    Medicals Bogota

    Hola! For those of you who have been dealing with the US embassy in Bogota.. I'd like to know which doctor you've been to, how much did the whole exams ended up costing you, what did you get done and how long did it take you for you to go collect your results I'm deciding between Rodolfo Jose Dennis and Jairo H. Roa Thank you in advice!
  24. Hello everyone, A long time ago, in a distant year called 2016, I proposed to my fiancée and submitted my I-129F for her K1 visa. Two years later, we are finally getting to the interview as of next week (6/26/2018). Because of the amount of time that has transpired, I have a few questions: 1. Are the photos originally submitted, the latest being around June 20, 2016, still valid because at the time of submission they were less than two years old, or must they be less than 2 years old at the time of interview? 2. Are the consular officers going to give us the opportunity to present photos less than two years old as evidence (12/2016)? In other words, should we have all our photo evidence from the most recent trip at the very front and show it to them before they have any opportunity to view anything else? This process has been stressful to us both given the layoff that occurred last year and the 4 months of delay between the first and second medicals. The consulate is tired of seeing my emails because we are trying to make sure literally every. Single. Piece. Of. Evidence. is accounted for and visible. She currently has hundreds of pages of documents, wechat logs, phone logs, emails, other communications, etc from her side and mine, all split between 4 binders. This photo issue was something I thought about at the last minute before the interview, and while I called the US Embassy Customer Support for China (703-665-1986) and they reassured me the evidence is still valid, I still worry because this whole process has been harrowing to say the least. A process that should only take 4-6 months has taken 2 years for us, and I don't want any more surprises like the first interview. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated as it would help in finalizing our preparations for her interview. Thanks and looking forward to your responses once more.
  25. Hey everyone! Just wondering where I can find a list of all documents to take to consulate interview. Just wanting to know what needs to be originals and what can be photocopies? Thanks!