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  1. Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone has received an interview appointment at the Abu Dhabi Embassy after recently getting their DQ. it would be great if someone would share their experience.
  2. My U.S Citizen nephew has applied for her spouse immigrant's visa from Abu Dhabi and all her documents are accepted 11-July-2022. Does anyone know the interview wait time for Abu Dhabi Embassy? Greatly appreciate your help.
  3. A few appointments have opened up for immigrant visa interviews in Almaty on the (link removed) website. There are a few on March 2nd and March 9th.
  4. Hello! I'm a new member and just found this thread recently. I used to lurk around Reddit but seems not many people talked about it in the Immigration/USCIS thread. So I'm here to try out my luck and to inquire some information on timeline/experience in regards to Immigrant Visa specifically Employment Based. Long story short: I'm an Indonesian citizen who is sponsored by my U.S. company for EB-3 (I'm in tech). I'm currently residing in Canada (Toronto). I'm still in the process of preparing to file I-140 (PP) at the moment, and my company's lawyer mentioned that I can take the Immigrant Visa interview either in Jakarta or Montreal. However, they don't have any insight as to which one is more timely efficient/safer. So I have done a little digging into the Montreal consulate, and I have been hearing EBs are definitely not prioritized right now and the wait time is backlogged for 2 years. Not only that, many are also placed in administrative processing (I'm not sure if this applied to Canadian only?). I'm not sure if these information is an accurate reflection of Montreal embassy or not. On the other hand, I can't find a single information about the Jakarta consulate nor anyone talked about it. Therefore, I'm here to see if anyone has ever gone through the interview in Jakarta? If so what's the timeline looks like for getting your interview scheduled after your I-140 is approved or receiving the NVC welcome letter? Also those who have gone through the Montreal consulate, care if you share the same? I'd highly appreciate any response. Thank you.
  5. Hey I just received an email from NVC that there has been a change to my account. When I log in there is nothing that has changed, no new messages or anything. All my documents are accepted except the 2 that I submitted from my rfe in September. I have already given it about 3 days and there is still nothing new. Is this good news or should I be worried? Is there anything I can do?
  6. I have received my welcome letter and filed DS-160 forms. However, I can't find the civil documents column in the CEAC website. I heard here that some consulates demand that documents are sent in paper copies to the NVC. Does anyone has experienced that with immigrant visas being processed in Rio de Janeiro? Thanks!
  7. My parents who live in New Delhi, got their I-130 processed with a DQ date of Jan 4, 2022.Does anyone have an idea what DQ dates is Mumbai consulate processing now? Four months have passed since DQ status and no interview letter yet. They are in IR5 category.
  8. For the F4 visa (Bangladesh), I completed the DS-260 last year, this was also documentarily qualified (last year), but I still have not received any word about the interview. My priority date is June '07, so how long does it take for the embassy/NVC to schedule an interview?
  9. Hi does anyone have an experience with IB1 immigrant visa for Self-petition Spouse of U.S. Citizen.. anyone knows any info about the process of this visa or the interview questions I should expect, any info will be helpful thank you in advance
  10. My I-601 waiver was approved by USCIS April 26, 2022 for my immigrant visa case. I noticed that my CEAC date of last update has not been updated, suggesting they did not get the waiver approval notice. I was waiting for instructions from the embassy after the approval but did not hear from them. So I emailed the Montreal consulate and after two weeks they responded that they did not yet receive the approved waiver and will not proceed without it. What am I supposed to do ? I scanned and emailed the approval notice to them (I-797 from USCIS) in reply to their email. Normally the consulate is supposed to be notified directly by USCIS upon approval. Has this happened to anybody? How do I get this resolved ? Please help!
  11. As of today 5/23/22, my mom is medically cleared, sputum culture resulted negative and received her immunizations. Now, I can schedule her for interview. I called this number 1-703-520-2235 for international callers. I was on hold for too long and my call was dropped twice already. Any experiences that you would like to share? I've seen some were having a hard time also to schedule their interview. I just hope they need to consider that medical has expiration. It would be unfair if we cannot have interview date until the medical expired.
  12. Hi all, My husband had his IV interview at the US Embassy in Cairo on April 3rd, the consular who did the interview told him she will process his visa and that he should get it within 2-3 weeks. They took his passport and gave him two documents that say "Congratulations, your visa is approved." - The next day I checked his CEAC status and it was "rejected", we came to understand that it means he's going through Administrative Processing. Today, (exactly one week later) he received an email from the courier the embassy deals with telling him his passport is ready for pick up. He went to pick it up only to find it empty. There is no visa but there was no rejection letter either. Does this mean he's still under AP? Did this happen to anyone before?
  13. Hello, We are currently completing the I-601 Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility ourselves without a lawyer. We are filing as a US citizen for my mother as an immediate relative immigration visa. She was denied her visa due to 212(a)(6)(E)(i) smuggling her first born son to the US over 30 years ago. We are completing the i-601 waiver form and seeking a waiver under INA Section 212(D)(11). Part 5 of the I-601 form is asking for information about a qualifying relative and also for a statement of extreme hardship; however, INA Section 212(D)(11) doesn't mention the need to show extreme hardship to a qualifying relative as it does for other waivers (below is the language for the waiver). Has anyone had experience with this and provide some help on how to complete these specific sections of the form? Is a qualifying relative required? Do we have to document some type of "extreme hardship" for this type of waiver request even though the waiver language doesn't mention it? I don't want to leave the areas blank for it to be returned as incomplete but I am not sure what to fill in. Any help would be appreciated! INA 212(D)(11) states that: The Attorney General may, in his discretion for humanitarian purposes, to assure family unity, or when it is otherwise in the public interest, waive application of clause (i) of subsection (a)(6)(E) in the case of any alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence who temporarily proceeded abroad voluntarily and not under an order of removal, and who is otherwise admissible to the United States as a returning resident under section 1181(b) of this title and in the case of an alien seeking admission or adjustment of status as an immediate relative or immigrant under section 1153(a) of this title (other than paragraph (4) thereof), if the alien has encouraged, induced, assisted, abetted, or aided only an individual who at the time of such action was the alien's spouse, parent, son, or daughter (and no other individual) to enter the United States in violation of law.
  14. Hey guys. I have an inquiry regarding the social security number and hoping anyone who’s been in my shoes or has any experience can help me out here. Here’s my situation: Arrived to the states 4 days ago on a family based immigrant visa, marked “yes” on form DS-260 when asked if I wanted a social security number, and I’m currently in the waiting process to see if the CBP website will update itself since every time I try to retrieve my I-94 from the website, it states “no record for traveler found”. I was just wondering if anyone can let me know what my next step should be? Thank you and God bless.
  15. Hi Guys, Please help. Our CR1 case was expedited unconditionally for an interview, and after 3 weeks today we received this email and not sure what to do? When I register with the AIS it asks if I had an interview date or just register and appointment. The first option will provide many dates to choose from, but the second doesn't, and it shows "DS-160 Number form".
  16. Hey everyone! I'm in a tricky situation and I hope someone who either has went through the same experience or has any knowledge can help me out here. So here's the story: In 2020 I got my new passport from my country of nationality and did not realize that my date of birth on the new passport was off by one month until 2 months ago (I know, I should've checked sooner) . I have never lived in my country of nationality so all of the paperwork for a new passport was done through my country of nationalitys embassy (which is a pain in the ###). My immigrant visa category is family-based because my mother petitioned for me. All of the documents that were submitted to the NVC and uploaded to CEAC, apart from my passport, had my right date of birth on them Last month I went to my immigrant visa interview at the U.S embassy. During the interview, I was told that I was missing some paperwork and that I needed to submit a couple of documents and that I should come back when I had said documents, submit them to a window at the embassy, and wait for a response. Yesterday I received an email from the embassy stating that I should drop off my passport next week at the same window for "Visa Issuance". My question here is, since the DOB on my current passport is off by a month and the subject was not brought up during the interview, I should tell the embassy about what's going on regarding this issue, correct? (I don't have a lot of experience with this subject but I'm assuming even if the U.S embassy did stamp the immigrant visa on my current passport, when I do fly to the U.S, CBP will find it odd that the DOB on my passport is incorrect and may deny me entry into the U.S) Also, what kind of process will I have to go through once I get a new passport with the right DOB to submit to the US embassy (assuming the U.S embassy will want to see a passport with the right information on it)? Thank you and God bless.
  17. So I'm traveling to the U.S very soon and I have a couple of questions regarding flying to the U.S after you've gotten your visa and I'm hoping anyone that has went through the same experience can help me answer them. Quick information about my situation: immigrant visa is family based (mom petitioned for me), I'm a 28 year old male, mom's in the states (so I'll be traveling to the U.S by myself). So my questions are: What sort of process do I have to go through upon landing at the port of entry? Apart from my passport, immigrant visa packet provided by the embassy, medical exam, and all of the official documents I submitted at my interviewat the embassy, are there any other documents that I need to have upon landing? What kind of questions does CBP usually ask when it comes to people entering with immigrant visas (i.e., will the CBP interview be roughly the same as the interview at the U.S embassy?) Also, if you have any other tips for me, that would be much appreciated. Thank you and God bless. 22 Comments Share Save
  18. Hi My attorney is asking me to pay 5000 to submit form i824 and go through consular processing. Can I use my foreign address with USCIS and NVC so I can work on my application myself instead of depending on my attorney that is depleting me financially with no real help. How can I receive my USCIS and NVC mail on my address outside the US instead of my attorney U.S address?
  19. Hi. My application to expedite E2 visa interview was approved about 10 days ago. I haven't heard from the MTL consulate, Canada ever since. Anyone had this experience be4? I have a few questions, plz: - What are their response timelines? - Am I supposed to get a new police certificate, considering the one sent to NVC is past the 12 month mark I.e. expired? - Are minor (below 10years) dependents required to attend in person interviews? Thanks in advance.
  20. Hello fellow Vjers, I am a US citizen and wanted to bring my mom from the Philippines. I'm debating whether we should apply for immigrant or non-immigrant visa. I'm considering the timeline of the processing. We want her to be here in the US as soon as possible. I'm hoping to hear from a fellow IR5 petitioner whose visa application has been recently approved. I'm wondering about how long the process has been from your application to approval. I read that Visa interview timeline is 500+ days from application for non-immigrant visa.
  21. Hi friends, My husband is in Khartoum, Sudan where there is civil unrest. I petitioned for him two years ago in December of 2019. We became documentarily qualified by the NVC in May 2021. The NVC won’t expedite our visa even though I’m pregnant and due in early 2022. Our lawyer is absolutely worthless and my Senator’s office won’t respond to emails. The consulate in Khartoum provides automated messages to serious inquiries. We are at a standstill and desperate to be reunited for our child and the humanitarian conditions in Sudan leave my husband at risk. Any ideas on what else to do? I’m currently on hold with the NVC for 31 minutes.
  22. I have got an immigrant visa, and now I am getting ready to immigrate. My immigrant visa is for an EB3 green card. What happens if in the meantime my employer gives up? Would I still be allowed to use this immigrant visa to immigrate? Thank you
  23. My mother petitioned for my father and his interview date at the consulate in Bangladesh was on May 9 of 2020, a week before the country went into lock down. He couldn't attend the interview as he was from the vulnerable age group and the uncertainty of the whole situation when this all started really scared everyone off. He was asked August of 2020 to provide the updated police clearance certificate but he was unable to as the country was in a complete lockdown and it was virtually impossible to get a PCC at that time. So he received a letter two weeks ago stating that his visa application has been cancelled due to no contact from his end. I have emailed and explained the obvious that the country was in lockdown and free movement was not possible. He has acquired the required documents and is ready for the interview. What are the chances that his application will be re-instated? He has waited 4 years now to see my mom already and this is really heartbreaking.
  24. Hi Everyone! I am a US Citizen. I want to petition my senior parents from the Philippines to live here in the US. -What’s the step by step process -Documents needed -How fast can they get here -Vaccination requirements etc Any other information will be very helpful to me to get started. Thank you so much in advance to those who respond. God Bless
  25. Hey... Any one with an idea how long it takes to get an interview appointment date at the US embassy in Nairobi Embassy after the IOM medicals. This was an expedited request that was approved and an email sent to do medicals at IOM. It's 2 weeks now and not appointment date scheduled. Last time we emailed them they said they will schedule after getting the medicals but do the medicals take that long?
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