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  1. I am going to try my situation first. I do have a joint sponsor lined up. I just do t want to out my dad in that situation if i can avoid it completely. Do you have a date when you are going to submit the affidavit of support? I am going to submit my whole package on May 2nd. It takes about 15-20 days to review and if all is well then it will be document qualified. I am asking about the dates on yours since you said you are waiting for the 10 year green card. I can be the guinea pig and submit those documents and see what happens. Of all goes well the. I'll tell you exactly what I submitted and you can do the same for same results.
  2. All monies are directly deposited. It has been that way since the last 12 years collecting. proof is easy to obtain. What is not easy to obtain is a clear statement from immigration stating which documents are needed at a bare minimum for them to be satisfied. I have three years of deposits. All the award letters including the letters showing how much I will make in the future. I get a new one each year especially if there is a cola increase. The issue is that the I864 instructions are catered to people who work a 9-5 job. Who can generate w2s and tax transcripts. Not for any other scenarios.
  3. Moore, give or take 70k net Sleplessinvisland, Well that's the funny part. I actually did my taxes but only put down zero dollar because non of my monies are taxable. Reason for this is because just like the immigration to ask. Why you didn't do taxes? i still have to write a note explaining why. Now that I did my taxes. It's easier to prove i did it then to keep writing thr same note over and over for different companies. Even when you sign up for fasfa. They will want a note. Easier just to send the sad excuse if a tax transcript. My worries is that no where online tells you about how much evidence they want. Kind of a thing to do to leave those kinds those things out of the loop especially when more and more people are being medically retired
  4. Jack Wendell, I am in the same boat as you. Non of my monies are taxable which makes it hard to prove. I have asked so many times, but most people just ignore me. I am hoping I get something here to help me out. The instructions for the I-864 is very limited, especially when it entails so much needed information. I am submitting more things. The only thing they can do is say no. Then, I would have to get a joint sponsor. I just don't understand that VA money and SSA money is defiantly and permeant. That should easily go through without any hesitation. Whereas, people get hired and quit their job on a daily basis that that money is not dependable. I don't understand why the US government hasn't re-written things like that especially when you have more veterans getting out on medical disability at a very young age.
  5. I am in a situation which I cannot figure out. I have tried to ask other forums, but I haven't gotten a straight answer or the question was completely ignored. I hope that I have better luck here. I am the USC, filing for my Colombian spouse. I am currently at the NVC stage and preparing my I-864. My situation is that I earn non-taxable monies throughout the year from the Social Security Administrations and Veterans Affairs. Between those two, I make way over the minimum that is needed to sponsor, household of 2. (Only me and my wife) The monies are considered permanent for the rest of my life. I have been collecting for 11 years so far. Between reading the I-864 itself and also the I-864 instructions. It is not very clear on what I should include as evidence. When you have taxable monies then you submit your tax transcripts, 1040s or W-2s. Simple. When you have non-taxable monies. There is nothing showing what clear evidence is needed. I do have a joint sponsor setup just incase it falls through. I want to submit one I-864, first, on my own merits. I do not want the joint sponsor to sign a contract if they don't have to. If I were to get an RFE for the I-864. Then, that is when I would add the joint sponsor. As a last resort. I know that will cause a delay in my case, but that is okay. I am trying to push my case out a little. Documents and Evidence that I will include with the I-864. 1. VA Card, Medicare Card, and Military ID Card 2. Award letters showing how much I will make per month for the year 2023, SSA and VA. 3. I also have a letter showing how much I made in the last 10 years, each year. VA also showing my wife added as a dependent. 4. DD214 5. Bank Statements of where the deposits go. I will supply one year of statements. I do have up to three years, if needed. I hope that someone can help me and shine some light on this subject. Thank You, Kevin
  6. With the CR1 the green card and SSN would be automatically delivered. The parents have strong ties to the country because they have a house and they are both working. That would be the reason why they wouldn't be able to come to the USA with the daughter. I am going to have to close this thread because I was talking to my wife and she was talking to the father. It seems that they had a change of heart. They don't want her to go because she might get hurt. Which is a lousy excuse. All kids get hurt. You can't watch them 24/7. But it is their child and nothing I can do. I just found it odd that they changed their mind just after I got done paying for the childs passport. I guess they got a free passport out of the situation. I am kind of glad that me and my wife are leaving. This kind of ####### happens all the time here. No one can ever keep their word. I would say if it really comes down to it and we all want to go to Disney land with the girl. We can just use the passport to enter Paris France. I always wanted to go back and see Germany. Dealing with the USA is too much of a Hassel when the girl gets 90 days free in Europe with the Colombian passport. Everyone i would like to thank you for shining some light on it. I really appreciate it. Whoever is thr moderator. Could you please close the thread. Thank you.
  7. I just don't know what they want because they are very vague when it comes to information about B2 visas for minors. Basically, it is just do the application , pay the 160 and if it gets denied...oh well kind of thing.
  8. I am an Americana citizen living in Colombia at the moment. My wife is going through the CR1/IR1 visa. We are anticipating arriving in USA around December time frame. My wife's niece, Age 8, would like to come. I am thinking about filing a visitors visa for her. I am the only one who can fill out the forum since the parents cannot understand English. I would also be the one support the girl when she gets into the USA by providing lodging and food. Reason for visit is that I want to take both of them to Walt Disney World in Orlando. She will have strong ties to Colombia to return back. She will have her parents and school to return to. I understand that if the girl was to get approved that my wife would need consent from the parents through a notary for her to leave the country. I also understand that the girl might not need an interview being that she is under 13 years old. My question is what would be the odds of her obtaining the Visitor's visa at the age of 8 when her Aunt and Uncle will be applying and supporting the trip? Thank you for answers in advance.
  9. You seriously need to provide a letter stating why you didn't file taxes when they are clearly non taxable income? Except for the Military retirement. That can go both ways depending on CSC or not. I filed taxes, but my income was only a dollar. It was required by the tax program to allow me to file digitally. So I would still have to send documents providing my disability income even though I filed taxes would i still have to show that or is there no point since it states a dollar only?
  10. I am medically retired from thr US Army. I receive VA and SSDI. Well over 23k. Only me and wife. I file taxes just to file, but only put one dollar to be digitally sent using turbo tax. I would need to provide a letter that I don't make taxable income as well. None of my monies are taxable. What would be the best way to submit documents? I could easily send award letters. I just want to be in the safe side. Should I show my bank statements three years back? Kind of like do a filter to show all the dates that money was deposited into my account goin back three years? Thank you in advanceKevin
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