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  1. ok, so we put active duty for his friend and supply the same stuff as my husband will for the joint sponsor. thank you! Trying to prepare ourselves for the NVC stage - if we get there!
  2. Hello all. This is a really early question to ask given our immigration journey has just started but it's better to be prepared for when the NVC stage arrives. We will need a joint sponsor as my husband (the USC) has lived in Australia for the past 12 months on a tourist visa and has not worked. He moves back in Jan 2020 to re-establish domicile and to obtain full-time employment to ensure there are no issues with public charge etc. I have read the form for the Affidavit of Support and have a question that would concern the joint sponsor. The joint sponsor is in the US military. He is technically a reservist for the navy but he is on active duty orders for a couple of years. When it comes to the filling out the form, would he tick YES or NO to the question regarding active duty? If he does tick active duty, aside from tax transcripts etc, would he need to prove that as a joint sponsor? He is also a friend, not a relative. My husband and our joint sponsor both joined the navy at the same time and did boot camp together. Will the fact that he is a friend and not a relative affect the joint sponsor application or the visa application as a whole? We've both explained what it means to be a sponsor/joint sponsor and he is OK with it (for now anyway). I've read that the CO might question it? It is super early on, I know but if there is any issue then we feel its best to know now rather than wait to find out.! Thank you!
  3. Why would Micronesia have 100% refusal rate. I get why North Korea does
  4. Oh, as long as it doesn't delay it! I hope it works out for you! We're too nervous, so we're just staying put with the I-130 for now! Make sure you update us if it helps speed it up!
  5. Does filing the I-129F actually speed up the process? Is there any chance it could delay it?
  6. I am so sorry but Good Luck for the 14th! My fingers and toes are crossed for you!
  7. I would get a lease drawn up from your sister accompanied with a letter. Emails to realtors is fine, it show you are actively looking for a place to live in the US, same with daycare inquiries and job applications - it just shows the Consular Officials that you intend to live in the US, even if those jobs are not going to happen give time frames. Maybe even a letter outlining that you intend to move back to the United States once your husband is granted a visa and that it is hard to move with two young children? I am not a CO nor an immigration attorney but I think what you've supplied is sufficient in your situation, but I could be wrong. Is the visa your on temporary in the other country? Can you write up a resignation letter for your current employment? I hope it is a smart move for us in the long run. If we run into any issues with the US immigration system we will start the same process for Australia.
  8. I am in the same position as you, but my husband is the USC and we have a 4 month old daughter. However, we have made the difficult decision for him to move back to the States without us whilst we await the NOA2 and the overall visa approval so he can re-establish domicile and get a job. Your husband is not allowed to enter the US on a tourist visa with immigration intent. With your case now being at the NVC, your husband might find it difficult to obtain a tourist visa with a pending immigrant visa ... How are you proving domicile? There are things you can do whilst living abroad. Have you made inquiries into rentals (emails to realtors)? What about emails schools/day care etc? Updated resume for US job applications? That will help prove that once your husband is granted a US visa that you intend on re-establishing domicile. What about tying this up in the current country your in? Emails advising you intend to break a lease soon due to moving etc? Moving back to the US will fix that completely though. It is a hard decision to make and I feel your pain! Maybe someone on here as a better solution for you! Good Luck.
  9. I got married in the court house in Santa Ana, CA. All we used was our passports!
  10. I hope they were all copies too and not the actual physical documents. So, no evidence of a bona fide marriage . That is a requirement, you're lawyer has made a mistake. Speak to your lawyer, maybe even redirect to the USCIS website about how to file an i-130. You might/probably will get a RFE, so I would prepare your evidence of a bona fide marriage now and be prepared Someone else on here might have a better answer....
  11. What documents did you send him ... I would probably just do this process on your own and not use a lawyer unless you have a super complicated case....
  12. NOA1 has been received! Time to wait!

  13. We received our NOA1. Texas is our service centre and our priority date is 18 October 2019!
  14. Oh wow thank you! Yeh it is from Texas Service Centre!
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