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  1. Hi all, I've received the interview letter, and my interview at the Dublin US Consulate is scheduled for the 19th of October 2023. In preparation for the interview, I've been trying to schedule the required medical test at Mater Hospital. Unfortunately, after reaching out via email, I was informed that the earliest available date for the medical test is the 23rd of October. This timing has left me a bit concerned considering the proximity to my interview date. I kindly request your advice and assistance on this matter. Is there any possibility of expediting the medical test process? I find myself in a bit of a dilemma and would greatly appreciate your insights and suggestions on how best to approach and resolve this situation.
  2. Good day. My mil spouse is pcs'ing to Japan this December. We just got married and enrolled to deers. Now they required the dependent to complete the EFMP vector online which includes 2 pages for medical, and 1 page for dental form. He was advised that any local clinic provider will do. Based on filipina spouse I talked to who are already in Japan, they all give information that only St. Luke's is the only accredited provided for US related medical screening. Anyone going through the same process here in the PH ?
  3. Hi. My husband got his interview letter today for November 2023. We went to schedule the medical at Andrews hospital (Kingston, Jamaica) online and the only date available was a week before the interview. We're not sure if that will give us enough time to have the medical ready. Can anyone say what the turnaround time has been recently? Someone who has had theirs done recently, that is.
  4. Hello, anyone else had their medical done after the interview and still waiting for embassy to contact them? If yes please share your timeline 🙂
  5. Hello! I'm wondering if there's any K1 beneficiary here from Brazil that instead of going through the medical exam in Rio, chose to do it in São Paulo? What was your experience? Can all the exams and the medical appointment be made in a single day contrary to Rio that asks for the exams beforehand? And how long does the doctor take to send the results to the embassy in Rio? Do we need to go back to the doctor's office and retrieve anything to take with us for the interview? I ask because I'm closer to São Paulo so it would save me time and money to go through it there instead of Rio. I searched VJ and only found one person that did that, but it was for EB-2 visa. I wonder if it's the same for São Paulo. I also already emailed the SP doctor to ask, just waiting on a reply. Thank you!
  6. My initial email was sent on June 2, 2022 and answered the same day by the doctor himself. We exchanged several emails and set the appointment for June 27th. He inspected my wife and daughter's vaccine records via email and recommended certain vaccines that require time between doses. He gave the remaining vaccines at the appointment. He suggested I plan to have them remain in Vilnius until July 1 in the event of a reaction to the vaccines. Medical was submitted electronically to Frankfurt on June 29th. The appointment times for a Frankfurt medical were several months out at this time so Vilnius was a great option. He also did not require a translator at the exam and only needed legible vaccine records.
  7. Looking for comments. So my spouse interview at the Jakarta Embassy was scheduled by National Visa Center for July 18th, 2023. Yesterday, my spouse attended the medical exam and because of prior TB infection they always make him do a sputum test which takes three months in Indonesia for the results. Rather than canceling the interview and then reschedule, I am leaning towards having him go to the interview and just have the embassy hold the decision until the Medical results are delivered and then if all is well they can send him the passport to the pick up location after. Thoughts? Thanks
  8. (Please let me know if this should be posted elsewhere.) Had my medical exam today in Montreal, here is my recap. In short, I was missing vaccine boosters despite having reviewed the list over and over again, and a few details could be interesting to pregnant women or women trying to conceive (especially as concerns X-rays and vaccines); otherwise it was pretty straightforward! My appointment was at 7:45am. I arrived about 5 minutes in advance and had to wear a mask. There was only one other person before me. The lady at reception took my 5 photos, passport (she gave it back straight away), vaccination documents (she kept them), and consulate letter. She took a passport-style photo and gave me a few forms to fill out (personal information, medical history and consents to vaccination). At around 8, I gave her back the forms and sat back in the waiting room. I got called for the X-rays at around 8:25, at the same time as another lady. We got into cabins and put on a paper gown. I got done first and came out, leaving my things in the cabin. The technician asked if I might be pregnant, and when I said it was a possibility, I had to sign consent forms. She explained that she would protect my abdomen and that while there was indeed a very small risk of harm, I would actually receive 10x more radiation from the sun in an airplane than from an X-ray picture. She took two pictures, and 10 minutes later I was dressed and back in the waiting room. At about 9:00, I got called by the nurse. She inquired about one prescription that I have, likely because it seems to be an “off-label” use, and then went over my vaccines. I thought I had them all covered (I read the US list many times!), I had got a few at a pharmacy in January and February to get up to date, but she told me that I was missing three boosters: Hep B, MMR, and varicella. (I did know about the varicella, as I got the first shot less than a month ago.) I think one of the shots I got as a child was the “wrong” one for the US. She also said that as I'm trying to get pregnant, I should *not* have gotten a live varicella vaccine at the pharmacy. I got a bit confused about the rest. If I remember correctly, she also said that had I not gotten that dose a few weeks ago, she would have been able to give me MMR and (my first dose of) varicella together today, in a safe form. Also because of the possibility that I'm in the very early days of a pregnancy (or perhaps because I got the live varicella shot less than a month ago), she said she couldn't give me the MMR and varicella shots now. So she gave me the HB shot, but wrote a note that it was not advisable to give me the other two today. She said that I can get them later (I still have time before the interview), but that it wouldn’t change much, since my current vaccine status doesn't prevent me from entering the US. I asked her to confirm this about 32 times! It's really bothering me, but she said I would have one year to get up to date, and even then, the authorities might not even follow up. She printed the updated Quebec vaccine records and gave me a copy, along with my original records that she had kept. Then she noted my height and weight, did an eye test (she didn’t check my glasses but asked me to read a line with my glasses on, one eye at a time), and took a blood test. That part was done at 9:30. At about 9:50, the doctor called me. She went over the form (I verbally added two details about my “ancient” medical history that I had remembered, just to be transparent, but she didn’t worry about them or write them down). She temporarily left the room to allow me to put on a gown (I kept my underwear on), and she checked my eyes, ears, knee reflexes, listened to my heart and lungs, and she lifted the gown to palpate my abdomen a couple of times. We were done at 10. At 10:15, another lady at reception called me to settle the bill. I paid about $440, this includes one HepB shot ($51). She said it would take about 10 working days for the results to get to the consulate, and I would get an email when that would be done, but the consulate already has received notice that my examination was done today. After I left, I was unsure because I remembered reading on this forum that at least one person had a urine sample collected in 2021. So I called and asked if that was an issue, but the man on the phone said that none needed to be collected. So that's it! All in all, it took 2.5 hours, the people were very nice, and the waiting wasn't too bad. Let me know if you have any questions!
  9. We have been in AP since last December. Received this message on the CEAC website today although haven't received any emails. Has this happened to anyone else? "Please be advised that you are requested to Re-Undertake Medical evaluations."
  10. This is for the nervous folk like me! I recently had my medical examination in London at Visa Medicals. And it was no where near as bad as I thought it would be. For context, gathering the necessary paperwork for this from my GP was a real pain. As I’m sure most of you have experienced. Despite having no ongoing or previous conditions, any history of mental illness, drug/alcohol issues or criminal past. My brain defaulted to the potential that I would be subject to extra scrutiny due to lack of medical history. If this sounds like it could be you then let me tell you, that’s not the case. I arrived in the afternoon. The lady behind the counter took all my medical summary, passport and police certificate to photocopy. She then gave me a more detailed questionnaire to fill out whilst I waited. First up was my vaccinations, I had everything up to date aside from my hep b jab. A tip for those who haven’t their hep b jab, you only need one to pass the medical. This one jab costs £50. If you were to do the full course at say your GP or pharmacy, you’re looking at around £120-£150. Do with this information as you may! I was then called in for my chest x-ray. All I had to do was remove my t shirt, stand up against the screen and then I was good to go. Lastly I was called in to discuss my medical questionnaire with the practitioner. The lady I spoke with was really pleasant. She asked me about any previous medical issues and a few lifestyle questions. I then had a quick vision test before removing my top again to sit on the bed to be given the full MOT which included blood pressure, lymph node checks, heart beat checks and then a glance for any scaring. To which I had scares from an operation I had as a child which I’d disclosed. She then took my blood whilst I laid on the bed. After that she explained that my results will be sent to the embassy after 5 working days once they do all their checks. She explained that no news is good news. If anything needed to be followed up I’d be contacted in the next couple of days. But she said that glancing at my x-ray results that everything looked to be all good. I then went back to the front desk to collect my passport and settle the tab. My total came to £430 (£380 for the medical + £50 for the hep b vaccination) To anyone who was nervous about their upcoming medical, I can assure you that if you’re a cut and dry case like me then you have absolutely nothing to worry about! I hope this puts your minds at ease! Feel free to shoot me any questions!
  11. Hello again! This may sound dumb since there's so much information to help here, but still I feel better asking directly. So we just received an RFE for my wife's I-693, but we already have the medical exam paperwork from the Philippines, her D-3025. There's an option to upload her record to her USCIS account, would that fulfill the RFE? She took her medical exam on 7/5/2022 and she arrived here on 8/29/2022, we turned in her I-485 on 11/28/22.
  12. Hi everyone, I just received a DQ from NVC and am currently waiting on my interview date. I went ahead and scheduled my medical check with Dr. Raphaël Nardone in Brussels (the earliest date was Aug 9th which I think is absurd as it is probably going to get very close to the interview date). If I'm correct, the information on the doctors on Visajourney is a bit outdated. The embassy website only qualifies four doctors for medical checks: two in Brussels and two in Luxembourg (Antwerp has been removed recently). That is why I am also confused about additional vaccine shots: I thought I was going to get them all during the check-up, but the email I received from Dr. Nardone says "your vaccination must be in order; please refer to the information given by the embassy of the country concerned." This is quite annoying because I know I need to get the Varicella shot, but thought I would get it here. So, what did you guys do? Where and how did you get any additional shots? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi all. I just received my interview date today for May 3 2023. I was wondering what’s the earliest I can have the exam done? I searched but didn’t really see any specific time frames. Hope you guys can help me out.
  14. Hi! I was trying to book an appointment for my medical and the medical physician says that they'll send it directly to the Montreal Consulate. The packet 3 and 4 confirmations state that I need to bring the sealed medical report to the Consulate. Which is it? Does the doctor send it to the Consulate directly and I take nothing? Or Do I pickup the results myself and take the envelope to the interview? Any help is appreciated!
  15. Hello. My GP has been more helpful than some of them I've read about on this forum! I've been provided with my medical records summary. However, it only goes back to 2007. It appears my records prior to that (of which there would be a further 22 years!) were never digitised. My GP have been in touch with PCSE (Primary Care Support England) who are meant to be the holders of non-digital records. However, apparently there is no trace of them. I know that there was nothing of concern in those records - I think I dislocated my thumb as a teenager and that's about it! But obviously that's just my word. I've looked through the forum but couldn't find anyone else who'd had this specific issue. I've gone ahead and had my childhood vaccinations again so that covers off that. I've also emailed the Visa Medicals place to apprise them of the situation and see if they have any advice. And the best option I can think of so far is to ask my GP to get a letter from PCSE confirming that my records do not exist - although I'm slightly suspicious of my GP's as they told me two different things. But we'll see. So, I just wondered if anyone has had a similar experience? Or even if you haven't, if you have any thoughts? I started this process back in February when we were USCIS approved. My medical is on 27th April and my interview is on 15th May. Thanks Gareth
  16. We were emailed that my moms case was expedited and NVC sent our application to the US Embassy and they will contact us to schedule an interview. Im quite confused as I know we still need to do some medical. Hope you can help us out for the next steps. Here are my questions for clarifications. Our CEAC Status is : READY A. Do we need to wait for an email/letter for the schedule? B. When do we schedule for the medical? C. How do we schedule for the medical? D. If we are to schedule for the interview how and what site? E. We have our MNL Case ID and Invoice No. Is there anything else we need to know? Tia Penny
  17. Hi everyone, Recently discovered this forum and I’m hoping someone can ease my mind a little. I am a Canadian and my American wife and I are currently awaiting a response on our I130 petition. Back in 2018, I was going through some personal challenges during a period of change. One night after making some comments about ending my life, my friends called emergency services out of concern for my health and the police took me to the hospital. I spent the night there for monitoring and was released the next day. Since then my mental health has improved and no issues since. My doctor and I document this regularly too to be safe. Do these sorts of non-criminal police contacts show up on the RCMP record that is pulled? Do these sorts of older items get pulled apart at medicals? I have no other issues or any criminal charges/convictions or health issues. I know this is a bit of a personal topic so thank you for any insight anybody can provide!
  18. My husband had a K-1 visa interview in January 2020 and was denied for a year because his drug test was positive but he hadn’t smoked in months when we started the visa process. He was supposed to get randomly tested but didn’t know because he was so disappointed that I was pregnant and he was denied that he didn’t go through the papers and understand that he had to contact St. Andrews for them to know to contact him to do the random test (which I think is stupid I think the embassy should contact them or they should know the test is positive when they send it over and make a list of the people interview dates so they know to contact them after for the year) so I lost the baby the next month and decided that July I wanted to get married in case we got pregnant again I would share my baby last name. I started the process for the spousal visa in September that year. We got our case sent over to the embassy January 29, 2021 and his interview was August 19, 2022. When he went to get do his medical that’s when we found out about the random testing he should have been doing. They said he couldn’t do it but then changed their minds and let him. When he went to his interview they said they needed his medical and a court document about a case he had in 2011. He has been back 4 or 5 times but we have not heard anything back. He went for his last test last week Friday and next month will make it 6 months since his interview. I don’t know what to expect but this is going on year five of us together but apart and I need some type of hope
  19. Hi everyone, We just got our interview date today for 6/2/23. I immediately called the Visa Medical place and was told the examination needed to be done 2 weeks before the interview. They booked me in on the 19/1/23 - that’s only a week away! I have a chronic illness that requires immunosuppressants and so I immediately emailed my consultant's secretary asking for a medical report but she replied saying she 'cannot guarantee' they will be able to get it for me in time. Does anybody have any ideas on what is best to do in this situation? I will be getting a report from my gp, I have had all the vaccinations that I am allowed (can't have live vaccines) and I will have everything else - there's just the possibility this report won't be done. Is it best to rearrange the medical until I have the report? The NVC won't have my medical when I go to interview in that case. Or perhaps I should get as much info from my GP as possible and hope that's sufficient for the medical? I feel like this is a very limited amount of time to prep and with how things usually are, I assumed we would have more time. Any help at all would be really great! Thanks, Laura
  20. Hello again! My now wife has been suffering from chronic vertigo and pain in her right ear, often accompanied with slight hearing loss, for a few weeks now. I want to make her an appointment with a doctor to check her out, as she's now on my workplace medical insurance as my dependent. The potential issue is, we still don't have her Green Card. We're waiting on her Adjustment of Status, but so far we only have a receipt that they've gotten it. I don't want her to get in any trouble, but I need to make sure she's okay. What do I do?
  21. A friend of mine is beginning cancer treatment here in AZ. He'd like to have his wife from the Philippines to come and be with him through the treatment process. Would a B-2 medical visa be the correct visa to appy for?
  22. Hi all, First time poster — not sure if it is in the right place or not! My husband has his medical tomorrow in London. He has not been to the GP in years (lived out of country for a while), and has never had antibiotics / prescriptions from his GP. He has his vaccination records, but does not have a copy of his patient care summary from his GP (there isn’t much to summarize). He does, however, have a printed copy of his NHS health record. According to the US Embassy’s website, he only needs a referral from the GP if there is an ongoing medical issue.Has anyone found success at their medical without the patient care summary? Thank you, Alexa
  23. My wife has received her primary series of Pfizer. Since then she has had covid twice. Is there a requirement for immigrants (waiting for interview now; have not done medical) to receive more than the 2-dose series?
  24. I am in the process of getting a K1 visa to join my US based partner and last week on Monday 29th I went in for my medical. I chose Sonic Health due to the location being in the city by parliament station and it being more convenient for me to get to. The instructions from Sonic health were very clear on what to bring to the appointment in relation to vaccination records, passport, and 4 passport photographs 5cmx 5cm. They did not need a copy of the DS160 as i had emailed that and the interview confirmation letter to them. I had reached out to Sonic health about 8 months ago to ask what the vaccination requirements were and went ahead and got my GP to do a blood serology to check all my vaccination levels. I figured if I had low levels in anything, I might as well do it through the GP and it would be cheaper than paying for it at the Medical. On the day of my medical, I got to the clinic and was requested to fill in a few details on a clip board and then four PDF documents on a computer screen with my name, passport details, and some medical details where required. I then waited in the reception area until a nurse came to collect me to check my height, weight, blood pressure, and eye sight with and without my glasses on. She also took a blood sample to test for syphilis which is one of the Medical requirements. As I am above the age of 24, there was no need for a test for gonorrea (apparently they only test for this for 18 - 24 year olds). I then went back to the reception area and waited for a while, maybe 1 hour at this point. Then the doctor Stuart Turnbull came to collect me and we discussed my vaccination records. As my early baby vaccinations were eligible on the card I had, he was very happy that I had also done a serology with my GP to check my vaccination requirements as he could rely on this as well rather than just on my handwritten baby vaccinations from my home country on a pink card. This meant that I did not need to get any vaccinations at my US Visa Medical as I was completely up to date, which apparently is rare. The doctor then asked me if I had ever had chicken pox, which I had, so that was fine and then he asked me to sit on the bed and he listened to my breathing from my back, tapped my knee with a hammer to check my reflexes, and got me to lay down and felt my abdomen and legs over my clothes. He was very professional and friendly. After that was over and he had photocopied any documents he needed, he sent me back to reception where I paid the $580 and they gave me a referral to take to IMED radiology which is down on collins street (just take the tram down bourke street) and I waited at IMED For a little bit. There was some confusion as they hadn't emailed through my Visa documentation so the receptionist called Sonic health to ask for that and they sent it through right away. I waited about half an hour before I got called in for the chest Xray. I was given a robe to change into and had the chest xray and then left. I got emailed my chest xray results at the end of the week and on Friday got an email from Sonic Health to say my medical was ready to be picked up. The following monday (7 days after my medical) I picked up my Medical in a sealed envelope and my Xray CD and a copy of my DS3025 which is my own vaccination record which I will need in the states when doing my adjustment of status. Sydney Embassy has confirmed that I do not need to post the medical to them, I just hand carry it and bring it to the Interview with the X ray CD. Overall I had a very pleasant experience doing my Medical and highly recommend them and the doctor. Reading the other reviews on the Visa Journey Forums of the clinic in Toorak and the other doctor on the panel, I am very grateful that I chose to go to Sonic Health.
  25. For those doing their medical exams in London, we have 2 questions: 1. How did you get your vaccination records? Were the vaccinations listed with dates in your patient care summary sufficient? 2. For those who have ever lived somewhere other than the UK, did you need medical records from every county you have lived? I lived for a couple years in Geneva.... We have our medical on Tuesday and are so nervous! Any tips/last minute reminders would also be welcome. Thanks everyone
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