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  1. My husband received an email after being in AP for 1 years for coming in for oath and fingerprints and embassy is also requesting new medical. Anyone else go through something similar? Any idea as to how long the process takes until you get visa?
  2. I had my interview on July 21st and I had my medical exam in Amsterdam a week later on July 28th. does anybody know how long it really takes for the clinic to transfer the results to the consulate? The clinic says it will take 1-2 weeks once the results are received by the clinic and then it’s up to the eMedical system to transfer the results. does anybody have experience with this?
  3. Hello, I have a question about the validity of Form i693. I am aware that the validity of the form is 2 years from the day the physician signed it. But the special instruction on USCIS website says "To ensure your medical examination results are still valid when we adjudicate your associated benefit application, you should schedule the medical examination as close as possible to the time you file for adjustment of status, respond to a Request for Evidence, or attend an interview (if applicable). NOTE: The Form I-693 must be dated no earlier than 60 days before you filed your underlying application" My situation is I have all the documents ready and prepared to file tomorrow. But I just heard from my doctor that I need a second vaccination in 28 days and I will get the signed form only after that. Now I dont really want to wait another month for filing. Can i go ahead and file the 485 and wait for an RFE to submit the 693? In this case, my filing 485 filing date will be 30th july 2020 but the RFE date might very well after 6 months. Will my 693 (signed by Physician on August) be still valid after 6 months at the time of my RFE response?
  4. My question is for booking flights being that Cuban beneficiaries do petitioners have to travel to another embassy. How far in advance would you say is needed to be in Guyana and how many days after the interview does one need to stay in Guyana I’m just wanting this information in planning ahead when interview appointment is set.
  5. Any thoughts as to what will happen when the Embassies start doing interviews and the medical exams are now over six months old, will they require a whole new medical exam?
  6. Looking for some advice. Due to London bound cases currently being held at NVC due to embassy closure my fiance phoned and managed to get our case ID, using this I then booked my medical with Knightsbridge Surgery in London. Upon doing so they communicated an email which included a list of the required documentation, included in this there was the following; f. A Letter/Email from the embassy/NVC to confirm your case number and visa category Due to the fact the the NVC has not released letters confirming this and the embassy has obviously not recieved cases in order to distribute the required information is there a method of obtaining this proof? We tried to use the portal on the CEAC website however it doesnt seem to show all of the relevant details, can anyone advise as another few hours hold to the NVC is seeming more and more likely? Cheers, Kirsten & Ross
  7. Might have already been discussed on here, but i am due to book my medical and was wondering what the procedure is with drugs. How much does it affect the process if you admit to have done them, even if it was years ago. And do they test for them? seen a few posts on here with different responses and i would like to know if this is an issue, kinda freaking out thanks
  8. Hi everyone, Is enrolling with Medi-Cal (California's Medicaid) health insurance considered a public charge? I'll need to do a ROC in about 2 years, will it interfere with that? Should I go with Covered California instead? TIA
  9. I admitted I used marijuana once back in 2003 when i was in college. Which now you know you wish you didn't do if you're in the same situation. It prompted me to do a physical evaluation that now cost 2000 pesos and the miscellaneous fees of having to go back and forth the clinic. Its so stressful that i was bleeding due to it. Anyway, I did what i had to do, went in to do the physical evaluation. The doctor was very kind, relaxed and calm. Its basically just you telling a story of who you are on a personal level. Your family, background, job related, relationship related. It was about 15 minutes interview and i was done. The doctor said i can go back to the N room for instructions. I got there and the lady said i can't have the immunization until they get the results from the physical evaluation. They made me come back the next day. I went in the next day, got my immunization and results but not all of it since they said i did the evaluation they will forward it to the embassy. By the way, this happened three days before my visa interview. So imagine my stress. I kept on asking the lady in the Nroom if I'll have to reschedule my interview. She said there's still time. Fast forward to my interview, the consul never asked anything about my marijuana admission and me and my kids (k2) got our visas.
  10. My fiance and I had an interview date of April 2, at the Ciudad Juarez consulate in Mexico. However, before we received official notification that they were suspending visa services, the MEDICAL CENTER actually contacted us days before claiming that the consulate had told them what was going to happen, before there was any official notice yet. So, seeing that my fiance just got an email saying that they are available to schedule a medical appointment with her again, tells me that this a good news and they are probably opening back up the Consulate again!!!! I'm trying to stay calmed and grounded but I am getting very excited! Please let me know, for anyone else applying for a K1 visa in Mexico that had an Interview and Medical Exam date, if you have received this email as well.
  11. My K-1 and K-2 had medical exams in January 2019, and entered USA in July 2019 just in time, one day before the visa expired. Now we are filing for AOS in May 2020, but the medical exam is over 1 year old. Our previous two attempts were rejected in February and April because of the change in the 485 form, and for only including one 864 the second time. Has anyone been in this situation where the medical exam was over one year old? Is it possible they won't ask for another one?
  12. Currently, my fiance and I are waiting for the consulate to open back up to finish her fingerprint appointment and final interview for the K1 Visa. However, while we are waiting I would love to visit her, but our concern has always been, what happens if she were to become pregnant while we are still waiting for the K1 visa? Would she be able to obtain a B2 visa for her medical appointments for her pregnancy? I know the US has tighten down on this particular subject with "birth tourism", However, that only targets individuals who are looking to obtain this visa so their child can gain US citizenship. That wouldn't apply in our case because since I am a US citizen, my child would be as well anyways. The main reason we would want to do this would be for financial reasons anyways,
  13. Medical Examination at New Delhi at Max Hospital, Lajpat Nager , India I am planning to have my Medical Examination at New Delhi at Max Hospital, Lajpat Nager . VJ members may please share their experience on the following points - 1) Do I have to take appointment for Medical Examination also through UStravelDocs.com , along with Biometrics & Photos ? 2) Can I complete Medical Examination , Biometrics & Photos in one day , as I have to plan my travel plan to DELHI ? 3) Can I collect the Medical Examination report the same day or Max will send it by courier to my address or through UStravelDocs ? 4) Will Max give me a e-Medical Report Sheet at the end of the examination along with a CD 5) Will Max upload the Report to NVC and US Consulate, Mumbai directly also ? 6) What is total amount of the fees and mode of payment ? Thanks in advance for VJ members’ comments.
  14. Hi everyone! As we all know, everything has been stuck in the process. Very unfortunate times for us who almost had our interviews. But maybe there's a reason behind this? All we can do is wait. Anyways, I was thinking about my medical exam results. If this situation really worsens, I am worried my results would "expire" as it is only valid for 6 months. I took it this March so that would be September. Maybe a bit far but from what my husband and relatives are telling me about the situation there, I'm thinking for the worst. So here. If I do get my visa, given I can have my interview maybe late May or June (which is what's feasible here in the Philippines for now), the visa expiry wouldn't matter right? I would still need to enter the US before my medical expiry date? Any input would help. Thank you!
  15. Hi! I filed for AOS (based on a K1) in November and tonight my status changed to "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview" which is very exciting! So now I'll make sure I have everything for my interview. My question is: do I need to bring a DS-3025 to my interview? I didn't receive a copy when I did my medical. It was just put in my sealed envelope and sent to USCIS. I haven't gotten an RFIe regarding my medical, which should mean that they have my medical documents.
  16. Hey I’ve my interview in few days, and I just got a fungal skin infection, Like there’s just few spots appeared and I rushed to the hospital, but they’ve taken my blood samples and urine already, now I’ve my second visit scheduled. Which is going to be medical examination and vaccines. Now the doctor just found out that I got fungal infection of skin, and wrote me some medicines. Haven’t started yet, what should I do?? Can I be denied due to this!! I’m panicking rn, they obviously will see the spots over my arms.
  17. Hi all, I recently got married on a K1 fiancee visa and am currently filling out the forms for Adjustment of Status, but I'm a bit puzzled as to what documents are needed for the medical. I had my medical examination in the UK on October 10th 2019, a little over 5 months ago. It is to my understanding that I don't need to file the I-693 since my medical was less than a year ago, is this correct? I was given a sealed medical packet along with my K1 visa, is this to be submitted here? I have a sheet from my medical in the UK listing my vaccinatons and whatnot, should this be included as proof of vaccinations? I have a disc with my chest X-ray on it from my medical that was given to me at my K1 interview in London, is this to be included too? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  18. I am planning to have my Medical Examination at New Delhi at Max Hospital, Lajpat Nager . VJ members may please share their experience on the following points - 1) Do I have to take appointment for Medical Examination also through UStravelDocs.com , along with Biometrics & Photos ? 2) Can I complete Medical Examination , Biometrics & Photos in one day , as I have to plan my travel plan to DELHI ? 3) Can I collect the Medical Examination report the same day or Max will send it by courier to my address , though UStravelDocs ? 4) Will Max upload the Report to NVC and US Consulate , Mumbai directly also ? 5) What is total amount of the fees and mode of payment ? Thanks in advance for VJ members’ comments.
  19. Good day guys! My husband went to SLEC recently but was asked to come back after a month for a psych eval. During his medical, he divulged to the MD that he used illegal drugs such as marijuana when he was in college and that was years ago and he only did it once. He was pressured by his friend at the time but he NEVER tried again. What are the implications of this towards our interview process? Will he have higher chance of denial or what? If so, what is our next step to reverse the situation? What does psych eval entails? I really hope he will pass the psych eval and proceed to the interview. Because if not, I dont know what to do. With corona virus spreading, the chance of getting him to US is narrower. All countries are restricting their travels around the word and I dont know when will they add the Philippines to that list. Please help me guys. Share if you have encountered something like this.
  20. I entered from washington dulles airport! The process was really smooth and wasnt asked any questions at all! immediately got stamped and left but what i didnt notice was the fact that they did not ask me for vaccination record neither my xray cd and i also forgot to give it to them! Will this be an issue for my green card?
  21. I received packet 4, where I have to make appointment for medical and interview. My issue is, there's only 5 approved physicians listed(on the gov website) for ALL OF CANADA, and the closest one to me is all the way in Surrey BC, while I'm in Alberta. And the interview is all the way in Montreal.... Is there anything closer that I'm missing? Is there anything I can do to make this easier? Or do I just have to travel across the country...? Also, for the medical, what kind of cost am I looking at?
  22. Hello, My wife came to US in August 2019 on K1. She did medical in her country July 2019. Now, we are having AOS interview on March 11. Interview form says that they also need I693 form. 1) We did sent I693 form signed by her; 2) Supposedly, K1 envelope already contained I693 from the original country; 3) We also have vaccination record with photograph given to her at the time of K1 medical. 4) The interview notice says: I693, if not submitted. Do we need to go to civil surgeon before interview again or it is considered "submitted"? Thank you.
  23. Hi all, I thought I'd write a review of my experience doing the medical examination at Horizon (formerly Medisys) in Montreal. Location The clinic was very easy to find. It's in a big office building next to McGill metro station on De Maisonneuve and Robert-Bourrassa. Horizon is on the 22nd floor. (Bonus: there's a newly opened branch of Café Olimpico just down Robert-Bourrassa if you need a quick coffee and croissant!) Premises I'm not sure if there was a redesign with the recent rebrand, but the clinic was very clean and brightly lit. My appointment was 12.30pm on a Thursday; there were less people than I expected, maybe 25 in total in the waiting room. There were still plenty of seats left. Close to the window, there's a small kids' play area with a table, chairs, and some toys. Check-in I gave the receptionist 5 passport pictures (Canadian-sized, no need for the photographer's address on the back), my vaccination records, my passport, a copy of the P4 letter from the US Consulate (printed this off from my email), and a copy of my visa interview date confirmation (ditto). I was given a detailed medical history form to fill out, which I gave back to the receptionist upon completing. Examinations Not long after this, I was called for X-rays along with two other people. We were shown to some changing cabins and told to put on gowns (removed clothes from waist up only). We did the chest X-rays one person at a time; this process was very quick and efficient. The technician took a front X-ray, then side; the whole thing took not even 5 minutes. Once we were done, she gave me a yellow slip to drop into a folder bin on my way out; this was to prove that I completed the X-ray portion. I got dressed and went back to the waiting room. After 15-20 mins, I was called for a one-on-one physical with a doctor. We went through another medical history checklist (this time more in detail), then he asked me to change into a full-body gown (keeping bra, underwear, and socks). He shone a light into my eyes and ears, checked my reflexes, checked my thyroid, palpated my abdomen, etc. – nothing too invasive. The doctor was very chatty and friendly, to the point where I thought, "Hey buddy, don't you have other patients to get to?" He told me I was in excellent health and sent me on my way. The next step took a while to get to; I must've waited at least 30 minutes. A nurse called me into a room and took a blood sample, tested my vision with and without glasses, weighed and measured me, and gave me a urine cup. I made sure to get any missing vaccinations at the local CLSC before visiting Horizon, but if you need any additional immunizations they'll happen at this stage. The nurse returned my vaccination records and gave me instructions for the urine test. I headed to the bathroom for the urine test (the women's facilities are out the door, past the elevators, and to the left). Once that was done, I dropped off the cup at a designated window (it's just to your left as you enter Horizon). After some more waiting, the receptionist called me to the counter and double-checked the paperwork to see that all the required tests were done. Then, she had me pay; the total came up to just over CAD 475 with tax – ouch. (There was an option to get the results couriered to me for CAD 50, but that was too rich for my blood!) She gave me the receipt (required for pickup of results) and told me I'd get an email when the results were ready. That was it! In total, I spent about 1h40 at Horizon. Three business days later, the results were ready to be picked up. Note that Horizon opens at 7am every day for those who are thinking of getting their envelope right before the visa interview; however, that's cutting it a bit close for me since my appointment is at 7.30am. Overall, the whole process was very smooth (if expensive). Hope this review helps!
  24. My wife and I want to try and expedite our Petition. Do we have to call to try and expedite or can we do it online? (My wife (the petitioner) has serious chronic health issues. She’s currently living in Ireland with me but her visa runs out in July. We want to expedite on the basis that she requires me to care for her. We are hoping this will be expedited).
  25. Hi everybody, I have a quick question and don’t know if anybody faced the same thing once. im currently in the US and the Timeline will probably allow it that I Don’t have to go back until the Actual Interview. my question: Could I do the Medical Exam here in the US for the Interview? Thanks
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