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  1. I've seen a lot of 'Kightsbridge experience' posts lately, as well as many questions about what to expect and what to bring when you've had past mental health issues, so I thought I'd provide some insight as I had my medical this week. Also, if anyone has any advice they're willing to share that would be hugely beneficial for me and I'm sure many others. I have experienced depression and anxiety in the past and struggled with self harm prior to getting help in the form of medication and therapy, so per VisaJourney's advice I requested a letter from my doctor. I asked for the letter to detail my mental health history and include the dates that my treatment including medication began and ended. After constantly calling for weeks and asking for the letter ASAP, I finally received it on October 9th. The letter said: "I can confirm that (my name) is a patient of mine and since July 2018 she has not had any treatment/medication for symptoms of anxiety or depression. She feels that she does not at present represent any ongoing risk to herself or others. I enclose a brief summary of her notes including past medication prescribed." (THIS WAS NOT ENOUGH) So, after weeks of waiting I am now eager to book the medical. I call up Knightsbridge and ask for the soonest appointment they have which turned out to be the next day (October 10th). Brilliant, I book my train tickes to London, print the remaining documents and pack everything in my backpack for the big day. There are so many posts detailing the journey, the local coffee shops, the best route from Euston (I was early so opted to walk), and what happens at the medical itself, so I will try to only provide the information I haven't seen posted (at least not much). The part applicable to mental health is the meeting/medical examination with the Panel Physician. As soon as I walked into the room she told me she would have to ask me some further questions about my past mental health issues. She asked me to explain it all (symptoms, self harm, treatment) in my own words, then asked me if I am or ever have been suicidal, am harming or have harmed myself, am harming or have harmed other etc. She then looked over my letter from my doctor and explained that while I was on the right track by asking for the letter prior to the medical, the letter needed to include more detail about my past with self harm. At this point she gave me a letter to give to my doctor (or pass on the information in my own letter). The said that my doctor should provide a 'brief medial report' outlining my diagnosis, treatment, duration of illness, other mental illnesses, incidents of self harm, harm to others or suicide attempts, prognosis and opinion of current mental state. (I will upload a copy of the letter for those interested in seeing the whole thing) I was told that I should scan and email the letter from my Doctor once it is completed, and once that is done they will send my medical files to the Embassy. So, I finished the medical, paid the £350 fee and caught the train home. I went straight to my GP the following morning (October 11th) to request an EDIT to my inital letter (very clever way to word it, they didn't charge me this time - I have the Panel Physician to that amazing advice!) Now I'm waiting for the new letter.. God knows how long it will take this time. At least I haven't booked my interview at the Embassy yet! Any advice? Similar stories? Feel free to share as not only do I need some reassurance and tips right now but I'm sure other people would fins it beneficial.
  2. Getting to London This entire experience has just reinforced my belief that the UK is too centralised, it’s one of the most centralised countries in the world. London is very congested, and I swear it smells either that or it was just the drop in air quality. Also, everything could have been signposted better, even with the help of a smartphone it was a tad difficult to navigate at times. I’ve been in some large cities in my time and they were all better signposted. I wonder how Londoners or people from the South-East would react if they came to Scotland or went abroad and everything was as badly signposted. I live in the far North East Highlands of Scotland. There were a few options for me to get there. The Caledonian Sleeper would get you into London Euston at 07:50 on the day of the Medical if it was on time and running. Except it was being hit by strike action at the time and seems to be consistently late because of its operator. As an aside they only run the newer sleeper carriages from Glasgow and Edinburgh – so much for all that Highland tourism – and the cheapest room ticket I could find was £140 which is more expensive than a lot of flights. I decided to travel to Inverness and fly from there. The flight was supposed to leave at 19:05 and arrive at 20:35 at London Heathrow the night before. 5 hours before it was supposed to run British Airways cancelled it and booked me on a flight for the next day. There were no more flights from Inverness that would get in early enough for me to make the medical. I was eventually able to fly from Wick to Aberdeen and then Aberdeen to London Heathrow after having to pay way more than I should have, oddly enough British Airways were still running the flight from Aberdeen. Though it was delayed by two hours. I arrived in London at 00:00. I took the N9 bus to my Travelodge and settled in for the night. The next morning, I made my way back to London Heathrow and took the Heathrow Express to London Paddington. There were a few options at this point. I could walk to the medical, use the Underground or get a bus. I opted for the Number 7 bus and got off at the Selfridges bus stop and walked to the medical. One thing to note the map and picture on the Visa Medicals website makes it look like it’s on a blunted corner. It’s actually in the middle of a street. The Medical Itself My appointment was at 09:10, I arrived a bit early and settled into the waiting room. There weren’t a lot of people there, but it soon filled up. Got called early and went over the documentation, the receptionist did ask to see my DS-260 which isn’t listed as one of the documents you need but luckily, I tend to be a bit paranoid and over-prepared. I was given another form to fill in which was basically an expanded version of the Medical Questionnaire and a urine pot for a sample. After that was done, they took a photo of me – might be related to their switch to a digital/electronic system. I was allowed to leave my bags at reception. I waited a few more minutes and was called by the doctor. She went over my answers to both questionnaires and had something up on screen that looked like the digital image I submitted at the NVC stage. She then told me that they’ve switched away from a courier system to a purely digital/electronic one just this week, I specifically asked if they no longer used DX couriers. She then proceeded to complete what I think was an online form while asking me questions. Quick eye exam where I had to stand at the end of the bed and read off letters while having each eye covered. Then I had to strip. You are entitled to a chaperone or to be seen by a doctor of the same gender, I didn’t really care anyway, and speed was important to me. She also offered me a gown but as I was just stripping down to my underwear it didn’t matter. She examined my ears, took my temperature, examined my mouth – commented that I had large tonsils – listened to my heart, took a vial of blood, checked my blood pressure, examined my stomach, examined my legs and then had me breath in and out while prodding at my back a few times in different locations and that was it. Back in the waiting room for a few more minutes and then it was time for the X-Ray. I just had to take off my top and anything worn around the neck. Again, didn’t bother with a gown. I just had to hold a pose for a few seconds while taking a deep breath and holding a screen with my thumbs. The guy checked that the image looked okay and that was that. Returned to the waiting room again and then time for the nurse. She went over my vaccinations and I didn’t need any, they were still waiting for their flu vaccine stock to arrive. I could have got it via my GP, but they too were waiting for stock. So guess I got given a waiver for that or something. Went to the reception window, paid for my medical. Got a receipt. An FAQ page and told that if I didn’t hear back in 3 to 5 days that everything was okay. They talked about emailing me something a few days later, probably a copy of the report of images or the X-Ray and that was that, £350 lighter and that's not counting the cost of two last minute flights. I brought passport/visa style pictures with me, but they weren’t required. I had some more troubling getting to Gatwick by 12:00 for the return flight but won’t bore with that but it did involve some rushing around and aggressive moving by me to make it. Got the interview on the 15th let's hope travelling on the 14th is less eventful... and cheaper.
  3. Hi i am reapplying for a denied 485 application, or case was considered abandoned due to an RFE that went unanswered. Do i need a new medical exam to refile the 485? Buried in the instructions it says you don't need to send the 693 with the 485 but i just want to be sure im doing this the right way.
  4. Hi Guys, I had my GC interview for conditional green card (based on I-485 K1 visa) last week. During my interview, the immigration officer was really nice and calming. He asked the usual questions and said that everything looks fine and that he will approve us. At some point he asked for a new medical exam because the original that i took overseas was 'expired', obviously it wasn't since I filed my i-485 in less than 1 year after my medical exam. The good thing is that I was expecting him to tackle me on this since I was reading this forum, and saw in multiple posts that they don't really know all the rules. Anyway, I showed him the instruction page on form I-693 indicating it's not expired. He was convinced and thanked me for reading all rules and details. He asked me to make a copy of the instruction page and that he'll need to double-check that before finally approving us, as we were about to finish the interview. Then we realized he barely asked us any personal questions and didn't really take any document for bona-fide marriage from us, so we started to give him all of them at once (while joking that we put a lot of effort into assembling everything). (We gave him- joint apartment lease, joint credit card, joint health insurance, joint bank account, hundreds of pictures from over the years and wedding.... and more) At some point he stopped us and said - "i have to be honest, we only ask for more documents from people we feel that they need to prove to have a real marriage...." Then he said he'll approve us within a couple of days and gave us a letter stating- "USCIS is unable to complete your case at this time....." (and said right after we shouldn't worry. he will approve us but he needed to check the medical exam's validity with someone else in the office...) The whole interview took under 20 minutes. My wife and I shook his hands and left. A week after, we didn't hear anything. My questions are- 1. Am I suppose to see any change to our case status online? It's still says "Interview Was Scheduled" 2. Am I suppose to get a letter from USCIS? (NOA?) 3. What is the waiting time for getting the actual green card? Thanks, Dave
  5. Has anyone here in the recent months have had any experience with expedite process at the Santo Domingo embassy? -how does it work once its been approved? -wait time for the embassy to initially get back to you on next steps. -what if there aren't any appointments available, what to do next? thank you in advance
  6. I asked a similar question a week or 2 ago about a issue while having my medical examination which I was made to feel incredibly uncomfortable and judged due to my past in regards to selfharm I was honest and due to nerves was a little stuttery with my responses she had asked if I had ever had any help with my depression and self harm and I said no because I didn't go to but one meeting with a doctor and the medication I was on I couldn't remember the names as I was 11-12 at the time. she was very cold when it came to my selfharm and grabbed my arm to feel my scars as she seemed generally disgusted at them she also accused a couple scratches on my leg to self harm even though It wasn't . She said that she thinks I should go see a psychiatrist but would need more info from my doctor, my doctor writes a very basic letter and puts in the letter of a time where a suicide attempt was made (which wasn't the case) I sent my doctors letter over and she called me back saying that what I doesn't match what my doctor said and when I tried to explain that it wasn't a suicide attempt at all she got quite rude with me and said that she needs dates of when this happened because my doctor only said it was when I was on my way to school and not an actual date and that she thinks I will need to see a psychiatrist regardless but doesn't know if that will be enough either. Could I get denied over past issues with self harm? I have been 4 years free of selfharm and my scars prove that they are old I'm just really scared that my past will have a huge impact on mine and my partners future because of misleading information will the psychiatrist help get to the bottom of all this misunderstandings? any help would be appreciated. I'm just really worried and heart broken over it and I don't know what to do with myself.
  7. Hi, everyone! So, here's my case. I just got a call from St Luke's medical center making me return to the clinic this October 1. My cultured sputum result is due on November 5, so I assume I've been called because they've found a TB bacteria growing on my specimen. Because of this, I am now considering canceling my application, do the 6 months treatment at home, and reapply for a new petition. That is after including all factors (expenses,etc). My question is, can I reapply for a new petition while on a treatment and how will the cancellation affect our future application? Any response would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hello all, I'm starting this topic so everyone can share their experiences with the medical exam in Brazil. I believe that it would be helpful if we shared how the medical interview went, the exams that were done and pricing, the questions that were asked, the time it took to get everything done, the physician we went to, if they were friendly or Stern and any other helpful information. I believe it will give insight of the medical process that changes every year. That we can know how much to pay, how to plan for our trip to the medical, the process done by each physician and how long it takes and etc. Good luck everyone,
  9. Anybody interested in another detailed/lengthy Medisys experience review? I thought I would share my husband's, if it will help anyone. Note: He had a history of a mental health problem, so this could be useful to some. Due to the nature of my husband's current job (and the fact that we live in Winnipeg), we weren't able to get enough consecutive days off to ensure we could do the medical and the interview in the same trip. Originally we had wanted to go to Toronto to do the medical because we had air miles to use, but the doctor was going on holiday for 3 weeks so that wasn't going to work. We decided Medisys was our best bet and easily called to make an appointment. His appointment was on Tuesday, March 6 at 1:15 pm. He flew out that morning, arrived in Montreal around 10:40 am, took the 747 shuttle right downtown with no issues (he'd never been to Montreal before). The 747 shuttle let him off a few blocks from the Medisys building, which he found easily. He had time to eat lunch prior to attending the appointment. In the weeks prior to the interview, he checked his immunizations and made sure to get any he didn't have from his doctor here. He also had a blood test to confirm if he had chicken pox as a child. He brought with him: 5 passport photos a copy of his immunization record the results from his chicken pox blood test a copy of his medical record/chart from his doctor a list of his medications printout of the email from the consulate confirming his interview Of note: My husband was hospitalized for a mental health issue 5 years ago (depression/anxiety/stress related). From the research we had done, we knew we needed to bring "written certification including the diagnosis, duration of treatment rendered, and prognosis" as per the instructions, so at the recommendation of his doctor we brought his discharge papers and his detailed medical chart (which included letters from his physicians at the time), which indicated his diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. His doctor assured us this would be sufficient, but apparently this was not case (more on this later). He arrived about a 1/2 hour early, which was good because he had time to fill out forms, mainly a medical history. He was called to see the doctor right at his designated appointment time. The exam was a fairly routine physical and review of his history. As noted above, re: his mental health history, after reviewing my husband's chart and discharge papers, she asked him why he did not bring a letter from his current doctor describing his mental health issue and treatment. Confused, my husband explained that he and his doctor had reviewed his paperwork and felt that it was sufficient as per the guidelines. She seemed shocked because the discharge/diagnosis papers were old (2013/2014, when the problem occurred). She then grilled him quite hard on why he was hospitalized and the causes. He said at first she seemed very abrupt and accusing regarding the letter (the travel.gov site does not specifically say a letter from current doctor), but as he explained his history and treatment she became more sympathetic and understanding. She briefly reviewed the paperwork he brought regarding that hospitalization and the proof of his therapy and medication in his chart, and she said was enough. In short - if you have a history of a mental health issue that required treatment, especially hospitalization, of any kind, no matter how small - bring a letter from your current doctor detailing the history and treatment and prognosis. Her demeanor seemed very strict which struck us as strange. The instructions are not that specific and based on the recommendation from his primary care doctor, it should have been enough and yet it wasn't. Luckily, this did not seem to impact the outcome of the interview, but we would recommend coming prepared to avoid uncertainty and hassle. After this, he waited about 30-45 minutes for a chest x-ray, and again 30-45 minutes for blood, urine, height, weight, etc, from a nurse. He was done in approximately 2 hours, however he had to wait an extra hour to do the urine test (he'd gone while waiting between the phases of the exam and they insisted he needed to wait 1 hour before going again to ensure the urine had been in his system for 1 hour). So that was a bit silly, but not a huge deal. Based on other reviews he had expected to be there longer, but as he had done his vaccinations prior it was a shorter visit. He paid $444 for the exam (lower than the $462 they quoted us when we initially called), and $50+tax for courier to our home. We could have opted to pick up the documents prior to our interview but we weren't sure of timing, so we opted to just do the courier. He was able to fly back to Winnipeg that same evening. They told us about four business days for the results to be ready, and ours took five days. The results arrived at our home in Winnipeg Thursday, March 15 morning via Purolator, having been mailed Monday, March 12. I was actually just starting to get concerned if they would arrive in time when they finally did.
  10. Hello, question...Im a Philippine citizen who did her K1 FIANCE VISA PROCESS in Saudi Arabia (because I work there) and then came to the US directly from there just recently after my K1 VISA has been approved. Now after marriage we are doing the adjustment of status. Now one of the requirements is a medical exam- DS 3025 thing. I arrived here in the US with the sealed packet and of course the immigration officer will take it right? I dont have any other records of that DS 3025 THING, that OLAYA MEDICAL COMPLEX( where I did my medical exam in Saudi Arabia) ONLY GAVE ME A PIECE OF PAPER THAT SAYS VACCINATION SHEET but i dont know if this is acceptable...PLEASE HELP ME IM EFFIN Stressed lol I mean why should i DO another medical exam when I just did it recently not even a year yet. march 2019???
  11. I've already posted this elsewhere but I was told to post it here too. I'm starting to stress myself out about the medical questionnaire. Question five asks if you have ever taken drugs. If the applicant has but a long time ago and not for a sustained period of time, would the answer to this would have to be yes, right? Now I've read a few posts that say if you answer yes to this question you have to do a drug test and you may get banned for a year. Does anyone know what the procedures are? Would the drug test would be taken on the same day or would it be at a later date? And what are the chances of the whole case being thrown out? Cheers.
  12. Hello there! Not sure if this is the right place to post but I wanted to share my experience with my medical examination I just had. Before I had my exam I was trying to research online about what happens and I couldn't find anything specific about London so I decided to share my experience for anyone with their own exam coming up. I arrived at the clinic at 4 Bentinck Mansions, London W1U 2ER. It was a bit difficult to find but only because my google maps took me a weird way around the buildings. Once I was there I walked into the reception and was greeted by a smiley lady who told to take a seat in the waiting area as I was a bit early still. My appointment was at 1:30 PM but I got there at 1:15 so I went and took a seat, there were only 2 other people there at the time. 5 minutes or so passed by and another lady came to the doorway and called my name so I got up and went back to reception with her. She asked me for my files and asked a couple questions and to double check some of the information. Once that was done and I got the all OK she gave me a clipboard with a checklist of illnesses or diseases I might've had and was also given a sample cup to fill and return to reception. The form was super easy and only took 5 minutes or so and then I returned both the clipboard and my urine sample to the receptionist and was told to take a seat and wait for the doctor again. About 5 minutes passed again and then another lady appeared in the doorway and called my name and I got up and went with her into a small examination room (It just looked like any other doctors office). She told me she was the doctor and told me what was going to happen, just a general once-over and nothing invasive. I'd read online that they checked your privates but turns out that wasn't true. She double checked that I was okay not having a chaperone and I confirmed and signed a couple times. She then took my blood pressure, checked my ears, mouth and neck/throat for TB screening. Then I stood on the scales and took my weight and height and then had to perform a simple eye test (I was allowed to wear my glasses if I needed). She then told me to get changed down to my underwear behind the curtain and sit on the bed and let her know when I was good and ready. I didn't get a gown which I'd read about online too but not sure where I'd read that now 😂. Sat up on the bed and let her know and so she came behind and checked my heart beat and my lungs where I had to do some deep breathes. She then instructed me to take a lie back on the bed. My stomach was checked and then my mobility in my arms and legs and finally she checked my reflexes in my knees and on my feet (it tickles a lot!). She then instructed me to put my clothes back on and let her know when I was ready. She whipped back the curtain when I was done and then I had to do a blood test (worst part for me as I have a fear of needles but she was really relaxing and calm with me so I felt okay). She then told me to wait back in the waiting room for the x-ray technician and that after would be the vaccinations with the nurse. I went back and waited for another 5 or so minutes until yet another lady came to the door and called me. She led me into the back in a room with an x-ray machine and told me to remove just my t-shirt and to stand against the plate with my arms almost like a chicken (p.s. the plate is cold which I let her know 😂). Told me to take a deep breathe in and hold it for as long as I could then 5 seconds later it was done and I was told to head back to the waiting room for the vaccination nurse. I waited for 10 minutes or so until another lady came to the door and asked me to come to reception. I headed over and she told me it was all done and that my vaccines were all up to date so nothing had to be done. £350 later I was already on my way home again and now time to wait for my interview next week!! Overall it was a really pleasant experience and I'd recommend it to anyone in London looking to get their medical done, everyone was really nice and friendly which was nice and reassuring. Best of luck! -David
  13. Hi. I am the wife of a US permanent resident and my husband filed for the spouse immigration case. it was a long procedure and i wrote my whole experience and about the whole process in 2 blogposts so that someone might get answers to questions they are looking for. I have tried to cover every detail in these two blogs but still if you have any kind of query, then feel free to ask me. i will try to answer it to the best of my knowledge. I hope this helps someone. https://lizasworld1144.wixsite.com/musingsofadesigirl/post/us-spouse-immigration-type-f21-part-1-2 and https://lizasworld1144.wixsite.com/musingsofadesigirl/post/us-spouse-immigration-type-f21-part-2-2
  14. My wife and I have suffered considerable delays.We have an RFE after interview. It looks like we won't make her medical expiration deadline. Does anyone have experience with this? We had to do sputum and culture already.It was negative. Looking for info on when she does medical again will she have to redo sputum testing and culture. We are in Manila and use St. Luke's Medical Center.
  15. My now wife is here in US on K1. We got married and applying for AOS. Her medical was in her country on July 3 (less than 2 months ago). She has all the vaccinations necessary. I am not sure about I693 necessity and instructions: 1) Does she still need to fill out I693 if she passed medical before K1 issued less than 2 months ago? 2) If she does, do we still have to go to civil surgeon? It states that another examination is not required..
  16. Hi everyone, I don't have much hope to find an answer here, but will still try. I'm a Russian citizen applying for K1 visa in the UK where I live, have a work visa and a residence permit. The UK medical exam has a relatively new requirement to provide “Summary of medical history from General Practitioner (NOT full medical records) and reports covering any medical conditions, disabilities, and prior serious illnesses you have been treated for or anything ongoing." This is not about vaccination history. The vaccination records don’t seem to be such a problem, but "general" medical history is. I expect that the medical exam commission will want to see my Russian medical history as well as my UK medical history as I've only lived in the UK for 3 years. UK medical history does not seem to be a big problem, but Russian is not so straightforward. Russian medical care still does not have a centralized electronic database, so there is not a big chance I can obtain the relevant and usable medical history. My only chance is to travel to my hometown in Russia (wich involves a lot of time and money), apply to “see” my medical card, and be allowed to do that in 30 days after this application. I can then show up in person and will only be allowed to take photos of my old paper medical card with unreadable handwritten notes, and then transcribe them myself and have them translated into English. Medical institutions don't issue any copies or summaries of these old handwritten medical records. So this option is really difiicult and costly thing for me to do, so I would like to avoid it. Also, the success is not at all guaranteed. I'm naturally worried this can become an obstacle for me to pass the medical exam. Those of you who applied in the UK while being citizens of other countries, or any applicants who applied for K1 not from their home countries, could you please share your experience/thoughts if you faced something like this?
  17. Hello! I will need to go and stay in Ankara, Turkey for a few days for my fiance visa interview, so I want to do the medical during the same stay. I am trying to book my hotel now to make sure that is taken care of. I know that the medical needs to happen within a month of the interview, but also at least 2 days before. I'm just wondering how many days before the interview in Ankara people did their medical stuff? Thanks! Yehia
  18. Two questions, if I may: 1. Currently for K1, how far out are interviews booking from time of invitation to book. 2. Are medicals booking within a few days of interview and are the results prepared in time for interview? Trying to get much of the guess work out of the next step. Thank you.
  19. Hello, My case was received at Mumbai embassy on July 1st and I booked my medical in Chennai on July 12th. My question is I have my appointment confirmation letter that I printed off from USTravel docs website and also have the letter which NVC emailed me that starts with "The National Visa Center (NVC) received your fiancé (e)’s/spouse’s approved I-129F petition from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). NVC will now forward the petition to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in Mumbai (Bombay), India". This letter has NVC case number and USCIS receipt number mentioned on it. When I called Apollo hospital, they mentioned that as long as there is NVC case number mentioned on the letter, it would suffice. Has anyone just submitted this letter and got medical done without any issues?
  20. Hi Y'all, we just received our interview appointment today! May 17th! But there is a big to do list for the upcoming interview... It says the following on the notice: ... failure to bring the below listed items will result in the denial of your application. YOU MUST BRING THE FOLLOWING ITEMS WITH YOU: - A completed medical examination (Form I-693) and vaccination supplement in a sealed envelope (unless already submitted). Well the question is, how do we make sure that they received our medical exam and the vaccination supplement? I had my medical exam due the process of the K1 Visa at the end of October 2016. (The doctor never gave me any copies, so I don't have the DS3025) I entried the United States on 03/312017. We filed our I-485 application on 04/10/2017. We never sent the I-693 or DS3025(again, I never had those documents) with our I-485 because we were thinking they have the medical exam through the POE. (I had to carry a sealed envelope and give that envelope to the Immigration Office at the POE) So again, we do not want to fail or let our AOS be denied because of the medical exam... We never received a RFE because of our medical, which could be expired? Honestly - I don't know if it is expired. Some threads are saying that it is valid for one year once you file for AOS. Which means it would be valid to 04/10/2018. But our interview is on 05/17/2018 But some threats say that they are doing exeptions, depending on the officer during the interview. What should we do? I am really confused and couldn't find THE RIGHT ANSWER through a search on here... Thank you!
  21. Hey guys So I got an appointment today for my k1 medical in the Mater in Dublin but it's not until Aug 15... basically 1 month away. From what I've seen on this it takes about 2 weeks to recieve the results from the medical so I'm estimating it'll be end of August before I can submit my readiness. Does anyone know is there any way I can go for interview before the medical? Or any way I can speed it up? Thanks in advance :)
  22. I had my medical today at Knightsbridge and it went very smooth I arrived 20 minutes early and was asked to take a seat in the waiting room. 20 minutes later, I walked up to the reception where they checked all my documents and took copies of some of them. It was a relatively less busy day (even according to the staff) so the chest x-ray and the checks with the doctor all happened quite quickly. I'm a little squeamish with needles but the doctor was gentle that I almost didn't feel a thing. The staff there were very nice, reassuring and easy going which made the experience even better. The person who took my x-ray said "Well, I can confirm that you are indeed human and your chest looks textbook normal." 🤣 All in all, a very positive experience. I want to thank you alot the members in this forum and past posts. It all helped me in being as prepared as possible for the medical. This forum has been a god send! I hope all your experiences at Knightsbridge are also positive and smooth. Onwards to the interview now!
  23. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has had their medical in Ecuador and what their experiences were if they had to get vaccinations. Did the doctor give them there or did he tell you to go to Centro de Salud? Thank you for your help!
  24. Hi all,. Ill be booking my medical soon in london and was wondering what the wait time is? Has anyone booked their medical recently and if so was there a long wait period for the next available slots? Wondering if ill be waiting a week, two weeks etc Thanks
  25. Hi there, I'm soon to be a military spouse and the plan is to move to California from the UK with my SO late next year. I believe I'll be covered by the military as his spouse, but my mother is my dependent. She has (non-contagious) blood diseases which cause her a lot of medical problems. She is legally disabled and unable to work here so gets government benefits. My question is would I be able to insure her with my own insurance plan or would no one be willing to cover her? And if that's the case is there another way to help pay for medical costs? She keeps telling me how she'll never cope on her own if I leave without her..
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