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  1. I have in English an immunization record document that I know is internationally recognized, and I know also as a fact that it is also accepted by the US immigration. However all vaccines were taken outside of Canada. All places that take the medical exam (at least the ones I looked in Ontario) request the vaccine checklist to be filled out by a family doctor or a walk-in clinic. Problem is I don't have a family doctor and everyone knows how hard it is to find one. So my only option is a walk-in clinic. Has anyone been in this situation before and would a doctor in a walk-in clinic be willing to fill out the vaccine checklist since all vaccines were taken outside of Canada and they may not recognize my immunization record document?
  2. Hello. This is probably a long shot, but the information for the only TWO doctors they'll accept hasnt been updated since 2018, before covid. I'm wondering if theres anyone out there who recently (2020 and newer) had a Visa Medical in Ecuador as we want up to date contacts so we wont he stuck when the time comes.
  3. BearAndKoala

    Room N

    Good evening again, everyone. So this is kind of a panic post. My fiancé is currently at St. Luke's, and they discovered her scars from her depression during her college days (seven years ago) on her wrist. Now she's waiting to be evaluated in "Room N" That depression came from an abusive brother, an absent (but now returned) father, and the awful memory of a near assault at a college party. She's left that all behind and changed dramatically, and it shows. Should we be worried? Her interview is scheduled on July 16th.
  4. Hello everyone, Majorly confused over here. I’ve been in contact with some other K1 visa applicants who are also bringing over Dutch fiancé/fiancées and it seems that somehow..me(I’m American) and my fiancé(Dutch) made an interview appointment and got all our documents together based on links and information we found online at travel.state.gov and CEAC’s website and some ais website that was buried in the Amsterdam Consulate. When we tracked our case from the NVC the visa was “READY” and at consulate(I called them) so we took that as an okay to schedule an interview. They said wait for an email. He got an email from the NVC confirming the application was at the consulate. Edit- So we thought “this is the email! Ah ha!” When we applied for an interview and logged in to the ais site only one date was available edit: May 17. This is the only date available for about 6 months out. It seems like it’s just assigned? anyway. We never received instructions for how to make the medical appointment. We have everything else in the checklist. Appointment schedule page, DS-160, police report, I-864, passport photos. to hear some of the other applicants tell it, we are supposed to have received a packet 3 that tells us to send the DS-160 to someplace? I don’t know. All I know is we have everything and received an email just now with a listing documents for our interview and a link to make the interview (which we somehow already made a week ago). Very very confused. Did we skip P3? Did we just never receive it? Was this email P3 or P4?
  5. Hi everyone, I just received a DQ from NVC and am currently waiting on my interview date. I went ahead and scheduled my medical check with Dr. Raphaël Nardone in Brussels (the earliest date was Aug 9th which I think is absurd as it is probably going to get very close to the interview date). If I'm correct, the information on the doctors on Visajourney is a bit outdated. The embassy website only qualifies four doctors for medical checks: two in Brussels and two in Luxembourg (Antwerp has been removed recently). That is why I am also confused about additional vaccine shots: I thought I was going to get them all during the check-up, but the email I received from Dr. Nardone says "your vaccination must be in order; please refer to the information given by the embassy of the country concerned." This is quite annoying because I know I need to get the Varicella shot, but thought I would get it here. So, what did you guys do? Where and how did you get any additional shots? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi everyone! I have a question - in case if a person goes through their visa interview BEFORE their scheduled medical appointment (I know in many countries doctors' offices are booked out months in advance), does the embassy keep your passport from the date of the interview until they receive your medical results? Or do you get your passport back and then mail it in additionally so they can put a visa in it, once the visa ahs been approved after medical? Thanks!
  7. Hello, Does anyone have an experience with medical in Canada for US immigration for children? Hepatitis A and B vaccines are on the checklist but is not given to children in at least Ontario. If you have gone through medical, did the doctor waive this requirement? How did you address this? Thank you in advance.
  8. Following multiple setbacks, my medical is set to expire in August. The Montreal Consulate just requested ANOTHER document which they could have requested at the interview. The window for the actual move to USA is looking pretty tight right now. The process seems to be engineered for foreign spouses sitting overseas twiddling their thumbs, waiting for the golden doors to swing open so they can immediately flock into the USA. Some of us are working people and have complex affairs to settle once we finally get the visa. What is the best way to postpone the process to give us some more breathing space? I imagine I can request another medical? They have my passport, so would I need to request that back? Also, I think someone posted that the consular officer needs to approve another medical. Can someone advise on a suitable course of action?
  9. I have an interview date scheduled (Adjustment of Status from K1 Visa). I know USCIS accepts the Medical done overseas within 1 year but my overseas medical was done (March 2021) and my interview is (May 2022). Do I need to submit the i693 form ? I have a copy of the DS-3025 but I was told during my medicals that I may need to take more vaccines when I get to the US but I am not certain what needs to be done if anything . I would appreciate some advice.
  10. Hi everyone, We are preparing for our interview, which is scheduled on May 18. I know this has been discussed throughout VJ, but wanted to see if anyone who completed their interviews recently have encountered issues with your DS-3025 vaccination records, since the new COVID vaccine requirement was put in place? My husband was a K1 visa holder and had his medical done in Oct. 2019. We filed for AOS at the end of April 2020 - well before the medical's one-year mark. I know of an April filer who was asked to do a new medical despite meeting these same requirements, so I'm curious if anyone else was asked to do the same thing. Right now, we're just planning to bring my husband's DS-3025 and COVID vaccination card.
  11. Had my medical today, it was after my interview because I couldn’t get an appointment. I spoke to the lady working the reception and explained how everyone at the embassy along with me didn’t have their medicals yet. She sort of sighed and say yes, people are finding it really difficult to get medical appointments prior to the interview, which is causing them to be extremely busy. (She seemed stressed but was very lovely) She said the reason was because the embassy is doing things in blocks, sending out interview letters and notifications in big blocks. So seems like they get a massive influx of appointments needed at the one time, which probably can’t help! A of bunch of folk there today had already done their interview too. thought it was an interesting note from the day and might answer some questions of folk waiting for their date after seeing so many get there’s, with only a day or two difference in DQ. Ps- staff were all lovely but I was there a good 3-4 hours mostly waiting, so keep that in mind!
  12. Hi everyone, From the list of medical doctors to do US immigration exam, which ones you have a good experience with? Dr Ian Zatzman or Dr. Randal Lee? Thanks, Paris
  13. My husband got his GP Summary today, He has a Depressive Episode in 2015 listed under Active Major Problem (along with things such as a broken arm in 2020 lol so obviously things aren't all actually ongoing but they are all listed as ongoing). There are no further notes on it, but what it was was that his uncle committed suicide and his grandma died and the GP Prescribed him citalopram (which he stopped taking on his own in 2018). Is a depressive episode resulting from grief the same thing as depression/does he need to try and get some kind of report on it? His medical is in two weeks I'm a bit concerned if he could get it on time if he does need something.
  14. Hi all, I have received an interview date to which is currently placed prior to my medical exam date by about 13days. I am not sure what to do, as the London Embassy is instructing me to "miss" my interview and wait for it to be automatically rescheduled, where as I have been instructed to also attend the interview and show my medical appointment and confirmation. Can anyone shed some light on this please?
  15. Hey everybody, I recently came to the US on a K1 visa and got married about 2 weeks ago. I’m getting ready to start the whole AOS process but I was wondering, I’m confused on whether I need to do a whole medical again since there are confusing steps online. I already did one before I got my visa as you have to on a K1 but I don’t understand why some people are saying you have to have another medical after you arrive, get married & before you apply for your adjustment of status. Also, I opted for getting my vaccines done in the US instead, does that also affect anything? If someone could tell me what actually happens, I’d be grateful.
  16. Hello, Just wanted to post that, as of today, the earliest available day for K1 medical is April 19th with several times slots available and K1 interviews available to us are every Thursday at 6:30 a.m. for May, with a few 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. slots available for the April dates. Going through this process, it appears that I could have scheduled the medical appointment first to avoid having to reschedule the interview appointment. Also, SLEC, posted that Covid test not required prior to entering the building. I was going to add pictures for proof, but I am not sure how to resize them.
  17. Hi all, after two years of waiting and a few set backs I’ve finally gotten to Interview stage for my IR1 visa! I’m being processed at the London embassy. I booked my interview for 2nd March but unfortunately I couldn’t get a medical until 8th March (1 month waiting time right now for anyone who is i interested). I know you are supposed to do your medical at least 5 days before the interview so I’ve been trying to reschedule my interview appointment but there are now no dates available. Here are my questions… 1. How important is it that you attend the medical first, could I still go to the interview then attend the medical after. I know they will not approve my visa until they get the medical results but couldn’t they do that once my results come through roughly around 13th (5 days after the medical?) 2. If I have to attend the medical first and I can’t reschedule my interview can I just “miss my appointment” while I wait for new dates to be released? Will this hurt my case? 3. Does anyone know when the embassy releases new dates? I check like three times a day but for the past week there has been nothing new released. Any advice much appreciated! Sharon
  18. Hello everyone, I had my EB3 interview on November 29th, 2021 and my medical exams two days later, on December 1st, 2021. The consular officer told that everything looked correct and they would just wait for the medical exams to issue the visas. Does anyone know how long is it taking to the Brazilian Embassy to receive the exams results and process the visas? I know usually the medical exam is made before the interview and then you take the results to the Embassy, but I think we all know that due the pandemic it's hard to get an appointment with a doctor before the date of the interview. As of today, my case still shows as "Refused" in the CEAC website (last update: December 6th, 2021). Thank you BR,
  19. Hello, anyone else had their medical done after the interview and still waiting for embassy to contact them? If yes please share your timeline 🙂
  20. Hi Everyone, Our case has been with NVC since July 2021, they only checked the documents after 4 months and requested for a new document but no response yet, been 2 and half months. We are thinking to expedite our request as my husband has been diagnosed with clinical depression recently and he is diabetes type 1 and he lives all by himself, because of the treatment he can barely take care of himself affecting his overall condition which in turn is aggravating the diabetic condition leading to very low sugar levels and unbelievably high levels which is life threatening. Would NVC consider it for expedition? Thanks in advance.
  21. Hello, looking for advice or maybe someone is in similar situation , I had my interview on 2nd of December in Dublin it went well but because of baclog I had my medical after on 9th of December, they said once they will receive my medical they will request my passport to issue my visa CR1, they got my medical results on 11th of December and I am still waiting and stressing out, how long time it usually takes? today is already 12th of January and I keep checking my email..thank you in advance
  22. I'm in the process of submitting AOS application for my father. Should I send I693 now with the initial submission or at interview/when USCIS asks for it? Thanks in Advance!
  23. Hey all! Hope you're all doing well! I am twenty three years old and happily married to my wife who,as you may have guessed by me joining this forum is a US citizen, however am Canadian I would love by all means to be able to love with her in the United States however my medical history concerns me , I as a teen had been in and out of voluntary psych wards at my local hospital due to self harm and a suicide attempt, I've been four years clean now from any of that behavior I am not medicated nor do I see a psychiatrist, never needed follow ups o just sort of took life by the horns and made the changes necessary to get out of that loop. Here I had thought that I left that past buried behind me now come to find out it has a possibility of keeping me from living in the ISA with my wife? I am not sure how I would explain my situation nor if my family doctor would be able to write a note in support as I haven't ever had regular visits with her ( year or so gaps at a time) . I'm not sure where to go with this ,I'm quite nervous to be honest. I won't lie at all during the medical obviously as that would be an even worse decision I just need advice on what to do. To my knowledge I've never been formally diagnosed with anything. And was only ever in the past a risk to myself never others in any way shape or form. Any advice is extremely appreciated. Hope you all and your families are well.
  24. So my wife went to the civil surgeon yesterday and did her medical exam before the interview. Because of her medical condition, the civil surgeon gave her a medical exemption for the Covid-19 vaccination requirement. The consular who interviews us should honor this? Does anyone have any experience with anything like this in the past?
  25. Hi guys, I have my Medical this week and have just received the email confirming the appointment from the Doctors. I noticed that on the email it said I needed a Medical report from my GP however on the embassy website there is no mention of this and it just says I need a vaccination report. Do I need the Medical Summary Report if I have no medical issues?
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