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  1. loveceline

    TB Sputum culture for 2 months

    Hello everyone! I am petitioning my mom from the Philippines, everything went smooth until she had her medical at St. Lukes Medical Center. She did her x-ray and they found out that she has some blurred on her chest and because of that she did some further test which is the Sputum Test. She went to St Lukes for 3 days to do the sputum test and thank God the result was negative. Just when I thought that everything was ok, they told her she needs to wait for 2 more months because of the sputum culture test. They will check to see if any bacteria will grow on her saliva. So my biggest question, IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE A POSITIVE SPUTUM CULTURE EVEN IF ALL HER SPUTUM SMEAR WERE NEGATIVE??? Has anyone experienced this situation and what were the results. Any response will gladly be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi! I am currently preparing for the interview in a few hours. My only issue is that I received an e-mail from the medical institute yesterday to cal them urgently but I did not receive this until today. I do remember that they told me I can leave after the X-ray. They did not weigh me or check my eyesight, etc. All they said is that they will take the documents yesterday night to the US Embassy in naples. Is there anyone who had a similar situation? I am on my way to the medical institute. I hope I make it in time to the interview.
  3. Hello! I thought I'd publish my start to finish experience of going through the K1 Visa Medical, I am sure it will be pretty detailed so hold on to your butts. In late July I booked my appointment by calling Knightstbridge with my LND number from the NVC. The soonest date I was offered was Tuesday 27th August, so there was about a 1 month wait on booking. That was okay though, as it allowed me to do a little bit extra overtime and increase my savings prior to the bill. August 13th rolled around and so I pre-booked train tickets, a rather steep amount as it was a 450 mile round trip. I had initially planned to take a 9:30am train, but decided last minute to go an hour earlier, which was a sensible decision. I left my house at 8am, did the 2 mile bike ride to the train station, and set off. I arrived in London Paddington for 11:30am. Unsurprisingly, both trains were 20minutes late which is consistant with the UK train service you can expect to receive. I am familiar with the London Underground and how to get to where I needed to, but for those worrying about getting lost: Don't. It's dead easy. If you're coming by train, before you exit Paddington near the smokers corner, head down to Bakerloo Line (Southbound) and take it for 3 stops til you get to Baker Street. Then you simply switch onto the Jubilee Line (Southbound) until you reach Bond Street. I arrived on Bond Street at about 12:15pm, so with time to spare I decided to get some food from Pret, just around the corner from the Bond Street station. From here, it was about a 7 minute walk to Bentinck Street, and the first building you see is 11 Bentinck Street, which in the e-mail from Knightsbridge is the building to look out for. I was there! Alas, it was only 12:40pm, so I was almost an hour too early for my appointment! However, conveniently around the corner, past the Korean Streetfood shop there is a Pub where you can get a free water, recharge your phone, sit and wait or use the toilet. Knightsbridge Doctors from the front Press the buzzer for Flat 4 here, it is all clearly marked. The Appointment I arrived promptly for 1pm to my 1:30pm appointment, as I expected to be filling out paperwork. I was told to go and wait in the waiting room, which was pretty comfortable with big leather sofa's and water refreshment. At your designated appointment time, you are supposed to come back up to the desk. It's at this point that you will be asked to provide any documentation that you have. You're probably familiar with the list already, but what you will need is: Passport (Bring your original, and they like a copy - if you do not have this, they will make one) 4 US or UK style passport photo's. (Mine was a copy, I used a photobooth locally to get US Visa Photo's and did a colour scan onto photo paper to save costs) ACRO Police Certificate (I did not even bring the original, a copy of this will suffice) Vaccination Records (Mine was again, a copy) Completed Medical Questionnaire (Link is found in your email from Knightsbridge) - ALSO: DO DOWNLOAD THIS STRAIGHT FROM THE EMAIL, THEY UPDATE THIS PERIODICALLY AND THE ONE I HAD FROM 4 MONTHS AGO WAS OUTDATED, BUT I CAUGHT IT IN TIME. Something legitimate with your LND case number. I brought a copy of the letter from the embassy with the barcode on the top of it. Try to avoid handing over originals, as they will keep these documents (Passport is the exception). The guy next to me made life particularly difficult for the receptionist as he had no copies, and they were all original and he was kicking off about needing them all back. So make life easier for them and you, copy everything. I did this and kept them in a plastic wallet and handed it straight over. When the receptionist is done with the paperwork, they will give you another short questionnaire which takes 2minutes to fill out and a sample cup to pee in. You can pee in the cup at anytime during your appointment, which is a good thing as there is only 1 bathroom which is high in demand. After about 5 minutes after handing in my sample cup and completed questionnaire, I was called over to do my chest x-ray. This was pretty quick and simple, shirt off, lean on the machine, done. 5 more minutes in the waiting room later, another Doctor called my name, shook my hand and took me into the office. I can't stress enough how relaxed these guys are, I can't speak for them all but the Doctor I had (Doctor Clarke) had an excellent bedside manner, and a great sense of humour and was overall a pretty funny guy. I was asked the usual basics, to confirm my DOB and my name, as well as confirm any previous surgeries (In my case, tympanoplasty). I was asked if I smoked, had ever taken drugs, if I drink - how often etc. The usual Doctor questions. He then asked me to remove everything except undergarments, and lie on my back on the bed to perform some routine tests. In my case he tested my breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, eyesight. Nothing invasive at all. A blood sample was taken, though he had trouble locating a vein to draw from. My medical went smoothly with just one or two caveats. Lack of medical history. This is just due to my local GP being generally useless in almost every way. 5 times I had visited prior to my medical to request a Patient Summary or short break down of medical history. I even set up my records online, and signed my consent to share all of my patient history on there so I could access it. No bueno. All I got was my last 3 consultations. As a result, when it came to pay I was handed a consent form and letter to my GP requesting the information. The other issue was high blood pressure, I believe this is due to me using Panadol on a headache in the morning. I had no knowledge that NSAID's will send blood pressure through the roof, oops. Whilst it's not grounds for dismissing my case, the Doctor was being a Doctor and told me I needed to go to my GP, get a repeat blood pressure done and have the results, and an action plan faxed over to him. After being walked back to the waiting room, the time came where I was called up to pay. The receptionist went over what the Doctor had told me , so get consent signed, get results faxed over etc. She showed me all the paperwork, handed it to me and took payment. £330 was my total I paid, with no vaccinations needed at all. Job done! For those of you stressing prior to your appointment like I was, you can relax. It's really not that bad at all, and I'm not exactly in great shape. I have my interview in 2 weeks tomorrow, but in the interim I'm scheduling an appointment with my GP to get the rest of my medical signed off. I am unsure if Knightsbridge have 'held' my medical from the embassy until I fax further information, however I want it sorted ASAP so I can fly out on my preferred date on the 28th of September. Below I have included what forms I was handed post medical, with personal information blanked out. Total bill, along with a printout of FAQ's US Department of State form 3025. You will require this when you apply for Adjustment of Status. *DO NOT LOST THIS* Letter to my GP requesting a re-take of my blood pressure, attached underneath is a letter with consent form with a request for further medical history for my GP to fax to Knightsbridge. That's it for my medical experience, the whole thing took about 90minutes from start to finish and truthfully, I don't know why I was worried. I wish any prospective medical attendees the best of luck, just remember to be prepared! This whole process is about preparedness.
  4. Hi! What kind of medical do they require for i-485? Does that include papsmear?
  5. hey guys! I am at the stage of sending everything in to the NVC for my husbands I-130. he has to do his medical exams very soon. I know they have to show proof of vaccination records. the list of required vaccinations I found on the NVC website and the USCIS website differ from each other. has anybody gone through this just now and can confirm which ones will be required to show proof of or blood test to show proof of immunity. thank you!
  6. I had my medical in SLMEC as required before interview. Unfortunately, during physical exam the doctor detected heart mumurs. I was asked to consult a personal cardiologist since they are not allowed to make referrals. She requested for a detailed medical certificate particularly stating the diagnosis of my condition. I thought if there are problems detected, consultation to a specialist is already included with the medical fee ($223). I already consulted a cardiologist and I was asked to undergo ECG and 2D echo which will cost almost 7,000pesos or about $170 (consultations excluded!) And in the Rx it is stated "T/C Vascular Heart Disease" . Aside from it being pricey, my concern is WILL IT NEGATIVELY AFFECT VISA APPROVAL??? :'( I was told though by SLMEC staff that after I present the medical certificate to the doctor who examined me and requested for it, I can already have my vaccines at the same day. Anyone who had experience this? Your insights would be greatly appreciated.. TIA
  7. Hi very new here! I have booked my medical and visa a day apart (28th and 29th) is this fine (I obviously expect some kind of delay coming with this) I have seen few people have their medical and visa in a day and it been fine, but I'm just unsure and would like to ease my mind a bit! Roughly how would the delay be? Would they not approve me at all? Or would they approve me depending but providing the medical comes back okay?( heard this before happening) Some folk who have waited 5 days after their medical STILL haven't got their medical results so I assumed I would be in the same boat, sorry I'm rambling now haha. Thank you for reading!
  8. Hi there. We are about to start our process. I've read so many posts about the Melichor (or something like that) doctor , saying she pretty much FORCES you to get the vaccines there with her clinic at a VERY HIGH COST. 1* Is there anyone who had the vaccines OUTSIDE her Clinic (other clinics, MINSA, etc) ? 2* Which vaccines are mandatory for the K1 visa ( I read somewhere : influenza, tb, hepatitis and neumococo, true?) ? Thank you so very much! Dee
  9. Hi guys, I have my Medical this week and have just received the email confirming the appointment from the Doctors. I noticed that on the email it said I needed a Medical report from my GP however on the embassy website there is no mention of this and it just says I need a vaccination report. Do I need the Medical Summary Report if I have no medical issues?
  10. I am expecting to get NOA2 in the next month. Hopefully, any Irish members who have just gone past that stage could answer my question. How long should I expect it to take to get my medical in the Mater Hospital and the interview at the US embassy? Thanks.
  11. Hello, We were in the process of i751 filed on May 2016, removal of conditions and got an RFE notice. Not sure what happened but need to submit additional proofs now. Basically it is asking for last will with my wife's name, medical power attorney and few more sworn affidavits. The questions I have are 1. Has anyone obtained a will and/or medical power of attorney for the i751? If so what are the steps for it? I live in CT, not sure the processes are different for each state. 2. Does the sworn affidavits to be notarized? 3. Do I need to provide the documents such as tax transcripts, bank statements etc along with the RFE reply, even though it is not asked? Thanks Vinny
  12. I have got an inguinal hernia. Will that be a reason to fail the medical examination if I don't have the operation?
  13. DanielaFab

    Slec medical experience

    Does anyone here who had a clear xray 1 to 3 months before the Slec medical? I heard some from my friends that they have findings on their xrays even if they had clear xrays from previous months. Now it bother me since I have gerd plus allergies and always spitting.
  14. Hi, We are more than a little confused about some items for my husband's upcoming Medial Exam and Visa Interview in Paris, France. I am a US citizen, and the petitioner, and we have done everything ourselves up to this point. Can anyone definitively assist us in determining the following: 1) Which vaccines are absolutely required to be current (within the last 10 years) at the time of the Medical Exam for an applicant that is in their 50's? 1A) My husband has lost his MMR and other vaccination records, will a report of blood tests for specific vaccines be enough for the Exam? 2) Does an applicant need to disclose their HIV status to the civil surgeon at the medical exam? It says in the instructions to be prepared to discuss current medications and conditions the applicant has, but that HIV is not a disqualifying condition anymore, but we are more concerned for the sake of medical privacy to not provide unnecessary medical information if we don't need to. 3) Where is the Medical Questionnaire for the medical exam located? Or is it form I-693 that we just print and bring with us? 4) Any moral support or words of comfort to ease the nervousness of this pending ordeal would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Alright, here goes: I am a US citizen (and UK), with US residency. My husband (as of 10/01/18) is a Dominican & Greek Citizen with DR residency. I'm in the DR with him now, but am going stateside next week. We wanted to start his green card process, but I'm a little intimidated. Husband came to US on ESTA Program 5 years ago, and overstayed 1.5 years. He wasn't deported, he bought a plane ticket and left. He was arrested when he was in US, but has no charges on record. He also had cancer, which I'm being told may impact Visa? My understanding is we have to apply for the Visa we know will be denied, and THEN file a waiver? Why can't we just jump to the waiver? We have spoken to: one useless Dominican attorney who told us the waiver is just an apology and no big deal, one Catholic charities representative who has said everything will suck for us, and I can't apply til I have health insurance for him (?) and that's it. That's literally as far in the process as we have gotten. Any help?
  16. I had my medical appointment at Knightsbridge today and I thought my experience might be useful to others, particularly those with mental health issues in their past. I arrived at Knightsbridge at 1.30pm for a 1.50pm appointment. I found the location instructions in the e-mail they sent me to be very useful and I found it easily (I walked, using google maps as a guide). The receptionist told me to wait in the waiting room as I was a bit early, and return to the counter when it was my appointment time. I was SUPER NERVOUS, I can't even begin to tell you. The waiting room is quite comfortable, and it was quite busy when I was in there. at 1.50pm I returned to the counter, and the receptionist requested all my documents (they give you a list of what to bring in the e-mail) so that she could photocopy them. She photocopied everything and returned it all to me, except my passport and ID photographs. She gave me a urine sample bottle and some more paperwork to fill out, which was mainly general medical questions. When I was done, I returned that to the counter and went back to the waiting room. Almost immediately I was called to have my chest X ray. The technician was friendly and gave me clear instructions on what to do. You have to remove all clothing from neck to waist, but they give you a gown to wear and you're never exposed. It was very straightforward. He then took me straight to the nurse to go over my vaccinations, however I didn't even sit down with her as she said she'd looked over my immunisation record and everything was in order, and she had signed me off. (For reference, I'd gotten a flu jab, MMR 2nd dose, and DTaP at my GP prior to the appointment, and I had chickenpox as a child which they took my word for). After this I went straight to the bathroom to do my urine sample. As I came out of the bathrooms, the doctor was already waiting for me! I handed my urine sample in to reception and went straight in with the doctor. She did some ID checks, and then asked me some medical questions about my general health and medical history. I don't have much significant history, just mental health issues which I'll go onto in a minute. She took my blood pressure, and asked me if I was nervous, and I said I was very nervous! I'm guessing my pulse was high. She was very reassuring and said there were lots of horror stories online, but that it was simple process and I shouldn't worry. She was really friendly and reassuring and put me at ease as much as possible. She said all the information I had brought with me looked good. We then talked about my past mental health problems. (Warning: discussion of depression & self harm ahead) I had depression for most of my late teens and early twenties (I'm 32 now). I was a self-harmer for many of those years, which caused me significant physical scarring that is still very visible on my arms to this day. I was diagnosed with Depressive Disorder NEC, and I was on medications for a number of years. I didn't make any suicide attempts, and I was never hospitalised for depression, but I was treated by a GP, psychiatrist and mental health team. I've been off antidepressants since 2015 and have been stable since then. I had read lots of posts about the medical on VisaJourney, so in advance I spoke to my doctors and requested a patient summary, my medical notes relating to my depression, as well as a summary letter regarding my depressive illness from my current GP. It cost me £75 as it was classed as a "complex letter/report" by my surgery, but I figured it would be worth it if it meant there were no hitches with my visa medical. I'll post an example of what the doctor wrote for me at the end of this post. After I answered her questions about my mental health history, she said she thinks the documents I provided will be sufficient. She said they *may* want copies of old letters between my GP and mental health services, and if they do (I'm not sure who "they" is! I should have asked), then they will contact me in the next few days. However, she said in her opinion the GP letter and report was enough. She said what they are mainly looking for is whether the illness is resolved or still ongoing. After this, she took my height and weight and did some brief physical checks like lymph nodes, eyes/ears/mouth. I then had to undress to underwear and sit on the examination table (she said I could wear a gown if I wanted). She checked my chest, lungs, tummy, joint movement, and reflexes. I then dressed again and she took a blood sample. She said the blood and urine sample are to check for syphilis and gonorrhea, and the chest X ray for TB. After this she said I was all done, and I just needed to head to reception in order to complete payment! I had only been in there for 55 minutes total and I was expecting it to take longer. I paid the £330 fee at the reception counter, and the receptionist gave me my immunisation record (that I need to keep safe for the Adjustment of Status phase), and my passport back. And that was it! I was in and out of there in just under an hour. I'm hoping that they don't request any more information from me about my mental health history. If they do, I'll update this so that in future people might know exactly what they want for mental health history, as in the instructions e-mail they send it doesn't specify - indeed the doctor asked me how I knew to get the letter from my GP and I said I had read about it on web forums. I hope this is helpful! In the end it was a lot less painful than I expected. I'm glad I had prepared by reading online about what documents to take with me, but equally doing all that research probably contributed to me feeling so anxious about the whole process. All the staff at Knightsbridge were friendly and gave good clear instructions about what to do so I didn't feel confused at any point. With mental health issues, it seems that they are looking to collect the full picture of diagnosis/treatment/prognosis in order to be sure that the issue has been dealt with. I imagine they ask further questions or want a bit extra info if you ever had suicidal intent. It seems you just need to have enough evidence to back up that you are now well and not a risk to anyone so it's probably worth collating that some time before the appointment to avoid the inevitable long wait for the GP surgery to get it all together. --------------- Documents I requested from my GP 4 weeks prior to the appointment: * Medical records relating to my Depressive Disorder NEC diagnosis. This was 2 and a bit A4 pages which just describes the visits to medical professionals that I made, that related to my diagnosis. It spanned 10 years, from my diagnosis in 2005 to my last visit when I was weaning off medication in 2015. It didn't include any details about visits to minor injury units after episodes of self-harm, though I did disclose these to the doctor when she asked. It also didn't include any info about the counselling I received, and I don't think there's anything on there from the psychiatrist either (though I think I only saw them once or twice - they only oversaw the changing of my meds, I can't really remember too well). * Patient summary (everyone needs this, not just those with prior mental health issues) * A letter detailing my mental health diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis from my GP containing a few key phrases (like that I am currently well and healthy, and I am not a risk to self or others). Here's what the GP wrote: "Dear sir/madam, I write in my capacity as GP at [GP surgery] where this patient is registered. [Patient] was diagnosed with Depression in 2005 aged 19 years. She was treated with [medication]. At this time she was self-harming by making cuts to her arms. She was switched to several different SSRI antidepressants - [medication], then [medication]. She also received some counselling. She was referred to see a psychiatrist in 2009 and her antidepressant was switched to [medication]. She was stable until 2012 when she was referred back to mental health services and was again quickly stabilised back on antidepressants. She has never made a suicide attempt. She has been off antidepressants since July 2015 and her mood has been stable since this time with no more episodes of self-harm or depression. There is no indication that we should expect her to have further episodes of depression. It is of my opinion that [patient] is of no risk to herself or others. Yours faithfully, [GP]"
  17. Help !! So, I'm a bit concerned. I got a call a few minutes ago from the hospital I did my medical at. They stated that my medical will not be sent in time for the interview and that I need to come in to review the medical with the doctor. I asked if something is wrong and they said nothing detrimental. I'm not sure if I should be worried or not.. I'm thinking of changing the interview date. What could possibly be wrong? Thoughts??
  18. CamilaRemolina

    I-130 Filers for Dominican Beneficiaries

    Hello everyone, I decided to make this group based off of another member's suggestion and my experience here on visa journey. Of course, different beneficiary countries will have different experiences in obtaining the final visa, the interview process, the medical exam, fingerprinting, etc., etc. I also had a difficult time at first getting specific answers tailored to getting my Dominican spouse to the U.S. because of the diversity in countries on the I-130 Filer groups per month. So this group is to answer questions for those with Dominican beneficiaries. Please feel free to also add any recommendations, experiences, updates in regards to same. Thank you! and Good Luck to everyone
  19. Kacey8361

    Montreal Interview

    Does EVERY Canadian get scheduled for an interview in Montreal? If so, will I have to bring my 2 children - ages 8 & 12. (They are also being petitioned for) Also, do we send the I-130 from Canada to the Chicago Lockbox or to Montreal? Thank uou everyone for for helping me out! Trying not to be a pain in the a$$ with all my simpleton questions. 😛
  20. Sorry if this is a silly question but my fiancé and I received our NOA2 approval just over a month ago, and from what I read I assumed the next step would be a letter from the US embassy through my door here in the UK, but nothing yet. They definitely have the right address. Should we/could we call and chase it up yet? Where do we call, the Embassy or somewhere in the US? Also, I don't live near London but my fiancé is arriving at Heathrow to visit for Christmas. I'm wondering whether I can call and schedule my medical for the same time I have to drive down there to pick her up, to kill two birds with one stone. Can I do this even though I haven't received anything from the embassy yet? We have our case number that I used to submit my DS-160 form, is that all I will need?
  21. Hey everyone, K1 approved and Married 11/20/18 and his K1 visa is expired 12-12-18... Do we have to have all of the paperwork for AOS filled and sent in by then? Or is it more lenient because we are married now? Also do I the petitioner have to submit another affidavit of support for the AOS or can I just submit supporting financial documents? Did you make a nice binder/folder to make it presentable? Also the medical exam was sent from husbands country to the US embassy, is this something that is accessible on their end? THANKS everyone.
  22. Humsafar

    My Medical Exam with Dr. Ian Zatzman

    Hi everyone, I would just like to say, I am so thankful to everyone who posts here on VJ, it has helped my husband and I a lot. Here are my 2 cents! Background I recommend booking online through their website or even calling to find a date that works for you if online you can't find a suitable time. I called initially, since I did not know about the online booking process. The secretary is very sweet and she was going to give me Dec 5, because that was the most recent availability but then she said a spot opened up for Dec 3. Therefore it doesn't hurt to call and ask as well for an appointment. Note I booked my appointment as soon as I received my appointment letter which was Nov 9 and thats the earliest opening I got. Before arriving make sure you have: Passport Immunization record (yellow card, if u don't have yellow card call ur local municipality health department and pick it up. Go to your family dr to review if u are up to date on vaccines) Case # (Appointment Letter) - email printout will suffice anything that is mentioned on their website debit/cash of approx $360 (you pay separately at each step of the exam i.e., x-ray, blood lab, dr's office) The Exam Process I had my medical exam today in Maple, ON (Vaughan /Richmond Hill) with Dr. Ian. My appointment time was 11:15 am. In the morning's the parking lot is full (it is free) and i circled around for about 5 mins after i decided to park outside the plaza on side road. The waiting room was already filled and I was there by 10:45 am. The secretary called me up at 11:15am, asked for the items I was required to bring and scanned them. She did not take the passport photos I brought even though I asked about them. Instead she took a photo of me on the office camera and uploaded it. She asked for a payment of $260. She also asked about my intended US address, so make sure you know that. I recommend confirming your phone number, so u can be notified of your package. I entered Dr. Ian's office at 11:45am, and it was quick from there. He is a very nice man. He had a light conversation with me about where I am going in the States, if I have family there. He checked my immunization record, asked about any medication I am on, any major surgeries and then he checked my vitals (Blood pressure and heart). That was it and then it just took time for him to enter all the vaccine data into the computer. He then told me to pick up my package in 1 week. Dr then gave me papers and directed me to the x-ray lab and blood lab which are both on the first floor. By 12:05pm, I went to the blood lab to get that done and the urine sample. That costed around $30. I was called in for blood work at 12:25pm. The nurse drew 1 tiny tube of blood and then I went to give the urine sample. (Note: I asked for you all wondering, because I was curious too; for women on their period, you can still give a urine sample, supposedly Dr's can tell that its mensuration blood, so it doesn't interfere with the results. But perhaps it may be better to book around your cycle anyway if you don't want to deal with that.) At 12:39 pm, I was waiting in the x-ray office (it was not packed, thank God). That costed about $70. I was called to go change in the dressing room. I asked to confirm for a female technician (because I am a practicing Muslim). She took one pose and that was it. I was done for the day at 1pm. Let me know if you have any questions and Good luck!
  23. ‎ألسّلامُ عليكمُ و رحمةُ اللّهِ و بركاتهُ Starting in the Name of ALLAH( GOD), The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful I'm creating this Specific TOPIC on this Forum to help all those Pakistani people who are in middle of transition for applying K-1, K-3 I-29F visa or Spouse Visa and willing to help other Pakistani from their Experience. Please share your experience from Start to End. Filling Form NOA1 NOA2 NVC RFE Embassy/Consulate Medical Interview POE Experience Note : Please keep your post related to TOPIC .
  24. Hello everyone I hope your journeys are coming together like you anticipated. I have a quick question for you. My fiancé’s daughter got her full medical examination in London and everything was good all but the fact she needed to get one shot . She was given the vaccination forms with the shot she required highlighted and told to get it done ahead of applying for adjustment of status . We have had the shot done and about to apply for AOS and our attorney has mentioned that we should maybe get the entire medical exam completed again by an appointed Dr in the US to show the updated information about her receiving the shot . We have the information from the government DR here that she has had the shot. I believed that was all we needed . My questions for are ..... Do any of you know if it’s really necessary to complete the entire medical exam again in the US just to show the updated shot information ? It seems a little extreme to me, and I think our attorney is maybe being overly cautious . What do you guys think ? Has anyone come from another country and just simply got the shot they needed here by a normal American Dr without having to redo the entire medical exam with a Visa appointed Dr in the US . TIA for your time and help . Jeff
  25. Good Afternoon Basically I've noticed quite a few people tend to book their interviews for dates shortly after their medicals. Well I've tried to see what date I would get if I booked my interview today it's the 21st of November. Nearly 3 weeks in the future. My medical is on the 15th. Is it alright to book the interview now or do I absolutely need to complete the medical then have a grueling 3 week wait for the interview? Thanks for your help Declan