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  1. Every Sunday I receive an email from this website, giving me an estimated time line for my application and it changes from week to week for up to two months one way or the other. One week it says December 10 then the following week says Feb 1. The USCIS website that gives you time line dates to find status of application has been constant from the day I started using it showing a 10.5 months timeline since I entered my application, why the significant difference?
  2. Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone has received an interview appointment at the Abu Dhabi Embassy after recently getting their DQ. it would be great if someone would share their experience.
  3. I did not find I-130 May 2022 May Filers for parents so i created one. I submitted Application for my mom on 1st of May 2022. Got NOA1 on the same day. Sent to Potomac SC. Now i just wait.
  4. My Mom wants to bring my uncle to the USA from Bangladesh. When I try to start the application process, I realized that my grandma's name is different. Now, when my Mom came to the USA all the supporting documents have the same name throughout (F K). However, all of my uncle's ID cards have F N. My mom has 9 siblings and their ID has the same name. It is going to be difficult to change all of the IDs. My mom recently got her u.s. Passport, and on that application my grandma's name is F K. Does anybody have any suggestions on what to do in this case?
  5. Hi all, Im sort of confused and scared regarding my GF’s visa situation. She was on F1 visa and she graduated in may of this year. Her F1 visa expired on 24th may but her school ended on 31st may i.e. SEVIS ended on 31st may. She says her school record/SEVIS matters for grace period and that her grace period ends on 30th July. She’s flying out on 31st july, the very next. She says it doesn’t matter since its just 1 day. Im unsure because we plan to get married and i plan to apply for her green card. I’m a US citizen so I’ve no problem in getting married in her country, coming back, filling out i130 etc and applying for her visa through consular processing. Now should I be worried about her grace period overstay by 1 day? She’s currently traveling around US and leaving on 31st! The reason she’s traveling on 31st july is because she’s traveling straight to Europe and her Schengen visa start date is 1st August so she leaves on 31st and lands on 1st August. Thank you all.
  6. Hello, I had submitted my I-130 for my wife who is overseas in Pakistan and I am from the US and I am a US Citizen. I had submitted the case last year with an official receipt date of June 21, 2021. And the only update i got after that was on October 21 2021 that my case was being actively reviewed, and nothing since, it has now been over a year since the case was received, so I am just curious. The case is at the Potomac service center, and I have seen people who had sent their case after mine getting approvals from the same center and so i'm just trying to see if this is normal, i can't submit an inquiry until October but i just wanted to get some insight, should i be doing anything right now or just wait it out?
  7. Hi All, I am green card holder and filed an I-130 for my wife last year on July 1st, 2021. I checked today, the processing times for Permanent Resident filing an I-130 and got the following times in the five Service Centers: 1. Nebraska : 6 months 2. California : 24.5 months 3. Potomac : 30 months 4. Texas : 5 months 5. Vermont : 29 months My case is being processed in Potomac service center according to USCIS. Since I did file over a year ago, shouldn't the processing time now be less than 30 months? I am hoping that Potomac service center would transfer the case to Texas (I am also based here). Has anyone had experience with their case being transferred from Potomac Service Center to another one? Is this normal to have short processing times in some and long in other service centers? Is there anything I can do from my end to speed things up? Thank you all in advance!
  8. Hello. On april 2021 I submitted a I-130 for my mother, then on February 2022 I received a RFE because my mother took 6 years to get me registered with my country (colombia) so on my birth certificate the registered date is about 6 years after i was born, on march 2022 I flew to Colombia to try to get as much documentation as possible but sadly at the hospital I was told that because we were from a rural town, most of the old records were lost and now everything was digital with whatever they managed to save, so I got 2 affidavits from close family friends stating that I am my mother son as well a certificate for a government daycare stating what years to what years i went there and my parent names as well, I authenticated all this and sent it back to the USCIS. On June 15th I receive another REF saying the documents i summitted were insufficient and send me another list but now im kinda confused, It says that "After careful review and consideration of the entire record, USCIS is re-issuing you a new RFE to give you an additional opportunity to submit new evidence, as well as to undergo voluntary DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) testing to establish the claimed relationship, should you wish. If you do not choose to submit new evidence or if you do not wish to participate in the optional, voluntary DNA testing, USCIS will make a final adjudicative determination based on all the evidence submitted by you to us by the deadline date. If you choose to undergo DNA testing and the laboratory is unable to mail the results to our office by the deadline date, you must still respond to this notice within the allotted time period and submit evidence from the laboratory indicating that DNA testing has been initiated. In Matter of Rehman, 27 I&N Dec. 124 (BIA 2017), the Board of Immigration Appeals (the Board) addressed late registered birth certificates. The Board provided a non-exhaustive list of factors to consider when determining whether a late registered birth certificate is sufficiently reliable proof of the parent-child relationship, including:" does this means if we get a DNA test and the lab mail the results back to them, it will be more than enough or do i should still try to get documents from my country.
  9. Hi, I am a green card holder. I am filing I-130 for my kids. They are currently in Hong Kong. In USCIS.gov, it asked me to provided census records and even DNA test result. Are these necessary? Can I skip these? I can provide a legit birth certificate and marriage certificate issued by Hong Kong government.
  10. For those who have just recently filed I-130 for your family members, please join the thread. I am a US citizen filing for my spouse. Priority Date is 06/22/2021, the letter came from Texas Service Center, but USCIS said the case is assigned to California Service Center.
  11. I am a Canadian citizen married to a USC. I was in the states on an OPT for a year practicing as a registered nurse but the time on my OPT is running out. My plan was to apply for TN but was unaware of the contradiction of TN and I-130 visas. I need to know if it is possible to be granted a TN visa. Is there a way to prove that though the I-130 is there, I will return to the US after TN status is over?
  12. Hi i got this message after filling i130 online. I called USCIS agent and they told me to wait one month and send an email to lockbox. I am really confused. Any one got this type of message?
  13. Hi, I’m not sure what to do here. I need to apply for my stepchild who currently lives in Jamaica. I am only getting that I need to apply for i130, but what’s the actual visa called. Do I just file the i130 and they will send me what to do next? Thanks
  14. BE WARNED: You must qualify to file for an I-130 in the US. Not everyone does, and in some cases doing so can be considered fraud and result in being deported and banned from re-entry into the US for a period of time. If you attempt to file and you do not qualify your legal status in the US can be placed in jeopardy. J1 Visa holders will almost always require a waiver and should consult with an immigration lawyer or the USCIS for more information. If you have any doubt, consult an immigration attorney. If your fiance/fiancee came to the US on a tourist visa with the intent of immigration and marriage, and you are not yet married, then he/she should return to his/her home abroad, and the K-1 visa should be filed (using an I-129f) instead of the I-130 to avoid a denial, deportation, or even being banned from re-entry to the US. If you are already married, and your spouse came to the US on a tourist visa with the intent of immigration and marriage, then he/she should return to his/her home abroad, and the I-130 (or along with an I-129f for a K-3 Visa) should be filed with the relative outside of the U.S. to avoid denial, deportation, or even being banned from re-entry to the US. The above conditions are serious and can result in the separation of families for many years if not taken seriously. Download the Following Forms: 1. I-130 2. I-130A 3. I-864 4. I-485 5. I-765 (optional) 6. I-131 (optional) 7. G-1145 (optional) The above forms can be filled out on your computer and printed. Make sure you sign and date them as required. Anything you cannot fit by typing, you can hand-write (very neatly) in black ink in the blank instead. You should always verify the current forms at www.uscis.gov. Assembling the I-130 Package: Checklist Forms and Documents (follow these assembly instructions. All supporting documents must be in English or be translated as noted here.): 1. Payment as required by USCIS. Use a personal check so you can track the payment. Money Orders are also accepted. Read the Guide to Paying USCIS Immigration Fees. 2. Cover Letter. Should include a description of what your are petitioning for (I-130), a table of contents (list everything in the packet). If you need additional room to explain your case, attach a separate sheet (list the attachment on the cover sheet). Make sure to sign and date the cover sheet. 3. Form I-130: Petition for Alien Relative 4. Copy of the Full Birth certificate (front and back) for the US Citizen or a copy of ALL pages of the US Citizen's passport. This is used to establish citizenship. 5. A copy of petitioner's proof of naturalization. (If applicable) 6. A copy of petitioner's proof of permanent residency. (If applicable) 7. A copy of the intending immigrant's birth certificate and/or passport along with English translation. (If in any language other than English) 8. A certified copy of your certified marriage certificate (again, translated if not in Engligh) 9. A certified official copy of the petitioner's and/or intending immigrant's divorce documents. (If one or both of you have been divorced before) 10. A copy of a prior spouse's death certificate. (If filing for a spouse, and one or both have you were married before, and the prior spouse died) 11. Two passport-type photos (see specification) of the US Citizen. Write the full name on the back of each photo. Place in a plastic bag and label the bag "Photo of <Insert Name>". Attach the bag to a sheet of paper and place behind the corresponding I-130. 12. Two passport-type photos (see specification) of the foreign spouse. Write the full name of the beneficiary on the back of each photo. Place in a plastic bag and label the bag "Photo of (insert name) ". Attach the bag to a sheet of paper and place behind the corresponding I-130. 13. Evidence of a bonafide marriage (see note below for what to include) 14. Form I-130A: Supplemental Information for Spouse Beneficiary Evidence of a Bonifide Marriage The USCIS now requires that when filing an I-130 for a spouse that you include evidence of a bonifide marriage. They list examples of acceptable evidence as: 1. Documentation showing joint ownership or property; or 2. A lease showing joint tenancy of a common residence; or 3. Documentation showing co-mingling of financial resources; or 4. Birth certificate(s) of child(ren) born to you, the petitioner, and your spouse together; or 5. Affidavits sworn to or affirmed by third parties having personal knowledge of the bona fides of the marital relationship (Each affidavit must contain the full nameand address, date and place of birth of the person making the affidavit, his or her relationship to the petitioner of beneficiary, if any, and complete information and details explaining how the person acquired his or her knowledge of your marriage); or 6. Any other relevant documentation to establish that there is an ongoing marital union. Assembling the I-485 Package: Checklist Forms and Documents (follow these assembly instructions. All supporting documents must be in English or be translated as noted here.): 1. Payment as required by USCIS. Use a personal check so you can track the payment. Money Orders are also accepted. Read the Guide to Paying USCIS Immigration Fees. Be sure to include the payment for both the I-485 and the biometrics fee*. >> The fee for I-485 applications filed on or after July 30th 2007 inlcudes the cost of the I-131 and I-765 (no need to pay for them if filed with or while your I-485 application is pending adjudication -- as long as you paid the "new" rate for the I-485 effective July 30th 2007). 2. Cover Letter. Should include a description of what your are petitioning for (I-485), a table of contents (list everything in the packet). If you need additional room to explain your case, attach a separate sheet (list the attachment on the cover sheet). Make sure to sign and date the cover sheet. 3. Form I-485: Petition for Alien Relative 4. Form I-944 (Declaration of Self-Sufficiency with applicable supporting documents) (no longer required as of March 9, 2021) 5. Copy of the non US Citizen Spouses Passport (biographical page as well as entry stamps). 6. Electronic I-94 Copy or (for older entries) a copy of the non US Citizen Spouses valid paper I-94 (front and back of form) 7. A copy of the intending immigrant's birth certificate along with English translation. (If in any language other than English) 8. A certified copy of your marriage certificate. (If filing for your spouse) 9. A copy of the petitioner's and/or intending immigrant's divorce documents. (If filing for a spouse, and one or both of you have been divorced before) 10. A copy of a prior spouse's death certificate. (If filing for a spouse, and one or both have you were married before, and the prior spouse died) 11. Two passport-type photos (see specification) of the Non US Citizen Spouse. Write the full name on the back. Place in a plastic bag and label the bag "Photo of <Insert Name>". Attach the bag to a sheet of paper and place behind the corresponding I-485. 12. I-693, Medical Examination of Aliens Seeking Adjustment of Status 13. I-864, Affidavit of Support (see poverty limits here) >> Include any additional required supporting documentation 14. I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, if you want to work while your application is processed (optional) >> Include any additional required supporting documentation or photos as well as payment per USCIS instructions. 15. I-131, Application for Travel Document, if you need to travel outside the United States while your application is processed (optional) >> Include any additional required supporting documentation or photos as well as payment per USCIS instructions. 16. I-485 Supplement A, and penalty fee if applicable. See 8 CFR 245.10 17. I-601, Application for Waiver of Grounds of Excludability**, if applicable * Fingerprint fee not needed for applicants under 14 ** an I-601 is NO FEE, if, and ONLY if filed WITH an I-485. Later filing DOES require a fee. Whether to file an I-601 is an important decision -- like the J-1, consulation with an attorney is recommended. Add an overall cover page: It is useful to add an overall cover sheet with the description of the package and pertinent information such as the applicants name and address. Make sure the cover sheet indicates the package is an Immediate Relative (Spouse) Family Based Adjustment of Status Application with a concurrent I-130 filing. List the major contents of the package (i.e. I-485 and evidence, I-130 and evidence, I-765, I-131,etc). I-944 (Declaration of Self-Sufficiency) Information: This form is required to be submitted with your I-485 for all applicants, and is in addition to the required I-864 (Affidavit of Support). The supporting documents list is lengthy and includes a tax transcript (not actual tax return) of the U.S. citizen, last foreign tax return filed by the fiancé, asset statements, certificates for any English courses taken, higher education verification, if applicable (including diplomas and equivalency evaluations), and several other onerous requirements. The most troublesome item is the requirement for a U.S. credit bureau credit report, or a letter from a credit bureau stating that no credit report is available. Since most recent immigrants will not have a credit record in the U.S., no credit report will be available, and the 3 credit bureaus have not been issuing letters stating no report is available. Our best advice at this point is to write a letter explaining why no credit report is available. You can find an example of this letter and an example filled out I-944 here. Attach "E-Notification" Form (Optional) Clip a completed G-1145, E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance, to the first page of your application (on top of the cover page). By completing this form and attaching it, USCIS will send you an email and/or text message to alert you when your application was received. Where to File Everything: You should mail the completed form(s) to the USCIS Chicago Lockbox (Note the PO Box address for your filing type: Form I-130 with Form I-485). Mail the package with return receipt requested / delivery confirmation. Send via USPS. IMPORTANT! Make TWO copies of the entire package before you send it in. This includes the money orders too. You want to have a perfect replica of the package you are sending in. All Forms that you submit must be originals with original signatures. Supporting Evidence that you submit may be photocopies. Retain ALL original supporting Evidence since the USCIS has the right to check them by issuing an RFE (Request For Evidence). If you receive an RFE, follow the direction exactly, and make two copies of what you sent back. During any future interviews the USCIS may also want to examine the original supporting evidence. After Filing: What to do? Now starts the waiting game. If you filed for an EAD, your spouse will get their Employment Authorization Document approved in 30 to 90 days and will be scheduled to have their picture taken and to have their EAD card issued. After your spouse has received their EAD, the real wait begins. I-485's can take several months to couple years for approval, and often leaves the petitioner feeling completely hopeless of ever receiving approval. DO NOT GIVE UP! Though it seems like forever, the CIS will eventually get to your petitions! Your spouse may also be required to have a medical sometime during the AOS process. The medical must be done by a CIS accredited doctor. Your CIS office should give you a list of CIS accredited doctors in your area, if not check with your local office to get one. The medical exam can cost anywhere from $100-200 dollars, many physicians will not take a check, but only accept cash. Be prepared of the cost before your spouse gets this done. It would be wise to collect their vaccination information before going to the appointment as the doctor will need to have record of them. At the appointment your spouse will be tested for TB, AIDS and Syphilis. If they do the skin test for TB, they will be required to return to the CIS doctors office to have the site checked before they finish the exam paperwork. Note: Some CIS Offices allow you to schedule your appointment when you want, as long as it is done before the AOS appointment, check with your CIS office to see how they handle CIS medical exams before filing your AOS paperwork. Your spouse will be required to have biometrics taken at some point including fingerprints and photo's. This can typically precede the interview date by up to 15 months, however is ussually much closer. Eventually you will receive a letter from the CIS informing you of your interview date. You and your spouse will need to bring supporting evidence of the relationship... i.e. photos, joint checking account, joint lease, joint mortgage, and birth certificates of children if any etc. Also, it is very important to bring the current passport of the applicant, as the CIS will stamp his/her passport with the I-551 stamp if they are approved. This stamp is proof of permanent residency that can be used until they receive their greencard. This normally can take up to six months. The interview is fairly painless and may be video recorded and lasts between 15-30 minutes. NOTE: If you are married less than 2 years, your spouse will have to renew his/her greencard 2 years from issuance by filing the I-751 to remove conditional status.
  15. My wife is in the Philippines and I am here in the USA and am a US citizen. I am the petitioner and my wife is the benificiary for the i130z We filed our i130 04/21/22. My question is will the USCIS schedule my wife for biometrics in the Philippines before approval, denial or RFE? And will they schedule a biometrics appointment for me here in the states before approval, denial, or RFE? Thanks for your time.
  16. Hi everyone I filed an i130 on 04/21/2022 for my wife in the Philippines. I am the petitioner and am a USC. We are still awaiting approval for the i130 and my wife wants to change her name on her Philippine passport to my last name since the process is easier while she’s still there in the Philippines as opposed to doing it here in the States. I filed the i130 with her current last name (her father’s last name). Her current last name is on the marriage certificate and her birth certificate. What steps do I need to take to make sure there’s no confusion with her name moving forward in the immigration process? We will file for a CR1 visa upon approval of the i130. PLEASE Help!!
  17. Hey guys! I just graduated from college in April, and got married to a U.S. citizen in May. Before getting married I submitted an opt i765 late April because everyone else was doing it. Now me and my wife are filing i130 and i485. It’s been more than a month and my opt hasn’t been approved yet (I know it takes 2-3 months). My question is should I wait for my opt to be either approved or rejected before submitting my green card package? Because on my opt I had my status as single, and my status on i485 will be married…. I don’t know if that will be a problem at all. thank you!
  18. Submitted I-130/I-485/I-765/I-131 for my wife. Submitted on paper to the Chicago lockbox. Receipts received within next week. Biometrics scheduled shortly thereafter. All forms were submitted with cover letters, ordered as requested by the USCIS, bound by easily disassemblable binders. and supporting documents of about 400 pages total. However, when I log in to my online USCIS account, and check the I-130 submitted I see some file attached in the section "your uploads". The file is named XXXX-part5.pdf. There is no part1, part2, part3, part4. The file has 28 pages. It contains a mix of pages from original submitted documents. Like: 1 page from affidavit1, Marriage certificate, 2nd page from affidavit2 translation, checking account documentation, page 2 from affidavit 1 etc. The number of pages in the file is significantly less than the number of pages submitted (28 vs ~200). Apparently, the lockbox stuff mangled our submission. Question: should we A. wait for RFE/NOID to submit copies of all the documents OR B. preventatively submit them as unsolicited evidence? When replying please give a reason for your answer. PS. Same story with I-765 in my wife's online account.
  19. Hi everyone! This might be a stupid question, so I apologize in advance. So my husband will be visiting the U.S. this summer for two weeks and we are looking at flights. They are all crazy expensive bcuz of fuel costs, so we are thinking about booking each flight on different airlines to save some money. He would have an inbound flight to US on one airline and a return flight booked with another airline. Does it matter if his return flight is on a different airline for his ESTA? or it doesn't matter as long as you have the return flight (regardless of the airline)? We have a pending I-130 so we will make sure he has evidence of intent to return to Korea (job, travel insurance, etc.). Thank you in advance!
  20. I just filed the i130 online for my wife in the Philippines. I had a lot of supporting evidence such as family pictures, pictures from the wedding, joint bank account documents, screen shots of Facebook chats, pics with the judge who solemnized our marriage, gifts from the wedding made out to both of us, and letters from third parties saying that they were at our wedding and we are in an ongoing and loving relationship. Here is the dilemma. In the section where it asks: "How many times have you been married? Include all annulled marriages, marriages to other people, and marriages to the same person." I put that I was married twice because my wife and I had two ceremonies one civil and one in the church. But in legal terms I guess we only got married once and the other was a religious ceremony. The first ceremony was in the Catholic Church but we did not register that wedding with the PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority). The second ceremony was a civil ceremony where we got married in the local municipal hall in which the marriage was solemnized by a judge. We registered the civil ceremony with the PSA because we wanted to fast track the documents to be able to file the i130 ASAP. I read somewhere that the first marriage is the legal one however we didn't register the church ceremony we registered the civil ceremony. Is there a chance we will run into RFE's because I put we married twice to each other? Is there a possibilty of my petition to be denied because of this? Or did I answer the question correctly? Should I type up a service request for a typo and put that we only got married once and explain that one wedding was a religious ceremony and the civil wedding is the actual legal wedding that was registered with the Philippine Statistics Authority?? Help please and thanks.
  21. Hello fellow US Citizens. With the war in our home country of Ukraine many of our parents fled to the nearby European countries, and my mom was one of them. I contacted the embassy in Bucharest to see what can be done to bring her safely to the US. She has not been here before and had one b1/b2 denial while I was a green card holder. (for understandable reasons, but at the same time I'm like how can I ask someone to commit to move here through family reunion if they never got a chance to come check it out. anyway. so now it's exactly what's gonna be happening - going back to Ukraine is not an option and luckily I'm a USC so here we go.) I called to the US Embassy in Romania to see how I can take her in. The consulate stated I have to fly in person to Romania and petition in person with their office. So here I am at 1 am filling out I-130 and I-864. I have a flight booked for next week so this is the time to get all the ducks in a row. So far these are the questions I have: I-130 questions: For beneficiary's PHYSICAL address - I understand it as where she is physically located in Romania with a host family. ADDRESS ABROAD - that is the home address in Ukraine... if anything is left of it.. do you fill that out still in English or in native letters? Some forms used to ask to fill this out in native letters, I do not see anything like this so I assume in English is ok. For the physical registration address in Ukraine we have a certificate from the national registry stating that is her address and did have this paper certified translated. Where it will ask about beneficiary's employment - she is disabled and has a little "disability passport book" idk what to call it - in America it's like a veteran's card they carry. I am thinking to have that certified translated just in case, what do you think? For parent #2 - my biological father is deceased but he passed away after that got divorced (I have a divorce decree certified translated), not sure if I still list the name and just say "deceased" where it is asking about country of residence... I-864 questions: For taxes we filed "married filing jointly" - so I would list the joint total income, correct? Since this counts as my income as well and there is also a line that is asking for the name of any other person whose income is being used. Should my husband write a little cover page that we will add as an attachment that he is fully on board with using his income? These are all the questions I can think of so far, please let me know if you have any other input and if someone is flying to file in person let's stay in touch. Thank you.
  22. Hello everyone. I overstayed my F1 visa / stamped D/S but left the US willingly without any immigration problems. It’s been 7,5 years since I left. Now I’m waiting for my IR1 interview in my country and wondering if they will require a waiver. I tried to find people that are similar to my case but I couldn’t yet. I would like to hear your opinions, please. Do you guys think they will ask for a waiver?
  23. We are in the process of filing the I-130 for our daughter and grandson. We understand USCIS is expediting cases for Ukrainians. Does any one have experience or information on whether this also true for applications filed since the war started? Thanx - Kineo #standwithukraine
  24. My husband became a USC last year and filed the i130 for his mother on 04/01/2021. This was the only thing filed at that time. She is staying with us in Florida. The I130 has been approved as of 03/23/2022, what is our next step? One guide states we should file something with NVC. wait for a letter of account creation, upload all the documents and wait for a bill to pay the filing fee and AOS online. Another says we need to file the i485 to USCIS with the fee of $1225 ($1140 + 85) and all the paperwork. Which is the correct process?
  25. Do i have to put the I-94 number date of entry and date of expiration when filling the I-130 online? He is not currently in the united states and i saw somone say before that if they are not in the USA there is no need to fill this out.
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