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  1. Hello All please help me out, filling out i130 form online for my spouse and I am stuck at Part 5 Question is "Have you EVER previously filed a petition for this beneficiary or any other alien? Should I Say "YES"? since I applied for my both parents back in 2021 and they are approved. my second question is if I choose here YES then the online application allowing me to put the information for only one parent. means, I only can put the information about my Mother either my father not for the both parents. so what should I do in this situation for better understand my question I uploaded the snapshot s of the screen where i am having a hard time. any help is appreciated. Thank a lot.
  2. Hello! I am a USC, my wife and I came to Dubai back in February to search for employment. We were living off of savings for about 1.5-2 months until I got my current job in April and I applied for my wife to get a spouse visa so that we could stay together whilst she continues job hunting. We have been here for about 3 months now and I just recently got a great job offer back in the states with a nice salary that would start in August. The only problem is that if I take this job my wife would lose her visa here and would have to go back to her home country so after doing a bit of research I found out about direct consular filing under exceptional circumstances as a way to bring her back to the states with me since I have a job offer with a short notice. However, I learned that at least 6 months of residency is a requirement for the consulate to accept an application for DCF. Is 3 months considered “short notice”? Also, since my wife and I were in Dubai for a few months prior to us getting residency and my job doesn’t start for another 3 months I would technically have over 6 months of residency before having to leave the country would that be acceptable? Do we qualify for DCF? thanks!
  3. Hi I need some information and help I am us citizen and my father he is here in us with me have have five year visa can I apply for him green card also do I need to submit for him I130 form or just I-485 only. Can I apply I130 for my Nephew because in that form there is no option but they have something about child my nephew is like un 12 year old. I really appreciate for all advice and help. Thank you so much
  4. Hi all, Thank you for allowing me to join, I read about the page on Facebook. A little about my background, I arrived in the USA on my visa waiver (WVP) for a 2 week trip with my USC fiancé, on the last day of the trip she asked me not to go home, stay with her in the USA and get married earlier than we planned. We are now married, I have overstayed my WVP and I'm out of status. We are about to file our AOS package. The question I have is, what date do I put in for the 'move in date' to her address for the I-130 and I-1485? Do I put the date I arrived in the USA, the date she asked me to stay with her, the date we are filing the AOS package or another date? I'm not sure if it complicates things, but I also have a lease back in my home country which I'm still paying for as obviously I didn't expect to be moving across the world without notice so I 'legally' haven't left that lease yet. Is it safe for her to add me to her lease in the USA as well? Any help would be gratefully received.
  5. Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone has received an interview appointment at the Abu Dhabi Embassy after recently getting their DQ. it would be great if someone would share their experience.
  6. I did not find I-130 May 2022 May Filers for parents so i created one. I submitted Application for my mom on 1st of May 2022. Got NOA1 on the same day. Sent to Potomac SC. Now i just wait.
  7. Hi, group. I hope everyone is doing fine today. 18 years ago my dad applied for my mom and me with the form I-130. USCIS sent us a notice of approval, but after that my dad didn't follow up with NVC. I asked NVC for my case number and they replied. I checked the status and it says "At NVC". Is it possible to continue with this case after 18 years? maybe with a lawyer? Or do I need to start over with USCIS? I am 27 years old (not married) and my dad is a USA citizen. I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, group. I hope everyone is doing fine today. 18 years ago my dad (LPR back then) applied for my mom (beneficiary) and me (me as a derivative) with the form I-130 in 2003. USCIS sent us a notice of approval in 2005, but after that, my dad didn't follow up with NVC. I asked NVC for my case number and they replied. I checked the status and it says "At NVC". NVC sent a notice of 1 year in 2011 but still my dad didn't follow up for reasons beyond his control. Is it possible to continue with this case after 18 years? maybe with a lawyer? Or do I need to start over with USCIS and a new I-130? I am 27 years old (not married) and my dad is a USA citizen now (naturalized). USCIS still shows as "My case was approved" NVC shows: At NVC. I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello! I am a US citizen filing for my father, who is Russian citizen located in Russia. One of the questions: At which U.S. Embassy or Consulate location will the beneficiary apply for an immigrant visa? I know that US Embassy is closed for public and does not process visitor and immigrant visas, so as far as know all cases are being redirected to Warsaw Embassy, Poland. However, the system would let me put Russia, Moscow as my Embassy of choice. Do I put Moscow or Warsaw? Thanks a lot!
  10. Hey guys, today I received two notifications. Little backstory: Husband and I went the concurrent filing route when we got married (October) and submitted the i-130, i-485 and all the other ones in November for the AOS process. Well, today I wake up to see that the i-485 was updated to 'Case Approved' but the i-130 was barely updated to 'Case Is Being Actively Reviewed' status. This doesn't really make sense to me, I know theyre two different petitions but assumed they would both be looked at together? Any knowledge, insight, advice is appreciated. This is good news, right?
  11. Hello! Please advice. I’m trying to fill out a form I-130 (Petition for a relative) online and there’s a question about whether I’m submitting another petition for another relative at the same time (part 5 question 7 of the paper form), which I am because I’m submitting petitions for both my parents. The form (say, the petition for my father) prompts me to indicate my mother’s name and my relationship to her. Here’s the quote: What is your relationship to this relative? I assume that MY relationship to my mother is Child so I chose “child”. The form accepts it and on the next screen shows my mother’s name with the word “child” below it. Seems a bit off. Should it be “parent”? But the question asks about MY relationship to my mother, NOT my mother’s relationship to me. So what should I enter there: “child” or “parent”? Thanks for your help
  12. Hi everyone, I am a Dutch national and spouse of a US citizen and we both live in the Netherlands since July 2021. My partner is actively applying to jobs in the US. We would like to move to the US and apply for a CR1 visa for me, we want to submit our I-130 and get the process started. However, we don't know whether it is best to file the I-130 directly with USCIS and wait about 1,5 years or wait until my partner actually has a job offer and then file as DCF. If we do it the regular way and file through USCIS it is not much use for my partner to continue applying for US-based jobs since we would have to be apart for too long; we are also trying to start a family in this time-frame. In that case it would just be best to wait for 1,5 years until my CR1 visa is approved. My wife has a good career and I think her chances are pretty high to land a job in the short term, it would also be best for her career if she got a job in the US. However, the US consulate in Amsterdam doesn't seem to process DCF requests: they are unresponsive by email due to severe understaffing, they have no phone number, on their website they only mention sending the I-130 to the US lockbox for US nationals resident in the Netherlands, and on the internet I could find no one who has done DCF through the consulate in Amsterdam. However, the US consulate in Frankfurt seems to be handling many DCF requests, and I also read the following on their website: "Individuals who were previously assisted by the USCIS Frankfurt Field Office (which includes individuals residing in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein) must follow these filing instructions." I was wondering if there are people here who are not resident in Germany but were assisted by the Frankfurt consulate with their DCF request? We really are in a dilemma right now whether to do regular USCIS filing and just wait; or take a chance, my wife applying for US jobs, and then see whether we can file for DCF in Frankfurt instead.
  13. I am little worried about a mistake that my lender or realtor made. My wife bought a house on mortgage. She provided her EAD and all income documents clearly stating that she was not a permeant resident. However, I was applying for her AOS and i130 and I saw the lease where I saw that her status was checked as permanent resident alien. What should be my next steps? I am very concerned. Please help me out.
  14. Hi, I am Lotiza. I am a spouse of green card holder. We plan to file i485 and i130 concurrently. However, I found out that it is not possible to file since he becomes citizen. Is that right?
  15. When filling out the DS-260, the principal applicant’s given names don’t fit in the text box. It’s short by one character because i have 3 long middle names. It says that the name we enter must match the name on his passport. What should we do?
  16. So my I-130 for my adopted daughter finally got a reply from the National Benefits Center. I got an RFE asking for additional evidence for my child. I came to Belarus from United States in 2013 to live while helping my parents there. I married and adopted my wife’s daughter. I’ve been her dad for the past 8.5 years. She’s 15 now. I sent in all the required information to USCIS that was asked of me. We left Belarus for Poland when Russia began the conflict with Ukraine. We cannot come back for the documents because of possible political prosecution of me and my wife. My father has the power of attorney in my name to get documents for me in Belarus. In the RFE, I’m requested to send in her original birth certificate which was issued upon her birth before she got her new birth certificate after her adoption by me in 2015. So basically the birth certificate with her original birth parents’ names. Unfortunately, in Belarus, they take away the original birth certificate upon adoption and replace it with a secondary birth certificate in my name and my wife’s. We do have a photocopy of the original birth certificate, but we're afraid to send it as evidence because it might be requested at the interview at NVC. So we'd rather go with getting an official letter from BY govt. Or would NVC accept such a copy?! In this case, the RFE states I can submit: I can get an official document for the 1st request. However for the 2nd one asking for secondary evidence, we might have issues finding a church record or schools records with both of her birth parents’ names. It would usually just be my wife’s name and daughter’s. She divorced 1.5 years after marriage and the father signed away his parental rights. We have a medical record book with both her birth parents names, but the whole book is handwritten with a bunch of ink stamps (this was typical in Soviet countries and still is). Does this count? Same goes for her baptismal records. It has a signature, name and stamp of the priest. Another item the RFE requests which has us worried is the they commonly ask for all sorts of affidavits. Could someone with experience or knowledge clarify what these can look like? From what I understand, I don’t need to have the notary public notarize these. Here’s an example of such a request from the letter: An affidavit detailing the exact dates and locations where you physically resided under the same roof with the adopted child outside the U.S. before or after the adoption, together with corresponding evidence. Can this be hand written or types? Do I just sign my name, address, etc.? -------------- Another interesting item in the RFE is that it mentions a bedsheet-long list of requests for evidence in case of the I-130 application going through as “Evidence that the child meets the definition of an Adopted Child under 101(b)(1)(E)”. However at the end of the letter they say the following: So it seems like if we don’t satisfy their request for the child going through as adopter, they can “easily” qualify her as a stepchild with just her original birth certificate or letter required?!?! Any useful information greatly appreciated!
  17. My American born son is sponsoring myself and his Mom to immigrate from Canada to the US. We applied and were approved for the I130. We have final numbers in the Montreal Consulate and have submitted our on-line application to the NVC. As both my wife and I submitted separate applications, we each received a letter from the NVC asking that our son fill out the Affidavit of Support and each email had a corresponding link to follow. As my son is the petitioner I forwarded him the letters to fill out the required information. He had a couple questions that I was not able to answer. Does he only fill out the AOS I-864 once for both his Mom and I? Or does he have to fill it out separately doing it for each of us even though we are immigrating together? I should also add that we will be financially stable and able to support ourselves when we do finally receive approval. Hopefully my question makes sense. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hello everyone, am a 32 year old looking to get my green card soon. Anyways I’ve been married to my wife who is a US citizen for over 12 years and I was once getting ready to file paperwork but stop in the transition. I entered illegally when I was 4-5 years old and when I was juvenile I made some mistakes including a juvenile felony for burglary(young and dumb) anyways my last ticket for driving without a license was when I was 18 years old. It’s been a long time since I’ve had contact with law enforcement. I pay taxes every year and bought my house last year. Anyways have any of you had an experience or know someone that was able to adjust without issues?
  19. For those who have just recently filed I-130 for your family members, please join the thread. I am a US citizen filing for my spouse. Priority Date is 06/22/2021, the letter came from Texas Service Center, but USCIS said the case is assigned to California Service Center.
  20. We filed for a CR1 spousal visa on Dec 31 2021. On June 14 2022, we received a case update. USCIS was actively reviewing it. We have been in limbo ever since, until now. When I checked for case updates, it now states they are actively reviewing our case since...February 23 2023...instead of June 14 2022. The message is exactly the same, but they changed the date. Does anyone have experience with this? Did our case slip through the cracks and did they suddenly find it again?
  21. This morning my wife and I filed two I-130s in which she, an American an born citizen, is requesting me and my daughter of a previous marriage as her direct family. We thought the whole process could. be done online, but apparently right now only the I-130 can. be done through the USCIS website. We are aware that the next step we should take to file the I-485s for me and my daughter. But how should we do it? Should we print the forms (we are aware that theres a new version for this year) and send them via USPS? If thats the case, how do we indicate that those files are part of our cases? Also, we understand that when filing for a minor with her parent at the same time the child's I-485 costs is less. So how do we indicate that this two I-485s are part of a same family? Thank you so much in advance, we are a bit lost in this part of the process
  22. Hi. I am a US Citizen and i’m trying to petition my parents. they currently have a tourist visa. if they have a pending i-130, are they still be able to travel here using their tourist visa? thank you
  23. I applied for my father online through uscis around mid 2020 but still now no update. till now i did not get any update. In my account, I see that Processing time is showing: Your case is taking longer than expected to process. You do not need to take any action at this time. And Case history has two data: Case Is Being Actively Reviewed By USCIS Invalid date - Invalid date We received your Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, and mailed you a receipt notice. It is being processed at our E-Filed Case Processing Section location. July 01, 2020 I messaged them couple of times through online account of USCIS and every time the are telling like: Due to the case type you are inquiring about, we regret that we are unable to provide specific information. Its been like 3 years but no update from them and became silenced every time after their responses. And there is no update from them. Anybody knows how to solve this.
  24. Read a post recently about the importance of detail when filling out the DCF London contact form and am now worried about my submission. (I haven't received a reply yet but it was submitted very recently.) A couple questions... 1. My main worry is that I asked about filing CR1 for my UK spouse through DCF in the contact form and now I worry I should have asked for I-130. The reason I did not say I-130 in the form is because I know this is the first step to filing CR1 anyway. Other than that I was as detailed as possible. Should I be worried about this / could this be a potential slip up that affects me? And if so... 2. If needed, can further detail to your enquiry be added later? There was no email confirmation of submitted enquiry that followed up my enquiry, so I don't know if this is an option. I may just be letting worry get to me too quickly, but if this is something I have slipped up on I'd rather know now!
  25. So we filed the i130 (USC filing for a spouse) in Feb 2022. Receipt notice is from Texas but USCIS Emma live chat says we are now in Nebraska. Yesterday I downloaded the PDF from the website and was reading over it, and I noticed a possible mistake that might be very bad. On the PDF, part 6, "petitioners statement", 1a. It says "I can read and understand English, and I have read and understand every question and instruction on this petition and my answer to every question." Now on my PDF, that box isnt checked! I do not remember getting that question while doing the form online. If anyone has filed their i130 for spouse online, please check if your PDF has that box checked or not. If it is meant to be checked, and I just made a mistake while filing it out online, how can I correct this? How bad is it? Please see attached screenshot. Thank you
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