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Found 5 results

  1. This topic was created for March 2019 filers Good luck
  2. Hi everyone! I am starting to put together my husbands I-751 removal of conditions to obtain his 10 year greencard. One of the issues I’m running into is showing proof that we reside at the same residence. We currently live with my mother so lease is under her name. What are some expamples of evidences I could provide to show that my husband and I live together? Also my husband and I don’t share bank accounts I don’t currently have a bank account but I am an authorized user on his credit cards. What are other examples of comingling of finances that I could provide ? Thank you!!
  3. Hi Everyone, My wife and I already filed jointly for the removal of my GC’s condition last Oct 2018 in CA. We submitted all that we could as far as evidences go the past two years of being married and residing together. We have already received my GC extension but am still waiting for my biometric appointment. However, ROC is still pending. Now, on November 2018, I travelled to Washington state to study (better healthcare program). Planning on staying here for another 6 months to build more experience before I go back to CA. The Washington State Dept of Health had me submit a finger print from the police department for background check I believe. I’m staying at my aunt’s house temporarily while I’m going through this training so I used her WA address on the finger print card instead of mine and my wife’s address in California. Will this cause any problems with my pending ROC? I still intend to go back to CA and my wife is still currently at our CA address. In fact, I’m going to see her next week for a weekend visit. I hope going to school, temporarily working here, and getting finger prints taken here won’t cause any further delays or trigger anything with USCIS while ROC is pending (all evidences have already been submitted though). Any thoughts is appreciate. Thank you.
  4. Hi Everyone, We are still months away from filing removal of conditions, but just gathering evidences ahead of time to have them organized so we won't have to cram in geting things gathered when we get closer to our window time. Here is a list of our current evidences and just want to confirm if we should be fine: A. Evidence of communal residence: Both our driver's licenses showing same address Apartment lease (I wasn't added to the lease till like 5 months after our marriage as I was waiting for ssn and my driver's license. When lease expired our landlady did not require us to sign a new lease and allowed us to continue to living at our apartment as long as we pay our month to month rent) Our proofs of continued joint communal residences though are: Electric bill under wife's name (3 of them) --one for each year Internet bill under husband's name (3 of them) -- at least one for each year Joint Home Renters Insurance (we did not think of getting one till recently so by the time we file for ROC, we only have a year's worth period of renter's insurance) B. Evidences of joint finances and liabilities: Tax Account Transcripts for the past 2 years Copy of actual credit cards to show wife as primary user and husband as authorized (no statement as statement only shows her name on it) Joint Bank Checking Account Statements from date of marriage till ROC (bi monthly) -- We have our own separate accounts, but we use our joint checking to pay bills, insurances, transfers to each other and donations with probably an average of $1000 as total deposits per month Joint Auto Insurance (We only got it joint mid-way because wife is using her company's vehicle and they use to pay for her insurance until they told her that she needs to get one for herself) Joint Vision Insurance (supporting doc so only copies of joint card and policy) Joint Dental Insurance Policy, Cards, and Bills (bills start from 3 months after our marriage till ROC) C. Affidavits -one from Aunt and Uncle -one from Grant Aunt D. Pictures -We can produce a timeline from marriage to ROC of pictures of us celebrating occasions together and with friends and family (ex. Birthdays, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas) E. Joint Travels -1st year (went to Seattle to visit family for Thanksgiving) --tickets with both our names and pictures -2nd year (went to Oakland/San Francisco to for Gran-Uncle's memorial service & to roam around San Francisco) --tickets with both our names, hotel, and pictures -2nd year (went to Seattle and Cannon Beach-- this was a road trip with pictures -3rd year (planning on going to Las Vegas with friends and possible also go to New York) F. Greeting cards sent to couple at our communal residence possibly 2-3 cards with stamps for each year (spanning from Wedding Congratulatory cards to us on our wedding up to whatever comes before ROC such as anniversary greeting card from family) I hope this would be enough. I was thinking of getting life insurance as well and make her my beneficiary. We aren't really at that stage in our marriage yet as we are still in our 20s. I know that this would be good for us but perhaps haven't really considered this yet, and we don't want to completely shift our lives just for the sake of immigration as we are happily married. Your confirmation and comments would be appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm currently gathering evidences in preparation to file removal of conditions jointly with my wife. I have a questions in regards to joint bank accounts. We currently have only one joint bank account and we use it to pay bills, church contributions, and to transfer funds to each other. We at the same time keep our existing individual accounts which we've had even before we got married. Our joint bank account has an average deposit of $1000.00 a month and has at least 10 or more transactions a month (average of probably around 15-20 transactions a month). This does go way back from the month we go married. Will this be good enough? We do have other evidences to supply such as joint tax transcripts, utility bills (electric under wife and internet under me), joint lease, joint insurances (home renters, auto, dental and vision), timelined pictures, letters from family, travel itineraries, and we could also get some affidavits. I hope we don't get an RFE. Would appreciate some advices and confirmation in regards to this matter. Thank you!