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  1. Hello all, I got NOA2 yesterday (mail) and it stated that they forward the case to NVC. I read some of the post here that NVC will not let me know about the case number or invoice ID without me calling them every single week? Here is the quote from NVC site: "You have come to this page because you received a letter or email from NVC directing you here after NVC received your approved petition from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)." So I am confused...will they or will not they let me know when they received the case, assign case number and invoice id? I really do not want to spent time to call them if they will eventually give me the case#...but if that is needed, then I guess I will do it Any helps will be greatful!
  2. https://www.uscis.gov/i-864 https://www.uscis.gov/i-864ez The 10/15/2019 editions are online. Check them out. Advise your lawyers. You know lawyers make the mistakes. Lol.
  3. Hi, I wanted to create this post for individuals who were recently (2019) approved and waiting for their case to be submitted to the National Visa Center (NVC). I was not sure if anyone is aware of this helpful link below. It provides you with the steps of for NVC and their processing time. Hopes this helps and I hope others will share their experience and helpful information. Thanks https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/after-petition-approved/begin-nat-visa-center.html
  4. Hey everyone, my case is at nvc since around 2 months cuz we couldn’t find a way. Please help us, as per my husband’s last year income he wasn’t eligible to sponsor me, but this year he’s making enough to sponsor me but we don’t have tax records of this year and this is why my case been delaying. We cannot find a joint sponsor as I heard there are some liabilities. What else we could do?? Please help me. I need it. Thanks in advance!!
  5. Hello. My i130 was approved on 26th June 2019. Its been almost 60 days and still no notification from NVC. Anyone else facing this delay? Category - F2A California Priority Date - 17 Nov 2017 i130 Approval Letter - 26 June 2019
  6. We have been waiting for an interview date for more than a month but last week I recieved an email that said that our case has been expedited and embassy will contact soon for interview.When I checked the ceac stat tracker today it showed this , does this mean that interview date has been decided and appointment letter is sent or something else?
  7. Hi All, Hows it going? I am currently uploading the Joint Sponsor and Household Member Documents on CEAC. Have uploaded their birth certificates for proof of citizenship and their address in the I864 and i864A is their US address. It's asking for Proof of Domicile for them as well. Do I need to upload their driving license or some other document as proof of Domicile or select Not Available? Thanks eMMo
  8. Hi All! So we had our I-130 Expedited for Humanitarian Reasons and requested the same for the NVC. Today we received an email from NVC says that the US Embassy (Bangkok) accepted our case for expedited processing and they will send this file immediately to the US Embassy. The NVC received our approved I-130 on 10/2/19 Wednesday I requested NVC to expedite 10/3/19 Thursday NVC requested docs to submit for expedited processing 10/4/19 Friday NVC emailed saying they are reviewed docs submitted for expedited processing 10/7/19 Monday NVC emailed saying the US Embassy Approved to expedite and NVC is immediately sending our file to the US Embassy 10/9/19 This happened so quickly that we never received a case number from NVC nor have we submitted ANY documents to NVC other than our expedite request, I-797, and USCIS sending them our approved I-130. Questons: Will we still receive an NVC case number at some point? Does not having this NVC case number slow things down? Is dealing with the US Embassy for collecting and submitting the remaining documents much faster than dealing with NVC typically? What should we expect for our next steps (specific to our situation). I've done my homework and understand the usually process but not with this sort of quick expedite approval. Thanks in advance for any help you can be! Jay
  9. Hi everyone, My case was completed at the NVC 03/16/18 (over 70 days ago) and I am waiting for an interview date to be assigned at the Montreal Embassy. My visa category is EB-2. Is anyone in a similar situation (EB-2, Montreal) who can share their experience/wait time? This is taking much longer than anticipated. Thanks a lot!
  10. I got email from NVC and login to CEAC account where NVC updated my all documents from "SUBMITTED" to "ACCEPTED" . Also I got two msg in inbox says "NEED DOCUMENT" but when I click those msg there has nothing inside! What I should do ? DO I wait for interview letter or anything else they need ? Please need help
  11. I recieved a notice of being documentarily qualified on September 4 and its been 24 days since then .How long does it take for nvc to transfer the case to embassy and get an interview date and what will the estimated date be
  12. My Priority date November 19th 2018 and it shows Receipt date for case inquiry what I can do now ? How I know current status ? My
  13. Hi Guys, My k1 visa petition got approved on August 29th but NVC says that they have still not received my petition from USCIS. I have been following some of the similar timelines where in people have started receiving their case numbers from NVC. Any suggestions or is it something I should be worried about?
  14. Hi guys! So we have submitted our docs in CEAC and so far, we're waiting for response. Now we just read how the orientation and type of document (pdf or jpeg) would affect the approval of the documents. I reviewed what we've sent and we have sent most in the upright position (easily read) except for my husband's(petitioner) and my joint sponsor's certificate of natiralization were rotated clockwise! Also, some of my scanned documents are in jpg! Should I be expecting them to be rejected?
  15. HI there, Me and my fiancee received yesterday an email from the NVC with our case number (our NOA2 is from 21st August), and we have tried to check our case status on https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspxì but it's impossible, It says all the time that the code number of Captcha is incorrect. My fiancee called the NVC this morning asking for more information about our case, but they only said that we can't track our case until is sent to Naples Have any of you founded the same problem trying to check the case status of the visa? Do you know if maybe we could enter to the shipment on 1st October? Thanks and good luck to all of you that are going through this long process!
  16. me and my fiance just got our NOA2 few days ago, we are prepared for medicals and police check, should we schedule now for 8 to 10 weeks away or wait for the nvc. i know people have had issues booking an appointment. what experiences have people had or advice.
  17. Hi. I was 21 years old when I attended a Short scholarship program in Mexico for 8months. I stayed in another Country for 8 months when I was 23 years old before moving back to my country permanently. I'm now 30 years old. Would I need to provide police Clearance from these countries For the NVC?
  18. We got our NOA 2 on August 27th, and I believe the NVC will provide our MNL Case number this week. We are hoping that we can move our case along quickly, as my fiancee would like to return to the USA with me on November 24th, 2019. Any advise and thoughts with regard to getting the interview, Medical and CFO completed quickly. Manila, PH Embassy
  19. I am permanent resident in the the country. On March 3rd 2017 ( priority date as well), USCIS received the application for my 3 children. When I sent the application at that time all 3 were younger than 21 years old. Last month we receive the Notice of Approval for all three children. My son whose birthdate is February 4th 1997 turned 21 year old in year 2018. We contacted NVC to obtained the case number from them, at that time we were informed that my son case will take longer because his visa status changed from F2A to F2B. We would like to appeal NVC for this decision. When we filled the paperwork at that time my son wasn't 21 year old and also USCIS took longer time to process the application.
  20. I'm curious if anybody else is experiencing the same problem I'm having with messages on the Dept. of State site. When I click on messages in my inbox, a grey box temporarily opens beneath the list of messages, but disappears a short time later without displaying the message. My husband and I have tried 3 different computers and every browser we can think of (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, Brave) but the result is always the same. We're not sure what else to do.
  21. A question for Chileans: For NVC/Interview, can we use the free police certificate we can get online? Or it has to be the one you get in person at the Registro Civil? When i get the police certificate on the registro civil's website it has bad formatting so i am not sure if i can use that one.
  22. Hey y'all Our petition finally got approved on September 12th! So, now we're waiting to start the NVC process but it's much more complicated than I thought it would be. I read through the wiki in regards to the processing. https://www.visajourney.com/wiki/nvc_process/ But could someone please dumb it down for me? Also, how long did this process take for you guys who have been through the processing? Please let me know Thank you guys always.
  23. Hello, I am the petitioner and I have filed for a CR-1 Visa for my Wife in India. Below is the time line of my petition: 1. Filed I-130 - Jan 9, 2019 2. NOA1 - Jan 11, 2019 3. NOA2 - Apr 04, 2019 (I-130 Approved) 4. Case sent from USCIS to NVC. 5. Case Received by NVC - May 12, 2019 6. Fees Paid for AOS and DS-260 - May 16, 2019 7. Received Police Certificate - Jun 18, 2019. 8. Submitted DS-260 and Uploaded all Civil Docs and AOS docs - Jun 26, 2018 9. NVC Received case and sent back the case to upload a Clearer Copy of Marriage Certificate - July 24, 2019 10. Submitted Clearer Copy of Marriage Certificate - July 25, 2019 11. Case Completed from NVC and Documentarily Qualified Email from NVC - Sep 04, 2019. 12. Waiting to get interview Date at U.S. Embassy in Mumbai. Does anyone know by when could we expect to get the interview date in Mumbai? I called NVC and they said that the U.S. embassy did not disclose any interview dates. Your help is much appreciated. Neel
  24. Some advice needed as calling the NVC didn't help at all. Our situation: We have been approved through USCIS and now waiting for the NVC case number. All of the paperwork with I-130 has been filled out with my wife's maiden name. She will be getting a new passport soon and will be changing her name to her married name. We haven't started the DS-260 yet and she doesn't have the new passport to make a photocopy for the required documents. Should we fill out the DS-260 with her married name? Should we wait until the interview to show the new passport and have the name changed then? I fear that if the DS-260 doesn't have her married name, we will run into some problems at the interview. Any advice would be helpful. :-) (We will be going to the Ukrainian Consulate)
  25. All my documents for my immigrant visa has been accepted by NVC, but i got no message from NVC as waiting for an interview date as my wife had. The only message i got when my last document was accepted was a NVC Feedback message. As attached the last message was on 2 July 2019, and i am expecting to receive between 60-90 days the interview date, but now i got some doubts. Should i be ok guys given they accepted all documents and remains no action to be taken in the NVC system???
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