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  1. Long story short i was studying in LA 2012-2014, took a leave of absence with intention to return fall 2015, in march 2015 i went to renew my visa which was expiring in may, the visa was renewed, in may i flew over to LA to spend the summer there before school started. I was turned away at POE because my sevis was cancelled (which i had no clue about and was not informed when i renewed my visa). I was given a 5yr ban because i didnt have $3k on me to pay for a return ticket. I want to finish my degree so I got a lawyer who prepped the 212(d)(3), went for the interview this july. The officer asked me to explain what happened and why I got the expedited removal. I told her what happened she said she believed me. She gave me a green 221g but said she didn't need the waiver packet and didn't look at it. I tried to insist but she said it wasn't necessary, she was going to 'make my application nice' and would get back to me. She said she wanted to keep my passport so that I could just "pick up the visa". The only document she looked at was my i-20. Its been 3 weeks and they havent requested any documents, status is still under AP. Uni starts in 2 weeks. I cannot find anything online anywhere about a 5yr ban 212(a)(7) waived with a 221(g) with zero documents so i dont get whats going on. Anyone know anything about this or had a similar experience? TIA
  2. Hello guys! I just need to get clarified on the email I received from the embassy below. After the interview last month I was given a 221g to submit additional documents and I submitted them the same day(relationship evidences & i864s) and after almost a month later I received the below email saying the officer needs a new joint sponsor and I would overcome this refusal finding a new one. My question is do they mean that they’re ready to grant the visa if we can find a qualifying JS? And everything else is okay to process? Such as proof of relationship and background checks..? Any opinion would be appreciated. Thanksss
  3. Hello, I sent back my joint sponsor documents with passport to Montreal. They had it on 18th September, also uploaded in CEAC. Last update was 28th September. I'm at the end of the 7th week. We already sent emails. Any advice about what to do if didn't hear back till end of 8th week? Has anybody else here in same situation?
  4. Greetings All, Just wanted to start a Mena DS-5535 Forum, as it seems tons of people here go through this process and have no platform to vent. I am not sure how deep this rabbit hole will go but I hope this will become a venue everyone can talk and vent and retain information lost with those throughout this process. As of right now, here is my timeline everybody: I hope you all gain something from this: 08MAY2023 - Interview Date - Ready 09MAY2023 - Refused 221(G) - Documents not Submitted. 10MAY2023 - Refused 221(G) - Documents Submitted 11MAY2023 - Refused 221(G) - No Action on our Behalf 22MAY2023 - Refused 221(G) - No Action on our Behalf 24MAY2023 - Refused 221(G) - No Action on our Behalf 26MAY2023 - Refused 221(G) - No Action on our Behalf 06JUNE2023 - Refused 221(G) - No Action on our Behalf 20JUNE2023 - WRIT OF MANDAMUS FILED - PETITION FOR WRIT OF MANDAMUS and Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief against RENA BITTER, ANTONY J. BLINKEN, JAYNE HOWELL 21JUNE2023 - WRIT OF MANDAMUS CASE ASSIGEND - SUMMONS (5) Issued Electronically as to RENA BITTER, ANTONY J. BLINKEN, JAYNE HOWELL, U.S. Attorney and U.S. Attorney General(zrtw) 23JUNE2023 - Refused 221(G) - No Action on our Behalf 28JUNE2023 - STANDARD ORDER for civil cases signed by our Judge 24JULY2023 (Part 1) - RETURN OF SERVICE/AFFIDAVIT of Summons and Complaint - Returned Executed as to Federal Defendant Summons Returned Executed as to U.S. Attorney General - Answer due for ALL FEDERAL DEFENDANTS by 8/21/2023 26JULY2023 (Part 2) - RETURN OF SERVICE/AFFIDAVIT of Summons and Complaint - Returned Executed as to Federal Defendant Summons Returned Executed as to U.S. Attorney General - Answer due for ALL FEDERAL DEFENDANTS by 8/21/2023 28JULY2023 - Refused 221(G) - TODAY. We had started the process to file a Writ of Mandamus after 40 days and spent $4000.00. We used Morrison-URENA. There is a Telegram Group called 'mandamus_ap' on Telegram if you give it a search that has a list of verified lawyers to give you some additional guidance that I highly recommend. Although I cannot provide the link here, you can type what I put in bold and the group will pop up. As for now. Lets see where this goes everyone. My fiance and I have 10 days left until the Gov't has to respond so wish us luck!
  5. Hello everyone, Recently had our interview and were given a 221g to submit a document and the passport. We've since sent the document and the passport to the consulate (and it has been received by them) Any idea on how long they usually take to process? And where we could track this? We don't want to be waiting for months as we've given the passport alongside the document that was requested. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. My wife is an US citizen who applied for me. On July 31, 2017, I attended my immigrant visa interview at US Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At the end of interview, Consulate Officer told me that my interview is approved and could collect my passport with visa within 10 to 15 days. They did not give me any blue slip. They kept my passport and other documents. When I returned home, I found that Ceac status is showing "Administrative Processing". But, same day it changed to "Ready". Ceac status was "Ready" for 70 days. I contacted couple times with embassy, they always reply same thing in different way that my case is required "additional processing" or "additional review". Yesterday, my Ceac status again change to "Administrative Processing" . No idea what they are doing. Is it a good sign or bad sign that my case change to "Administrative Processing" from "Ready" after 70 days. Thanks.
  7. I just did my cr1 visa interview today in Beirut lebanon and it went well the officer said that my visa is approved but then he remembered that there is one last thing to do before giving me the visa which is to process the DS-5535 which is a background check now i have heard that some people who were given this form waited for months on end and some heard 2 weeks later did anyone get this form and how long till you heard back from the embassy
  8. We painstakingly gathered and completed all the necessary documentation for our F3 visa application. Embarking on our journey to the US, we held high hopes for a smooth immigration process. This brought us to the US Embassy for the eagerly awaited visa interview. Regrettably, the outcome did not align with our expectations; our visa application encountered a temporary setback under section 221(g) of the INA. The accompanying refusal letter explained that our petition would be returned to the USCIS for further processing. This hurdle arose from a heart-wrenching circumstance - our family's petitioner and my mother passed away during the COVID-19 pandemic. While our application had been accepted at that time, it was subsequently put on hold due to pandemic-related disruptions. It is only recently that we have been able to recommence the process, driven by a steadfast determination to see it through. Prior to my mother's passing, we had a joint sponsor in place: my sister, a US citizen currently residing in the country. In the wake of the refusal, my sister has been instrumental in helping us appeal the situation, offering invaluable support and guidance. She has dispatched the necessary documents to the USCIS in Chicago via postal services, marking the initial step towards a potential resolution. Our current strategy involves positioning my sister as the new petitioner through a humanitarian reinstatement, a move we believe holds promise. Given our circumstances, we are eager to explore any available options. Is there any further action we can take, or should we await updates? If you have any additional questions or insights, please feel free to share. Your input is greatly appreciated. We extend our gratitude for your support and understanding during this challenging time.
  9. I know that there're only selected LBC branches that can deliver my passport. My questions are: 1. To where / what address do I write? Is it this address? (Note: Embassy's address on their website is almost exactly the same - except it's 1000 and not 0930. Don't know what those numbers mean.) 2. Do I only have to put my passport, 221g, etc ... in an envelope? (Brown, short). 3. Does anyone know how long it'll take for them to get back to me after receiving my passport? Guestimate is fine.
  10. "IMPORTANT: All required documents marked below must be submitted all at one time with a copy of this letter and document submission form." Questions: 1. Where do I attach "a copy of this letter and document submission form"? I understand that one would normally attach a copy of the CO's letter and document submission form with the missing document the Embassy wants to acquire. However, I don't exactly have a missing document. - DNA testing is a procedure and not a document. - DNA result will be in America and not where I am. And so, there's no document I can attach "a copy of this letter and document submission form" on. 2a. Filling up the submission form. "Please list down below the documents you are submitting:" - There's no document to be submitted. Question 2b: - Am I even suppose to fill this up when I have nothing to send? ... DNA test instruction is in the comments. Thanks.
  11. I'm having my interview next week but the medical examination till the end of month. I saw lot of threads with the same case but I just wanted to know if anyone know how long will it usually take the consulate to return your passport after the 221AP. I saw a lot of people saying that it could take up to 9months... I'm confused since this isn't my fault, all three doctors are fully booked and couldn't get any appt earlier.. Please advise. Thank you FYI: CR1- Casablanca Consulate
  12. We had our Interview at the Bogota Embassy today. My wife's visa status was given "Refusal" and was given the 221g Yellow paper stating that they need a certified raised seal divorce decree. I wasn't thinking and had thought I had a copy of the raised seal and didn't think to check if it was the real one, because I had so much on my plate. They kept my wife's passport. Now, I think I am just overthinking this, but I think it is a good thing that they kept it. I am thinking that once they get that final document that they will immediately issue her the CR1 Visa. My big issue is that I am in Colombia and the divorce decree is in the United States. I don't want to have to fly to Nevada to get it, but if I have to, I just might to get the ball rolling. Has anyone been in a similar situation?
  13. I had the additional documents with me and I showed them to the officer. The officer was happy about them but they asked me to upload them to CEAS and gave me 221g, I then uploaded the documents to CEAC on the spot. Along with the 221g they gave me a form with instructions, the last instruction is to send the original documents to the embassy via DX delivery. Which I did. My questions are: 1- Did I have to do this (send them to the embassy via DX)? since the officer already looked at the original documents in the interview, but they were only concerned that they weren't uploaded? 2- Also, I sent original documents, and I need them for the future, does the US embassy return those documents along with the passport? 3- And if so how long does the US embassy in London usually take to change the status for such scenario from Refused to Issued? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello, I am immigrating on IR1 visa and my interview is next month. I was an international student in the US and left to my home country after university. Prior to leaving I had 2 speeding tickets that I forgot to pay. After few years I came across them and called the courts to find out that I had 2 arrest warrants for not paying. I immediately stood before judges via Zoom, Judges dismissed both cases after paying the fines. Thus, both the arrest warrants dismissed. My immigration attorney answered the following question with ’NO’ since I didn’t get arrested.. Again, I was NEVER ARRESTED, but was issued an arrest warrant after leaving the US. Cases and warrants were dismissed after paying the fines. Should I have answered ‘Yes’? Is this going to trigger an administrative processing? I can’t change DS-260, Should I disclose it in advance prior to the interview or only if I was asked about it? Many thanks.
  15. Hi, is anyone in administrative processing in Santo domingo? I have been in AP since July 2021. any advice as to what can be done.
  16. Hi, I had my interview on 25th Jan from Montreal consulate and I was issued a 221g letter and asked for my additional documents which includes original birth certificate, criminal record check and my passport. I submitted my docs via courier and my last case update was 15 Feb 2023 which has been updated twice but still is refused. what does it mean? is this positive or negative response? also, is it necessary to go every 221g case to AP process or some directly get changed to issued? please let me know. Thank you.
  17. hello everybody have a good day all of you guys. My name is Garry m from India .my Cr-1 case interview was on 13 April 2023.my interview going very well . he asked me question about 15-20 minutes and saw the album pictures which i took at my interview.at the last he gave me 221G form and ask me submit joint sponsor and relation with that person.i submit all docs 20 April on CEAC website already .my question i need to send by courier or wait for them to see at CEAC. me an my wife have a 25 year difference she is older than me . we we have a a lot of evidence 6 visits including 2 time visit in Dubai before and after marriage. VO gave me my passport back also . my wife is here still with me we went interview together but they don"t allow her to go inside .i hope you understand my situation i need your support plz help me
  18. Hi, I have applied for Visitor's visa from Islamabad Pakistan. My interview was on February 11th. After asking 5-6 questions, the visa officer gave me a white slip that says that my case was refused under section 221g and further administrative processing is required. Officer told me that I will be getting an email where they will ask me some more information. After a few hours of interview, I received an email from consulate that has 10 questions including (Names and date of birth of all my siblings, names and date of births of all my children, my previous passport numbers, places where I have lived in past etc..) I have replied to their email on same day, But I have not received any correspondence from them yet. It has been more than 3 weeks, my case status on CEAC website shows refused. Please help if anyone else has gone through same process? How long will it take to verify the information that I provided them ? Thank You
  19. Hello everyone. I had my CR-1 interview on 1st of June 2022 at the US embassy in Ankara. Everything went well, but at the end of the interview the VO told me that because of my previous F1 visa overstay they need to do an Administrative Processing. He kept my passport and told me that in my case there is a good chance that I will be getting an approval soon. My question is; how long this AP would take? and I was actually nervous before the interview thinking what if I have an entry bar because of my previous f-1 overstay which was +3 years. Does this mean there is no bar, but my case only need further Administrative Processing? or there still is a possibility that they can issue an entry bar after the AP? Very confused 😕
  20. My husband had a interview Jan 11 and was given a 221g requesting for medical and additional relationship evidence and to drop his passport at the designated drop box. I have two dependents on my taxes, which is my grandmother and stepbrother, and I failed to tell my husband about it because I didn’t know they were going to ask about it and she was so focused on my taxes thinking I had children that she didn’t ask for any pictures or history of our marriage, so for three weeks we were put in administrative processing and my husband was emailed on the Feb 2 saying the CO requested a follow up interview. Has anyone experienced this and can tell me what to expect?
  21. So I'm looking for some opinions on how the following may affect a case: Due to to volatility of time it takes for an application to go from being submitted to being issued, my fiancée and I decided to have a courthouse wedding first then the actual ceremony later. We know this is not a problem, as most couple do it this way, but of course that means we have not much to show for when it comes to wedding plans as proof of a bona-fide relationship at the interview. We came up with the maybe not so great idea of stating our plans in our Letters of Intent to marry. So question here, could that be interpreted as the petition being for immigration purposes? As if another way to word it would be "We are doing the courthouse wedding only for the purpose of fulfilling our end of the bargen." Any thoughts??
  22. Hello, anyone got the same situation as mine before? got interviewed last tuesday USEM Manila (april 4, IR2) and it went well until the end of the interview, I got a 221g white letter. CO asked for a joint sponsor and its documents. In the letter it is asking me to upload those docs at CEAC before mailing it to the courier. But the only option is uploading it through my petitioner's additional documents since the option to add joint sponsor is long gone. My question is, is it okay to upload it through petitioner's additional docs AND how long will this process usually take? I know this is a case to case basis, but for those who had the same situation before, any response is appreciated :)
  23. My mom had her interview on March 6 and was refused by the embassy and she received a 221g letter. She was asked to submit a police clearance from Singapore. My mom worked in Singapore from 1984-1987 and that's almost 40 years ago. She has no documentation of her employment there and the Singapore Police Force has been silent with our inquiries. We are also working with the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore and they are not replying to us yet. The information we need from Ministry of Manpower is my mom's FIN number. Since it's been a while she worked there, our problem is what if she has no record. What should we do, if we cannot retrieve my mom's FIN number and Singapore Police clearance? Should we seek legal advise from an immigration lawyer? Our case is very time sensitive because my mom's medical will expire in May 22. The validity of her medical is three months only because she has to undergo Sputum testing. We have exhausted our resources and we are anxious that all efforts will go to waste. We've been petitioning our mom since 2018, and we are getting tired of countless challenges. We hope that you all can help and give us advises.
  24. Hello, everyone. My parents had their interview yesterday at Abu Dhabi and they got sent home with their passports. They have all the required documents even their old passports, they answered all the questions but towards the end of the interview the consul asked if they have applied for visa before and they said no. The consul said my parents have visa applications from 2003-2004 showing up on the system. However, they have never submitted any applications and my petition is the very first time! They were sent home with their passports and was told that the embassy needs further “clarification” and to wait for an email for instructions. Their visa status now says “refused” on CEAC. Has anyone experienced this or heard about this kind of experience?
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