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  1. Good day! My father was asked by the USEM to secure a Letter of Explanation from NBI because of the remarks NO CRIMINAL RECORD. He had an accident in 1978. However, the NBI required us to secure court order but per Metropolitan Trial Court certification states "This is to certify that all criminal cases filed before this Office from January 02, 1947 to June 11, 1988 were totally destroyed by fire." Please note that the case was dismissed and a court order was also submitted in 1984 when a NBI clearance was required for travel to Saudi Arabia. My father secured a Police Clearance from Quezon City (also where the accident took place) that states NO DEROGATORY RECORD. What other documents can we present to the NBI so that they will issue a new NBI clearance that says NO DEROGATORY RECORD.
  2. Greetings, I had immigrant visa interview (Category: F2B, DQ: Aug. 28, 2020, PD: Jun. 16, 2015) in Montreal on Jul. 22 morning. The CO asked me a lot of questions and the actual interview lasted about 10mins. After interview was done, he retained my PCCs & passport and I was given a white paper (221g marking - additional processing is required). All docs were good, he didn't need anything from me and medical result arrived couple days before my interview. He also said I should hear back from him within one week, which is today. So far, I still haven't any update in CEAC which still shows "Refused". I have U.S. B1/B2 visa and had frequent U.S. entries and exits; I'm holding Canadian PR in Canada; I also google my name & used name, it turned out both came back with something related to rocket & electronic technologies. Could anyone elaborate should it be a problem? What's the process of being 221(g)? Any experience? Any input is highly appreciated!! Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello, I was interviewed in March 2022 and got approved by the VO but visa could not be issued due to 120 days rule. Later, in the last week of June I received a passport submission request from the embassy. I submitted it on the next day. A day later status changed to "Your Passport is still with the embassy / consulate". After 4-5 days, the status changed to "Document Delivery Information:" which is still that up till now. What does that indicate? CEAC status is same since the interview date. How much time is expected for the delivery of passport? Anyone having similar experience? Pl reach out. Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone! So my husband had his interview a few weeks ago, and he’s Iranian. The interview went well, but he got handed the 221g white slip and the consulate officer just asked him what military service he served in, plus his employment history and travel history. He’s traveled in Europe as we already live here in Spain together and He already provided that before but anyways, my husband sent that info and the ds5535 form in the next day via email as asked. He hasn’t served in the IRGC, but he served in the other military service in iran. My question is, does anyone know the administrative processing for Iranians? I emailed the embassy today and they said it could take up to 6 months but from what I’ve read online, they say most AP is processed within 60 days. How is it for Iranians? Thanks so much guys!
  5. Hello everyone. I had my CR-1 interview on 1st of June 2022 at the US embassy in Ankara. Everything went well, but at the end of the interview the VO told me that because of my previous F1 visa overstay they need to do an Administrative Processing. He kept my passport and told me that in my case there is a good chance that I will be getting an approval soon. My question is; how long this AP would take? and I was actually nervous before the interview thinking what if I have an entry bar because of my previous f-1 overstay which was +3 years. Does this mean there is no bar, but my case only need further Administrative Processing? or there still is a possibility that they can issue an entry bar after the AP? Very confused 😕
  6. Hi, I have applied for Visitor's visa from Islamabad Pakistan. My interview was on February 11th. After asking 5-6 questions, the visa officer gave me a white slip that says that my case was refused under section 221g and further administrative processing is required. Officer told me that I will be getting an email where they will ask me some more information. After a few hours of interview, I received an email from consulate that has 10 questions including (Names and date of birth of all my siblings, names and date of births of all my children, my previous passport numbers, places where I have lived in past etc..) I have replied to their email on same day, But I have not received any correspondence from them yet. It has been more than 3 weeks, my case status on CEAC website shows refused. Please help if anyone else has gone through same process? How long will it take to verify the information that I provided them ? Thank You
  7. Hello guys!! I need your opinion on my situation. I am a US & Sri Lankan dual citizen who recently moved from SL to US. When I was in SL, I petitioned for my husband to come to the United States and we are in the final stage of the process with the embassy. Since I came to the US during the covid period I couldn’t find work related to my field which is Bio Tech & Pharma. So I started working for a coffee shop as a cashier. But I wasn’t making enough to sponsor my spouse neither had I filed taxes before, so I submitted the i864 with a joint sponsor( income $30,101). She was working for a hotel but with this covid she was temporarily laid off from work but she was receiving unemployment benefits. So by the time of the interview of my spouse I could find a job in my field with an income slightly higher than the income requirement set by the DHHS poverty guidelines. It is about $1000 higher for the current year which is $22,608. It will be around $31,104 before taxes for the next year ($18 an hour & 36 hours a week). We also don’t have any dependents. I prepared a new i864 including new income details and asked my husband to present it to the CO at the time of the interview. Then the CO had issued him a 221g to review the case and after almost a month later, yesterday he was informed by the embassy that the officer needs a new joint sponsor. Herewith attached a screenshot of the email from the embassy. I don’t know anywhere else to find a new joint sponsor. I would certainly make way above the income requirement next year as I will be having a pay raise starting from next month. Also in the email from the embassy they have mentioned that there is a requirement to file a i864A. From the readings I did, I don’t think there’s a requirement to file a i864A unless the petitioning USC spouse uses his/her family members as the joint sponsors to meet the income requirement. What do you guys think I should do? What are my options? Thanks in advance.
  8. My husband (the applicant) had his IR1 interview in Mumbai and received a 221g letter asking for submission of additional documents to prove that I intend to reestablish domicile in the US. (I have been living in India for a few years.) We live in New Delhi and planned to drop the documents and passport, as requested in the 221g letter there. However when we make an appointment with the VAC on US Travel Docs, we have to select a date for the appointment and the location by default is Mumbai. We are confused. Do we drop the documents (and passport?) in Delhi? Do we need to travel with them to Mumbai again? What is a "Follow Up Appointment" and do we need to submit additional documents there or to a drop box anywhere beforehand? I've seen a few queries like this here. Would appreciate any help.
  9. Hello Everyone, I just finished my immigration process and I wanted to post this topic for people who have been placed in Administrative processing 221(g) and don't know what to expect. Back in 2012 when I was placed in Administrative Processing, I had no clue what to expect and found various posts with no clear guideline as to what should be done and what to expect. Whatever I post here is totally based on my experience and I am hoping it will help people that are going through the similar situation. We got married in June 2011 and I had applied for CR1 visa in fall of 2011. It took about 8 month from the day we filed our case until the interview date which took place at the consulate in Montreal. I would say the procedure was really smooth and we got the interview date within the expected time frame. My interview was very easy and lasted only 5 minutes. The officer barely asked any questions and did not ask for any proof what so ever. Once my interview concluded I was handed a welcome letter and the officer told me I should receive my visa within a few days. I was so excited, booked my ticket, quit my job and started packing. I didn't hear anything from the consulate for a week and I started getting a bit worried. Then about 10 days later, I received a letter in mail that gave me the shock of my life. The letter stated that my visa is refused due to a clause called 221(g) because my case needed further administrative processing. Me and my wife started freaking out and didn't know what to do. We contacted our lawyer and he had no idea what AP was and started emailing the US consulate which did not help at all. I started doing some research on it and didn't find any clear guideline. People had different opinion on this. Some people advised to involve congressman and others advised to wait. So here is my suggestion based on my experience. Even if one person benefits from this I'll be happy. I will use the abbreviation 'AP' for Administrative Processing which is also known as Administrative Review or 221(G). 1) If you're born in MENA country/Muslim country such as Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan or have a Muslim name such as Khan, Muhamad or have visit any of these countries previously or have parents who immigrated from there, chances are you will be placed in AP. The name does Not have to be a common muslim name. Also if you're from India and your last name is Singh, Patel or any other common name you may also be place in AP. Women usually don't go through AP as much as men do. 2) You may be approved at the interview initially and the officer might hand you a welcome letter stating that your visa is approved you'll be receiving it soon but you may still be placed in AP. 3) Once in AP, the consulate will NOT give any details or reasoning as to why you were placed in AP and how long it may take (Unless its document related). You can email them 10 million times and will receive the same response. "Your case is currently undergoing mandatory AP, we will let you know once the process is completed". 4) You can involve a congressman, Senator, President or a Prime minister. It will NOT speed up the process or help you in any way. Trust me on this one. We involved a Congressman because people posted online that it speeds up the process but it doesn't help much. The ONLY way it helps is that instead of waiting 2-3 weeks to get a response from the Consulate, you only have to wait one week because they're obligated to respond to congressman within that time frame. The response would still be the same. 5) Please DO NOT contact the consulate for inquiry for at least 2 months from the date you're placed in AP. It does frustrate them. 6) If you're a Canadian Citizen i.e, have a Canadian Passport, AP will take 12 months. Yes there are cases that are resolved sooner but 12 months is the maximum time consulate can take and usually it does take that long. So be prepared. My interview was on September 17, 2012 and my AP was completed on September 17, 2013. They cannot take longer than 1 year for Canadian citizens. If you have a Pakistani Passport, AP could take any where form 2 to 5 years, so be prepared to wait. 7) Now lets get to what really goes on in AP. Well, it could be anything we don't know. But from what my lawyer told me, they run security checks and various other checks on you. My lawyer told me they run checks from up to nine different agencies and it takes time to get the checks completed. 8) Calling DOS won't help much either. I used to call them once a week but they didn't help. They will tell you the same thing as consulate so don't waste your time calling them. 9) Once AP is completed, you will either receive an email or a letter in mail stating that your visa is ready for further processing. They might request some updated documents such as Medical and Police report. Depending on what got expired. 10) DOS will not update their system until the visa is issued so don't freak out if they still say you're case is still in AP. 12) Once you submit your paperwork, you can submit an online inquiry to the consulate to make sure they received it. Usually it takes about 20 days for an officer to have your documents in hand for processing. Then hopefully if everything goes well, you should receive your visa package within 45 days of submitting everything. You can check your visa status on CAEC website to see whether its issued or not. Hope this post helps. People might have different experiences but whatever I posted is totally based on my experience. Let me know if you have any questions with regards to this and I will try to answer to the best of my ability. Thank you and I hope and Pray that you can be with your spouse soon Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Fayyaz (Fez) Khan.
  10. Hello VJ experts, I have very long and heart wrenching journey but I will cut it short. I applied for my wife in 2017 as lpr, by May 2019 she and my kids (born in 2018) had their interview in Pakistan but they were handed 221G and then I submitted all required docs but had no answer, I kept emailing them but they didn't move an inch and then covid and all the bans started, now back in DeC 2021 they reopened my case and asked for Medical, visa photos and passport and now I had a third child so I added him and then they schedule an interview for my newborn only obviously along with my wife and it happened on Feb 08 2022, this time VO said everything is good except for my passport which they haven't recieved, unfortunately we mailed the passport through the courier because it was for my wife and took the passport of newborn to embassy which they kept, my wife passport was mailed on 27 Jan 2022 and when I asked courier they said passport was received by embassy on 28 now I am not sure what happened to it, anyway till now my case was refused but now on 24 Feb it changed to AP, am I again in the long cycle of AP. I can't tell you how hard it is for me and my family and miss you kids childhood to be in AP for 3 years and now after second interview they have again put my family in AP, the frustration can not be define in words. Please guide me. Thanks
  11. Hi all, I am newly registered but have been reading the post for quite some time and it has been very helpful. My story goes as follow: I had my Eb-2 visa interview at Guangzhou Consulate around mid October 2018. I told the VO that I currently work for a state-owned employer in China but have never been a CCP (China Communist Party) member. At the end of interview I was issued a green slip "final processing letter". It said the visa has been preliminary approved, but I need to submit additional information regarding to my current employer. I submitted relevant info accordingly. A few days after my submission, the Consulate emailed me with a new white 221 (g) sheet says “SAO Sheet-D”, requesting a statement re CCP and a detailed resume, for “Administrative Processing”. I was confused because I have never been a CCP member, and I promptly submitted the requested information which clearly stated so. Unfortunately there was no further development on my case since then, except for a couple of case status "last update date" change about 2 weeks ago. Today the case status still remains as “Administrative Processing”. The passport is still with the Consulate since interview. Later I learned that SAO stands for "Security Advisory Opinion", and many people who were previous CCP members have been requested similar information and gone through the process which takes extensive time. In my case there is a key difference however: I have never been a CCP member at all. I thought maybe it has to do with my current employer which is state-owned, but my affiliation is solely because of employment, and it should not be a ground for inadmissibility. Therefore I’ve got a feeling that this might be a mistake. I wrote to the Consulate, to the Department of State and asked my district congressional representative to explain my situation and for further help. All inquiries were eventually directed to the Consulate (or it's IV unit) and the response were all like: "...case is currently under AP in accordance with Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.... AP often lasts several months, but in some instances it can take significantly longer". No case specific discussions were shared. It has been more than four months since the interview and I really don't know what to do at this point. I would appreciate if anyone could share any similar experience, resource to go to or advise on what I should do. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi everyone, My Fiancé had his medical exam 10/20/21. They said that they would send the results to the embassy in 1-3 weeks. My fiancé had his interview 11/9/21. At his interview they said they still had not received the medical results and they “refused” our visa. We called the facility where my fiancé had his exams and they said that they hand delivered my fiancés results to the embassy on 11/10/21. As of 11/18/21 the CEAC says this: “A U.S. consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please follow any instructions provided by the consular officer. If you were informed by the consular officer that your case was refused for administrative processing, your case will remain refused while undergoing such processing. You will receive another adjudication once such processing is complete. Please be advised that the processing time varies and that you will be contacted if additional information is needed. For more information, please visit TRAVEL.STATE.GOV or the website for the Embassy or Consulate at which you made your application.” What should we do? I had my heart set on the idea that we would be together for Thanksgiving but it is now looking to be impossible. WHAT ARE OUR OPTIONS HERE? Do we just keep waiting? When we call the embassy they won’t check our case to make sure they have the results and they just tell us to wait. How can we be sure that the medical exam results are there and that our case is being reviewed? I am fearful that our case will be sent back to the US… please help!
  13. My fiancés interview was November 23. Everything went well he was congratulated and giving given the domestic violence pamphlet that's given to successful applicants. The officer then noticed his medicals were not in the system. He was given the 221g and told when received his visa will be printed. Medicals were received on 12/1 case was updated to application received on the ceac portal. We went from application received to AP on the 6th. Nothing has happened since. I emailed them they said the case is progressing. How long does this normally take?
  14. Hello! Does anyone have a lawyer to recommend that has experience with 221g & administrative processing for IR1 visa? Thank you!
  15. i am just qurious, what are the chances of denial, when a case is in administrative processing. my case is in administrative processing since november2018 in montreal.
  16. Hey guys, I had my interview 10th Nov and I was refused due to AP. Since then, my CEAC status changed from Refused to Application Received within the last 2-4 days. As per usual, the page says to check after 2 business days but I have a feeling it will take a little longer. Is anyone else going through the same or Has anyone been through the same?
  17. Hello! I had my CR1 visa interview on the 25th of October and it went well however I received a 221G slip with missing Tax Transcript/W2. My passport was kept by the CO. My husband submitted it the same day right after the interview to the CEAC portal. My case date has updated on the 28th of October and the 1st of November. Has anyone been in a similar situation? How long does this usually take to process? Thank you!
  18. So I applied for both of my parents for IR5. My dad is ahead and his interview is upcoming. The NVC send me a message I don's qualify for the sponsorship. I don't make much but I though we could use the assets of my dad in his home country. Do we fill out the I -864 A as well? If we were to be asked to get a joint sponsor, how long do we have after the interview to submit the document?
  19. Hi, My wife went for the interview on Oct 5 IR1 and I also applied for her daughter I130 and her case is currently pending at NVC. In wife's appointment letter daughter's name was listed as Additional Applicant so she took daughter to the interview with her passport. (completed Medical and biometric as well) Interview went ok and in the end the CO asked wife the passport and removed tourist visa and also asked daughter's passport and removed her tourist visa too and returned the passports back and said approving your case won't help since you have to wait for your daughters case to reach here so once her case is approved we will approve your case and gave 221G and the letter says "Bring the following documents to the VAC: -- evidence of approved petition for your child" he said you can drop off copy of the approved petition at one of the drop off locations. my question is what is the approved petition for the child means? is it I130 or NVC Documentarily Qualified? thanks for the help.
  20. Hello, My husband had his interview (Tunisia ) on late August. His interview was approved. But according to the consular officer the DS-5535 was needed to issue his visa. He was given 221g sheet and asked to fill out DS-5535 Supplemental Questions as soon as possible. He was told that the form will be sent to Washington DC for a review. We got the DS5535 form on the same day of his interview (appx. after 2 hours). We filled out and send back to them on same day. After sending the form, we sent an email to confirm that they received and send the form to Department of State. We got confirmation email on next day of interview that they received the form and sent to Department of State. He was told that his case now is under Administrative Processing. Since then, we have not seen any status or date update on CEAC website. It's been exactly 40 days passed since the interview. I was wondering if anyone been through same process before? I know the process does not have a fix time and it varies US consulate. My question is, will that be helpful to involve my local congressman or senator in this situation? What rights do we have in order to get an update in our case status? Thank you
  21. I received a 221g updated medical report submission letter in the mail on the 10th of September. I had the medical test done on the 16th of September. All went well and the doctor made me take the yearly flu shot and she asked me if I had taken the COVID vaccine before I was jabbed with the flu shot. I didn't get the vaccine cuz we don't have Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson in India. I was planning to get them after completing immigration. I made an appointment for 221g document submission and dropped off the updated medical report yesterday. (October 6th which is 5 days after the vaccine requirement clause kicked into effect beginning in the 1st of October). Will I receive another 221g request for an updated medical, this time asking me to show proof of covid vaccine completion in the medicals? We don't have any of the three US vaccines. We have the Indian version of AstraZeneca called Covishield which has a 12 week interval between the 2 doses.
  22. I just did my cr1 visa interview today in Beirut lebanon and it went well the officer said that my visa is approved but then he remembered that there is one last thing to do before giving me the visa which is to process the DS-5535 which is a background check now i have heard that some people who were given this form waited for months on end and some heard 2 weeks later did anyone get this form and how long till you heard back from the embassy
  23. i went to my cr1 visa interview in sep 13 2021 and i got my approval but the officer gave me a 221g to fill the DS 5535 form, told me they want to process this form before giving me the visa, so did anyone here get the same form and how long did you have to wait till being issued a visa, my ceac case status says refused and case last updated in 17 sep
  24. Hello everyone, Anyone who has experienced a letter from US Embassy Philippines asking you to schedule an oath-taking? What does it mean? Do they still ask questions like in interview? I had my interview for Immigrant visa (EB2) done last year in October. Unfortunately, I was refused under 221g and my documents were returned back to USCIS for additional processing. Now I had another letter from them asking me to schedule an appointment, they have ticked the oath-taking box and not the interview box.
  25. I had my interview July 7 for k1 visa. I received a 221g for submitting additional documentation to verify our relationship. It has been about 3 weeks since the ceac status has been in refused. The updated date has changed just once after the status was changed to refused. Anyone who received 221g, how long does the US embassy in Nepal takes to respond to 221g? I guess they don’t need to verify anything outside of what we submitted.
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