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  1. Hello, My husband had his interview (Tunisia ) on late August. His interview was approved. But according to the consular officer the DS-5535 was needed to issue his visa. He was given 221g sheet and asked to fill out DS-5535 Supplemental Questions as soon as possible. He was told that the form will be sent to Washington DC for a review. We got the DS5535 form on the same day of his interview (appx. after 2 hours). We filled out and send back to them on same day. After sending the form, we sent an email to confirm that they received and send the form to Department of State. We got confirmation email on next day of interview that they received the form and sent to Department of State. He was told that his case now is under Administrative Processing. Since then, we have not seen any status or date update on CEAC website. It's been exactly 40 days passed since the interview. I was wondering if anyone been through same process before? I know the process does not have a fix time and it varies US consulate. My question is, will that be helpful to involve my local congressman or senator in this situation? What rights do we have in order to get an update in our case status? Thank you
  2. Long story short i was studying in LA 2012-2014, took a leave of absence with intention to return fall 2015, in march 2015 i went to renew my visa which was expiring in may, the visa was renewed, in may i flew over to LA to spend the summer there before school started. I was turned away at POE because my sevis was cancelled (which i had no clue about and was not informed when i renewed my visa). I was given a 5yr ban because i didnt have $3k on me to pay for a return ticket. I want to finish my degree so I got a lawyer who prepped the 212(d)(3), went for the interview this july. The officer asked me to explain what happened and why I got the expedited removal. I told her what happened she said she believed me. She gave me a green 221g but said she didn't need the waiver packet and didn't look at it. I tried to insist but she said it wasn't necessary, she was going to 'make my application nice' and would get back to me. She said she wanted to keep my passport so that I could just "pick up the visa". The only document she looked at was my i-20. Its been 3 weeks and they havent requested any documents, status is still under AP. Uni starts in 2 weeks. I cannot find anything online anywhere about a 5yr ban 212(a)(7) waived with a 221(g) with zero documents so i dont get whats going on. Anyone know anything about this or had a similar experience? TIA
  3. Anyone here got remedical email F4 category in islamabad. After how long u received visa after submission of medical?
  4. I have a question about my spouse's interview & bonafide proof - We dated for 3 years and got married in Jan-2020 and filed i130 in Feb-2020 We got our NVC approval back in Oct-2020 and waiting for an interview at Montreal, CA When we filled our i130 we only submitted the documents which were minimum needed: we did out paperwork through a lawyer -- so did not submit any pics or proof of visiting my spouse (tickets) or anything else to that regards --- only bonafide proof we submitted at that time was join account opening letter, and my life insurance beneficiary declaration. We got our i130 approval and filled paperwork from NVC where we submitted again listed document as well, so again no pics, or anything. We have pics, flight tickets of our visits, gift receipt, affidavits from our friends and family, join account info, 401k & life insurance beneficiary which my spouse will be bringing to the Interview -- but as we did not submit any of these proof before - do we need to worry it? I have seen some posts where they had a similar case and they got 221g, so we are just worried.
  5. Hello everyone, Anyone who has experienced a letter from US Embassy Philippines asking you to schedule an oath-taking? What does it mean? Do they still ask questions like in interview? I had my interview for Immigrant visa (EB2) done last year in October. Unfortunately, I was refused under 221g and my documents were returned back to USCIS for additional processing. Now I had another letter from them asking me to schedule an appointment, they have ticked the oath-taking box and not the interview box.
  6. Hi everyone, just need help or clarifications about this matter. So my dad was interviewed last October 2020 for his Ir1 visa - Spouse of US Citizen at US embassy in Manila. His Visa was refused after interview , he was given a 221g form to submit NBI Explanation Letter. For 5 months we have not received any updates regarding his case. Last April 13, 2021 we received an endorsement letter from USEM for his NBI interview, he was interviewed and NBI said they have submitted the letter already to USEM the following week. No updates since then. But this week for we have been checking the status of his visa, 4 consecutive days now the dates were updated from May 24, 25, 26, & 28, 2021 but the status is still REFUSED. Is this a good sign, will we be getting an update or the final results soon from USEM ? How long does it usually takes to get a result?
  7. Hi m i just want to ask if anyone had experience submitting NBI explanation letter to USEM ? After NBI forwarded the letter to USEM, how long does USEM usually gives update regarding the status of a Refused IR1 visa ? We also mailed the passport and a new NBI clearance to USEM. Been sending emails to USEM but until now there has been no replies from them. Tried calling but no answers. It has been 8 months now since the Visa Interview. Anyone had experience this situation? Please share and whats the best thing to do? Thank You
  8. Hi m i just want to ask if anyone had experience submitting NBI explanation letter to USEM ? After NBI forwarded the letter to USEM, how long does USEM usually gives update regarding the status of a Refused IR1 visa ? We also mailed the passport and a new NBI clearance to USEM. Been sending emails to USEM but until now there has been no replies from them. Tried calling but no answers. It has been 8 months now since the Visa Interview. Anyone had experience this situation? Please share and whats the best thing to do? Thank You
  9. i had the interview for k1 visa. my case was refused under 221g (administrative processing). they give me my passeport back and my case its returned to the uscis. maybe beceuse i didn't bring the tax return ? i really don't know what i should do . thank you .
  10. I get 221g for all relationship proof on my interview. After some time i submit all documents whatever they ask and after submitting one week i get all documents back with new 221g. And they ask to submit passport. After submitting today my status change refused to ready again. May i knew what next step i have to do now. Please help me
  11. Hello friends. my husband had his interview on March 8. He got a 221G but it doesn’t say “Administrative processing” on it. It just asked for some documents for proof of relationship. It asked for our marriage certificate, address of the last 5 years, photos, wedding Albulm, money transfers, and stuff like that. We submitted our documents at the VAC drop off location on March 26 (that was our appointment). Can anyone please give me an estimate time line please? It’s been a week and still nothing has came. Please I’m praying to you anyone help me 🙏🏼
  12. Dear , I had my interview recently and the councilor approved my visa , also provided the approval letter starting with congratulations. BUT TODAY I HAVE RECEIVED A MAIL WITH 221g , also it seems to be expired. PLEASE PROVIDE FOR GUIDANCE . If anyone has gone through the same situation.
  13. After interview June 2019 got 221g submit documents Aug 2019 9 jan 2020 got mail by embassy sending file back to NVC IR1 Case return to NVC 21 February 2020 case received USCIS After that no any answer or no reply mail please help me out with this stuck it’s one year already stuck in USCIS My case has been stuck at USCIS after consulate returned it for further review. I have already send many email Is there anything else I can do? Does anyone know email address for new USCIS director? Does anyone know email address for DHS director? Please let me know if there is anything I can do to put some pressure. Thanks
  14. Hi VJ Family, First off, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for sharing your stories, and giving the best advice -- if it was not for you guys, my process would have been more difficult. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Secondly, I do apologize in advance, as my story might get long. Please bear with me. I have been going back and forth for the past week, contemplating whether or not to share my story. Today, I woke up and finally decided to share my journey in hopes of receiving sound advice and possibly helping others who are going through / will go through this issue. Petitioner & Beneficiary Background I am a US Citizen and my wife is from India. My wife's family and my family have been very good friends for the past 30 - 40 years. As a result of the good friendship, I met my wife through my grandfather and wife's father / now my father in law. My wife and I are a mere 4 years apart in age (I am older). We are from the same caste/ community. We have the same religious background. My father and my father in law even went to school together when they were young. Our families definitely approve and support our relationship. That being said, as close as both of our families are, we are not related and did not get married for immigration purposes. My wife and I have always known about each other, but never in a million years would have imagined getting married to one another. We started "talking" in September 2017 and we decided to meet in person and got married in December 2017. I knew she was the one -- we just hit it off from the moment we met. This registered wedding was small and intimate -- around 250 attendees. (Side note: This past December 2018, we had a reception and day of rituals, since all of my friends and family were in India. This event was just a celebration. This date was not mentioned anywhere, like on social media or during the interview.) Yes, I did marry her upon my first visit, in India, to see her. In my defense, that is how arranged marriages work (or I think?) Everything happened so fast, and I knew if I would have not married her then, I would have lost a great girl and someone else would have swept her off her feet. Employment & Education Currently, I am employed and have a steady job. I make just a tad bit over the poverty limit for 2 people. I used my parents as household members for that extra little push in the Affidavit of Support portion. I had all the paperwork necessary and it passed the NVC stage. Financials were not brought up during the interview. So, I do not believe this was a cause for concern for the CO during the interview. My wife is currently studying Pharmacy at her local college. This got me thinking... since Pharmacy is on the TAL list, could this possibly be a red flag? or just overthinking on my part? Travel In the 15 months we have been married, I have visited my wife 2 times and have spent an average of 30 days with her each visit. I have boarding passes/ itineraries/ pictures from each trip. All of our travel is well documented. However, we have yet not had a chance to go on a honeymoon, since I have always had to attend family and friend's weddings and my wife cannot take much time away from school. Do you think us not going on a honey could be a red flag? Interview Process March 4, 2019 : According to my wife, the interview process was smooth. Albeit, she was quite nervous. They had asked her a total of 15 questions, which covered the topics below: Who is the petitioner? Where does the petitioner live? Who does the petitioner live with? Did you have a love or arranged marriage? What was the date of your wedding? (CO asked this question twice, and had her retake the oath for the second time) Asked if we had any pictures from our wedding? Wife had to explain who each person in the picture was and their relationship to her. Few questions about petitioner's siblings, nephew, and grand father Do you have any family in the US? Where do they live? When and if you go to the US, will you live with your husband? or your sister? What is your mother's maiden name? What are you plans if you reach the US? We had plenty of other evidence on hand, such as chat logs, call logs, money transfers, gift receipts, affidavits from friends and family, hotel receipts, social media posts, other photos of our relationship, etc. but the CO did not ask for anything other that wedding photos. Interview Result Upon finishing her interview, my wife was handed a white 221G letter stating that our file is incomplete and our visa application has been refused. The letter also went on to mention the case is currently under administrative processing and we would need to re-interview. I have attached the 221G letter for your review. My wife was quite surprised to hear this. She thought the CO liked her answers and was happy when looking at the wedding photos. What caught my attention about the letter was, the CO asked for a re-interview when we are ready, but there was no verbal or written reason for denial. Usually with 221G's, I have seen them ask for additional documents or actually give a reason for denial. Has anyone ever dealt with this before? or seen a letter like this? I have contacted the embassy in regards to this matter. The consulate's reply was pretty generic and just stated, "be patient as it could take 60 days to resolve" In conclusion Everything seems so great, but it has been a rough journey to say the least. In my eyes, our entire process is pretty normal and happens on a daily basis in India. But I have no idea why the CO would hand us a 221G with re-interview on it without mentioning why. Again, has anyone dealt with this before? Or can provide me with any information on what to do next? Should I start preparing anything? I understand waiting for the Embassy/ CO/ Consulate to give an answer is our only option right now. But, I am going crazy and overthinking the whole situation. Please HELP!!
  15. Hello everyone 👋 I am a member here since 2017. It was a long journey for my applying my K1 and recently just had my citizenship interview and everything went well and passed it. Hope my timeline will help. God speed 😘 Fiancé Visa (K1 Visa took 17 months ) October 2015 Application for K1 Visa sent *November 2015 NOA1 *April 2016 NOA2 / additional documents needed *October 2016 - i-129f application approved *November 16, 2016 - NVC *November 26,2016 Letter from Embassy ( stating I can start my medical and make an appointment for my interview) Note: My K1 took a longer process because my husband had a misdemeanor when he's in college. And btw If your fiancé had “ misdemeanor or felony “ make sure you know everything about it. The officer asked me details about my husband misdemeanor” *November 30, 2016 flew to Manila *December 1, Medical Exam (Thursday) *December 5, got my Medical results ( Passed) *December 8, Interview ( 221g ) *December 29, Letter from Embassy for a SECOND INTERVIEW* _X__ Others: Additional information for petitioner. ( my husband forgot to include his divorce decree reason of RFE ) *Feb 6.2017 2nd Interview (Passed Thanks God) *February 20, Visa packet On hand!! ❤ ### CEAS Status ISSUED ### *February 27, Flew to Manila *February 28, CFO ceminar and getting my Sticker Note for K1 Visa: So the Interview is pretty much about your fiancé. So make sure you’re confident about his information. I remember one question back 2017. The officer asked me What’s my husband mother “ Maiden name “ so keep in mind that the interview it is never hard if you’re prepared and confident to answer everything. Make sure all the documents you submitted, you read and understand because they will ask about it too. *March 1, traveling Manila to Japan same date : Japan to Los Angeles ( port of Entry) finally I'm with him ( March 02,2017 🇺🇸) 👏👏👏💕 *May 1 ,2017 we got married -Adjustment Of Status (AOS) ( 2 years Green Card ) *July 03, application send *July 17, NOA1 *July 28, NOA2 with biometrics appointment *August 04, Done biometrics *September 05, Received my Interview Appointment *October 06,2017 AOS Interview *November 2017 Got my Conditional Green Card Note for Adjustment of Status: AOS is the process you made after you got married in United States. You have 90 days to get married to your fiancé when you got here in the U.S of A. The questions are about your travel and wedding. They will also ask who attend to your wedding, the venue. And still make sure you know all the information you submitted in your application they will always always ask for it. Add tons of Pictures. So take pictures together with his family , friends and of course you guy’s. -Removal of Condition (ROC) ( 10 years Green Card) Note: Lucky for me I didn’t have interview for ROC. And I don’t want to speculate about the process so Ask someone that actually had it. ☺️ Applied Mid October 2019 2 weeks after Extension letter received November 26, 2019 Biometrics May 28, 2020 Got my 10 years Green card -Application for Naturalization (N-400 ) Citizenship Interview / English / History and Government Test- I had my interview today at Boise, ID. The officer only asked for my Passport, Green Card and Drivers license. Then he started the civic test after he got it all photocopied. I applied September 2020 Biometrics reuse December 2020 Interview today February 19,2021 Questions: 1. What major event happened on September 11,2001, in the United States ? 2.The Federalist Papers supported the passage of the U.S Constitution. Name one of the writers? 3.Why did the colonists fight the British? 4.What are two ways that Americans can participate their democracy? 5.Under our constitution, Some powers belong to the states. What is one power of the states? 6. If the President can no longer serve, who become the President? * Reading test - What did the Declaration of Independence do? * writing- Said that the United States is free ( from great Britain ) Note N-400: So Naturalization this is when you apply for your citizenship. You can submit application 90 days prior to your 3 year anniversary as a green card holder. ( take note Green card holder this is not the day you got in the United States, it’s when you got your 2 years conditional green card. You’re only eligible for this to if you’re still married with your original Petitioner or your fiancé at the time you apply for your K1 Visa. So for almost 3 years to actually apply for this process. They expect that you guy’s had travel Together , tons of pictures together with family and friends, proofs that the marriage is genuine. ( pictures actually helps a lot through all the process ) this time the questions were given; so study study study because that’s your key to get your citizenship. It’s easy, just be confident and never let your fears take over. My experience maybe different than yours. I’m sharing mine so you guy’s will have ideas in the future ☺️ Good luck everyone 😘😘😘 Becoming American Citizen soon! Just waiting for my Oath Ceremony ❤️
  16. Hi everyone! My father is the joint sponsor for my husband. He applied as a household member (i864a) because i was staying with at my parents place at that time. But i am no longer living with him. My latest w2 will reflect a different address. We are already documentarily qualified. Will this change in my address lead to a delay? Will we be asked for more information and get a new DQ date? And in this case will it push back our interview date? Thanks!! And help would be incredibly appreciated!!
  17. Hello I am new to this website so I am a little nervous but here is my past two weeks in a nutshell. I had my interview on the 26th of February at the Montreal Consulate and I was given a 221g to submit a new passport. I submitted my new passport on the 2nd of March and it got to the consulate on the 4th. On the ceac website it says that my case has been refused since the 26th of February. On Monday March the 9th my case has been updated to still say refused. I have emailed the Montreal consulate for clarification on what to do next. I'm very open to see if anyone would like to share their advice on what this means or if I should panic.
  18. Hello guys! I just need to get clarified on the email I received from the embassy below. After the interview last month I was given a 221g to submit additional documents and I submitted them the same day(relationship evidences & i864s) and after almost a month later I received the below email saying the officer needs a new joint sponsor and I would overcome this refusal finding a new one. My question is do they mean that they’re ready to grant the visa if we can find a qualifying JS? And everything else is okay to process? Such as proof of relationship and background checks..? Any opinion would be appreciated. Thanksss
  19. IR-1 Visa Before she wen to interview. She received interview letter reminder and need to upload —Thai police certificate and previous expired(due to the COVID-19 the first one was expired) —Last name change certificate So, I upload police certificates on CEAC additional documents. On PDF file, 1st page is Old one and 2nd page is new one(big mistake). My wife just went to interview(December 14, 2020). Everything was going smoothly until interview officer gave her 221g white paper that she need to upload police clearance certificate. Interview officer only ask for original documents and gave her original documents back but “Kept her passport”. she went outside and called me on Facebook messenger and asked why didn’t I upload it. I showed her on my computer screen that I upload those two documents and showed to her that the new police certificate was on 2nd page. She went back(sound weird but she did went back to embassy) and told them. But they insisted that they didn’t have it on the system and double checked. So I uploaded only New police certificate on CEAC and notify via email that I upload it. and my wife MAIL police certificate to them. I was very upset that they didn’t check 2nd page or how did they miss it. Only thing we can is wait...Anyone have the same experience as me? Thank you I just want to express my frustration.
  20. Hello! I had my interview for my IR-1 Visa in Montreal on Dec. 7. I was fingerprinted for my updated police certificate (current one had expired) Dec. 1 but had not yet received results. The officer there said she had to issue me a 221g but was confident once they received my police certificate (uploaded online) that my visa could be issued, so they kept my passport. My question is - from the time I upload the new police certificate, how long should I expect to wait before my visa is processed and sent? I'm seeing timelines up to 6 weeks but I'm hoping this isn't the case as I already live in the US (TN Visa). Wondering if anyone has been in this situation and could share their timeline. TIA!
  21. Hello i had my interview on nov 18th since then my ceac status remained ready, my ceac was opened once on nov 30 yet status remained ready. today dec 6 my status shows administrative processing though I was approved on the day of interview, no 221g form, nothing was requested from me too. is it normal? What should I expect?
  22. Guys!! Small thing! I had my CR1 interview recently at the US embassy CMB and was given a 221g for additional documents of relationship evidences. So what I did was, I just sent them all the pictures that we did not submit with the i 130. Was that right? Does anyone know whether USCIS sends them the whole petition to the US. Embassies?
  23. Hi everyone. Just finished with my IR1 Visa interview in US Embassy Manila and I was issued a 221g and passport was returned to me. I was instructed by the consul to update my DS260 information because we had a baby this year while waiting for my interview and that information about our baby was not in my DS260 (which was filed last year). I was also given a referral to start processing our baby’s CRBA. The consul said to send the updated DS260 documents and CRBA documents through 2go courier. Anybody who has the same situation as me? How long did it take for the visa to be all ok? Thank you
  24. Good day! Anybody here under 221g who submitted lacking documents to US Embassy Manila last November 2020? Any update on your case? And how long after submitting documents during this pandemic is the timeline for visa issuance? It's been one month already since they received the docs.. Tried to call and email them but was just told to wait. Thanks!
  25. Hey guys, just wanted to make a post since my AP finally concluded after a year and a half of waiting since my first interview! A month ago I got an email from the consulate saying they are ready for final processing of my visa, so I ended up sending in some updated documents and redoing my medical, went in for a second interview and got approved! Visa arrived less than a week ago and I am now already in the USA with my spouse, could not be happier! Just felt inclined to post about my approval to give some hope to all of you still waiting in that demoralizing and nerve-wrecking process that is AP. I know how difficult it is and I know how hopeless it sometimes felt. That's why I'm making this post, because it always gave me hope to read about someone getting approved after all that waiting. Wish you guys all the best and a speedy end to AP, it could happen any time, you won't even see it coming!
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