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  1. We are all keeping track of the slow processing at ISL embassy for IR1/CR1. Wanting to start this thread to share IL/DQ dates, interview tips or questions and spread hope. 😇
  2. Hi My father who's 58 years old, got married about 3 years ago to a woman in Pakistan. She currently is at NVC stage waiting to get Documantirily Qulified. Once that is done it looks like US embassy is very backlogged in Pakistan and it can be up to 2 years before getting interviewed. Now only issue is my father is 58 and also diabetic and lives alone at his residence, I'm locked in my apartment lease and can't move with him because of that. Looking at his age and health condition would there be a way we can expedite the interview if so where do I reach and how long would it take. Thank you. ( I know 58 doesn't sound that old in US but, coming from a Pakistani family and seeing so many of my relatives barely making to 60s feels scary )
  3. Do I need the original Form DS-3053: "Statement of Consent" or my overseas spouse can scan and email it to me for our son passport. My husband is in Pakistan and will notirize the consent form at US consulate in Islamabad. I’m just wondering once that’s done can he scan and email it to me to submit with our newborn passport application or dose he needs to mail the original. The passport is kind of urgent.
  4. My husband and I did our Nikah in Pakistan and we got our Urdu and English translated one but now NVC is asking for the 3rd marriage document which is the NADRA marriage certificate but I was told this is only available if either spouse or both are Pakistani Nationals. We had everything stamped by Afghan Embassy in Pakistan and also Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan. Did anyone else have this issue or know if there is a way I can register my marriage in Pakistan and get a NADRA marriage certificate?
  5. Hello all! Hope this finds you all well! I've been having a recurring worry, was hoping I could put it to rest with your guys' help. I'll try to be concise. I'm a US citizen. Went to Pakistan to study 10 years ago. Got married (to ex wife) 8 years ago who came from Canada, but marriage was in Pakistan. Finished university in 2019 and moved back to Nevada 2019. Ex wife and I got a divorce in early 2021 in Nevada (she mailed her paperwork from Canada, everything was uploaded to the Court website as the court was closed due to COVID). Originally I had filed a petition for the ex wife but rescinded it because of the divorce, so she never interviewed. I then got married to my (current) wife Q3 of 2021 in Pakistan. My question is this: since my first marriage was in Pakistan, then my divorce was in US (because I moved back to the states in 2019), then my next marriage was in Pakistan in 2021, will that be an issue? I did do some research on this issue a few years back and came across reciprocation, in that a US divorce is (apparently) valid in Pakistan. But now I'm just wanting to double check that. Any insight would be greatly appreciated please
  6. Hi, I have applied for Visitor's visa from Islamabad Pakistan. My interview was on February 11th. After asking 5-6 questions, the visa officer gave me a white slip that says that my case was refused under section 221g and further administrative processing is required. Officer told me that I will be getting an email where they will ask me some more information. After a few hours of interview, I received an email from consulate that has 10 questions including (Names and date of birth of all my siblings, names and date of births of all my children, my previous passport numbers, places where I have lived in past etc..) I have replied to their email on same day, But I have not received any correspondence from them yet. It has been more than 3 weeks, my case status on CEAC website shows refused. Please help if anyone else has gone through same process? How long will it take to verify the information that I provided them ? Thank You
  7. I’m USA citizen originally from Pakistan. I got engaged to Pakistani girl in Pakistan. Should I apply her K1 visa now or get married in Pakistan and apply for spousal visa? I can get married in pakistan but for Pakistanis there is too much back log for spouse visas. The Islamabad embassy is currently send interviews for those with DQ May 2021. So I’m estimating it would take 3-4 years. Will K1 visa processing be any faster? Should it be wise that I apply for K1 visa and postpone the marriage? Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Greetings, I am a USC, currently waiting on I-130 approval for my Pakistani bride. We are not at the NVC stage yet. I went to file my taxes and the only option H&R Block would give me is to file as single. Since the wife does not currently have an SSN, is unemployed, and resides overseas. I do not have or plan to get an ITIN for her. My question is that would filing single while married to an overseas spouse cause problems at the NVC? Do I have to file an amendment immediately and have it ready by the time NVC requires it? Can I send this amendment after she finally arrives in USA and get an SSN? Has anybody here ever had a problem with the NVC process due to this filing as single, instead of Married filing separately or Head of household? Anybody ever experienced any negative impacts on the immigration petition or embassy interview stage due to having filed single while married to a foreign spouse? Do I have to go back to H&R block to request an edit/amendment or just leave it be? Please send your reply in detail with credible sources.
  9. Hello, Isn't the problem at Islamabad related to a backlog, so I was curious why is it that K1 Visas seem to come by much quicker compared to IR-1/CR-1 visas (from looking at the stats)? If anyone could enlighten me it would be much appreciated. Also, does being an American by birth seem to speed up the process? Thank you!
  10. Hello, So my friend currently resides in Pakistan, and would like to immigrate to the US. He is in his mid 30s, married with 2 kids. He does have an Uncle who is a US citizen however he lives in Dubai. So no one really living in the US. What kind of legal avenues does he have to immigrate to the US? Student visa, like a post grad degree? Job visa? Lottery visa? Thanks for your help
  11. My fiancé went for his interview on the 11th of October. He received a white 221g slip and on the bottom the CO wrote “sent to USCIS for revocation.” Ceac date was updated on the 13th after his interview and showing Ready still. On US travel docs it’s showing this message “passport is still with embassy” (it’s not with them it’s with my fiancé and I’m not even sure if the website always said that or not). interview: fiancé arrived- woman asked for some documents- she took my 2020 w2 and tax transcripts but not my 2021. She didn’t take my affidavit of support. She didn’t look at our messages or call logs. She didn’t look at our western union or rent receipts. She didn’t look at our itinerary. (This woman was a third party Pakistani National not American citizen) fiancé went to CO window and he only said these things- how did you meet? what does she do for work? how old are you both? (He’s in his 20s I’m in my 30s with a 10 yr age gap) all he said to him was “that’s unusual” about our age gap and then wrote on the white 221g slip “revocation” and said the interview is done with no answer about any evidence we need just that it’s over and slammed the window in our face. Wanted to share this experience in case for others to see or if they had something similar happen and what was the outcome.
  12. Hi My parents are DQed on Nov 10 2020 under IR5 category.any idea when I can realistically expect Interview letters from US Embassy in Islamabad?
  13. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give me an estimate to how long the process would take? From start to finish? I have been asking around some lawyers and I have been quoted at 1 year to 1.5 years, but I just want another opinion. Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone I’m confused at this point as to what happens next. my fiancé and I are doing a K1 visa. He is from Afghanistan and we had his case transferred to Islamabad. I saw on CEAC that they received the package from NVC on 7/21/2022. We haven’t received anything about instructions or interview appointment. From everyone’s experience do I pay the visa fee first on cgi federal website? Then apply? Or do I need to wait for embassy in Islamabad to schedule the appointment or send instructions first? When I email nvc all they say is to contact the embassy and that they sent the package to them. when seeing other peoples timelines it’s showing that after around 13 days they got their instructions and then interview dates were scheduled for between 30-45 days after. I already filled out the DS-160 form but I’m not sure what else I need or If I’m missing a step. Any help or advice is truly appreciated.
  15. My brother green card holder applied for his wife 2/05/21 receipt received priority current Pakistan Still no approved I-130? Wondering how long for approval of I-130? and visa? USCIS website states its still in time frame. Seems lot longer anyone around same date have gotten approval? interview?
  16. My wife filed for her parents immigration and now we are at NVC stage and required to submit I-864s. #1: My wife's doesn't work and we file taxes jointly. In that situation can we still use I-864EZ or we need to file I-864 fro her and I-864A to include my income. #2: I filed for an extension for this years taxes and haven't complete my filing yet. Can my last year and previous years W-2s and IRS transcripts be used in such case or should I file my taxes first and then file the I-864. Thanks
  17. I am a US citizen and I applied for my parents immigration visa in 2018. They were called for interview in July 2019. Both of their interviews went great and the interviewer said that they will gear good news soon. They kept their passports and gave them a slip which asked for additional documents. We submitted the additional documents in just a few days after the interview. However, it has been about 3 years and we haven't received any response from them. They still have my parents passports so my parents can't even go anywhere else. We have tried to contact them and each time they respond back the same way by saying that "please be prepared to experience significant delay before our office contacts you on guidance of further processing this case." When we check the status, its showing refused. It has been about 3 years and I have lost hope. Please let me know if you've experienced the same delay or if you can let me know what I should do now. Thank you
  18. I came to US in 2009 became US citizen in 2014 when my father became US Citizen Applied for U.S passport in 2017 and got one skipped N600 because it's 10x more expensive then passport and also doesn't have a purpose to travel now that I'm financially stable would like to get Certificate of Citizenship what supporting documents would I need when filing Would my U.S passport be fine or do I have to submit all supporting documents again as I had to with Department of State such as my father's Naturalization Certificate my green card my parents marriage Certificate divorce Certificate and custody documents...
  19. Hi My brother has green card he got married in Pakistan Applied for spouse immigration 1/21 got Receipt only no approval yet Anyone has similar situation? Priority date? Approval date? Interview date? Any info appreciated TIA
  20. Could someone share with me the list of documents required at USCIS & NVC stage when sponsoring mother to US from Pakistan specifically?
  21. Hello members, For about eight months now, my husband's CR1 visa is stuck in "pending security checks" at the Potomac center. I have inquired multiple times but keep getting the same response. My congressman also wrote to them on my behalf and got the same response. We both have clean records. I can't imagine why we have remained pending for so long. Has anyone else been in this situation?
  22. Hello all, I have a question I've been trying to find out. Any help would be appreciated. I am a US citizen. I applied for 2 separate cases. 1 for my wife, the other for my wife at different times. Both cases have different priority and DQ dates. Both are ir1 My son(age 1) DQ date is May20th 2021 My wifes DQ date is july 8 2021 My question is this, which of the above two dates will the NVC use? And is there a way to make sure they use the may 20th 2021 date and send both interview together?
  23. So my fiancé went thought her interview, at the end the guy said she is All set just to send in a original document she didn’t bring. He gave her a 221g white paper, she sent them the document right after the interview. I’m trying to find out how long this will take to process. When I check the update it says something like passport has been delivered to post.
  24. Hello, I resubmitted my parents marriage certificate to NVC before 3 weeks and they still haven’t reviewed it. Does anyone know how much time more will it take to get reviewed. All other documents have been accepted. Also if anyone knows about Pakistan Islamabad embassy that how much time will it take for them to schedule an interview. Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi all two question in pakistan it is common to marry your cousin. Before i was engage with cousin and sponsor him for fiance k-1. That got denied now we are married and i want to go cr-1 route can anyone with experience please share how cr-1 process went after k-1 denial and if cousin marriage caused any issue in their case?
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