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  1. My husband received an email after being in AP for 1 years for coming in for oath and fingerprints and embassy is also requesting new medical. Anyone else go through something similar? Any idea as to how long the process takes until you get visa?
  2. During my interview I was asked to upload proof of domicile in CEAC. There current status for these documents is 'Submitted' (uploaded to applicant's civil documents). My question is before any further process, will the status of these documents change from Submitted to Accepted?
  3. Hello, Members. I have posted about my past experiences before but will now preface it briefly. My now-husband and I were denied a K1 at the Islamabad Embassy in April, 2019. No clear/concise answer was given as to why, but there was no issues with paperwork. On June 1, 2019 we married and I applied for a Cr1 from Cleveland, Ohio. NOA1 Sept, 1, 2019. We were told our case was going to take an additional 6-8 months from the latest, current processing times. Again, no answer was given as to why. But it is "currently under review". I feel strongly that I am looking at an additional 2-3 years, considering the current covid situation, backlog at embassy and then AP after CO interview. (I do feel we will be in a lengthy AP.) My question is then, would moving abroad help or hurt our case in any way? I am a disabled US veteran and receive a pension, so moving would not cause any money issues. I am only worried about being able to prove domicile at the time of the interview. I can maintain a US address at my mother's home, but what else would be helpful in establishing a US domicile? Or, would moving back to Pakistan be an automatic denial, at the time of the interview? Thank you.
  4. Hi, After a year and 3 months of being in AP my husband received an email last week to come for oath/fingerprints and is supposed to go 7/28! Since we’ve been in AP for a little over a year the passport did expire and I’ve made a couple inquires around the time it was expiring but of course no response! So here we are next week is the appointment and we can’t get a medical done without the passport and one that is valid/new! We are so stuck and oh btw the embassy SUCKS are replying back. SOOO FRUSTRATED! Just when you think that this is it! It’s really not 😡
  5. I want to know WHEN/Date/Year did you apply for your spouse and if you are still in process, WHAT IS THE CURRENT STATUS OF YOUR CASE as of today. I just want to have a rough idea of Pakistani Immigration Visas issuance. If you got your VISA in 2019 or 2020, let me know too!
  6. My petition file in 2003. And first letter 2010 I received.and welcome letter received 2015 and my interview Nov 2017. But my visa application ds 260 one mistake date of birth 1 but I write 5. Embassy asked on interview send joint sponsor I submitted again .but after 3 weeks my case status change ready and after 1 week my one younger brother case update AP. And I emailed every 2 months embassy only 1 reply your case in ap.and 24 Jan 2019 my case status change expiring soon and visa application's all applicants reopen I reopen and mistake 5 date of birth I correct and submit but not status change into expiring soon to ready please some help about this.
  7. I applied for my parents and filed I-130 Petition in Oct 2019, For proof of their marriage I provided Nadra Marriage Certificate , 2 witness affidavit who attended the wedding and Civil Magistrate affidavit for Nikkah nama unavailability with my parents petitions. Also other additional documents as Family Tree was also provided. After 8 month my mother petition has been approved while for my father they said to get a letter from Nikah Registrar stating that they could not find the record of Nikkah nama. It has been 40 years since my parents are married and getting any document so old is not possible. Anyone who went through the same issue , who could guide me how to deal with it.
  8. Hi All, My husband is immigrating from Pakistan to the U.S., hopefully in the next couple of months, fingers crossed and lots of prayers. Thankfully our paperwork we submitted to the NVC was approved so, now we're waiting for the embassies to open back up for his visa interview to be scheduled. As we prep for his visa interview, we have noticed a few people had questions about their previous marriages during their visa interviews. One alarming trend is visa interviewers asking for proof of previous marriage besides the divorce certificate. Our questions are: 1.) Why would the interviewers ask for further evidence, is there something in the case that may flag this? 2.) How did you answer these questions (did you have photos, affidavits, etc.)? 3.) Would you recommend having more evidence, besides a divorce certificate, for a previous marriage? Our concern is that my husband only has a divorce certificate as proof for his previous marriage. His first marriage was an unhappy one, they took no photos together, and the wedding was more of a tribal/religious ceremony with no paperwork being filed, we truly only have the divorce certificate as evidence. We are debating whether or not to gather some of the attendees and the mullah who presided over the previous marriage to write an affidavit for my husband to take to the interview. We want to make sure we cover all bases, this probably seems like small peas in the grand scheme of a visa interview but, you never know. Would love advice from folk's who experienced this themselves. Thank you!
  9. I want to know if Embassies are open now, especially the ISLAMABAD EMBASSY AND CONSULATE. Any idea when will they be open?
  10. I am in AP since 21 feb 2020. The message below the refuse status has changed on 1st june. Whats the difference. Am i refused now????
  11. NVC just accepted my husband's documents and stated as DQ, last week! When can I expect the Interview Appointment Letter and/or get Interview date for PAKISTAN Embassy during this COVID-19 pandemic? Any ideas?
  12. Quick question for anyone who have dealt with Islamabad US Consulate in Pakistan. 1) how does embassy contact you to notify that you have been scheduled for an interview, by phone? email? or both? 2) Does the embassy send an email to petitioner as well to let them know there has been a interview scheduled for the beneficiary? Thank you for taking your time and helping others like me.
  13. Hey, I applied for K1 visa for my fiance back in December of 2017. My fiance had his interview on 24th September. He was requested to submit his Facebook id, his phone numbers, addresses, and places he had worked at. We submitted all the information the next day of interview. Ever since September 24th 2018 his case is in AP. I am so frustrated I don't know what to do? I am US citizen and he lives in Pakistan.
  14. I would suggest everyone to please update their VISA JOURNEY TIMELINES ON THEIR PROFILES AT BOTTOM LEFT, STARTING FILINGS OF 2018 AND FORWARD to help people estimate and have questions about their processes. It really helps status progresses and can be beneficial for other filers with questions going through at the same time. Thank you.
  15. Hi Friends, So my fiance was given a white 221g with administrative processing marked on it. His passport was also kept. I emailed the Islamabad embassy asking them why he wasnt issued a visa. I got a reply back from them today. This is the reply:Dear Sir/Madam, Our records indicate that this case is in its final review. Please feel free to check back with our office after four weeks. So guys should i consider this a good sign? They didnt write the usual its in AP so just wait for it response. Plz give any feedback you guys might have!
  16. Hello Today my wife had her CR-1 Interview in Islamabad, Pakistan. They gave her 221G ( See attached Image ) form asking to upload Petitioner and Beneficiary previous marriage photographs my wife told the CO /interpreter that we don't have photos of our previous marriage she told her that is your problem and walked away . I was able to find 2 pictures of me with my ex. But my wife she can't find any pictures of herself with her ex or other family members from her previous wedding day. What should we do ? Upload what we have? They kept her Passport original marriage certificates and previous marriage termination documents for both wedding photos and NADRA FRC Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated
  17. I have read that Mamoo in Pakistan (MIP) provides this service but at a crazy hefty $250. If I have relatives in Pakistan, is the fee cheaper to give it to them? Also, is there any other service that is cheaper? Note: we went and got a birth certificate for "immigration purposes" from the Pakistan Consulate in Houston, but that is not a valid document according to the local service we are using for immigration help. I called NADRA and they said the Union Council issues the NADRA birth certificate.
  18. Hello VJ Family! I have four questions specially for Pakistani members. 1) Is it necessary to update my wife passport to reflect her Husbands name instead of her father. 2) Does she need to update her ID card to reflect this change as well. 3) She has NIC not CNIC, it's like the non chip version of ID card. Is this okay to enter the US embassy in Islamabad. 4) My petition just got approved and i was issued a NVC case number, i wanted to know this before i submit her DS-260. She will have a new passport number if she gets a passport with my name instead of her father. Will this cause for concern since her passport number will be different than whats on our I-130 (IR1/CR1) petition Thank you so much for your help! you guys and gals are life savers.
  19. Hello everyone, This is my very first post here. I have heard excellent things about this website, so I thought I would give it a go. I will briefly address my immigration situation here now. My husband and I have been together for five years now. He is from Pakistan and I currently live in Ohio, US. We filed a K1 Fiance Visa Petition and were denied in April of 2019. At that point, I had been in Pakistan for a total of 1 1/2 years. The reason we were denied was vague. I was quite perplexed as we were physically in the same place for quite some time. The CO was quite rude and threatening to my husband. I did end up getting my local Congressman involved but, ultimately, we were still denied. I came to learn later that most K1 petitions are denied from that embassy. We legally married in Peshawar, Pakistan and I returned to America and filed the CR1 in September of 2019. So far, no NOA2. I have not been back to Pakistan since August of 2019 due to health reasons- an unexpected, severe surgery- and now Covid. I do plan on attending the eventual interview at the embassy, if we are approved by USCIS. From personal experience, how does a K1 denial effect the CR1? Especially at such a difficult embassy (Islamabad). I have heard varying things. Any input would be so greatly appreciated.
  20. Hello friends.. About 8 months ago, I filed a Cr1 visa for my spouse from Pakistan. I received an electronic receipt number (NOA1 in September, 2019). Today, I called USCIS to check on the status of our case. The gentleman with whom I spoke informed me that my petition may not be viewed again by a USCIS agent for another eight more months, and that it was currently at the Nebraska Center. Their website also lists USCIS processing times around 12.5-16 months. Should I believe that this is an accurate approximation? My husband is from Pakistan, so I feel with AP after his interview, we could be looking at another year or two of this. Any info regarding your experience with NSC would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  21. Hello. For Pakistan is it better to marry and apply the Spouse Visa or is it okay to just apply for a Fiance Visa if you have already met. Will I have more chances of getting denied if I do the Fiance Visa? A little background information is that the female petitioner is 9 years older and previously married to two other Pakistani nationals who have entered USA. One marriage lasted two years and the other 8.5 years. Can you please advise me of the best type of Visa to apply for in this situation?
  22. Hi, I recently viewed some visa statistics for each country and discovered that for the past several years there have been L-1 filings form Pakistan. I wanted to know if companies in Pakistan do this, given the dire job situation in Pakistan, I find it difficult to fathom that any company from Pakistan will be willing to transfer its employees abroad. Can Anyone shed more light on this? Thank you
  23. Hello, I wanted to know what Is the duration printed on a immigrant visa. Like is it 3 months or 6 six months. Secondly any issues if we travel to states in the last month of the visa issued time, so we can spend some time with family and attend a wedding. Thirdly when does the medical documents expire? Thank you for your help!
  24. Hello I was having B1/B2 interview in Islamabad at 5th March 2020. Till yesterday status was Refused but now i checked it says ISSUED (25 March) and mentioned: Your visa is in final processing. If you have not received it in more than 10 working days, please see the webpage for contact information of the embassy or consulate where you submitted your application. For more information, please visit U.S. Embassy Islamabad. What does it mean? Issues mean passport is issued or visa is issued? What you think due to Corona they are rejecting it? as i heard AP take alot of time? Anyone face same issue please share experience. & if ISSUED mean Visa issued then how rejection is shown. Because i didnt see anyone posted that my status was REFUSED and then i got call to pickup. Please explain both cases. ill be grateful Thanks
  25. I am from Pakistan and working one J1 visa, subjected to 2y home residency due to government funding. I have a 2y old US-born child. How difficult is to get a waiver on that basis that my son will experience exceptional hardship due to culture, language and economical reasons that I will lose my job if I ll have to leave. I can not file based on NOS because I have to pay a lot of money to my home country to get NOS. Any suggestions are welcome. Any specialized lawyer in this category? Any lawyer that could offer refund if case was not approved? Anyone in the same boat? Thanks
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