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  1. Hello I was having B1/B2 interview in Islamabad at 5th March 2020. Till yesterday status was Refused but now i checked it says ISSUED (25 March) and mentioned: Your visa is in final processing. If you have not received it in more than 10 working days, please see the webpage for contact information of the embassy or consulate where you submitted your application. For more information, please visit U.S. Embassy Islamabad. What does it mean? Issues mean passport is issued or visa is issued? What you think due to Corona they are rejecting it? as i heard AP take alot of time? Anyone face same issue please share experience. & if ISSUED mean Visa issued then how rejection is shown. Because i didnt see anyone posted that my status was REFUSED and then i got call to pickup. Please explain both cases. ill be grateful Thanks
  2. I am from Pakistan and working one J1 visa, subjected to 2y home residency due to government funding. I have a 2y old US-born child. How difficult is to get a waiver on that basis that my son will experience exceptional hardship due to culture, language and economical reasons that I will lose my job if I ll have to leave. I can not file based on NOS because I have to pay a lot of money to my home country to get NOS. Any suggestions are welcome. Any specialized lawyer in this category? Any lawyer that could offer refund if case was not approved? Anyone in the same boat? Thanks
  3. I am a US Muslim Citizen who belong to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and I am married to my spouse who is also an Ahmadi. In Pakistan, if you are Ahmadi, you can use the Ahmadi issued marriage certificate. However, my husband's documents show that he is a Muslim, and it's a tough procedure to go through the change of documents due to religion/faith-based persecution. Pakistani people do not easily issue the religion-change documents, and they can face jail time due to persecution. What can be done to go the process smoothly? NVC rejected my marriage certificate and Nikkah Nama issued by the Ahmadiyya community. They want the NADRA ISSUED certificate! This is written on the website: Marriage Certificates Available Fees: Fees vary. Document Name: For U.S. immigration purposes, Pakistani Muslim applicants must present both an original, signed Nikah Nama (with its English translation) and a NADRA-issued marriage registration certificate. Note that while both documents reflect similar information, each on its own does not constitute sufficient proof of marriage. Christians, Hindus, Ahmadis, and other applicants considered to be non-Muslim must present only a marriage certificate issued by their respective religious authority (i.e. a church or temple), since Union Councils do not uniformly issue NADRA certificates to these groups. Citizens of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Afghans living in Pakistan must also only present a marriage certificate issued by religious authorities, as Union Councils do not issue NADRA certificates to these groups. Issuing Authority: Union Councils register Nikah Nama documents for Pakistani Muslim citizens and issue subsequent NADRA marriage certificates. Marriage certificates for Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus, Parsis, and other non-Muslim citizens are issued by their respective sectarian registration authority (i.e. church or temple), (Note: Some Union Councils have begun issuing NADRA marriage certificates to Hindus and Christians, though this process has not yet been standardized. As a result, such NADRA certificates are not required for non-Muslim applicants, per the above.) Special Seal(s) / Color / Format: This varies by location and religion. Issuing Authority Personnel Title: For Muslim applicants registering a Nikah Nama, the Secretary of the local Union Council and the Nikah Registrar constitute the appropriate authorities. For non-Muslim applicants, priests or other religious leaders are considered appropriate issuing authorities. Registration Criteria: For Muslim applicants, the marriage registrar signs and stamps each original Nikah Nama, submitting the first copy to the local Union Council and providing the second and third copies to the bride and groom. The registrar keeps the fourth copy. In theory, the Nikah Registrar should register the marriage within two months, but this does not always occur. Upon registration, the Union Council issues a NADRA marriage certificate. While there are penal consequences for not registering one’s marriage with the appropriate authorities, a signed Nikah Nama alone still constitutes a valid marriage under Pakistani law, according to the MFLO. For immigration purposes, however, the Nikah must be registered with and a NADRA marriage certificate issued by the Union Council. Ahmadi, Christian, Hindu, and Parsi marriage certificates are issued by church or temple leaders and are not generally registered with the local Union Council). Procedure for Obtaining: Muslim applicants can obtain and Urdu-language Nikah Nama from the Nikah Registrar. Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus, and other non-Muslim applicants can obtain marriage certificates from their local religious authorities. Certified Copies Available: Certified copies are available. Alternate Documents: No alternate documents are available or accepted. Exceptions: Comments: Both the Nikah Nama and NADRA marriage certificate are required for a Muslim marriage to be considered valid for U.S. immigration purposes. Any suggestions, ideas what can be done? We are waiting for NVC to accept the document because we told them its written on their website... But, any suggestions and idea. Will be helpful. Thank you.
  4. Hello Today my wife had her CR-1 Interview in Islamabad, Pakistan. They gave her 221G ( See attached Image ) form asking to upload Petitioner and Beneficiary previous marriage photographs my wife told the CO /interpreter that we don't have photos of our previous marriage she told her that is your problem and walked away . I was able to find 2 pictures of me with my ex. But my wife she can't find any pictures of herself with her ex or other family members from her previous wedding day. What should we do ? Upload what we have? They kept her Passport original marriage certificates and previous marriage termination documents for both wedding photos and NADRA FRC Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated
  5. I have read that Mamoo in Pakistan (MIP) provides this service but at a crazy hefty $250. If I have relatives in Pakistan, is the fee cheaper to give it to them? Also, is there any other service that is cheaper? Note: we went and got a birth certificate for "immigration purposes" from the Pakistan Consulate in Houston, but that is not a valid document according to the local service we are using for immigration help. I called NADRA and they said the Union Council issues the NADRA birth certificate.
  6. Hi Friends, So my fiance was given a white 221g with administrative processing marked on it. His passport was also kept. I emailed the Islamabad embassy asking them why he wasnt issued a visa. I got a reply back from them today. This is the reply:Dear Sir/Madam, Our records indicate that this case is in its final review. Please feel free to check back with our office after four weeks. So guys should i consider this a good sign? They didnt write the usual its in AP so just wait for it response. Plz give any feedback you guys might have!
  7. Hello all new on here just had some questions regarding my wife visa case in Pakistan embassy. She went for her interview in October 2019 and was refused visa because joint sponsor income did not meet requirements. Embassy gave 221g saying to submit financial documents of a new joint sponsor. I was wondering if I meet the income requirements myself do I still have to have joint sponsor. Also when submitting new documents do I upload to crack or submit thorough courier service. Thanks for help in advance.
  8. Hi I want to know My brother is green card holder since 5/2019. He wants to get married that means he will apply I-130 for spouse after marriage a) that would be categorized F2A? b) how long it will take for his spouse to come to US ? Current visa bulletin says priority is current? anyone has recent similar experience?
  9. My petition file in 2003. And first letter 2010 I received.and welcome letter received 2015 and my interview Nov 2017. But my visa application ds 260 one mistake date of birth 1 but I write 5. Embassy asked on interview send joint sponsor I submitted again .but after 3 weeks my case status change ready and after 1 week my one younger brother case update AP. And I emailed every 2 months embassy only 1 reply your case in ap.and 24 Jan 2019 my case status change expiring soon and visa application's all applicants reopen I reopen and mistake 5 date of birth I correct and submit but not status change into expiring soon to ready please some help about this.
  10. Hey if you are in AP and got your visa let me know. I am in AP and was given 221g with no other requirements. I am disheartened so any positive story will be appreciated.
  11. ASA Everyone, UAE Embassy Attestation Services In Pakistan Or UAE Embassy / UAE Consulate Attestation Services In Islamabad. I wanted to get my degree attestation services from UAE Embassy Based in Pakistan. i needed to inquire of UAE Embassy attestation procedure, fees, contact, address, stamp, urgent or timing for attestation of my degree and my husband`s bachelor degree and diploma attestation services from Pakistan UAE Embassy. how ever since i am based in UAE, Dubai i tried to through UAE Consulate here in UAE Dubai but apparently i was asked to get the degree attestation services from pakistan. as a pakistani passport holder we were unable to go to pakistan for attestation of our documents from pakistan for renewal of UAE Job / Residency visa. we were also told to get our nadra birth certificate pakistan & nadra marriage certificate from pakistan to attest from UAE Embassy attestation services from pakistan. since due to our domestic and job issues my family could not travel to pakistan for this purpose, as a pakistani expat we were quiet worried. but we consulted back in pakistan and our relative recomended me this service which can be consulted here . they were able to get my degree attestation service and all documents attestation services from UAE embassy in Pakistan. it was one hectic procedure but they made it queit easy. so thought to share it for those pakistani expats who are currently unable to travel and face problems. more over they also assisted for nadra birth n marriage certificate and police certificate from mofa pakistan.though this platform of south asia community is very helpfull and thumbs up to the creator. many thanks Salam.
  12. Hello! I have a question for previous Islamabad interviewers. What did you use to take in your documents with you? I haven't found a lot of guidance on this. I know what not to take in, but I'm wondering if anyone has successfully taken in a binder or plastic accordion folder. My husband has a lot of documents/support to take with him and we don't know to use. Thank you in advance!
  13. Hey friends, creating this thread so we can get help from our fellows who have/had there interviews in islamabad embassy. Please do let us know the experiences, tips and advices. Information related to medical or anything that can help
  14. Starting this thread to track interview timelines for US embassy Islamabad & F2A members in General. Case Documentary Qualified March 13, 2019 Priority Date March 6, 2017
  15. Hi, My US citizen cousin got married in Pakistan in January 2018 and her husband had his interview in June 2019. Since his interview the case has been in administrative processing with no status update. My cousin is planning on going to Pakistan to visit her husband in March and she wants to the following: As a US citizen is she allowed to go (with or without an appointment) to the US Embassy in Islamabad to inquire about her husband’s case status/ visa status? Thanks for advice. She is very stressed out. My cousin did send an email to inquire about her husband’s visa status since it’s been more than 6 months and no update. However, she did not receive any relavant information.
  16. Hello all, I have a question about the passport pick up procedure after the interview at Islamabad, Pakistan. My husband will be attending his CR1 interview soon and we are wondering how to select a pick up location for his passport. Do we have to register before the interview or do we select a pick up location at or after the interview? The interview instructions say to choose before, but I am unable to do so. Thank you in advance for your help.
  17. Me with along my family was interviewed at US Embassy Islamabad on 18MAY,2018.. After that we were given 221g as my father was in Police Service .. We submitted additional information and our case went to AP again... Now Embassy emailed and asked for following things : have recently reviewed your immigrant visa case. To move forward, please provide us with the following for all the applicants: • Updated form DS-260, submitted online via https://ceac.state.gov/iv/, with an email to our office including the barcode number from the completed form. • Updated medical examination report from an Embassy-approved panel physician. • Two visa photos – meeting the criteria defined at http://www.ustraveldocs.com/pk/pk-niv-photoinfo.asp Any one in Same Situation Before or is in same situation . Kindly Let me know please !!
  18. Hello, I applied for my husband on CR1 visa. I am a US citizen and I have a physical disability called Cerebral Palsy and I cannot drive as of yet. I often need help with household work and I struggle sometimes with a lot of pain in my leg/feet/ankle and hip... Do you think it could be a good reason for expedite case for my husband so I can have his help ASAP?
  19. I'd like to know if I'm just not the only one suffering with a 221(g). I am the petitioner and have sponsored my husband. My interview date: April 17, 2019 (The immigration officer asked to submit my tax transcript & proof of domicile) - What was yours? Our interview went great. Submitted required documents: May 18, 2019. They have received it & even confirmed it when I inquired about it a month later. It's JULY 4, 2019 --- I have contacted my local consulate & have even called the NVC, they say the case is in Administrative Processing and the documents have not yet been reviewed. I have submitted everything they asked for.... Anyone else on the same boat as I am? Whats your experience? They give a standard automatic response to my inquires. Any one out there who's going through the same? We can talk about it....
  20. Hey guys who else had their interview on January 31st 2020 at Islamabad Pakistan. Any visas approved?
  21. My husband has been in AP in Islamabad since April 2019, 1 day after interview received dd5535 filed and returned, last update was 11/2019 after we sent inquiry, no updates since even after we’ve sent inquiry a couple times in December. So over Islamabad and their process 🥺
  22. Hello all, I recently a read a review from the Islamabad embassy for an interview that occurred five days ago where the U.S. Spouse was not allowed into the diplomatic enclave with the beneficiary. Can anyone with RECENT experience confirm or deny this? Thank you in advance! JAK!
  23. I want to know a few reasons/possibilities someone case can go in AP? What do you think they look at usually for consulate review to put you in AP after visa approval especially males from Pakistan?
  24. Hi All, I have completed the process on 16th of December, during my journey I have researched a lot about this process and despite the usual mindset that Male Pakistani's get in AP, i was issued a visa with no problems. So starting this post to help others that are going through this process. Below will be some points that needs to be followed if you ask questions. I only know about CR1/IR1 filing and can help you with questions and the whole process I have no experience or research about any other visa Please fill in your timeline if you want a response as it helps other to see how other fellow country people are doing (As this has been the most frustrating for me while I was in this process that people from Pakistan do not fill their timelines no matter what) I am only here to help and can guide you through my experience and the knowledge that I have, if you disagree with my comments or want other suggestions you are free to do so but no reply will be given to someone who uses rude language with anyone Though I have started this post but anyone who has any authentic information is free to answer questions Last but not the lease, people who are already in AP; there is no time frame as when it will be over all we can do is to follow the instructions and pray for a faster decision I wish and hope that I am helpful to the community with the best of my knowledge. In case of delayed response I am sorry for that in advance.
  25. Assalaamualaikum. I have a little situation. I had my interview last month at us embassy Islamabad, Pakistan for IR1. They kept my passport and asked me for domicile for my wife and tax paper of joint sponser (IRS paper) which i already had but they reject to receive them that time and said me to send us with your wife's domicile. We sent them written domicile and some proves for domicile and IRS Papers. After 4 days i got call from embassy and they told me the domicile you have sent is not accepted, my suggestion is that your wife go back to usa. You sent us exist stamp and her pic in front of post office. I did the same job. My wife left pakistan and i sent them stamp n picture of her with us post office. After 4 working days i checked my status on CEAC and my date was updated. And after 3 days including holidays date was again updated and then yesterday on 2 may, date was again updated but my wife got a email from embassy stating that:
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