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  1. Hello mates, I would like to know that how much time does application received status takes to change? It’s been a month since I stuck on application received status. I’m so worried.
  2. Hello VJ community! I am in a bit of a confusion nowadays with the overall procedure of my immigration process. So basically my aunt ( mom's sister ) filed a petition on behalf of my mom and sponsored her to come to the US on a family based immigrant visa termed F41. The case took approx 15 years to complete and our case was qualifed by the NVC. As soon as our interview was scheduled hy the NVC in the Islamabad Embassy in Pakistan ( the country I reside in ), we prepared our documents and made our way to the consulate for our interview. The interview was a success. The officer congratulated us with a big smile and assured us that our application had been approved and our passports would be delivered to us within a week or so. Relieved, we left the embassy in anticipation of our visa-issued passports to return back to us. Our interview was on 9 August, 2019. Guess what? Our CEAC status is still 'Ready' with more than 60 days having passed and there is no sign of our passports being with us. I emailed the Embassy and this is what I get back: Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for writing to our office. Your immigrant visa case has been refused under INA Section 221(g) for administrative processing, an integral part of the visa adjudication and issuance process that can neither be expedited nor waived. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict the amount of time the processing will take and timing varies based on the individual circumstances of each case. The visa application will be reconsidered when administrative processing is complete. Please be assured that we are aware of your concerns and will process the application to completion as quickly as possible, in accordance with U.S. laws. We recognize that this process can be frustrating for applicants and regret any inconvenience. Sincerely, Immigrant Visa Unit Consular Section U.S. Embassy, Islamabad I MEAN, WHAT? So all of a sudden, we're getting a 221g by email and we have no timeframe to predict when our visas will be issued. My family has been through a lot and this visa means a lot to us. Does anybody have any idea how much longer can it take or anybody with a similar experience where you're approved on the spot and then put into 221g AP after a month via email, that too after YOU email them with an inquiry. This is getting on my nerves. I made this account specifically to enquire about my case, as I have been following VJ for the past couple of months to be updated with the whole process. I hope I get responded with help and wisdom! BIG FAT THANK YOU!
  3. We have been waiting for an interview date for more than a month but last week I recieved an email that said that our case has been expedited and embassy will contact soon for interview.When I checked the ceac stat tracker today it showed this , does this mean that interview date has been decided and appointment letter is sent or something else?
  4. I'd like to know if I'm just not the only one suffering with a 221(g). I am the petitioner and have sponsored my husband. My interview date: April 17, 2019 (The immigration officer asked to submit my tax transcript & proof of domicile) - What was yours? Our interview went great. Submitted required documents: May 18, 2019. They have received it & even confirmed it when I inquired about it a month later. It's JULY 4, 2019 --- I have contacted my local consulate & have even called the NVC, they say the case is in Administrative Processing and the documents have not yet been reviewed. I have submitted everything they asked for.... Anyone else on the same boat as I am? Whats your experience? They give a standard automatic response to my inquires. Any one out there who's going through the same? We can talk about it....
  5. Starting this thread to track interview timelines for US embassy Islamabad & F2A members in General. Case Documentary Qualified March 13, 2019 Priority Date March 6, 2017
  6. Hey friends, creating this thread so we can get help from our fellows who have/had there interviews in islamabad embassy. Please do let us know the experiences, tips and advices. Information related to medical or anything that can help
  7. I recieved a notice of being documentarily qualified on September 4 and its been 24 days since then .How long does it take for nvc to transfer the case to embassy and get an interview date and what will the estimated date be
  8. I am creating this new thread for all those who are waiting for their interview letters or interviews. Kindly update this thread with your respective CC or IL so that we know how much longer islamabad embassy awill take. Thank You! My case is IR/CR1 and Service centre is Texas Service centre.
  9. Hey guys. Any idea if you can reschedule your visa interview at Islamabad embassy? Its for a CR1 spouse visa. Would rescheduling adversely affect my future interview date or the outcome of the case? Has anyone experienced rescheduling at Islamabad? Please advise!?
  10. Hello, is there someone who go through k1 interview this year? And got visa approved? I got.my interview on 22 june 2018 consular asked me about additional document which i submit themon 28 june.... On 24 july was status was updated to application received. How much time it will take now to get visa issued.
  11. Me with along my family was interviewed at US Embassy Islamabad on 18MAY,2018.. After that we were given 221g as my father was in Police Service .. We submitted additional information and our case went to AP again... Now Embassy emailed and asked for following things : have recently reviewed your immigrant visa case. To move forward, please provide us with the following for all the applicants: • Updated form DS-260, submitted online via https://ceac.state.gov/iv/, with an email to our office including the barcode number from the completed form. • Updated medical examination report from an Embassy-approved panel physician. • Two visa photos – meeting the criteria defined at http://www.ustraveldocs.com/pk/pk-niv-photoinfo.asp Any one in Same Situation Before or is in same situation . Kindly Let me know please !!
  12. I am a US citizen and filling petition for my husband, he is living in Abu Dhabi and we recently got married in Pakistan(where we born) on 20-Jun-19 and we spend 20 days together. I am listing all the documents what I have so far. Kindly give your feedback and suggestions like what else we need to include; Cover letter Check of $535 filing fee Form G-1145 Completed and signed form I-130 Completed and signed form I-130A Copy of my U.S Passport to prove U.S citizenship Copy of my birth certificate Copy of Naturalization certificate 2 photographs of petitioner 2 photographs of beneficiary Copy of our marriage certificate Copy of beneficiary’s birth certificate and passport Marriage story letter & Wedding invitation card & wedding pictures Include (Bridal shower Function + Henna Function + Wedding Event) Other photographs (time spend together) Social media conversation Payment receipt and other details of gift received Evidence of traveling for marriage (Stamps on Passport, Travel Ticket, Boarding Pass) Copies of affidavits written (from my mother and other from mother in law) Is this enough evidence or not? share your thoughts with us and thank you in advance.
  13. Does anyone know for sure if the US citizen spouse can accompany the beneficiary to the embassy in Islamabad for the interview?
  14. Hi VJ members, I had an interview today for CR1 in Islamabad. Everything was very smooth the interview was hardly 5 minutes and at the end, that lady gave me this 1-page white form, initially I was not sure that what this form is and I didn't even read it at the counter. I asked her to what to do with this form and she said just keep it with yourself and the form title is Immigrant Visa Section (Modernized Immigrant Visas) and it says you visa has been refused under the provision of the immigration and nationality act and also section 221g (your visa application is refused for AP) is tick marked. Under this, there is General Requirements and Evidence of economic solvency and they both are highlighted with yellow ink. Also about the passport, she said that you will get it after 1 month. My wife was also there with me and we went together to the counter but the lady asked her to stay there in the waiting area. Now I don't know what to do or what to upload and the status of my case is not changed on CEAC website. 1 more thing that initially we submitted the birth certificate from the hospital with my SSC certificate to USCIS and then NVC wasn't accepting it then we uploaded the FRC from Nadra and now on interview we took the original birth certificate from Union Council and we also gave them FRC and the hospital issued birth certificate. Please share your thoughts. Thanks alot!
  15. I had my interview on the 9th August 2016 at the US consulate Islamabad, the usual routine and was given 221g form with denied mentioned on it. i have created this topic to get to know the usual wait time for AP in 2016, as previously the AP average time was almost 6 months to an year, whereas in 2016 its average time is 3 to 6 weeks. kindly share your cases. thanks.
  16. Hi all, we have been waiting for the interview date since CC was may 17, and today is July 1st still haven’t heard from them, anyone else still waiting to get an interview date for a CR-1 Visa from Islamabad, Pakistan? thanks!
  17. My petition file in 2003. And first letter 2010 I received.and welcome letter received 2015 and my interview Nov 2017. But my visa application ds 260 one mistake date of birth 1 but I write 5. Embassy asked on interview send joint sponsor I submitted again .but after 3 weeks my case status change ready and after 1 week my one younger brother case update AP. And I emailed every 2 months embassy only 1 reply your case in ap.and 24 Jan 2019 my case status change expiring soon and visa application's all applicants reopen I reopen and mistake 5 date of birth I correct and submit but not status change into expiring soon to ready please some help about this.
  18. I have sent my beneficiary modest amounts of money over time to pay for internet / phone connection, so he can see the dentist, buy a shirt, etc. Records of these are not requested for the interview. Some people say having them strengthens the case, others say they make the case look fraudulent. Does anyone have insight or advice on this?
  19. Hi all, My husband has the 18 month extension letter, however, we are not sure if Pakistani immigration authorities in Islamabad airport are familiar with the document (for when we'll return). We believe an I-551 stamp in the passport might seem "more official" to them. Is there anyone here who has experience traveling in and out of Islamabad on the extension letter?? Alternatively we could try to get the passport stamped but don't like the idea of giving up expired green card and the NOA. Would really appreciate if others have relevant experiences to share. Thank you!
  20. Hello. For Pakistan is it better to marry and apply the Spouse Visa or is it okay to just apply for a Fiance Visa if you have already met. Will I have more chances of getting denied if I do the Fiance Visa? A little background information is that the female petitioner is 9 years older and previously married to two other Pakistani nationals who have entered USA. One marriage lasted two years and the other 8.5 years. Can you please advise me of the best type of Visa to apply for in this situation?
  21. Hi, I had my interview on 10th September 2018 at Islamabad consulate and at the end of the interview CO kept my passport and I was given 221(g) sheet asking to submit: Wedding photos and pictures of our time together Emails, chats Copies of my wife's passport pages showing entry and exit stamps We submitted everything asked on CEAC only(as I was told) on 4th October. It has been more than a week but I don't see any change in the last update date. Questions: Is it normal for no change in last update date after submitting the documents online? How long should I wait before making an inquiry? How long do they normally take to process such information? Anyone else who submitted documents only at CEAC and did not sent by mail? Here is some background information. We have been married for almost 3 years now (got married in the US). 1st year we lived apart while I got back to Pakistan. My wife moved to Pakistan almost 2 years ago and has been living here since then (besides going back home a couple of times). We had our Nikah after 6 months of my wife moving to Pakistan (My family had not met her before this as we were living in a different city). Shortly after that, we moved to my parents home as I switched jobs. We had been living with my family for almost a year now.
  22. How to get or make invitation letter in Pakistan for USA citizen to visit pakistan ? Kindly guide me thank you
  23. Hi everyone! so my husband had his interview at Islamabad embassy 4/9/19, interview went good wasn’t asked too many questions everything was pretty straight forward they wanted to see our pics, and asked how we talk and how often and kept his passport, medical, and passport sized pics. Told him at the end everything is looking good and gave him a paper to register for courier service they did say you will receive an email and that’s it, 24 hours later we received questionnaire email and filled out and sent back. Everyday from that point our case update date changed daily and I emailed end of April and they had said we received your questionnaire and your case is in administrative processing which in a crucial part before issue visa, my case only updates when I send an inquiry and I’m wanting to know others experiences and feedback! Anything will definitely help.
  24. Hello i have a simple question regarding my visa appointment schedule, i have already paid my visa fee, but my Fiance and i are not yet ready to schedule our appointment, is it ok to schedule when ever we want once we submit the Visa fee ? or it has a specified time to take an appointment after paying the Fee. TIA.
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