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  1. Thank you for this nugget of advice. I’ve just got off the phone and we now have access to CEAC! Thank you so much
  2. Our I-130 was approved at Texas on Feb 25th. After much perusing the forums I’ve noted a lot of people have received their case file numbers. Two quick queries 1. Do both petitioner and applicant receive the same email? 2. Considering NVC are processing cases way after the approval date, when is it considered appropriate to email or call them for guidance? I’m hoping we’ve not fallen down a crack somewhere 😢
  3. If the media reports are true, and Prince Harry and his wife Megan have indeed moved to L.A - I wonder the conversation he had with CBP during his entry into the country. I wonder how long his permitted stay will be. https://patch.com/california/hollywood/prince-harry-meghan-markle-move-home-los-angeles
  4. Can you apply for an expedite? People appear to have them agreed for less.
  5. A digital submission from the USCIS website. I wish that existed when we filed!
  6. I personally would send the documents on the new form. I wouldn’t kid yourself that the system will accept your out dated form. That’s not policy. I would send a fresh form, with evidence and wait for that to be processed no doubt several days after the other has been rejected. No major worries
  7. Thanks We did apply for the K3. An enquiry was made with a congressman which may explain why it was approved quicker. The reason for the enquiry was a medical reason. In relation to the USCIS log on page being updated or not, I don’t have access to that system and never logged on so I have no idea to be honest!
  8. We’ve just been APPROVED today! PD - 12th July 2019 at Nebraska Service Centre. We’re absolutely buzzing! We’re four months ahead of the expected review date! Thank You anonymous USCIS case worker! You’ve made our day!!
  9. So glad to hear this development. Hopefully us July 2019 Nebraska folk will also now benefit with a quicker review One can but hope!
  10. Thank you all for answering my questions and your helpful advice :-)
  11. Hello I’m having a few tax related stresses and thought I would ask you good people for your opinion. I’m currently the NRA and my USC wife is residing in WI whilst we await the good people at USCIS to adjudicate our petition. I work in the UK for the Police and she works in health care in the US. We were married October 2018. Do I need to file a US tax return? It appears from perusing the forum - we should perhaps file jointly? I have a SS number from a prior job ten years ago when I was on a J1 - is this still suitable? It appears the UK does not issue a P60 End of tax year certificate anymore. Does anyone know how to get this information in the best format to assist with filing? My wife was under the impression that she doesn’t need to file for us / specifically me as I am not present in the US but I’m not sure this is good advice. I just want to make sure we file correctly and fulfill our responsibilities in accordance with the Law Any guidance or help will be appreciatively received! Thank you
  12. I don’t know how to comment on this. I don’t want to throw any negativity your way but it leaves a sour taste in my mouth whereas me and my wife have been patiently waiting in line. It’s disheartening when people jump the line and expect the system to facilitate it. I don’t know you, and I’m sure you’ve gone through a lot too, but if everyone did what you do, we’d be in a mess. Whos the daft one though. You that have your family together or me whose 3.981 miles away from my wife and have been for going on for five years now of long distance. 👎
  13. On a side note - for people with experience of the NVC specifically in London. Assuming our petitions are approved in July, is it realistic for the process to be complete, visa in hand for Christmas 2020? That would be my dream!
  14. Us lowly Nebraska folk hope July 2020 will be our month 🤪🤪 God damn 12 months is ridiculous just for an initial review. 👎
  15. Two points I want to make here 1) We wasted 9 months for a package that was lost by USCIS and we weren’t good at following up. We’re paying the price now. This week would’ve seen an decision had it been processed. 2) If it is lost, file online. It’s now available and seems the more sensible approach. I’m really gutted our package was lost
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