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  1. It’s on an email when you pay for fees! I was emailed from them on ELISdonotreply@uscis.dhs.gov And it’s at the bottom of that email
  2. I moved to Milwaukee last December and can totally relate! Such a palaver to get the license! Thanks for posting the info!!
  3. Sorry I’ve really not been much help. I was asked the questions at the NVC stage on the DS-260 but not in person. Thank you for making that clear :-)
  4. Hi! I double checked the forms and you are correct I am entirely incorrect the I-129F does not ask any questions remotely related to overstay. I do apologize. I was getting mixed with the I-130 with touches on the topic about the beneficiary ever being in removal proceedings. However all things considered I’ve checked over our documents and we added a single sentence in the note section. Having recently gone through the process myself, I do think this would be sufficient in your circumstances. I remember at no point did anyone ask me about it, and I felt they would at the embassy interview. I think you are truly demonstrating honesty and fronting it by voluntarily adding it on the form in the notes. In the highly highly unlikely event you are asked, you can legitimately say it was pointed out on the forms. As I say, you qualify for the visa regardless it would appear even with a minor overstay so they won’t banish you forever over it. They will look at the totality of circumstances and I’m sure your case will naturally show a clear and genuine bonafide relationship and they will be happy to approve you! Enjoy the day
  5. Don’t place it in the cover letter that is the not most appropriate place. The cover letter should summarily list all the evidence you are sending. The correct place for this information is on the I-129F. There is a section where it asks if you have ever overstayed. I was in a similar boat I overstayed I think 39 days due to me not realizing the date stamped was the expiry (I wrongly assumed the visa validity date was what was important but hey we all learn). You can add a few lines at the notes section on the back of the I-129F if you really want but this won’t cause any issues nine years later. Good luck with the process! Just answer the questions they ask and nothing more as they’re busy processing thousands of petitions a week.
  6. It’s such amazing news to see everyone’s great news with getting appointment dates. Congratulations! The trip to the embassy was such an great day!!!
  7. The audacity of some people is staggering. It’s abundantly obvious this is not legitimate. I hope the embassy get the right outcome.
  8. I don’t think you would have any issues with applying for a green card. Ironically it would be more straight forward than a tourist B-2. Since you’re married the first step is your spouse to file l-130. I would discuss with your spouse and look to start the process. The process is currently taking 1-2 years with delays at every stage.
  9. Frustrating to see someone so obviously and desperately try to game the system. I’m glad the Government were efficient enough to detect it and will invariably prevent him becoming a lawful permanent resident.
  10. They already had the copies on their computer if what was uploaded but I also took the originals as some people had reported being asked to reupload documents. Try not to worry! We didn’t even have w transcript and used a tax filing that the IRS still haven’t processed! I’ve just remailed it off last week so they didn’t confirm with them!
  11. Well done everyone just getting your interview dates. I love reading people’s updates and partly the reason I restarted the thread after the original was closed. My wife and I had our case in London December 1st and immigrated December 16th. I’ve now got my drivers licence and SS card and started my first week working in admin for the Sheriffs office. Life is good!
  12. I love the title of this thread “package size” 😂
  13. Hi @Caresse33 I don’t have the answer but I know in certain cases ages are locked when a case is documentarily qualified. I would recommend starting a new thread and someone will come along with more knowledge and answer it I’m sure! Its more likely to be picked up on a fresh thread I think.
  14. Interview was completed on 1st December and then shown as issued on 2nd December and at the courier site near my home on the 3rd December! It was very speedy!
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