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  1. For F2B, All Documents Accepted & Documentary Qualified on 20th January 2023. I got reply from NVC - NVC will work with the U.S. Embassy/Consulate General in MUMBAI (BOMBAY), IND to schedule an interview appointment for you. 37 days gone. But Still, I didn’t get any updates on it kindly help
  2. Hi, group. I hope everyone is doing fine today. 18 years ago my dad (LPR back then) applied for my mom (beneficiary) and me (me as a derivative) with the form I-130 in 2003. USCIS sent us a notice of approval in 2005, but after that, my dad didn't follow up with NVC. I asked NVC for my case number and they replied. I checked the status and it says "At NVC". NVC sent a notice of 1 year in 2011 but still my dad didn't follow up for reasons beyond his control. Is it possible to continue with this case after 18 years? maybe with a lawyer? Or do I need to start over with USCIS and a new I-130? I am 27 years old (not married) and my dad is a USA citizen now (naturalized). USCIS still shows as "My case was approved" NVC shows: At NVC. I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello, I am a USC and I will be traveling to Hawaii (Oahu) with my wife soon from overseas. Upon arrival would it be possible for us to use the US Citizen line together to get through immigration? Or would we have to use the Esta/visitor line? Thank you
  4. Two of the most common themes in the threads on here are - how to survive a long distance relationship with a long time apart, and how to survive the first few months in the USA. So my experience is that if you prepare and plan for your arrival or your fiance's arrival it can keep you so busy (assuming you are also living your usual life - work, eating, sleeping, talking to other human beings) that you find the time apart not so daunting. Plus you actually feel like you are doing something that you have control over, unlike USCIS and their weird processing times. So this is a list for both petitioner and beneficiary and how you split preparation like this depends on your unique coupleness and your individual strengths and preferences - ie sometimes one partner is super organised and proactive - sometimes that's the USC, sometimes it's not. There may be other considerations like language issues, finances, etc etc. But I bet there's something in the lists below for everyone.... Before Arrival: 1. Prepare 'all the immigration stuff' - I'm not going to list it on here because it's all over the site in the guides, in the forums, in the wiki. But while you have all this waiting time get to know this stuff INSIDE OUT. At least one of you should know what to expect and do at every stage of the process so there are no horrible surprises. Read, research, Google it, double check it here and on the official USCIS, State Dept websites. Tell your other half everything you learn. 2. Prepare the non-immigration stuff: Make a Budget Make a Budget Make a Budget So important I said it three times. - Discuss goals, needs, wants and realistic expectations - Work out how much you will need, double it and then work out how to pay for everything and whether you can BOTH save like crazy, do extra shifts, get a second job while waiting for the visa to process so that you will be able to cover all the needs and wants. - Remember needs and wants are not the same thing and you have to work with your own circumstance so all the below will not apply. Budget for these first few months (both of you) You will definitely need money for (K1s): - wedding - AOS process - health insurance, costs while health insurance is being sorted out - being out of work for three months, or more (or stay at home options for those who want this - this includes what access the non-working partner will have to funds and a budget for their needs) You might want: - job hunting costs - home renovation projects - second car, computer, phone and plan - re-buying all the stuff which you forgot or couldn't bring with you - fun stuff together - exploring the new area - study costs - possible language courses etc - driving costs - test taking, lessons, extra insurance Do you need something else to do to fill your time? How about researching and getting info and resources for all the following this the new immigrant might need: Services: - doctor - dentist - optometrist - other medical specialists - hairdresser - beauty/spa services - vet for those bringing pets - schools for those bringing kids - gym / health club - church Tech/Communications: - cell phone/plan - computer - home country TV service Driving/Transport - DMV manual - Your state requirements - Driving school - Other transport options Study/Work - find courses, places to study - work out requirements and if prep can start before moving - work networking, research, resume prep, business cards? Getting to know the area - maps (digital and or the paper sort) - books about the area A Taste of Home - food shops - restaurants - meetup groups - how to access TV from home My suggestion is define a place - a box, a drawer, a shelf, a folder on your computer - and start gathering all this info. A welcome box if you will for your new fiancee/wife. It will make the first few months smoother. After Arrival: 1. Talk about goals, plan and how you want to structure your time. Do you both want to ease into the new situation with a vacation at the start. Work with your new arrival's personality type. Are they happy with a good book, Netflix and access to the Internet to fill in the alone time? Will they need more hand-holding. If yes, how are you going to arrange it? Things you can do if you are in a new home, in a new country: - relax and rest That immigration journey was pretty grueling wasn't it, plus a huge international flight, all that packing and emotional goodbyes. Maybe a week chilling and catching up on sleep - spend time together alone After all that time and anguish apart - plan some quality time together. Not just trips to the SS office or DMV. - house/home projects If you've budgeted for this it can be a great way to feel at home - decorate and organise as a couple finally. I spent over three hours a day for the first two months decluttering all the old junk (ie. my husband's stuff) in the house. - explore walk, drive, cycle, shop, museums, art galleries, - if you think your partner would not enjoy this alone, try to organize some vacation from work, or draft a team of helpers - friends, family etc If the USC works in a city or town and you can't drive yet, go into the town/city with them once or twice a week - hang out in the library, or coffee shop, take a laptop, or go shopping, meet them for lunch, read a book in the park. Get out of the house. - meet wider family and friends Plan parties and visits and fun things to do to introduce your partner into your wider world and community. My mother-in-law took me out in the car every week for the first few months and it was a fun bonding experience. - driving Whether it's practice, lessons, studying the guide getting the licence sorted etc - finding work Even if you can't actually work yet there's hours of stuff you can do to prepare before the EAD/Greencard comes. Update your resume, update all online options like LinkedIn etc, get business cards printed, go to networking events, organize informational interviews at the types of places you'd like to work, see if you can shadow someone at a company you'd like to work. Find out if you need to acquire more skills etc - study Learn something new - either useful or fun. Use local community resources or do an online course. - volunteer - hobbies Music, art, creating/making, gardening, reading, writing, blogging, sports, play poker online - I don't know whatever thrills you. When was the last time you had enforced leisure time - try to enjoy it. I'm sure other people have loads more ideas.......
  5. After several attempts at our pregnancy, we couldn't have a child of our own. My wife's (green card holder) niece in Pakistan which she wants to adopt and bring her to USA. The family from which we want to adopt is struggling to survive financially with 4 kids. We aren't familiar with the process of adopting a child from Pakistan so any information we could get may b ed beneficial for us. I'm a US citizen. My wife is a GC holder but has applied for citizenship. Her niece is 8 years old.
  6. a few others and i just received an automated email from nvc that they had cancelled our interview at the embassy in germany, FRANKFURT. we all never got an appointment scheduled yet but all are dq’d already. what does this mean? i saw a few older posts only about it so i just wanted to make sure that we do understand this email properly. thank you lots!
  7. Hello! Me and my fiance are about to get married soon. He is an american citizen, however he moved out of US and back to Romania (where we met) 2.5 years ago. My questions are: 1) I understand that he, as my petitioner has to also be my sponsor, but how should he prove that he intents to get back to the US? 2) How should we get around the financial issues? He has a job here but he will most likely give it up and change it if we move. Can we get a joint sponsor? I will also specify that his parents and brother live there, would that be relevant? Thanks so much and sorry to bother you!
  8. Hello! This might have been asked before - but just wanted to confirm! Is he able to drive here when he arrives in the US? Thank you!
  9. Hi everyone, Can I get visa sponsorship to the United States to be used as a human subject for experiments?
  10. UPDATE FROM WARSAW POLAND US EMBASSY INTERVIEW COMPLETED, VISA ISSUANCE DELAYED So we are now in Warsaw Poland, we completed the US Embassy interview last Tuesday, that was 1 week ago as I type this update. The total interview time took about 2.25 hours. Most of the time was just waiting for her number to be called once inside. The interview was scheduled for 8am, we arrived at the embassy at 7:45am there were already about 30-40 people standing in line. There was a line coordinator working the line and we were separated into two lines one for the non-immigrant visa folks, and one for immigrant visa folks. I was not needed/allowed to go inside with my wife during the interview. She was inside by 8:15. I had to wait 2+ hours on the street outside. Nowhere to sit, no coffee shop, no cafe near by. While inside she was given a number. When called she presented her documents to an immigration officer, a woman that spoke good Russian, she reviewed the documents and said 'its all in order' gave her documents back and asked her to sit down again and wait for her number. About an hour or more later she was called to the 2nd official, a man with not so good Russian. He spent less than a minute reviewing her documents and asked her two questions: 1. How did you meet your husband 2. How long have you known your husband Though she had every document requested in the instructions to be sure to bring with you, he asked her to return to the hotel and upload her updated birth certificate and police report and he indicated they would then process her visa quickly and she could pick it up at the mailboxes ETC. We went back to the hotel, scanned and uploaded the two documents within 1.5 hours. The need to do this was understandable since her original police certificate expired because of the long delay between moving her case from Moscow to Poland and the delay in obtaining an interview. The need for the birth certificate update was because my wife decided she wanted a brand new birth certificate that was in perfect condition, her original was partially not perfectly readable in the area for her birth city....so she got a new one and the officer noticed they were different so its understandable to upload the new one. LESSON LEARNED: If any of your documents expire or change, its a SUPER GOOD IDEA to upload them before your interview so that they are already in the system before your interview. Why the official couldn't just copy and upload them or put them in a folder I don't know but its not part of their process apparently. The official assured her that if she did this quickly (the upload) they would quickly process her visa and it would be available for pickup in a few days at the mailboxes etc. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN.... We have extended our stay an additional week in Warsaw, and this has been expensive to change flights, get a hotel for an additional week, food, etc. It's near impossible to get anyone on the phone that can tell you anything more than to just wait. We check the CEAC web site profile several times a day for an update, nothing after a week now. No email communications from the embassy, no communications at all. The Warsaw embassy has several ways to communicate with them. This includes live online chat, Skype and web phone call. The live online chat turned out to just be a robot and I was unable to actually get my chat routed to a human. I wasted about 30 minutes repeating my wife's name, passport number, birthdate and email address to the robot only to at the end be told it was a holiday. It's Tuesday morning and not a holiday in US or Poland I got no response to the Skype message I sent even after adding the correct Skype account to my contacts, no response at all The web talk phone call just took me to the same voice response system that calling the number on the website provided Called the number on the site +48 22 307 1361 (see below) Finally got a human on the phone this morning, talked for 20-30 minutes, he answered questions and was quite patient but could not indicate how long we might have to wait...that is how much longer we will have to wait. No indication whatsoever how much longer. The problem is that obviously we need to get back to work, we do not have unlimited funds to stay in Warsaw for an indeterminate time. To compound the issue, the embassy has my wife's passport and she obviously can not leave Warsaw/board a plane without it. We can get her passport back by doing a request for it to be returned, this can take 2-3 days, and if we do that we (apparently) do not have to return for an interview, BUT she will have to submit her passport again using the correct form and the support agent told me several times that the passport can ONLY be mailed from the mailboxes ETC location in Warsaw! It can not be mailed from any other location! Are you sure I asked him several times! MY level of frustration is just off the scale, apparently you can't just walk down to the embassy and explain your situation to anyone, there is no way to expedite your request or processing, you can only get your passport back and start all over or sit and wait an unknown amount of time. If this is what happens when you have a simple immigration case where the parties have known each other for 7+ years, been married for 5+ years and appear with all original documents as requested, I can't imagine what a hard case must be like. At this point we are wondering if we can stay an additional week....and the only advice we have to offer is to be sure if any of your documents changed to upload the updated version to the CEAC site well before the interview. If they do not need to be updated, DON'T...they were already approved. There is no need to update documents that are not expired (like a police report) and that have already been accepted and approved. Any sage advice would surely be appreciated.
  11. Hello, I was able to get my wife a tourist visa shortly after the war started in Ukraine ( she's Ukrainian) and when we entered the Port of Entry the officer said we had 6 months to figure out her paperwork to adjust her status. Well I spoke with a lawyer who will proofread all our documents but I haven't been able to pay yet and start the process so she can have work permission and travel authorization. My question is, we have been taking trips flying within usa during this time and she uses passport as I.D. , can she still travel within USA on an expired Visa? Does Tsa look into that and call immigrations or can we still fly before we submit paperwork to adjust status??
  12. Hey! I got my visa in April to enter the US. Whenever there was a question of inputting a US address, we would put the address of my husband's mother in Puerto Rico since we did not live in the US. Now that we are planning to actually enter the US, we found and signed a 6 month rental contract for a house in TX. Thats where we will live. 1. I know I have to provide the USCIS or somewhere else my new address so they can send my Green Card and SSN. I wonder what and how to do that? 2. We signed the rental contract maybe a month ago, I wonder if there is some rule like 10 days when we had to notify? It complety slipped my mind. 3. Also do I need to provide the correct phone in the US later when we get one? We will enter the US in 2 weeks. Thanks
  13. Good morning everyone. I’ve searched this forum for awhile but couldn’t find the answer to my question. I’ve submitted an I 130 petition for my mother in November 2021 after becoming a citizen. At the time, she was planning on immigrating to the States. But her situation has changed. 1. My grandmother broke her hip and is unable to move so my mom has to provide constant care 2. My sister had a baby and she is a single mother The status of my petition is Case is being reviewed by the USCIS as of March 2022. my question is, how do I withdraw the application? I’ve seen on the internet that you need to send a letter to USCIS explaining your withdrawal. also will we get penalized and will the withdrawal affect any future applications? Thank you!
  14. Hello! I had a couple questions about the CR1 visa. My husband has his interview in Cairo soon. -I was wondering if I need to fill out an updated I-864 form, as the one I uploaded on the CEAC was a year ago. -I was wondering if we have to confirm the appointment registration and how to do that. I have followed the step 1 link and added the address where he will pick up the passport but I do not know how to confirm the appointment registration? - I was wondering if I should upload documents to the CEAC website before the interview such as pictures of us, updated IRS forms, and such? -Also are there any other fees that are needed to be paid at the embassy? -Also do I just screenshot our conversations on whatsapp, do I have to save him by his full name, and do I have to translate it if they are in arabic?
  15. Can I sponsor my fiancé even if I have been claimed as dependent on my parents tax return.
  16. hello I applied for an I130 back in November 2019 and as of august 2021 I got denied. they sent a RFE in septmber 2020 but that was it and I never got a NOID which is unfair and I thought my case would be approved 100% with the amount of evidence I have given. they said "Upon review of the record, it has been determined that you have not submitted sufficient documentary evidence to establish eligibility for the benefit sought. Therefore, the petition is denied." I have a few days left to appeal the decision and I spoke to a senator and congresswomen to help me on this issue and they are willing to do so. I just do not know which is a better route for me, appealing or refiling. I have much stronger evidence that I gathered up based off the denial, my attorney is saying I should refile, but that will make me lose my priority date of 2019..and its already been two years. I am hoping if I appeal USCIS may just change their decision based off the newer evidence and not send it to the BIA (that's where it takes a very long time) and that will take up to 2-3 months. what do you guys think... I am a US citizen I submitted wedding pictures, affidavits, certifications of our marriage, appropriate filing fees, wedding invite, a personal letter, passport pictures of both of us the NEW evidence I have(this was available but I do not send it because I did not feel comfortable) pictures after marriage(assortment), closer affidavits who know us on a personal level, text messages on many social media platforms, video calls/meetings, on many social media platforms, passport stamps showing travel, honeymoon receipts of hotels, gifts(gold) he brought me, our anniversary gifts for each other, this is a REAL marriage and I love my husband dearly, and everyone who filled before me did way less than I did and got approved. I feel horrible. please help me with any information or past experience you can Thank you
  17. Hello everyone I am filing the I-130 for my wife. And question 10 asks “Has anyone else ever filed a petition for the beneficiary”. I don’t know to say yes or no because I did file an I-129F fiancé petition for her but that was rejected last year. So is the answer yes? the part that confuses me is that the question states “has anyone else” which means people other than me. If that’s the case then should I answer no since no one else has ever filed for her. also a side question. Should I acknowledge the previous fiancé petition denial or just not mention it anywhere. We got married now so the fiancé route is no longer important. But should I still say in a letter somewhere that she was rejected before for a fiancé petition?
  18. Hi All, The situation for one of my relatives is like this. The US citizen has sponsored for her sister and as part of that application, the children are also present. My understanding is that when the application was filed, the children were below 18 years of age. Now, they are 25 and above. When the turn arrives for the primary applicant (i.e. sister of the US citizen), are the children still eligible to immigrate as PR's or is there a cut-off? I am not clear based on what I've read on the USCIS website. According to the website, it appears that a US citizen can sponsor a child who is above 21 years provided they are not married, or something along those lines. Could someone who has experience with this help me understand the nuances and what is currently applicable? Also, can a US citizen still file for their immediate relatives i.e. Parents and Siblings? I heard this option was terminated but I am not sure. Please advise.
  19. I have got an immigrant visa, and now I am getting ready to immigrate. My immigrant visa is for an EB3 green card. What happens if in the meantime my employer gives up? Would I still be allowed to use this immigrant visa to immigrate? Thank you
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