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  1. My Indian fiance is about to get the k1 visa to come to America. Within how many days does she need to arrive to America?
  2. Hello All, Has anyone been through the interview process with a reckless driving misdemeanor on their record? I am trying to find more information on this topic in Seattle, but couldn't find much. I have my interview scheduled soon and I am very concerned about this when it comes up with the officer.
  3. My Sister husband (citizen) filed for her 2 children 5 and 7 last September and awaiting approval! My Sister children father went behind her back last week and filed his own application. What will happen to my sister pending application she filed last September? Will there father application interfere with the first application there mother sent? She's really confused and upset. My sister and her children father live in the US separately as permanent residents. The children live in another country while processing
  4. Hi we're going to apply an n600 for my daughter who got here in the US through an IR-2 visa, qualifying for the derivative and automatic acquisition of the US citizenship. During the process of this can my daughter travel outside of the country to study there? Would she be able to come back with no hassle?
  5. Apologies if this has been covered before, I'm having a hard time finding conrete evidence. I have received my IR1 visa today and am planning on flying out at the beginning of next month. I am just wondering what the process is with regards to being able to work? I know I will need an SSN, but is it possible to work whilst that is being processed? Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello Everyone, I'm going to have CR1 visa interview at the US embassy in Dakar and the nvc mentioned all the originals of the uploaded and submitted documents to CEAC must be brought during the interview but my concern is my wife and I are living apart and she's the one who has the original marriage certificate. What to do now?
  7. Hello everyone, I am considering sponsoring my mother and sister to come live with me in the US. I am a citizen. I work all the time and I can't travel to see them very often. We hate the distance and I need them to be with me, mostly my blind sister, for obvious reasons. I am reading horror stories online, about petitions for siblings being denied. Is this something feasible that I can pursue? If this doesn't work out, I will have to move back overseas and take care of my family. Thanks!
  8. I am absolutely heartbroken and gutted. I need some advice and help everyone. I have been watching visa journey for a long time and trusted everyone here and am thankful for the help but I have just lost big time. let me explain. I learned so much here that I felt I didn’t need a lawyer to help me through this process. I filed a I-129f petition for my fiancé on august 2020 and supplied ironclad evidence for it and fulfilled all the requirements. I included pictures from our time together in the last 2 years as well as family photos and everything else. However, the problem was my fiancé was 16 at the time I filed it. I did this because I knew with all the delays she would be 18 by the time she gets her visa. I filed from California to the California service center and waited very patiently for 7 months and got a RFE on March 16th 2021. Here is the RFE: “LEGALLY ABLE TO MARRY The evidence shows that your beneficiary was approximately 16 at the time of filing the petition. Generally, a person must be at least 18 years old to marry. Therefore, please submit evidence of the marriage requirements of the state in which you and the beneficiary plan to wed. Also, submit evidence that you and the beneficiary are able to comply with the states marriage requirements” when I saw this I searched everywhere on visajourney and found great advice so I compiled an amazing response with the evidences as follows. I stated the state we plan to marry was the STATE OF HAWAII. I did this because I needed a state where it was easy to get married at the age of 16 and California also allows it but the process would involve getting a court order and seemed very difficult. So I printed the marriage requirements of the state of Hawaii and put that in my response and Hawaii allows marriage at the age of 16 with parental consent, requires a birth certificate, and a drivers license of those over 18. I attached a notarized affidavit of consent signed by both parents and her birth certificate along with my drivers license. Everything was crystal clear and I confirmed with a marriage license agent these requirements and they said yes to all. However I just received a denial of form I-129f today I haven’t received the paper yet but it will be about this age discrepancy nonsense. they said in the RFE! That the state in which we plan to marry. So why would they deny if I provided that, a paralegal I called said they would probably want the evidence of marriage in California but I told her what the RFE said and that Americans are allowed to marry in whatever state they choose so she said you are absolutely correct about that. I need everyone’s advice. What should I do? This sounds like a big mistake on uscis, they sound have approved this petition. Also the problem is I don’t want to wait until she’s 18 to get married in Pakistan and then wait 2-3 years for her to come here maybe even longer since Covid is delaying everything. I can’t be without her that long. if I can get them to overturn this decision it would be the fastest way. Maybe appeal the decision, motion to reconsider? Or file a new I-129f petition? What do you guys think. And why the heck did this happen. Do I have a spot at a reconsider/ appeal. Please help. I’ll update the thread once I get the denial in the mail
  9. Hello All. I got my ir1 visa application approved. the embassy contacted me to submit my passport. i cant make it to the embassy because i live in another country. i tried to get a visa to enter the country were i had my interview but i got rejected because covid restrictions. is it okay and legal to Mail my passport overseas for the embassy to finish the process even tho the embassy advised againt me mailing it ? Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, My name is Mimi. I'm currently in CR1 process and planning to visit my husband while waiting in the process (with B2 visa). Right now I'm gathering evidence to prove to the immigration that I will definitely come back to my home country. Does anyone have a sample of a letter showing on-going responsibility of caring for family members? In my case, I'm responsible for my little siblings who have mental issues (ADHD and depression). I am the one who support them financially and also act as their guardian when I take them to hospital. I plan to show them this letter along with the doctor's letter and other medical records. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  11. So I filed all my forms and got my EAD card due to the fact that I had done my biometrics for previous applications which was denied. I’ve recently received another biometrics appointment but I am curious on the time span when uscis sends me a notice to do my medical and how much time they would give to get the medical done in the year 2021?
  12. So I received my visa last month and when I went to pick it up they only gave me my passport and three papers that carry the instruction on how to pay fees and covid 19 travel instruction. What should I do? Can I travel now? HELP👀
  13. Hi everyone, I am planning to apply for my fiance's K1 visa. I do have a couple of questions regarding the income and I134. I called a couple of lawyer offices and none of them were ready to give me a paid consultation (1 hour or something). They offered packages which were thousands of dollars (4 k being min and as I understand from all the YouTube videos and forums is that lawyers are not essential for this process unless our case has unique circumstances. So, hoping the community here can help me. Some background: Fiance is an Indian citizen currently working in Oman. We have been together for 4 and a half years. Lived in the US for the first three (We were students at the same uni) and then he came back to his home country. We have met twice since October 2019 (We would have more if COVID wasn't a thing). Here are the questions: 1. I made higher than 125% of the poverty line last year (2020), but before that in 2019 I was a student and didn’t earn that much (approx 14k). Will 1 year of over 125% be enough? 2. Do I need to include the I134 with my I129F package or does my fiancé submit it at the interview in his country? 3. If my fiancé has to show it, do I need to courier him the original I134 with originals for supporting docs such as W2/Payslips/Letter from my employer? Another random question, 4) I lived in a dorm from 2016 to 2020. My physical address was my dorm but my tax address was my grandma's (as that was my home away from college). In the address history do I use physical address or tax/important document address? Thank you so much in advance. I am really hoping to not shell out money for a lawyer. And with all the external factors, I am hoping to do everything correct from our side to avoid any delay. Appreciate any help!
  14. Hi everyone, I am sponsoring my husband to come and live with me in US. My husband is currently residing outside of US and we got married two years back. I am currently not employed but my brother with whom I stay currently has agreed to show financial support which is required under Form I-864. We will be filing the I-130 form and I-130A form shortly. Are we required to submit the Form I-864 (financial support) along with this application or USCIS will mail my husband separately asking for this form at a later date? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mary
  15. CR1 TO IR1 Arrive 3 weeks ago via Miami POE. I can't access my I-94 arrival information online. I really need my Arrival record to get my State ID to start working. HELP! My Green card and My Social Security Card has not arrive as yet either.
  16. Basically the title. My wife's appointment is scheduled for Jan 7th, but for reasons related to my work, it would be so much more convenient if we could get it done earlier - sometime this week or next, ideally. I have heard of people who just show up to the appointment, even weeks earlier, and walk-in and get it done. Is this common/ acceptable? Should I call the office and confirm with them first if it's okay? I would much rather wait until the designated date than go through USCIS's formal rescheduling process. Thanks in advance!
  17. Long story short, my wife attempted to enter the US with me and received the 5 year ban; she came on a tourist visa and we intended to stay shortly. The judgement was based on fabricated answers from the transcript, saying she worked for a US company. She did not work for a US company. We have talked with an immigration lawyer and he indicated chances are high that I can challenge the travel ban and reverse it, without the waiver. Primarily because of the crazy transcript. The cost is way too much for us to afford at the moment. I'm not interested in discussing details of our case. My main question is would a go fund me campaign mentioning details of our case (fabricated answers and questions, bad english from CBP officer on transcript, experience being detained, harsh treatment, etc.) be damaging in our process? I.E. would the government look at it negatively in any way? We want to lift the ban and move back to the US and obtain a green card and citizenship.
  18. Hello, I am going to India to get a court marriage done and get a certificate and apply for CR1 as soon as I am back. The attorney's, however, keep on giving different opinions on getting married via Hindu Marriage Act vs Special Marriage Act. Since, I want my process to be clear and smooth I want to make sure I am covering all the bases with legitimate paperwork and hence building a clean and clear case for USCIS submission. Please advise on which Marriage Certificate will be valid for Immigration purposes and also recommend a lawyer if you have someone in mind who helped you. Thank you in advance. Looking forward for your replies. Thanks, Rudraksh
  19. a few others and i just received an automated email from nvc that they had cancelled our interview at the embassy in germany, FRANKFURT. we all never got an appointment scheduled yet but all are dq’d already. what does this mean? i saw a few older posts only about it so i just wanted to make sure that we do understand this email properly. thank you lots!
  20. I'm taking 2019 Tax Return to the Interview instead Tax Transcript because IRS Is still Processing it since March. Would 2019 Tax Return alone be ok?
  21. Hi there! I was reading on what I needed to bring to my immigration interview, it says on my notice that they require "Original and copy of each supporting document that you submitted with your application." First, do they mean all documents like the original I-485 and I-130? Or do they just mean all documents for evidence supporting said documents. And if they do mean those initial documents, basically my spouse doesn't have the filled out I-130 document that we submitted. Is it possible she can just fill it out again in the same way as the last one (as our original documents were typed up and not written). Its just I have all the other copies of these documents except for the I-130. If someone could let me know soon that'd be great! Cheers!
  22. Hi, Is this enough Time Spent together? CR1 Waiting on Interview. Please Tell me what you think? 1st Visit: 10 Days (Petitioner Country) 2nd Visit: 7 Days (Married) Beneficiary Country 3rd Visit: 10 Days (Beneficiary Country) 4th Visit: 22 Days (Petitioner Country) 5th Visit: 3 Days For 1st Anniversary (Petitioner Country) Booked Flight for one Month Vacation with Petitioner Cancelled due to COVID-19.
  23. Immigrants: When Jobs and Schools ask you for a High School Diploma or GED, What Do you use as an immigrant or Greencard Holder at 30 years old I'm planning to start Nursing School After arriving and Settling.
  24. Attention VJers, If your relative was handed a form 221(g) and your case has been put in Administrative Processing (AP), Please post your update here. Let's get some update and information from each other to know how fast the process is moving and what needs to be done and to help each other. Who did you petition? What country did you get denied (AP) at? What have you done so far? What update do you have so far on your case? You can create a timeline in your 'Signature'...Go to your account settings, click on signatures and type in your timeline. As we wait, I hope that you stay encouraged and focused! it is easy to get stressed out but you lose half of the battle when you give in to stress and depression. Please feel free to share what activities you do to not stay depressed. good luck to everyone.... *** If you are depressed right now, pm me your address for an encouragement card. You don't have to explain yourself, just say," I need encouragement card" and add your mailing address***
  25. Hey Dearest Russian Friends! My name is Daria Parkinson, I am a CR-1 spousal immigrant visa applicant from Moscow, Russian Federation. Regarding the United States Embassy in Moscow. Please write here any news and information, if you tend to have any. Probably, as most of you might’ve noticed, their website is quite useless, as there is absolutely no info concerning the resuming of visa services. The CR-1/IR-1 visa category is now considered as “Mission Critical”, therefore, I am assuming, that those of us applied for that category, must hear some news from them soon. I am a little bit frustrated right now, because in many countries the US Embassies/Consulates began to resume their services and issue the interview dates to people, but Moscow is, as usual, silent, and just ignores everyone.
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