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  1. a few others and i just received an automated email from nvc that they had cancelled our interview at the embassy in germany, FRANKFURT. we all never got an appointment scheduled yet but all are dq’d already. what does this mean? i saw a few older posts only about it so i just wanted to make sure that we do understand this email properly. thank you lots!
  2. Attention VJers, If your relative was handed a form 221(g) and your case has been put in Administrative Processing (AP), Please post your update here. Let's get some update and information from each other to know how fast the process is moving and what needs to be done and to help each other. Who did you petition? What country did you get denied (AP) at? What have you done so far? What update do you have so far on your case? You can create a timeline in your 'Signature'...Go to your account settings, click on signatures and type in your timeline. As we wait, I hope that you stay encouraged and focused! it is easy to get stressed out but you lose half of the battle when you give in to stress and depression. Please feel free to share what activities you do to not stay depressed. good luck to everyone.... *** If you are depressed right now, pm me your address for an encouragement card. You don't have to explain yourself, just say," I need encouragement card" and add your mailing address***
  3. Hey Dearest Russian Friends! My name is Daria Parkinson, I am a CR-1 spousal immigrant visa applicant from Moscow, Russian Federation. Regarding the United States Embassy in Moscow. Please write here any news and information, if you tend to have any. Probably, as most of you might’ve noticed, their website is quite useless, as there is absolutely no info concerning the resuming of visa services. The CR-1/IR-1 visa category is now considered as “Mission Critical”, therefore, I am assuming, that those of us applied for that category, must hear some news from them soon. I am a little bit frustrated right now, because in many countries the US Embassies/Consulates began to resume their services and issue the interview dates to people, but Moscow is, as usual, silent, and just ignores everyone.
  4. Dearest People, please help us with an advice! Yesterday we got an update notice from the NVC. They approved all of our provided documents (AoS, civil documents, etc.), except for the forms I-864 for my husband and his father (we have a joint sponsor). In the explaining notice they stated, that all of the pages must be submitted, so I’m assuming my husband missed uploading all of the pages. Had anyone faced this before? Do they actually need pages even that they do not read? And do they mention all of the mistakes in the explaining comment? Thanks everyone so much in advance. I was just broken today’s morning, when we got everything accepted, except those two forms. So disappointing.
  5. Hey VJers, I am currently going through the Removal of Conditions process from a K1 visa, I sent my application last July and have the 18 month extension letter. My Canadian passport expires in July and I had plans to go there this week to file for a new passport in my married name and visit with my family but my travel plans were cancelled due to Covid-19. Does any Canadian who is currently living as an immigrant in the USA know how I can go about renewing my passport from abroad? I know I can mail in the application but I am unsure of where to get the photo taken because they have different standards than the USA and I don’t have a guarantor here. Any advice on how to proceed would be very much appreciated! Thank you!
  6. I was in AP since march 5 and my visa was issued on CEAC at 25 March but i got my passport on 12 June. I have just been issued with B1/B2 visa this month from #IslamabadEmbassyUSA, Now i am thinking on what to do as i have issued with one year validity which is quite astonishing and will expire in March 2021. Can you answer me as below: 1: Why i was issued one year visa? What could be reasons? Any particular reasons to it? 2: Should i travel in August with it? What you suggest would be issue on Immigration during #Covid19 Yes i have few meeting scheduled there but would that work in such pandemic? If you've traveled to US recently how was immigration response? Do they look for priority? 3: if you've traveled from Pakistan, Did you experienced any issue with immigration in Pakistan? How was your experience? Which visa category? Please share your experiences. Looking for answers.
  7. It is important that immigrants (especially non-European immigrants) show support for protests against systemic racism in America towards black people. I know that it is easy to sit on the fence as an immigrant in this country and see it as a 'black people' issue and not care or worse buy into the prejudices and biases against black people in America. I have been in that boat before until I had a chance to learn the history of America (especially on the civil rights movements and immigration in America). If you are a non-European immigrant in America, it is important to know that your ability to immigrate to this beautiful country is BECAUSE of the fight by black people (and with the support of allies - whites, jews etc.) that helped make this happen. The immigration system in America was NEVER originally intended for non-European people. Over the cause of America's history, there had been variations of the law that was intended to prevent immigration by non-European Americans and most prominently was the Immigration Act of 1924 which used the National Origins Formula to legally prevent and restrict immigration to the US by non-Europeans for the purpose of "to preserve the ideal of American [Northwestern European] homogeneity". It took Martin Luther King and some key proponents of the Civil Rights act to cast light on this discriminatory and racist policy to force Lyndon B. Johnson and Congress to repeal and amend this racist law via the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. So yes, if you are a non-European immigrant (Indian, African, Latino, Asian etc.), it is important to know this piece of history and understand that it took the black civil rights to make you able to immigrate here today. America was built on racism but it doesn't have to remain so. We've come a long way in undoing a lot of the racist policies of the US and we need to keep doing so - together. It is very refreshing to see people of ALL diverse backgrounds, race, religion etc. rallying together against this cause. We all need to keep up the good fight and make America the greatest country on planet Earth.
  8. Hey there! as the travel ban for whoever has been to any of the 26 Schengen states continue, I'm starting to think about the possibility to go in another state like Croatia, Macedonia, Cyprus, Romania, Montenegro, ecc.. and then proceed to the USA. I was wondering if any of you know the answers to these questions: 1) How can I prove officially my stay in one of the not affected states to the United States? 2) Would I have problems if the flight from Croatia to Miami, for example, made stopovers in countries affected by Trump's ban, but without exiting the airport? (like Croatia-Spain-Miami) 3) Has anyone done this already? Thank you in advance! https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/map-and-travel-notices.html
  9. Hello all, So my wife will get her U.S. immigration visa really soon. I have made travel arrangements, and she will have to go through Canada. My question is: will she need a transit visa? Or just an eta since her immigration visa acts as a temporary green card and has an alien registration number? Thank you all P.s.: she holds a Moroccan passport.
  10. I (US Citizen) filed an I-130 for my wife (Indian Citizen) that was received by USCIS on December 2, 2019. Since then she has received an opportunity at a US University for a fully funded PhD program that is exactly in the scope of her previous education (Bachelor's / Master's completed in India). The professor she would be working under has said she is the only suitable candidate they have identified for the position. I am currently a graduate student in Ohio and her PhD program would take place in Mississippi. Acceptance into this program would be huge for both of our future due to timeline and credibility of US university on her resume. The program would last a minimum of 3 years. Presumably her I-130 would be processed and she would receive her green card well before the end of the program. I know it is more difficult to receive an F1 visa if you have any sort of immigrant visa pending. I have two questions regarding this: 1. This seems like a unique circumstance that could affect her F1 chances. Seemingly it would be impossible for her to overstay her F1 visa seeing as her spouse visa will have been approved by the time her F1 expires. Are the chances of her receiving the F1 non-zero? 2. Would the filing of an I-20 and an attempt to receive the F1 visa hinder her I-130 process in any way? Thank you for your time and any advice you can provide.
  11. Does anyone have experience with being an over-stay and then having it forgiven through marriage?
  12. Guys please help me out, I am confused, I already have the Nigerian national population commission ATTESTATION OF BIRTH certificate. Which is the National population commission long form birth certificate? Are they not supposed to serve the same purpose? Thanks
  13. Hello everyone i'm new to the forum and i will like some opinion here, over the weekend i received this update. On April 23, 2020, we began reviewing your Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, Receipt Number MSC189019*****. We mailed you a notice informing you of the action we intend to take on your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice and submit any requested materials. If you do not receive your notice by May 7, 2020, contact the USCIS Contact Center at www.uscis.gov/contactcenter. My interview was a long time ago back in feburary 2019 and they came to our home October 2020, what are the circumstances? ps; i'm very anxious as i haven't received the actual mail yet.
  14. Does Trump's new order to hold immigration for the next 60 days apply to spouses? If my spouse is waiting for an interview date overseas, will it be held for the next 60 days? Or if his country opens the lockdown and starts interviews, will he be able to immigrate within the 60 days that this is issued? I am confused on this new executive order.
  15. My Thai girlfriend and I are seeking an honest and good working immigration attorney so we can get started on the paperwork. I'm in the United States Air Force and will be deploying to Iraq in January. My girlfriend and I are planning on getting married after deployment, but her visa will expire the month I get back. She'll expire at the beginning of July, I'll return towards the end. I was told by an attorney that as soon as I get back, we can marry, turn the paperwork in and put a hold on her illegal status. They weren't that bad in price, but the reviews made me reach out on here. Does anybody know of any good immigration attorneys that are trustworthy and not expensive?
  16. hello i need to know how i can extend my SB-1 Visa? it has been 2 years since i received my sb-1 visa and i don't know i can still extend it or i should re-apply for it. thank you for your help
  17. President Donald Trump said Monday that he is temporarily suspending immigration to the United States in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the "need to protect jobs." In a tweet Monday night (April 20th), the president attributed the suspension to an "attack from the Invisible Enemy" and the "need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens." Highlights (updated as of 4/21 28am PT, 2020) President Donald Trump said he will sign an executive order temporarily suspending immigration into the United States. It could come as early as Tuesday. The order will include exemptions for migrant farmworkers and immigrant healthcare workers, particularly those treating coronavirus patients, The Wall Street Journal reported. Immigration into the US has already ground to a near-halt due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it's unclear what immediate effects Trump's order would have. Anybody have any other news or opinions on this? Do you think it would have an effect on K1 fiance or spouse visas? https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/trump-says-he-suspending-immigration-over-coronavirus-need-protect-jobs-n1188416 https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-suspend-immigration-executive-order-coronavirus https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52363852 https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-immigration-order-to-include-farm-healthcare-exceptions-2020-4
  18. Please help me and sign this petition that requesting WH to look into amending the Immigration Nationality Act that revokes valid immigrant visas and approved petitons after the main applicant passes away. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/amend-immigrantion-nationality-act-revokes-petition-surviving-relatives-when-main-applicant-passes-away
  19. Hi, everyone! So I am a foreigner who's engaged to an american citizen. We want to start the k-1 visa process as soon as we can so we can get married. But we face a problem. His mom entered the country illegally and has been living in the US for a long time undocumented. In the form I-129f, we have to put his mom's Contry of Birth, Country of Residence and City of Residence. We know we cannot lie to immigration, that is not the point. But we do have some questions that have been bothering us are: Has anyone gone through the same situation or similar? Do you think going through this process could put her in the immigration radar? I know they don't ask for the status on the form, but do you think this process could lead to a situation dangerous for her? Thank you in advance!
  20. So now that there’s coronavirus going around the planet - obviously the immigration process for those who already got approval from USCIS and currently at the NVC stage will be delayed?? How do you guys think?? Several weeks or even more? I feel so unlucky...
  21. Here's the basic gist: my fiancée and I are currently splitting our time between the USA and Canada. We got engaged about six months ago and the plan is to get married in Fall 2021. However, to save money and to make life easier on ourselves, we think the smartest thing would be for her to move to the USA for 2-2.5 years while we plan the wedding, get married, and look for a place to live in Ontario (yes, I will be moving from the USA to Canada as the final decision). Since her living in the USA wouldn't be permanent, we don't know what is the best visa option for her, especially since she still wants access to OHIP. Additionally, we travel for work somewhat regularly, so we need to factor that in. Sorry, I know this is a lot and if there's any information I'm not providing, I'm happy to let you all know! We are ideally looking to get the process started in the next couple of months because we're both really tired from driving 4.5 hours back-and-forth every few weeks.
  22. Hello, I have some questions regarding my story on US immigration, it’s early days in the process but I want to get a rough idea of past experiences and the likelihood of acceptance. So me and my girlfriend met online roughly 10 months ago, we clicked immediately, the chemistry was there the connection was nothing like either of us had ever experienced, it was amazing. Roughly 5 months had passed and we decided to meet in person, I filled out my ESTA application online, but at the time I was receiving benefits for depression which I didn’t consider a severe medical condition, so when the question was asked, I ticked no. Same with my employment history, I listed my former employer, I didn’t think anything of it at the time. After I was approved I was delighted, not knowing at the time how easy it was and not knowing the ESTA only allows you to knock on the door, I completely underestimated US CBP. When I arrived in Detroit on my way to Pittsburgh I was asked several questions, where I completely chocked and disclosed my medical history, I panicked... the officer then followed with a whoops and took me into the custom room where I sat and waited for several hours before I was seen to. Honestly I thought everything was going smoothly, there was a lot of unease and anticipation but it was expected, I was completely honest with the CBP officer, we actually got on pretty well. Everything was going well until he asked how much money I had with me on my travels, I wired my girlfriend my money to avoid the conversion taxes, I wasn’t expecting them to ask to see money in hand. Ultimately on the scrip this was my reason for in-admittance, but when I was told I wouldn’t be accepted into the US I completely broke down, they started asking me questions corresponding to my ESTA when I was distraught, where they clearly saw that I wasn’t completely honest. He told me if it was up to him he would allow me into the US, but there were protocols he must follow and there wasn’t enough concrete evidence for him to determine my intent, I was on a round trip for 10 weeks with £80 to my name after my money was wired to my girl. He also gave me a form with a list of panel physicians where I have to attend a medical prior to my visa interview. They sent me on a flight back home after 8 hours in customs and that was that, since then me and my girlfriend have met in England and we plan to fly to Canada in May where I plan to propose to her. I’m just worried that the repercussions of me lying on my ESTA will come back to haunt me at my K1 Visa interview. I’m a genuine guy and wouldn’t lie intentionally, yes I was inaccurate on an electronic piece of paper, but face to face I was 100% truthful. If anyone can share some insight it would be much appreciated, thank you 😊
  23. Hi, guys! I’m Daria, going through the immigration process through spouse visa CR1. Right now we’re on the stage of NVC. I filled DS-260 application form and submitted supporting documents. Although I have a question regarding the social media topic. So what happens if in my DS-260 form I indicated all the social media profiles I have and submitted the from but then after that deleted some of social media profiles? Will it be considered as a lie and provoke a delay? I’ll be grateful for any feedback! We’ll get through this!
  24. Hello all!! Quick question! As y’all know the trump’s new public charge rule was approved recently, are the people awaiting the i130 petition to be approved affected by this? Or does this apply to new filters? The petition was applied outside the US. I’m a bit confused. thanks
  25. Hi I just wanted to ask if any of you had an experience with this, My mother immigrated to the US as an IR to my grandfather (deseased) as a 16 years old in 1979, she was issued a (IDK if this is a green card) in 1982, she didn't apply for citizenship . Im born at 1991 as a us citizen and subsequent my mother returned home to the PI with me in 1995, i came back to the US in 2009 and left my mother in PI, my question is... Do i need to petition for her to return or is this card still valid. She has an expired VA license, expired Work Authorization Document and an unrestricted SSN Card
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