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  1. What Is DCF? Direct Consular Filing (DCF) is the unofficial term for filing an I-130 petition via a Consulate overseas, rather than through the US Service Center. While not everyone will qualify to do so, this process can expedite the speed in which a beneficiary can enter the United States and become a Green Card Holder (US Permanent Resident). Current DCF procedures state that if a US Citizen lives overseas they may file the I-130 for a foreign spouse, child or parent at the US Consulate / USCIS Field Office governing their place of residence. In most cases permanent residence abroad must be legally established for a period of six months prior to submitting an I-130 petition (reference). In addition, emergency cases, such as life and death of health and safety, and cases determined to be in the national interest can be processed without the residency requirement being met. Examples of family emergencies include minor children who would be unexpectedly left without a caretaker. Examples of national interest include facilitating the travel of United States military and other USG direct hire employees assigned overseas who are pending transfer on orders and need to petition for immigrant classification of their spouse and minor children at posts overseas. Note: There may be a few rare cases where a non-resident US Citizen overseas may be able use the DCF procedure. For more information please visit the DCF Forums Section. Finding Information on DCF at your Consulate Visit the US Department of State website to find your consulate. Once at their homepage you should visit the Immigrant Visa (IV) section to look for information on direct filing of an I-130 (DCF). Contact the Consulate via phone and confirm what you are wanting to do with them. Many consulates have different procedures for DCF so you will want to be sure that you confirm any details with them. Keep your questions very clear and fully describe your case. If you are engaged and not yet married contact the Consulate prior to getting married to see if they can send you instructions in the mail (or refer you to them on their website). Often you can begin to collect information or complete certain required actions (such as a medical) in advance of being married. Only the consulate can confirm this so make sure to ask if this is possible. Regardless of your case, if you qualify, ask the consulate what documents are required and can be collected in advance. This will save you a lot of time when you are ready to file. Examples of things you might collect in advance are: birth certificates, previous divorce documents, medical records, etc.. Important Note: A US Citizen living overseas that wishes to complete the I-864, Affidavit of Support, for their spouse (as part of the DCF process to get an Immigrant Visa) will be required to have U.S. domicile/intent to reestablish domicile to qualify as a Sponsor for the I-864. In addition to having a US domicile/reestablishing domicile the US Citizen must either have employment that will continue (from the same source) when they move/return to the US, or, per the instructions on the I-864, the US Citizen and their spouse may use assets to qualify if the income requirement is not met. In many cases however a couple may need to get a joint sponsor to successfully fulfill the requirements on the I-864. How long does the DCF Process Take Every consulate is different however in many cases the processing time frame can be measured in weeks. For consulates with a higher case load or instance of fraud the processing time could be months. Regardless, DCF will almost always be faster than filing with the USCIS in the US. Additionally when you enter the US your spouse will immediately become a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) and their Green Card will be mailed to them shortly after arriving. Finding other DCF VisaJourney Members Sometimes it is nice to find other couples going through the same Journey. You can find a list of other DCF VJ members here. You can also visit the Direct Consular Filing Forums to discuss DCF and other related topics. Typical DCF Procedure 1. You (and your spouse) will visit the US consulate to file your I-130 and required documents. Some consulates will accept the petition and supporting evidence via mail. Please confirm this via the consulate's website (or on the phone if possible). The following thread on the forums contains example cover letters for I-130 and visa applications: DCF Cover Letter Thread. 2- The I-130 will be adjudicated and either approved or denied. If it is approved the foreign spouse may apply for an IR-1 or CR-1 Visa (Immigrant Visa). 3- The foreign spouse will be required to submit a DS-230 Part 1 (visa application) as well as several required items on a checklist that the consulate will provide. The checklist will include items such as a Police Certificate, Birth Certificate, Previous Divorce Records, an Affidavit of Support (Form I-864), and others. Note: As suggested above, if you had spoken with the consulate early on you may have already collected certain required documents. If you have them with you when filing for the Immigrant Visa you may be able to submit them with the visa application and thus expedite the processing of your case. As a general note, submit photocopies of all original documents unless otherwise directed by the Consular staff. Be sure to bring originals when visiting the consulate in case they need to see them. Remember that you must sign all documents in ink. Pay attention to certain documents that ask you NOT to sign until witnessed by a consulate officer! 4- The US Citizen's spouse will have their Immigrant Visa Interview. The US Citizen Spouse does NOT have to be present at the final interview. Once all paperwork and background checks are complete and assuming the interview goes well, the Immigrant Visa will be issued and attached inside the beneficiaries passport. The time delay from the interview to the visa being issued is typically a few days. Immigrant Visas are typically valid for six months and can in some cases be extended (you must request this in advance of the visa expiration and receive approval by the embassy -- do not assume this is possible unless confirmed by the consulate). The first entry into the US must be made before the expiration date on the Visa. This is very important. 5- The foreign spouse can now legally enter the US. At the Port of Entry they will have their Visa/Passport stamped indicating their legal status in the US. Their status is now that of a US Legal Permanent Resident. Within a few weeks an official Permanent Residence Card (Green Card) will arrive in the mail. Additionally, if on the visa application DS-230 II you applied for the Social Security number your Social Security Card will be mailed to you within a month of entering the US. If you did not apply for the SSN on your visa application you can visit your local Social Security Agency to apply for one. Make sure to being your passport/Visa and Green Card if you have received it. Note: Make sure to read the Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants document by the USCIS. This document explains your rights as a Legal Permanent Resident. It explains your right to work legally within the US as well as travel in and out of the country with your Green Card.
  2. I'm an Italian citizen and my wife is an American citizen. I'm in the process of applying for the CR1 visa through the consulate in Naples, Italy. Our I-130 was approved earlier this month and now I'm in the process of filling out the DS-260 and obtaining the required documents. I have a question regarding the birth certificate requirements. On the "Instructions for Immigrant Visa Applicants" it says that I need to obtain the birth certificate of "each person named in the application." Does anyone happen to know if this includes the birth certificates of my parents (since I am asked to provide their information in the "family" section of the DS-260)? Thank you!
  3. Hi, I could use some help understanding whether we would be eligible for DCF and I-130. My wife is Vietnamese and I'm a U.S. citizen. We live together in Costa Rica for several months, I have a permanent residency here for years, and her application for residency is in progress, it should be approved early next year. We legally married in Panama last spring. I haven't been in the USA since December 2019. From what I understand, the normal CR-1 process would require me to be living in the USA for several months, without my wife. But we really don't want to be apart for several months. Can we qualify for DCF even though we don't have exceptional circumstances? Here on VisaJourney, the guide page says that if both spouses are living abroad, they should just DCF. But elsewhere it seems to indicate to use DCF only in special cases such as military situations, urgent need for medical treatment, a job start date, etc. We don't have any of those scenarios. If it would help, I could switch jobs and find a company that requires me to be in the USA, with a starting date 1 or 2 months out from now. That could qualify us for exceptional circumstances. But I'm hoping we can just file normally with DCF / I-130 and show intention to establish a domicile in USA, and that could be enough? I've read the info on USCIS (and this site) about DCF, and it's still not clear whether exceptional circumstances are an absolute requirement, or if any couple with residency abroad could qualify. I really hope there is a way to do this without being apart for months. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks! Jordan
  4. Hello all, My USC wife and I recently got approved for DCF and we have submitted the I-130 package to the embassy. My wife would like to go back to the US at this point in time and wait for me to come after I get approved for LPR. I am wondering if my wife needs to be here in my home country for any further step of the DCF process such as the interview etc? Thanks in advance!
  5. My wife is a Russian citizen who came to America on a K1 in 2011 and stayed until just before her AOS. She moved back to Russia due to family issues and did not overstay her visa. I am an American and we have two children who are dual citizens. The Russian government forced the US embassy to effectively close and they don’t have any visa or US Citizen services active. My question is this, if we file for a spousal visa is it possible to do DCF through whichever embassy is handling services for the American embassy in Russia due to the de facto closure? It is most likely the Warsaw Poland US embassy as they already handle SSA services.
  6. Hi everyone! I'm an 27F American-born citizen who has been living in Peru for over 5 years. I recently got engaged to my Peruvian fiancé (30M) this year after 6 years together, and we're looking to move to the U.S. I've heard that because of the pandemic it's now most likely easier to get married in Peru and do a CR1 visa than it would be to do a K1. In addition, I understand that with a K1 visa he would have to wait for an EAD in order to work here in the US, but that would leave him with a resume gap while waiting to look for another job. I'm currently a legal resident of Peru under a work visa and can get my documents sent to me in order to get married there legally and start the process. But, I would definitely need a joint sponsor to help with the AOS as my only income is foreign-based and wouldn't transfer back to the States. What evidence would I need to provide to DCF and show that we're intending on moving to the US?
  7. We're getting documents together for my wife's visa interview, and it says online that she needs a birth certificate for every family member (including me, her spouse) even if they are not immigrating with her. I, however, and the US citizen petitioner for her case. And the DoS website seems to say you need birth certificates for each family member immigrating. I don't think we can get my birth certificate shipped to her in time for the interview because it's quite soon. Any advice on whether it'll be needed?
  8. I am a US Citizen and my husband is a UK Citizen. We both live and work in Canada. I recently got a job offer in California, with a start date in 5 weeks. Based on Chapter 3 - Filing of the USCIS Policy Manual, I qualify for exceptional circumstances because I, the US Citizen, have received a job offer in the US with short notice for starting, and my spouse and I both live abroad. However, I've read a few things about Canada being strict and only completing expedited processing for emergencies. What's considered an emergency? On paper, my partner should be able to apply for PR through DCF, but I don't know enough about the process to know if it will be accepted. If it is limited to extreme cases, is that just because of COVID? Have they resumed DCF for everyone that qualifies? Any advice?
  9. Hello all, My wife (U.S. citizen) and I (German citizen) live in Germany and my wife works for her U.S.-based employer remotely. We haven't started the green card process yet. We are about to send in the I-130 package. We were thinking of doing DCF at the Frankfurt consulate to speed up the green card process. We would ask my wife's employer to draft a letter stating that she needs to come back to U.S. within the next couple of months. Does anyone know how much time you can currently save with DCF in Frankfurt compared to USCIS with the I-130? Would that usually be proof enough to get approved for DCF? Does the USCIS actually contact the employer to confirm? I would really appreciate any info you have!
  10. Hello all, I recently submitted all of the required paperwork for my spouse's I-130 o the NVC. I am leaving Japan at the end of August and I am worried my wife may not have her visa by then. Should/ can I ask for a direct consular filing now that I have an offer letter from my company and a hard date? JFYI I submitted the remainder of my paperwork in late June.
  11. We are stuck and need advice: American and Italian, both living in the Netherlands. Got a job offer in the US and has to relocate in 3 weeks. Considering the current situation (covid travel ban and delays in processing visas), is it better to get married in the Netherlands and apply for Spouse Visa with exceptional circumstances DCF or file the K-1 Fiance Visa? We cannot understand if k1 visas are being processed, but at the same time we worry that the DCF won't be accepted because of such a sudden wedding.
  12. Hi, I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who has filed their i130 direct with the London US embassy in 2021? Most thread seem to be for people who filed in 2020 just before the general DCF closed/ at the start of the pandemic. My USC husband filed last Friday and they were happy to approve our request to file under exceptional circumstances (short notice of job relocation) and I am just wanting to connect with anyone who is in a similar boat waiting to hear back or if anyone who has filed earlier this year and has a success story to share!
  13. Hello, I am looking for some input to our situation, which is: I initially entered the US, got married on the K-1 visa ( didn't get to apply for adjustment of status and etc) I was in the US for 4 years, we had 2 children in the last 2 years there, my husband retired from the Army, and since my RO passport was expiring, we decided to see if moving to Romania was a better lifestyle change for us. But fast forward, my husband hates it here and he’s been wanting to go back for a while now. Our oldest son is 5 years old now , so he needs to start school this year too, which makes it all so much more frustrating. My husband has been trying to get a hold of the US embassy here, but they never picked up the phone. My husband( and me) wants to move back, get a house and put the kids in school. I know Romania’s Embassy doesn't have a DCF, so all this ordeal has to be filed under special circumstances, but they don’t specifically say anything about children issues in their list of “ dire circumstances” to file for DCF. Would it be safe to try and go this route since our son needs to be in school this fall, or we need to make another plan? The CR-1 route sends us to DCF, since we are both in Romania along with our children. I am trying to get as much insight possible since my husband just gets bummed out every time he thinks about the whole process. Thank you,
  14. I'm planning to apply for I-130 through DCF for my wife from India. - I have been residing here for over the past 6 months and am a USC. - I have received a job offer from the US and would like to go there asap along with my wife, and would like to apply for the green card for her at the consulate in Mumbai. - I understand that I need permission from the consulate in order to be able to apply at the consulate. I'm planning to attach my job offer letter in my email requesting for consular processing. Do I need to include any other documents? Thanks in advance, s
  15. Hi everyone - I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with obtaining permission to file locally (I.e. at a local consulate) under the ‘exceptional circumstances’ route? For background, my spouse (the I-130 petitioner) was just about to mail the I-130 package to the US to start the ‘normal’ process, when her company (at short notice) brought forward her transfer timeline. They now need her to move “ASAP” which leaves us a bit high and dry (among other things, her accommodation allowance is currently paying for our apartment; when this gets removed once she heads back to the US I’m going to struggle to cover the rent by myself). We were planning to request permission from the local US consulate here in Hong Kong to file locally since my spouse is having a change of employment at (very) short notice. Does anyone have any tips on how to set out this request (I believe we email the consulate here through a web-form) in order to give us the best possible chance of having this approved? We were planning on mentioning the financial impact of the loss of the accommodation allowance, for example. We will also attach the letter from my wife’s company ‘proving’ the transfer of her employment back to the US; at the moment it simply reads that they anticipate her moving date to be “as soon as possible once all necessary administrative and logistical steps have been completed” - is this sufficient, or should we ask for a ‘set’ date to be included in a revised letter from her HR team? (It actually took us a while to get this letter from them since they were initially reluctant to put it in writing for some reason, but I only mention that as it might mean receiving a more ‘precise’ letter might take some time, for some internal company reason which is beyond my understanding). Realistically, she could be moved as soon as July, or maybe August/September depending on whether she tries to push back or not etc. Any tips of thoughts would be greatly appreciated, and thanks a lot in advance!
  16. I filed an I-130 for my wife directly with the London embassy on April 26 due to exceptional circumstances. Today, I emailed to ask how we’d be contacted with next steps. The response I got was peculiar. Apparently our I-130 was approved the day it was filed, but the beneficiary will not be contacted for at least 12 weeks from the day of approval. The file is clearly with the consular section in London, since the I-130 was filed there. The London embassy site says that for I-130s that were processed by the USCIS field office in London, they send you the LND case number within 8 weeks of I-130 approval. And for K1 visas, they send the case number within 2 weeks of the file arriving at the embassy. It seems like the embassy in London is working at a decent pace these days, and the reason we were allowed to file locally is that our case warrants a level of urgency. So the 12 week delay seems unusual to me. Does anyone have any idea what might be happening or if there’s anything I can do to help the process not have a 3 month hiatus, effectively. I know I should be grateful the process has moved this quickly so far, but I’d like to do whatever I can do to help it along.
  17. I have to re-submit the i-864 because I didn't realise I needed to provide the original not a copy. I have the original now and the instructions state: "sign in to your account at https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-gb click on the link 'print instructions' and then 'View Courier-in Receipt' at the bottom of the page and print the Courier-In Authorization Certificate." The problem is that second courier link is not there?! And I can't for the life of me find any relevant contanct details to get this sorted, can anyone help? I'm doing DCF London Embassy IR1 Spouse VISA. Cheers
  18. I (USC) just filed an I-130 petition for my spouse at the US Embassy in London yesterday in a case with exceptional circumstances. For anyone curious, here’s the process I’ve done so far. - filled out contact form on embassy website explaining our circumstances - received email next day saying they had given me an appointment to file with a checklist of documents needed and instructions - went to embassy, cleared security, got a ticket, got called up to window to submit documents, then paid the fee, and theb got called up to window to review the case and fix any errors in filling out the forms (luckily there were none) - officer said filing was ok and we would be contacted via email “within weeks” about next steps (he said he couldn’t be more specific about time) For those who have been through a similar process, I have a few questions. 1. The officer said they would contact USCIS to approve the I-130. I know this was the case when USCIS had a field office in London, but I thought that this was closed last year so the State Department adjudicates I-130s filed locally under exceptional circumstances. Was he just mistaken or was he likely referring to forwarding our case to a USCIS facility stateside because the State Dept can only adjudicate cases that are “clearly approvable” and he thought ours wasn’t? 2. Form G-1145 for eNotification of Petition Acceptance was an optional document on the checklist. The form says it’s only for filing at a USCIS lockbox, but we prepared it anyway. At the embassy, they did not want the form even though we had it. Will this mean all correspondence from now on is via physical mail? I was told we would be updated on our case by email. Any experience or wisdom anyone could share would be much appreciated.
  19. Hello. My wife and I received a visa in Warsaw 15 days from the time of filing the i-130 petition to the time of approval. Our situation: For more than 6 months, my American Wife lived with me in Russia. The reason for applying directly is medical reasons. Everything must correspond exactly to what is written for example here: https://fr.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/family-employment-immigration/exceptional-circumstances/ Your reason should clearly match this list. If there is no match, direct submission will not be allowed. The reason may not be very significant, but it must strictly correspond to the list. The algorithm: 1-Write your reasons to the e-mail of the consulate (You can write to the Moscow Embassy and to the Warsaw Embassy. We approved the submission of Warsaw) (I advise you to write in human language as a letter to a friend, while strictly observing the formal requirements of the DCF) 2-Wait for a response and an invitation, if the reason matches. 3-Go to Poland (It was not an easy route because of the closed borders) 4-Come at the appointed time by mail and submit a petition. There you can also pay $525 with a card (Russian cards may not pass, but I did it) 5-Fill out DS-260, pass a medical examination and other formalities 6-Pass the interview 7-Pick up the visa if it is approved. The embassy has insanely responsive people. We were treated as close friends - the staff showed real concern for us. This greatly facilitated our process. The reasons for the direct submission were described in the email and we were not asked for supporting documents. They didn't even ask for a letter from the doctor. Although we prepared the confirmations, they were not useful You can come to the Embassy together with your Wife at all stages. Domicile not requested I repeat that even though there are very good people working there, it is still necessary to observe all the formalities. Don't be lazy to study immigration laws yourself. Our lawyer didn't even tell us about the possibility of filing a DCF. Therefore, Study all the nuances for many hours every day. But if you spend 10 days - 6 hours a day - it will only benefit and it is worth it. Good luck! --------------------------------------------------- Здравствуйте. Мы с женой получили визу в Варшаве за 15 дней с момента подачи петиции i-130 до момента одобрения. Наша ситуация: Больше 6 месяцев моя Жена-Американка жила со мной в России. Повод для подачи напрямую - медицинские причины. Все должно точно соответствовать написанному например тут: https://fr.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/family-employment-immigration/exceptional-circumstances/ Ваша причина должна четко соответствовать этому списку. Если нет соответствия - не будет разрешена прямая подача. Причина можеть быть не очень значительной, но она должна строго соответствовать списку. Алгоритм: 1 - Написать свои причины на электронную почту консульства (Можно написать и в Московское Посольство и в Варшавское. Нам одобрила подачу Варшава) (Советую писать человеческим языком как письмо другу, при этом строго соблюдая формальные требования DCF) 2 - Дождаться ответа и приглашения, если причина соответствует. 3 - Поехать в Польшу (Был не простой маршрут из-за закрытых границ) 4 - Прийти в назначенное по почте время и подать петицию. Там же можно оплатить $525 картой (Российские карты могут не пройти, но у меня получилось) 5 - Заполнить DS-260, пройти Медкомиссию и прочие формальности 6 - Пройти собеседование 7 - Забрать визу, если она одобрена. В посольстве безумно отзывчивые люди работают. Было отношение как к близким друзьям - сотрудники проявляли настоящую заботу по отношению к нам. Это сильно облегчило наш процесс с эмоциональной точки зрения. Причины прямой подачи были описаны в электронной почте и у нас не просили подтверждающих документов. Даже письма от доктора не просили. Хотя мы подготовили подтверждения, они не пригодились. Можно на всех этапах приходить в Посольство вдвоем с Женой. Домициль не просили Повторюсь, что хоть там работают очень добрые люди, все равно необходимо соблюдать все формальности. Не ленитесь изучать иммиграционные законы самостоятельно. Наш адвокат нам даже не сказал про возможность подачи DCF. Поэтому Изучайте все нюансы по много часов каждый день. Если потратите 10 дней - по 6 часов в день - это будет только на пользу и оно того стоит. Желаю удачи!
  20. We just had our interview at the Frankfurt office and were unfortunately, put on HOLD. Well, it wasn’t approved because of an unusual case. But thankfully, the unsual case can be resolved. Just wondering everyone’s thoughts and/or if someone else has had to go this route. The consular office was very supportive and helpful, so we feel positive about it. Here’s what’s putting our case on hold: My husband’s father was born in the US, but only lived there until the age of 5. Born to German parents who were living in the US at the time. Since my father-in-law has US and German citizenship, we need to prove that my husband is not able to receive citizenship through him. We need a No-Claim to Citizenship letter/notorization from the Consular. He has no claim as his father doesn’t meet requirements to pass it on. But my knowledge isn’t 100% on how this is determined, US gov websites basically tell me no though. Has as anyone else needed to prove they can’t receive citizenship? In the heat of the moment, I never thought to ask, but I have no idea how much this “letter” will cost. And I can’t find any info. Anyone know? Thank you 😊
  21. Hi all, I need help choosing a citizenship path for my husband, we did a lot of research but getting more confused. We are K, Z and A living in Dubai for the past 6 yrs. I met A while he was studying in the U.S back in 2009, and we have been together since, got married 2 yrs ago and we had baby Z last year. he was in the U.S from '05 till 2012 F-1 visa (ESL, B.s and M's) then he left, I followed him 4 months later. We lived together in many countries then we settled in Dubai for the past 6 yrs where we got married and had our baby. Baby Z is a U.S citizen and finished all his papers and got his passport through the U.S consulate-Dubai. We finished filling I-130 and I-130A online on USCIS.com and intended to submit it today until we watched a YT video talking about DCF and how it's faster for out situation! Questions are: What is the fastest, easiest way for A to get a U.S citizenship? Is it true that there is yet another path (Forums) we could use? A is both a Spouse and a father of a U.S citizens!
  22. Hi all, I'm filling out the I-864 form for my wife here in belgium, and have a question regarding how income is determined and compared to the poverty gudelines. I make enough to sponsor my wife, and will be bringing pay stubs to back up my claim. However, I noted that the I-864 asks for my adjusted gross income, which is NOT above the poverty gudeline because I live and work in Belgium and do not earn enough to declare any taxable income in the US. Has anybody had a similar experience? Thanks, Caleb
  23. I currently live in the Philippines with my fiancé. We were in the midst of deciding between a K1 visa and a CR1 visa, when the option of Direct Consular Filing was brought to my attention. Although the Manila USCIS field office is now closed and no longer processing visas, it is my understanding that the embassy accepts local filing for US citizens residing in the Philippines under exceptional circumstances (such as having a job offer in the US and need to relocate). Though I rarely see people apply (or at least get approved) through DCF. Is it particularly hard to get? If I meet all of the criteria, should it be smooth sailing? This option would be a dream come true for my partner and I, but I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything! After getting married, what are the first steps of this process? I can’t find any official information on the Manila embassy’s website. Do I first need to get approved for DCF, or simply submit the I-130 petition? Either way, is it done in person, via mail, or online? Has anyone applied for DCF (under exceptional circumstances) at the Manila Embassy recently-ish? What were your circumstances? What was the process like? I don’t expect someone to have all of the answers, but any information or insight is much appreciated
  24. My husband went for his medical exam for the CR-1 immigrant visa on November 27th, 2019. About a week and a half before, we called Clinica Anglo Americana to schedule his appointment. Dra. Lozada and Dr. Corigliano are the two doctors approved by the embassy that do the medical exams at this clinic. I had to call a couple of times, but eventually was able to reach Dra. Claudia Lozada's assistant and book an appointment. The first thing they ask you is your interview date at the embassy, so book that first! . They will also tell you what you need to bring to the medical exam: -Peruvian passport of applicant -Addresses in Peru and USA -Email address -Peru Cell number -Interview letter with case number and interview date They told us to be at the clinic at 7am for the exam. When you arrive first go to the 1 story gray/white building on the left (not the tower) and get your orden de atención. Even though they say your appt is at 7am it really is first come first serve. You just need to tell them which doctor you're seeing and they'll ask if it's for visa, etc. They give you a boleta and then you go over to the tower to the 5th floor. They'll ask for the passport, printed interview letter, and orden de atencion. Then they give you a form to fill out. You give it back to them and wait for them to call your name. Then the Dr./Dra. checks out the applicant. Asks basic questions like if you've had serious illness, who is petitioning for you in the US, listened to chest, checked throat etc. Then you go to two other assistants who fill out the form (that they turn in to the embassy we think?) they take a picture. Then they give you a paper explaining which floors to get which exams done. I will paste the photo here: Then we went to the 6th floor for the vaccines. They were not very nice and they don't have an "order of attention" so it's first come first serve. The wait is long but it's better to stand by the desk so no one cuts in front of you. My husband had to have all 4 vaccines MMR, TDAP, influenza and varicela because his vaccine card from the regional hospital in Pucallpa was not valid (not very official). All 4 vaccines cost 670 which can be paid by card (but at the end of all of the exams). Then we went to the basement for the urine sample, they ask you to sign something and they give you the cup and show you the bathroom to fill it. Then you go up to the 2nd floor and wait in line (with numbers for order) and get your blood drawn and turn in your urine sample. Then you go through the hallway back to the first building (the 1-story building on the left) and follow the signs to the x-ray area. Then you wait in a line and they write your name down and you wait to be called to be x-rayed. Then you go back to the 6th floor to pay for the vaccines, they give you a boleta and papers on what vaccines you were given. Then finally you get to go back to the beginning on the 5th floor and turn everything in to the lady at the desk. In the end you just keep your passport, the boleta of the examen medico (S/1350 in cash for adults), the boleta for the vaccines (S/670 for 4 vaccines—can be paid by card) and the paper that says what day to come back to pick up your results. We went on Nov 27th and were told to come back on Dec 6th. All in all—we arrived at 6:55am (got a little lost at first) and left at 12:40pm!! It took a really long time and there were 10-12 other visa applicants also doing their medical exam that day. Tips! Make sure you take a copy of your interview letter with the case number and interview date, make sure you take cash for the exam fee and for the vaccines (or use card). Take snacks and water because you'll be there a while! But they also have vending machines with snacks, drinks, and coffee. Make sure you get there early so you can get the first orden de atencion and get to the desk first on the 5th floor and 6th floor because it's first come first serve. If you're accompanying your spouse or fiance, take something to do because the wait is long! There are magazines on several of the floors (all in Spanish of course). Be patient :D. I know the USCIS is closing Jan 2020, but hope this can help someone!
  25. Hello everyone, I am at a loss with several questions and I am not sure where to find these answers anymore. I hope someone can help. I am French, living in China. My wife is US citizen, we got married in 2017 in China, where we met. Planned for CR1 visa through DCF filing and then hoped to move together to the US last year. I had first interview in May 2019 in Guangzhou embassy but my case was denied with a 221g slip because of missing document. Our work visa and contract in China ended in July 2019. So I would have had to leave and go to France and she to the USA. But DCF is only when both spouses are living overseas; so we would have had to start over with normal process filing CR1. So instead, we renewed our contract in China for 1 more year and went on vacation abroad in summer. As the CR1 visa is only valid for 6 months, I couldnt get the interview too soon after, so we decided to schedule a new appointment in January - to then move to the USA together in July. But all appointments were cancelled for months due to COVID 19. We couldn't even send the requested missing documents by mail because their services were closed and they never officially agreed for us to use email. In May 2020 - 1 year after interview - my case status says REFUSED. Although it appears this happened for all cases delayed after Covid, as per July 15th, my status has still not changed After months of waiting, our 1 year contract ended again and this time my wife decided to leave China for good anyways because of prior commitments in the USA. As for me, I had the choice of going back to France or stay longer in China. As backlog of cases has increased immensely after all embassies were closed, I thought it would be help our case if I stayed in China to do the follow up interview. So I decided to stay for 6 more months on my own - new contract ends in January - and redo the appointment in August 2020 in Guangzhou. Here are my questions 1. According to instructions, I have to complete form DS 260 - again ? - but now my status has changed. Since my wife no longer lives overseas with me, are we still allowed to follow up on the same DCF filing or will my case automatically be denied, now that she is back in the USA ? 2. I had to renew my passport because no more visa pages available. Do I simply add new info on DS 260 form or should I provide the new data somewhere else ? Is this going to impact my case with more delays ? 3. The email states that if I fail to act within 1 year after first denial, my case will be terminated. The reason I failed is obviously due to the embassy being closed. But even after asking them so many times, I still don't know if my case is still valid. Anyone else in the same situation ? 4. Last year, we applied for CR1, but now we have been technically married for more than 2 years, so we should be entitled to IR 1 instead. Is there any change in the process ? Should I provide any new document not mentioned in the email due to this change of status ? 5. If I manage to get the interview in August in Guangzhou, I'll have to leave the passport at the embassy. I need to fly there as I live in a different province. How do I fly back without my passport ? Do they provide any receipt or identity proof that I can use in China in the meantime ? Or can I mail them my passport a few days after once I'm back home ? If anyone could provide any information on the subject, I'd be very grateful This is the EMAIL I received Dear Applicants, /尊敬的申请人, Under the section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, the Consulate General is unable to issue you an immigrant visa (IV) at this time. If you have already submitted your passport to the Consulate General, we will keep your passport with your file pending the issuance of your visa. Please return to the Consulate for further consideration to your visa application. 根据移民国籍法案221(g)条款,本馆目前不能批准你的移民签证。如果你的护照已经提交至本馆,本馆将会保留你的护照及档案,直至签证批准。请回领事馆以便我们对你的签证申请作进一步的考虑。 NOTICE FOR APPLICANTS RETURNING TO THE CONSULATE: /回馆通知: • Please follow these steps to schedule your follow up visa interview: □ Once you receive this notice, please visit the ustraveldocs.com website and register your chosen delivery location. If you have already registered, you do not need to register again. Failure to register prior to your visa interview will result in delay of your visa application. □ Once registered, visit ustraveldocs.com and go to “New Application/ Schedule Appointment", select "Immigrant Visa", then select "Follow up appointment" to schedule your visa interview appointment. Please note that Tuesday afternoon is the only eligible day for follow up visa interviews. Appointments scheduled on any time other than Tuesday afternoon will be cancelled and the applicants will not be allowed to enter the Consulate. • For All Applicants: Please return to the Consulate General for a second interview. • For All Applicants: Please complete FORM DS-260 (Online Immigrant Visa Application & Registration) at https://ceac.state.gov/IV. For instructions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on completing the DS-260, please visit https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/forms/online-immigrant-visa-forms/ds-260-faqs.html. Once you have completed FORM DS-260, return to the Consulate General on the date/time designated above to submit the printed DS-260 confirmation page and have your oath taken in front of a consular officer. PLEASE BRING DOCUMENT(S) BELOW TO THE CONSULATE: /请回馆时带以下材料: • For All Applicants: Please submit a passport (with at least 8 months validity), all old passports which have valid USA visas, and two new visa photos taken within the past 6 months. Colored/eye altering contact lenses or eyeglasses is not allowed in visa photos. For further details on photo requirements please visit: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/photos.html • For All Applicants: Please submit a notarized Police Certificate. • For All Applicants: Please return to the panel physician for a new medical examination and medical report and then submit the medical report. Please do not submit the chest X-ray • Please submit 1 complete set(s) of 2019 IRS Tax Transcripts and W-2s, from the joint sponsor. NOTICE FOR RETURNING TO THE CONSULATE: /回馆须知: WARNING: IF YOU FAIL TO TAKE THE ACTION REQUESTED WITHIN ONE YEAR FOLLOWING VISA DENIAL UNDER SECTION 221(g) OF THE IMMIGRATION AND NATIONALITY ACT, SECTION 203(g) OF THE ACT REQUIRES THAT YOUR APPLICATION BE TERMINATED. IN ADDITION, APPLICANTS WHO WAIT MORE THAN A YEAR TO PURSUE THEIR CASE AFTER A 221(G) REFUSAL MUST REPAY THE IV APPLICATION FEE BEFORE PROCESSING OF THE APPLICATION MAY RESUME. 警告:如果你是根据移民国籍法221条(g)项被拒签,在拒签之日起一年之内没有按要求办理,根据203条(g)项,你的移民申请将会被终止。另外,在被拒签超过一年后才打算继续办理申请的签证申请人,必须重新缴纳移民申请费。
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