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  1. So I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to apply for DCF in Japan, and the information was so obscure that I only found it after going to the US Embassy in Tokyo directly without an appointment, and getting lucky enough to speak with someone who made an exception for me while also knowing the correct information. I decided it would be best to share it here because this forum kept popping up in my visa searching. I found some conflicting information here and I wanted to clarify a few things. Can I file for Direct Consular Filing (DCF) in Japan? The answer to this question is definitely yes. Japan does not have a USCIS FOD, so they require an exception from the USCIS in order to process an I-130 on their behalf. Japan has a blanket exemption for all US Military personnel so they don't require any special requests being sent to the USCIS. In fact, all the information I was provided from the first half dozen embassy staff was geared towards assisting military personnel and led to several dead ends. The fact that you require an appointment to speak to anyone knowledgeable about DCF, yet you cannot make an appointment without a referral from the USCIS was a particularly infuriating catch 22. The people I spoke with on the phone were no better than automated services with little authority and knowledge. I kept getting redirected to incorrect resources via phone and email. What is the process for DCF without a military exemption? Many posts on this forum said that DCF in Japan was not authorized due to the lack of a USCIS office. Of course, some of these were older posts, but nonetheless, you can apply when certain exceptional circumstances apply. It will require justifying your request with circumstances that include a short notice job relocation, medical emergencies, and other exceptional circumstances noted in PM-602-0043.1. I was concerned that this policy memorandum may have been overturned or expired, but as of today, it appears to be still valid. Once the embassy receives the request, they will forward the information to the Regional USCIS director who is located in Korea for Japan. For me, this took less than 24 hours to process. How do I submit a PM-602-0043.1 request for Tokyo? You will need to send an email to TokyoIV@state.gov . I could not find this information anywhere on the Tokyo embassy website, so this address is used for immigrant visa contacts. Your email will require the following information: Name of Petitioner (you), Date and Place of Birth: Name of Beneficiary (your relative), Date and Place of Birth: Date you became aware of a transfer or other emergency situations: Expected departure or transfer date: Please describe the emergency situation: I also was asked to provide a contract to support my claim. I hope this information is helpful because it took me quite a lot of searching and desperation to discover.
  2. Hello helpful community! I'm about half-way through the CR1 visa application process at the US Embassy in Paris for my husband, who is French (I'm a US citizen). Everything was pretty clear and going smoothly until now, we're completely lost as to what the next step is. Did anyone file recently at this consulate, and if so, when/where/how did you submit your I-184, financial and civil docs after submitting the DS-260?? To recap our situation: Oct 17: We submitted our I-130 petition in person at the US Embassy (we had previously gotten approved for filing directly due to exceptional circumstance) Oct 31: We received an email from the embassy saying the petition had been approved and instructing us to: ""Complete you DS-260, gather the full documentation, and register your appointment." Nov 25: We submitted the DS-260 online via the CEAC portal. Unless we missed something major, there was NOT a tab for uploading the I-184, financial documents, nor civil documents. We received the Confirmation email that the DS-260 had been submitted. This email said we had to submit the financial and civil documents for the NVC to review and directed us to this website. Option one (CEAC) doesn't seem possible, do we EMAIL or MAIL the documents in to the NVC? Our case number does not begin with the letters they put as the ones that should be emailed in. Here's a bit of the letter: On the CEAC tracker, though, our status is marked as "Ready" and says to wait for appointment notification: So, are we supposed to: A) Do nothing just wait? B) Email documents to NVCelectronic@state.gov C) Mail them to National Visa Center Attn: DR31 Rochester Ave. Suite 100 Portsmouth, NH 03801-2914 D) Something else???? Anyone who has been through this process recently and can tell us what steps they had to take would be most appreciated! Thank you!!!
  3. Hello, I'm a Canadian planning to marry my American fiancé who is in the United States air force. We will be getting married here in Seoul very soon. My fiancé will be pcsing back to the United States late March and I plan to join him there. It seems a DCF for a I-130 will be our quickest option once we are married. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience marrying an active duty military member and applying for a visa from Seoul. I read that they can be expedited in case of pcsing or deployment. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thought I'd post about the Korean National Police Certificate (required for packet 3 if the intended immigrant is Korean or has lived in Korea for certain amounts of time), as I've not seen much detailed information about it. Korean citizens: According to a poster that I saw when I went to obtain my certificate today, it is now possible to apply online for the Korea National Police Certificate here. Unfortunately it seems that the online service is currently only available for Korean citizens; the site did not recognise my ARC number. Still, useful if the intended immigrant is Korean. Foreigners residing in Korea: The process of obtaining a police certificate at a police station is laid out in the packet 3 instructions, and are mostly on the money. A list of national police stations is available on the KNPA website. A few things from my experience obtaining a certificate today: 1) It may be necessary to make it clear that the certificate is to be used for a visa application. The certificate I obtained today states that it is for "personal verification only" (본인확인용) and goes on to list the penalties for using the certificate for any other purpose. From what I gather, the old application form for the certificate had a box (내용확인용), "for confirmation") to check for this, but it was not present on the form I filled in today. I'll be popping down to the Jongno police station tomorrow to get this confirmed and cleared up, and will update on how that goes. (I've read that they're well-versed in what's required for immigration, probably due to their close proximity to the US embassy.) 2) Otherwise, the form for applying for the certificate is straightforward and is in both English and Korean. There is a line with 3 boxes for stating the required scope of the certificate: check all 3 for criminal records, investigation records, and lapsed criminal sentences. 3) It may be a good idea to bring both your ARC and passport. I was asked to present both (although this may have had something to do with the photo on my ARC being almost unrecognisable as it has gradually faded and disappeared over the past 5 years). 4) The packet 3 instructions seem to be correct about the check taking less than 24 hours; mine was done while I waited today at a pretty central police station in Seoul. (I suppose it might take a little longer at a busier police station such as Jongno, though?)
  5. I am currently residing in Thailand with my Thai national partner. We celebrated with the traditional Thai wedding ceremony about 2 years ago. We were initially going to file for a K-1 visa, as our marriage has not been registered and is therefore not legal. However, several forum members strongly discouraged us from doing this, saying that if the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok had any hint of this wedding ceremony, they would deny our K-1 visa. Whether that is true or not, I wouldn't want any chance of denial at the interview step. In looking further into the the CR-1 process, I came across the term "Direct Counselor Filing" or DCF. Bangkok has a USCIS office across the street from the U.S. Embassy. You can file an I-130 there without an appointment. Everything I've read online about this process seems to indicate that it is significantly faster than the standard CR-1 process. However, I can't find any information about whether this option is available in Bangkok. The U.S. Embassy website makes no mention of it at all. The local immigration law firms in Bangkok make no mention of it. I'm wondering why information about it is so scant. It definitely seems like the way to go if it's still available here in Bangkok, Thailand. Any information on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice on DCF in Bangkok, Thailand. '
  6. At what point does NVC need joint sponsor tax info? Initially or only after determining if petitioner makes over or under poverty guidelines? Also, if joint sponsor files toward end of tax season is petitioner forced to wait until able to upload their tax info before moving past NVC stage? Or can it be submitted at embassy stage? TIA
  7. Hi, My husband is now living back in America and I am about to post off our I-130 petition. He has mailed me a check to cover the filing fee of $535, however I have just noticed the instructions say only cashiers checks are accepted, not personal ones. I have however looked at previous forum posts from others who say they've successfully paid via personal check so I'm confused as to whether my petition would get rejected or not. Has anyone paid with a personal check recently without any problems? The check is from Bank of America and made out to US Department of Homeland Security. Thanks
  8. Copied and pasted from the US Embassy website: I'm confused about the translation requirement. Does my Russia visa have to be translated into English? What about my work contract? I also have proof of local registration, does that also need to be translated?? I know for sure that the documents for the I-130 will be translated, but this is for the "Evidence of Residency" requirement. Please help, it's confusing and I don't want to waste the money on extra translations if it isn't needed. Thanks in advance!!
  9. Does anyone know the current wait times between the approval date for the I-130 and receiving a case number with DCF London? The letter quotes 5 to 8 weeks but I'm sure I've read that people are receiving their case numbers much faster than that. (We haven't received our approval in the post yet as we're in the U.S. until the end of the month, but I was able to confirm with USCIS via email that our I-130 was approved on May 17th). Also, when you do receive your case number, how soon are medical and interview appointments available? We have all the police certificates, healthy summaries, etc. ready to go so hoping we'll be able to book the earliest medical and interview dates available.
  10. Hi all, I'm preparing to submit forms i-130 and i-130a and am aiming to do a DCF in Seoul. As I'm preparing, I just want to double-check that I have all the documents required. I currently have Form i-130 Form i-130a copy of passport information page copy of marriage certificate (Korean) English translation of marriage certificate copy of information page of my passport (US Citizen) Copy of information page of spouse's passport (Korean) Passport photo of myself Passport photo of spouse In order to do a DCF, I read somewhere that I need to prove that I am currently living in the country. I was wondering what kind of documents I should provide for this? Do I need to provide a copy of my Alien Registration Card (ARC), or provide a bank account statement, for example?
  11. I filed my I-130 petition to the Beijing embassy on July 10, 2014. When I did research on DCF timelines, it looked like it wouldn't take more than 3-4 months max. However, the person I submitted the paperwork to said it would take a total of 6-8 months for my husband to obtain a visa. He also said it would take the Beijing embassy 1-2 months to review the submission and then send it on to Guangzhou (if there were no problems). That still doesn't really explain the added time, though. I told him my husband has a current visitors visa that expires in December and asked if it was possible for him to visit while his CR-1 was being processed. He said that as long as the visa was valid then yes, that was ok. So my question is twofold. One, has anyone filed with Beijing lately? (Guangzhou info would also be helpful) If so, about how long did it take for the visa to come through? My second question is whether or not it's a good idea for my husband to come to the US on his visitors visa during the application process. We were thinking that if it is going to take 6-8 months, maybe he can come in September (I leave for the US in August) and stay until December when his visitor visa ends. But if it is possible that the visa will come faster and he needs to be here for medical checks and interviews then that doesn't seem like such a good idea. Any opinions would be helpful. Thanks!
  12. Hello, This post concerns the process post-approval due to USCIS extraordinary circumstances being met for the I-130 to be expedited at an embassy that does not offer DCF. In August I received a job offer that led to my sudden relocation from Chile, to the US. During this time, I filed an "emergency request" with the local embassy to try to expedite my wife's visa (She is an Indonesian Citizen with Permanent Residency in Chile), and to ask for DCF in Santiago. The embassy immigration department forwarded this request through the USCIS field office in Peru.. As a fail-safe, I also sent an I-130 through to the Chicago lockbox. This has been received but not adjudicated, and was sent to the NSC. The current schedule for the NSC where the case is lodged is behind, and the last case they processed was April 22, 2015 (My Case was received September 10.) Yesterday, to my surprise, the local USCIS field office and US Embassy approved my request for processing under extraordinary circumstances, meaning that I can file and adjudicate the I-130 directly with the embassy and process the visa there. My question is, will the fail-safe I-130 I filed in Nebraska interfere with this process? Has anyone else ever heard of such a request being approved, and is there any experience with the process and timeline thereafter? I have found virtually no info on this online. It seems extremely rare to get such a request approved My feeling is that the embassy is attached to the DOS, not USCIS, so the case will go directly from the embassy to the NVC channels, and create a closed loop where the Embassy is doing all the leg work. Once an approved I-130 hits the NVC, it will invalidate the other one as they are both for the same person. Once I have a valid visa in hand, I can easily pull the I-130 that is standing in line from the USCIS processing list, right? Any info or experience would be appreciated.
  13. Hi, all! My French husband and I are working on filling out the DS-260 form online. One of the questions asks "Will you want a social security number and card?" and we aren't sure how to answer. We just want him to have a green card. We're not sure if we'll be in the U.S. for the long haul or until I finish school in four or five years. So is it best to answer yes to save trouble in the future? Or will saying yes complicate things or slow the process down unnecessarily? Thanks in advance!
  14. We're are using DCF (London) to acquire my spousal immigrant visa. The process seems to be going both very smoothly and quite rapidly. We'd like to know which USG official will ultimately decide if I am granted either a Conditional (CR1 2 year) or Immediate (IR1 10 year) Residency Card. Is this determination made by the Consular officer at the end of the Interview or is it made by the USCIS at the POE? We are timing our process to coincide with the granting of a 10 year residency card. It's our understanding that this decision is based upon how long we have been married (minimum two years) so it is important that we know when the determination will be made and by which USG official. Thanks!
  15. Good afternoon! My husband had his interview yesterday at the US consulate in London, and was approved very quickly. It was an incredibly painless process made easier by helpful and friendly staff. This whole process has been incredibly quick from petitioning to approval, and our personal timeline is as follows: September 29th: Mailed I-130 with all required documents and credit card form. October 2nd: Received NOA1 email October 30th: received NOA2 approval November 1st: received LND number -as soon as we received this we checked, double-checked, and triple-checked what we needed/already had. November 9th: booked interview and medical, submitted DS-260 November 21st: Medical at Knightsbridge- perfectly fine! December 1st: Had interview at embassy. APPROVED!!!! As we are doing DCF and I have been living in England for four and a half years(I am a dual citizen), I needed to prove my intent to re-establish domicile. I provided: -three years of tax returns -a signed letter from my father stating that myself and my husband are going to be living with/working for him at his company -my 4 week notice confirmation letter from my job -an email from our letting agents confirming we are moving out of the property This was COMPLETELY FINE! I was worried it wouldn't be enough, but the officer didn't even ask. My only issue at present is that our CEAC status is now at 'Administrative Processing'. I am concerned as my husband was definitely approved, and the officer confirmed that we would receive the passport within 2 weeks. We are due to be in Texas by Christmas. Can anyone please confirm that I need not worry about this, and it may just be an in-between state until it is actually issued? Does this get updated over the weekend, or is it only updated Monday-Friday? Thank you in advance!
  16. Hi all, This question is very specific to DCF in Frankfurt, Germany, since it seems other DCF countries have you bring your documents to the interview in person. We have our case number but haven't yet received packet 3 (i.e., the instructions for mailing the documents). Our case status is "READY". I'm just wondering if there's any reason to wait to receive the packet 3 letter, or if we can just go ahead and mail everything that's on the checklist here: https://de.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/21/Instructions-for-IV-and-K-Visa-Applicants-1.pdf. We could just print out our own copy of the checklist and the statement saying not to book travel before the visa is issued, etc. Is there any reason to wait?
  17. Hi all, For the last few weeks/months I've been gathering and organizing the proof of a bona fide marriage for my wife and I. I have an appointment made on Friday the 14th at the USCIS Field Office in Guangzhou. We're going to try for DCF since we both reside in China. I feel like our evidence is strong and mostly speaks for itself. There are, however, a few things I am a little worried about and feel like I should explain clearly. My thought is to add a cover letter clarifying it. I have contacted USCIS about this, and their response was "do what you think is best." I am wondering if anyone has done this. Am I just being neurotic? If I do add a letter, does it need to be a sworn statement? Thanks for any help!
  18. Good day, Today I finally received the "Packet 4" (e-mail stating I can schedule my appointment for interview in the Frankfurt Consulate). The e-mail said: In order to do your final visa interview we still require the following document(s).Please submit the requested document(s)on the day of your visa interview: - Contract between sponsor (joint sponsor) and household member (I-864A) - Householde member’s Proof of U.S. citizenship or U.S. permanent residency I didn't attach I-864A with my previous paperwork because the Joint Sponsor makes all the money in the household. He does claim his son and spouse as dependent, but stupidly I thought I didn't need their I-864A. Now... the problem is that the spouse of the joint sponsor doesn't have a birth certificate. She only has a midwife certificate. Can I even use that as proof of U.S citizenship? Is this going to be a problem at the interview and can possibly affect my possibility of getting mi visa approved? Thank youu
  19. Hi everyone! We are looking for information about the DCF at the french embassy. My wife is american and we live together in france since our wedding almost two years ago. She wants to go back to the states because she is needed in her family business. We read a lot of information, and just before sending the I-130 to the lockbox in chicago, we discovered there was a shorter way for the US citizen living abroad : the Direct Consular Filing. We saw some cases that took only few months to get their visa. So, we did what they did : sending an email explaining the situation to the embassy. But they responded saying they are not doing it anymore since 2011. here is their answer : Dear M. Minix, Effective August 15, 2011, all I-130 petitions for an immediate relative must be filed directly with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Chicago lockbox and the information you need most will be found at www.uscis.gov. Only once you have successfully filed your petition with USCIS and completed the necessary processing will your file be transferred to the National Visa Center (NVC). This procedure from USCIS to NVC to Paris will take few months. You may follow up your case on line via the following website https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/Dashboard.do by entering your case number provided by NVC. You can also find additional information on the process at www.travel.state.gov. Posts receive hardcopy files within three weeks prior the interview of eligibility scheduled by NVC. Educating yourself on the process by visiting the links above and preparing all the necessary information/documents is the best way to expedite the procedure. Thank you for your inquiry. Sincerely, Immigrant Visas Visa Unit U.S. Embassy, Paris France It's hard to find information about that. we found only few DCF made in france. That' why we add a new post here, specificaly for the french embassy. does anybody have information, or experience, with this DCF at the french embassy? Thanks a lot! Clément and kalah
  20. J&M95

    Medical @ Bumrungrad

    Hello all! I just want to share with your our experience with Bumrungrad last weekend. I booked an appointment for 27th of May, It's a Saturday because me and my husband(USB) will be coming from Phang Nga Province, that is like 12 hours via bus. We started travelling Friday night. I was impressed by Bumrungrad facilities. It truly is a hotel/hospital. We arrived in Bangkok around 6am at Mochit Station...we took a taxi that charged us 400 and took us straight to the hospital (15 minutes roughly bec its very early, we took the highway and no traffic jam at all). First step was to go to 10th floor for registration. It was quick and it's good there's a starbucks in the same floor..we badly needed caffeine that time so my husband was sipping his hot caramel macchiato while I was filling up the registration form. 10 minutes after, they asked me to go to 15th floor Nurse station C. They got the vital stats, eye checkup then waited again. After around 20 minutes, I went to see the doctor for my medical history, it was quick too..like 5 minutes. I received Tdap and influenza vaccine 1 month ago in Phuket because I don't have any vaccine record(Im from the Philippines) so I just relied on my readings here. I decided not to take the mmr vaccine ahead of time because Im sure bumrungrad will give me the second dose. I just asked the hospital here in Phuket to give me a medical record for those vaccines. Bumrungrad recognized those vaccines and they only gave me the mmr. My total bill was 7,200 baht. They gave me feedback on all test except gonorrhea. They asked me to come back 2 days after but I told them that my next trip to bangkok is the day before my interview which is June 6, they said its no problem so I;ll just pick up my medical resullt June 5 anytime between 7am - 4pm. All in all...its a good experience.
  21. Hi all, I am a USC preparing to file the I-130 at a US Consulate. The Consulate has asked for two forms G-325A: one for the petitioner and one for the beneficiary. I am filling out Form G-325A for myself, the petitioner, and am unsure about the following parts of the form: 1. - "Applicant's residence last five years. List present address first." -- Should I fill this in even though it says "Applicant's" and not "Petitioner's"? 2. - "Applicant's last address outside the United States of more than 1 year." -- Same question as #1. 3. - "Applicant's employment last five years. (If none, so state.) List present employment first." -- Same question as #1. 4. - "Applicant: Print your name and Alien Registration Number in the box outlined by heavy border below." (including "(Alien Registration Number)" -- Same question as #1. The instructions on p.2 of the form do not provide answers to these questions. Thanks!
  22. My husband and I currently are residing in the UK. In April 2015, my husband (then fiancé) came to the states from the uk on a K1 fiance visa. We were married in June 2015. He then received his green card and right to work shortly after that. To to make a very long story short....He’s a music teacher, and we had some issues transferring all of his teaching credentials over. The dept of education wanted him to go back to college for a specific teaching music degree, even though he has his teaching qualifications as a general teacher in the uk and had been teaching music for 7 years prior. Anyhow...we decided to move back to the Uk together, as my special needs teaching qualifications from the US were accepted straight away. So in late 2016, we started my visa process to come to the UK. I’m here now....I arrived in April 2017 and everything has been fine. We’ve just been kicking around the possibility of moving back to the states to be closer to my family....as I’m not sure I love it here. But after residing here in the UK, my husband had to forfeit his green card. My point...if we want to return to the states to live....do we have to basically start the whole process over again, but with a K3 this time?. Or, is there a different, faster route we can take since we’ve already been through it once before? Thanks in advance.
  23. My wife and I are going to be applying for her green card in the next few weeks. We're still gathering evidence of a bona fide marriage. We will be submitting in Guagnzhou. Has anyone done DCF through Guangzhou? Our situation: I'm an English teacher here in our city. My wife is too but she is Chinese and I'm American. We've been together for 2+ years, but married for 6 months. We both live abroad (obviously), but we'll go to the US next year, assuming she is approved for a green card. Another facet: back in October, 2017, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She completed her treatment at the beginning of July, and is now taking prescription meds, which she will take for 5 to 10 years (most likely 10). I know Guangzhou is able to do DCF. I've tried to read about it, but I can't tell if we qualify for DCF. I've read everything for being in the military, to both of us living abroad would qualify us for DCF, but most of the articles were three or more years old. Would anything about our situation qualify us for DCF? How do we apply for DCF? And how much faster is DCF than regular processing?
  24. This is a common-case DCF London guide for spousal visas (I-130 for IR-1/CR-1). NOTE: Always do your own reading and research, and double check everything on the official sites. This is a GUIDE to show what to expect, not the official manual from the embassy. Read the whole thread to check for updates and caveats from other VJ members before beginning. The London Embassy provides it’s own information at the following URL, and also includes links to all the required forms, a complete and very detailed checklist, and an example completed I-130 form: http://london.usemba...4_domicile.html 2.4. Complete DS-2001 and write a supporting cover letter noting the date of your medical, your planned travel date (if known) and your email address. It would be prudent to include your LND number, also. This form and letter may be sent before or after the medical, but should be sent only when you’ve collected all the required documents listed above. Yes, you can send DS-230, DS-2001 and cover letter in one pack, if you prefer, all forms are mailed to the same address. Tip: If you are on a tight deadline and would like to travel to the USA ASAP, make sure you specify a travel date in the cover letter that accompanies the DS-2001. Although London cannot guarantee dates, they do generally appear to make an effort to schedule interviews in time for travel dates that applicants specify. They do not require evidence of your travel plans. If you are able to, you may also wish to state that you’re available for short-notice appointments in case a cancelled slot becomes available. Tip: Now you have your LND number, you case will also be live on the CEAC website, where you will now be able to track the progress of your visa application: https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker What happens next? You will now be awaiting an invitation to interview letter (“Packet 4”). Once you believe your medical results and all forms have been received, you can call the DoS line or the embassy to enquire as to whether an interview has been assigned (see contacts below) ahead of receiving the physical letter. Extra: Although not necessarily required for interview and London rarely asks to see it except in cases with red-flags, you may wish to use this wait time to compile some relationship evidence for your interview file, such as: Joint rental/mortgage agreement Holiday photos Wedding photos Jointly named bills Joint insurance or bank statements Birth certificates for any children you have together -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 3: Interview and visa! You can read reviews of interviews from the London embassy here, to get a really clear idea of how it will go: http://www.visajourney.com/reviews/index.php?cnty=United+Kingdom&cty=&dfilter=5&topic=IR-1%2FCR-1+Visa Roughly, these are the major things to expect: 3.1. Aim to be at the embassy about 30 minutes before your appointment. Remember you may not take any electronics into the embassy, including electric car key fobs etc. A nearby pharmacy called Gould’s will hold your items for a small fee. There will be a queue to enter, and may take some time. Your interview letter will be checked and you’ll be assigned a ticket number once inside beginning with I. Listen/watch for your number (it will likely not be at the exact time of the appointment on your letter). 3.2. At the first window, your original documents and photocopies will be handed over to a clerk, along with your passport photos, passport and your fingerprints taken. Your I-864 and evidence will be checked and collected (and this is also where you domicile evidence may be requested). You will be given a courier sheet to complete, and asked to pay for your visa ($230). They will also hand you a CD with your x-ray on it from the medical. You’ll then wait again. 3.3. At the second window, your original documents will be returned, you’ll be interviewed after swearing to tell the truth and signing your DS-230 Part II. You’ll be asked some questions about your marriage, partner and likely their family. Answer honestly to the best of your knowledge and you may be given the opportunity to share any relationship evidence you brought with you (rarely needed). Assuming the interviewer is satisfied with your responses, your visa will be approved and your passport will be held to place the visa in it. 3.4. Pay the courier (fee varies depending on delivery option you choose). They may advise you on how long to expect for your visa to be delivered and explain how to track your passport. It will usually be delivered within 10 working days. 3.5. Your passport with visa will be delivered along with a large sealed envelope. The sealed envelope must NOT be opened under any situation, and should be taken with you on your journey to the USA in your hand luggage to be handed over at the Point of Entry (POE). The package with your passport should also inform you about paying for the USCIS Immigrant Fee ($165), which is required to be paid before production of your actual green card, which will be received a few weeks later after your US entry. Note that your visa will act as a temporary 1 year green card until you get the proper one. Notes: The petitioner does not need to be at the interview. The petitioner may return to the USA at any point after initial I-130 filing and abandon their residency in the UK. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact information: At petition stage (I-130 filing) you can email the local USCIS team in London with any queries: USCIS.London@uscis.dhs.gov The general enquiry phone number is (extortion line, £1.23 per minute) for the embassy: UK 0904 245 0100 Department of State line (DoS): US 202 663 1225 LondonConsular@state.gov seems to work for making additional queries about interviews/adding spouse to embassy access list https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker Progress tracker post-NOA2. Address to mail the I-130 petition: USCIS Field Office Embassy of the United States of America (DHS / USCIS) Post Office Box 2444 London W1K 5WT Address to mail DS forms for visa application (Packet 3 return): Immigrant Visa Unit US Embassy 24 Grosvenor Square London W1K 6AH The US Embassy in London is also on twitter: @USAinUKCGCorner And they blog here: http://www.usembassy.org.uk/visaservices/ More about the USCIS Immigrant Fee: http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=3a2bb75e8109b310VgnVCM100000082ca60aRCRD&vgnextchannel=fe529c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1RCRD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Share your own questions, timelines, process updates and caveats in the replies. Thank you to Nich-Nick in particular for her help compiling this guide, and to the UK guinea-pigs who have been kind enough to try it out!
  25. Hello all, I'm still really new to this site, and I've posted once before about general confusion about filing my wife's I-130. I'm pretty clear now, thanks in no small part to this website. We're currently gathering documents to support our petition, and we have several questions or things we'd like clarified, if anyone is willing. I already know the mantra: "Quality, not quantity. Quality, not quantity." Evidence that we have The easiest evidence we have is photos and chat history. We've gone on 2 to 3 trips a year since we met (2 and a half years ago now), and we talk constantly on our phones when we're at work. We've also got receipts for gifts and proof that we help each other financially. That stuff is no worry, it's more a matter of gathering the quality evidence from that. Written Statements In a previous post I asked about affidavits from family/friends as proof of a bona fide marriage. My mother in law lives with us, so I feel like getting an affidavit from her would be helpful to our case. The problem is that she does not speak English, only Chinese. So we would have to have her write the affidavit in Chinese, then sign it, then get it officially translated, then have her sign it again at a notary public. Would this be worth doing? I read on this website (under Most Common Evidence, #1) that I, as the petitioner, can submit a written statement about our marriage. Given that my wife has cancer and we decided not to do a wedding ceremony, just a courthouse marriage, I feel like writing a statement would help. What the website does not say is whether or not this needs to be an affidavit. Can anyone clarify this? Organization The last thing we're not sure about is how to actually organize all the evidence. Should we go buy a big photo album and put all the evidence in there? Or do we need to submit in a three-ring binder? Again, thanks for any help. You all are awesome!