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  1. Hello everyone, I'm writing a post for anyone that encounters this issue in the future. I was trying to submit my application (N-400) online using Google Chrome (also tried Int. Explorer and Firefox) I was able to upload all my files with absolutely no issues: however, when I got to the review: I got a notice stating: "Encountered an unexpected error retrieving draft evidence" this is what I saw, all my files were gone. It was so frustrating; I repeated the same thing probably 30 times in the next ten days and got the same results; (no files attached to my application). I was getting tired of the online filing system; I tried calling them, and it didn't work, and in the end, I was even thinking about filing by mail, but in my last effort to hopefully submit this form, I started researching this issue online; it took some time, but then I found a user by the name (J/G from Indonesia) that went through the same problem online a year ago but was able to figure it out. He suggested downloading (Opera Browser) from their official website (https://www.opera.com/download); I was so happy that I had found a potential solution to this issue, but after all that excitement, guess what? It did not work for me either. after another unsuccessful attend to submit my application; honestly, I was about to give up, and that was when my clever Wife literality begged me to try one more time. She had the incredible idea of deleting the whole draft and starting again; I didn't like the idea since I have already done that like 15 times, so this is what I did. Downloaded (Opera Browser) Download a copy of my application pdf (with answers to all the questions) to save the answers and to copy-paste I deleted my whole draft Organized the evidence for quick upload Switched from a Windows computer to Mac computer Created a new draft and started all over again. (If you start a new draft, DO NOT GO BACK; start from question one to the end without going back; I know it could be unpleasant, but trust me, it is worth it.) And guess what, it worked!!! and It felt fantastic!!! Oh yeah!! So I then proceeded with the Review, Signature and Payment, completed and submitted my N-400 application and received a receipt number beginning with "IOE." Note: do not go crazy about not submitting a ton of evidence at first; any additional documents you forgot or that you would like to upload, it can be done later or once your application has been submitted to USCIS. This is what you will see once your application has been paid and submitted. I hope this helps anyone that is going through the same issue! Good Luck!! Best, Eljsa27
  2. We have filed application for my family since August 2020 on NVC electronic site. in April 2020 all documents were approved and we are documented qualified but unfortunately priority dates are stagnant my son will turn 21 next September 2022, though his documents were filed and approved on April 2021. will he loose his approved documents and we need to re apply for him? What should we do if he turn 21 before reaching priority date thanks
  3. Hi everyone, Firstly, I apologize if this is a duplicate topic. I read through multiple threads regarding taxes and although there was a lot, I couldn't seem to find one that was similar to my situation. Quick facts: This is regarding my taxes for 2020 as I did not file last year I am a Canadian citizen living in Canada and my wife is an American citizen living in the US I live in Ontario My wife is sponsoring me to the US and our case is currently at the NVC We got married February 14, 2020. We do not have any children We do not receive financial support from the government I am using Wealthsimple Tax (I believe previously it was called SimpleTax). These are some questions it asks me regarding my spouse: Do you want to prepare your returns together? No. Did you live together for all of 2020? No. (I lived in Canada and she lived in the US) Did you live together on December 31, 2020? No. While living apart did you support (or were you being supported by) your spouse? No. Was your spouse a non-resident on December 31, 2020? Yes. Did you live in separate principal residences or medical reasons? No. Was your spouse confined to a prison? No. When I scroll down the website as I'm filling in all the details, it says that I cannot claim the Ontario Trillium Benefit unless I report my partner's income. I have checked the box that says that I won't report her income. When I uncheck it (as in I will report her income), I get the questions in the attached image: I do not know how to fill in these details as she lives and works in the US and earns her income in the US. Hoping someone can help me with this if they have gone through a similar process. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Hi Everyone, I will be adjusting my status from tourist visa. Already, my i130 was approved and filled and signed i485 along with i765 & i131. My questions are, 1. Can I assemble and include all the forms in the same envelope? or do I need to file each and every form separately? 2. What is the name of the envelope that I need to use? Any suggestions on the envelope? And where can I get it from? 3. What to mention on the envelope? And do I need to mention "from" details? and is there anything else I need to include on the envelope? 4. What is the best courier to send my packet (USPS, UPS, DHL or FedEx)? Please guide me. I'm clueless.
  5. Hi all, My husband (Argentinian) and I (US Citizen) are just starting the CR-1 process. We got married in April of this year in Argentina (where we met and live). Our plan is to move to the states as soon as his visa is granted. That being said, we have a few questions to get started: Filing from Argentina. Should we be using our Argentine address as my residence and mailing address? Or would it be better to use an address in the US? I just don't want us to do anything that appears dishonest or untrue. Also what does that mean in terms of biometrics if those are required in the states? Translations. Does absolutely anything (including messages back and forth, bank statements, utility bills, etc. as bonafide marriage evidence) need to be translated? Almost all our proof is in Spanish. Does anyone know where to find a sample so we can see what that looks like? It's hard to imagine what a translated bank statement or utility bill or conversation should look like. Online filing. We're going to file the I-130 online. We started the process and now the USCIS site shows there's an expiration date a month from now for our draft. What happens if we pass this date? Can we just start the form over again? Will it penalize us at all? Many thanks in advance. This community is amazing! I'm sure there will be many more questions to come
  6. I filled our N400 by mail and got a electronic receipt about a week later. One week after this i got the two paper receipts around 2 or 3 days apart. I was able to add my paper (IEO) receipt to my online USCIS account and saw that PDFs of the two receipts mailed to me. I also saw a snapshot of some supporting documents attached to my file but when i opened the TIF file it is only a few pages of the documents mailed. Someone else from here shared their snapshot with me and i see all their documents listed. They efilled online and this is why they see all and ii see an sample. What about everyone else, if you did paper, do you see all supporting documents or a sample and what do you think one ought to do (a) upload all supporting documents mailed-in, (b) do nothing and wait, (c) something else you thought of. Thanks in advance
  7. So let me ask. If a person comes on tourist visa and during the stay they decide to get married. Would the person need to leave the USA while they process the CR1 visa? Or can they stay in and live as husband and wife while the paper work is being processed?
  8. The law is not clear so any expertise advice OR IF you have filed the k-1 while your spouse was in the USA (if you could describe your situation please I have called USCIS 2 times and has provided me 2 different answers. 3 lawyers that varied in their response and a survey of folks that have also a variety of response elsewhere- maybe here there is a consensus (fingers crossed!) QUESTION: Is the k-1 able to be sent in while fiancé is in the USA (fiancé leaving within 90 days on tourist visa) Additional resources/stories would be helpful! 1- fiance would come 2- we submit k-1 visa application while in USA 3- fiance stays a few months and leaves within tourist visa time limit (90 days max) 4- we wait Thanks again!!!
  9. Hello, I would like to apply for naturalization early (319b), because I will accompany my husband on an overseas assignment. We just got orders today, and will have to move in June. Currently waiting for an interview appointment for the adjustment of status (which I will try to get expedited with the orders). I am searching for others, who have been able to get their naturalization early and would like to share their experience. I would really appreciate your stories! I am from Germany, and have read that I need to get a document from a German authority in order to keep my German citizenship. Any Germans here, who would like to share their experience with the process? Thanks in advance for any replies!
  10. Hey everyone my 90 day filing started in January of 2021 but was able to get it out and delivered on February 8th 2021. I made sure the address was correct but does they take this long to even start the process? I haven’t received anything in the mail as yet, is anyone experiencing the same thing? kindly asking,
  11. How everyone please help me understand because I have googled and research with various information I am not to sure of the real facts where do you submit the form I-864 is it included in the initial application when you start of as a petitioner or do you wait until they actually request for it. When does one actually fill and submit this form please please help.
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