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  1. Montreal embassy EB-2 interview wait time-Part 2 Continuation of this thread:
  2. Hi All, I got interview letter from NVC (01/12/23). I'm trying to gather all things I need for the interview, but I have things that I'm sure, could anyone help me on this? thank you. Do I need to bring original affidavit of support to the interview? or would it be enough just the copy. This makes me confused because I read two different thread said two different things. Meanwhile on NVC prep website they say this: "You do not need to bring your Affidavit of Support or financial evidence you submitted to NVC". any thought? On the letter said, I need to bring all documents that I submitted on CEAC. What other document that I should bring? They said, I need to register for courier / pick up passport. I tried to log in my CGI account, create a new application, enter my preference pick up / courier service and on the last step, it said The Case ID that you have entered cannot be found. any idea how to solve this ? Thank you, happy weekend
  3. Hi everyone, I just received a DQ from NVC and am currently waiting on my interview date. I went ahead and scheduled my medical check with Dr. Raphaël Nardone in Brussels (the earliest date was Aug 9th which I think is absurd as it is probably going to get very close to the interview date). If I'm correct, the information on the doctors on Visajourney is a bit outdated. The embassy website only qualifies four doctors for medical checks: two in Brussels and two in Luxembourg (Antwerp has been removed recently). That is why I am also confused about additional vaccine shots: I thought I was going to get them all during the check-up, but the email I received from Dr. Nardone says "your vaccination must be in order; please refer to the information given by the embassy of the country concerned." This is quite annoying because I know I need to get the Varicella shot, but thought I would get it here. So, what did you guys do? Where and how did you get any additional shots? Thanks in advance.
  4. Oct 11 2022 I received a K1-FTP saying the consulate will contact me.. (haiti us embassy) it’s march 2023 already and I still havent received any email, mail or call I was told not to wait for k1 visa letter / instructions letter so I proceed with creating ds-160, payed with mrv slip and booked a schedule, but when I went to my medical, they’re asking for that letter.. Anybody here have the same case as mine? can you help with the steps I need to do next? Please
  5. Visa on passport says ‘IV DOCS IN CCD’ & did NOT get a sealed envelope/package with the passport. Is this normal ? Please help!
  6. Kindly share with us the wait times at Cote d’ivoire
  7. Hello, on may 9th our petition was approved ,when we applied for K1 visa I was in Dubai but then I had to move to Turkey about 3 months ago.after the approval we contacted NV and Emailed them several times and asked them to change the Embassy for us but each time they asked us to call laster and when we last contacted them 3 days ago they said that our package was already sent to the U.S embassy in Abu dhabi !!! they said that we have to contact the embassy and ask them to do so but they don't answer calls and just accept Emails,we have already mailed them but no reply yet ... I'm so desperate ... is there anyone here who knows what I should do? how long it'll take to forward our case from Abu dhabi to Ankara??? please HELP!!!
  8. Hi guys, would really appreciate your help on these two questions: 1) For those who have recently been DQ, how long is it currently taking for the US Embassy in Hong Kong to schedule interviews? (If I check the timelines and forums back in 2021, it feels like a 2-3 month timeline is safe to assume) 2) And what is the usual interval between the appointment letter and the actual interview? (3-4 weeks from what I see) I'm leaving Hong Kong for a few months and since flying back to Hong Kong has become complicated because of the changing quarantine measures, I'd want to time it as precise as I can right after I get DQ. Thanks so much!! Any help will be super appreciated
  9. Hi, could you please share your PD, DQ and if interview scheduled dates for family based categories (F2A and etc.) ?
  10. I just did my cr1 visa interview today in Beirut lebanon and it went well the officer said that my visa is approved but then he remembered that there is one last thing to do before giving me the visa which is to process the DS-5535 which is a background check now i have heard that some people who were given this form waited for months on end and some heard 2 weeks later did anyone get this form and how long till you heard back from the embassy
  11. Hello friends. Sorry to sound pessimistic, but life is not always fair... I want to ask a question and I've asked a similar question already in different words, but for some reason it was immediately deleted: I was told because I was not serious and was trolling.. But I wasn't and I am serious. Maybe I am just not a good story teller... So please consider: As far as I understand I get from USCIS only 3 chances in a lifetime to bring a fiancé into this country. I've already used one many years ago. After about 15 years the marriage is over. At this time, for a very long time I am getting through an ongoing I-29F process to get K-1 for my second attempt, but it doesn't look promising (USCIS is not being good/fair in this case at all, to say the least, even though my first case was superfast and simple: this time they are asking for more and more paperwork from decades ago that is not easy to get, I suppose because of the Russian origin of my fiancé), it looks like I need to hire an attorney, more process time, or... just give up. I tried to use search on this site and I tried googling in general, but I cannot find answers to what seems to be the simplest questions: - Actually, is this really true that I have only 3 chances in my lifetime to apply for a fiancé visa? (sorry, I am not an SME, I only heard that this is the case) - If a fiancé visa is denied, does this mean that you "loose 1 life"? (meaning you have 1 less attempt available left out of 3 for your lifetime allotment of the number of times to apply for fiancé visas) My fiancé is in Russia, and BTW, we've met years ago, way way before any "Russian agenda". But she doesn't speak English and it is superhard in the modern times to arrange for an interview in Russian language, even if the K-1 interview is approved (when the time comes for a K-1 interview for Russians: embassies are closed for Russians that had K-1 interviews available in Russian language, travel for Russian nationals is quite restricted, and so forth). All this makes me think that if by fiancé visa being denied I do not in fact "loose 1 attempt" out of 3 (and I still will have that attempt saved), I should just give up and try my chances somewhere else.. Life is short, to fight USCIS for even longer time at the end not even having a relatively humane way to interview is just an overkill... My main question is what do I loose by having an application (I-29F) denied automatically just by not providing to the USINS some old documents from decades ago? Will I still preserve my 2 lifetime chances to get fiancé visas? Please help with advise.. Sorry for a wordy message. I just wanted to explain clearly my concerns.
  12. Hello Everyone. I’m unsure where to post this because my situation is weird. So I decided to place it in a couple of places because my wife and I need help. My name is Ray, and I recently married my Filipina wife in August of this year via a virtual ceremony from MarryFromHome.com. She still lives in the Philippines, and we’ve shared a condo there since the end of September. We ultimately want to live in the US, where I’m from and still live, and I’ve only been visiting her in the Philippines. We understand the entire visa process from beginning to end could take a while, so we decided to get our marriage (which is fully legal and official in the US) officially recognized in the Philippines. We made that decision partly for my tourist visa extension and because my wife is a federal employee as a teacher, and having our marriage recognized would help me receive some of the benefits she gets. We went to the local Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA) to get our marriage recognized here, and they told us we had to apply for civil registry through the Philippines Embassy in the United States that serves the jurisdiction our wedding took place. After talking with a close friend, she suggested my wife and I have a civil wedding ceremony here in the Philippines at the local City Hall. Before we married virtually, we considered having a civil wedding in the Philippines. That would have required us to go to the US Consulate in Cebu or the US Embassy in Manila to get an Intent to Marry. Once we had that, we could process a request for a ceremony at city hall or a courthouse. That’s where we are a little stuck and need help. We would like a civil ceremony where we are staying right now, so we don’t have to go through all of the paperwork and mailing of documents to go through the Philippines Embassy in the US. But we are not sure if we would still need to appear before the Consulate or Embassy to get an Intent to Marry or if they will honor our marriage certificate. Our marriage certificate is valid and legal in the US, showing Salt Lake City, UT, where our marriage is registered. Any help, guidance, suggestions, or feedback is openly welcomed and deeply and sincerely appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions or need clarification of our situation. Thank you all so very much in advance.
  13. Hi everyone, let's update each other here regarding September interview letters. I didn't see a thread for it even though I saw a couple people got their IL letters in recent days. I was DQ's in mid-August and still awaiting my IL.
  14. I'm trying to get an idea on when I should start looking for tickets to fly down to Rio and when I should expect the interview to happen. Anybody that has recently scheduled their Rio interview, how is availability looking for the rest of the year and early next year?
  15. Hello everyone, I would like your help especially from Haiti members who did/are going through k1 process! I was able to track my case via DHL and saw it arrived in Haiti on 9/29 from NVC. On 10/6 the CEAC status changed to ready, meaning the embassy officially received it I assume. My question is when will I receive packet 3? Both fiancé and I haven't been contacted and I emailed the Haiti embassy and received no response. How long do you think the wait time should be? I've already filled out the ds-160, made an account on the ustraveldocs site and he just has to pay the fee at sogexpress and get his police record... Waiting for packet 3 so we can do the medical. Any hell would be appreciated thank you!!!
  16. I'd like to go sightseeing in California or New York during my university holiday season this year or next year. I identify as a "gay" student (22) and was wondering if telling the visa officer my true reason for traveling is a good idea. If he/she turns out homophobic, will he/she automatically deny me a B2 tourist visa on the spot? Or do they adhere to some strict moral code that prevents them from discriminating against marginalized people? The areas I mentioned are liberal, diverse, friendly, accepting, and inspiring. For years, I've wanted to visit their gay towns, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, and the Statue of Liberty. I want to make him/her feel somewhat emotional so that he/she believes I have a valid reason for traveling. Should I remain silent on LGBTQ issues in general? Is it a plus or a minus to reveal my sexual orientation?
  17. Hey everyone, I just need a bit of help knowing how the interview process works. I am a US citizen filing for my wife. We both currently are living overseas. I have a couple questions that I need help with. First, will I be interviewed with my wife at the US embassy or is it just her? It would make sense that both are interviewed but on the visa website it says the petitioner does not need to attend. Secondly I’m also wondering about how I can prove that I am wanting to reestablish my domicile after the visa process is completed? Thank you so much for any and all help!
  18. Hi, How long is the wait time for EB3 applicant who are waiting for interview at Montreal embassy? is there and priority for health care workers and nurses at this time?
  19. Hi everyone, My case was completed at the NVC 03/16/18 (over 70 days ago) and I am waiting for an interview date to be assigned at the Montreal Embassy. My visa category is EB-2. Is anyone in a similar situation (EB-2, Montreal) who can share their experience/wait time? This is taking much longer than anticipated. Thanks a lot!
  20. Hi Friends, So my fiance was given a white 221g with administrative processing marked on it. His passport was also kept. I emailed the Islamabad embassy asking them why he wasnt issued a visa. I got a reply back from them today. This is the reply:Dear Sir/Madam, Our records indicate that this case is in its final review. Please feel free to check back with our office after four weeks. So guys should i consider this a good sign? They didnt write the usual its in AP so just wait for it response. Plz give any feedback you guys might have!
  21. Hello everyone . My husbnd and I are planning to live in his home country while we wait for his cr1 visa process ( we didn't apply yet ) We already are married thru utah state zoom marriage . I wanna go back with him to america when he gets his visa . i just wanna be with him rn. Is me living outside the us with him is gonna affect the process in anyway ? Did anybody went thru similar situation ? What should we take under consideration if we gonna do that ? Any advice ?
  22. Hello everyone!!!! I'm sure this is good news for those who are wondering when they are going to get their interview appointment letter from the NVC. I want to share our experience after we were DQ'd at the NVC. Here are the dates: DQ on March 14 2022. Interview appointment letter: March 21 2022. Interview date: April 11 2022 (Rio de Janeiro) I think it is important and relevant to share when good things happen! I would love to see someone posting this information, because give us an idea of how long it is taking to get an interview scheduled at Embassies abroad. Since they don't share this information. Miracles happen!!!! We are extremely happy!!!! Good luck to all of you! God bless!
  23. Due to the war in Ukraine, I was able to help my fiancé escape to Mexico while we were waiting for her embassy appointment. We have been in Mexico for almost two monthsk and have to leave after six months. i got notice from USCIS that her petition was approved, but the original embassy was in Kyiv. We want to switch to Mexico because it is not possible to return to Ukraine. I have tried contacting NVC, but the phone number is just a recording that doesn’t accept calls. There is a web form to contact them, but they say it takes at least two months for them to respond. How can I talk yo someone to change the embassy? Also, she left in a hurry and was not able to obtain a police report (the offices were closed due to war). Her birth certificate was at her parents house in a city that is currently under Russian control, so she can’t get that either. Will she be able to get approved without these documents? I read somewhere that she needs an official government document stating why these documents are not available, but it is not possible to get any official documents from Ukraine at this time. Can anyone help?
  24. Hello all again (lol), I have more questions. First, I would like to know once your case is sent from NVC to the Embassy and once you have the interview with the embassy, the embassy is responsible for documentation correct? We got documentation stating we need to upload to ceac, but also it was said to e-mail the final document to this e-mail TokyoNIV@state.gov. E-mailing makes more sense to me since it seems the NVC part of the process is done. Second, my wife received an e-mail form the embassy with the below: [X] Affidavit of Support, I-864 for another Joint Sponsor ( This has already been submitted and paid hence why it is at the embassy now) [X] IRS Federal tax transcripts or return for the another joint sponsor 2020 or 2021 [X] IRS W-2 for the another joint sponsor 2020 or 2021 of tax year (2020 was given and in my current NVC file along with 2019 that was given at the interview) [X] Proof of U.S. Citizenship or Lawful Permanent Resident (copy of ppt bio page or green card) for the another joint sponsor (I have this for my affidavit, but wasn't requested after the interview)
  25. Hello! I have been approved for expedited processing for my k1 fiance visa for my Ukrainian fiance on March 8th(still waiting for decision) and am looking towards the NVC process and later. I have been reading the the designated embassy abroad is Frankfurt, but the wait times just for the medical exam have ballooned to over 2 months. I am desperately looking for an alternative embassy in the Schengen Zone which i could forward our application to with a smaller wait time. I am currently in Poland with her and have a limited time i can stay without a visa. Thank you!
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