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  1. My fiance was granted his K1 visa at his interview in Montreal on March 4. It expires on August 14, 2020. As you may know, they've closed the US Canada border to nonessential travel. They keep talking about 'nonessential' as shoppers or tourists, while essential travel involves trade/commerce. Obviously immigrating to the US falls into neither of those categorires, and I cannot find any information on whether someone on a time sensitive K1 visa would be exempt from the ban or not. I spent all day trying to call USCIS, Homeland Security, Customs/Border Patrol, and emailing any government entity I could think of. The US Customs/Border Patrol says that until there's an executive order stating the details of the restrictions, they don't know who all is allowed through or not. There's nothing on the white house website yet, so all I have to go by is his speech. I also asked them if an extension would be possible, but they didn't know that either since this has never happened before. Is there anywhere else I should be looking, or people I could ask about this? I'm really nervous that we could lose our visa that we worked 11 months for because of this stupid virus.
  2. Hi! I was just wondering if it's allowed for a US Citizen to work in Canada (physically, not just online) while residing in America on a daily basis? For example: people who lives here in Niagara Falls, NY. As US Citizens are they allowed to have a job in Canada side (do the commute and immigration every morning to CA and come back at night to US)? How will this affect their taxes? I tried to look for answers online but it’s usually the other way around.
  3. Hi all! My girlfriend (F29, nurse, Washington state, USA, us citizen, single) and I (M31, banker, British Columbia Canada, Brazilian citizen, Canadian permanent resident, divorced, valid B1/B2 visa) have been dating for 7 months, and started to seriously consider marriage lately. We have been spending almost every other weekend together, in Canada, in the US, and we are still getting educated on both the fiance visa and the spousal visa. We live within a 2h drive from each other. For this process to work, we would have 2 priorities: staying together after the wedding, AND ability to work asap (for me in this case). We understand that these priorities work against each other hahaha, so that's why WE NEED YOUR EXPERIENCE and ADVICE. If we do get engaged (we are doing church counseling right now) it would be during the holidays when we are visiting my family in Brazil. (She shouldn't read this haha) Please feel free to remind us of anything we may be missing. While we do understand the basic pros and cons of each visa, a few questions are still unclear. These are the things that freak us out about each visa: K1: can't drive/open bank account/travel/study during AOS? (Even with a current Canadian drivers license? Education wise, I would look into certifications more than standard formal education) Employers basically won't really take EAD seriously (due to expiry date/temporary status) so actual skilled work roughly 12 months after the wedding?? Must not have wedding plans upon Montreal interview for K1? Or is it ok to plan in advance and disclose it during the interview? CR-1 Which country should we get married to pursue the CR-1 process? Should it include the wedding ceremony or are they just looking for the marriage certificate? eventually getting married and still living a couple of hours apart, won't that be held against us? Overall, does it look like a K1 case to you guys, or is it more of a CR-1? Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you all! Cheers
  4. Here's the basic gist: my fiancée and I are currently splitting our time between the USA and Canada. We got engaged about six months ago and the plan is to get married in Fall 2021. However, to save money and to make life easier on ourselves, we think the smartest thing would be for her to move to the USA for 2-2.5 years while we plan the wedding, get married, and look for a place to live in Ontario (yes, I will be moving from the USA to Canada as the final decision). Since her living in the USA wouldn't be permanent, we don't know what is the best visa option for her, especially since she still wants access to OHIP. Additionally, we travel for work somewhat regularly, so we need to factor that in. Sorry, I know this is a lot and if there's any information I'm not providing, I'm happy to let you all know! We are ideally looking to get the process started in the next couple of months because we're both really tired from driving 4.5 hours back-and-forth every few weeks.
  5. Hoping someone could confirm what I think to be correct regarding TFSAs closure and needing to declare interest on US taxes. I closed my TFSA and converted it all in USD and placed all this into a non interest generating checking account a few months before moving to the US and getting married. My husband and I are planning to file Married Joint for 2019 (moved to US and married in July ). Since closing the TFSA the sum in USD has not generated any interest income so nothing to report there. When I closed the TFSA there was some interest generated I believe, do I report this on our US taxes? If so do I need to convert to amount into USD ? at what exchange rate? Also does the fact that I bought US currency before leaving Canada have any tax implications for the Canadian taxes? I read somewhere something about if you bought US currency and the exchange rates are now different (which probably they are) you have to see if there was a gain or something? I'm really confused since it seems like a lot of hassle for something that is just bringing my money with me when moving countries. However, I want to make sure I don't overlook anything or accidentally make a mistake on taxes. Thanks for any input!
  6. Hi everyone! I've been undergoing the CR1 visa process for the past year. I had my interview on November 20th at the US Consulate in Montreal and received my passport with the visa in it at the end of November. As I prepare and plan for my POE next week, I'm tying up loose ends in Canada - including my finances. My main question is related to my TFSA and RRSP: what are some recommendations for maintaining or collapsing if the total value is less than $15,000 CAD? Should I leave them as is, or should I withdraw/collapse both and leave them in a Savings account? I'd prefer to keep Canadian funds in Canada. Also, do I need to inform the CRA about changing my residency before I leave? Or after? Any advice on navigating these topics would be appreciated! Cheers!
  7. I have a friend who’s mother became a Canadian Permanent Resident through marriage. He submitted a request for a Canadian Tourist Visa to go see her. However, it was denied. When he submitted the Tourist Visa application, he had a certified invitation letter plus proof of a job and funds to pay the trip. He’s 23 years old at the time, still has a stable job and funds to afford the process and travel. He would like to apply once more, what are your recommendations? Btw, he’s applying from the Dominican Republic, which means that there isn’t a Consulate. The application package goes to a Mexico Centre.
  8. Hi all, I thought I'd write a review of my experience doing the medical examination at Horizon (formerly Medisys) in Montreal. Location The clinic was very easy to find. It's in a big office building next to McGill metro station on De Maisonneuve and Robert-Bourrassa. Horizon is on the 22nd floor. (Bonus: there's a newly opened branch of Café Olimpico just down Robert-Bourrassa if you need a quick coffee and croissant!) Premises I'm not sure if there was a redesign with the recent rebrand, but the clinic was very clean and brightly lit. My appointment was 12.30pm on a Thursday; there were less people than I expected, maybe 25 in total in the waiting room. There were still plenty of seats left. Close to the window, there's a small kids' play area with a table, chairs, and some toys. Check-in I gave the receptionist 5 passport pictures (Canadian-sized, no need for the photographer's address on the back), my vaccination records, my passport, a copy of the P4 letter from the US Consulate (printed this off from my email), and a copy of my visa interview date confirmation (ditto). I was given a detailed medical history form to fill out, which I gave back to the receptionist upon completing. Examinations Not long after this, I was called for X-rays along with two other people. We were shown to some changing cabins and told to put on gowns (removed clothes from waist up only). We did the chest X-rays one person at a time; this process was very quick and efficient. The technician took a front X-ray, then side; the whole thing took not even 5 minutes. Once we were done, she gave me a yellow slip to drop into a folder bin on my way out; this was to prove that I completed the X-ray portion. I got dressed and went back to the waiting room. After 15-20 mins, I was called for a one-on-one physical with a doctor. We went through another medical history checklist (this time more in detail), then he asked me to change into a full-body gown (keeping bra, underwear, and socks). He shone a light into my eyes and ears, checked my reflexes, checked my thyroid, palpated my abdomen, etc. – nothing too invasive. The doctor was very chatty and friendly, to the point where I thought, "Hey buddy, don't you have other patients to get to?" He told me I was in excellent health and sent me on my way. The next step took a while to get to; I must've waited at least 30 minutes. A nurse called me into a room and took a blood sample, tested my vision with and without glasses, weighed and measured me, and gave me a urine cup. I made sure to get any missing vaccinations at the local CLSC before visiting Horizon, but if you need any additional immunizations they'll happen at this stage. The nurse returned my vaccination records and gave me instructions for the urine test. I headed to the bathroom for the urine test (the women's facilities are out the door, past the elevators, and to the left). Once that was done, I dropped off the cup at a designated window (it's just to your left as you enter Horizon). After some more waiting, the receptionist called me to the counter and double-checked the paperwork to see that all the required tests were done. Then, she had me pay; the total came up to just over CAD 475 with tax – ouch. (There was an option to get the results couriered to me for CAD 50, but that was too rich for my blood!) She gave me the receipt (required for pickup of results) and told me I'd get an email when the results were ready. That was it! In total, I spent about 1h40 at Horizon. Three business days later, the results were ready to be picked up. Note that Horizon opens at 7am every day for those who are thinking of getting their envelope right before the visa interview; however, that's cutting it a bit close for me since my appointment is at 7.30am. Overall, the whole process was very smooth (if expensive). Hope this review helps!
  9. My Fiancee's K-1 interview in Montreal was January 8th. Everything went smoothly at the interview until the CO indicated that my Fiancee did not have the correct document to show that she was divorced. What my Fiancee did have with her at the interview was a copy of the divorce court's "final decision", a document that had clearly been acceptable to both the USCIS and the NVC, and which had also been reviewed and given a blessing by our Immigration Attorney as perfectly adequate to show that my Fiancee was indeed divorced. (Admittedly, my attorney doesn't handle Canadian cases very often. Most of her experience is with other Consulates around the world.) The CO did however reassure my Fiancee that all else was in order, and that the K-1 Visa would be granted upon receipt from her of an official "Divorce Certificate" with a raised seal issued by the court in which she was divorced in 2011. So the impression the CO left was that this would be a simple matter and would likely only cause a short delay. A 221g was then issued along with specific instructions on how to send the document to them. Somewhat stunned, my dear Fiancee met me on the very cold and snowy street outside and tried to explain what had just happened. She was upset to say the least. So was I. Our plans for a celebration that day were crushed. We had traveled nearly 4700 km just to get there for the interview. (Btw.. name another country where someone has to travel anywhere near that far to get to a Visa interview. It's ridiculous.) I immediately texted our Attorney in the U.S. about the 221g. She was surprised, but tried to keep things positive by saying this would only cause a "short" delay. Since the CO had essentially implied the same, we consoled ourselves with that. A "short" delay. Fast forward to now. My Fiancee traveled back to her native BC and was able to get the "Divorce Certificate with raised seal" and immediately sent it to the Consulate in Montreal using the prescribed method. The Consulate received it on the 16th of January. It has now been over five weeks since they received it, and more than six weeks since the interview itself. There has been no apparent movement to our case status. It remains in "Administrative Processing". The only indication that anything is going on at all is that there have been three changes to the case updated date during this time. At my request, my Attorney sent an email to the Consulate about 10 days ago to ask about the delay. Four days later she received back a form type response that gave no specific information at all. It was more a polite acknowledgement of my Attorney's email request. Suffice to say that my Fiancee is by now "losing it". This delay has caused an awful lot of stress in our relationship. To be honest, the entire K-1 process seems designed to put an enormous amount of strain on a relationship.to begin with. She is in Canada (without her passport for the last six weeks) and I am in the U.S. at my job and helping to take care of an ill loved one. She chose not to even attempt to travel to the U.S. during the K-1 application process after the 129f filing. That's just how careful she is. Our plans for getting married in early March are now cancelled. Our Attorney is as blind as we are to what's going on up there in Montreal. It seems to me that the amount of time that has now gone by is a very abnormal amount without an answer of some kind. What would have taken the CO at the interview about 30 seconds to accomplish (i.e., examining the divorce certificate that they now have) has now taken at a minimum five and one-half weeks additional and counting.. and that just doesn't make any sense to me. What could possibly cause such a delay? Thoughtful replies please.
  10. Hello all I was searching around the forum the last few days and can’t seem to clarify my question so I thought I would ask. I hope I have got this in the regional forum. I know I am to request the privacy act criminal record check. Now I have had two names my maiden (which I have also switched back to) and my previous married name. when I go into the detachment do I have to request two separate ones or do they run them both on one report? I am assuming I will have to have both legal names run through for this police check. Thanks in advance
  11. A little background: I currently reside in Michigan. I acquired my US Green Card in 2010 and was consequently naturalized and became an US citizen in 2016. My wife is a naturalized Canadian citizen. We had been in a long distance relationship for 6 years and in July 2019, she visited me over a weekend and we got married in a small ceremony (about 10 or so friends and family). I have the marriage certificate from the district county. She returned back immediately after we got married and has since been in Canada. I had not filed for a K-1 Fiancee visa prior to getting married as I was not aware at the time. So she entered as a visitor on her Canadian passport when she came here and we got married. While doing some research to start her immigration process, I read that this could constitute as visa fraud. Had I known, we would have gotten the K-1 Visa first. I have doubts that this could be a potential problem for her immigration process. She has not visited the US since and has held a residence and job in Canada. 1) Is this true and if so, how serious is it could it be? What are the steps to resolve it? To start her immigration, there are some different ways to do it and I am not sure which is the correct way to proceed based on our case: a) Bring her here and file I-130 (Alien Relative Petition) and I-485 (Adjustment of Status) at the same time. b) Bring her here and only file I-485 (Adjustment of Status) at the same time. c) File for I-130 and then file for K-3 visa( Non-immigrant visa for spouse) and then bring her here. d) Any other? Would a) and b) be safe as she would come as a visitor and could stay longer than intended while filing I-485 (Adjustment of Status) We have already been apart for months on end during our long distance relationship and want to be together as soon as possible. I have talked to multiple lawyers and only gotten different answers and have turned here for help. Its very confusing but we want to try and go with the safest option. Please help! Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hello! We just got the electronic notification that our peition has been approved! But now I'm confused about the next steps are! I know that we have to wait to get our paper copy of the NOA2, and in a few weeks to start calling the NVC for a case number, then once we get that we have to wait till they send our case in the U.S. Consulate in Montreal... but then after that I'm a little lost (for the record I've looked at the K-1 visa flowchart but I'm still confused). What paperwork do I need to fill out? What is packet 3? What is packet 4? Do I have to schedule my interview or will the Montreal consulate do that for me? How far in advance should I book my medical? Thank you in advance for your help!
  13. Hi - quick question. I am the beneficiary in our I-130 application. In the section where I have to fill in my information, it asks for both a passport (Q47) and a "travel document" number (Q48) separately. I have both a Passport and a NEXUS card. Do I use my Nexus card number as a "travel document" number on the form? I do use my NEXUS number on my airline tickets. Or do I just leave "travel document" as blank and only use my passport number? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. I completed my medical exam in Montreal and thought I would add another review. Being in Montreal has been a challenge as many people have a hard time speaking English. Perhaps I am the only person who finds the irony in having to travel to Quebec for a US immigrant visa. When staying in Downtown Montreal you are within walking distance everywhere. I arrived a half hour early and it was easy to find as I had google earthed prior. My 5 year old and I went up to the 22nd floor. As soon as we entered the office I was overwhelmed by the volume of people. I would prepare yourself if you don't like crowds. I checked in at reception and she asked for: 5 passport photos, vaccination records, passports, letter confirming consulate appointment. She gave me forms to fill out which included the intended US address. The questionnaire asks things like if you have been hospitalized, blood disorders, drug addiction, mental health history, etc. I filled everything out and my son had to go to the bathroom. I needed to go but the receptionist said I could not do my urine test as it had to be supervised by a nurse. I asked how long it would be and she said she had no idea. We sat down and my name got called pretty quick to do the chest x-ray. The lady was really nice especially considering my son didn't want to leave the toys. I got undressed from the waste up and put a gown on. There were a total of 3 people doing this test at the same time. There were change rooms side by side which me (female), another female and a male all got undressed. I have to admit I was surprised they would do the exam with mixed genders. The guy who was there looked like he could be fun and I could've cared less if he got a peek. But not everyone would be thrilled about that. They did my x-ray first which I appreciated as my son was on the verge of a meltdown. They gave him two candy canes for being good. I wished the female and male good luck as I left. We sat down again and it was around a half an hour before the doctor came out. My son had a tantrum and I was embarrassed. The waiting area had turned into a circus with at least a half dozen kids running wild. The area feels small when there are so many people. The office is extremely busy and it's easy to not hear your name. They should consider investing in an intercom. I was surprised by how many more men there were than women. The view of Montreal was great and there is a play area for young children. The doctor brought me into her office and she was very genuine. She was thorough and went through our medical history. My son and I completed our physical exams. I took everything off except my bra and underwear. The wait felt longer when we got to the vaccination part. It must have been 2 hours after we got there. By then the urge to pee was so bad it was hard to think of anything else. I got brought in by two women to do the physical exam/vaccinations. I explained how desperate I was to use the restroom. One of the girls got me a cup right away and the receptionist was correct someone must stand outside the door. After I was done I handed her my sample. I did an eye test both with and without glasses. They took weight/height measurements along with blood pressure. They went through my vaccine history and I hadn't had a TDAP shot in over 20 years. It was $40 and my son's flu shot was $25. They took blood from me. They took my word I had my flu shot and I brought blood test results to prove I had chicken pox. We went back to the waiting area where we were told to wait at least 15 minutes after our vaccines. At this point it had been over 3 hours and my son was really melting down. The receptionist saw my desperation and rang the bill for myself and my young child. The bill after taxes came to $747. She said the results should be ready Friday (today is Tues) which was sooner than what was said when I called (he said 4 days). They said if there is any type of issue they would call the number you put on the form. I felt everyone who worked there was very friendly. It is a much higher volume medical service lab than I expected. Everything is done in office so you don't have to go anywhere. After we were finished we walked over to Eaton Center and had supper.
  15. Hello, I just received an RFE about my AOS paperwork asking for a long-form birth certificate. In Ontario, Canada we are usually only given one that is the size of a regular plastic card (SSN card, debit card, etc) that does not hold parental information on it. I have been requested to provide one that does include parent information (my parents have never had one like that before) . I was just wondering if anyone else has ever been in this situation? I have applied for one online from back home, and I am unsure if I will be able to receive it due to the time restrictions I need it delivered by. I'm just worried and wondered if anyone else has had this issue or not and can offer some comforting advice. Thank you
  16. Hi! My case has been in AP for about 63 days after sending out my documents for 221g. Today at 5pm when I checked ceac it changed to “Ready” Does anyone know how long it takes to change to “Issued”? If you have been through this, can I hear your experience?
  17. I'm in a weird predicament, wondering if anyone else has ever used a Statutory Declaration in place of a Police Certificate when that certificate can NOT be produced? Situation: Myself (and fiancé) spent 7 months traveling together in Cambodia. We spent the majority of that time at one guesthouse in Sihanoukville without paying rent (owner is a friend) My understanding is that I need a police check from Cambodia because I was in the country for 6+ months. ----- However ---- To acquire a police certificate from Cambodia you have to appear in person at the Ministry of Justice in PP. To get the Police Cert. from them you have to provide a "Certificate of Residence" given to you by the Sangkat (community center). The Certificate of Residence can only be produced by giving the Sangkat a copy of your lease agreement. I did not ever hold a lease or pay rent in Cambodia so I can not get a Residence Certificate, Therefore, I also can not get a Police Certificate from the Ministry of Justice. I was a traveler, not a resident, despite the length of my stay. A lease can't be created retroactively, and I've read a lot of old forums on here where people described paying-off various officials to get it done - but the most recent one suggests that the Sangkat people no longer have the ability to "create" Residence Certificates when given tea-money, so that is also not an option. Long story short, I plan on drafting a Statutory Declaration and swearing an oath to the above, and that: Even if I fly to Cambodia (for $1500+) and negotiate with the MoJ (despite not being able to read/write/speak Khmer) that I can't make a Police Certificate appear because I'm unable to prove I ever held residence in Cambodia. Will the USCIS or DOS or the Consulate have any problem with this? I plan on attaching relevant documents supporting my claim, along with a sworn statement from the guesthouse owner stating that I didn't ever pay him for my stay. Thank you thank you thank you, the last thing I want is to find out at the last minute that they demand I fly to Cambodia to get this paperwork, even though I know that it's not possible for me to get it.
  18. Hi all, I am creating this thread for all people who have Case Complete in January 2019 and waiting for interview from Montreal Consulate. Please mention your Case Complete (CC) date and Priority Date (PD). In this way we can track and predict the interview dates. My timeline is below: Case Complete (CC) date: January-14-2019 Priority date (PD): April-30-208 Best Wishes to everyone. Peace! MK
  19. Hi, I just had my K1 interview, where I found out I had the wrong type of police background check, so I was issued a refusal 221g letter that clearly states I need to send them the correct police certificate and my passport. The lady at the time told me what she was doing and phrased it as "this is what you need to do to overcome it' Obviously I'm going to do that, but also obviously I'm freaking out because I'm terrified of being rejected. Has anyone else had a similar experience? And does anyone know if it's a good sign that they're asking for my passport directly with the new police check? I can't find much on 221gs that aren't for administrative processing, 😣
  20. Hi! We are coming here to get advice and counsel from this community. I am a male US Citizen in Los Angeles. My girlfriend is from Canada. Six weeks ago, she flew to Arizona to visit her friend in Phoenix and to visit Sedona. She then extended her trip to visit friends and me in California. For the last four weeks, she has been staying with my daughters and me and spending time with a lot of her friends in Southern California. The four of us just drove together up the California Coast to spend time with my brothers and my parents over Thanksgiving. We had a magical time. My daughters love her and don't want her to leave. My family loves her and don't want her to leave. I love her and don't want her to leave. Most importantly, she loves us and doesn't want to leave. She still is here under a tourist visa for 5 months, so there is no problem with her staying. However, we don't want to be apart in five months. In the truest sense, her status is changing before our eyes. QUESTION: Are we crazy to get married and file for an AOS? We know that it will be hard. She won't be able to work. She won't be able to leave the country. We are weighing all of that. However none of that feels as hard as it would be on us and my daughters to be apart in four months. If we do decide to get married, does it matter where? Does it matter when? What is the best way for us to go about this in a way that allows her to work, drive, and travel as soon as possible? Again, we don't know if we will do this. We have several months to decide. But things are changing before our eyes and we need guidance from those who know the ins-and-outs so we can weigh all options. Thank you so much!
  21. People who are waiting for their interview at Montreal Embassy please connect here. Please comment your Priority Date (PD) & Case Complete (CC) date. My details are below: PD: April-30-2018 CC: January-14-2019
  22. Just sharing a silly photo of my man and I! We are in the process of putting together our I-129f and it's making me miss him going through memory lane😍
  23. My fiancé just finished filling out the DS-160 form. I thought we had a pay a fee with this application, but I can’t find anywhere about how much and where to pay it. We’re doing a K1 visa and our embassy is the one in Montreal Canada.
  24. I know it's been a few weeks since I've been, but I wanted to give a quick review of my medical with Dr. Lyndon Mascarenhas for anyone presently trying to decide which visa doctor they want to book their medical with. I booked my medical in October through his website, gave three dates and times in November that worked for my schedule, and was given one of those dates. On the day of the medical we drove to Toronto. My appointment was for 10:40am and we left with plenty of time to get there early but there was a particularly nasty incident on the 401 and we ended up getting there closer to 11pm. We parked down a residential side street that was about a block away from his office but make sure there are no signs posted that say you can't park there. The office itself was kind of hard to find and we walked past it once or twice before we realized which one it was. (doh!) Once inside there is a board that lists all of the names and suites of the professionals in the building, and tells you what floor you need to go to. Once you get to the correct floor the elevator will open from the opposite door as the one you walked into downstairs, so face the opposite wall if you don't want to embarrass yourself like I did! Once you step out of the elevator you follow the hallway until you see the suite, it was very clearly labelled. The waiting room is very small so try to only bring what you need and depending how many people are there be prepared to stand while you wait. The receptionist took my vaccine checklist paper, the supporting vaccine documents (flu shot record, blood test results, vaccine record) and she took my passport photos, passport, and had me fill out a short form which I then handed back to her. After that you wait until you are called and then someone lead me into one of the rooms and I was given back my original documents that I had handed in at the desk.There are several rooms in the back and the Dr. bounces between rooms as he meets with the different people and their cases. It was maybe a 10 minute wait before he came into my room. Dr. Mascarenhas was extremely friendly and really made the whole process painless. He confirmed my name and date of birth, my address three times throughout the interview, and asked me simple questions about my health, if I had any communicable diseases, etc. and took my pulse and blood pressure. He then explained the fee's and told me to pay at the front desk and gave me two forms; one was a map to get to the LifeLabs building for my bloodwork, and another was a sheet for my x-ray which is on a different floor of the same building. He took the time explaining both papers and where to go and what to expect and really made sure I understood what to do. He also commented on how prepared I was and how he wished everyone was the same way. (thank you VJ ) I paid the fee at the front desk, got my receipt for it and then made my way back to the elevator and down to the waiting area for the x-rays. You just give the receptionist the x-ray papers and take a seat until you are called. After that you go into the back and you are given a gown and provided a changing room to remove all clothes and jewelry from the waist up. These change rooms are not monitored or secure so if you can I would avoid bringing in any valuables with you. Then you sit on waiting chairs just outside the x-ray room until you are called in and then it is just a simple chest x-ray; put on the protector, position yourself according to the technicians instructions, and you're on your way! There is a labelled laundry hamper on your way out for used gowns, so make sure you throw yours in there. Once that was over we headed down the street to the building to get the bloodwork done. This was probably the most unpleasant part of the whole experience. The receptionist people were very rude, but I took a number and sat down. The people around us while we waited were very nice though, and it was a nice way to pass the wait of 30 minutes. Eventually they call your number (listen carefully as I found it hard to hear them) and you give them your healthcard, etc. then you go back to whatever room you were told and you sit in the chair and they take your blood. The nurse I had was not so great and I ended up with a pretty nasty bruise, but eh I suppose. ***Note*** Before I went for my medical I had the exact same bloodwork done in my home town and they actually used the result date for that instead of waiting for the results from the Lab in Toronto. It got me my medical back faster in the mail, but I was slightly disappointed having to give blood twice haha My medical was on Nov. 12th and my package was delivered on Nov. 17th (three business days later), but as I said I think the short timeline was also due to me already having the bloodwork done previously and them not having to wait for the results. The envelope inside that you take to your interview is clearly marked 'Do Not Open' and a photocopy of the DS-3025 was included seperate with a note to "keep it for your records" aka for AOS. I was very worried about not receiving this form and was pleasantly suprised that they made it extremely easy for me. Overall, it was extremely painless (apart from the bloodwork ) and I would definitely recommend him!
  25. Hello All, My spouse just came to US last week on CR1 visa and has i-551 stamp on her passport and we are waiting for her green card but it could take up-to 120 days to receive. Currently we are planning to visit a friends place in Canada(Toronto) next month and our mode of travel is via air. I already read in another VJ post that there is no problem in traveling by land. So my question is "Will my spouse be able to travel to Canada(Toronto) with I-1551 stamp on her passport via air? I know that she need to apply for ETA but do we need to carry any additional docs while traveling? Thanks in advance
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