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  1. Hi there, my wife (USC) and I (Canadian citizen) are currently living in Canada and are finishing up our NVC stage of the application. We were told that it's best if we have a joint sponsor, but I'm thinking that we arguably do not need one. Our background: My wife's current income (at her job in Canada) is roughly $50,500 USD (converted at today's market rate). Our total value of liquidable assets in Canada is equivalent to $69,000 USD. Given that our household size is 2 (should we not use a joint sponsor) and the Federal Poverty Guideline is $22,887 - we are well beyond the FPGx3 number ($68,661 USD). My wife and I are not going to be continuing our current jobs after we arrive in the United States. Therefore, I have 2 questions: 1. Is my wife's current income (at her Canadian job) countable towards our net worth as it relates to our application or not? 2. Do we actually need a joint sponsor, given all of the information above, or can we just apply as a 2 person household and be sure to include evidence for all of our assets currently in Canada (i.e. savings accoutn statements, investment account statements, etc.)? Thank you so much for your help!
  2. Today I wanted to share my journey hoping these information help others to better prepare. Background: Canadian citizen with spouse and kids duel citizenship. I had my GC first time bank in 2009 and officially abandoned it through the form I-407 in 2012 as I was not ready to relocate to the USA. We had decided to move to the USA in 2019 to be closer to families. Then I started my GC journey again as IR1. Submitted paper form I-130, I-130a from Canada in November 2019 PD - November 12, 2019 NOA1 - November 18, 2019 NOA2 - May 23, 2020 Submitted docs to NVC (CEAC) - May 2021 (took several rounds of submission) DQ - December 29, 2021 IL - February 4, 2022 Interview - March 2022 Visa Approved - May 12, 2021 Affidavit of Support: I took the asset based route as my wife is not working. I didn't want to request anyone to be the joint sponsor. I thought we had enough financial assets (based on the federal poverty guidelines) to be approved. I have fulltime employment in Canada which would easily meet the income requirements. It turns out that financial assets not in the USA would not qualify as assets. Intent to Re-establish domicile in the US: We submitted the the following letter as intent to re-establish domicile in the USA. Thanks to a number of members in this forum to come up with the following appendices as evidence. Ref: Intent to Re-establish domicile in the US I, XXXXXXXX, am currently residing in Canada with my husband, XXXXXXX (beneficiary) and two kids (both have Consular Report of Birth Abroad). My husband is the sole breadwinner in the family. During this pandemic, it would be really difficult to move back to the US alone with my kids without my husband. Thus, it is my intent to move permanently to the United States together with my husband and kids after the approval of my husband’s immigrant visa. Please find below a list of attached documents that show the concrete steps I have taken to re-establish domicile in the United States: Appendix A: I have maintained voter registration (online voter registration lookup). Appendix B: Inquired for leasing an apartment. Appendix C: My husband (beneficiary), an IT professional, is actively searching for jobs in the US, had few interviews. Attached are some print outs of those interviews. Appendix D: I have registered my kids in school. Appendix E: I have gathered quotes for the auto insurance and renters insurance. Appendix F: I have gathered quotes for the moving (uPack and uHaul). Appendix G: Communication with our realtor to sell our house in Canada. I declare that I intend in good faith to re-establish my domicile in the United States. I certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States that the statements in this letter and all accompanying evidence are true and correct. With regards, XXXXXXXXXXX Medical Examination: I went to Dr. Cheema in Surrey, BC for the medical exam one week before my interview date. I took an afternoon flight, stayed at an Airbnb, finished medical within few hours, and took return flight in the evening. Staying a week in Montreal to do medical would have been more expensive choice. I confirmed that my medical exam report was sent electronically to the embassy before the interview. Interview: I went for the interview on time with just the documents. I was provided a number, waited for a hour to be called in at a window. The lady validated all documents, took finger print, one photo and asked to seat in the waiting area to be called again. About 45 minutes later I was called again to a separate window for the interview. The CO was very nice, asked some questions regarding my last GC, and some routine questions. Finally, he asked me if I can work for my current employer from the USA. I said I haven't talked to my employer about that. I told him that I expect my financial assets would meet the requirements. He asked again if the financial assets are in the USA? I said no. Then he handed me refusal worksheet with section 221(g) "Proof of US income or assets in the US to meet Affidavit of Support requirement - or - Joint Sponsor (l-864, recent taxes, and proof of status)". He said that I am keeping your passport. As soon as you submit joint sponsor, the visa would be issued. I felt like the CO is handtied due to the policy framework to approve my visa. I was not asked anything regarding the domicile issue.
  3. Hello. I will be crossing the US land border from Canada with my approved K-1 Fiancé visa in the next few months. I am trying to research options for crossing the border with all my personal items. I am wondering if anyone could shed light on land crossing requirements. I would like to drive across in a Canadian vehicle that I am registered under then drive it back to the border (not across) for a family member to pick up, once I am moved in. I have no intention of officially importing the vehicle to the US. Is this generally allowed without any extra paperwork involved? Thanks
  4. My I-601 waiver was approved by USCIS April 26, 2022 for my immigrant visa case. I noticed that my CEAC date of last update has not been updated, suggesting they did not get the waiver approval notice. I was waiting for instructions from the embassy after the approval but did not hear from them. So I emailed the Montreal consulate and after two weeks they responded that they did not yet receive the approved waiver and will not proceed without it. What am I supposed to do ? I scanned and emailed the approval notice to them (I-797 from USCIS) in reply to their email. Normally the consulate is supposed to be notified directly by USCIS upon approval. Has this happened to anybody? How do I get this resolved ? Please help!
  5. Hello! To give more context to the topic title, me and my fiancé filed for the K1 visa this year and I am from Brazil currently residing in Brazil. However, until last year I was residing in Canada, so that means that I will need to get a police certificate/criminal check from RCMP for the NVC/Consular part of the process seeing I resided in Canada for almost 3 years. I still have ties to Canada and I still work for a Canadian company. I am planning to visit Canada this summer because of work and I was wondering if it's possible to request the police certificate from inside Canada while I'm there. I'm planning on spending about a month. I know I can also request it from outside of Canada, but that would require me to take my fingerprints here and it will be costly in terms of travelling (need to go to the federal police in another city on a work day), then mailing everything back and forward, and also of course paying the service fees to an accredited agency. You can argue that travelling to Canada would be even more costly, but since I am already planning this trip due to work and friends, I feel it's easier to get it from there. My main questions are: - I can request this police certificate while on a trip, knowing I am not residing there and might get the certificate before I leave Canda? (I still have a valid temporary resident permit if it makes a difference). - I hear that the certificate valid for 2 years. Is this correct? With the way things are going now, it's possible that the process would take longer than 2 years and I would need to request another certificate this time from Brazil? - Anyone that had to request this from outside Canada, specially from Latin America, how long did it take to get it? Any advice is welcome, even if you think my concerns here are a no-brainer.
  6. Hello! Hope someone here can help because no one ever replied to my post on Canada Visa forum lol I entered Canada as an international student, and now I have a PGWP valid until 2024 and a valid ETA. I travelled to my home country to visit family, stayed longer due to Covid, vaccinations and a long time not seeing family, and I want to know if I will have any problems re-entering Canada after about 6 months away. I couldn't find anything online about how long can I be out of Canada as a temporary resident, and I tried searching through this forum but couldn't find a similar situation here. Thank you for your help!
  7. People who are waiting for their interview at Montreal Embassy please connect here. Please comment your Priority Date (PD) & Case Complete (CC) date. My details are below: PD: April-30-2018 CC: January-14-2019
  8. Hello! I am a US citizen looking to bring my Ukrainian grandmother to the US. I have been looking at options of going through Canada. I know that Canada has the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET), which we would use to get overseas, and then make our way to Canada-US border. I have been trying to find information on going through border via Humanitarian Parole. I have seen that many have been going through Mexico, but as my family lives in the northeast US and my grandmother is infirm, we want to limit travel time. I am currently looking at doing it without a lengthy application process, just coming to the Canada-US border and getting going through interview right there. My sister, father and I all are US citizens and can provide evidence of financial support and my grandmother was able to receive a Ukrainian international passport recently. She has been to the US in 2005. I have had trouble finding concrete information on the process in Canada, so if anyone has crossed the border from Canada to US or has any links to information that would be a massive help. Thank you all in advance!!
  9. Hello all, I'm planning to visit my family in Canada. I'm a Canadian citizen and U.S. green card holder. My Canadian driver's license has been expired long time ago. Can I drive in Canada with my U.S. driver's license? *Admin, please move me to the right channel if this is not the right one.
  10. I am Canadian and live in a border city. How much visiting is too much during the process ? Is couple of days every other weekend too much?
  11. Hello! I am wondering if there is any update on the backlog at the Montreal Consulate for K-1 Visa Interviews. I am about to receive my NOA2 and I am hoping the significant wait times have subsided by now. Any insight would be very much appreciated!
  12. MONTREAL — Ottawa announced Thursday it was establishing a new immigration program that would offer Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion a temporary Canadian residence permit for up to three years. Canada, which has a large Ukrainian diaspora, especially in the center and west of the country, said in a statement that "Ukrainians and their immediate family members of any nationality may stay in Canada as temporary residents for up to three years." Applicants are required to apply online and provide fingerprints and a photo. Read more here: https://www.voanews.com/a/canada-offers-3-years-of-temporary-residency-to-ukrainians-/6490611.html
  13. I am a Canadian citizen and my spouse is a US citizen. I have a family in the USA that I always visit. We applied for an I-130 and wife thinking of moving back to the USA soon to establish domicile etc. Whenever I used to go to the USA for visits and they ask me for purpose of the visit, I would answer saying family visit and they send me my way. Now after my wife moves there, I will continue to visit her and the reset of the family obviously. Maybe I am thinking too much but how do I answer the question of purpose of the visit then? Should I be like visiting my family and my wife etc or just keep it simple as family. I mean at the end wife is family too. I never have intentions to lie or adjust status there.
  14. The more I read the posts on VJ about filing taxes, the more I become confused as to what to do and how to proceed with filing taxes. I figured I might as well ask VJ while doing more research. Breakdown: Married on June 18, 2021 (I should pass the substantial physical presence test [183 days; https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/substantial-presence-test] but I am confused about the regular physical presence test [330 days; https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/foreign-earned-income-exclusion-physical-presence-test] AOS applicant has his SSN. AOS applicant arrived on May 19, 2021 having roughly $11,000 CAD in foreign income from Canada between Jan 1 - May 18. USC has made roughly $81,000 in 2021 before deductions. GC interview is on March 28, 2022 What I understand so far: AOS applicant can be considered a US resident alien having passed the substantial physical presence test. Thus, no need for something called an "election statement"? The $11,000 CAD is converted to USD but the taxes will be worked out like this (found from a different post but can't find the link anymore: Figure tax on all the income yours and his....$xxxx.xx Figure what tax would be on just his foreign income....$yyyy,yy Subtract $xxxxx minus $yyyyy and your actual real tax is the difference. It is basically letting you take off the amount of tax his added income generates. File form 2555EZ to exempt the foreign income Questions: AOS applicant has capital gains losses ($3,000) but is it possible to deduct that off of the USC taxes? What forms do I file? US: I believe it is W-4 and 2555EZ so far but I haven't dived any deeper yet. CAD: Haven't done too much research on this yet but... File a "Leaving Canada T1 return with CRA" I believe I've listed the most important information and any help is appreciated!
  15. I am Canadian and just crossed the land border to the USA for a quick visit. Seems like I-94 did not update to show this trip but showing my last trip. Should I be concerned?
  16. Hi all - looking to see if anyone had experience moving their interview to a Canadian embassy within the last 6 months. I am a Canadian citizen but currently reside in Hong Kong but want to move to the US asap due to my wife/sponsor's job. I am currently waiting for NVC to consider me documentary qualified. I have a few questions: My understanding is to contact the embassy in Canada to request the transfer of the interview. Is this the correct method? Is it recommended to start that transfer process before or after being documentary qualified? How long does the whole transfer of the case process take? Are there any estimations on the current wait time for the Canadian embassy for interviews? Thanks all!
  17. Hello everyone Background: Wife is a US citizen by birth, lived in Canada (has a Canadian passport, US social security number as well) since she was 6 years old. I am a Canadian citizen after I came to Canada back in 2001. We got married in Dec 2016 (first marriage for both of us) and have 2 kids (born in Canada 2019 and 2021). We are planning on making a move from Toronto to US (exact destination within US not decided) Some questions: 1. Does my wife has to fill out I130 3 times with all the documents attached to each application (1 for me, 1 for our older son, 1 for our younger son) 2. Does anyone know if we have to do this at a Toronto consulate or can we do these applications online? 3. We have a marriage certificate (married in Canada), kids Canadian birth certificate, purchase and sale agreement of a new construction home (to be completed by 2023), her US birth certificate, life insurance beneficiaries, one joint credit card. Anything else we should definitely have? Anything else I should know about. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  18. Hello, We have been waiting since July 9th, 2021 for NOA2, We only have gotten the receipt notice so far (July 9th) Before we started this process, I visited and stayed with her for 6 months, I didnt file for anything at all, They just let me in @ the border and stamped my passport with B2.. I am hesitant to book a flight to go there now because I was scared we would hear back in the next 2 months or so and my interview would be soon after, But after looking up times I'm seeing it can take like 9 months for an interview when that time comes... so I'd like to go in the next few months and book a flight for 6 months, I obviously could change it to shorter if needed... Would this be an issue @ the border with a pending K1? Maybe it would help that I stayed exactly 6 months before and left? I just don't wanna be turned away @ the border, and I also don't wanna miss out doing any of the process if I'm stuck in US... Are all the next upcoming steps things I could do from US (Until my interview/medical) I just have absolutely no idea if I can travel there or not during the process, I read its risky and I dont know if it matters I'd be coming from Canada or not. I would be open to booking a flight for a shorter time span like 3-4 months if that would be best too. Any tips, comments would be helpful. Thanks, It's just getting extremely hard not seeing each other in over a year now and not hearing anything in 7 months besides the initial receipt notice so I'd love to go if I could.
  19. Hello All Just thinking ahead of time so I am prepared when it is time to send documents to NVC. Both me and my wife live in Canada. I know she will have to show that she has taken steps to Re-establish domicile in the USA. For people who went through this, what document, steps you took and submitted to NVC to satisfy that requirement?
  20. Hello community, I am a Canadian citizen, currently completing my Ph.D. in Engineering in a university in the US on an F1 visa. I am actively applying for jobs in the US related to the field of study. No formal job offer yet. I can apply for an F1 OPT now but I have not done so yet. I have about 4 more months to reach the last day to apply for my post-completion OPT. My main question is: (1) should I apply for the F1 OPT anyway or should I get a TN when I get a job? I am fairly positive that if I manage to land a job, it is going to be on the approved TN occupation list. I have had interviews (big companies) and the employers seem to be very familiar with the TN process. I have had a quick chat with an immigration lawyer (hallway conversation) which she said TN would be an easy route. I am within a driving distance to the US-Canada border. So, I am under the impression that TN should be my first choice. (I just prefer less hassle.) Here are some of my concerns: (Sorry I am a newbie here so I over-worry about everything.) (2) If I apply for OPT anyway and wait, then I get a job , can I go get a TN while my OPT application is pending? Is this going to be a surprise at the border? (3) If I don't get a job offer at all, and my F1/OPT/or whatever grace period have all expired, can I still stay on as a "Canadian visitor" or do I need to leave the US first and get back in again as a visitor? I know Canadian visitors are granted a stay in the US for up to 6 months. I just don't know if I can tack on that visitor time to the 'student-on-a-visa' time. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  21. Hi all! My wife (the petitioner) and I (the beneficiary) received our Receipt Notice on October 19, 2021 for our I-130 petition. Since then, we have not received any other communications. We have received an estimated timeline for approval of around September 2022. We understand that time is something we can't change (duh!) but we wanted to make extra sure that we had our file submitted correctly, so that it can hopefully move as smoothly and efficiently as possible! At the time we submitted our petition, we uploaded the following documents: Form I-130A Petitioner's 2 passport sized photos Beneficiary's 2 passport sized photos Petitioner's birth certificate Petitioner's information page of passport Marriage certificate (married in 2017) 2 separate lease documents showing joint tenancy Bank statements from joint account from 2019, 2020, and 2021 These are still the only documents we have on our USCIS account's Documents page. Our questions are: Are we missing anything obvious? (we've double-checked the requirements list, but you never know) We currently only have the information page of the petitioner's passport uploaded. Should we upload all pages of the passport to our file? Also, we have stamps showing a trip we made together to Mexico, and the beneficiary has numerous entry stamps to the USA over the past few years too. Would it be worthwhile to also upload all passport pages of the beneficiary? On Form 1-130A, Part 4, 6.a. (Spouse Beneficiary's signature), the beneficiary did not sign this section digitally or with pen. I remember reading that if this form is submitted digitally, no signature is necessary. Can anyone confirm this is true? Should we also upload 5-10 photos of ourselves in various places, or will the leases and joint accounts likely be enough to prove our relationship is legit? The beneficiary has previously lived abroad in 4 different countries (including the country we are applying from - Canada). We understand the next step in the process will require him to get a Criminal Record Check from each of those 4 countries. Should this be something we begin now? We are happy to get them organized and ordered now, but our only concern was if USCIS had a time limit for when they can be ordered. I.e. Please submit criminal record checks dated within 3 months of today. In that case, the CRCs we order now could potentially expire' down the line. Any help regarding this too would be much appreciated! Have a great day!
  22. I am trying to keep track of my entries also when it is time for filling the d260 I have everything documented. I have a question for my fellow Canadians who cross the border by land. Do you always get an online I-94? Also do you always get a new I-94 or just are re-admitted on the same I-94 as long as it is still valid and your intended stay length is still far from the I-94 expiry?
  23. Afinthesky


    Hi all - please forgive me in advance. 1- this is a question about someone wanting to immigrate to Canada and don’t know if I’m on the right site. I have a friend who Egyptian, Egyptian passport and wants to move to Canada. He speaks fluent in Arabic, English, and French. We saw something about Canada allowing people with a minimum of 8 years French can apply to move to Canada etc…. does anyone know where they can direct me or have more information as how one can do this ? thank you I’m advance.
  24. My husband will be immigrating with his 2 small children from Canada. I am hoping I can get any advice or insight on what the process looks like with children (4) & (5). Thank you in advance for your help.
  25. Hi there! My wife and I received confirmation October 19th, 2021 that USCIS had received our Form I-130 and I-130A. We'd originally planned on having my wife move to the USA in February (she is a US citizen), with me coming down to visit a few times. However, it seems like visiting during the time an I-130 is pending can be grounds for dismissal for our application. Also, I am limited by my visa regulations (no more than 6 months in 12 caN be spent in the USA) and we are trying to spend the least amount of time apart. Therefore, we are now thinking that it may be best for us to continue to live in Canada until the I-130 is processed (my wife is a PR here). We had originally planned on having my wife move earlier because we thought she needed a US job to prove domicile. However, after speaking to an immigration lawyer, she suggested that my wife does not need to have a job in the USA at the time we are asked for a Visa interview. My questions are: Are there any other married couples on here who remained in Canada while awaiting the results of Form I-130? If so, what did your process look like? If we do remain in Canada until I-130 is accepted, what would my wife need to have ready to prove domicile when we are asked for the next steps? She has voted in every election, has maintained a US bank account even while living in Canada, has filed US taxes every year, and we have financial statements proving we have over 5x the poverty limit ($21,000). Does my wife need to have a job in the USA at the time we go for our Visa interview? We are not trying to break any rules/skirt around the law, but rather just want to establish a plan over the next 12 months to set ourselves up to be successful in our application and not spend too much time apart. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 🙂
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