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  1. Hello All, My spouse just came to US last week on CR1 visa and has i-551 stamp on her passport and we are waiting for her green card but it could take up-to 120 days to receive. Currently we are planning to visit a friends place in Canada(Toronto) next month and our mode of travel is via air. I already read in another VJ post that there is no problem in traveling by land. So my question is "Will my spouse be able to travel to Canada(Toronto) with I-1551 stamp on her passport via air? I know that she need to apply for ETA but do we need to carry any additional docs while traveling? Thanks in advance
  2. Hello, my wife and I are both Canadian citizens and would like to move (likely permanently) to the U.S. She is a registered nurse with about 5 years work experience and a specialty, but unfortunately for the last five years I've been a contractor and my other work experience is in sales and computer programming (I have no degree). We understand that if she gets a TN, I can "tag along" under TD but I will be unable to work. This is a problem because we'd also like to start a family fairly soon and we obviously need at least one income. We also know that TN Visas are supposed to be temporary and it seems like she will need an EB-3 Visa eventually (right?), so we're trying to figure out if we can have her apply for a EB-3 Visa right off the hop, without any previous work or other experience in the United States. We know it will take longer for us to get authorized to move there compared with a TN Visa, but if it allows me to work immediately and avoids the hassle of trying to get a green card while in TN status, we are okay with the wait. In addition, we would also like to approach the process in a way most conducive to buying a home as quickly as possible, hopefully within a year of moving (we can do 40% down and have extensive and excellent credit in Canada, for whatever help that will be). Is it possible to apply for and get an EB-3 Visa without any prior work/ties/experience to the United States, and based on the above are there any other options we aren't aware of that we should consider?
  3. I am Canadian and my fiancé is American and I recently had my k-1 interview it went really well however, unfortunately my visa was refused because I brought the wrong type of police check, I did the standard one at my local police station, but to my dismay they required one done by the rcmp with finger prints had I know I would have done that one but anyways I couldn’t understand why she refused my visa and didn’t just give me a 221g letter instead ? She gave me a refusal worksheet and told me to send my passport and the correct police check to the embassy. Has anyone had a similar experience?
  4. Sorry for the long post. Here is my situation. While dating my now husband I was entering/exiting USA from Canada several times every week in 2018 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday). We live close to the border, and he has young child, whom he has 50/50 custody and she is with him every week for 3 or 4 days. It made sense to us that I would drive to him to spend time together, as his daughter has a lot of after-school activities and my 16 year old was spending time with her father. I would go to see him overnight and return next morning for work. Enter back the same day and return next morning again and on the weekends visit with my daughter for 3 nights, returning to Canada Monday morning for school and work. Once, at the beginning of 2018, I was advised at the border to watch time spent in USA, I did some research on Google and found out that I can apply for I-94 to track my entries. Next time I was at the POE I requested to get the record and was literally laughed at by Border Patrol because ‘who does that?’ I was trying to get my data for entries/exits via I-94 website, but it shows ‘no record can be found’. I have started the spreadsheet to record my entries and exits and was careful to record the data on the daily basis, but I am finding out now that I was wrong counting my hours and days spend in USA. Now we are married and applied for I-130, CR1, PD April 29,2019. Our case is at Texas SC. I exited USA back in April, same day the package was sent to USCIS. Does anyone know what is the rule? Can you please point me to the right direction where I can find information about visa overstay and what possible consequences I will face during the process I am going through. Thanks in advance
  5. Has anyone in Canada already had an interview, denied and had to file a 601 waiver? My fiance's waiver was approved July 1st. We've contacted Montreal and my senator did also but keep getting told it's in administrative processing and they will let us know what needs updated and when a 2nd interview can be scheduled and to wait for instructions (first interview was 2 years ago so must have another one). It's been almost 4 months since his waiver was approved and I feel like he's never going to get a 2nd interview or get to come home I'm in a Facebook group for waivers and it seems like other countries receive instructions and get a 2nd interview set up right away. Others approved after us from other countries are already home! Just so frustrated!!
  6. I'm an Italian fiancee and I have family in Canada. I plan on going to Canada to see my family there . After my Canada visit, I'll be flying to the USA from Montreal airport and entering the USA on my K 1 visa. On previous visits to the USA we were pre-cleared @ Montreal airport, meaning there is a U.S. Border & Custom control agent at Montreal airport who stamped, checked my passport, etc. https://www.cbp.gov/border-security/ports-entry/operations/preclearance . When we arrived to the US, it was like a domestic US flight with no further immigration or custom inspections. We just got our bags and went on our way. My question to Canadians or those who flew through pre-cleared airports, will entering the USA this way be a problem for K1 visa holders? Has anyone with a K1 visa done this before? and if so, what was your experience? anything special I need to be prepared for?
  7. Hello everyone! My fiance and I currently doing a K-1. She is from Van, BC and I am from Idaho. We got an email from the NVC saying our case was being forwarded to the Embassy in Montreal. She has been here visiting for a minute. We called after getting that email and asked what we should do next. We told them what our email said. We were then told by the embassy person to file a DS-160 which we did while on the phone and then she also told us to schedule an interview basically right after filling it out. This was September 18thish? We called a few days later to make a medical exam in Surrey, BC. So last night(a month later) we were at Fedex printing a bunch of stuff out to get ready for the interview which is on November 20th. Going through some pictures her mom had sent of the mail, we noticed we missed the 2 page packet 3. So here is the issue: We already have an interview which is what the embassy told us to do. But packet 3 or whatever the two page thing they sent us says not to set it up until you get packet 4 after submitting packet 3? We submitted packet 3 right away sending her passport photo copy, the checklist, and the DS-160 confirmation last night. I've been up all night freaking out because I feel like this seems obviously like a big mistake on my part. I called the embassy this morning explaining what happened, but they just said the interview is good to go but also they didn't really know anything other than that. SORRY FOR THE NOVEL CEAC says NO Status under the AA case number check but Immigrant status when I put the MTL number in shows ready so Idk. If anyone could help or give some insight that would be greatly appreciated. My anxiety is through the roof over this.
  8. Hi everyone, this is my first time posting. After applying for the K1 Visa last December I finally have my consulate interview in November.... so we're going on about 11 months. I've started packing already just to get a jump start on things, and I think i'm doing a good job of documenting, but I thought i'd ask to be sure. I'll be going from Canada to Texas, so the plan is to rent a U-Haul here then drive. I've been numbering boxes then writing the corresponding number down on a paper with what's inside. Not details of every single thing but more generalized like: books, kitchen stuff, decor, pictures, etc. Can anyone who has done the drive across the border let me know how it went for them, and give any pointers? It would be appreciated! ALso, my fiance's sister might come up to help me pack/drive back together. Any idea if we'll have any hassles at the border if she is with me? I can't see why there would be, but figured I'd ask since i'm posting anyway. Thanks everyone!
  9. Hi all, I am creating this thread for all people who have Case Complete in January 2019 and waiting for interview from Montreal Consulate. Please mention your Case Complete (CC) date and Priority Date (PD). In this way we can track and predict the interview dates. My timeline is below: Case Complete (CC) date: January-14-2019 Priority date (PD): April-30-208 Best Wishes to everyone. Peace! MK
  10. Are there any Canadians on here who have sold their properties in Canada? How did you go about transferring your money to US, and what (if any) were the tax implications?
  11. Anybody have any difficulty with proof of status in their country of residence. I am currently in between work permits (original expired and new one is still pending) where I can still work while waiting on decision on new one in Canada. If I bring the old work permit, my application receipt for the new permit and recent pay stubs, will I be asked anything further on my status or go into AP until my new work permit comes through?
  12. Hi all! My girlfriend (F29, nurse, Washington state, USA, us citizen, single) and I (M31, banker, British Columbia Canada, Brazilian citizen, Canadian permanent resident, divorced, valid B1/B2 visa) have been dating for 7 months, and started to seriously consider marriage lately. We have been spending almost every other weekend together, in Canada, in the US, and we are still getting educated on both the fiance visa and the spousal visa. We live within a 2h drive from each other. For this process to work, we would have 2 priorities: staying together after the wedding, AND ability to work asap (for me in this case). We understand that these priorities work against each other hahaha, so that's why WE NEED YOUR EXPERIENCE and ADVICE. If we do get engaged (we are doing church counseling right now) it would be during the holidays when we are visiting my family in Brazil. (She shouldn't read this haha) Please feel free to remind us of anything we may be missing. While we do understand the basic pros and cons of each visa, a few questions are still unclear. These are the things that freak us out about each visa: K1: can't drive/open bank account/travel/study during AOS? (Even with a current Canadian drivers license? Education wise, I would look into certifications more than standard formal education) Employers basically won't really take EAD seriously (due to expiry date/temporary status) so actual skilled work roughly 12 months after the wedding?? Must not have wedding plans upon Montreal interview for K1? Or is it ok to plan in advance and disclose it during the interview? CR-1 Which country should we get married to pursue the CR-1 process? Should it include the wedding ceremony or are they just looking for the marriage certificate? eventually getting married and still living a couple of hours apart, won't that be held against us? Overall, does it look like a K1 case to you guys, or is it more of a CR-1? Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you all! Cheers
  13. Hello...we have FINALLY arrived at the point where we can schedule my finale's interview in Montreal for the K-1 France Visa...and there are no appointments available. It is still on the payment page...but I don't see where I can actually go to pay the fee. When I click home it says to "pay fee" but when I click there it takes be back to the page that shows there are no appointment date available. How long do you think we will have to wait/how far out will the interview be scheduled? Thanks for your help!!
  14. Anybody interested in another detailed/lengthy Medisys experience review? I thought I would share my husband's, if it will help anyone. Note: He had a history of a mental health problem, so this could be useful to some. Due to the nature of my husband's current job (and the fact that we live in Winnipeg), we weren't able to get enough consecutive days off to ensure we could do the medical and the interview in the same trip. Originally we had wanted to go to Toronto to do the medical because we had air miles to use, but the doctor was going on holiday for 3 weeks so that wasn't going to work. We decided Medisys was our best bet and easily called to make an appointment. His appointment was on Tuesday, March 6 at 1:15 pm. He flew out that morning, arrived in Montreal around 10:40 am, took the 747 shuttle right downtown with no issues (he'd never been to Montreal before). The 747 shuttle let him off a few blocks from the Medisys building, which he found easily. He had time to eat lunch prior to attending the appointment. In the weeks prior to the interview, he checked his immunizations and made sure to get any he didn't have from his doctor here. He also had a blood test to confirm if he had chicken pox as a child. He brought with him: 5 passport photos a copy of his immunization record the results from his chicken pox blood test a copy of his medical record/chart from his doctor a list of his medications printout of the email from the consulate confirming his interview Of note: My husband was hospitalized for a mental health issue 5 years ago (depression/anxiety/stress related). From the research we had done, we knew we needed to bring "written certification including the diagnosis, duration of treatment rendered, and prognosis" as per the instructions, so at the recommendation of his doctor we brought his discharge papers and his detailed medical chart (which included letters from his physicians at the time), which indicated his diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. His doctor assured us this would be sufficient, but apparently this was not case (more on this later). He arrived about a 1/2 hour early, which was good because he had time to fill out forms, mainly a medical history. He was called to see the doctor right at his designated appointment time. The exam was a fairly routine physical and review of his history. As noted above, re: his mental health history, after reviewing my husband's chart and discharge papers, she asked him why he did not bring a letter from his current doctor describing his mental health issue and treatment. Confused, my husband explained that he and his doctor had reviewed his paperwork and felt that it was sufficient as per the guidelines. She seemed shocked because the discharge/diagnosis papers were old (2013/2014, when the problem occurred). She then grilled him quite hard on why he was hospitalized and the causes. He said at first she seemed very abrupt and accusing regarding the letter (the travel.gov site does not specifically say a letter from current doctor), but as he explained his history and treatment she became more sympathetic and understanding. She briefly reviewed the paperwork he brought regarding that hospitalization and the proof of his therapy and medication in his chart, and she said was enough. In short - if you have a history of a mental health issue that required treatment, especially hospitalization, of any kind, no matter how small - bring a letter from your current doctor detailing the history and treatment and prognosis. Her demeanor seemed very strict which struck us as strange. The instructions are not that specific and based on the recommendation from his primary care doctor, it should have been enough and yet it wasn't. Luckily, this did not seem to impact the outcome of the interview, but we would recommend coming prepared to avoid uncertainty and hassle. After this, he waited about 30-45 minutes for a chest x-ray, and again 30-45 minutes for blood, urine, height, weight, etc, from a nurse. He was done in approximately 2 hours, however he had to wait an extra hour to do the urine test (he'd gone while waiting between the phases of the exam and they insisted he needed to wait 1 hour before going again to ensure the urine had been in his system for 1 hour). So that was a bit silly, but not a huge deal. Based on other reviews he had expected to be there longer, but as he had done his vaccinations prior it was a shorter visit. He paid $444 for the exam (lower than the $462 they quoted us when we initially called), and $50+tax for courier to our home. We could have opted to pick up the documents prior to our interview but we weren't sure of timing, so we opted to just do the courier. He was able to fly back to Winnipeg that same evening. They told us about four business days for the results to be ready, and ours took five days. The results arrived at our home in Winnipeg Thursday, March 15 morning via Purolator, having been mailed Monday, March 12. I was actually just starting to get concerned if they would arrive in time when they finally did.
  15. Just wondering if anyone received an interview letter recently for Montreal, Canada. The most up to date visa bulletin for F2A is Aug22, 16. I've hear Montreal moving really slow, just want to if thats true. Our PD is mid-Aug and we still haven't receive any interview letter yet. Any one wait in Canada? Or know something? Thanks!
  16. Just sharing a silly photo of my man and I! We are in the process of putting together our I-129f and it's making me miss him going through memory lane😍
  17. Hello all! So excited we are putting our k1 application together and sending it off soon! However I’m finding it hard to find an answer. I was looking ahead on the p3 just to be prepared but I noticed marriage certificates and saw some answers from various posts said that previous marriage certificates must be included. So here is my question... 1, In my case when I file for divorce at the registry in BC Canada I had to bring my original copy for them to take and they ended up keeping it. So consequently I do not have a copy. Is this something that I should look into and see about getting a copy of it? Thought I should ask this question now in case I have to go on a wild goose chase.
  18. If a Canadian (now dual citizen of Can-US) living and working in US permanently (non resident declared in Canada when moved to US), has to goto Canada for a short work related trip. Does he need to inform CBP officer that he is coming for work? Or as a citizen he can enter without any reason? He has a family members (siblings and relatives) that he yearly visits in summer. So part of the short work trip is to meet them naturally. The reason for this question is, he wants to know if a work permit is required or he need to have a letter for his employer for the reason for his work related trip.
  19. I'm in a weird predicament, wondering if anyone else has ever used a Statutory Declaration in place of a Police Certificate when that certificate can NOT be produced? Situation: Myself (and fiancé) spent 7 months traveling together in Cambodia. We spent the majority of that time at one guesthouse in Sihanoukville without paying rent (owner is a friend) My understanding is that I need a police check from Cambodia because I was in the country for 6+ months. ----- However ---- To acquire a police certificate from Cambodia you have to appear in person at the Ministry of Justice in PP. To get the Police Cert. from them you have to provide a "Certificate of Residence" given to you by the Sangkat (community center). The Certificate of Residence can only be produced by giving the Sangkat a copy of your lease agreement. I did not ever hold a lease or pay rent in Cambodia so I can not get a Residence Certificate, Therefore, I also can not get a Police Certificate from the Ministry of Justice. I was a traveler, not a resident, despite the length of my stay. A lease can't be created retroactively, and I've read a lot of old forums on here where people described paying-off various officials to get it done - but the most recent one suggests that the Sangkat people no longer have the ability to "create" Residence Certificates when given tea-money, so that is also not an option. Long story short, I plan on drafting a Statutory Declaration and swearing an oath to the above, and that: Even if I fly to Cambodia (for $1500+) and negotiate with the MoJ (despite not being able to read/write/speak Khmer) that I can't make a Police Certificate appear because I'm unable to prove I ever held residence in Cambodia. Will the USCIS or DOS or the Consulate have any problem with this? I plan on attaching relevant documents supporting my claim, along with a sworn statement from the guesthouse owner stating that I didn't ever pay him for my stay. Thank you thank you thank you, the last thing I want is to find out at the last minute that they demand I fly to Cambodia to get this paperwork, even though I know that it's not possible for me to get it.
  20. Hi everyone, I have a question about eTA, I am a green card holder, now I am under N400 status since Jan. I have a approved eTA last year, but i applied another one at last Saturday because I did not know eTA WOULD NOT EXPIRED in 5 years, my families told me wrong massage and said I have to apply eTA every single time when I go to Canada, Now, my new application show I have to update some documents online. I am so confusing and hurry bc my flight to Canada is in Sep.9. my question is should I continuing my new application or I can use my last years eTA. thanks and have a wonderful day!
  21. Hi all, Our CR1 case has been complete for a couple of a month and we have been waiting get an interview date for ages. 2 days ago, we got two notifications from NVC in our CEAC: (1) Appointment Cancellation Email that says " We previously notified you of the date and time of your immigrant visa interview at the U.S.Embassy/Consulate General in SINGAPORE, SING. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to cancel this interview. We will schedule a new interview appointment as soon as possible and notify you of the date and time. There is no need for you to take action at this time." The weird thing is that we NEVER got a notification for any interview being scheduled for us. (2) We got another notification soon after mentioning that our case has been documentarily qualified - which is the SAME message we got when our case got completed back in February. All our documents have been received and approved for ages. Why this mail again? Has this happened with anyone before? We changed our embassy location from Mumbai to Singapore on 3rd July - could this be because of that? Thoroughly confused. (2)
  22. Hi Everyone, I have a question for the group.... hoping to get some opinions / feedback. I was originally sponsored for family visa under the F2B category (Unmarried son & daughter of Permanent Resident) in 2012. My priority date (4/31/12) became current in Mar 2019. My family sponsor became a United States Citizen in Feb 2019 and I was automatically moved to F1 category, but had made a request to keep in the F2B category under Section 6 of the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) because the priority date in the F2B category was further along than F1. I have submitted all information to NVC and became Documentary Qualified for Embassy Interview on 2/6/2019 and have been waiting since for an interview to be scheduled. (Montreal, Canada Embassy) My priority date has since become "current" for the F1 category with the August '19 Visa Bulletin, and I'm wondering if it would make any sense at this point to see to change category again back to F1 in order to expedite my process. I'm just wondering if getting an interview scheduled will be quicker under the F1 category as compared to the F2B category. Any opinions / feedback would be most appreciated.
  23. Tofu

    Family Planning

    Hi there, I am a Canadian Citizen and I have just filed the I-130. From what I am understanding the process from start to finish will likely take a year or more. Just wondering if anyone has any comments "For" or "Against" family planning during this process....... (Note: not trying to expedite case, mostly curious about mat leave eligibility / citizenship of child / negative impacts on current case status). Thank you!
  24. I also have a separate question which I can’t seem to find a definitive answer on. I called my court registry here in BC Canada where where I had file my divorce and asked for a divorce certificate and divorce decree. The woman had no idea what I was talking about when I asked for a certified copy of the divorce decree and I even explained I needed it for the k1 visa as the beneficiary and still nothing. My question is for those in Canada and in bc how did you get a certified copy of the divorce decree? I will have the certificate and I have the divorce order sent to me notifying that the divorce was granted do you think this would be enough to avoid an RFE or should I go the route of the divorce decree? thanks again.
  25. F-1 holder Deported from US in March 2015, will be done graduation from South Korea by 2020. And want apply for Masters to Canadian University around 2020-2021. US deportation could make effect to get Canadian student visa? even after 5 years? Should I mention my US deportation history in Canadian embassy application form?
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