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  1. I was a regular reader of the last London thread to keep myself updated with current timelines etc before it went to 70+ pages and way off topic. I thought it was such a useful resource so I’ve decided to start the ball rolling again so we can keep each other updated on news as it comes in. To kick us off, me and my wife were DQ 10th July so we’re hoping to get our interview appointment email early November. It appears June DQ dates have been scheduled so hoping this is our time after literally years of waiting. Fingers crossed for no Tier 3 lockdown in London!
  2. S' vremena na vreme VisaJourney odradi "ciscenje servera" i zatvori velike teme. S' obzirom da nama treba prostor za stare i nove clanove, evo ovde mozemo da nastavimo sa pricom i savetima o procesu dobijanja viza za USA. Na linku ispod mozete naci stari topic koji je zatvoren za komentare ali je pun dobrih saveta. Dobrodosli <3
  3. Hello All I thought I would make a Thread for Australian's who have their CASE COMPLETE at NVC and are waiting for an Interview to be scheduled at the US Consulate in Sydney! It might make it easy for us to keep in touch and update each other! I hope this is OK 🐨 We were DQ'd this morning so we will be waiting a while lol
  4. Hi everyone, I started this topic to help everyone waiting for her/his physical green card after she/he arrived to the United States So I hope everyone share his OS155A status and post the time between his date of entry, the immigrant fee date, the date you received the physical card in mail. Wish you all the best My status: Poe: Newark May 5 2016 Paid : April 20 2016 USCIS status: payment received on 4/20/2016
  5. Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone has received an interview appointment at the Abu Dhabi Embassy after recently getting their DQ. it would be great if someone would share their experience.
  6. Hey, my interview is next month. I am little confuse about birth certificate. I have my original Nadra birth certificate but i read on U.S embassy site i need urdu translation, original certificate, certified copies.. its confusing . However, Nadra certificate has both languages urdu n english. Please guide my interview is near. Thank you
  7. My U.S.C. spouse and I both live and work in Canada currently and expect to get I-130 approval soon. We are preparing for NVC stage and here are our facts: 1. We do not want my U.S.C. spouse to move to U.S. before interview. 2. U.S.C. spouse secured a U.S. full-time job, but they want her to come back once coronavirus goes away. We cant do that, since we do not know how long it'll take to get the interview. As such, they are offering to convert her to a contractor. 3. My understanding is that being a contractor, my spouse will have to indicate she is self employed on the i-864 and her income would be $0 (she would've converted to contractor barely 1-4 months before filing i-864, so no 1099 available till then). 4. We are a family of two (no kids or dependent), so poverty guideline wise, the required asset value would be $21,550 x 3 = $64,650. We have WAY over this value in our bank account. However, we only have ~ $45k in U.S. bank account, res of our money is in a joint Canadian bank account we use. 5. We have a co-sponsor bu he is retired. He made around ~200k per year before retiring 2 years ago. After retirement, his "TOTAL INCOME" as per his IRS transcripts for last year is $70k. 6. My in-laws will give us a letter/signed lease stating that we can stay at their 3-bedroom condo as long as we like, once we move back to the U.S. We will be providing mortgage documents to prove that they own the place. Based on the above, here are my questions: Domicile: 1. How likely is that NVC will be convinced of my wife's "intent to reestablish domicile" given she applied for and obtained a U.S. job (which was later converted to a contract position)? She has maintained U.S. bank accounts, credit cards, mail delivered to her parent's U.S. address etc.? 2. Will they be satisfied with just a letter or should we get a formal lease signed with my in-laws? Proof of funds: 1. Would the fact that my wife would be a contractor and not a full-time employee, would result in her "U.S. job" not being counted for domicile/proof of funds purposes? 2. Would the fact that most of our money is in Canadian bank account, our assets would be discounted? We really don't want to transfer all our money to U.S. account before we have our visa, but we can bump up the U.S. account to $100k USD, if we absolutely have to. 3. Would the fact that the cosponsor is retired, result in their AOS being not valued? In general to summarize, I just wanted your guys opinion on our situation above, and how likely you think we will have trouble at NVC stage? And later at interview? Thanks!
  8. Good day! My husband moved into another address a week after my interview and few weeks before the visa was issued. My question is, should I also file AR-11 form, aside from my husband, even if I'm not there yet? My husband said he already filed change of address and the USCIS already emailed him the approval of the request. But when I checked the mailing address on the USCIS portal the old address is still there. So I updated it with the new one but still not sure if something else should be done. Thank you so much! - IR1 category - Flying to the US on the March 5th
  9. Has any Indian citizen living in Canada recently got a police certificate from Toronto consulate? If so, what is the acceptable format? I received one recently and this is what it says - "It is certified that there is no adverse information against XXXX S/o XXXX, holder of Indian Passport No XXXX, issued at XXXX, on XXXX which would render him ineligible for IMMIGRATION PURPOSES OTHER THAN CITIZENSHIP for UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This PCC is not valid fbr any other purpose or country." Looking forward to some feedback. Thanks!
  10. Hi! I received my passport today with annotation “212 (g)(2)(B) Exception under PP on Risk to Labor Market IV DOCS IN CCD” Is there someone who have received a visa with the same annotations? Also, what does it means specifically? Anything that I should do? Mine is IR-1. Thank you.
  11. Hi all, my visa just got issued today but my passport is still at the embassy. Now my question is, can I leave few days before my visa and medical expires? I underwent sputum that's why the validity of my medical is only for 3 months. Had my interview on January 22 and the visa just got issued today. My medical will be expiring on March 12 and since I don't have my passport yet, and there are few things I still needed to do, I don't think I'll be able to leave soon. Will there be a problem if I leave a week or maybe 4 days before my medical expires? Thank you for the response!
  12. Can anyone recommend a lawyer in HCM who is fluent in both English and Vietnamese and can aid with DS-260 + supporting documentation and interview preparation for my wife? I have found this list on the VN consulate website, but if it would best to use a lawyer that comes recommended by someone who has used their service. https://vn.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/attorneys/ This was an F2A application initially, but since I have become a US citizen, it is now proceeding as an IR1 (already been more than 2 years since marriage).
  13. I was wondering that in cases where people get a 221(g) for domicile and/or proof of funds, which one of the following applies: 1. Do they get only one year to satisfy those requirements and submit more evidence OR 2. They initially get one year to respond and satisfy those requirements, but if the additional documents also do not satisfy the requirements, they are given one year again from the date when the additional documents were rejected/not found to satisfy the 221(g) requirements. Essentially, does the one-year clock reset everytime your "new/additional" documents/evidence is not accepted? I want to understand if the one-year period is a hard-deadline or say you can take some steps to satisfy 221(g) requirements (e.g. move back to U.S. and get an apartment), and say that takes 4 months, you resubmit new evidence, and it is rejected four months later. At this time either months from the interview date have passed. So, do you end up having only four months left to get more documents and have it approved or do you get one year time period again to gather and resubmit more evidence. If it is #1, it seems like it is incredibly risky if you get a 221(g) if you need several months to get the documents, and if they get rejected. Thanks in advance for your help!
  14. We will be using my U.S.C. wife's parents (3) bedroom condo as our U.S. address. We plan to sign a legal rental agreement with my in-laws, with a symbolic rent of $0 or $1. Can someone please share a Pennsylvania tenancy agreement format that others may have used successfully at NVC stage and interview that we can use?
  15. Good day! Just want to ask if anyone here knows if the embassy will still issue a visa weeks before the medical expires? My friend's medical will be expiring on March 11 and until now her passport is still at the embassy. She had her interview on January 21 and CEAC status still says "Ready" and no updates have been made since Feb 2. She and her husband have been contacting the embassy thru email and phone numbers but they don't get any response. The interview went well, so what could be the possible reasons behind the delay? And will she still get a visa even if her medical is expiring soon? Thank you!!!
  16. After interview June 2019 got 221g submit documents Aug 2019 9 jan 2020 got mail by embassy sending file back to NVC IR1 Case return to NVC 21 February 2020 case received USCIS After that no any answer or no reply mail please help me out with this stuck it’s one year already stuck in USCIS My case has been stuck at USCIS after consulate returned it for further review. I have already send many email Is there anything else I can do? Does anyone know email address for new USCIS director? Does anyone know email address for DHS director? Please let me know if there is anything I can do to put some pressure. Thanks,
  17. We became DQ yesterday, October 20! Does anyone have any idea how long it should take to have an interview scheduled at the London Embassy? Thanks!!
  18. Hi, Does anyone know how long it takes from NVC case approval to appointment at the Embassy in Argentina? I filed for my husband and we have a priority date of 6/12/2020 and NVC approved our case on 12/27/20. Thanks!
  19. Hi Everyone, You guys all helped us when I posted about proving US Docimile to the officer at the US Consulate in Montreal. My spouse the petitioner, the US Citizen, is currently here with me and our child in Canada with intention to return to the US once my permanent resident visa is approved. We have decided to have a joint financial sponsor. I understand what the joint sponsor needs to provide (864i, most recent tax return or transcript, proof of US citizenship or LPR status). I understand what documents i need to bring to my interview. I will submit everything that was approved by the NVC, but my question is: since the 864i submitted and approved by the NVC was when my spouse was still in the US, and they are currently here, should i simply bring a letter from my spouse explaining intention to return once my visa is approved? Docs already approved by NVC - 864i - bank statements - Voting registration - state ID card with US address Or perhaps I don't need to bring a letter and instead the original 864i along with the joint sponsor's documents explaining that we will return as soon as I am approved? My spouse has not been out of the US for two years. Thank you!
  20. Hello, Last year I filed my tax returns as married and filing jointly for a wife who is still abroad. We filed for her ITIN and filed the tax return. An oversight on my part, I specified that she was unemployed for 2019 but on ds-260 I specified she is a nurse and currently employed. I have yet to submit the civil documents. I cannot modify the 260 now but I can chose what to upload in civil documents. Would it be a good idea to file for a tax amendment before I submit all the documents or should I just upload my 2019 tax return transcript and just clarify during the interview that we have filed for an amendment? Id appreciate any suggestins.
  21. Hi! Asking for a friend's case. She had her interview less than two weeks ago and after the consul grilled her a bit, he said that he will recommend for the approval of the visa. But, until now her passport is still at the embassy. Her status at CEAC showed as "Refused" after her interview; and it stayed like that for days. And the date has been updated twice under the "Refused" status. Then again, today it changed to "Ready". Her questions are: 1. Is this something that she has to worry about? 2. Will the status change to "Issued" after this or will go through AP first, then "Issued"? P.S. Even before she started the interview, her status at CEAC tracker is already "Refused" because she failed to attend her first scheduled interview due to incomplete medical. (sputum test) IR-1
  22. I am a May 2020 online I-130 filer. I just noticed that if I go to my online USCIS profile, I get the below message. I am trying not to get too excited hoping this means my case is being currenlty adjudicated. Does everyone see this message after submitting their online I-130 petition? If someone who applied recently can confirm if they also see this message, that would help rest of us confirm if this means anything. Thanks!
  23. Hello Firstly a big thanks because everyone on the forum has been super helpful throughout our visa journey, would absolutely not have made it through with some semblance of sanity in tact without everyone's contributions, so THANK YOU! Here again to seek some advice. I will try to keep the background brief, but informative so those that have some experience or insight can answer questions or provide guidance. My spouse (US citizen) and I (UK citizen) were married November 2019, my CR1 visa issued December 2020. The plan, of course was for me to head over to the US with my spouse as soon as I completed my notice period at work (end of February 2021). We are currently unsure how best to proceed because my spouse, is US air force and was given an assignment to the UK this month. (Yay.. kinda!) Documentation still needs to be completed but April 2021 is the absolute latest (very short notice) my spouse has to be here in the UK and will likely be here for 3 years as a minimum. Both of us have called the USCIS military helpline (separately) and found them less than helpful. The very earliest I could be in the US would likely be 24 February and that would be finish work and head straight to the airport the following day, COVID test dependent.. We don't want to close any doors or have to go through the visa process and be separated again in future should the next assignment be somewhere in the US. Our questions are as follows and of course if there is anything I haven't thought of, please do let me know: 1. Do I have to physically enter the US at all in order to get my resident permit and or social security number? 2. If I am going, or in our case remaining in the UK, will I by default be abandoning my resident permit? 3. Do I need to or should I apply for a re-entry permit? 4. If I do enter the US, do I have to stay in the US until I receive my resident permit in the post or will changing the postal address to an APO be sufficient? 5. We understand that I-485 (to adjust status) form needs to be filed and immigrant fee needs to be paid (likely before entry) - is there anything else we might have missed? 6. We will have to apply for removal of conditions before November 2021, can this be done overseas? 7. Should we just abandon the visa, let it expire in May and hope that when it comes time to re-issue it may not be as much of a headache? 8. We think consulting a lawyer might be helpful, has anyone been in a similar situation and consulted with one? If so, would you recommend we do too? Trying not to overthink everything, but also this curveball is a bit mental considering I've just given up my job and flat here! I would really really appreciate anyone's help or guidance, even on some of the questions. Thanks so much again! Best wishes and stay safe!
  24. Will i be asked about the original birth certificate and its translation at the time of interview? (Mentioned in forth bullet point) i only have original union council birth registration certificate, which is bilingual!
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