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  2. I’ve been doing that! And I’ve been doing some arrangements here to have everything ready to move whenever it gets approved... but it’s hard not to think about it! thanks for the advice! It’s nice to hear from someone who has been through the process 😃
  3. Hello all, I filled my i130 on September as well, I’ve seen on other threads if you file 129f, it helps. Anyone seen that?
  4. Us! But no news. I’ve not seen anyone else with any updates either 😭 I just keep praying that we get an an approval this side of Christmas.
  5. Same thing happened to my inquiry it updated back to back and they replied to the congressman right away actually in less than 24 hours. It will be a month since that next week and no updates yet.
  6. Hi. I don't understand ur terminology .. and why will someone call to uscis after aftdate?
  7. We filed on oct10th and apparently our application was received on monday 14th but I was just wondering, did you guys receive any official text/email about that or is the first contact the NOA1 notification?
  8. Anymore ILs for Mumbai? Did they get into July CC dates yet. I am sorry for bothering you guys. But in this two year wait, I have never been so impatient and worried. 😕
  9. You should only send in birth certificate and its English translation. Don't need any other identification.
  10. Hi everyone! In the DS 260, the Immigrant visa application, can I write a PO BOX address where the green card will be mailed instead of physical address? Thanks
  11. You won’t be able to schedule the medical exam until you get your case number from the NVC. The doctor needs that number to fill out the needed paperwork.
  12. Update: I just received mail from mailbox for our interview. It will be next month November 14. Goodluck to everyone. Here's my timeline: Applied AOS with EAD and AP- 07/15/19 FO: Chicago Noa1- 07/22/19 Biometrics- 08/13/19 Case is Ready to scheduled for interview 09/10/19 Interview was scheduled- 10/08/19 Received mail- 10/15/19 Interview- 11/14/19
  13. Still waiting on the Like points... "I was having nightmares about green, yellow, & purple hogs, but my psychiatrist said that they were merely pigments of my imagination."
  14. Some eyes in this thread are probably getting wet, reading this. Don't blame yourself, Bro.
  15. Hi Nitas_man, thanks for sharing. Do you have evidence that foreign income is discounted? Even with evidence and bank statements? Where is the case law or instruction that provides evidence to your claim? I am in a similar situation as the above poster. I own a house in the U.S. however my income for the last 2 years has all be "negative on my IRS 1040 because I work and live abroad. I maintain ties and can prove domicile/intended domicile, however if in fact USCIS discounts foreign earned income, it causes a problem =\
  16. The waiting game as you say, is really what you make it. I know from experience. You could spend your time researching the next steps for your process and your embasy. Read up on the AOS process, always better to think ahead and always always have a plan B. Don't waste time counting the days as there is NOTHING you can do about that. Just saying don't let your brain freeze while waiting.
  17. Sounds like the sales pitch on the multipacks of my codpieces. Like Boiler, I just this eve paid $6 + tip to get my hairs cut. You sound like a tortfeasoress.
  18. Today
  19. Tulsi deserves to be elected purely because she has redeemed the wearing of white pantsuits by presidential candidates. She keeps winning debates (q.v. Drudge) but never increases her polling numbers. If she's able to hang on till the Hawkeye Cauci, who knows what might happen. Beeto O'Dork fight song: Beeto, Beeto [dumb bum dumb bum] Beeto, Beeto [dumb bum dumb bum] Gonna have to drop Sen. Cruz a postcard, thanking him for defeating that arm-flailing nitwit in the last election.
  20. How long does it take to get a welcome letter? My NOA2 already completed in June 2019.
  21. Yeah, it's a waiting game for us now.. You could join us in the group chat so we could all while the time and commiserate together. 😆
  22. Scintillating repartee in here, yawn man. We are well on our way to yet another weekly sales record for POTSs, $i man. On Tues. eve, we retrieved the T-B.-mobile from the dealership, retrieve we man. We had a bad sensor replaced, sense we man. And the front brakes replaced/rotors resurfaced, way past time man. And 2 front struts replaced, about time man. And the battery in our remote replaced, can't hurt man. If out-of-pocket, total bill would have exceeded $Many,000, ouch man. [sound of T-B. falling into dead faint on floor, crash man] Extended warranty paid $Many, about Many/Many'ths of bill man. We had coupon for $Many ($2x2x2x2x2-2) off beyond that, OOP man. Total drive-out bill = $Many ($2x2x2x2x2x2x2 + 2x2x2x2x2x2 + 2x2x2 + 2+2), steal man. We then got our hairs cut, went to dry-cleaners, gassed the T-B.-mobile, and returned to casa, day man. Your turn to contribute, spit it out man.
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