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  2. We have been in the same situation as you. My fiance has been trying to get a hold of some people in USCIS for the last couple weeks so that we could get an extension of k1 and k3 visa. But all the USCIS in america is now closed, all he was able to speak was someone in a law firm working with USCIS and he didn't get any information. But they adviced him to contact the embassy in Japan (I'm in Japan), so I did. Here's what I got from the embassy, I hope it would help you in some way. The person of the law firm said that we are not only one who have this problem. I mean, who wants to fly to america right now.. especially I'm with my daughter. I and my fiance are pretty sure that we can get an extension for our visa.
  3. This question concerns a US tax return......not any tax return anywhere in the world.......you are over thinking this.
  4. I would do both, just to make sure. Humans are behind NVC and so it is sometimes totally subjective the way they handle things. Good luck
  5. To the OP: "a typical American-Filipina K-1 relationship" - I disagree. I would say this relationship is atypical. Here's where Ed's trust is required. The girl refuses to talk about her past relationships and so Ed requires a test that will not lie or will not be silent. It will reveal things that she refuses to discuss. What if she has HIV? Would Ed want to know that before or after marriage? To John: He didn't understand how much she was taking out of his wallet. He was already on edge about money because the sister was hitting him up for pesos. He wanted her to slow down and help him understand how much each item was. To Loren Y: Did you actually watch the episodes? He said he would get an STD test in the States. He didn't trust the medical facilities (cleanliness, needles, etc) in the Philippines. To boris64: It will work out. The man is desperate for a relationship. He wears his heart on his sleeve. To: 2018JNJ : Where did you come up with the "performer" title? A tattoo means that she's a "performer"? All Filipina women with tattoos are "performers"? Get real.
  6. Once you have filed the I485 who cares about satisfactory departure? 😂🤣😂
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  8. hi @Elisa Marie NVC asking for all the w2/1099 forms that submitted with the tax return or tax transcript. but my petitioner inform me that he did not submit any w2/1099 along with his return..What should i do now? how should i reply to nvc that there is no w2/1099. And why they are asking for that?
  9. when i login to where i registered my appointment i saw there too that it was cancelled. however, it allowed me to reschedule my appointment. now i have a appointment for may 7. you can login and check yours
  10. If the media reports are true, and Prince Harry and his wife Megan have indeed moved to L.A - I wonder the conversation he had with CBP during his entry into the country. I wonder how long his permitted stay will be. Makes a slight mockery of the system if he’s entered as a tourist to adjust later and skip the queue.
  11. try with case outside time could help you better did you get transferred ?
  12. I filed my ROC Dec but until now I haven’t got any biometric sched. Is this normal?
  13. Same with my 87 yr old mother. She is in independent living about 15 minutes away from me. They are in lock down too. Can't even eat in the dining room. Meals are dropped off at their door. Want to go see her but they make it nearly impossible for someone to visit.
  14. I was adopted at 5 years old by my dad. My last name changed in the united states. no way to get original bc. I applied in 2013 for my sons father and had no problem with the application. Never put my birth name on it. He was denied because he was here for more than a year and banned now for 10 years. I have found a wonderful man in same country and just filed again. But no worries about putting your birth name on the i129
  15. I feel like the reason people ask for this waiver is a very important factor as well..
  16. affidavits are very poor evidence. yes, they are allowed, but if you are a 'normal'/ married couple, they are unnecessary jointly filed taxes credit cards bank accounts wills/poa's insurances bills/utilities home ownership/apartment rental loans all these things are are typically in both peoples names and accounts used by both is what they are truly looking for
  17. I have a bachelor's degree in education in the Philippines. I'm planning to get medical degree If I'm going to study again in US while working..is it possible? Is the college school there need to attend everyday?
  18. You are right. I assumed they were just going to rely on those that filed jointly either it’s an SSN or an ITIN. Kind of sucks for those that did take the time to get an ITIN and file taxes properly.
  19. your CPA has nothing to do with the stimulus check so no, they will not get anything from it. the stimulus check is based on your most recent tax filing. So, if you filed this year for 2019, it will be based off that. If you have NOT filed this year, they will base it off 2018 taxes. Any adjustments (ie: marriage) can be filed with NEXT YEARS taxes for a credit/ refund if applicable. I had not filed for 2019 yet until I found out it would be based off 2019 taxes if filed. I sat down real quick and did them LOL
  20. Since they were sent together, it's also quite possible they didn't even check it and thought it was an I-129F for a K-3 (these can be filed concurrently with an I-130) so that's why they accepted it. Once somebody actually looked it, it probably got sent elsewhere as they don't handle it. But if not sent to the right place (should be CSC), that loop will probably continue. You can try reaching out to the CIS Ombudsman. Maybe they can get it sorted out with where it is supposed to go. https://www.dhs.gov/topic/cis-ombudsman
  21. The Chicago lockbox does not take in I-129Fs. All I-129Fs are sent to the Texas lockbox. https://www.uscis.gov/i-129f "Where to File File Form I-129F at the USCIS Dallas Lockbox facility:" Were they both sent to the Chicago lockbox? That might explain it...the I-129F should not have been sent there. What should have happened is they should have rejected the I-129F and sent it back so you could file it properly. But I guess some worker there made a mistake and accepted it, and my guess is it's going through all sorts of "not me" routing.
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