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  2. AdeelNaz

    approved visa

    No you are not ...congratulation 🎈🎊
  3. Ok bcz they emailed my hubby twice asking for it, the first time my lawyer said i dont need to submit it with my Docs and yesterday they emailed my husband again and i sent it to my lawyer and they asked me to sign it and send it back to them. Hopefully now i will get a positive response in 10 days إن شاءالله 🙏
  4. I have mixed feelings about this topic. As to the email thing and the handling of classified information, I would like to see something as there have been many military types with far less visible similar discretions that have been prosecuted. However, there is a feeling that you don’t kick a political opponent when they are down. I tend to lean toward the former as it really shows a difference in how folks are treated differently.
  5. You just have to pay medical fee RS 22580 no interview fee
  6. https://www.murthy.com/2018/03/19/reports-of-errors-in-uscis-my-case-status-online-tool/ check this out, apparently the MY CASE STATUS tool on the uscis website is not accurate. no wonder why so many people have errors popped up saying the wesbite can find their receipt number. also, how come when entering the receipt number through their hotline to validate, the system also can't find the case? don't understand why they can't fix that...do they not have a tech department?
  7. He’s stationed in a really small city with not a lot of job opportunities present. That’s why I haven’t moved to where he is. We have all that proof. We filed where I live now cause we didn’t think it would take so long for the AOS to process. I didn’t really post a whole lot of details. Don’t know why you guys just assumed we didn’t have a relationship beforehand and that we’ll get denied for not living together. We dated quite a while before we got married. So much for asking advice on this forum. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  8. We filed April 19 and haven’t had an update yet. You can submit a case enquiry outside of normal processing times witch is currently 7.5 months or 228 days so you are well inside processing times currently. Hang in there
  9. Bill & Katya

    The Daily Trump wins again thread

    Well, you can certainly start your own thread if you so desire. Still not sure why a missing Saudi dissident is Trump’s problem. It appears the MDL and their media allies are throwing things against the wall.
  10. What is real scary is that this is one of the major political parties doing this with no regard as to the consequences of the non-citizen if they want to pursue naturalization in the future. It really shows that the Democrats are about winning at all costs.
  11. Hi everyone, we we have just been approved for our visa and are planning to move to the states next week. I just wanted to double check that the only required documents to get into the states are the passport, visa and doctors exam. The closed envelope is now digital so it is available at the immigration checkpoint. Is there anything I'm forgetting?
  12. msa1234

    Extreme Delay

    what kind of additional documents did they ask for? (financial, photos/emails/etc, missing docs)
  13. Kashan.01

    Extreme Delay

    @Nida Bakhtawar if you're visa is spouse then I don't think it should have be delayed like this. Share your all details. Interview and about spouse? Any red flag?
  14. In this case it doesn't matter if you're a military spouse or not. Uscis will see that you dont live with your spouse so that's so much harder to prove a real relationship. Him not being on the interview with you might be your smallest problem. After all its entirely your choice to not be with your husband atm. Nothing stops you from joining him where he lives right now. Ex. If you really wanted to you could have easily transfer to the university closer to him. So yeah you definately have a problem. I'd make sure you have some extremely good proofs of real relationship. Many joint finances, bills, loans, life insurance, power of attorney and proofs of many, many visits you had to see each other.
  15. Kashan.01

    Extreme Delay

    @Nida Bakhtawar Hey Nida. What's your visa? And how was your interview ? Can u share detail? Is there any age difference ? And how long exactly you've been in AP? How many inquires you've made so far ? And how many replies you've got ? I'm in AP since 1st July under 221g. Consular haven't requested anything. Online status refused. Case last updated 26 sept. K1 visa.
  16. Hi guys, How long does NVC usually takes to accept the Choice of Agent Form (DS-261)? For those who’s form already been accepted how long did it take? And was you notified by email? Thank you you very much for your responses in advance!
  17. You can only apply for the SSN within the 90 days if you are single. Once you marry and elect to take on your new surname your card will be denied even if you try to apply before the 90 days are up because the name you tried to apply for the SSN in doesnt match your I94 name.
  18. How long did the oath ceremony take in Seattle? I hope there were not too many people there and it started on time!
  19. Today
  20. ITMFA

    Packet 3 received....questions.

    Correct. I wrote "N/A" for the ones that didn't apply and checked the ones that did. Sign and date and scan The DS160 confirmation page will appear when you finish and submit it. Then you can save that as a PDF to attach to your email. The passport you just need the bio page. That's your packet 3!
  21. Oh wow!!! Please share with us whatever news you will get. 👍
  22. Hi, Congrats to you too. I know what you are talking about as I got the Same update. But my answer is still the same what I answered above. You enter the original case number without the 01 BMB as when on the website you you try the whole case number with 01 BMB it says invalid. As I had mentioned above too on the website when you have to enter the case number it says “ case number is 3 letters followed by 10 digit number” Hope that answers your confusion!!!
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