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  2. For my interview? Do we accomplish these forms after or before the interview?
  3. Stephen Ketcher

    Complicated Past

    Thanks folks. I think I'll wait for next year's thanksgiving season to apply with my wife and kid. It really makes sense to me that a decade's old application is expired and automatically annulled especially when I'm with a wife and kid. But what if I decide not to state the immigration file case in my new application? After all, I didn't even show up at the embassy for my finger print and image to be taken? I can decide to ignore and not state it in my new application. Right?
  4. Why would you need a DS-260 or DS-261?
  5. Truly wonderful news! This is a great encouragement to the rest of us who are waiting. Did your husband have any special circumstances that you think helped your case?
  6. Hope it is ready in case they ask. Thanks for the info.
  7. Welcome Newbie! Here is your first upvote!
  8. First, if you change your name you can still travel. Just keep a copy of the legal document that reflects change of name and show it whenever you show your green card. My wife has to do that because some of her documents are still in her previous name. But I have to say, it's a red flag that you file for divorce only two months after submitting all the I-751 documentation proving that you have a bona fide married relationship. Not passing judgment, I'm sure your marriage was true. It's just a perception issue. Best of luck!
  9. Hi All! So, I have finally paid for the visa fee for my K1 application. I have printed out my DS 160, BUT I am confused with DS 260 and DS 261. Do I have to print the forms before I send in the Packet 3 documents? I tried to log in but ceac is asking for an NVC receipt number, how to get this?
  10. You missed where I'd edited my post prior to remove the "English" part since that was irrelevant ---apologies for any confusion. The address needs to be written in the native alphabet.
  11. Cyberfx1024

    My eligibility letter

    What country is this for, and just so I am correct you have your NOA2 letter already right?
  12. Good luck proving that one. Maybe she loved you and that person as well but kept communication with the other person. You both have a child together and she was hoping things would work out. There are too many "what if" in her favor Now if you have a letter and can prove that she wrote it saying "I'm going to marry this fool to get to the US and then leave him" you might have a case
  13. Helenhappy


    Thanks all! Stopping back in to let you know I was approved! Also for those relying on your account for updates - mine did say estimated completion November 2019 up until a couple of days before my interview. It took ages for them to post that my interview was scheduled.
  14. How long did it take you to receive i797 notice
  15. missileman

    Tourist Visa

    I think your friend is mistaken. No one from the US consulate would have told him that. There are no guarantees, and sponsor letters are useless..
  16. Trump directed Cohen to defraud the IRS on his taxes relating to Cohen's side businesses? Do you have proof of that?
  17. Have you considered a CR-1 visa instead of a K-1? K-1 More expensive than CR-1 Requires Adjustment of Status after marriage (expensive and requires a lot of paperwork) Spouse can not leave the US until she/he receives approved Advance Parole (approx 5-6 months) Spouse can not work until she/he receives EAD (approx 5-6 months) Some people have had problems with driver licenses, Social Security cards, leases, bank account during this period Spouse will not receive Green Card for many months after Adjustment of Status is filed. CR-1 Less expensive than K-1 No Adjustment of Status (I-485, I-131, I-765) required. Spouse can immediately travel outside the US Spouse is authorized to work immediately upon arrival. Spouse receives Social Security Card and Green Card within 2 or 3 weeks after entering the US Opening a bank account, getting a driver's license, etc. are very easily accomplished with GC, SS card, and passport. Spouse has legal permanent Resident status IMMEDIATELY upon entry to US. My Final Analysis: If you can marry your fiance in his/her country or outside the US, CR-1 is a much, much better option
  18. Read the article I posted regarding the Flynn entrapment. Considering the fact that the sentencing judge is raising questions as to the plea deal even though the defense is not suggesting dumping it, so there could be some merit. Regardless, there are many reasons why Flynn would not disclose something to the FBI. According to their own report, they did not represent themselves as investigators of a federal crime, but as colleagues discussing national security when Michael Flynn was the Director of the NSA. The agents, including the venerable Peter Strzok in a meeting set up by the disgraced Andrew McCabe and James Comey did not warn Flynn and in fact did all they could to make sure the meeting was not set up through the White House Counsel's office which they should have done with an official investigation. Now, the Director of the NSA answerable only to the President is not required to disclose everything to two agents acting as NSA colleagues that would be considered underlings to Michael Flynn. It is really a joke the Mueller investigation, but I suppose having a special prosecutor every four years will be par-for-the-course.
  19. Incredible... thanks to the both of you for your quick responses! Bear with me here... since it's English, I'd have to retype everything in English? That seems kinda repetitive/pointless.
  20. Our case, even after receiving the IL, is still "at NVC" at CEAC Status tracker. Does anyone know when this changes, e.g. like transit to embassy , or what the next status will be after "at NVC"?
  21. Just wanted to update--we received the appointment letter via email today! This letter has full instructions and says to bring the documentation to the appointment, not to send it anywhere. So the NVC was never involved. Like you said, the confirmation page had generic instructions that didn't apply to our case. Too bad that the initial email from the Consulate doesn't mention we should ignore instructions having to do with the NVC, that would have been helpful....
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