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  2. When you login to your CEAC website at the upper right, there will be a location there. Either “NVC”, “In Transit”, or “Ready” (something like that). If your already reads “In Transit” it means that you will be scheduled soon and that your documents which are in NVC are being transferred to the embassy
  3. Thanks for prompt response, so if I get it correctly for immigrant visa you have limited choice basically only to postpone the original date has been selected by NVC!! That will cause more delay and inconsistency and having new variations of corona virus around the corner wouldn’t be the best choice!! But appreciate the response! Please let me ask you another question: the moment I will get DQ , each type of visa will be different, I don’t know all of them let say IR-1 , IR -5,… I saw someone posted a picture here from Abu Dhabi consulate website, I couldn’t personally get that information yet! Is my speculation correct?! I mean it is totally different if I was going to petition for my imaginary fiancée instead of now that I have applied for my dad! Right?! I again try to get the time line for IR -5 from Abu Dhabi… it is not so easy to access that on their website…maybe I am a beginner… but let me ask you what is your best calculated guess if I get DQ today or tomorrow for my dad, to have all 6 steps you mentioned in your first message done, again weeks, months, or years?! I see all sort of waiting time on this chat room but it is hard to follow which ones are petitioning for their parent from Abu Dhabi and exactly how long they have been waiting after DQ has been issued? A simple question with no answer to find anywhere!!!! Or maybe I am in wrong chat room or don’t know how to extract information from embassy website 😞😞😐😐thank you for reading this far!😊 AG
  4. My case was approved! Posting my timeline in case somebody find it useful. Thank for sharing information throughout the journey. Good luck to everyone. EB2 ROW Service Center: Nebraska -submitted) & National Benefits Center (transferred) Field office: Milwaukee, WI Interview was waived. June 2021 - Green card delivered. June 2021 - New Card Is Being Produced May 2021 - Request for additional evidence - not the medical. February 2021 - Biometrics appt. July 2020 - Form I-485 was transferred to another office for processing. July 2020 Forms I-765 & I-131 (combo card) approved (before biometrics). June 2020 - Form I-140 approved (premium processing). June 2020 - Form I-140 is being processed at our Nebraska Service Center location (premium processing). June 2020 - USCIS received I-485, I-131, I-765, I-140 (concurrently) - including medical.
  5. If the NVC posted window period for reviewing documents has passed. You should call them and inquire about your case. Sometimes what they see from their side is different from what we see on CEAC. NVC - 603 334 0700.
  6. As @Lucky Cat stated, current income is the major deciding factor. Your wife does need to explain why she did not file for 2018 and 2019 taxes. Living in the UK is not a valid reason - US citizens need to report worldwide income. Making less than the threshold to file taxes is a valid reason. If she received the $14k disability payments in 2018 and 2019, that may or may not have been required to be reported. You should verify.
  7. Had my oath ceremony in NYC today! Officially a US Citizen now! 🤩 Thank you for all your help! The whole process from submission of application to taking oath took 11 months. Good luck and wishing everyone a successful journey ahead! 😄
  8. Hello, congratulations on your interview. Do you get to choose on when to have the Oath ceremony?
  9. Hello, these kind of tickets are called infractions. I have never heard anyone get asked for their infractions by USCIS. I guess it is common to get a parking ticket in Seattle area.
  10. Hi, I am sorry to hear we are in the same boat. My husband and I got on May 8th 2021 "Notice regarding your Immigrant Visa Case", on May 12th we resubmitted what was asked from us. Even though NVC updated that they are processing cases submitted on May 18th, we still didn't receive any response. We resubmitted on May 12th, and it just says "submitted". I wish I had something relevant to tell you.
  11. No problem. They have a money order refund form online and it takes 7 business days for processing. Only issue is that there is a $18 processing fee.
  12. Call 800-375-5283 and say "Notice of Action". You 'll be able to speak to a live person after a few minutes. You need to have either your Receipt number or Alien number on your current Green card. Hope this helps!
  13. For immigrant visas, NVC schedules the interview date......after that, you can contact the embassy/consulate if you need to re-schedule.
  14. Yes it does, except for the countries having restrictions to inter UAE these days due to COVID-19. For example: Iran , Iraq,Indian and Pakistan.
  15. @Aghalor, I am glad you will be able to get a refund. Thank you for sharing that info. I did not know that was possible. It's good to know!
  16. Good afternoon everyone, I'm really in panic mode because I think I'm the only one who did not receive my NOA. I got the text message since Mai 19/2021 .still not receive my NOA. I don't have any update when I check online my status is the same.
  17. No decision today, the officer didn't have her file, only the online naturalization application and uploads. The officer said she needs the file to make a decision. So no ROC approval or naturalization approval, however my wife passed the English and civics test. No combo interview and I was not allowed in the building.
  18. @aa1979, I think it is worth mentioning that your friend's timeline may trigger scrutiny from USCIS. They married before his authorized stay expired. I would be prepared to answer questions about how they met, fell in love and how all of that led to the decision to get married. There is a chance that the officer may not be too curious about that but there is also a very good chance that they may be. If they knew each other before he came to the US, then there is the issue of misrepresentation. If they did not know each other, and met in the US, fell in love and married shortly after, then there may be a suspicion of fraud. I would spend some time presenting evidence of bona fide marriage that includes evidence since the time they met and started dating. That's just my humble 2 cents.
  19. Lucky cat thanks again, since no one shows interest to share info on this complicated subject I point my questions back to you please; I am not even sure if you get this message….. I was told I have the option to schedule my interview date once consulate would announce there will be choices, not entirely sure how it works but I could remember for non- immigrant visa I was able go to consulate site and choose between months that consulate has opened up , let say for example October and December 2021 now is open for my particular consulate, so I go to website and I pick December 12 for example…. Now I will have lots of time to accommodate with my jobs , flights, personal things… but the way you mentioned above on the timeline looks like for NVC will schedule for you a non voluntary date no matter you ready or not and most probably as you said it will be 3-4 weeks notice in advance max.!( I am receiving your message to my previous question while I am writing this ;which might be confusing for you but I really appreciate that your response to this one too !) many thanks AG
  20. No decision today, the officer didn't have her file, only the online naturalization application and uploads. The officer said she needs the file to make a decision. So no ROC approval or naturalization approval, however my wife passed the English and civics test. No combo interview and I was not allowed in the building.
  21. Thank you for your input. I just decided to use the credit card form instead. Moneygram will refund the money order since it was never cashed.
  22. Depending on what doctor she’s seeing it might not matter. I didn’t have a TDAP within the past 10 years, I got mine in grade 9 (2009) and I saw Dr. Cheema and his requirement was that you had a TDAP after the age of 11 not that it was within the last 10 years. I didn’t get any new vaccinations just brought all the records of the ones I got in school and I had no issues.
  23. I don't remember seeing any case in which a 3 month notice was given. It is usually a few weeks to a month. He could also experience an extended wait after the interview for background checks. This is common for MENA countries.
  24. Finally got DQ'd today! Will also pitch and say how I strongly feel there's no need in most cases for a face to face interview when a Zoom call will suffice. Now we play the waiting game! Can I also just sense check, now I got the massage saying Documentarily Qualified I just sit tight and wait for an email confirming interview slot & details of medical instruction. Nothing else to do and this is emailed rather than posted?
  25. I would say you don't have to snub any male artist - as many of the women I'm thinking of are considered as great as their male counterparts. They deserve to be placed along side each other, if they aren't already. There are many older works by female artists, some you may have seen already, but just never realized. That also includes unique types of artwork like Japanese ukiyo-e. Old masters from the 1500s. Impressionist paintings.. contemporary works and incredible sculptors too.
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