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  2. start a new thread about the subject, this one is over a year old with no answers.
  3. oh, I hope it will go faster now ! at least someone had a look and finally approved it... when it comes to waiting and getting frustrated, any small movement is helpful ! will keep my fingers crossed for you
  4. I just found out yesterday that my 10 year green card was approved. Took around 22 months, no interview required.
  5. I filed July 2020 and just found out yesterday that my 10 year green card was approved. Took around 22 months, no interview required.
  6. As the primary sponsor, you must submit an I-864 and all appropriate supporting documents. If you have already submitted those documents, just take an update I-864 plus new docs to the interview.
  7. Yes and yes. Here is an extreme example Yoy can be tested at 12:01 AM on June 1 and use the negative result for a flight that departs 11:59 PM on June.2.
  8. Today
  9. The police clearance = NBI ? or .. ? All birth documents were from PSA? The tax document was a transcript from the IRS? The I-864A was the current version? Proof of citizenship, did you use a copy of your U.S. passport page ... or ? .. and for your mom a copy of her green card? Other thought if all documents were correct, are the scans clear or complete .. or there is a glitch at NVC end. Best suggestion is to contact NVC, call during business hours (east coast) or email
  10. Was talking about this with my son ( a PA in emergency at a local hospital) and his wife (an ER nurse) just the other day. All of us were vaccinated because of our jobs. None of us opted for the booster. We have all seen some distressing cases of severe and long lasting issues following vaccination and especially boosting. I have not had any adverse effects, but honestly with some of the folks I have seen with life changing reactions it is doubtful I would have taken the vaccine if I had known, My typically Russian wife that does not trust anything to do with the government was the only one in our family that didn't take the vaccine.
  11. Go ahead and apply. A restraining order doesn’t preclude you from establishing good moral character required for naturalization. Have all the information about it, and disclose it in your application and carry along when your interview is scheduled.
  12. Don't be too confused. Remember that NB is from Georgia, and, well, that accent seems to be coming through.
  13. What they are eligible for will depend on your state. It seems as though there are states where Parolees are eligible to apply for some benefits (food stamps, WIC, Medicaid/CHIP) or may be eligible for a Marketplace plan. Perhaps check with your state agency or check with a local NGO/community organization that handles refugee resettlement (e.g., IRC, HIAS, Catholic Community Services -- if you have any of these where you live).
  14. Oh okay! Not CR1 then. Hehehe CR1 is also marriage based but usually married outside the US, entered the US before the 2nd wedding anniversary. 😊
  15. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it. If your relationship is genuine, then that will reflect when you're answering. I also don't think it's neccessary to swot up on stuff, like it's a school test - because you don't have to know EVERYTHING about one another. They're not going to worry if you don't know what city your husband was born in...but they probably would be concerned if you didn't know what job your husband does or where you live together, etc. But that should all be stuff you know anyway. One of my friends (back in the UK) married a woman from China - and one of the questions she was asked in her interview was 'what football team does he support?'. She responded 'Manchester United'...and her husband was later on like 'I don't support ANY football team... why did you say that?'...his wife thought that she had to give 'an answer' and the correct answer (that he doesn't watch football) would be wrong somehow. So yeah, don't do that! It's ok to not know the answer or say you've never discussed it or whatever! Just be yourself and be honest.
  16. We actually filed the outside of processing request (accidentally) incorrectly, but USCIS didn’t seem to care. We put i-130, Texas Service Center and Permanent Resident filing for a spouse, although my wife is a US Citizen. It was really an error on my part when the design of the processing times website had changed, I didn’t read the choices correctly. I’m glad it didn’t backfire, they accepted the outside of processing times request even although the category was wrong and at least acknowledged the long processing times.
  17. Hi VisaJourneyer, I have a question regarding N400 naturalization with an expired ex parte restraining order and would like to hear your opinion. Long story short, my ex filed a restraining order against me with the false allegation while we went through the divorce process in 2017, and the restraining order expired in 2019. I was not even aware and was not served at that time, as I was hiding from her since she had an anger control issue, and was the one who did violence on me in the past. I sought for lawyer's help and soon after I finished the divorce papers, I moved to another state, found a decent job, and started a new life. Regarding this ex parte restraining order, I was not aware, I was not served, I did not violate any part of it anyway. I was physically and mentally exhausted and just wanted to hide from her and got away as soon as possible. Fast forward, I meet 5-year time requirements for naturalization now from the date I got my green card, but I am concerned about the impact such expired restraining order could have on my application. Should I continue waiting until after 5 years after the expiration date of ex parte restraining order, or am I good to apply for naturalization now? Also, how long do I still need to keep all the evidence I had with her? PS. She can say whatever she wanted to say, but I did not do any violence on her. Instead, she was the one who did violence on me, and I never missed any part of my past with her. Thank you for your opinion.
  18. Weird a bunch of RFESs came in today. Usually Saturdays are solely for RFESs or withdrawals. This is the most I seen on a Saturday. 74000: 2 RFESs (2 new / 0 in progress) 74500: 3 RFESs (3 new / 0 in progress) 76500: 2 RFESs (1 new / 1 in progress) 78000: 1 RFES (1 new / 0 in progress) 78500: 2 RFESs (2 new / 0 in progress) 79000: 1 RFES (1 new / 0 in progress) 79500: 8 RFESs (7 new / 1 in progress) 80000: 3 RFESs (3 new / 0 in progress) 81500: 1 RFES (0 new / 1 in progress) 05/28/22: 23 Total Updates: 23 RFESs March (0) + April (23) + May (2) + June (2) = 27 total RFESs
  19. It is Sunday, and time for our Official Weekly VAWA-Thread Joke: ======================================================== STINGING AN IDIOT A man came running to the doctor, shouting and screaming in pain. "Please, doctor, you've got to help me. I've been stung by a bee." "Don't worry," said the doctor, "I'll put some cream on it." "You will never find that bee. It must be miles away by now." "No; you don't understand," said the doctor. "I'll put some cream on the place you were stung." "Oh! It happened in the garden in back of my house." "No, no, no!" said the doctor, getting frustrated. "I mean on which part of your body did that bee sting you." "On my finger!" screamed the man in pain. "The bee stung me on my finger and it really hurts." "Which one?" asked the doctor. "How am I supposed to know? All the bees looked the same to me!"
  20. I think that every word here from Matt Taibbi should be heeded.
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