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  2. That's when you actually have an interview scheduled, which is not your case. The status still needs to change to Interview was scheduled. You also need to file a Change Of Address online. That way you get a confirmation number and can complain if something happens. (Unless they gave you a confirmation number through the phone).
  3. Had fingerprints taken for Biometrics today in Los Angeles. Awaiting case status to change to Fingerprints Taken.
  4. I'm adjusting status from K1 visa and have my AOS Interview next month. When I submitted my AOS application my wife (USC) was transitioning between jobs so we used her mom (my mother in law) as a joint sponsor. Now my wife and I both have a job and make enough above the level required. Can we not use my mother in law as a joint sponsor anymore? If yes, should I just take an updated i-864 with my wife's information or do I need to do anything else? Do I need to take any of my mother in laws documents if we're not using her as a joint sponsor? Thank you for your help in advance!!
  5. I did and it made me confused ...By your confirmation, I think it should be fine for me to go back my country for a while before an interview comes up...Clearly, I will have to wait at least 5-6 months to get that interview because of Covid-19. Thanks so much for your information
  6. Why cause you can start the process now Some countries are on lockdown so you can’t even see your fiancé in some countries require you to stay a certain amount of time to get married everybody doesn’t have that type of vacation time off of work and everybody circumstance is different
  7. You need to either move permanently back to the US before your parents interview, or provide convincing proof for the interview that you will do so. Did you read the relevant part of the link above? I think it explains this pretty well in the last faq under domicile.
  8. My AOS NOA was on June 11 Applied Expedite request yesterday under Job Offer category. Got a reply today saying it was denied since i have still not appeared for biometrics and that i might request expeditious processing request again once the biometrics are done. On the case tracker app it says : “On August 13, 2020, we denied your request for expedite processing of your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, You did not provide evidence of an extreme emergent need” #FYI No one asked me any evidence so I’m a bit confused and wondering if i just let it go and wait and decline the job offer 🤷🏽‍♂️
  9. I'm sorry you had such incompetent people but thats great you passed and stood up for yourself. It's your choice if you write the letter but I would wait until after your ceremony lol. At husbands biometric appt there was a survey box and he made sure he completed the survey because they were very rude there.
  10. Sorry, it won't even let me put the name of the forum on this site, here's a screen-shot of it below though. I also just saw someone else over there in NYC got their interview too.
  11. Received the physical letter from uscis stating they received my application
  12. Haha, yeah I have had a service request open since mid July as well... And they opened another one today, I think? But like I wonder if requesting to expedite a case without biometrics does anything or if it just will automatically be denied due to missing biometrics?
  13. Because we want to be together? Why else? Also, pertaining to CR1, it's too hard to get married for some of us, or we would. I don't know why people are so negative. I thought this site was to help and encourage? It's oftentimes made me want to stay off it.
  14. Can register our interview appointments even tho we aren't able to make the appointment for the medical?
  15. An expedite is different than a service request. A service request can be placed regardless. Don't hope for much though- I had one placed last month and still just says it hasn't been picked up though.
  16. Don't worry about them. Be glad you got out of that cult while you still could.
  17. And it's not a good test anyway since the immigrant is going through a culture shock and doesn't have her own friends and social circle, cannot start working, often cannot even get a driver's license and the USC is going to work like normal. It's a very different dynamic from when you're actually accustomed to the new country and have your own social life.
  18. Coronavirus update: Global cases top 20.7 million and U.S. suffers biggest one-day death toll since May https://www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/coronavirus-update-global-cases-top-206-million-and-us-suffers-biggest-one-day-death-toll-since-may-2020-08-13
  19. Scientists say the coronavirus is at least as deadly as the 1918 flu pandemic https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/08/13/scientists-say-the-coronavirus-is-at-least-as-deadly-as-the-1918-flu-pandemic.html
  20. May you clarify "you will either have to have re-established, or prove you intend to re-establish, domicile for the visa to be granted."? Sorry ...I need to ensure before making decisions in going forward.
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