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Found 21 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone has received an interview appointment at the Abu Dhabi Embassy after recently getting their DQ. it would be great if someone would share their experience.
  2. It completely slipped my mind to add my husband (petitioners) middle name. Im used to a separate box for middle name, but now I realized I was supposed to put it under given name. His passport and birth cert. all have the middle name, but I just finished the DS260 about an hour ago and forgot to put it there. Im so disappointed in myself, and dont know what to do. Does anyone have any past experiences like this, what do I do?
  3. From what I have gathered on this forum, it is quite a possibility that the NVC asks an EB2 applicant to actually mail instead of uploading their civic docs, because the CEAC portal may not have the uploading option for them. Now my question is : does the NVC mail those docs to the consulate? And if there is something already in there, like an original document, then the consulate can't ask me for it, right, because they should know they already got it? Because if not, then what if a document that has no copy such as the RCMP police certificate is asked by the consulate when I have mailed it to the NVC already? Am I just supposed to get another police certificate? (if that one has expired, then sure, no matter what I should get one, but what if it's still valid) [The same goes for certified translations of docs although that is a minor issue. I could ask the translator for copies of the translation with the seal on it, even though only one will be the true original translation. ]
  4. Hello everyone! 😊 I am a bit confused about the DS-260 and the question about my primary occupation. I’m working in an office in full time currently, nothing special. There’s a list full of occupations and I just chose “others”, is that correct? Also, I was wondering, if I don’t have to provide any previous jobs from the last years? And then there’s another question about what I want to work as in the US, and I again chose “Others” and wrote down “Office job/Administration job”, is that alright? Thank you so much 😊
  5. Opinions and experiences please! I'm a US citizen and applied for i-130 consulate processing for my Canadian parents with receipt date Oct 2020. We are now about 2 months delayed beyond stated normal processing times. My father's case got approved by USCIS Vermont in Dec 2021 and got transferred to NVC. My mom's case is still stuck at receipt notice received Oct 2020, and upon inquiry, it is held in security check, and further inquiry cannot be done by uscis until that is cleared. It has now been 3 months since my dad's approval. My dad does not want me to proceed to his ds-260 (it is all ready, just not submitted) without my mom's case moving forward. We were under the impression that both parents would be processed together and interviewed together. My questions are: 1. What else can we do about my mom's case being held in security?? Is this common? It is so beyond frustrating. We have a lawyer and also saying we just have to wait. What if there is some error in the process? 2. Is it wise to wait on submitting my dad's ds260? What would happen if we proceeded with ny dad's case and my mom's held in security forever? 2a) is there a time limit to when I need to submit the ds260? So frustrating... Any advice will be much appreciated. Thank you
  6. Hi all, I am somewhat frustrated about my mother application. We filed it on Sept 2019 and the last action we received was September 2021. Approved and case is in NVC. Our form will expired this year September. How should I proceed on this. Everything is paid and documents are accepted. Thank you
  7. I figured now that it's the end of November, maybe it's time to have a thread for October 2021 submissions? Our submitted date is: Civil Documents: October 20, 2021 AOS: September 09, 2021 IV Submitted: September 29, 2021 The NVC timeframe as of today is: Current case review time: As of 29-NOV-2021, we are reviewing documents submitted to us on 30-AUG-2021. It looks like the review time is getting longer, which is slightly discouraging. I was hoping that now that the vaccine and other pandemic related lockdowns/slowdowns have eased, that their timeframes would have gotten better...
  8. Hi! I married a Costa Rican and we started our visa journey in August 2020. We had finally gotten all the docs sent and accepted in CEAC for the DS260 and I864, but as of today, March 18, 2022 it changed to incomplete for the civil documents. It says the passport, police report and photographs are missing, yet I submitted them in September 2021. They requested an additional document in December, which I submitted immediately. Any idea why they’re asking to send these documents again? Also, does this mean we are closer to the interview? A new section on CEAC popped up in the corner saying our interview location and priority date, but from my understanding, spousal visas aren’t limited, so we shouldn’t have to wait long for an interview. It’s been a long 19 months!
  9. I'm the petitioner for a spousal visa (beneficiary is Mexican and living in Mexico) and am looking at the DS-260 to help my beneficiary fill it out. There is a question along the lines of "have you ever been denied a visa to the US"... Before my spouse was my spouse- ie when we were dating, we tried to get him a tourist visa, but it was denied with a form letter that basically listed a vague set of reasons like "applicant did not demonstrate a sufficient tie to home country"... I assume in this question on the DS260 that they mean any type of visa (including a tourist visa) so I assume the question should be answered "yes" but how are we supposed to explain the why I assume it's going to ask? Has anyone had to answer in this situation before? Thanks
  10. My husband and I are filling out our forms for NVC , while I was checking ds260 I came across to this part which says please provide us an address where you intend to live after arrival in the U.S. and it wants me to fill out the name of a person who is currently living there. But here is the thing, my husband and I are currently living together in Istanbul, Turkey and the address we intend to live for a short while is my husband's parents' house which is the same address as the mailing address we filled out earlier. I wanted to know is this okay that we put their address there? and what should I fill in for the person's name who is currently living in that address? his mom's name or dad's? they both live there. I really appreciate your help.
  11. I have submitted the DS 260 form and uploaded all the required documents, however I am unable to submit the documents because the Submit button is not working - When i click on Submit button nothing happens. Kindly help me.
  12. hello i have a question I'm doing a training as a nurse in Germany and ii I don't know what to choose in Primary occupation thanks
  13. My daughter is immigrating, and she is still in High School. She has not finished High School yet. On the DS 260 Visa Application on CEAC, for this question: "Have you attended any educational institutions at a secondary level or above?" ...So my question is: do I put yes or no? If yes, then what do I put as the end date, since she's still attending school?
  14. This is my first time posting on here and i really could use any time of assurance and help !! I have submitted the ds 260 (ir1 ), i know i cannot reopen but stupidly realized after the fact of the errors! Can these be corrected at the interview !!! Error 1: my husband uses one name on everything but we didn’t realize his BC has an extra surname ( grandfathers name) which is normal in his home country. ex: soo noo soo noo bc: soo noo soo noo too Error2: his home country doesnt have citites it has districts and villages and we put the wrong thing as his city of birth , Error3: in his home country when we got married they do something called a marriage contract , and it gets signed and stamped and thats all you are married. they dont really care about weddings and parties. but we had a wedding after we were officially married at the ministry of interior office in his home country. so for the place of marriage on the ds260 i stupidly put the city and state of where the Wedding party took place and not where the official contract took place. As it says on our MC place of contract and not place of marriage so it confused me as we had a wedding the same day just different places. can anyone tell me if this okay to tell the VO at the time of interview to correct these errors ? i freaked my self out with reading about material misrepresentation these being interpreted as misrepresentation of material facts . In no way where we trying to hide anything just stupid mistakes.
  15. My spouse is in India and our I130 was recently approved and sent to the NVC. We payed the NVC fees and are no able to submit the AoS, DS 260 and Civil Documents. However, we are not sure if the police certificate is required to be uploaded right now or not. We asked a couple friends who recently went through the same process and they said they took the police certificate to the visa interview but did not upload to the NVC site. We did start the process at the local passport office in India for the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). If any of you have recent experience with civil documents, can you let us know if the PCC needs to be uploaded now or my spouse just needs to take it to the visa interview?
  16. Hi, I am a US citizen. I submitted the I-864 and DS 260 online to the NVC on April 22 for my wife who is an Indian citizen, and am still waiting for a response. Her I-130 got approved in December 2020. We both currently live in Mumbai and have a 5 month old daughter who is now also a US citizen. I am not leaving my wife and daughter alone in India and moving to the US until she gets her CR1 approved. Given the current Covid situation in India, the US consulate in Mumbai is closed. Does anyone know how long does it take to get an interview date in Mumbai after the NVC gives DQ status? We are wondering if it would make sense to move to Dubai and request NVC to schedule our interview there. Does anyone know if this would be feasible? Do we need to establish UAE residency in order to schedule the interview there? If the Covid situation does not improve here, then we are thinking of moving to Dubai next month. Just don't want our move to have a negative impact on the green card process and timeline. Thank you!
  17. Hi I need a help from you all. My wife is filling DS260 form. And we need your assistance in these 2 immigration questions. She visited me on Dec 2019. And cdp gave her 6months of permitted stay (i94). Unfortunately, due to the airport shutdown that is caused by corona virus pandemic. She wasn't able to travel back as she planned. Therefore, we applied for i539 before her i94 expire. And stayed for extra 3months. Once the airport opened she traveled back to her home country and withdrew her application. Now what should we answer for these questions? Please help. 1. Have you ever been unlawfully present in the U.S for more than 180 days (but not more than a year) and have voluntarily departed the U.S. within the last 3 years? Yes or No 2. Have you ever been unlawfully present, overstayed the amount of time granted by an immigration official or otherwise violated the terms of a U.S. Visa? Yes or No Please help
  18. Hi all, I won the dv-2022 with case number AS6xxx. I also admitted to the school and will be starting Master degrees in the US from this fall. I am now thinking obtaining F1 first, and then processing Green Card after successfully entering the US. However I've already started filling DS260 without any knowledge regarding F1 and Green Card. But I've not submitted yet. Will it affect my obtaining F1? Thank you in advance!
  19. I'm a USC born and raised in New Zealand. My wife's I-130 application has just switched to "actively reviewing" so I'm expecting NOA2 any day now and as such, trying to get everything organized to make NVC as smooth as possible. I'm still living in New Zealand until I finish my college degree in November. My wife is also in college and we'll both finish at the same time. I'll move immediately after finishing my degree and hopefully (with a joint sponsor) my wife will be able to move shortly after me. As soon as the case moves to NVC I will pay the fees for AOS and IV and complete DS-260. I wouldn't complete I-864 until I arrange a Joint Sponsor, but when I do, will this be enough to prove intent to establish domicile? I registered to vote as soon as I was eligible and have voted in every federal and state election that I've been able to. I have a permanent mailing address I use in the U.S. which is where I will initially reside when I live there. It is owned by a close family friend. Would it be worth getting him to write an affidavit stating that he was happy for me to live there, in place of a lease agreement? I have an SSN. I've filed U.S. taxes for 2020 but not for previous years as my income was too low. Would the above qualify as proof that I intend in good faith to establish domicile in the US before my wife would get there? Keeping in mind we are applying from a low-fraud country. Otherwise, is there anything else I could do to solidify this case, short of actually moving to the US? In the case we are unable to get a joint sponsor, if I move alone first and are employed in the US from December onwards, I'll file 2021 taxes which will have minimal U.S. income on it. Then, how long would I have to wait before having sufficient evidence to submit for the I-864 to sponsor alone? And is it okay to complete DS-260 in April 2021 and not complete I-864 until April 2022 or later? Thanks in advance.
  20. Hello Everyone, It has been 4 weeks since my husband arrived in the US and we haven't received his SSN so I called the local office and wanted to share my findings with you all and see if other people have had the same issues. First off a little timeline: -We requested that a social security number be created on the DS-260 form when filing for his CR-1, that paperwork was submitted to the online filing system October 23rd. -Visa approved December 16th. -Arrived January 16th to USA First call to local office: Not in the system. Woman said that we needed to wait 2 months upon entry into the states to see if the number would appear in the system. Suggested not to restart the process for fear of duplicate number being assigned to my husband . Second Call: Still not in the system. Looked with Alien Registration number this time. Was told that if the paperwork was filed in October of 2020, it has been too long for it not to have been submitted to their office so he does not and will not have a social security number assigned to him. We were put on the wait list for emergency in-person services and told we need to restart the entire process which could take 3-4 weeks. Has anyone had the same issue? Do you have any tips or ideas for us? I will continue to update with findings incase this can help anyone else!
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