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Found 34 results

  1. I am submitting documents for my husbands CR-1 visa. The internal Passport is required but I am not sure what category it falls under. The DOS website shows it to be under ID, but the only options available when I go to submit it are "Passport Biographic Page," or "Other". Anybody know what I should do?
  2. I finished the DS 260 and am submitting supporting documents now. I'm not sure what category one goes in though, so I want to submit multiple attachments of the same document and choose a different category each time. Is this bad???????????
  3. I received the email that my case was updated and checked the message box and I did. but there was nothing when i clicked the message icon and title, it was blank. However my status at the bottom says both AoS and Civil docs are "accepted". This is two days old so should i call nvc ?
  4. I have submitted my DS-260 for my husband to move to the US. We are now at the process of submitting the required documents. We have PDFs of everything, but his birth certificate is in black and white, and it might be a couple months before he can get his physical one back. Would it be an issue if we submit his birth certificate in black and white now, and just bring the original whenever the interview i scheduled?
  5. Hello everyone, again it is time to refresh the group, and i will post all my concerns here so also everyone can benefit from the scenarios for this lottery or the future ones 1. Address and phone [present and previous] now am Jordanian born in UAE, at 18 i went to Jordan for university after graduation back to UAE for work they request address when i was 16 and older the answer would be in the existing field"16 to 18" UAE" - then new field "18 to 14 Jordan" - the new field "24 to 37 UAE" ? 2. Children don't have an email or phone number , shall i also use mine ? 3. My wife has Palestinian passport originally, then she gained Jordanian by marriage, she uses the Jordanian not the Palestinian [not expired], in the Nationality shall she specify Palestine as the main then she obtained Jordanian passport ? 4. In the Country/Authority that issued the passport , as a Country is it "Jordan" but since i have done it at the embassy it says in the passport "Abu Dhabi" - now Abu Dhabi is a city not country, shall o choose Jordan or UAE ? 5. in Family "Father for example" he was born in the 40's , at that time passports where missed up, and written Day 1 Month 1, but birth certificate is on full actual date , shall i follow the passport or birth certificate Sorry for the long paragraph but i couldn't find information online or on YouTube since everyone is just talking about is in general
  6. Hello , my question is ... if someone has been selected with case number under 4000 ... and he did not fill the ds206 rapidly ... then the visa bultin is out for winners from 1 to 6000 (case number) as example ... then he fill the ds260 after that ... i wanna if this can effect his schedule interview ect ? or it's okay ?
  7. Hi everyone. Petitioning my wife and daughter in the Philippines. Question for AoS. Were in the process of submitting AoS and IV fee. I made almost $37000 last year 2019. I live with my parents and sister. Do i need to count them for the affidavit of support which will be total of 6. Or just 3 of us with my wife and daughter? Next is the DS-260. There is a delay on passport processing in the philippines for 2 months. And one of the question is Passport number. Do we have to wait for their passport to arrive before we fill up DS-260? Thank you! 🙏
  8. Hello Every one, i went to start filling my DS 260 today and i have a question regarding the section in personal section "Have you ever used other names (i.e., maiden, religious, professional, alias, etc.)?" does this section indicates different spelling of the name as well ? as it says on the website "Other names used includes your maiden name, religious name, professional name, or any other names by which you are known or have been known in the past." so i just wanted to be sure so it wouldn't has an issue in the future in 1996 i was issued my 1st passport ever, it was hand written passport and as you can guess everyone in the government who is filling the names in English can write it as he thinks or spells it, for example, the name "Mohammad" written inside all the new passports was written in my first passport "Mohamed" ONLY at my 1st passport and it also applied to my family name [different only at my 1st passport] so if i have ever used a different name, shall i choose YES or NO ? P.S : around 2016 i guess i went to our Embassy and they gave me an official statement that that the information such as name of that passport belongs to the same guy on the new passport shall i obtain a new letter for this purpose just to be sure or not needed as well ?
  9. Hi, Due to Covid19, it's really difficult to get police clearance certificate (PCC) in India; my NVC application just pending because I can't get the PCC, is it ok if I submit the civil documents without PCC and submit the PCC at the time of interview? Kindly help. Thanks!
  10. Hi!! I am having a huge issue right now. What should you do if your name is too long to fit in the name box on DS 260? I have 4 given names and 1 surname. the last 3 letters of my given name won't type on the box. Does anybody know what to do?
  11. Im currently filing my DS 260 ( NVC , CR1 ) and I got laid off but will be re employed by June / July. Should I type in Unemployed and then provide my entire history since high school or should I type in present occupation and my " current employer ". please ask if you need more information. already posted in nvc filers, no answer yet, so hope some can help here 😊
  12. hi, i was an Aupair for almost two years in the states and just read through the nvc page, category: required civil documents. i might need a police clearance letter from the states but where do i get one of these? Maybe there is someone from Germany here which had gone through the same and could help me out or knows about this ? i was texting the consulate but they literally just sent me a document with the exact same answer as on the nvc page. Please ask for any further information, of which state etc. i dont know if that is needed! also i am about to send a form which is called J Visa Advisory Opinion Application to see if i am eligible for the 212(e) - Subject to the two year residence requirement. Anyone experience with it?
  13. REPOST Hi, ☺️ before i start, i am the foreign spouse, currently in germany and my husband is a USC present in WA. CR1 Questions regarding DS260 / NVC Case I was reading through some websites from the gov and nvc about civil documents but nothing for any additional evidence. when i first filed for the i130 i was reading through some discussions like here and they said that we have to gather additional evidence of when we would next visit, new photographs or anything new. so just read through the nvc page and they only want the civil documents? i was going to add some new supporting letters from friends and family, since they got to meet him here before the pandemic went viral, also we’ve been on trips in cities and have hotelinformation etc. i was going through a sample of the DS260 and there is a question at the end which said ‘ were you on a J visa and didnt fulfill your 2 year stay? I was on a J visa for 1 year and 9 months (2017-2018 - exempt from 202?? or 212?? stay, i believe it is called) because thats how i decided and basically fulfilled my time. So do i check NO or YES? this question really confuses me, lol question to where they ask about employement : currently unemployed due to corona - is that exactly what i’ll state in the explanation box? I will have my interview here in Germany, so that i can immigrate to WA and be with my Husband and someone said that i dont have to translate the documents because they are in the german language. Is that correct and will i upload my civil documents and any additional documents to the nvc in german without a translation to english? Thank you for your help! I will really appreciate it 🤗
  14. Hello! I am super thrilled knowing that we are approved!! The next step is submitting other documents and visa interview. The only problem I have right now is, I found out that my Interview Location is in Manila, PH. Where in fact I am currently residing with my husband here in the US. I am asked to to submit the DS-260 and pay other fees. No problem with that but we want to make sure first that we are in the right process. CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME HOW/WHO TO CONTACT or HOW CHANGE THE LOCATION OF MY INTERVIEW LOCATION to USA not Manila, PH? Thank you so much!!
  15. Hello guys. Small question. How does this DS 5540 form work? Does this apply for pending i 130 petitions with the USCIS as well? We didn’t get the NOA 2 yet but what happens when we get the approval? I heard the public charge rule applies only for the petitions/applicants file on or after 24th February 2020 but I’m not sure about this since we will again have to file the ds 260 after the approval. Does the beneficiary have to go through this as well apart from the DS 260?
  16. Hello two years ago my wife apply for a tourist visa at the us embassy to come to the US but got deny twice would I answer yes on the third question. Asking refuse a visa?
  17. Hi everyone. Hope someone can help me cause I'm a bit confused. I've seen the DS260 exemplar and also some samples online about the form. It shows the Previous Work/Education/Training information section. Is this a new version of the form? Even if I change the answers to the questions to Yes/No. Still none. Also not in the next section which is the additional. Enlighten me plssss. Thank you in advance.
  18. This is pretty urgent! I filed my mom's paper work and she finally has an interview on the 6th of next month, but she needed to go to a different interview a week before the Visa interview in order to get her fingerprint recorded on the system and she needs the DS-260 confirmation page but when I looked on my E-mail it wasn't there (definitely my mistake) and then I tried to get it from CEAC but it doesn't allow me to see the confirmation page, does anyone has a solution for this problem? I called the NVC but they said that they can't do anything since the case is being processed abroad and when I called the one in my home country they said that they can't do anything either...
  19. Hello, My priority date was 09 Dec 2007 which got active in the month of Aug 2019. Received invitation from NVC on 13 Aug 2019 to complete the due process. I am currently in the process of filling DS 260 for my F3 visa. I have a query in reference to Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). I know that it needs to be carried in original at time of Interview, but do we need to submit a scanned copy along with DS 260 ? Looking forward for your inputs. Thank You.
  20. Good Day Everyone, I just wanted to ask anyone who maybe able to answer a small question. I been trying to get my wife who resides in Sri Lanka and we been Married for almost 1 year now. I started the paper working May and Submitted all the documents to necessary places. When I check the status of our case on CEAC state site yesterday it mentioned that 2 documents were rejected since it was not the original( marriage certificate and Birth certificate for my wife) I resubmitted the correct originals this morning. I am wondering what is the time line for the NVC to review these 2 documents since everything else is accepted with a green check mark. This is the Form DS260, please kindly let me know how long should it take for them to review these documents and for my wife to be able to get an request for a interview. I am a US citizen and wanted to see if anyone could answer this question. I know we all are looking for answers in some ways for our loved ones. Thank You so much
  21. Hi everyone, My wife is filing ds260 now and we are in the process of getting all the required docs. The sticking point for us has become the police certs. About 10 years ago she studied in Singapore for a total of 2 years. But during that time she went back and forth to her home in Vietnam about 7 times (preparing a student visa for the US actually). The problem is she lost her passport so we don't know what kind of visa she had in Singapore and thus we also don't have her FIN number which is required to make the application for a police cert in Singapore. My question is two fold then. First, if she was back and forth so much, and never there for a continuous year does she actually need the cert? Two, since we do not have the FIN number we may not be able to obtain the cert at all, can we write a sworn affidavit explaining the situation? Would that be satisfactory to the NVC? Or will they still require this elusive cert? As an add on question, she won't need police certs for the 3 years she lived in the US on a student visa right? Thanks so much everyone!
  22. Both my spouse and I live in China and we did the DCF in guangzhou. We had a hard time to find out how to fill out the "telephone". Since my spouse uses Chinese phone number(11 numbers:185-XXXX-XXXX). The DS260 just wouldn't let us fill Chinese number here. Should we just fill my spouse's family member's number? We called the consulate for many times and mailed to ask questions but never get any useful replies. Thank you everyone!
  23. It’s been 10 days that my husband’s affidavit of support fee is still in process but my (IV APPLICATION FEE) was accepted a week ago. I’m the applicant. Anyone knows why is that?
  24. Greetings from the Philippines. IR1 here. I have been documentarily qualified and preparing documents for my upcoming visa interview at the US EMBASSY Manila. I found out that I had a few corrections to make on my DS260 but since I already submitted it, there's no way I can edit it. I would like to ask fellow spouse visa applicants especially who just had their immigrant visa interview at the US Embassy in Manila, if is there anywhere at the Embassy I can have my DS260 corrected? Is it during the prescreening or before the prescreening? Many thanks for those who will answer. God bless us all.
  25. Hello, I submitted my DS260 in October of 2019 under the F4 Category (my Uncle is a US Citizen and I am a dependent of my father). This month, I got an offer to work as an intern for a tech company in California, that would require me to obtain a J1 visa. I am still an undergraduate student and am planning on returning to Canada to resume my studies after my 4 month internship, which can be easily proved. I have no intentions of adjusting status, and want to do consular processing in Montreal later in 2020. Our immigration lawyer projects that the consular interview date in Montreal for our Green Cards will be scheduled late February, which will already be 2 months into the internship. My question is, is it still possible to obtain a J1 visa after having filed a DS260, on the basis that I am a student wanting to return to my home university in Canada in order to finish my degree? Has anyone ever received a nonimmigrant visa after submitting a DS260?
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