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  1. Yesterday I went to Juarez, CDJ Consulate, for my interview which was scheduled for 9:15 a.m. I got there a bit early at 7:30. They were letting all hours in so I went in with just my papers and a lipstick. Nowadays they do not let you in with anything except for your papers, folders and wallet. Do not bring any electronics, cell phone, pen drive etc they did though let me enter with the medical CD. The Plaza Consulado which is to the right of the consulate, about a block down, has lockers that you pay $30 pesos to use. To the left of the consulate there is a kiosk store named Extra and there they will also hold your stuff for a small fee but they do not have lockers. After being let in and going for the first screening window where they make sure you have your photos, documents etc they send you to pay $325 within the consulate for the official interview. They do not except payment coming from different cards or currencies. It either as to come from one credit/or debit card in your name or from one currency in cash. No mixed payment forms, like they accept at the medical appointment. This threw me off so I was back outside trying to get my payment coming in neatly from one currency and source. And hour and a half later I get back in and the consulate was just about empty. I waited at the place to pay for about 45 minutes till someone showed. I was a little nervous while waiting thinking I had lost my opportunity, that things had already started to shut down. But I was told that once let in they won't send you out if you haven't been processed, it does not matter how long it takes. Apparently, I re showed when they were taking their lunch hour. After making my payment I went back to the same area where I had originally spoke to an official behind a glass. Place was empty, except for the guards, who were gracious I waited for about 1 hour. Then the official who was to give me my interview showed. My case was an I-601, DS 260 waiver that I had waited about 13 months to come through. He asked very simple questions, how long we've been married, how many kids birthdays...etc. Then had me sit and wait some more. Then showed again and told me my immigrant visa was approved! He gave me a green slip of paper saying my visa has been approved with instructions for it being mailed to me. The officer said I should receive my visa within two weeks. I was so sick all day from the tension that I couldn't even form a prayer... but God is faithful. Attached are some files that helped me be ready for the interview. CDJ_Ciudad-Juarez Interveiw Checklist.pdf appt letter_checklist for interview.pdf
  2. my parents having visa interview on 24th September at Mumbai (India) consulate for f3 category. now they are planning to go at Tampa,Florida as their first entry in to USA. but we wrote intend to live address in DS 260 form is of Pennsylvania. is it necessary to go first at DS 260 intend to live address or they can go tampa,florida (other than intend to live address) ???? kindly guide.
  3. Hello, My question is for those who have experience with applying for permanent residency while completing the foreign residency requirement of J-1 visa (212(e) does apply). My spouse is currently in her home country of Ukraine waiting for the 2 years to be complete (about 3 months left). We have obtained i130 and paid the fees. The next step is DS260, which asks whether the petitioner has fulfilled the foreign residency requirement. Will they deny our application if we submit it and answer that we have not yet fulfilled the 2 year home residency, but we only have 80 days left? Considering the processing time, my spouse will be done with 2 YR by the date of the interview. In other words, while we have full intention of completing the 2 years, we also don't want to lose additional time because of processing? I would really appreciate any advice. Mark
  4. Hello all, After waiting over 2 weeks for the "maintenance" of the website to finish, I finally got to submit the DS260 form. Now I am looking for where to upload the supporting financial documents and AOS forms, etc. On the CEAC there is no upload forms section, so does that mean I need to physically mail in the forms to the NVC? My case is with the Sydney office (SYD). Thanks! ApDev
  5. Hello, When USC files I130 for foreign spouse and her child, I understand each need to file I130 petition for a visa. Since its two petitions being filed, one for spouse and one for the stepdaughter, do each of the applicants receive their own NVC case number? When filling out DS 260 for the child, I assume only the sections that apply for her should be filled out. She is a minor, and DS 260 ask questions about the spouse, prior employment, etc. This should be filled out just for the child? or the Mother/spouse needs to wait for her own NVC number so she can go on CEAC.STATE.GOV to sign the documents and pay her own separate fees, correct?
  6. Hi guys good morning, I have to fill my DS260, it´s ready to do it, but I have to move and that will change my address, I have a Question, do I receive a post mail, or something from U.S , any correspondence??? That´s my question, my intention is to complete the DS260 today, but I need that information...
  7. Hi there, I am getting the most frustrating error when trying to access the DS 260 form for completion. My case was expedited to the London US embassy so I never received an NVC welcome letter with an invoice ID which I have heard about, instead a letter explaining the expedite request approval. When searching the Embassy site for answers, we found that I should use my birthdate in the format YYYYMMDD instead of the invoice ID. Unfortunately when I enter my case number and use the birthday format I get the following error: "The selected Case Number and Date of Birth combination does not match our records. Please try again or contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate where your case is being processed" Following multiple attempts (even trying date format the other way around) and making sure my case number was correct (copy and pasted from email) I used the contact form on the London US Embassy website. I tried to keep the message very clear and to the point but after a week I finally received a reply just listing the link I need to use (they sent me the link to DS 160 which was incorrect) not having read or perhaps misunderstanding my question. I replied back just stating the error I am getting but it has been another week and I am running out of ideas! Any help would be greatly appreciated if anyone knows if I have caused this error somehow or how I can proceed. Thanks
  8. Hi forum, Asking thai question for a friend. Here is what they wrote to me: "I was admitted to a US university and I intend to begin studying in the fall semester 2018. I have applied for a student visa (did not receive it yet, pending interview). I have also just learned that my father was selected in the DV lottery and intends to file DS260 applications for himself and our family sometime in the summer. I am 17 y.o. (we are from low-immigration country) Generally I did not intend to remain in the US upon graduation, however, having been selected in the lottery may change things. What should I do? Should I let my father file my DS260 while in college here and then fly to my country for the interview? Should I deter admission and pursue this potential green card through my father in my country?" Could you please help/advise if anyone has similar experience? Thank you!
  9. Hello everyone, I really need your help asap, so me and my girlfriend participated in dv 2019, and we both submitted that we were single back then, so recently, my girlfriend was selected, we were so happy, but also so frustrated because we don't know if it is possible to get married before submitting the ds260, is there any hope for us ? + we know everything about each other. + i have WhatsApp - Messenger discussions proofs. + i have an online invoice of a gift i gave her in 2014, and she's still have it. Thank you !
  10. I am filling the ds-260 and I have some questions with regards to the employment section. First this is my situation: I have been with the same company for about 3.5 years and had two positions. One was that of a software developer (2.5 years) and the other as DevOps (1.5 years current). I started out as a software developer, then got a promotion, my job title didn't change but duties did. it's a software developer but I do the duties of what would be those similar to a mix computer systems analysts/user support technician/system administrator (according to O'NET database). What do I fill in the form? Official title and the current duties I do? Because the title does not reflect the duties I actually do.
  11. Hello, I am in the process of filling out the DS-260 and when I printed out the sample form I found on the internet, it had a section where I had to list my education and work places for the past 10 years. Now, as I am filling out the actual online application, under work/education/training, it asks me about my current employment in Canada, which area I intend to work in in the US and then it skips to whether I have ever served in the military. It does not ask me anything about previous employment or education. I have reviewed and re-reviewed all pages and questions a million times. Is the form new? has it been updated? is that information no longer required? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance, Daniela
  12. Dear all, I am confused as to how the AoS and IV package are to be sent to NVC. Is it by regular mail or is it by uploading it to their website? I am confused about this... Some say its upload, others say its by regular (physical) mail/post. Can someone please enlighten me on this? Many thanks in advance...
  13. I'm the sponsor petitioning for my wife, we're now at the stage of filling out form DS260 and we realized I put the wrong dates for her time of residency at previous addresses on the i130a (off by a couple months). We're wondering if we should just put the correct dates on the ds260 and send it in, or do we need to email nvc and try to get it corrected on the i130a... Also if we have to email nvc would we need to wait for the correction to be accepted before proceeding, thus delaying the process? Edit: She also entered the address slightly differently on the ds260 than the i130a, but it's the same address. It's just a bit difficult to input the address in English because it's a Chinese address so she's not sure if it should be translated to english or written in pinyin. Any insight is much appreciated.
  14. Hey everyone Here is my story: i got my B1/B2 visa years ago and i tried going to USA and booked a ticket with one stop in paris. i reached paris but they didnt let me into the plane to usa, so i did not reach the “port of entry” which is usa now in the ds260 form when they asked : have you been refused a visa, been refused admission to the united states, or withdrawn your application for admission at the port of entry i answered “no” since i did not reach usa did i answer correctly? if not what should i do now, thank you
  15. Greetings I recently submitted my ds260 but i found some minor mistakes and i dont know how to correct them. 1st mistake was forgetting to add the Apt number to the mailing address 2nd mistake is that regrading a question that asked me if ive worked with a social,charitable organization and i said no. I actually work with a humintarian organization so i was supposed to put YES?? should i contact nvc or it is not necessary ? thank you
  16. Hi, My wife and I had already applied for SSN for my wife in our DS 260 form. Since, she has already arrived to United States after the visa approval, what could be done at our end in order to get SSN asap? Are we required to visit the nearest office? If yes, what are the documents that are required to be taken for the same? Thanks in advance!
  17. Hello all , I am a beneficiary for IR1CR1 VISA . My husband is at USA ND I am in India . While jotting down all the documents required at NVC Stage I just learnt that I will need a police clearance certificate from regional Passport office . Filling out the form I realised the following facts My passport is in my maiden name . Nither I have added spouse name to it yet . ( My i130 forms etc were filed on maiden name too ) Now there is a detail on form which asks me if I am married and if so my spouse information . If I add my spouse information will it conflict with my passport data ND create problem with police clearance certificate . If I don't add his name I am declaring a false information that I am not married so what should I do ? And before submitting DS260 261 do I require to change to married name . ??
  18. In form ds260 they ask the beneficiary if he appled for b1-b2 before what if the beneficiary didnt remmeber the date !!
  19. My wife and I got our USCIS and NVC applications accepted and we just got our interview letter today. Our Situation: She is a current J-1 Visa Holder subject to the 2 year home residency restriction. On the visa, the 2 years ends December 21, however she traveled to United States to visit me for a total of roughly a month. So now the 2 years are technically ending on Febuary 6. NVC scheduled our interview for January 9. Our question: Is it advisable to reschedule the appointment for after Feb. 6 or should we go ahead and go to the interview on Jan. 9? Do they take into account the 2 year end date/US travel? We would much rather prefer to do the interview sooner (Jan. 9) Thank you ahead of time for any help we get!
  20. Good day visa journeys, I feel frustrated as its been 20 days now (07/08/2017) since i have paid my IV fee, Up untill now its still In Process. I have called several infact most of everyday of the week to ask what is goin on with my case.. There is a little bug in my case on where it says i have to pay iv fee again (pay now) but when i click reciepts its says in process. i have discussed this bug over the phone with nvc and advice me to send a proof of payment drom my bank through email to ask.nvc@state.gov.. Hoping for my status to change from pay now! to PAID so i can proceed with DS260. i am really concern about the bug perhaps it matters even though i have spoken with nvc several times about it but it seems like they are not in control and keeps telling me to wait it out! Anyone have similiar situation pls free to post a reply or comment
  21. Hi, my aunt had filed a petition for my mother. She is the principal applicant. She got a mail from NVC regarding the interview and my father can accompany her. Two weeks before the interview date I got a mail theta said I can accompany my parents to USA and I don’t need to schedule a different interview appointment. So now I need to fill the DS 260 form but there’s is no option to pay form my form. My petitioner has tried all possible methods but it’s showing N/A. Now I have my appointment day after tomorrow and I don’t have a DS 260 confirmation page and I couldn’t do the biometrics for the same reason. What should I do? Should I reschedule the appointment.
  22. Jessicak1989


    My agent made a mistake on my ds260. There was a question if my spouse was ever refussed a US visa? the agent answered no by mistake. My husband was refussed a tourist visa. Nvc already completed my case. I m waiting for the interview letter. I m really worried.
  23. I have already submitted the DS-260 form- marked COMPLETED. Do I need to make any payment (fees) for DS-260 form if filing in London - or are next payments at the Medical and final Interview? Also questions on timing: i) Notification of readiness for interview - do I need to receive a green light from DS-260 before going ahead? ii) Any current guidelines on expected timeline to book the final visa interview in London? Thanks
  24. Hello everyone, please reply if anybody knows about this. The inquiry is regarding with nvc review time. Our documents scan date is july 21. we had submitted ds 260 of my brother before we sent documents to NVC. My status was follow-to-join so i was not able to submit my ds 260 at that time. it got changed after 3 weeks, then i submitted it on august 12. Does anyone know in this case, NVC 11 weeks review time started from july 21 or did it start from august 12 ?
  25. Hello All, I am confused about filling out the education section in the DS-260 section "Previous Work/Education/Training Information" when a person has done online diplomas or certificates. My wife has done her bachelors online and a course from a college that is UK based. The study was self paced and the papers were online. She never physically left the country for any of it. My question is, what do i put in as the address for the institution and the time attended? Correct me if i am wrong, for the time attended it seems that the date of registration till the diploma/certificate was received makes sense.