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Found 38 results

  1. Thanks for the link to the State Department's guide for Cubans applying for immigrant visas in Guyana: https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/Havana-GEO.pdf#page5 From reading the timelines and discussion board, it looks like the timeline for an interview in Havana is 12 months, and in Guyana 7 months. Is that right? Should we put Georgetown, Guyana in question 62 of the I-129f, "Your beneficiary will apply for a visa abroad at the U.S. Embassy at..." Is there any reason not to interview in Guyana?
  2. Hi! My fiance had his interview in Rio (1/22) and he was put on AP. Today they emailed asking him for his social, phone #s, travel last 15 year, etc...basically I researched and saw these are the DS5535 questions. I'm wondering if anyone from Latin America has gone through a similar experience and how long they went through AP? I've seen a lot cases from the middle east that took 5+ months, but I'm wondering if anyone in Brazil or Latin America is in the same boat. My fiance is a Cuban refugee in Brazil. FYI. We turned in all documents asked at the interview. Thx in advance!
  3. Hello, My Cuban fiance received a letter from the US Embassy in Georgetown to schedule his interview. We are so excited!! However, to be able to schedule an interview, we need to pay the $265 visa fee in cash at a local bank. I contacted Georgetown because this makes zero sense to me (We cannot travel to Guyana to make a payment with no interview scheduled!). I also contacted the bank asking if I could do a wire transfer (which you cannot do). Anyone have to make this payment? And if so, how did you do it? Gracias mil!
  4. Hello, Any suggestions on how long the process is taking? Any ideas on the process and interview will be helpful. Thank you so much
  5. Hi everyone. Someone in another forum just got an interview date in early January 2019. She said that was the first available date. Has anyone who is petitioning their fiance from Cuba through the Guyana embassy received an interview date lately? If so, what date did they give you? I'm wondering what happened to all of the November and December interview dates.
  6. Hello! I am petitioning (K-1) for my Cuban fiance who is a refugee in Brazil. The embassy is asking for all police certificates/"antecedentes penales" from all countries he has resided in. I am wondering how other folks were able to get police certificates/records from Cuba. Also, does anyone know of online translating services? Thanks in advance
  7. I would like to marry my cuban girlfriend but have no clue how to do it. Someone said if you can marry abroad but if i go that route it will cost less but if the marriage dissolves i am responsible for her for many years. I heard the k1 visa is better but more expensive? please help
  8. Hi there , Does anyone know the actual case processing time for Nebraska service center ? I’m a U.S citizen making a petition for my husband. I know they take 7 to 9 months and half currently. I received NOA1 on March 20th 2018. And on here I’m getting that the Nebraska service center , is currently viewing cases of March 1st 2018. However on the USCIS actual website I’m getting that there on Janurary 25th 2018. Who’s right and who’s wrong ? Help
  9. RC and JE

    K1 Follow to Join with Cuban fiance

    I will be requesting follow to join for my fiance's child (my soon to be stepchild) to bring him at a later date. I have a few questions: 1) What will I need to bring (if anything) to the K1 interview besides the child's birth certificate? 2) Once I request join follow to join within the 1 year time frame, does Cuba or the Guyanese embassy (since that is where interviews are currently being held) require an interview if the child is 5 years old? 3) What documents does the Cuban/Guyanese embassy require for that interview? 4) Anything else I should know about this process specific to Cuban beneficiaries? Thank you!
  10. Hi there everyone , Below I’m going to leave the link , with all the information regarding the U.S Embassy in Guyana. There you can register your appointment , make your Medical Exam appointment. As well as the checklist for all the documents requiered at the interview. Hope this helps. I’m still very far away from that moment. Currently haven’t even received my approval from USCIS. But I’ve found the information and would like to share with all of you. ☺️ P.S the information is in English and Spanish! Hope it helps!
  11. Seems US is easing advisory on travelling to Cuba. Perhaps first step to restoring US embassy operations in Havana? https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/cuba/article217215960.html
  12. Hello, My husband came to the US on a K1 from Cuba last fall. We got married and went through the AoS process and he received his US green card in March of this year. He wants to travel to Cuba to visit family, but we feel nervous about him traveling under this current administration and its increasingly nightmarish immigration policy and disrespect for immigrants, even those that maintain permanent residency. Is it safe for Cuban citizens that are US permanent residents to travel to Cuba and return to the states without hassle under Trump? Have any Cubans or partners of Cubans done so in the past year? thanks!
  13. HI Can someone please provide me with a good list of things to bring to the Interview or a good link?
  14. Gmaciel

    visa to visit Cuban boyfriend

    Hi, i recently went to Cuba, and voila, Ive met someone and we really clicked. We’ve been talking everyday and I’m returning in 2 weeks to visit him. My question is that first I went under the category of helping the Cuban people (8) now with the new Trump administration rules things is getting really confusing, anyone in the same situation? Is that a different visa we can apply for??? Many thanks
  15. I am Latino (not Cuban), but I have cuban citizenship and I am applying for a GC with this. My 485 is pending and now I NEED to go to Cuba to get a document for a RFE. I have the advance parole (travel and work) but I am affraid to have issues re-entering the US. Do you think I should go anywhere else and from there re-enter the US? Or no worries about it? Any article, similar case or idea will be appreciated.
  16. Hello, Cuba folks! Just curious your thoughts on how Trump's news will affect us. I estimate that the K1 interview for me & my fiancé will be in September or October, but what happens if I cant get into the country? I'll be flying in via UK. The past 3 times I have been to Cuba I also went through other countries. When I came from Europe I got no questions at all. Only when I went via Mexico did I get asked anything, and I just had to fill out a simple form saying my trip was "people to people", which it was but I organized independently. Of course, I know the policies are just going back to how they were, but under Obama before the change, it didn't seem like it was terribly enforced, and I have been reading that independently organized trips won't be allowed anymore. My fear is now these rules will be enforced. Any thoughts on this? For those of us planning to make Cuba trips -- should we make plans to join a tour group? Or independently organize some lessons? Ugh. Does a visa interview at the embassy count as a good enough 'activity'? Any thoughts much appreciated. Of course my fiance is terribly afraid this means we can't be together at all...
  17. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone knew or had any experience, on how long will it take for the AOS to be approved once it gets to my local field office? My local field office (Hialeah, FL) received my husband's info last month in May 2018, after almost more than a year up in Lees Summit, MO 2.27.2017. One of the ppl in that field office mentioned to my husband it wouldn't take too long now once its there and was also told K-1 visa/AOS holders take the longest to be approved. seems we've been waiting forever. thanks
  18. Hi Everyone, In late January my Cuban fiancé and I had out K1 visa petition approved, but by that time to U.S. Embassy in Havana was closed, and all cases moved to Colombia. I have been trying to schedule an ASC appointment and interview using the online site https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-co/iv/ but there are literally no dates available to choose from. I have tried contacting them and have used the contact phone number listed on the site under "Contact Us", but they say they cannot provide information about the dates, since the U.S. Embassy in Colombia is responsible for the that, and they only have information about the individual cases. I check the site every day. What should I do? Has anyone else experienced this? My lawyer and a contact I have in the State Department have not been able to find anything out either. Thanks!
  19. HI Guys My husband's AOS is STILL pending. The waiting game is real. I know I should have applied for the AP a while back but I didn't think the AOS would take this long. I thought I would have gotten the GC by now. Anyways, My question is the following, I applied the AOS and EAD as a combo originally- 1 price for both. If I were to apply for the AP now, would I need to pay for this as well $ 660.0 with Bio fee? or do I not pay? not sure if am reading the filing fee correctly. I originally thought you could only pay for the AOS plus EAD or AOS plus AP. You do not need to pay an additional fee for Form I-131 if: You are filing Form I-131 Application Type B or D; You filed a Form I-485 with a fee on/after July 30, 2007; and Your Form I-485 is still pending. please clarify for me if you can... we are getting desperate. thanks
  20. Hi Guys I wrote the post back in Feb 2018 regarding my husband's pending AOS and i'm still waiting. Not sure if I should be super nervous or concerned that the documents have been misplaced or just tossed to the side. My husband went today to our local field office and was told the paperwork is still in Lees Summit, MO. and they are still looking at them since January of 2018. Really? this is simply ridiculous. What's the "actual" pending time for an AOS. My husband is really getting anxious about going to see his family in Cuba and I really don't want to spend another $ 600 in travel permit. its simply crazy money. Another issue is the renewal of work permit because of the pending AOS. I know they give him an extension since he falls under the pending AOS. We just sent the renewal this past week and they received on Monday. Do you guys know the waiting time on this as well? He was told one the approval document arrived he can work again. I'm so overwhelmed with this process- I thought getting the K-1 Visa was an issue but this has become a GRAND issue. The waiting game- so frustrating. please someone give me some sound advice. thanks esther
  21. I just finished reading that the interviews for immigrant visas for Cubans will be held at the US embassy in Bogota, Colombia. This means that any petitions for K1 or CR1 will be transferred to that embassy. Not only am I heart broken and confused . But I’m so upset because I just don’t understand how does the US government believe a Cuban who earns $30 a Month, can afford a trip to Colombia? And to top it off you need A VISA to travel there? I mean isn’t this automatic denial ? They’re just violating the 1994 agreement to let AtleaSt 20,000 Cubans enter the US per year. And now they’re settimg is up for failure. Why not just work with the Swiss embassy and open the interest section again? Why make the Cuba beneficiary who makes $30 a month and cant get a visa to go to Colombia , “travel” all the way over there? They’re expecting to send letters to existing petitions that were approved on how to handle it , but this is so not fair. You’re humiliating one of the poorest countries in the world. I ask that someone answer me or atleast give me some advice because I’m about to lose my mind.
  22. I filed my I129F petition for my fiancé who’s a Cuban national. Because interviews were being conducted in Bogota, I entered Bogota as the US embassy location for our interview. However- we just found out that all cases will be processed to the US embassy in Guyana. But we want to try and have our interview in Dominican Republic. Does anyone know how I can request to transfer our case once approved from the US embassy in Bogota to the US embassy in Dominican Republic? I think it might be automatically transferred once it’s approved and sent to the NVC.. but is there any specific request? My fiancé and I are already working on applying for a visa for him to travel to the Dominican Republic. Any information or ideas will be highly appreciated!
  23. Hello VJ members: Just curious to know if anyone has already been scheduled and hopefully approved for an immediate relative (Cuban) visa at the Colombian embassy? If so, any idea in costs, requirements etc. Thank you,
  24. Hello. My husband is a Cuban national living in Cuba. We would like for him to visit this year. Does anyone have any tips on this process? With the U.S. embassy in Havana closed to visa applications, we will have to have our interview in any other embassy in the world. Beyond that, any suggestions on which embassy might be most likely to accept our interview request is appreciated. Thank you.
  25. Hello everyone. I’m new to the forums and have lurked for about a year now off and on depending on my level of anxiety with US immigration. I would like to know if there are any Cuban applicants who have already gotten their interview dates for Bogota and about how long it took to receive the date after NVC confirmed receipt of all necessary documentation. I sent all documentation for my wife to the NVC on Dec 1st, 2017 and they confirmed no other documentation was needed in January. It’s been about 3 months now since they received everything. I would just like to know when I can expect to bring my wife home...