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  1. Hello. I couldn’t find a clear answer below. So here goes my question in short. I want my sister to file joint sponsor but I don’t want to live with here. We want to live wife my brother. However, my brother can’t joint sponsor for personal reasons. Is this possible? One more question. Let’s say we moved with my sister and she sponsors us, then how long do we have to live with her before moving? Either to our own place or with a relative? Thanks
  2. I'm filling out the I-864 and it asks for number of child dependents, my son is currently living with his mother and I didn't claim him as a dependent on my taxes last year. Do I still put him on the I-864 because he will be coming to the USA at the same time as his mother? thanks!
  3. So I got an email late last night from NVC saying I had insufficient income even though I provided proof that my annual income is just shy of 40,000 a year. I work for the local county in a government job. With either net or gross I make in excess of the requirements for a household of 2. The only thing I can think of that hurt my affidavit of support was that during part of Covid I was unemployed after undergoing a major surgery and needing recovery time, which also didn’t matter since very few places were hiring during Covid. Anyways, I now need a co-sponsor and the only one I can ask is either my mom or dad. I don’t think I can use my mom because she’s medically retired and only received about 29000 on her retirement last year. She does own a house but I don’t know how assets are counted and what is enough to qualify. My dad (they’re divorced btw, sorry I didn’t mention sooner), recently retired so I don’t know what his annual is yet with his social security and pension but while he was working his annual was about 80k a year. please , any advice would be helpful or any info about cosponsors and how their income and assets are used. Are they counted along with my own income? Also which parent would be the better choice? Mom is remarried and husband has no income, and dad is single but doesn’t own a house.
  4. Hello, We're getting ready to submit our AOS paperwork however even after thoroughly reading the instruction pages, we still wanted to double check/clarify a few things. Any input on any of the questions would be highly appreciated! On the I-485 AOS form, I just want to confirm that the K1 visa IS subject to the public charge ground of inadmissibility under INA section 212(a)(4) - (pt. 8 #61). I believe I choose yes which then brings me to #62. #62 - I am using my brother as a joint sponsor for my wife's petition since I don't have an income however my brother and I don't live together - would he still be considered in our household? #63 - Do I include his full income in our annual household income? #64 - Should we share my wife's savings account information as an asset (do we provide bank statement as proof?) #65 - would car insurance be considered a liability? We're living rent free with my cousin for now so we're unsure whether to include any liabilities On form I-864 Affidavit of Support, (pt. 7 #6- use of assets to supplement income) Should I add my wife's checking/savings info when it asks "Assets of the principle sponsored immigrant?" For reference, my brother as a joint sponsor will be filling out his own I-864 so he wouldn't need to fill this part out being that he exceeds the federal poverty guideline, however I will add my minimal assets, but I'm wondering if I should add my wife's savings account to both our I-864 forms. I don't believe I need the I-765 worksheet for K1 family visa however I wanted to verify that as well. Thank you in advance and good luck everyone!!!
  5. Hello, I have a quick question - my wife is filing for her AOS and we're a bit confused with the I-864 forms. I have been unemployed for a few years so we're getting my brother to sponsor her. Since I am the one who petioned and brought her here, I thought I still had to sponsor her and fill out I-864, and my brother would fill out I-864a as a household member. However in part 1, question #1 of I-864 it asks if "I am the petitioner. I filed or am filing for the immigration of my relative" (1a) which I assumed was the correct box to check off, but I see there's an option to check "second of two joint sponsors" (1e). -Does anyone know which one would be the correct one? And if my brother would need to fill out I-864 or I-864a? I really appreciate your help in advance and good luck to everyone with their journey!
  6. After submitting all our docs to NVC we received two messages: 1. Please upload W2s or 1099s 2. Reported income is insufficient We're hoping not to have to use a joint sponsor. I uploaded my 1040 when I submitted the I-864. I don't have W2s or 1099s as I'm employed abroad. Can I just upload a document stating that? My wife saw something mentioning that some people upload a copy of their foreign taxes. Is that useful? My current income is $100,000. I work fully remotely and uploaded my contract, as well as a statement that I will continue with this company as a contractor upon returning to the US. Is this income insufficient because it's not from a US company? Would a note from my employer that they are aware of my plans to move to the US and that they intend to continue working with me help? I did not include any additional assets in our application. I was advised not to bother as it required significant documentation and my income was sufficient (ha!). But we do have savings and our home that we could have included that would put us well above the requirements. My wife also heard that in practice they don't actually accept property to fulfill the requirement. If I wanted to do include assets now, would I just upload a new I-864 with the updated information? Everything on the NVC website is currently marked as "Accepted". I assume they're waiting for at least a response to the W2/1099 request though. The insufficient income message is a little more vague, as they used words like "to avoid delays" and "may be submitted." How do you know they're going to forward this to the consulate? Do they just say that in an email?
  7. Hi I am filling the I-864 form for my parents who are living in Iran at the moment, on part 2 where I need to write their mailing address, as the system of address writing in Iran is different, when i write on the online form, the whole address does not fit in, what should I do? and does it matter that address is not complete? does the national visa center send them a mail and their address in Iran needs to be complete?
  8. Hello, I am helping a friend with her AOS application. She is currently on her OPT from a F1 student visa. Her spouse is on VA benefits but makes above the 125% poverty guidelines at around $45k.The $45k are VA benefits (permanent VA Disability and then temporary GI bill) from the military that he also uses to currently study. He has no other employment as of right now but is just a student. My questions regarding the I-864: 1) Page 4, Part 6: Should he answer that he is currently employed by the VA? Does he have to put anything under Part 6, Questions 5 or 6 (he is the retired from the military and is currently unemployed but bc he is a student on the GI bill)? 2) Page 5, Part 24a-c: Since the VA benefits and GI bill are non-taxable income his income for the last 3 years according to the tax filings look like they are below the poverty line when in fact he's been well above, it just isn't income that is taxed according to the IRS and hence don't show up on his tax records. Is this bad? They will submit these items to show his income: VA Benefit and Disability Information Letter DD-214 Past 12 months of Bank Statements from the Account that receives the Direct Deposits VA ID Card In addition, they will show her current income what she is making on her OPT ( also around $45k). I don't know how much that income matters though if you consider that her current EAD will expire in Jan 2024 (making her unemployed until she gets her new EAD as part of the AOS application issued). Any help is much appreciated! Thank you, Sandra
  9. Hello everyone! I work for a nail salon and receive a check every 2 weeks from the nail salon owner. At the end of the year, I receive form 1099 NEC to file taxes so that makes me self-employed. My question is for form I-864, what documents should I submit to USCIS to prove my income? I have IRS 2022 tax return transcript, my own copy of 2022 tax return with all Schedules, form 1099 NEC, copies of my paycheck deposit slips. Please tell what else I need to submit (employment verification letter?) I am doing this on my own so any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
  10. We are currently waiting to hear back from our I-30 petition, and want to be ready to submit our DS-260 & I-864. My questions are regarding the I-864 Affidavit of Support. Situation: The sponsor has moved to the U.S. after filing the I-130 petition. Their current income in the U.S. is over 125% of the 2022 federal poverty guidelines. Sponsor was working in the UK from January 2022 - May 2022 Sponsor is currently working in the US from May 2022 - Current Sponsor's tax returns in 2019,2020,2021 do not show an income, as they were unemployed Questions: 1. How to calculate current income? (given that they have both worked in UK & US during this year) From my research, current income means how much the sponsor has earned from January 1st - December 31st, and not just their annual salary, which is why I am somewhat confused. So to calculate my sponsor’s current salary, we use the amount of income they have earned to date in 2022, and then extrapolate until the end of the calendar year. However, given that my sponsor has worked in the UK for the first half of the year, does this previous foreign income count towards this calculation? For example, if their foreign income is not included in the total annual income, and they have only started worked in the U.S. in May 2022 earning $30,000 annually; that means their earnings from May 2022 - December 2022 would only be $17,500 for the entire year, which is below the Federal Poverty Guideline. Does this mean we have to use this figure as my sponsor's "current individual annual income" instead of what's stated on their work contract? If so, it would mean we would need an additional sponsor. 2. What supporting documents do we need to provide? (Both Domicile & Financial) Since my sponsor doesn't have a regular income shown on their tax returns for the previous years; and that the 2022 tax returns are not due yet; should we still include my sponsor's tax returns? And what else do we need to include given our situation? Our current evidence list: Copy of U.S. Citizenship Document Copy of foreign paychecks from January 2022 - May (UK) Copy of U.S. Paychecks from May - Current Copy of U.S. Bank statements Employment Verification Letter from the sponsor's current job in the U.S. Anything else? 3. Given all the information above, should we get an additional sponsor? We are in a position where we can get an additional sponsor if it is beneficial to our application. But considering the above, are we ok or should we get an additional sponsor to be on the safe side? 4. Since we are going through the DCF route, do I print the I-864 and take it with me to my interview at the U.S. Embassy in London? Thank you for any help.
  11. After the interview at the London embassy we were asked (green paper ticked 221g) to provide additional evidence to support the Affidavit of Support : add a joint sponsor and provide evidence of petitioner’s domicile in the US. We have sorted the joint sponsor part and are gathering evidence to justify “concrete steps to establish domicile in the US” as we both live in the UK and intend to move to the US at the same time. Our first question : do we have several attempts for submitting additional evidence? If our evidence is not satisfactory at this point, will they ask for additional proof again or will we simply be denied the visa? Our second question : has anyone sucessfully justified of “concrete steps to establish domicile” without having a US house secured signed? What evidence did you submit? The guidance is to not quit my job and buy tickets but on the other hand we are expected to have a lease signed or bought a property in the US, so we are at loss. Any help welcome! We have been on this journey on our own since March 2021 and the interview was a hard hit! Many thanks!
  12. Hello, I am a u.s citizen and so is our child he has his report birth abroad and u.s passport my wife is Icelandic. we are filing a I-864 and we are using a joint sponsor to support us on a separate I-864 QUESTIONS 1.As the primary sponsor to my wife since my child is a u.s citizen do I still need to add his info under Part 3 family member 1. 2. On my joint sponsors i-864 do I have to list myself and my child under part 3 as derivatives to my wife? I wouldn't imagine i need to since me and my son are both u.s citizens and not aliens. 3. Do i still need to fill out an I-864W for my son even if hes a u.s citizen no SSN yet but has u.s passport and report birth abroad. We are filing at our local embassy. Thanks for any clarification Very respectfully Pat
  13. Our Story Me and My Wife got married December 2nd, 2022. She lives in Washington and I live in Afghanistan. We filed our I-130 at the beginning of February and we got our approval after 28 days and after a week our case was transferred to NVC. It has been a few months since then. I am 19 and as my wife is also just 19, she was attending High School last year and didn't make enough and this year as well she is not making enough. My father in law didn't make enough as well last year but he has a house as an asset. We are looking for a joint Sponsor considering our complicated financial situation. We hope we can find it. Our Situation is very tough. Reading our Story, what would be your suggestion for the solutions?
  14. Hi everyone. I’m filling out the affidavit of support and I have 3 questions regarding Part 6. 1. I was just currently employed, but I have not been paid yet as my start date is in a couple of weeks. Where it ask about my income and position do I input what is on my offer letter and contract even though I haven’t received any money yet? 2. it says “income you are using from any other person who was counted in your household size” would I add my partners income when he is the beneficiary? Technically he is a part of my household, but I’m not sure if I leave his income out or not. 3. Will they be going based off of what I'm earning in the future? Or what I have earned in the past? I didn't work for a couple of years due to having a baby so I didn't have to file taxes, I'm not sure if this will mess things up or not? I'm using a joint sponsor, but I just wanted to ask for caution. TIA!
  15. I am in a situation which I cannot figure out. I have tried to ask other forums, but I haven't gotten a straight answer or the question was completely ignored. I hope that I have better luck here. I am the USC, filing for my Colombian spouse. I am currently at the NVC stage and preparing my I-864. My situation is that I earn non-taxable monies throughout the year from the Social Security Administrations and Veterans Affairs. Between those two, I make way over the minimum that is needed to sponsor, household of 2. (Only me and my wife) The monies are considered permanent for the rest of my life. I have been collecting for 11 years so far. Between reading the I-864 itself and also the I-864 instructions. It is not very clear on what I should include as evidence. When you have taxable monies then you submit your tax transcripts, 1040s or W-2s. Simple. When you have non-taxable monies. There is nothing showing what clear evidence is needed. I do have a joint sponsor setup just incase it falls through. I want to submit one I-864, first, on my own merits. I do not want the joint sponsor to sign a contract if they don't have to. If I were to get an RFE for the I-864. Then, that is when I would add the joint sponsor. As a last resort. I know that will cause a delay in my case, but that is okay. I am trying to push my case out a little. Documents and Evidence that I will include with the I-864. 1. VA Card, Medicare Card, and Military ID Card 2. Award letters showing how much I will make per month for the year 2023, SSA and VA. 3. I also have a letter showing how much I made in the last 10 years, each year. VA also showing my wife added as a dependent. 4. DD214 5. Bank Statements of where the deposits go. I will supply one year of statements. I do have up to three years, if needed. I hope that someone can help me and shine some light on this subject. Thank You, Kevin
  16. We are preparing our final docs before our appointment at the London embassy. I am confused with regards to the Affidavit of Support (Form I-864). For context: I (beneficiary) and my spouse (US Citizen) have been living in the UK for the last 10 years. Due to the lack of a tax treaty & overall complexities for US filings, our investments are in my name in a Vanguard S&S ISA. We also have around 10k GBP cash across our current accounts (joint) On top of this, we currently own a property that shows our current equity as £140k (based on our mortgage summary page, deducting outstanding balance from their current valuation). We would like to use assets only to cover the requirement. My understanding is that we need to provide 3x 125% of the poverty line, so roughly $80,000 USD, to qualify. Presuming my SO/sponsor won't have a US income yet due to leaving their UK job to move, I am unsure which route we should take for filling this part. I would extremely appreciate any advice here because I am struggling to make sense of the "easiest" way to document all this, and whether I am able to cover these assets in my name only, or if the sponsor needs to show they can cover me? Any help would be wonderful. Thanks
  17. Hi all! So my husband is looking to submit the I-864 Affidavit of Support as soon as possible however, his 2022 tax return has been put on an extension. Since it's almost May, 2022 is the most recent tax return and he would obviously have to submit 2022, 2021, and 2020 but we don't want to prolong the process by possibly waiting weeks to submit the I-864 because of the extension and then waiting for it to be processed. I've seen that people have submitted 1040, along with W-2's and a letter explaining why they don't have their tax transcript yet and everything went smoothly for them. However, my husband is an independent contractor, a 1099 employee, so we are curious as to if there is a way we could do this even though he does not have a W-2? What would we have to submit? I think he is schedule C or something, I also am not too familiar with this terminology considering I am not American so apologies if the terminology or wording is a little off. Do we have any options other than waiting weeks for his tax transcript? Thanks in advance!!😅
  18. My wife’s dad wants to sponsor my case. He currently makes 45K. - My wife has 2 siblings so with her mom the household size is 5. - My wife is also count as dependent. - My wife and I live together. She only makes 15K and I used to make 60K but was laid off in January. My question is, when filling out for form I-864, does her dad has to count me and her as part of the household? Since the 125% poverty guideline for 6 people is 50K ( including me plus her family members ) if we don’t count as part of the household, then he should qualify, but with 6 members he doesn’t meet the requirements? : Any suggestions if my wife and I would be count as part of the household?
  19. Hi everyone, I am using my mom as a joint sponsor but I am having some trouble calculating her household size for the income requirement. I lived with my mom for half the year last year before I moved to the UK and so she claimed me on her 2022 taxes. Because she has done this does this mean I am considered apart of her household when determining the income level?
  20. Hi, I was wondering besides form I-864 is there another form that needs to be filled out for interview for k-1 visa I know I'm ways away to get my interview but I want to be ready and have all the necessary documents when the time comes.
  21. Hello, I am filing for AOS for my husband which I brought to the US on K1 visa. I am trying to complete the I-864 as the sponsor. I have a question however, I just started working in January, this is my first job since my last one two years ago. My job from two years ago doesn’t meet the requirement, but my current job does. I make enough to sponsor him but I do not have any tax returns for this job since I just started. I have two or three pay stubs and that’s about all. Should I make a joint sponsor or can I be able to sponsor my husband with an employers letter and pay stubs plus whatever tax returns (which do not qualify) I had prior?
  22. Our case is ready at the embassy and my fiancé works at one of the tech companies that are about to go through layoffs. Although his job is not currently in jeopardy, his company refuses to give him a letter that he is employed. Therefore he cannot fill out the I-864 Form. Before we go in the direction of a joint sponsor, is there another way to prove the employment? A contract? Recent pay stubs? Thanks in advance!
  23. Hello, I recently submitted my application to USCIS that included forms I-130, I-30A, I-485, I-864, I-693, I-765 and I-131. However, my payment was declined because my bank thought the charge coming from USCIS was fraudulent. I received my application back today and it came with a green slip that said to refile with the green paper on top. The applications all came stapled together, my medical examination form came back open and some of the evidence I had submitted is out of order. Is it okay to re-submit the application as is alongside a money order. Or should I remove the staples, organize everything again and get a new sealed envelope from my civil surgeon? Thank you in advance
  24. Hello, I’m here seeking for advice. I can’t complete my I-864 as I am still searching for answers and hoping that others have the same experience and wanting to know what has been the result. Anyway, our household income is insufficient to cover the poverty guideline. We have a savings account that could cover the difference (x5). I wanted to know if anyone else used their savings for the I-864 and what were your experiences. Did it caused RFEs, delays? Anything else? I’m just worried that assets may not have enough bearing compared to income. But wanted to use it anyway before using another sponsor. Please throw any advise. Beneficiary is in the Philippines (if that helps). Thank you.
  25. I'm sponsoring my husband and am self-employed (and have been for 17 years). We worked with a lawyer to prepare our package (130, 485, etc, etc) and they submitted 3 yrs of full accountant prepared tax returns (with all supporting 1099's, etc) plus 12 months of of statements for all of my bank and investment accounts for assets (talk about a lot of paper). The lawyer said we don't need a joint sponsor but I'm not so sure. They did a poor job so I don't trust them. I made over the required amount for a household of two in 2019 and 2021 but not in 2020 b/c well, you were all there, you saw what happened. 2022 taxes are not ready yet but I will again make more than enough. My total assets fall just under the requirement at 65k, but we also included his assets which puts us over the baseline. I've read old threads about self employment and the info is conflicting. I am concerned that the lawyer did not ask me to write a "letter of employment" for myself or provide any business license or anything else. Should we line up a joint sponsor or are we probably ok?
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