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  1. I just checked my EAD case status earlier this morning, and it turns out my request to expedite was approved and my card is in production! Just wanted to give a huge thanks to the VisaJourney community and everyone who has ever shared their timelines (I probably read every single timeline out there while in nervous anticipation...). Below is my detailed timeline and process notes in case anyone is / will be in the same boat as I was. Timeline: 05/16: Married to USC 05/24: Submitted I-130, I-485, I-765 and I-131 applications 05/25: Priority date 06/01: Received job offer to start August 6, 2018 06/07: Received NOA1 in mail (notice date of 05/31); application being processed by National Benefits Center 06/09: Received Biometrics appointment notice in mail (notice date of 06/01) 06/19: Biometrics appointment completed (could have done early walk-in, but wanted to get expedite supporting documents ready first) 06/19: Called USCIS and submitted service request to expedite EAD on the basis of Severe Financial Loss (end of current employment on 6/29 plus pending job offer to start 8/6) 06/20: Walked in to Congresswoman's office and hand-delivered case form, cover letter, and supporting documents (see list below) to Constituent Services Representative 06/22: Email response from USCIS asking for supporting documents for request to expedite: "Upon receipt of your request for expeditious processing, your case was reviewed and a determination was made that we need additional information to make a decision regarding your request. Please fax proof of a pending job offer to ###-###-####, Attn: AA####, Div #, Team #." 06/22: Forwarded USCIS email response to Constituent Services Representative, who confirmed that an expedite request has been submitted on his end as well 06/22: Faxed over supporting documents to USCIS fax number provided in email response Cover Letter; USCIS Email Response Above (they request you include in your fax); Pending Job Offer, with 8/6 start date; and Statement from Current Employer (at the time) on Termination of Employment 6/29 06/22: Submitted case to Ombudsman (https://www.dhs.gov/case-assistance) with cover letter and supporting documents 06/26: Email response from USCIS: "We received your request to expedite the decision on your application. Your case is currently under review. You will receive a decision or notice of further action shortly." 06/29: End of current employment (at the time); effectively unemployed 07/06: Ombudsman responded saying my case is within normal processing times, but to respond if I believe I qualify for expedited processing. I responded and reattached cover letter and supporting documents 07/06: Constituent Services Representative from Congresswoman's office followed up with USCIS 07/06: Case status online changed to "Card in Production"! Notes on a couple factors (real / intangible) that may have affected my expedited processing: I am a Canadian citizen marrying a USC. I have been in the U.S. three years under the TN work visa, and four years prior to that as a student and working in the U.S. every summer. Seems like a fairly vanilla case Just a pending job offer is rarely enough anymore, but my current employment at the time was ending as well. Furthermore, when I applied, my wife was in between jobs, so our application paperwork has her down as unemployed as well. Having both of us unemployed may have pushed my situation towards the "severe" side Since these things are always subjective, I believe a good cover letter can really make the difference. In mine, I emphasized how, more important than the money, I am a young college graduate about to lose a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which would be a major setback to my dreams My birthday is today (07/07), which may or may not have affected anything haha Happy to answer any questions / clarifications. Best, George
  2. Hello, I wondered if anyone could help me. I got a job offer and I have heard that I can expedite my EAD through that. Does someone know how? I did concurrent filing for AOS in mid December 2018, did Biometrics in January and had no RFE. Please help!!!
  3. Hi everyone, I have been searching through this forum and did not find any topics that discussed EAD Expedite cases where USCIS has requested Proof. Share your experience and timeline here so we can get a better idea about how long it takes and what is the success rate. You can track mine in my signature. I requested EAD expedite review under Severe Financial Loss and I provided a letter from my employer to prove it. It has been 9 days since I faxed my letter and no change so far...
  4. I am US citizen and in the military and am scheduled to deploy in later this year. My fiancé is a Canadian citizen and we have been in a relationship with lots of time spent together for the past 3.5 years. We are confused and unsure of which direction to go in terms of getting married and getting her to the US with me before I leave. We are also concerned about her not being able to work for an extended period of time while I am overseas (if we decide to go K1 route and have to wait for her work visa). I will try to organize the questions as best as possible, any and all experience and feedback is greatly appreciated! 1.) Granted that I am able to successfully receive a military expedite would it be better/faster to go with the K1 or CR-1 visa? Is the expedite process/timeframe the same for both? 2.) If we decide to go with the CR-1, can she come to the USA and marry here, then go home to Canada and we apply once she is back home? Will we have issues with USCIS thinking our marriage is not Bona Fide if we have a quick courthouse wedding then apply for CR-1 immediately once she goes back to Canada? (We have a ton of evidence of our relationship, photos, plane tickets, passport stamps, mail with both our names on it at my address). 3.) If we go with the k-1 visa, and marry immediately when she arrives in the USA once her visa is approved (no need to wait the full 90 days in our case), how long will it take for her to be able to work/receive advanced parole? We are concerned that I will have to leave shortly after she arrives and she will be stuck not able to work and make money or go home to see her family for the first few months that I am gone. Can we also apply to expidite to her AOS/Work Permit/Advanced Parole? 4) If we do marry first so she can be eligible for health benefits receive a military dependent ID card, will that expedite the process or hinder her getting her visa/work status approved? Thanks in advance everyone.
  5. I've had a bit of an unexpected situation come up and I'm curious for anybody's take. I've seen a lot of old threads about AP expedites but am curious for more up-to-date information. I came to the US on TN status, and am still working for the same employer (my status expires in September 2020). I applied for AoS/EAD/AP on 12/01/2018 based on marriage to my USC husband. I've completed biometrics and am now waiting for EAD/AP, which is estimated to arrive May 13-17, 2019, according to today's VJ estimate. The situation Every year, my boss attends a very important conference for our industry overseas -- it's a huge opportunity to network with our international partners and possibly bring in more money for the company, not to mention that the trip itself is also a financial investment. This year's conference is the first week of April, and my boss already made tons of meeting appointments with important contacts, booked hotels/flights, etc. Last week, she broke her foot really badly and has since been advised by her doctor in follow-up appointments that she won't be able to travel by plane by the time the conference comes around. She stands to lose a lot of money if we have to cancel everything (not to mention the lost potential income to the company if we don't attend at all). Today, she asked if I would be able to attend in her stead, as I work closely with her and am familiar enough with her work to act on her behalf. It would be a great professional opportunity for me as well. I know it might be a long shot, but with a note from the doctor and a letter from my boss, is it worth trying to submit an AP expedite request so I can make the trip for her? One of the USCIS expedite criteria is "severe financial loss to company or person" -- does that need to apply to me specifically, or can a loss to the company I work for also count? I know that this doesn't qualify for an "emergency advance parole" but perhaps a case can be made to speed it up. I'm based in NYC, and my field office no longer takes InfoPass appointments. As I've seen it, I would need to call the USCIS Contact Center number, tell them my request, and then they would ask me to follow up with evidence by mail/fax? Does anyone know how long this process usually takes? Would my boss need to provide flight receipts/accommodations to prove that expenses have already racked up, etc? If the expedite doesn't go through, my boss would never want me to risk my status/AoS (of course, I'd never risk it either!) by leaving, but it would be really beneficial if I could make the trip. I appreciate anyone's experience with expediting AP for work travel. I know I'm in a bit of a different situation as I'm doing AoS with valid U.S. work authorization, but maybe other TNs out there have encountered it? Thanks!
  6. Does anyone know whether it would help or hurt to call the military line and ask for an expedite? Do you have to be going on deployment? I'm active duty Navy currently on shore duty in kind of a limbo and it's possible I could get orders back to a boat, but like everything in the military who knows. I've read the list of expedite criteria on the USCIS website, but it's pretty vague. Has anyone here got things expedited under some of those criteria. I don't want to waste my time or shoot myself in the foot and have it take longer by calling and mucking it up. Thanks.
  7. I am little confused whether my expedite request approved or not.The update in the uscis site seems confusing.Here is the update I have Requested Expedite request on 07/19 On July 19, 2017, your request to have your case expedited, referral number T1F*********CSC, was assigned to an officer for response. After waiting 5 days my case updated with the below two updates. On July 24, 2017, we sent a response to your request to have your case expedited, referral number T1F********CSC. On July 24, 2017, your request to have your case expedited, referral number T1F********CSC, was completed. Does the last update mean that my expedite request accepted for the process or I have to wait for the response as they mentioned in one of the updates above. Your inputs and experiences on this are highly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Our attorney sent an expedite request for I601 by mail directly to the Nebraska Service Center, has anyone had luck with an expedite recently. I have not received anything(mail, email or online case updates) from USCIS regarding the expedite, it's been 11 (calendar days). How long does it take to hear back? Will they send a response? I did see the date "last updated" change online 4 days after we sent the request but the status didn't change so I am not sure if this means anything...any guidance here is appreciated.
  9. Hello! My Husband had his immigrant visa appointment in Ciudad Juarez in November and was denied. We submitted the I-601 waiver and an expedite request and it was all approved on February 8th at USCIS. The consulate in Juarez took their sweet time in contacting us but a month later they sent a letter requesting us to send them nothing else but his passport. From everything I have read online this means that we should be close. We shouldn't have to do the medical appointment or fingerprints again because it is all within 6 months of the time of his previous appointment and denial. We mistakenly thought we were supposed to hand-deliver his passport so we came up to Juarez and have been waiting around hoping for our approved visa and packet, but at the CEAC site it still shows REFUSED. We call the hotline daily asking if they have more information but all they see is that the passport was received at the consulate on March 23rd. They tell us to keep calling. It has been over 2 weeks now since they received the passport, but only 8 business days due to la semana santa. Our lawyer called the hotline in the US and they said that average processing of the passport is 2 weeks, but it could be more, and they could still request more documents. However, people online have mentioned it taking only a week to get their approved visa and packet after the consulate in Juarez received their passport. I've only seen one person say that they sent in the passport and were waiting 2 months later. Should we assume that they're going to potentially sit on the passport without doing anything for another month or two and just pack up and leave, or continue to wait another couple business days and hope that they should be sending it out any time now? It feels like we're so close but we've been here in Juarez since March 18th and with our two young children (1 and 3) it has been really hard on us, not to mention having to pay for the room we're staying in. Thanks for any insight.
  10. Hello All, Just a question, maybe some insight from others. Our case was approved last week due to an expedite. Has anyone had an NVC case number created in a timely manor from an approved expedited petition? We are on a tight time line and dealing with medical needs and financial loss which were approved from USCIS. Can they "expedite" the case number creation once they receive the application? Also, the embassy interview can be expedited, only after it is booked it can be changed, correct? Please any insight would help.
  11. Can I expedite the I-130? My husband is the beneficiary. He currently lives in the USA, undocumented (EWI). We have an I-130 processing at Nebraska Center PD 05/15/18. His mother has been suffering from Alzheimer's disease and she is getting worse. He has not seen his mother in over 13 yrs, and would like to be able to visit her before she becomes completely forgetful and/or dies from health issues. He also has a daughter in his country he has never seen and needs to get custody of and needs to go to Guatemala to sign paperwork for those purposes. Do these circumstances qualify him for expedite?
  12. Hello everyone. I was curious if anyone has any experience to share regarding an expedite request for I-601 I recently found out I’m pregnany, and I have a doctors letter stating that it’s a high risk pregnancy. I’m also being laid off of my job in September. And I have a letter from HR confirming that. I submitted an expedite request on Friday July 27. On Monday July 30, I got an email stating: we are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time. Does anyone have anything to share regarding this email? Does it mean it’s actually being reviewed or is likely a denial? how long do they usually take to respond? also, has anyone had any luck getting a case expedited due to a high risk pregnancy? thank you
  13. Dyn (my fiance in the Philippines) is nearing the end of her annulment process in Bohol. The provincial court issued a decision in her favor on 03 December 2015. The decision was forwarded to the OSG in Manila for review and a standard 15 day waiting period. Once the OSG approves the decision and forwards the necessary documents back to the Bohol court where a Certificate of Finality will be granted, Dyn has been advised by her attorney to hand deliver the CoF to the LCR (Local Civil Registrar). It is my understanding that the LCR will process the documents in the span of a few hours to a day. Once completed, the LCR will forward the annotated documents to the NSO in Manila. Q: Is there a way to expedite the NSO process in order to receive the CENOMAR and Annotated Marriage Certificate quickly? The process generally can take one to three months (if left alone). We would like to get it completed and finalized with papers in hand within a week or two at the most. If you, or somebody you know has gone through the process successfully, please share your experience and advice. Incidentally, our attorney suggested a "gift" of p35,000 ($750 USD) to the NSO clerk for expedition. This is an outrageous amount and I am sure others have expedited their own processes for much less. Please share.
  14. Hi everyone. My sister passed away almost one month ago on September 10th, a few days after I submitted my AOS/EAD/AP package. I called the USCIS the next day to explain the situation and ask to expedite my advance parole. Even if I knew I couldn't be able to make it to her funeral, I still want to go back to France with my wife on her next vacation, to spend time with my family and have a little ceremony together. On September 17th, 6 days after my call, I had an e-mail requesting additional information to make a decision regarding my request and sending it by fax. So I sent the death certificate on September 18th ( receipt saying it was sent to 8162512290). I had my biometrics appointment October 3rd and I'm still waiting for them to answer me. I read that calling the USCIS, they wouldn't know if the fax was received. Did any of you ever requested an expedite advance parole and could tell me how low it took and what was the process after sending evidence? Thank you.
  15. I know some this has been asked before but most of the threads are quite old and the information is often contradictory. We just received this email a couple of days ago. Dear Mr. **, The National Visa Center (NVC) received your inquiry regarding the immigrant visa petition: ******* filed by XXX on behalf of **************. The U.S. Embassy has accepted this case for expedited processing. This file will be immediately forwarded to the U.S. Embassy. Any further questions concerning processing or the interview appointment date should be directed to the U.S. Embassy. The U.S. Embassy may still request additional forms or fees at the time of your interview. Please be prepared to bring any missing forms and pay any required fees at the time of your interview. Please note that it could take up to two weeks for the consular section to receive the case file once it has shipped from NVC. I had not even expected an answer for a few more days let alone approval 2 days ago. We have already submitted our AOS & IV packets and paid the AOS & IV fees prior to receiving this email. My questions are: 1) Do we now contact the Embassy? CEAC site still says they are waiting on our AOS & IV packets even though they were scanned into the system 3 or 4 days ago. Past threads have indicated the NVC still processes and others that it goes to the embassy for processing. The email seems to indicate the latter. We just got this a couple days ago so I know it isn't there yet, just unsure of where to proceed. 2) Is this letter sufficient for my wife to start her medical interview? 3) How can we track this at this point? 4) Do we just sit back and wait for the embassy to contact us? Sorry I know that is a lot of questions in one thread. I guess for some reason I thought our next steps would be clearer. Any recent experiences with how to proceed would be extremely helpful.
  16. Hello I am looking for an information if anyone has done expediting of green card interview. It's almost been 75 days since they got my case but nothing has changed on my I485, I have got my EAD and AP. Trying to get info if there is a chance to expedite green card interview and get it done asap. Thanks
  17. Our I-130 Form was received by USCIS on 5/8/18 for my mother's husband who is Nicaraguan. Unfortunately as of 4/18/18, Nicaragua is in complete political strife and economic crisis. People are being killed left and right (over 400 people have been murdered) if you do not support the government and the Sandinistas. My mother's husband has received death threats and has even been robbed. Additionally, the utility company will shut off water services for people in his community for days at a time. The living condition is horrendous and heartbreaking. I want to know if anyone here has requested to expedite their I-130. If so, how did you do it and who did you contact? Was it approved? Was documentation submitted? I read that you can call USCIS but would it also be okay to e-mail? We are desperate to get the I-130 approved so that we can move on to the next phase of the immigration process which I know will be a challenge as well. He has a 10 year bar for the unlawful presence and subsequent deportation in 2010. We just need to get through one hurdle at a time. 😞 Any help or advice is much appreciated!
  18. Admin: I posted this question in the Dec NVC forum as well but received no response. Because that forum moves so quickly I decided to try here. Please remove if not allowed. Thanks. I sent an email request for NVC expedite today (both medical and financial reasons). We have paid all of our fees. We have not yet completed the DS-260 or sent in our AOS & IV packages. Should we wait for a response about the expedite before doing anything else, or should we continue? I've read several pages of search results on VJ forums about NVC expedite and it seems that if you send your documents before the expedite is approved then you really save no time at all. Is this correct? Amsterdam is a low fraud, low volume consulate, I believe, so I'm hoping to get a response quickly. I just don't want to shoot myself in the foot if I get an approval for the expedite. Any knowledge that would help me make an informed decision is welcome! Thank you.
  19. Hi everyone, I'm here to share with you guys about my story about expedite request is success within 11 months from the day I submit the whole packages of application based on I-485 Adjustment of status. Few things about my situation back ground - I'm used to an international student who came to the states by the F1-student Visa. Fortunately I found a full-time job right after graduation and working under OPT for a year. Then I got married with a US citizen and apply for adjustment of status I-485. My working permit at that time will be expired in 07/13/2018 and I do not want to stop working or get lay off due to the waiting time interruption. Here is the timeline of what I do: 06/19/2018 - send the application to Chicago in USCIS by 1 day by FedEx. 06/20/2018 - USCIS received the packages. 06/29/2018 - received 4 USCIS tracking number by msg, and receive the actually mail in the next 2-3 following day. 07/01/2018 - requested to expedite my I-765 right away after I have the MSC#, the expedite request was on hold due to I have not done the Biometrics yet, and this is the final decision from USCIS. 07/13/2018 - my working permit expired. I have to leave my company and become inactive employee since that day 07/24/2018 - Biometrics (finger print) is done. 07/25/2018- call to USCIS again to request for expedite I-765 but they refused because the next expedite request has to be after 30 days of last request. 07/30/2018 - all my insurances and benefits (401K) that I had were cancelled ( So Sad) 08/01/2018 - requested to expedite again due to severe financial lost for both myself and company. 08/06/2018 - received the letter by USCIS saying they need more info and provide fax number 08/07/2018 - Faxed to USCIS the explanation. Including: Cover letter, USCIS letter, letter from HR saying all benefits has been cancelled from the date of job termination, letter from company saying they are wanting me to be back asap. 08/16/2018- USCIS updated my status as new card has been produced. I'm so beyond happy that I'm able to go to work again because I love my job and my company. I was reading a lot of topics, comments online and most of them say that the expedite process is rarely success and lots of people fail to have their working permit as their time wish. I even went to the lawyer to consult about this and she told me she never heard about the expedite success and the 90 days is no longer apply. Both lawyer and USCIS told me that it takes 5-7 months to have the working permit and travel card. Guess what, it is totally 7 weeks (June 20 - August 16) for me to receive the working permit again. Don't loose hope and do whatever you can do to get it success. As long as you gather enough information and write a very sincere letter to USCIS. (the letter from my company is I wrote by myself and my boss signed it) I'm also preparing for the interview coming up. Please share if you have any advise for me. Thank you so much for reading and I hope your expedite process is successful!
  20. Good morning everyone! I am currently in the process for my EAD card to be approved (filed mid-June, according to this side should be done by October) and received a job offer last Friday. I know that I can request to expedite my EAD card approval with the job offer and was wondering, if someone who did the same could tell me, if USCIS will give my future employer a call or contact them at all? I explained them my situation and told them that I would send USCIS the job offer as proof but I would like to give them a heads up if USCIS will contact them. So any help would be really appreciated! Thank you in advance! Hannah
  21. Hey guys, I’m hoping someone here might have a similar experience or information on this issue. I got a job offer so I’m trying to expedite my EAD. I put the request in with USCIS over the phone, they gave me a reference number and I received an email requesting me to fax them the supporting documents. Problem is I have been trying to fax them for days at the number they gave me on the email and the request is always failed. I called USCIS and told them my issues and they said the National Benefits Center is having an issue with their fax machine and all I can do is continue to try and see if it works because they are trying to fix the problem. Somehow I find that lame excuse really hard to believe so I was just wondering if anyone on here encountered the same issue and what they did if anything. If maybe there is an alternate number or method for giving them the information they need. Thanks.
  22. What consider a uscis error?! I sent the I-130 on June/6/2018 but it was rejected by a mistake . The rejection letter said (the paper is not signed ) but it was (signed and scanned), so they returned the whole package to my Lawyer and then the Lawyer remailed it again. If mu Lawyer mention the mistake uscis made do u think they speed up the process ?! because its already an emergency situation and we already included an emergency expedite letter. Do you think mentioning the uscis error that made a one month delay, will also be count as one of the expedite criteria?!!! I just recived the NOA1 by email saying its accepted finally. But it took a month because they first rejected by a mistake. i hope they expedite it because they made an error when they rejected it first!!
  23. p1503

    Scheduling CR1 interview

    Can anyone help Our case was expedited to London embassy, received a letter with instructions to schedule appointment. But the information is for a K1 visa not CR1? So when I follow the instructions to register on the website which option do I pick: the K1 (following the instructions) or immigrant visa option? Any info or opinions would be great! Thanks!
  24. I am an Indian F-1 student married to a US citizen for the last 8 months. I know I should have applied earlier, but it got delayed at I was going through an incredible amount of anxiety due to academic, financial and other reasons. All of those problems have been settled for good now. I have a job starting in 3 months, and I need an EAD card. I know I will have to request them to expedite it later. Applying for AOS, EAD and advanced parole altogether. My wife is the sponsor, and I am the beneficiary. Here is the package that I have assembled. I have included only the most recent I-20 (out of 5), and only the nonempty pages of passport of me & my wife. I am putting each form & its own supporting documents in different folders, with the form name written outside, and then shoving all the folders in a giant package. I appreciate your help. Thank you in advance! Am I missing anything in the supporting documents ? I-130 - Cheque for I-130 filling fee (in an envelope) - Form G-1145, e-Notification of application acceptance - Flled form I-130 - Copy of sponsor's US Birth Certificate - Copy of sponsor's US Passport (only the nonempty pages) - Copy of sponsor's Driver's License - Copy of sponsor's Social Security Card - Certified true copy of Marriage Certificate - 2 passport-style color picture of sponsor (names written on back) - 2 passport-style color picture of beneficiary (names written on back) - Copy of Beneficiarys Birth Certificate (issued 4 years after birth), Indian driver's license, matriculation admit card, copy of affidavits from both parents - Copy of beneficiarys Passport, F-1 VISA and stamps (essentially only the nonempty pages) - Copy of beneficiarys most recent I-20 (out of 5 in total due to program extension and all) - Copy of beneficiarys last I-94 and Travel History (whatever is shown online) - Copy of beneficiarys Driver's License - Copy of beneficiarys Social Security Card I-131 - Form G-1145, e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance - Filled form I-131, Application for Travel Document (Advance Parole) - Two passport-style color picture of the beneficiary (names written on back) - Copy of beneficiarys Passport, F-1 VISA and stamps (essentially only the nonempty pages) - Copy of beneficiarys last I-94 and Travel History (whatever is shown online) - Copy of beneficiarys most recent I-20 (out of 5 in total due to program extension and all) - Copy of beneficiarys Driver License - A letter explaining that I need the I-131 for conferences in other countries & visits to India I-765 - Form G-1145, e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptanc - Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization - Two recent passport-style color picture of the Beneficiary (names written on back) - Copy of beneficiarys Passport, F-1 VISA and stamps (essentially only the nonempty pages) - Copy of beneficiarys last I-94 and Travel History (whatever is shown online) - Copy of beneficiarys most recent I-20 (out of 5 in total due to program extension and all) - Copy of beneficiarys Driver License I-485 - Cheque for I-485 Filling fee and bio-metrics - Form G-1145, e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance - Form I-485, Application to Adjust Status - Certified true copy of Marriage Certificate - Copy of beneficiarys Birth Certificate (issued 4 years after birth), Indian driver's license, matriculation certificate, copy of affidavits from both parents - Copy of beneficiarys Passport, F-1 VISA and stamps (essentially only the nonempty pages) - Copy of beneficiarys last I-94 and Travel History (whatever is shown online) - Copy of beneficiarys most recent I-20 (out of 5 in total due to program extension and all) - Copy of beneficiarys Driver License - Copy of beneficiarys Social Security Card - Two recent passport-style color picture of the Beneficiary (names written on back) - I-693, Medical Examination of the beneficiary completed by a civil surgeon, in a sealed envelope I-864 - Copy of Sponsor's (Petitioner) U.S Passport (only the nonempty pages) - Copy of Sponsor's (Petitioner) Social Security Card - Copy of Sponsor's (Petitioner) U.S. Birth Certificate - Transcript of 2014 Sponsor's (Petitioner) Federal Tax Return (last 3 years) - Proof of Sponsor's Employment (printout of webpage showing her as full time employee of school district) - Copies of recent pay stubs of the Sponsor (last 3 months) - Two recent passport-style color picture of the Sponsor (names written on back)
  25. Hi everyone, Since i file for the green card, i've been reading this forum, trying to get help or comfort... but it's not working anymore. I really need help I just got a job offer for a huge corporate after 6 interviews and now I am stuck because my EAD is far from processing and I keep delaying it for that reason - they're out of patience and i have until next wednesday to deliver some kind of proof its been expedited. Contacted Ombudsman and they didnt want to try to expedite my case because im still in processing times - Contacted Congressman (NYC), she filled the expedite request and it has not even been assigned yet (employment offer + support letter from employer + cover letter) Here is my timeline: I-485 + I-130 + I-131 + I- 765 Sent to Chicago Lockbox i 765 assigned to NBC Jan 22 2018 - Received at Chicago Lockbox Feb 22 2018 - Bio Done April 9th - 1st S.R May 11th - Inquiry May 11th - Answer from uscis - saying case still within current processing times. I am about to call uscis to do another expedite attempt. If anyone has any info, advices on what i should do please do so - I am so drained by this process, I should be so happy I found a job and Im just desperate and depressed - I feel like my life is put on hold please help thanks guys