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  1. Case Expedited and visa approved during the interview but visa status says administrative processing. Please why does this happen? How long will it take for visa status to show issued?
  2. Hi everyone, Here I am again hoping to get some wisdom from this amazing community! So, last week I requested to expedite my AOS (i485) through Emma and last Friday I got an email from USCIS asking to turn on the evidence. I saw a phone number and assumed I'd have to send a fax, so I started gathering the evidence and got everything ready on Tuesday. But when I looked up the email again, I realized they actually wrote that I was supposed to call that number and make an infopass appointment! They weren't giving me the option to send a FAX. So I called them today and after a 45 wait, I was able to talk to an agent, who was quite rude to me. She didn't know why I got that email, as they don't schedule appointments for certain things and that she couldn't do anything for me. I was like... What? She basically didn't do anything and did all she "politely" could to get rid of me and end the call. I mean... USCIS told me to call and make an appointment, it was not my idea lol So I called again, 50 more minutes on the phone before being able to speak to someone, and then finally reached another agent. That lady was surprised as well an said it was the first time she saw something like that! USCIS usually requests to turn in the evidence via FAX, not in person. She had to dig in few minutes before being able to understand how to put me in the queue for an appointment. But she eventually managed and now I'm expecting a call from them in the next 72h to book the infopass appointment. But now I am wondering... Should I be worried? Why would they wanna see me in person for that? Maybe something is wrong with my case? Or maybe, on the other hand, I'd get interviewed on the spot if they think that the evidence is satisfactory? (I've been waiting for my interview for Green Card for over two years now) Did anyone else had a similar experience? Thank you!
  3. Hi All, I'd like to preface this message by asking that you all please be kind to me in your responses. I am currently 15 weeks pregnant, super fragile and suffering from several panic attacks right now, and just need empathy and support. While I appreciate honesty, I need empathy the most right now. I am the petitioner and my fiance is the beneficiary. Yesterday I contacted USCIS customer service and put in an expedite request for my fiance and my I129f form. My pregnancy was very much so unexpected (yes, I know what happens when you're not abstinent, but it still was unexpected). Like I said earlier in my message, I am suffering from several panic attacks to the point that I broke out in hives and had to go to urgent care at one point. I have a history of anxiety and depression and was on medication for years prior to my pregnancy. 6 months ago I was in a really good place mentally and emotionally and made the decision (with my doctor and therapist of course) to carefully ween off my medication. Well now that I am pregnant my anxiety and depression has come back full force! All my close friends have recently moved to distant cities or out of state to pursue wonderful careers. My family also lives in distant cities, and my parents are not able to assist as much as they'd like because they are currently taking care of my uncle who is receiving treatment for cancer. My OB, PCP and therapist are all concerned to the point that they went out of their way on their own to write a letter for me to send to USCIS urging that my fiance is here to support emotionally and mentally through this process as I don't have any one near by at the moment to help. They also don't feel it is a good idea for me to move to his country until the birth of the child because they need to keep me under their care at this time for my health and the health of our baby. I explained all of this to the representative over the phone yesterday and got the email today that my request is denied because it doesn't fall under any of the categories to submit an expedite request. I am so confused? They didn't even give me the chance to submit documents supporting my request! Now I have to wait an additional 5 business days to submit another request. Does anyone have some advice in regards to this? I am reaching out to a lawyer but wanted to reach out for support as well because these panic attacks are overwhelming and I am concerned about the health of my baby.
  4. Hi guys, is there anyone here who got expedited in Warsaw embassy? I got approved for expedite polish embassy and received this email. What does it mean? Have you received an email like this too? Do I have to do anything before my interview? My interview is in about a month and I submitted all of my documents to ceac website so this email confused me.. however I got expedited before being DQ! Is that the reason they sent me this email? Tell me your experiences please!
  5. Last month I had my senator request an expedited interview with the Dakar Embassy on behalf of my stepchildren due to displacement issues coming in Senegal. Our request was denied citing it would not be fair to other families waiting. I have contacted NVC to request an appeal of the expedite denial this week. My question is has anyone had any success appealing and denied expedite? If so were you given criteria of the Embassy for granting an expedited interview request?
  6. Is anyone else here still waiting on results of expedite request? I was asked to provide evidence for expedite request, and submitted evidence on March 2nd, and was told it was sent to an officer for review. I don't know what exactly they are reviewing, as it's pretty obvious to the entire world what is going on. I have recently reached out to my state senators office to inquire on my behalf which was done on Monday March 21st. I understand USCIS tends to take there time with things, but I honestly don't understand why it's taking so long for them to say either yes or no to expedite request. I don't want to sound entitled or impatient but it's been increasingly difficult as each day passes with no response. Anyways, sorry for the rant, just wanted to hear from any others if they are still waiting for results from their expedite requests, and if so how long.
  7. I’m not really sure which section to post this in, so I’m going with here. We are in Ethiopia. I got an email from NVC saying our expedite case was approved (finally!). It also said it could take up to 2 weeks for the file to be transferred. We were planning a trip abroad for Easter in 3 weeks, but now I’m nervous about the timing of everything and wondering HOW QUICKLY they will schedule an interview from the time NVC sent the file. Do we need to cancel our trip or is it going to take something like 6 weeks or more?
  8. Hello. Please, if someone knows exact answer or has been in the same situation, let me know and reply below. My visa category is F22. I just got documentary qualified on March 24, finished all of the process at NVC. In this September 27th, I will turn 21 ( age out ). Here’s my concern: Is there any point in requesting expedition? Will I be aged out when NVC schedules appointment? What should I do? I know there is 5 months ahead till I turn 21, but due to huge backlog I’m very nervous. My priority date is current and has been for the past 2 years… My country for consultation is Tbilisi, Georgia. Here are my dates: Date of birth: 27 September 2001 Priority date: 23 November 2017 approval time: 26 August 2019 Documentary qualified: 24 March 2022
  9. Has anyone been able to expedite a F4 category with the NVC?
  10. Hello everyone, I am currently under processing with the i601 that was filed Jan 21st 2022. We are also working with a laywer who asked for an expedition 15th February 2022. The expedited processing got denied, my husband is a Marine so he could deploy any time so I'm wondering why it got denied and if we could appeal it? We also got help from a Congressman to expedite the NVC appointment date for the Green Card so I was also wondering if he could help expedite the waiver as well. Thanks for reading and for the help.
  11. We need help please our new born baby in NIC UNIT since he delivered almost 45 day's and doctors said maybe he still be there more 5 or 6 months and we have other 17 month baby in home because all this my wife dont can work and she is petitioner for me we really struggling now financially. Can we apply for expedite our case so i can start work and help her and own family and if expedite is denial is any effect on our case ?
  12. Hello everyone! I am new to this forum, and I had a question... I applied to my wife's immigration visa from emirates to the US. Our documents were qualified by the NVC on October 27 2021, and we received an email from the NVC that Abu Dhabi us embassy will schedule an interview. I filed an expedite request on February due to my graduation ceremony and the fact that traveling is so expensive to the point where I can visit once a year. I heard back same week from Abu Dhabi that it's denied and that I have to wait for fairness with other applicants. Now of course, they don't give any info other than our documents are approved and in the NVC waiting for an interview date. I am have been looking at other cases on the website and it seemed to vary between cases. Does anyone know what's the expected time? I would appreciate any recommendation, thoughts, or sharing experience.
  13. Is it possible to expedite the petition for my sister (F4) due to situation in Ukraine (impending war)? She's still at the USCIS stage, I applied in 2020. My father will be able to come into the country and apply for her soon, would that be an option? What about for my parent (IR-5), who's at the NVC currently? Also, is it possible to switch the interview to another country when we were auto-assigned to Kyiv for IR-5? What is the best way to go about it to get them out of the country and safe? Really appreciate your advice!!
  14. So my NOA1 is 8 July. Based on USCIS processing projections at the time - 6.5-8.5 months, I sold my business in preparations that I would leave early 2022 with my 3 kids to join my US fiancé, obviously after joining all these forums I have realized the massive backlog etc and now all these increased processing times on USCIS website but the problem is currently I have no income at all for 2 months already and it looks like I won’t get my NOA2 until earliest July 2022. I can’t support myself and my 3 children, I also did not enroll my children in schooling for this year (enrollments were mid 2021 when we made application), so now am scrambling to get them some sort of homeschool programs- this also comes at a cost which I can’t afford. My fiancé is currently in South Africa supporting us all but needs to go back to US soon as he needs to work etc, would this be solid reason to be expedited?
  15. Hi all, First-time poster here, and I’m very happy to find this community. We all know about the recent pushback in dates due to delays at USCIS for the K-1 visa, and it has me seriously considering trying to file for expedite in a few months. Here’s my situation: Fiancee and I have been together for 3 years, living together for 2.5, and engaged for about 2 years. We met when she was managing her family’s restaurant. It’s a super-cute story, but I’ll spare you the details😅 I filed an I-129f and received NOA1 on June 18th, 2021. My employment contract as a teacher in the beneficiary’s home country (Cambodia) is finished on June 31st, 2022. The school can’t renew my contract because they need someone who is able to stay the full year, so I am out of work as of July 1st, 2022. My school and I are on very, very good terms. They understand the situation and have told me they are willing to both provide character references and documents stating the reason that they aren’t able to continue my employment. I am the only one currently able to financially support my fiancée here in her home country, and I really do not want to have to leave her here just to go back and work in the US without her. I have plans to take a couple of courses and start work as soon as she and I get to the US, so support won’t be an issue. Knowing that alone won’t be enough for the me to establish enough support, I also have full support from my parents on the Affidavit of Support. They make roughly 3-4x the minimum household income required, so that shouldn’t be an issue. I see on some of the gov’t webpages that job loss could be a possible reason for expedite as a Severe Financial Loss or something similar(?), and I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with this, or could give me some perspective as to my possible chances of being approved for it. One of my parents has a relationship with our local congressperson who I would be filing this request through, in the hopes that it will actually get looked at/considered. Thanks so much for reading, and double thanks for any help or advice🙏 -Eric (Tasty)
  16. A little background for our NVC stage 1st submission: Aug 22, 2021 Initial review: Nov 20, 2021 We were asked to reupload 2021 tax transcript for joint sponsor. All other docs were accepted. But I've been noticing that they're taking THREE MONTHS to review cases now and that is a long time so I contacted my senator's office and they got all the files they needed by Dec 20th, 2021. Has anyone expedited through their senator's office recently? How long did it take to get the case reviewed/sent to the embassy/DQ'ed? I just want to know what sort of time frame we're looking at here. Any info will be helpful
  17. Hi Everyone, Our case has been with NVC since July 2021, they only checked the documents after 4 months and requested for a new document but no response yet, been 2 and half months. We are thinking to expedite our request as my husband has been diagnosed with clinical depression recently and he is diabetes type 1 and he lives all by himself, because of the treatment he can barely take care of himself affecting his overall condition which in turn is aggravating the diabetic condition leading to very low sugar levels and unbelievably high levels which is life threatening. Would NVC consider it for expedition? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi everyone, I have been searching through this forum and did not find any topics that discussed EAD Expedite cases where USCIS has requested Proof. Share your experience and timeline here so we can get a better idea about how long it takes and what is the success rate. You can track mine in my signature. I requested EAD expedite review under Severe Financial Loss and I provided a letter from my employer to prove it. It has been 9 days since I faxed my letter and no change so far...
  19. Hi i was wondering if any of yall had your cases approved for expidite and what your reasons are ? I am thinking to expidite on grounds of mental and emotional distress I have a doctors note stating I have devloped several cysts and painful acne due to stress and anxiety I also have in person classes starting in january. do you think any of these reasons could get our case expidited ?
  20. This thread for persons with the same visa category that I have. I have been DQ from December 2,2020 with no updates from NVC. My case is basically stuck like the others. I sent an expedite request on June 8. Fingers crossed I want to know what’s everyone’s case
  21. Hello! Planning to file AOS next year in Jan. Could you please help me with my question: 1- How to find which service center i fall under 2- Evidences will go with file or to carry with you on the day of interview 3- Looks like its taking 10+ months for EAD in NJ. Anyway to expedite it? 4- Any recent AOS experience in NJ/NY please Thanks!
  22. Does this just mean someone is going to look at my papers and decide on my expedite request? Can someone explain to me like i'm 5 ?? thank you U.S. Department of Homeland Security USCIS Vermont Service Center 38 River Road Essex Junction,VT 05479-0001 Type of service requested: -- Expedite The status of this service request is: We researched your case and found that your case has been assigned to an officer and is currently being processed. We will send you a written notice when we make a decision on your application or to let you know if we need any additional information. We regret that we cannot provide a definitive timeframe on the processing of your application but assure you that we are committed to the timely processing of applications. We cannot expedite this process any further at this time.
  23. Hi everyone! I have spent hours searching for an answer, and have tried contacting many people about this and I can never get a concrete answer, so i wanted to try to see if anyone here went through the same thing. I'm currently in the AOS process through marriage to a US Citizen, I was an F1 student and applied for AOS in October, 2020. I already received my work permit and advance parole document, and my application has been ready to be scheduled for an interview since March, 2021. My husband is in the air force and we recently received orders to go to Germany, we're supposed to leave in January, 2022 (very very soon) but I'm still waiting for the interview and I'm not sure what to do. Since I have the advance parole am I allowed to go with him to Germany? Am I able to change my address to there and have the interview there? or do I have to come back here for the interview or wait here until the interview? They want to schedule our flight but they asked for a Travel Memorandum (?) is the the Advance Parole? I already put 2 expedite requests, asked the Congressman to contact them, and they already did. Tried calling a couple of times, and I'm still here waiting with no response. My process is in the New Orleans Field Office right now, and when I sent in the expedite request evidence I had to mail it to their office address since they didn't provide a fax number to send to them.
  24. Is there any one from Pakistan who experience expedite cr1 successful process from nvc expedite approved to us entry?? especially in 2020??
  25. Hi all, I am a British architect applying for a J1 visa (work trainee exchange program, 18 months). Today I was denied an expedited visa appointment at the London embassy. My placement program starts soon, 18 October. The earliest visa interview appointment in London is March 2022. I cannot wait until March (I will lose my place on the program) and it seems no earlier appointments are becoming available. What can I do? Can I go to another embassy with shorter waiting times, and request an expedited appointment there? (Perhaps outside Schengen area, e.g. Eastern Europe or the Caribbean). Should I re-apply in London and attempt to request an expedited appointment again, perhaps with more explanation? Any advice much appreciated. Kind regards, David
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