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  1. Hi all Im posting on behalf of my spouse and I. We are currently in the process of applying for a CR1 filed in AugUSG 2019, still awaiting NOA2. Just informed that spouse (USC) will be due to deploy in less than a month (really short notice). Been reading the forum and usually people get a few months in before deploying to expedite the case. Will we even have time to expedite if it’s on such short notice? Has anybody dealt with such short notice expedites before? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I have been searching through this forum and did not find any topics that discussed EAD Expedite cases where USCIS has requested Proof. Share your experience and timeline here so we can get a better idea about how long it takes and what is the success rate. You can track mine in my signature. I requested EAD expedite review under Severe Financial Loss and I provided a letter from my employer to prove it. It has been 9 days since I faxed my letter and no change so far...
  3. Hello everyone! I am extremelly happy to give you all the news that my expedite was approved. As I stated in other post this was a very rare chance of approval but here we are. I tried it and Im glad I made it. So this post might be able to help other venezuelans or anyone else who's looking to expedite but doesnt know how. Well first you need to know what the grounds for the expedite are: Severe financial loss to company or ​person, emergency situation, humanitarian reasons, nonprofit organization whose request is in furtherance of the cultural and social interests of the United States​, department of defense or ​n​ational ​i​nterest ​s​ituation, USCIS error or compelling interest of USCIS. In my case, I think the most accurate ground for Venezuela was Humanitarian crisis. Yes, I understand no one has declared it but that doesn't mean is not happening. ​ First thing I did was finding out how to start the expedite process and this is where the fun part begins! The email you want to contact the NVC to speet up your process is this: NVCExpedite@state.gov (yes, also take notes I requested the expedite two days after I got my NOA2, asking the NVC to expedite it as soon as they got it) Well next, this is how you start the email. Is important that you put in the first line of the email whats the grounds for expedite you're requesting this on. And of course, the expedite request must be from the petitioner, not the beneficiary. Example of me being the petitioner: Name of the person submitting the inquiry: ______________________ NVC case number or USCIS receipt number: _____________________ Petitioner's name: ___________________ Principal Applicant's name and date of birth: ____________________ I, Arelys Weimer, I'm formally requesting that the (whatever visa type is) be expedited on the grounds of (Humanitarian Crisis) as soon as it reaches you (in case that is not at the NVC yet). NOTE: If it's already at the NVC or at the USCIS, leave at "...reaches you". On the second paragraph you want to explain how you got to the conclusion that the expedite is neccesary and the grounds for it are correct. In my case, my husband explained how theres a serious lack of primery products here such as toilet paper and medicines. Added to this he explained that my country has the second highest crime rate in latinamerica and there has been rapings, murders, kidnappnings, people are breaking into houses, robberies everywhere. He explained how this has put a lot of stress in the marriage and how he can't even sleep knowing that Im here and I cant even be safe at my own home. On top of this he explained that theres airlines leaving the country and even if I get the visa I might not be able to find a plane ticket to leave. Of course, there's the upcoming elections and we don't know for certain whats going to happen. Maybe something, maybe nothing but he wasn't wiling to risk it. Once you've explained everything in your email, the next part is doing a bit of research. Add to your email all kinds of news covering what you just said in that email. News in english and spanish. You do wanna find the news that cover stuff close by where you live, thats what will be the most helpful tool for you. Note: if you dont know where to find english news about the country you're requesting the expedite on, I recommend you this portal: http://www.insightcrime.org/ You will find travel warnings in the Department of State's website http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/alertswarnings.html (Find your country on the list) Get the warning printed, scanned and attach it to this email as well. (They can't contradict you on something they know). Make sure you explain to them how serious the situation is. I tried this with little to non chances to getting it, and here I am. Do not be afraid to try. IMPORTANT: IS A FREE INQUIRY SO YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY TO GET IT EXPEDITED. ALSO, IT DOES NOT SLOW DOWN THE PROCESS IF IT GETS DENIED. So as you cna see, there's no downside of trying. If you think it meets the requirements, try it. The worst thing they can do is say NO and keep working on your paperwork on their ussual timeframe. NOTE: If you didn't get to pay the fees in the NVC because your case got expedited, don't worry. The embassy will let you pay the fees and submit the original documents the day of your interview. In your currency. Keep out for this post since I'm now in contact with the embassy, I will explain how the rest of the process goes from this point and on. God bless, and if you need any help with this; ask away. Doesnt matter if you feel its a silly question.
  4. Evening All! Forgive me if this is in the wrong section. If it is could someone kindly move it to the right one? Thanks! I would like to go ahead and give some background on my immigration process thus far: I moved to New York on June 14th via K1 visa. Got married to my LOVE ❤️ on July 1st (Canada Day! lol), and sent my AOS package along with the EAD and AP on July 9, 2019 to the National Benefits Center. NOA 1 dated July 15, 2019, Bio-metrics was done on August 5, 2019. My field office is Albany, New York. A few weeks back I was on indeed looking at jobs curious to see if I would find my particular job available in the area that I'm living. I was checking periodically before and never had any luck finding my particular position: Senior Property Accountant. I was worried that I was in a niche career and that I wouldn't be able to find my positions since the area I live in generally doesn't have loads of condominiums/residential buildings which means they have 0 need for Property Management Firms and that I was going to have to settle with choosing a different path for my career once I received the EAD. The thought of downgrading position and work experience was not sitting well with me (even though it was my choice, so I'd have to live with it regardless). Well it happened I found the position I had been hoping I'd find: Senior Property Accountant at a nationally recognized company. So I thought "what the heck, let me apply". After waiting a few days I received an email to come in for an Interview. Well my interview went perfect and even before she did her final interview she sent me a tentative job offer contingent on getting my EAD expedited. So here comes the rest: October 1, 2019 - called USCIS and requested the EAD expedite October 4, 2019 - received email to send in additional documents October 9, 2019 - faxed in cover letter from Company describing position and reason for wanting them to expedite the EAD, job offer, job posting from indeed, and a copy of my resume October 17, 2019 - notification that they received my documents October 24, 2019 - notification that CARD IS BEING PRODUCED!!!! I requested the expedite based on financial hardship to the company. But I'll be honest it wasn't extreme urgent need, at least it wasn't explained that way in their cover letter. I was honestly worried that I wasn't going to get it and my only opportunity to work in my same field was going to slip right past me. But it happened, I got lucky, and they approved my EAD expedite. I should receive the card soon! I just can't believe it! I'm writing this to give others hope that you can do it too, so long as you provide them with what they are looking for. I am living proof that there is no harm in asking, it's a testament to all those out there that it truly never hurts to try. You literally have nothing to lose. Okay excited rant over... lol If you have any questions on the process or anything at all please ask. I'd be more than happy to help!! If it wasn't for visajourney I wouldn't have been able to make it through this far so this a big THANK YOU to everyone out there on this beautiful forum!
  5. URGENT HELP NEEDED! Hi, My step-sister is living in the US with her family for the last 6 years. My concern is I want to go to the US, that's why my step-sister is planning to get me to the US also. We believe that the fastest way for me to get there is through my loving mother. I want to be there also with my mother, my step sister already filed for a petition to my mother, who is currently waiting for the medical examination schedule. But I am turning 21 next year 09/2020. In your own opinion, do I still have a high probability that I will go in the US? We are willing to pay an legal help to get there. I also believe that there is an option for my case to be expedite. I am from the Philippines, answering my concern would help me a lot. Thank you and God bless us all!
  6. Hello everyone! So I submit a inquiry about my case been out processing time and I received this message: “Your case is currently under review. You should receive a decision or notice of other action shortly.” If someone had received that message after how long y’all received the EAD card/approved case? Thanks for reading. Good luck everyone! 🤞🍀 ps: I expedite (even if its out processing time) because i have a job offer and i asked for Congressional help.
  7. Hi All! So we had our I-130 Expedited for Humanitarian Reasons and requested the same for the NVC. Today we received an email from NVC says that the US Embassy (Bangkok) accepted our case for expedited processing and they will send this file immediately to the US Embassy. The NVC received our approved I-130 on 10/2/19 Wednesday I requested NVC to expedite 10/3/19 Thursday NVC requested docs to submit for expedited processing 10/4/19 Friday NVC emailed saying they are reviewed docs submitted for expedited processing 10/7/19 Monday NVC emailed saying the US Embassy Approved to expedite and NVC is immediately sending our file to the US Embassy 10/9/19 This happened so quickly that we never received a case number from NVC nor have we submitted ANY documents to NVC other than our expedite request, I-797, and USCIS sending them our approved I-130. Questons: Will we still receive an NVC case number at some point? Does not having this NVC case number slow things down? Is dealing with the US Embassy for collecting and submitting the remaining documents much faster than dealing with NVC typically? What should we expect for our next steps (specific to our situation). I've done my homework and understand the usually process but not with this sort of quick expedite approval. Thanks in advance for any help you can be! Jay
  8. Hi everyone, tomorrow i have an infopass appointment and I would like to know if i can expedite my case at my visit. (I have good reasons so please don’t start saying stuff like “what makes you so special that you need to expedite?” ) Good Luck everyone! 🤞🍀
  9. Hi there, I am a new member. Nice to meet you all I have just refiled the whole I-485 package after the interview denial (I-130 approved) on September 6. I had to stop working because USCIS also revoked my current EAD. My employer is willing to wait and help with the supporting documents. I told them the minimum processing time could take 90 days. Right now, they hired someone to fill in my position temporarily. However, they have already cut me out of the payroll and place me on leave of absence. Worst case scenario, they will have to terminate me and rehire once I get new EAD. My I-765 received date was Sept 17, 2019. I submitted the expedite requested with USCIS due to financial loss to a company and person via phone but got rejected on Sept 30, 2019 (They didn't ask to see further evidences. I think it was probably because I haven't completed the biometric at that time.) I wonder how soon you can request to expedite again after the first one got denied? (I had the biometric appointment yesterday and now the status is 'Fingerprint Review Was Completed'.) I contacted the congressman for assistance but they said USCIS suggested to wait another 45 days. It seems they prefer to follow USCIS procedure and advise me to come back after 90 days. I am not sure if my employer can wait that long and I am at risk to lose my job. Should I wait for the congressman or resubmit the request by myself in a month later? Thank you very much.
  10. For people who are hesitant to expedite their EAD because they don't have an official offer letter from their employer, I think it is worth a try. I contacted the congressman office to help me expedite my EAD on 9/9. The only supporting documents that I submitted are a cover letter and an email from my employer stating they could only hold the position for a short period of time (they are not willing to give me an offer letter until they see my EAD). My cover letter emphasized on the difficulty the company have to find someone with my skillsets and vice versa. Here is my timeline for expediting: 9/9 reached out to congressman office 9/10 sent supporting documents to congressman 9/13 Congressman submitted supporting documents to USCIS 9/23 "Expedite Request Approved" But it's been a week now and there isn't any update since. I'm wondering if it is normal to wait for over a week after the "expedite request approved" status? Since a lot of the posts I have seen here show the status changed to "card being produced" within a week. Anyone experiencing something similar?
  11. Has anyone here in the recent months have had any experience with expedite process at the Santo Domingo embassy? -how does it work once its been approved? -wait time for the embassy to initially get back to you on next steps. -what if there aren't any appointments available, what to do next? thank you in advance
  12. Anyone here had faced this problem before with CEAC visa status check?!. NVC expedite request was approved last Tuesday on September/17 and NVC stated that my Application will be immediately forwarded to the US embassy. But on September /20 I got an email from NVC telling me to check my CEAC email. When I checked I saw that all my documents are received and accepted and I'm documentary qualified. But when I loged into my CEAC account to check the visa status to see if its in "Transit" or "Ready", I couldnt get into that page. I tried a lot since last week but it seems that the website is down. But it was never been down this long. And I could get into my documents page to see my accepted documents, paid fees and the NVC emails. Every time I put my Case number and the CAPTCHA, I get a message in red color that says the CAPTCHA i put is not correct!! I was first assuming because my application is expedited and already sent to the US embassy so that is why I couldnt check my visa status through NVC because the file is not with NVC anymore!! Am i correct?! But at the same time im asking myself, but after my interview is done, how can I check through NVC if my visa was issued or not yet!! Isnt it the same website?! My concern for now, why can't i reach my visa status after my case got expedited?! I haven't even got an email from the US embassy since last week regarding my interview.
  13. Hey everyone, I would like to ask if anyone here filed an expedited K1-visa through military reason. I'm an active duty military currently stationed in the U.S. and I am NOT deploying anytime soon so I was wondering if anyone was on the same situation and tried to expedite anyways. If so how long did the whole process took? I called the USCIS number already just told me to try sending a letter of request anyways even if im not deploying. My fiancée is in the Philippines. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Anyone here from the Netherlands knows how long it takes the US embassy in NL to approve an expedite request? My lawyer sent an expedite request for my IW1 visa on August/30. In September/04, we received an email from NVC stating its under review. But till now i haven't heard anything from NVC!!! I heard so many ppl here in VJ got their expedite requests approved in 2 to 3 days. Some ppl say, the timeline depends on the US embasy I'm dealing with. Is this delay means they will not approve the expedite request or it means they will approve it?! Cuz I also heard some ppl got their expedite requests rejected after one day review and some in 24 hours!!! But i never heard someone got it approved after one day review. So cuz of that I am assuming if they planned to reject my request, they would reject it since last week in a short period of time like after 1 or 2 days. ( just trying to figure out their technique of reviewing the expedite) i know i should be patient and wait but its taking longer than anyone i saw in VJ so far!!! Its stressing me out. Documents are submitted and fees are all paid since 3 weeks. Idk why I feel this expedite request we made is delaying the whole process. Maybe if we didn't ask for the expedite request, then the case is completed by now. Please anyone (especially dutch ppl) let me know your experience with the US embassy of NL, like when did u asked for an expedite? How long it took the embassy to approve it?! Is the US embassy of NL so quick in reviewing documents and requests? Thanks,
  15. Hi all, I immigrated to the US on a K1 marriage visa (during March 2019). I wanted to share with you guys my journey and steps in obtaining my EAD (because I know how important but stressful/ long it can be). The time it took to obtain my EAD was fairly long, (around 4 months after filing) but I believe this is in the current processing timeframes & FYI I MADE AN EXPEDITE REQUEST. Please see below: March 1st 2019: Entered the US on K-1 Visa March 19th 2019: Got married ❤️ April 14th 2019: Filed for my Adjustment of status/ EAD * heard absolutely nothing regarding both AOS/ EAD for a few months August 12th 2019: Filed for an expeditie on my EAD/ Form i-765: I phoned the USCIS, and they raised the case for me. August 14th 2019: Received an email from USCIS requesting further evidence to support my expedite (they always want evidence faxed back over) August 14th 2019: Sent supporting documents via fax (I filed under financial hardship and a job offer from a very respectable non-profit organisation) August 16th 2019: USCIS received my evidence and began reviewing August 23rd 2019: EAD/ i765 Approved/ and the USCIS were ordering/ processing my new card August 27th 2019: USCIS Mailed my card August 28th 2019: Received letter from USCIS explaining my EAD approval and next steps August 29th 2019: Card delivered/ in my hand Now I am just waiting for an interview date for AOS - Happy days! My advice is to hang tight, if you're waiting past 90 days with not hearing anything from USCIS... file for an expedite, be sure you have valid reasons and solid forms of evidence to support your case. Best of luck to all.
  16. Definitely not a known fact yet. Even here on VJ, so I'm putting this info everywhere. So people like me won't have to wait 12 days to find out they have been waiting for nothing... After sending their expedite request to NVCInquiry@state.gov New email to send expedite requests to is NVCExpedite@state.gov Same process... Just a different e-mail address. Mine was answered in less than 10 hours and decided on after 30.
  17. Hello! My Husband had his immigrant visa appointment in Ciudad Juarez in November and was denied. We submitted the I-601 waiver and an expedite request and it was all approved on February 8th at USCIS. The consulate in Juarez took their sweet time in contacting us but a month later they sent a letter requesting us to send them nothing else but his passport. From everything I have read online this means that we should be close. We shouldn't have to do the medical appointment or fingerprints again because it is all within 6 months of the time of his previous appointment and denial. We mistakenly thought we were supposed to hand-deliver his passport so we came up to Juarez and have been waiting around hoping for our approved visa and packet, but at the CEAC site it still shows REFUSED. We call the hotline daily asking if they have more information but all they see is that the passport was received at the consulate on March 23rd. They tell us to keep calling. It has been over 2 weeks now since they received the passport, but only 8 business days due to la semana santa. Our lawyer called the hotline in the US and they said that average processing of the passport is 2 weeks, but it could be more, and they could still request more documents. However, people online have mentioned it taking only a week to get their approved visa and packet after the consulate in Juarez received their passport. I've only seen one person say that they sent in the passport and were waiting 2 months later. Should we assume that they're going to potentially sit on the passport without doing anything for another month or two and just pack up and leave, or continue to wait another couple business days and hope that they should be sending it out any time now? It feels like we're so close but we've been here in Juarez since March 18th and with our two young children (1 and 3) it has been really hard on us, not to mention having to pay for the room we're staying in. Thanks for any insight.
  18. Hi All, I was not able to find a topic related to my situation therefore I took the time to write this in the hopes of getting some answers or feedback. I am at the NVC stage waiting to get my documents Qualified or case complete. My situation is as follows: I came to visit my husband and while on vacation I had a slip and fall, I fractured my foot in multiple areas, displaced fibula fracture, displaced tibial malleolus fracture, myotendinous lesion, hemarthrosis, tibial dislocation syndesmal ligament injury. I tried reaching out to the NVC multiple times given that I am unable to walk, I had surgery and till this date still outside of the USA because I have to wait for the 6 weeks mark to travel. Both orthopedic and trauma doctor are telling me that my recovery period is unknown given the gravity of the injury. NVC response was that SDQ embassy does not accept cases for expedite review unless they have been DQ. Does anyone have experience on this? Since Ive read that sometimes this is worked around or is there anyway that my Case review with the NVC can be speeded up? Do you think that my situation would qualify for medical expedite since I am depending of my husband and have no one at home ( usa) to look after me. Thanks for the feedback in advance!
  19. I petitioned to get a work permit expedited via my congressman as I have an impending job offer, which was successful, but due to a USCIS error (they thought I hadn't paid my fees) my i-131 application is about a month behind my i-765. I finally received my EAD card today but it says "not valid for reentry to U.S." on the bottom. I'm guessing that getting the work permit expedited doesn't also expedite the Advance Parole application, even though they seem to come together on a 'combo card' nowadays... From the brief reading I've done it looks like I might get the 'advance parole' on a separate paper letter, which is kind of annoying to have to carry around every time I travel abroad (which will be quite often for work reasons), but is there any point me contacting USCIS to ask if this is a mistake or if they can cancel my current EAD card and re-issue a 'combo card' once the AP is granted??
  20. Hi everyone, new on here and have some questions... I recently submitted my I130 for my wife (I'm a US Citizen and resident of mexico, she's Mexican) and we were approved in Mexico City on June 29, including a request for expedition due to job transfer. We received the I130 submission notice through email but have yet to receive it via snail mail... after reading all these forums, it seems like the best thing to do is call the Visa processing center in Ciudad Juarez until we receive a case number. HOWEVER, no one picks up any phones! I must have tried ten different numbers, trying all the dial pad options, but it's always automated or an operator transfers me to a dead line. Anyone in the same position?? This process is so stressful...
  21. I filed for my I-765 in March and still hadn’t received it by August, so when I got a job offer to start September I applied for an expedite via my local congressman’s office. They told me if I have a job offer it’s pretty much guaranteed to be expedited, which is good because I’d heard the chances were pretty slim unless you had a huge financial hardship. I was worried about making rent like anyone else is but unfortunately he government apparently don’t consider that ‘extreme’ enough... Anyway, about 3-4 extra weeks since applying to expedite the response from USCIS came back and it sounds like they’re going to do it but it’s still confusingly vague, like it doesn’t give any kind of time frame, just says that I’m “in the queue”.....well wasn’t I already in the queue??! Here’s their response: Thank you for your inquiry regarding this constituent’s immigration matter. This case will be routed for expedited processing. Once this case is reviewed, your constituent will receive a decision or notice of further action. Due to the extremely high volume of expedite requests for this case type, there are numerous cases involving exigent or humanitarian issues already in the expedite queue, and we are unable to provide a specific timeframe for the expedited review. The strict enforcement of the expedite criteria means that all cases sent for expeditious handling are urgent, and we assure you that this case will be adjudicated as soon as possible. So should I take that to mean they are going to expedite, or it’s still dependent on them reviewing my job offer evidence etc?? And if anyone here has been successfully expedited, what was the wait between getting this notice and getting your work permit??
  22. My mom is permanent resident and she apply for two kids under age 21 at time of application. Our case is still in uscis and make take another six months or so and once case will be completed one kid will be over 21 and afriad might me uscis will change the category of visa because she will be above 21. What are best available options for us right now to expedite the case so we application will be processed before she turns 21? I would really appreciate if someone can share the procedure how to expedite the case? Thanks in advance
  23. I have been reading in the forum but i just want to confirm ... when you request for an expedite at the USCIS stage and it gets approved, do you still have to go through the NVC process like normal or do you skip NVC? From what I understood, if the expedite at USCIS is approved, then you go through NVC as normal unless you ask for an expedite there too. Is that correct? i'm asking because for timeline reasons we would like request to expedite the i-130 if it is not approved soon (we have been waiting almost a year), but not the NVC part.
  24. Hello... I am new here.... Currently on F-1 OPT. OPT expires October 13, 2017. On March, I married my U.S. citizen boyfriend. We filed AOS and Travel documents on June 30, 2017. A month ago, I have been notified by my HR to present a new unexpired work permit to keep my employment. I am anxiously waiting for news from USCIS regarding my EAD…..In 20 days I need to get my EAD card in hand. Otherwise, I might be jobless :(( Also, I have made flight reservation and plan to go back to my county to have a wedding at the end of December!! I am super worried if I do not get my combo card soon. My job…my wedding… ARGHH Does anyone here have the same job situation as mine? What should I do/ my employer does in this situation? Can I still be working WITHOUT PAY (more like a volunteer job) after my OPT expires if my employer let me does that until I get my EAD? What’s y’all recommendation? I just feel bad to my employer because I have not worked for a year yet, and will be taking leave for wedding.. and plus I might need to take unpaid leaves for indefinite time until I get my EAD… Here’s my timeline 30-Jun-2017 Filed AOS package 5-Jul-2017 USCIS received fingerprint fee for I-485 6-Jul-2017 Received I-797 Receipt Notices 15-Jul-2017 Received Appointment for Biometrics Notice 26-Jul-2017 Received RFE Notice (I-131A. Somehow lawyer forgot to send it together with I-485). Sent the I-131A on Sept 28. 3-Aug-2017 Did Biometrics 8-Aug-2017 RFE was received by USCIS 11-Sep-2017 Called USICS to expedite EAD/AP 12-Sep-2017 USCIS: Expedite request was assigned to an officer. Referral ID: T1*****. We sent a response to your request to have your case expedited. Another update: your request to have your case expedited was completed 18-Sep-2017 Called USCIS regarding the expedited case status. Told me they sent an email requesting proof of severe financial loss on September 13. But I did not get the email. So turned out there was a misunderstanding in communication. Officer whom I spoke with on Sept 11 misspelled my email address. 20-Sep-2017 Sent a fax to congressman regarding EAD case
  25. I contacted ombudsman regarding my expedite request with USCIS, on July 12 i called USCIS requesting expedite due humanitarian issues and they asked to send evidence through email , i sent on 21 july but they didn't reply whether they received my evidence or updated my again so i contacted CIS ombudsman and they sent me this email , so has anyone experienced this issue or tried ombudsman
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