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  1. Greetings, Our expedite request was accepted 2 weeks ago and last week we got our Noa2. October filler so it was about time anyway. Question is does it mean we are expedited all the way through? Nvc -embassy?
  2. Hi, For those who have submitted an expedited request and until you receive your interview letter/email, I'd like to ask: 1] What is your timeline from sending your expedited request (via support-philippines) for interview schedule at US Embassy Manila? 2] How many times did you have to call to follow up your case on your request (escalated to post)? 3] When did you receive your Interview Email/Letter from the US Embassy?
  3. case type v-92 follow to join case currently at Islamabad embassy waiting for interview letter for 3 months my father (petitioner) wants to expedite the appointment from embassy because of his health issues. i searched online... all i get is i have to send email to nvc NVCexpedite@state.gov?????? as there are four case number 3sons & 1 spouse... should we mention all of them in one letter ????or separate letter for each one ??????? if anyone have sample or format of letter kindly send me on ahmadbutt5432@gmail.com. or you can share it here in comment
  4. Just looking for a little insight here not a brow beating or a barrage of sneers and smirks. I understand that the the NVC is not sending cases to the USEM MNL and neither is the USEM MNL Processing Routine Visa Services nor Routine K-1's and have not for many many months now. Previously I had sent an Expedite request to the NVC with no particular reason, just that our case had been sitting (As with so many others) "At NVC" for over 6 months - I was (Obviously) dismissed out of hand stating they would not send my case along to the USEM MNL and the Typical bureaucratic, garbage, nonsense "Due to the current WRS (World Retardation Syndrome) on mass, the USEM MNL is not processing or accepting routine cases and will resume when the world has accepted communism and all have been injected multiple times with whatever we would like to stick in their bodies or after the universe dies, have a nice day" or something to that effect lol Since the time that request was sent, my fiancé and I found out we are going to be parents 😁😇 After confirming, getting an OBGYN, etc.... we sent another Expedite Request to the NVC stating Financial Hardship to be endured by the Petitioner, Inaccessibility to safe and sufficient medical care during pregnancy of the beneficiary, Emotional and Mental strain to be suffered by both the Petitioner and Beneficiary, Strain on the pregnancy, lack of care for the beneficiary during pregnancy and inaccessibility to medical care of any kind in an emergency, etc... to include hundreds of dollars in receipts just within the first month of pregnancy, a letter from our OBGYN stating that it is imperative that this case be deemed critical and our case be forwarded to the USEM MNL if that would possibly produce the result of us being together for care of both of us, medical care, strain on pregnancy, financial burden, etc... After waiting the usual 5-6 business days for a response from the NVC Contractor who responds to requests, it stated: "It seems you want an expedite. K-1's are already expedited at the NVC so this cannot be granted. We will not send this request to the USEM MNL for their Decision on the matter." .......... 🤨 There was nothing said about this does not qualify, your expedite is denied, etc... neither did they even send it for examination to the USEM MNL, it seems like they didn't even read anything in the letter or any of the attachments at all, almost as if they just say "Expedite request" in the Subject line and waited the normal number of days and then sent the copy and paste response. So is this normal even when someone has a valid reason to request expedite? I am kind of wondering what to do next, I cannot stand for this.
  5. Hi everyone, Our expedite request was finally approved on Friday 4th June. We were expecting to be in the May batch of interviews as we were DQ'd at the end of February 2021 but I guess this is promising considering they didn't release any last month. Just wondered had anyone else recently heard anything about an expedite request they had filed in London? What were the wait times like between NVC emailing to tell you the expedite was accepted and your case status changing to “Ready”? We keep checking our CEAC status but it still is saying "At NVC" after 5 days now. I feel like based on what I've been reading, this is a long time? I am most likely wrong. We have the "Case has been expedited to post" message in our message folder but that's about it. As always, thank you in advance.
  6. This thread for persons with the same visa category that I have. I have been DQ from December 2,2020 with no updates from NVC. My case is basically stuck like the others. I sent an expedite request on June 8. Fingers crossed I want to know what’s everyone’s case
  7. Hello. I would like to ask those who are in F1 category if you have recently requested for expedite to get an Interview schedule? I am from F2B and my petitioner recently became US Citizen. I submitted the certificate of naturalization last May 27 via NVC Public Form. I’d like to know how long will NVC respond to expedite requests. Thank you
  8. Hi everyone, Has anyone successfully expedited their case in Dakar? I have been trying with Valid reason and provided medical records on behalf of my husband but got declined. Any interviews lately? DQ dates?
  9. Hi I'm confused between what it is and when it's applied inquiry and when is expedite. I'm about to process cr1 and many people use it by medical or psychological emergency, but I don't understand the difference. someone could help me.
  10. I am currently at NVC stage and recently filed an expedite request via NVC. My question is which agency is gonna review/approve the expedite request; is it NVC or my home country's embassy ? I am a little worried because my country's embassy has never for once approved an expedite request.
  11. Hello. Has anyone had their case expedited by the US embassy in Accra either before or during COVID-19? My case was sent to the embassy on 14th October (showed READY on CEAC) but I've still not heard anything from them. I've emailed them 3 times and I always get an automated response. I'm literally stuck now and don't know what the next steps are. Kindly share your experiences. TIA
  12. Hello! I hope you're all doing well. I know this process is really tough, but hopefully we will all see more and more movement soon! I was wondering if any of you have any advice with trying to get an expedite for an early interview appointment. I was stuck at NVC for months and they finally released the case to the embassy but the earliest appointment is not for another 4 months. Has anyone requested for an expedite successfully? And has anyone requested for an expedite with the Dakar Embassy?
  13. We’ve received DQ email in November 9th, my wife is a nurse, and our visa is EB3, as in the London embassy website says to contact NVC to expedite if healthcare professionals, we requested twice and we’ve been denied saying that they cannot expedite because they’re doing by the list. We know that before October they were granted some expedite for healthcare professionals. So I would like to know if someone requested expedite after October and have been accepted. And if someone has the interview scheduled already, when have been DQ.
  14. Hello, I wondered if anyone could help me. I got a job offer and I have heard that I can expedite my EAD through that. Does someone know how? I did concurrent filing for AOS in mid December 2018, did Biometrics in January and had no RFE. Please help!!!
  15. So I already have a job in the US on a H1B visa, and it is set to expire in August of this year (about 5 months left). I did my biometrics last month, sent the RFEs for i-485, and I'm basically doing the waiting game at this point. Unfortunately, my I-765 was rejected twice because I put in the wrong category twice, and it twas only accepted in January of this year (I sent it in in November, and USCIS sat on it for ages...) So I think while both applications have a chance of being approved by August, I don't feel confident that either of them will definitely get approved. I'm talking to my employer, and they told me that because I'm Canadian and the H1B quota isn't full, they won't file for an H1B extension (I don't really understand this tbh), and that there might not be another option. I feel like the HR isn't fully informed on i-485, because a google search shows that I can try to expedite my case. The only thing is, I don't think my case is urgent yet since I have 5 months. So I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with the expedite request, when I should file it, or if it's even worth it. Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Hi everyone, I have been searching through this forum and did not find any topics that discussed EAD Expedite cases where USCIS has requested Proof. Share your experience and timeline here so we can get a better idea about how long it takes and what is the success rate. You can track mine in my signature. I requested EAD expedite review under Severe Financial Loss and I provided a letter from my employer to prove it. It has been 9 days since I faxed my letter and no change so far...
  17. My husband got approved for expedite CR1 visa in Islamabad Embassy. The case status shows "Ready" since January 12, 2021 and that it is now in Islamabad, but we have not received and interview date yet (been 6 weeks now). Is this normal? We contacted the embassy, they sent a link for us to sign up for an interview appointment, but when we went it said no appointments available. The embassy said they cannot answer any questions over the phone. We are feeling very lost and any guidance would be appreciated.
  18. My husband and I filed his AOS from K1 category. Tracking shows the package was received January 13 however I have not received a receipt notice yet. I’m sure it’s coming soon. My question is my husband got a job offer and the owner of that company is going to be generating a letter. Assuming I get the receipt number shortly here, what do you think the chances are of us getting an expedite on EAD right after filing with a letter?
  19. Has this happened to anyone? Our case was expedited and is now at the US embassy in Ethiopia. Last week they sent us an e-mail with detailed instructions for medical exam and other required documents, but NO date. In the e-mail they said: "Please find the attached instruction for immigrant visa process. Once you have completed all the requirements listed, email us at AddisIV@state.gov so that we can schedule you for interview." Has this ever happened to anyone else? I thought usually you receive a date BEFORE the medical exam, because that's what the medical examiner would want to see. The attached letter isn't even addressing my husband's full name. Is this a mistake on the embassy, or a new policy? I was hoping to get the interview date so I could fly there to help him for the last stretch. I tried calling the embassy and they refused to be of any help, and just insisted that I e-mail them, which I already did 5 days ago. Sorry, a little frustrated now.
  20. Hi everyone. Hope you are all doing well. My husband had his interview on October 28th 2020. He had his interview in dhaka bangladesh embassy. His visa is approved and he recieved a green slip its says Congratulations on your immgrant visa. Kept his passport and told him to pick up when its ready. On 29th October we checked our ceac status . It showing issued and it also saying your visa has printed. Its been over 12 days we haven't receive any email or sms. To collect our passport. I have seen people who had interview on nov.1st ,2nd ,3rd already got their passport. After 3/4 days. My husband called the embassy coustomer service they couldn't help much. I have booked my husband ticket. I had to cancle once. Our case was expedited from NVC. I really worried now. Why its taking so long after visa being issued. I cant find any solution i really dont know what to do. Any expart help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  21. Hi, my husband and I have already been Documentarily Qualified with the NVC and are waiting on his immigration interview to be scheduled for the spousal IR1 visa petition. We reviewed the other timelines for Chile, but there aren't any which have had more recent interviews. We were wondering if there was someone who could share an experience from the last couple of months. Does anyone know if the US Embassy in Santiago is still catching up on the backlog from last year's pandemic closures, or what the turnaround time is to receive the notification of an interview date? We would also be interested to know what the procedure is for visa interviewees who do not have their vaccination records. We saw that others have been in the same situation and had no trouble either in the medical exam or the interview, but we aren't sure how that was managed. Any relevant insights would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  22. On December 29th 2020 my petitioner sent an expedite request to NVCexpedite@state.gov, I understand that because of holidays + weekend they would take a little longer to look into it, however 6 business days have passed since he sent it and they haven't even sent the first email which is the acknowledgment that they received it. Back in July we tried expediting for the first time, however it got denied (we didn't have good reasons back then but this time we do) and it only took them 8 days in total to send us both the acknowledgment email and denial email. I have two questions about this: 1: Should we send another email? 2: On the email that my petitioner wrote, the only thing that he put on the subject of the email was my case number, is this going to have any consequences (like they ignoring our email) or does it not matter at all?
  23. Hi everyone, I finally had my biometrics appointment yesterday, it's a relief to finally see some movement after being unable to work for the past 5 months! Getting ready to submit an expedite request for my EAD so looking for some advise from anyone that has had success: 1) What did you submit as evidence? I have a job offer that's being finalized so will be able to provide that. Did you also need to provide evidence of financial loss? I haven't been able to work since July, so I can show evidence of having to take money out of my savings but was wondering if there was anything else people have provided? Did anyone estimate the income that they would have received had they been able to work over the past months? 2) What did you include in your cover letter? Just trying to work out how much detail needs to be included Any help/advise would be very much appreciated! Thanks and good luck to everyone!
  24. So here's the rundown: - Got a letter for my medical condition from Neurologist - Sent in email request to London Embassy on Dec 1st - Got email confrmation of appointment for Dec 8th - Went to interview (he's on his way back home as I type) got a green letter In the green letter there is check marks for "updated medical" - we were anticipating this bc he had his medical was done in March right before the world shut down. "Updated Police Cert" that we also anticipated as it was well out of the 6 months. There was also a check mark on "other" National Interest Exception. We will schedule out medical and all that what we are confused about is the National Interest Exception. Is there an application we need to fill in? I see one in Departent of state for work related visas but not anything about ours in particular. If we don't meet the requirements for this exception did we mess up our whole process. It should be noted that they DID keep his passport. I am not familiar with this at all and any information would be amazing.
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