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Found 45 results

  1. Hello, one and all! I'm new to this here community, but my fiance directed me to you because I've been plugging away at K-1 paperwork today and the flowchart of Visa progression really helped settle a bit of my anxiety! But of course, I still have a good many questions to ask and not many answers are forthcoming. As the topic title states, I'm currently struggling with the whole Affidavit of Support section required for my interview with my Embassy in London, UK. It is listed as a required document, but then goes on to state that it MAY be required. My fiance and I want to be ahead of the game (I already have everything else done and prepared from the checklist; DS-160, ACRO, Birth Certificate legal copy, Evidence of Relationship... you name it!!), so we'd really appreciate it if somebody could clarify whether the Affidavit of Support is required for us to file on the K-1. As an aside, I'm currently in contact with the school district where I'm moving to in the Lacey/ Olympia area of WA, and have submitted an application to be a Substitute Teacher with them. So, if that proves fruitful, would I be right in saying that they could provide me with the evidence of support? Thank you all for reading! And wish us luck for a speedy rest of the Visa process.
  2. My tax returns gross is less than 125% but more than 100%. I have a new job in which I started 4 months ago my pay is wayyy higher than 125% now. I am including 2 months worth of pay stubs, my previous tax return along with a letter explaining. I am tryimg to get something from my job because they said they dont do letters. My fiance interview is in 2 days. What are the chances of me being denied for being below 125% poverty on previous tax returns although I get paid more now.
  3. hi all! so I just submitted all my docs to CEAC and almost all of them were rejected with a problem. the thing that is the most confusing to me is that I as the petitioner filed the I-864 because you have to for affidavit of support. I am currently unemployed as I just moved home from living overseas. My father is the joint sponsor and makes enough. They said that he didn't fill out the I-864A because I was told he didn't need to and that it was just the I-864 from him and from me. does anybody know about this? I don't see why he needs to fill out an I-864a if he already did the I-864. thank you!
  4. please help! I submitted the past 3 years of tax returns for myself and my co sponsor.. as per the request on CEAC stating "tax return or transcript" I got a notice saying they cannot accept those documents and I need to send in a transcript. Unfortunately the IRS won't let me retrieve it online or by e mail and their service center is so backed up they won't take calls. did anybody run into this issue? which tax documents did you submit? I am trying to find a way to get around this as its the thing holding us back from getting to move on. thanks
  5. Hola, actualmente mi esposa(ciudadana estadounidense), mi hijo (ciudadano estadounidense) y yo (Mexicano) vivimos en Monterrey , NL México y estamos por empezar el proceso de IR-1/CR-1 Visa DCF, ya hemos estado investigando y juntado los documentos pero tengo algunas dudas.. Para el documento de I-864 Affidavit of Support Form vamos a pedirle a un familiar que se una al sponsor, ya que mi esposa a vivido la mayoría del tiempo en mexico entonces no tiene forma de ser mi sponsor. Mis dudas son, mi esposa de igual manera tiene que llenar el affidavit aunque no tenga ningún ingreso(Actualmente yo trabajo y ella cuida a nuestro hijo)? Y mi otra duda es si la persona que nos ayudara con el sponsor también tiene que ser sponsor de ellos (mi esposa e hijo). Otra duda, mi esposa desde que nacio mi hijo(1 año y 6 meses) no trabaja y no estudia, antes trabaja y estudiaba, creo que yo puedo ser su affidavit al momento de presentar el I-130 para comprobar que ella reside aquí en mexico por mas de 6 meses? Y también Mi esposa a estado llevando a mi hijo a terapia física de Lunes a miércoles por mas de un año y a diferentes citas en el hospital, esto podria contar como evidencia que ella reside aqui?
  6. Hello everyone! So I made a post a few days ago and I probably went overboard with a wall of text that nobody probably wanted to read let alone respond to. My bad 😅 So I've decided to just ask a question at at time. We are getting ready to submit interview documents to the consulate/embassy and I wanted some feedback on the I-134, so here goes. Affidavit of Support / Evidence of Financial Support - (40 Pages Total) ??? Do I need to include a letter stating that my income is above 100% and 125% of the FPL ??? Form I-134 - Without checking either box "intend" or "do not intend" and with a response of "N/A (Filing for my fiancee for a K1 Visa Process for Permanent Residence)" response to Page 4 - Part 3 - Item Number 38 (8 Pages) Letter from my Bank - Stating the total amount deposited and the average balance over the past 12 months, the date the account was opened, and the current balance (1 Page) Bank Statements - I included the first page of each statement only and included the following statements: February 2016, December 2016, January 2017, December 2017, January 2018, December 2018, January 2019 (7 Pages) Letter from my Employer - On their stationary/letterhead stating my name, my title, the date of my employment, my current annual salary (and monthly salary), and that I am a permanent employee with them (1 Page) Pay Stubs - Last 3 months' pay stubs from my employer (8 Pages) W-2 Forms - From 2016 to 2018 (4 Pages) Tax Return Transcripts - For the 2016 and 2017 tax years (11 Pages) Does this seem about right? Or are there any comments? I think I have it covered but I'm getting nervous about this whole thing. Hope to hear back from you all 😊
  7. Does anyone has copies of their affidavit?
  8. We are wondering if we need a joint sponsor, my husband and I live in chile he quit his 11 years job in 2017 to travel, we met in Chile and got married here, he has some assets in the USA and stocks but no actual salary income annually but he has a job contract for when we get back , is there some way to explain that or we will need a sponsor? we will appreciate your opinions, thanks.
  9. Hey everyone, K1 approved and Married 11/20/18 and his K1 visa is expired 12-12-18... Do we have to have all of the paperwork for AOS filled and sent in by then? Or is it more lenient because we are married now? Also do I the petitioner have to submit another affidavit of support for the AOS or can I just submit supporting financial documents? Did you make a nice binder/folder to make it presentable? Also the medical exam was sent from husbands country to the US embassy, is this something that is accessible on their end? THANKS everyone.
  10. Im a US citizen. Im trying to bring my parents to USA. I filed 2 forms i-130. It got approved and Im waiting for NVC to respond and in the meantime Im filling out the affidavit of Support I-864. Here are my questions. 1. Like I-130, do i need to file 2 forms for I-864, each for my father & my mother. 2. On PART 3 Item 2 I mentioned my mother as family member #1. Does this mean I don't need another I864 ?
  11. My wife and I will file her I-751 very soon and I am trying to get some affidavits from US citizen friends and co-workers for her application. I am in the U.S. Army and my unit commander wants to know if a military official memorandum from the unit commander with the official letter head and his signature would be better than a notarized sworn affidavit? Please let me know. Thank you very much!
  12. Hi all, We're among the unfortunate to call ourselves RFE recipients. When we supplied our AOS application we did so with only my foreign income from the previous years (under the guidance of an immigration attorney). My wife, who has been studying abroad for the past 7 years didn't have a job or relevant past tax returns to show at that time, so it was all my income. The RFE stated in pretty certain terms that the income has to have come from lawful US employment, which mine obviously wasn't. Now we're putting together the response to the RFE and our current situation is that she's had a part-time job since March and as of this week she got promoted into a full-time, making an annual $27,123. In addition to this we also have a bit over $20,000 in savings/other liquid assets. I have a job offer waiting for me since December of 2017 with an annual salary of $80,000. Getting a co-sponsor is out of the question at this point, due to time constraints. What we're currently planning on putting in the application is: My wife's employment verification letter for the new full-time position My wife's past pay-stubs from her part-time job + one pay-stub since starting the full-time position My offer letter Documentation of our assets A letter declaring my wife's exemption from filing her taxes Do you think this would be enough to qualify for sponsorship? And do we need to add anything to the package? Thanks for any input
  13. Hello! Last month I had received a letter that my son's F3 Immigrant case was being expedited due to his child turning 21 soon. This was just a day after the visa creation email for CEAC. Due to expedited status, CEAC Online did not allow us to pay fee or upload any financial documents. The NVC told us to present everything to Islamabad at interview. We were only able to enter civil documents. The CEAC did not allow fee payment or submission of affidavit of support, NVC said this is normal for all expedited cases. My son had the Interview today and they gave him white slip with 221G. The consulate officer said that he needed to upload the affidavit documents on CEAC. He had all original affidavit documents at interview, but they did not even look at them or listen to him. They keep on saying to upload them to CEAC. We tried contacting NVC and they say the case is expedited and they cannot accept the documents, only Islamabad can. Islamabad is not helping or respond at all and keeps on saying to upload online CEAC. The problem is CEAC is not allowing us to upload any documents since it is an expedited case. Any advice on how to resolve this
  14. Hey everyone, I received my interview appointment letter today, only 2 weeks after my EAD came through (feels surprisingly quick??!) and I/we have our interview scheduled for October 10th, a little over a month away. We only just opened the letter and read through everything but I instantly had a pretty important question. My wife filled out the I-864 Affidavit of Support and we submitted that with the I-485 application back in March. I understand that I don't need to bring a new I-864, having already submitted one (though I will of course bring a copy just in case) BUT in a weeks time my wife will be leaving her job to start a new business. Are they going to ask us/her whether her information for the original I-864 is still up to date? Will we need to provide proof of income for the new business? It's a start-up so besides the money we have to put in the business in the first place, we won't have any evidence of income to show. Is that going to be a problem? She potentially has the option of staying on at her old job for another few weeks so that she would technically still be employed there at the time of the interview. It's not ideal as our new business really needs us to focus fully on getting everything set up for our proposed launch mid October. I guess I'm trying to find out whether my wife has to stay at her job and/or, whether us starting a new business is going to be a problem in the interview, having already submitted the I-864 with information about her current (soon to be old) job. We would really appreciate any help or guidance you may have on this one. We weren't expecting the interview anywhere near as soon as it is and although it's great that it's happening so quickly, it's coming at a super awkward time with our financial situation... Thank you in advance, Peter.
  15. I'm getting a lot of mixed information, I was told to submit the affidavit of support so my fiancé could take it to his interview and now im being told no it isn't necessary can someone please help so I don't do the stupid thing and prolong the process even more.. thank you!!!
  16. I am in the process of gathering documents for NVC. When I go to the IRS Website to order Tax transcripts it gives me the option for a paper copy in the mail or a second option of having them e-mail. Of course by e-mail would be quicker and easier, I could just print and submit. I just want to make sure that theres no difference and NVC will still accept the printed e-mail versions. Thanks guys!
  17. I have been trying to make payment online for affidavit fees $12O.00 .. I am using USA bank account and also i tried different internet browser. please anyone facing same problem ? let me know. i have been get DB error before.. and now i am receiving "this page cant displayed " i called NVC and they said to me to email them screenshots.. i did and they replied that use internet explore... i did internet explore too but still cant make payment..
  18. Buenas noches, tengo una pregunta importante. Soy el beneficiario y el 31 de agosto tengo mi entrevista en la Embajada de Bogotá, Colombia. Mi prometido vendrá a acompañarme a la entrevista. Mi prometido es un veterano 100% discapacitado del ejército, recibiendo aproximadamente 30,000 usd de beneficios anuales del departamento de veteranos. Queremos saber si tendremos un problema ya que este es un beneficio que está exento de impuestos. ¿Necesitaremos un copatrocinador? o con el beneficio que recibe de VA es suficiente? Estamos un poco angustiados. 😢 😢
  19. Good day, I have an important question. I am the beneficiary and on August 31 I have my interview at the Embassy of Bogotá, Colombia. My fiancé will come to accompany me to the interview. My fiancé is a 100% disabled veteran of the army, receiving approximately 30,000 usd of annual benefits from the veterans department. We want to know if we will have a problem since this is a benefit that is exempt from taxes? Will we need a co-sponsor? or with the benefit you receive from V.A is enough? We are a little distressed.😢😢
  20. I submitted a question to a different forum category regarding the multiple filer waiver and was also commenting that I see that things have possibly changed since I filed previously (Twice: 2008 & 2014) and it was suggested that I sent some things with the initial I-129F that altho did not delay anything they were not necessary at that point- In the past I also included with the I-129F form both (Mine, the petitioner and hers, the beneficiary) of our G-325 / Biographical Info forms as well as my I-134 / Affidavit of Support form; Are these required at this point or are they to be submitted later? As I mentioned in my previous blog, both of my cases were approved within approx 7 months with no delays or issues... Thanks again much for your input!
  21. RFIE on I-485 Supplement A: Submit an English translation with the applicant's foreign birth certificate issued by the appropriate civil authority. If the document is in a language other than English, you must submit a copy of the foreign language document and an English translation. If the birth certificate is not available, you must submit acceptable secondary evidence AND a letter from the government or other authority. Examples of acceptable secondary evidence may include, but is not limited to; church or school records, listing your parents' names and your date of birth; hospital records of your birth; or other official records indicating a country and record of birth. Title 8 Code of Federal Regulations, Section 103.2(b)(2xii) states: "'Where a record does not exist, the applicant or petitioner must submit an original written statement on government letterhead establishing this from the relevant government or other authority. The statement must indicate the reason the record does not exist, and indicate whether similar records for the time and place are available." It must contain one of the following: o A legible seal o A legible stamp o A signature with a title containing the words: secretary, registrar or births and deaths Information on acceptable birth records for people born outside the United States can be found at http://travel.state.gov/content/visas/enL,/fees/reciprocity-by-country.html. My lawyer sent the Birth Certificate in English from Place of birth: Karachi, Pakistan. I spoke to my attorney and he said that was the 'extract' from Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC). I reside in USA. No RFIE/RFE was asked when I-130 was approved though. Can anyone advice on how I can obtain my Birth Certificate? Is it from a Consulate/Embassy in USA? NADRA? I see couple websites offering BC service.
  22. My fiance (petitioner) has been employed for 11 months now, he makes $21,840/year (before tax cuts) and no one depends on him, so we're good. Now, he wants to change his job because there's a new place that pays more, would this affect affidavit of support in the future negatively?
  23. So I got an RFE requesting that I resend my i864 for my new wife's green card application. In this process, I've learned that my cashier's check was never cashed by the IRS, so I did not in fact pay 2017 taxes. I have a photocopy of that cashier's check and the certified mail confirmation that it was delivered to the California IRS P.O box. I only have 83 days to send in the i864. I do not know if it's enough time to deal with this tax issue. My question is this: Can I send in my 1040 and schedules (since I worked both as a full time employee part of the year and as a freelancer), along with the prove of certified mail receipt and the cashier's check copy, and a letter explaining that I could not get a IRS transcript for 2017, and expect this to be accepted? I would also send the transcript for 2016 (paid), and for 2015 (I did not file, so this just says that there is not record), and I would add my father's i864 with all thre previous years' IRS transcripts (make make far more than I do, and well enough for this affidavit). Will this be enough? Or must I at all cost show that my taxes in 2017 were verily accepted and cashed? Thank you, Cale
  24. Ok, this is my first post so excuse me if I didn't put it in the correct subject. My situation is this: I want to bring my Filipina fiance here to the US. My concern is the financial affidavit. I am 39, live withy mother in her house because I have to take care of her due to her medical issues. For the last few years I was unemployed as a result. Therefore no tax returns either. Now, I am going to get a job but it likely won't meet the poverty guidelines so I would need a co-sponsor. I have read in the Philippines forum that most people are never even asked for it during the interview but I don't trust that because I don't want to waste the time and money for a fiance visa if it's going to be rejected obviously, in which case I would be forced to marry in the Philippines and file a marriage visa where they are forced to accept a co-sponsor, and obviously I would want to know before I start which route I should take. With my mother's income combined with what mine will be we will absolutely meet the poverty guidelines and I understand that there is a special i-134 that can be filed to combine household income with a family member who lives with you. So, I could either do that, or have her fill out a separate i134 as a separate sponsor. But, from what I have been reading online is the Manila embassy is like the one embassy in the world that does not accept co-sponsor for fiance visa. On the other hand I read that they never even ask to see it. I need to know the truth on this situation so I can plan accordingly. I also have my best friend of 20 years who makes 100k+ who is happy to cosign as well if needed but apparently from what I read they only really consider co-sponsor that are close family, not friends for the fiance visa. HELP!!!! (And thanks!)
  25. Hello everyone. What does NVC look for on the I-134 regarding assets? does it matter whether whole life insurance has cash surrender value or not? would they ask for that on the form? I am trying to find ways to supplement my income so I may not need a a co-sponsor, such as a second job, etc....please advise.