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  1. hi how are things? I have a question about how to fill out the form with a second sponsor, the uscis asked me for the 864 form again, I suppose my husband could not comply with what they requested so I got a second sponsor. For that, then I fill out the normal form with the information of the second sponsor or is there something else? If you have any videos, I would also appreciate it. thank you so much!
  2. Hello! My sister-in-law is petitioning for her parents to come to the USA and both I-130 applications have been approved (parents live abroad). We have decided to continue with her mother's process as her dad's case hasn't been created at NVC yet. She made around $30k this year which is enough for her to file an affidavit by herself. However we're not sure if she would need a co-sponsor when we she files an affidavit for her father. We're willing to help as we live in the same household. We made $38k this year plus have a house, bank accounts etc. Should we let her file only her as a sponsor for her mom and then add ourselves as co-sponsors for her father?
  3. Hello Group, Seeking advice for our 2nd interview, our situation and their request for a co-sponsor which I can't get but also think we don't need one but want to ask Visa Journeys opinion because we don't want to have to wait until a 3rd interview. So first interview we were told that we need to get a co-sponsor but I believe that was because of 3 mistakes that were made. 1)First mistake was our household # was 3 instead of just 2 and my affidavit of support income is for two people, not 3. I'm a small business owner and my net income reported was $24,500 + a new job in 2022 which leads into mistake 2. 2) Forgot to provide evidence/copies of new, job paychecks. Annual income for new job is $32,000. 3) IRS did an adjustment on my 2021 taxes and increased my net income to $26,500 due to an error by my accountant. So my affidavit of support numbers for 2021 is $26,500(business income) + new job of $32,000 for 2022 + business income. They also want 2020 taxes but I lived in Ecuador for 10-12 months of this year due to Covid, so didn't meet minimum requirements that year. Hopefully they will understand and know that Covid slowed thousands of businesses. All of our marriage evidence seemed to be approved. They said my income was to low and on the blue form, checked off we needing a co-sponsor and few other easy, fixable tasks. I'm from a very small family and waited an half year to submit my affidavit of support to have enough business profit and also got a w-2 job. Before waiting the 6 months, I researched the co-sponsor possibility amongst my family and friends and no one was warm to the idea. Million dollar question for 2nd interview. With the mistakes corrected, additional income evidence which was in our online profile but the Ecuador embassy doesn't appear to have access too, new tax increase and my wife now having the experience to possible better explain affidavit of support concerns, would you recommend trying the 2nd interview again without a co-sponsor? Also my wife said her first interviewer was a lady and was very catty with her. Even made a couple sarcastic comments. So hopefully next interview, she gets someone that's more professional in their job. One more thing about our relationship, we do have an age difference but as I mentioned, they seemed to be good with our bona-fide marriage evidence, just not the income. Thanks for all and any advice.
  4. Hi everyone! i heard from somewhere if your financial documents are not enough to bring your spouse to USA, so there is an option of co sponsor who help you out in this financial document stage, if this type of thing really exist so i want to know how i can apply for this( i have 2/3 co-sponsor with me). And one thing more what is the limitation or the border line of this amount like how much my income should be to bring my spouse which is shown in the tax return or affidavit .
  5. Hi all, this is first time posting my concerns in the forum. I have been using VisaJourney to look for my answers for many years and I have always found what I need. But this time I really need you guys to help a little. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. thank you so much! I am a petitioner (US citizen) who is trying to fill out the i864 (the affidavit of support) for immigrating my spouse to the US. We do not have any children and here is my financial picture: I am a graduating Ph.D. student studying abroad (not in the US) and my stipend is about $40,000 (US dollar) per year. For the past three years of studying, I have been filing US taxes via foreign income exclusion. So the total income in the tax return is $0. Since the stipend would stop once I graduate and move back to the US, my current income would be $0 as well. I don't have any job offer at this point. I own a free and clear property (my principal address) in the US with a net worth of about ~$400,000 with my parents living in it. I also have a saving account of around $70,000. My father who has lived in our home is making $30,000 per year. My mother and father are filed married jointly and do not have any other dependents. I am going to use my assets of the property and the savings and also combine my father as a household member to meet the minimal requirement. Does this sound like a very naive affidavit of support for the USCIS? I am trying to do this all on our own without finding a joint sponsor. Please advice. Any suggestion is appreciated. thank you so much!!!
  6. Hello, We are about to mail out package out for the i-751 to remove the conditional provision of the PR for my husband. We have received 6 notarized affadivits, but noticed that most of our friends and relatives did not include their birthplace and date of birth of the affadivits. They did, however, get them notarized. Should we have them resend them to us with the two items each, or will they be valid given the notaries would have validate their identifications? They all contain the language around being a sworn affidavit. Thanks, Jeff
  7. Hello, Our case got DQd on June 29th, 2022 and we are currently waiting for an email regarding next steps. In addition to the DQ notice, we received a review note that stated the following: "This case does not meet the minimum income requirement to sponsor the intending immigrants. To avoid delays, an additional Affidavit of Support Form I-864 from a joint sponsor may be submitted. The consular officer will make a decision regarding this requirement at the time of the interview." My wife had just graduated University and started her first job at the time of this sponsorship process and so her tax documents at the time I guess did not satisfy the minimum income requirements. As we went along the process, she got a new job and has been there for almost a year and we uploaded documents showing her current salary which more than meets the requirements. I didn't think we needed to have a joint sponsor because of this. Now that this note is on our file, we have a joint sponsor and we have completed the AOS form and gathered the financial documents to support it. In terms of uploading this on to CEAC, is there a specific way this must be done? Firstly because this is a joint sponsor and secondly because NVC has already accepted our previous documents and have stated we are documentary qualified. So I'm wondering if we just upload as normal or do something differently. It even says "an additional Affidavit of Support Form I-864 from a joint sponsor may be submitted". I would like to do so anyways to avoid any further conflicts, delays, or issues. Secondly, at the time of me submitting my civil documents, my passport was not expired. It expired throughout the process. I have renewed my passport and have both my old and new ones with me. Should I be uploading the new one on to CEAC or is this not necessary? I'm assuming I should still bring both to the interview? Thank you for the help and feedback!
  8. My mother is petitioning my brother and I was added as a joint sponsor at the time we submitted the affidavit. since then, her income increased and so did mine. Do i need to update the affidavit or do I just submit new evidence of income for both. ( she has received an interview date for my brother) I'd appreciate your help with this!
  9. My question is about the I864 form. In question 23 a and 24 a, b, c of said form, should I write my individual income or the total of my joint declaration with my husband? We file taxes together but I am the main petitioner of my mother so I have to fill out an affidavit for her although I will use my husband's income because my income was very low in the last two years due to covid 19. We have a 1040 form each year filed and I already have the transcripts ready for the last three years. I read on the instructions: Do not leave the boxes for Item Number 24.a. blank. Type or print the most recent tax year and your total income for that most recent tax year. If the amount was zero, type or print “zero” or if you were not required to file a Federal income tax return type or print “N/A” for not applicable. I copy the questions below exactly as in the form: 23a- Have you filed a Federal income tax return for each of the three most recent tax years? Answer: yes 23b- (optional)I have attached photocopies or transcripts of my Federal income tax returns for my second and third most recent tax years. (I will attach those transcripts because I'm using my husband income. Should I write my income of the three most recent years at 24 a,b,c? Then the form continues: My total income (adjusted gross income on IRS Form 1040 EZ) as reported on my Federal income tax returns for the most recent three years was: 24a) Most recent: 24b) sencond most recent: 24c) third most recent: I don't read any advice about how to file this question if you declare jointly. Thank you very much in advance for yor time and for your help.
  10. Hello everyone We're in the middle of filing our AOS and I ( the sole sponsor ) have not received my most recent ( 2021) tax return but I have the one for 2020 I do have the W2s for 2021 though. My question is should I put the year 2021 in question 24.a as my most recent tax year and provide the w2s and job letter and pay stubs to prove the income along with the 2020 tax return? Or should I put the year 2020 as the most recent tax year. Note my 2021 income is a lot more than 2020. Thank you in advance
  11. Hello everyone my burning question is I submitted 2019 taxes with my AOS in aug 2021….. slight over sight, so they sent RFE for 2020 Taxes which are recent …no biggie but my 2020 taxes are Amended will that be an issue for uscis ? They do qualify for sponsorship and above the $21,775 for 2 person household. Please please I’m on a dead line let me know guys
  12. Does the Affidavit per Part 5.A. Note (6) of the General Requirements of the I-130 Instructions need to be notarized? TIA
  13. We are preparing my son AOS package. He's adjusting from b2 visa and I am stuck a bit. So my husband annual salary has moved up since 2021. In my aos package that was submitted lat February, we input his annually salary at 41k which was written on his employment letter however he did work more than than because he's privileged to lots of OT. His paystub at end of year 2020 stated 47k. So this year 200k now, with the same job his ending paystub says 52k gross.... Do we put this figure in the annual income section of the i864 or do we put back what the job letter states? I asked this question because an immigration consultant who is helping me say I should not put the 52k because I do not have a transcript to relate to the new figure. I look forward to your responses without JUDGEMENT!!
  14. Hello, I'm petitioning my husband who is from Guatemala but lives in the U.S and we finally received an interview appointment at the Embassy in Guatemala. I'm getting all of our paperwork ready but went through a checklist and it lists form I-864. We have already submitted the form to NVC but I don't have a copy of the form, so I'm wondering if we are still required to bring a copy of the submitted form to the appointment or if they would have it on file since we've already submitted it? Thank you!! 😊 (Also, does anyone happen to know how to retrieve it from the NVC website that it was submitted to, or if there's a way to receive a copy of the already submitted forms that they have on our file?)
  15. Hello i am filing I-130 petition for my mother. I am the principle sponsor and will file an I864 affidavit of support for her at the NVC stage. Me and my Spouse file our taxes married filing jointly. My spouse is currently living in a different address in another state of the US. My question is can my spouse give a I864a? (Meaning she can qualify as a household member for I86a purpose while having a different address?). Thanks
  16. Hi guys. Does anybody have the format of the Birth Affidavit that can be used in the absence of Birth certificate as a secondary evidence?
  17. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody in Egypt has already done the affidavit for your income for the cr1 spousal Visa. The reason why I'm asking is because I'm really confused on this part and really need help. So I do have a current income as of 2021. But in 2020 I did not make enough because I was living in Egypt with my husband. But I do have a job now, and I don't know if I am going to need a co-sponsor. Is there anyone that would be able to help me to explain to me what I need to have.
  18. I'm preparing my Adjustment of status from a k1 visa and specifically the I-864, but my IRS transcript is still being processed since March and I can't get it. Is it possible to attach form 1040 and W2 for evidence of support? Will it lead to a RFE? Thank you!
  19. Hey visa Journey! I'm nearing the final steps before naturlization and it dawned on me, how am I going to be able to sponsor my parents if I was furloughed from my job in 2020? My tax return for the year 2020 is going to be shot. How will USCIS determine if a person is eligible to proceed as the role of acting sponsor if so many people due to the pandemic were either layed off all together or weren't working their regular work hours? My salary for all other previous years exceeded way over the poverty line, so I'm a bit concerned. I'm curious to know what protocol USCIS will take towards many people in this current situation/global climate we are facing. Much Thanks!
  20. Good evening, can someone please offer any advice for our situation, our details are: US Citizen - F UK Citizen - M Married six years living in the UK - US wife has IRL Want to relocate now back to the US (West Coast) One of the questions I have is around our children, we have three adopted children (under six year old), we assumed that like biological children our adopted children would gain dual citizenship through my wife however we have read conflicting information on this and I wanted to see if anyone on here had gone through this? I have read that we will need to apply for I130 for each of them (at £600 a time each) is that right? Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.
  21. I read the I-751 filing instructions and it says that I SHOULD include two affidavits, sworn to by friends, to prove that my marriage is bona fide. It also says that the letter has to include friend’s address and birthday and birth place, isn’t that kind of... too personal to share for some people? My friends and I all like to keep these things private. 1. Do I absolutely have to? I have TONS of evidence to send them like insurance, bills, joint account, rent, plane tickets, photos and even hubby paying for my education. 2. Do my friends need to have their letters notarized? 3. Can my US citizen friends only provide full name, number, email and where they work (all of them are academia or physicians). Anyone filed recently without affidavits?
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