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  1. Here we go again, maxed out on so here's our newest thread...
  2. Hi everyone, I started this topic to help everyone waiting for her/his physical green card after she/he arrived to the United States So I hope everyone share his OS155A status and post the time between his date of entry, the immigrant fee date, the date you received the physical card in mail. Wish you all the best My status: Poe: Newark May 5 2016 Paid : April 20 2016 USCIS status: payment received on 4/20/2016
  3. I was a regular reader of the last London thread to keep myself updated with current timelines etc before it went to 70+ pages and way off topic. I thought it was such a useful resource so I’ve decided to start the ball rolling again so we can keep each other updated on news as it comes in. To kick us off, me and my wife were DQ 10th July so we’re hoping to get our interview appointment email early November. It appears June DQ dates have been scheduled so hoping this is our time after literally years of waiting. Fingers crossed for no Tier 3 lockdown in London!
  4. Hi all, so I entered the states on my IR1 visa a few weeks back. I went and applied for my SSN and got everything set up while securing a job. anyway a day after I applied for my SSN I got my card in the mail, I thought it was odd then realised I checked the box on my DS-260 to get it issued on entry (completely forgot about it in the excitement and exhaustion of moving across) anyway back in the UK now finishing up my notice for my job and packing a few more things and my wife told me a second card had been delivered. how bad is this? How do I fix it? And will I get in trouble? most a total mess up on my end as I completely forgot about the DS-260 box I checked for my SSN to be assigned automatically…. what do I do? How do I rectify this situation very scared and don’t want to get in trouble thanks in advance
  5. We are all keeping track of the slow processing at ISL embassy for IR1/CR1. Wanting to start this thread to share IL/DQ dates, interview tips or questions and spread hope. 😇
  6. I am IR1 petitioning for my husband who's in Port-au-Prince. We were documentary qualified May the 15th 2020. We received our interview later July 1st 2022 🙄long ### wait..I know 🤦🏾‍♀️His interview is August 9 2022! Try to remain positive...I know it is dreadful..but hold on my people🤞🏿
  7. Hello everyone, so I have a question I wish you could help me with. So my wife (at time gf) was trying to cross to the USA with a visa in 2015 to visit me for winter break. She was stopped at port of entry (land) and was given a 212a7aii, 235b1 5 year bar from the United States. I moved down to the border and we have since married (2017) and had a child. I submitted her petition for green card in 2021 after her 5 year bar expired. I want to know what are the odds she will need a Waiver when she goes to the interview, or if it's possible since her bar is up that she can get green card at interview? Thank you in advance!
  8. Hello All I thought I would make a Thread for Australian's who have their CASE COMPLETE at NVC and are waiting for an Interview to be scheduled at the US Consulate in Sydney! It might make it easy for us to keep in touch and update each other! I hope this is OK 🐨 We were DQ'd this morning so we will be waiting a while lol
  9. Hello everyone. I need some help. I am a 10 year greencard holder (IR1). Since leaving my spouse (please refer to previous topic). I was able to file a divorce case with a court in CA. My spouse got served and this must have triggered him as he has reported me to USCIS (I'm not worried about this as he has no evidence since it’s all lies) but my concern here is that he told me he will be filing a response to my divorce by ticking the box “annulment based on fraud”. I appreciate that this maybe not be the right place to ask but I cannot afford a lawyer and wanted to know how I proceed if I filed for a divorce based on irreconcilable differences and he is responding with annulment based on fraud? He is doing anything and everything he can to spite me and I just want to move on.
  10. Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone has received an interview appointment at the Abu Dhabi Embassy after recently getting their DQ. it would be great if someone would share their experience.
  11. Hye seniors I’m from Pakistan my spouse is Native American my interview was done in this year july but they’ve put me in AP because I guess of age gap but after three months of My interview the embassy send email to my wife there for having her interview after four days she got her interview the interview was fine enough in good environment even the CO asked my wife once your husband arrived there what he’s gonna do i mean they asked about the work she answer what i wanted to do well the interview go through for 45 minutes almost and after interview my case was updated and now its been a month embassy didn’t answer anything even we send inquire one time they reply the same so what we can expect after all this situation..
  12. Got DQ today and now thinking about everything that's about to transpire in the next few months. Any recommendations on how to get my stuff from Canada to USA?
  13. Hi all, I know it’s probably been asked a billion times but I wanted to see what current wait times are for some folk. I entered on my IR1 a few weeks ago and just wondered what people have been waiting to get the card in the mail. my SS card came like 4 days after I entered, which amazed me and my family lol I entered through JFK. Also is there a way to track the deliver/print/process of the card? Whenever I put in the receipt number it just says “payment had been made” or something to that effect. The email has a bunch of other reference numbers but I’m really not sure what anyone of them mean. mad always thanks in advance
  14. It completely slipped my mind to add my husband (petitioners) middle name. Im used to a separate box for middle name, but now I realized I was supposed to put it under given name. His passport and birth cert. all have the middle name, but I just finished the DS260 about an hour ago and forgot to put it there. Im so disappointed in myself, and dont know what to do. Does anyone have any past experiences like this, what do I do?
  15. Hi not sure if there’s already a topic here for July 2022 I-130 Filers. My husband got a text notif that USCIS received our forms (CR1) on July 20, still waiting for the letter in the mail though. How long does it usually take to get in the mail? It’s been only a few days but the anxiety is real 😅
  16. We have been married since 4 years. now we having a problems in our relationship. I have 10 years green card so my question is if we get divorced can my spouse cancel my green card and deport me?
  17. Hello everyone! I arrived in the US one week ago. (IR1) We are waiting for my permanent resident card and SSN to arrive in the mail (the fee was paid 16 days before my arrival) I heard that it can take up to 90 days to be mailed to me, and I didn’t want to wait that long to start working. Our question is: as the now stamped immigrant visa is valid as a proof of permanent residency for one year after arrival, can I go in person to a SS office and be able to get my SSN earlier by showing them my passport? Or do I need to wait for my physical GC to arrive? I appreciate your help! Thank you!
  18. Honestly, I am at a loss to pick out anything that would red flag me. Interviews seemed perfectly good. No missing documentation. I have never had arrests or anything like that. I asked about what the reason for this was and officer had no actual information as to why it would be. Bureaucratic answer of following protocol of US govt, erc. Ok. Disappointing, and bewildering.
  19. Hi guys! We had our Interview on the 19th and told by the consular that we were APPROVED, and on the day itself CEAC said, and still says, "ISSUED." I know it's only been two days, but we just received an email from Manila Embassy and I'm a little confused. Part of the email says, Dear Applicant, Kindly read the attached instructions carefully, and then inspect your passport and visa immediately upon receipt. Some applicants may receive a yellow visa packet – DO NOT OPEN THIS ENVELOPE which should be hand-carried and turned over to an immigration authority at the U.S. port of entry. Each applicant must register or update the preferred delivery/pick-up address at https://www.ustraveldocs.com/ph/ph-iv-documentdelivery.asp. Additionally, a working contact number in the Philippines for notification of delivery must be included. ... The rest of the email has instructions about the fee, social security, etc. I do remember we registered at US Travel Docs, but only for the delivery address. Our Ir2 was added as a family member, so she doesn't have her own account. Does this mean I have to register again? It says "each applicant" so does this mean there has to be two separate accounts? We also still can't track our passports on US Travel Docs but it's only been two days, so it's understandable. But all of this is a good sign that our visas have truly been approved, right?
  20. Just want to start a thread so everyone knows that wait time after DQ (202206 and 202207) for CR1/IR1 visa in Guangzhou embassy . BTW, could you check what date the embassy is processing the case just like how we check the current case review time in NVC?
  21. Hello guys, I recently got approved for an IR1 in May. The day after my approval, my husband began escalating his verbal abuse and vitriol towards me and eventually blocked me on everything claiming he wanted nothing to do with me over some very pathetic arguments we had been having. He then unblocked me and we tried to work things out as things between us were not going well. He kept dumping me and taking me back in a constant cycle over very minuscule problems and abusing me/threatening me over messages. It got so bad to the point where I just allowed him to dump me. I then entered the USA to activate my greencard. I had hoped that in this time, he would calm down and we could work things out but his behaviour got worse. He asked for me back and I said no. He is now threatening to report me to immigration services and claims that I used him for a greencard. We were together for almost 4 years, I entered the marriage in good faith but ultimately could no longer stay as his behaviour started to make me concerned for my safety. I put up with a lot of abuse from him from day 1 because I loved him and believed he could change. I am now worried because he emailed me telling me that he will report me to immigration and tell them that I left him shortly after I got approved. And that I have been trying to file for a divorce (which I have because I do not believe we can work things out). How will I know once he has done this? Will my green card be taken away from me? Will I be able to tell USCIS my side of what has happened? (I have an extensive file of evidence including: emails, whatsapp messages and voice recordings of his abuse). I have also applied for a re entry permit so that I can go back to the UK to take care of my ill mother but I ultimately want to move here and make the USA my permanent home. Will his false report affect my re entry application? I apologise if this is confusing or lacks context. I just need some help.
  22. I was trying to find information on how long it takes for the green card to be mailed to your US address after entry with a permanent resident visa. My husband has his interview in Costa Rica on August 9, 2022 and is planning on coming soon after if it all goes well. Anyone have similar experience and can tell me how long it took for the green card to arrive? Thanks!
  23. Just checking. Am I able to cross, activate my visa and then travel back to Canada a few times to pack up and move? I don’t intend to import my car but will use it for a couple months to travel while I get settled.
  24. I am a US citizen filling out the I-864 for my spouse and 2 stepchildren, each of whom have their own approved I-130's. One of my stepchildren is a minor in his place of domicile (India), the other is a major (over 18). I read here "do not have to count as part of the household size anyone for whom you filed a separate I-130 petition". Also here: "If you're signing a separate affidavit of support for someone else at the same time you're signing this affidavit, do not count that person." and finally here "A sponsor does not have to include people on other I-864s who have not yet immigrated to the United States" So my question is - do I include my spouse on my two stepchildren's I-864's in part 5, Item 3 (enter 1 for spouse), and do I include my minor stepson in my spouse and stepdaughter's petition in part 5 item 4 (dependent children), or not, since I am filing all three petitions together?
  25. After getting DQ'd, should the expedite email be sent to NVC or the respective consulate? Little confused over this. Would appreciate insight from senior members on this.
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