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  1. All my required documents were accepted today but my Canadian permanent resident card that I submitted as optional document under "OTHER" category in civil documents was rejected because the correct category should be "proof of legal residence in foreign country". I have deleted the rejected document and re-uploaded the document under correct category. On my login page I still see both AOS and CIVIL DOCUMENTS submission status as ACCEPTED. However when I click on civil documents, there I see the optional document I just submitted as SUBMITTED while all other documents are marked as ACCEPTED. MY question is: 1. Do I have a case complete since all my mandatory documents have been accepted? 2. How long does it take to have re-submitted document reviewed? Does it take same amount of time as the first time submitting all the documents or is faster?
  2. Hey everyone, I want to ask something really important, please share your experiences and opinions. My husband is LPR (eligible for citizenship) my cas got filed in June'17. Its already more than 6 months now! And we're thinking to apply for citizenship. But it'll take him 1,2 months. I need to know after getting citizenship do we really need to upgrade our case? Cuz according to timelines it says 8-12 months takes for naturalization after that we'll upgrade our case it'll take around 2-3 months and they'll process our case from the start right? So its gonna be more than 2 years! I need to get my visa asap. I'm already fed up and frustrated by this waiting and all. Should we stay on PR status? Or what. I just want to be with my husband
  3. S' vremena na vreme VisaJourney odradi "ciscenje servera" i zatvori velike teme. S' obzirom da nama treba prostor za stare i nove clanove, evo ovde mozemo da nastavimo sa pricom i savetima o procesu dobijanja viza za USA. Na linku ispod mozete naci stari topic koji je zatvoren za komentare ali je pun dobrih saveta. Dobrodosli <3
  4. It being late October, and no October filers for 2018 found on the site, so I started this one. I am a USC living in Brazil and petitioning for my Brazilian wife of 30 years. It's complicated, but the basics are that I am are applying for a resident visa for my wife for the second time, the first being granted in 1989 after our marriage in Texas in 1988. We lost the visa in 2014 in part because of my ignorance of immigration rules and because of family medical situations in Brazil that prevented my wife from traveling. In 1989 the procedure was very simple. Today it's become 10x more complicated due to 9/11. Since we both live outside the USA we are using a state-side lawyer to be sure all paperwork is as correct as possible. Turns out I would have submitted my I-130 in March, but due to using a lawyer, it was only submitted in October. I hope that at least it goes through without a hitch. On one hand she already has a SSN and it was necessary to include her old Resident Visa ID# on the application. Don't know if this will delay or speed up the process. Based on Oct 2017 filers, we might be looking at a long year ahead of us. 10/05/2018 I-130 sent 10/08/2018 I-130 received Chicago Lockbox
  5. Hello All! This coming Tuesday the 29th of January I have an interview for the IR-1 Visa in Amsterdam. My wife is currently here in the Netherlands with me. Should my wife coming with me to the interview? And will she be able to come with me to the interview? And if that is possible would you recommend that she goes with me? Or is it better if it is only me that is going to the interview? Thank you!
  6. Hello! Who else is a fellow May filer? May this journey be easy and speedy for us all!
  7. As of today makes 282 days since the service center has received our petition . I’ll never stop praying or taking any course of action to get a decision made on this petition . Our case was out of the normal processing time 12/22/2018 where I sent the initial service request , that service request was responded to with a generated email stating to wait 60 days ( which will make 10 months ) this case is with an officer and further review needed. I contacted my senator and 5 weeks later I received a response postal mail that even after over 9 months our case was still not assigned and not in queue. The other senator responded to us after receiving our privacy from 3 weeks later stating at this time it was best to wait 30 days and contact them( aka do nothing ) The most recent course of action that has taken place is where I contacted Ombudsman for assistance however I received a email stating they’re closing our case because we are in the normal processing time . Once I sent Ombudsman a detailed email with receipts stating that information was incorrect I received a voicemail stating our case was back open and an apology for the mistake . Also I have sent in another service request as a USCIS rep has informed me I can submit one every 30 days from the initial response which I received 01/02/2019. I can’t believe this is my life , 😔😢💔. I’ve have interactions with certain people on this forum whom filed before us yet I tell them they’ve waited so long then they are approved and in the end we are waiting longer than them. My husband and I are heartbroken by all of this , and it feels like I’m living in a nightmare. Every avenue takin to get answer has been shut down with a generated response and rudely told to wait as if almost 10 months hasn’t been enough time s/N: Also I have spoke to two tier 2 reps . One encounter was nice and she said your case should be assigned soon however that never happened and the other tier 2 rep refused to submit a service request on our behalf VERBATIM: letting me know those were a waste of time and case approvals can happen with 11-12 months and everything in my case looked good and to wait .
  8. Hello, I'm from Egypt and my wife-to-be is from America. We already been through K1 visa process after engagement and they kept us waiting for a year after the interview, then after we got a congressman's office involved we received an email that said "Our file was suppose to be sent back from Egypt to NVC but it never made it, therefore the application is canceled and we are welcome to start a new one. Now we are going to get married then apply for CR1 but I'm not familiar with the marriage process if anyone has done it in Cairo recently i'd appreciate the help and advice. Also, my wife couldn't visit me for 2 years because of problems with her work. Would that affect us badly in the interview?
  9. I applied for an Ir1 visa for my wife. Our case have been expedited through USCIS and NVC due to our sons medical condition who is in the US. We just had our interview at the embassy on January 6th 2019, and the officer told us that that all documents are complete and he doesn’t need anything else at the moment. He also said that my case will be rejected due to the travel ban (my wife the applicant is from Yemen) but they will review if she qualifies for a waiver. I said thank you for your help and left the embassy. On that same day I checked the case on CEAC and it said REFUSED the next day it swiched to ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING. It’s been 6 days since the interview and they’ve updated the “ Case Last Updated ” a few times as shown below. Janurary 2019 6th: REFUSED casE last updated— 06-JAN-2019 7th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING case last updated—07-JAN-2019 8th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING case last updated—08-JAN-2019 9th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING case last updated—09-JAN-2019 10th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING Case last updatd—10-JAN-2019 11th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING case last updated—10-JAN-2019 I need your your guyses help on how long does it normally take for an EXPEDITED case due to medical condition take to get through AP, and if there’s anyone going through this or has gone through it?
  10. Hi guys, I am trying to get a good idea of who has already been scheduled for ghana for family based (no K-1 please) visa recently? Please reply and if you can, please let me know the Case Completion Date and the Visa Interview Date as well. Thank you all.
  11. Hello Everybody, Today is the second anniversary or our Marriage and my passport is still at the US Consulate. I'm waiting for the consulate to complete their administrative processings in order to deliver a final decision. I have applied for a CR1 Visa and my question is : Since we have 2 years marriage and the case is still pending, if the final decision is positive, will they automatically change my CR1 visa to an IR1 Visa ? or Do i have to send an email or message to ask them to change it ? Thank you in advance Mohamed
  12. josie125


    This is for IR1/CR-1 and/or IR2 Ghanaian members How long is it currently taking to have an appointment scheduled for interview in Ghana? Does anyone know the latest appointment that was schedule and when was the case complete for that person?
  13. Hello everybody, i'm desperate right now and i need your help ! Im a senegalese living in Morocco. Me and my wife (US citizen) have been married on Jan,30th 2017. we applied for the i130 in april 2017. Everything went good so far, the USCIS approved the petition on november 2017. We applied for the next step on may 2018 and NVC approved the case on June 2018. The interview at the US consulate of casablanca has been scheduled on July 31st. I have been interviewed and i had all the documents they needed , i had answered to all the questions. The C.O. had some doubts about the relationship because my wife's last name was Ndiaye like me (her mom has senegalese origin) but we are not relatives. It's like asking if all the johnson in the U.S. are relatives, there are at least 2 millions "ndiaye" in 14millions of senegalese citizens. But i told the C.O. to check at the consulate to be sure that everything is genuine. On August 7th they called me back and the C.O. said that everything is ok ,. The C.O. said the visa is now approved and by 3 weeks i would get my passport back with the visa at the aramex office. Since that day !!! NO MORE NEWS !!! i have been writting email , many many emails but no answers My wife did the same , no answers The immigrant visa unit never pickup the phone. My job requires me to travel and with my passport blocked, i wasn't able to , i have been liying to my boss or simulate being sick to avoid missions abroad until i lost my job !!! IM UNEMPLOYED RIGHT NOW !! This is not fair, at least it is my right to get my passport and use it until they finish their job. I have no way to join them or talk to someone who can get things done. I just want my passport back. I have sent them emails regarding that point but same return : generic email saying that the consulate received my mail but no answers !!! If someone can't help or give advice i would be very thankful Best regards
  14. Hi! my case was complete oct 11 of this year and I was looking to speak with other people going through nvc and case complete to interview for Rio. Currently I’m waiting for that .
  15. Hey guys, husband just received and completed the DS-5535 form through email today after the consulate received his passport/ document on 10/24. Can anyone share tips/ success stories after AP and DS-5535? Pleaseeeee tell me someone’s been issued a visa recently. I’m starting to freak out 😪😔😰😰 I’m praying to be patient 🤲☝️
  16. My husbands I601 has been approved. He received instructions from Ciudad Juarez just to send his updated medical/passport, he was not asked to have a second interview because it has been less than a year since his first interview. I just want to know how long will Ciudad Juarez take until they send his visa? Has anyone had the same experience? It has been a little over 5 business days and we are just anxious because holidays are coming and don’t really know what’s going to happen next.
  17. Got my passport with the visa back today. To give everyone an idea or the waiting time post interview; Interview Date was Dec 18, 2018 My visa was issued on Thursday Dec 20, 2018. I got the notice of the tracking # and that package was picked up by Canada post on Thursday, Dec 27, 2018 (it sounds like a long time but, there was the weekend in between as well as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day, which were all weekdays, and offices r closed, so i lost 3 business days) The delivery date kept getting delayed, first it was Dec 28, 2018 and then changed to Dec 31, 2018. During both those days the status updates were very slow. Again, I had weekends and New Year's Holiday in the way. On Dec 31, 2018, I was getting concerned about my package since I had a flight booked for Jan 3, 2019, from before my interview date. So, I called Canada Post customer service, created a service ticket and talked to the supervisor about my situation. She put the package on high priority got on its case. I was still stressed because the tracking service was not updating and it was at huge Gateway distribution centre since Dec 30, 2018, and with all the back log due to the strike i was concerned on delivery delays. I called back on Jan 2, 2018 to talk to the supervisor again, and I was gonna ask if I can go pick it up myself (Ur still not allowed to), but then she said, I have good news, your package has arrived in your city as of this morning and should be at the post office for pick up at 11am. I was so happy, so much stress during this past week. As an overview, XpressPost is 2-5 business days Excluding all the interruptions (holidays), my package did arrive in that time frame. It may be beneficial to speak to a supervisor to expedite ur process if u have a flight booked from b4. So happy now to be going and seeing my husband. New Year, new chapter! All the best to everyone!
  18. Hi everyone, I started this topic to help everyone waiting for her/his physical green card after she/he arrived to the United States So I hope everyone share his OS155A status and post the time between his date of entry, the immigrant fee date, the date you received the physical card in mail. Wish you all the best My status: Poe: Newark May 5 2016 Paid : April 20 2016 USCIS status: payment received on 4/20/2016
  19. Hello, I feel that there is no 1 thread to share experience and timelines for AP. It's a frustrating time so it might be helpful to share timelines and experiences to get a feel. ----------------- Our case: Interview (10/9/2018) went very well but was given a white 221g for missing documents - proof of domicile and I864A Was asked to send my passport with the missing papers. We provided all missing documents 2 days after and sent the passport as well. The passport was returned to me few days later. We have been in AP since. We were planning on being in the US by now but this is not happening now, and it's very frustrating since I am pregnant and wanted to buy a house and get it ready before the baby is born! What has been your experience so far?
  20. Hi Fellow VJ's I recently got my IR1 and i have a situation here. First, please no judging and here's out story: My husband, 2 kids and I were all ready to go back back after giving birth to my 2nd child in Feb 2018, however his current job offered him good. I supposed to have my IR1 interview last Oct 2017 but i postponed it due to being pregnant. I did my interview Sep 2018 and got my IR1 Dec 2018 (I was under AP as i had to get my renewed Police Clearance from Philippines). Here's there situation. We are going back to US in March 2019 and will most likely stay for 2 weeks. I will be in and out US, trip outside US will be less than 6months but staying in US will be less than 1 month. So to sum it up, i will have to do this for 1.5 years. In 1 each will total 10-11 months outside US and 1 month in US (2 trips each year of less than 6months). Yes, I admit this is very carefully calculated. I read as well that officer might count this as breaking continous residency. We are definitely be stable in US most likely by August 2020. So my question is, the 3 years based on marriage will it start again in Aug 2020 (we will definitely be in US and most likely no outside trips unless emergency). We dont rush in applying US Citizenship but i just want my husband to understand this as well and here some of fellow vjs advice. Thank you so much.
  21. Hi. I recently got my IR1 visa but i havent paid my Immigrant Fee. I was about to do it but i need to change the address where are they going to mail the green card. May i ask how do it do that? Thanks.
  22. Hi. As we completed 2 Years of marriage my visa category was upgraded to IR1. Today I collected my passport with my visa stamped on it :). It mentions visa category as IR1 but there's one sentence which goes like... UPON ENDORSEMENT SERVES AS TEMPORARY I-551 EVIDENCING PERMANENT RESIDENCING FOR 1 YEAR" This is confusing to me 😕 can anyone explain what it means? As far as I know my GC should be for 10 years right? There's no conditions placed anymore then why it says residency is valid for 1 year?
  23. hi all just had our interview in sydney today and have been approved! we wanted to know how long its been taking to process the passport and get it back for most people recently? we are in the sydney area. hoping its under a week! thanks
  24. My husband was outside of USA for last 1.5 years but he is a permanent resident. Now he is in USA, we are married for more than 3 years now . As he was not in USA and was almost unemployed for most of the time. But now he has got a good stable job. Can he apply for me now? If he takes a statement from his office as this is more than 30k yearly. Or we have to wait another year for his tax file to show this amount of money? Please, give me your honest suggestion, your suggestions will be valuable to me. Thanks in advance
  25. My husband just filed our i-130 for our spousal visa! Very excited, just wanted to see if there are anyone else sending their i-130 this month. Would love to connect Best of luck to everyone!!