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  1. Hi! I really need some help and insight here. I entered US in a K1 visa. I married my Fiance within 90 days and filed my I-485 3 weeks before the end of my 90-day period (which is March 16). However, I received a Rejection Notice (dated March 17) because the APPLICATION WAS FILED ON AN OUTDATED VERSION OF THE FORM. USCIS just wants me to resubmit the application on the current version. And that's fine with me and my now-husband. My only concern is that my 90 days is over. Am I out of status already? Am I now illegally overstaying in the US? Should I resubmit even if 90 days is past due? Thank you to anyone who would share their advice. Little things help. God bless!
  2. I am in the USA, having arrived a few weeks ago on my K1 visa. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I had to come over much earlier than planned because of the travel restrictions. I am currently working remotely for my UK-based employer, doing the same job I've been doing for over two years but I am reading really conflicting views online about whether this is allowed, and it seems to be a very grey area. Some people seem very certain that it's okay because it's not a US based employer, and I'm not doing work for a US business, whereas others are saying any form of employment is not okay. My employment ends with them on the 31 July and I've been honest on my forms ready to submit to the USCIS, but I am wondering whether I need to try and leave earlier than that and terminate my employment ASAP?
  3. For those that have K1 Visa approvals in the Philippines and have not left yet: What are your plans? If the shut down continues for a few more months, my fiancee K1 visa will expire. Can we ask the US Embassy to extend the visa due to the corona virus? Do we reapply and start the process again? Just wondering what options we have. Thanks in advance for any replies and stay safe.
  4. Hi everyone. I thought I would create a thread fo all of us who have petitions pending in China during this outbreak to share information. The embassy was closed last week due to the Chinese extension of spring festival holiday, and now the embassies have suspending visa services due to the US government’s limited staffing at the embassies and due to the president’s proclamation banning entry of foreigners who have been in China in the past 14 days. For myself, my fiancé visa petition was scheduled to be shipped to Guangzhou embassy last week and it didn’t ship, the next scheduled shipment is supposed to be next week on the 18th. At this point I don’t even think that’s going to happen. NVC says that they will of course extended the validity period of petitions they couldn’t be processed by the Embassies in China due to the outbreak, but that doesn’t worry me as much as trying to figure out when my loved one is gonna be able to get here. Anyone else out there in similar circumstances?
  5. My fiancee's mother passed away when she was a child and she has no relationship with her father, she is not even sure of his full name, DOB or current residence. What she we put for both of these instances and will this raise a flag for us?
  6. Hi everyone. I arrived in San Diego, CA under a K-1 visa on March 5, and we just got married two days ago. I also added my husband's last name to mine on the marriage license. I understand that for GC/filing AOS I will need to fill the form with my married name. But within the waiting period between now and getting my GC, am I already allowed to put my married name on other documents/paperwork, such as Driver's License, Medical Card, insurance, bills, etc. even though my existing ID's (passport, SSN, unexpired I-94) are still under my maiden name? Will I encounter a problem when they ask for proof of identity that matches my married name? Is marriage certificate a sufficient for a proof? I appreciate all the answers.
  7. Hello VJ Community! I hope you are all staying safe and well during these scary circumstances. USC Petitioner here, seeking guidance on how to go about applying for my now-husband's Social Security number. My husband arrived in Texas from the UK using a K1 visa on March 16. All Social Security offices shut their doors (as a safety precaution against COVID-19) the day after, on March 17. We got married on March 21 and are now in the process of putting together our AOS/I-944/AP/EAD packets. We saw that you can choose to apply for your SSN on the EAD application, but I assume he wouldn't get the card until after he receives the EAD five or so months down the line. We were thinking of checking "No" on the application and waiting until the offices re-open so that we can apply in-person and hopefully get the card in the mail sooner. His I-94 expires on June 12, so we are really hoping that things normalize before then. Any thoughts on going this route? Thankfully, not having an SSN hasn't caused major roadblocks for us yet. We were able to get him a phone plan, health insurance, and I was able to add him to my checking account, savings account, and credit cards. The biggest setback would be not being able to obtain his driver's license. He has a valid UK driver's license that he's eligible to use for 90 days, but he'll need to apply for a Texas license after that point and having an SSN is a requirment to obtain one. Has anyone tried checking "Yes" on the EAD, but then also going to their local office to apply in-person after submitting the application? Would that cause issues for him down the line? Thank you! Will appreciate any advice/input you can provide.
  8. Hi all, not sure if I am posting in the correct place but I just arrived in the US on Sunday with a K1 visa and me and my fiance were planning on getting our marriage license this week and have a courthouse wedding on the weekend but due to the Corona Virus Scare none of the Southern California/Vegas counties issue them until further notice. I am really worried as I my 90 days started ticking and I hoped to get this done ASAP after my arrival. I was wondering if someone else is in the same situation or have any advice on what we can do? Thank you very much in advance.
  9. We filed for K1 visa yesterday, and I think there's a problem with our application. I'm adopted - Was born under a name, adopted at only 20 days old, and my name was legally changed through something called "full adoption" here in Argentina. The problem is that I'm not sure how we're supposed to go about it to begin with, but my fiance didn't put my birth name on my application, and that's because here in Argentina they change your birth certificate so it reflects the name adoptive parents give their children as though it's their birth name - I got mine when I was about six years old. I'm reading that apparently a birth certificate and a birth act are two different things here in Argentina, and that a birth certificate won't be enough. Am I going to have to provide both the birth act (that I have actually never had) and the papers explaining the name change? Is our application ruined from this? ETA: I wasn't sure because if I go to request my birth certificate, it shows my name as it is now. Thanks in advance, Marina
  10. Hi Friends, So my fiance was given a white 221g with administrative processing marked on it. His passport was also kept. I emailed the Islamabad embassy asking them why he wasnt issued a visa. I got a reply back from them today. This is the reply:Dear Sir/Madam, Our records indicate that this case is in its final review. Please feel free to check back with our office after four weeks. So guys should i consider this a good sign? They didnt write the usual its in AP so just wait for it response. Plz give any feedback you guys might have!
  11. Hi everyone! Im very concerned, so my fiancé (US citizen-petitioner) got a DUI couple of years ago. When we read petition through we thought that we need to disclose it once there is 3 times or more driving under influence. We sent our petition in December and we are waiting for our NOA2. I saw some posts on Facebook groups about that and some people got a RFE for that and a some got denied during embassy stage. This is really stressing me out, we didn’t mean to hide it especially that our lawyer told him that one DUI is nothing and he never asked about court documents or some police paperwork. I’m very concerned. Please I need advice. It was a couple of years ago, he went through probation and learned his lesson
  12. Hello, I am the petitioner and I’ve filed for a K1 Visa for my fiancé living in Germany. My I-I129F petition is at U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt and I’m looking for some help or guidance regarding next steps after receiving packet 3. Is the information on “Frankfurt, Germany US Embassy / Consulate Info” still accurate because it was last dated 2016. If that information on that page is still accurate, I'll follow those steps moving forward. Questions: 1.) Do I bring the original AOS and Supporting Documents to the interview or do I include in the packet I send to the consulate? 2.) Does the letter from my Bank have to be the original copy? I printed off the copy I received via email but it's not the best copy. Everything on the letter is clear and you're able to read perfectly. 3.) Do I include confirmation page from DS-160 in the packet or bring it to the interview? 4.) Two part question Part 1 Is the interview date received from Packet 4 or prescheduled by my fiancé once she registers/creates a profile from http://www.ustraveldocs.com? It was a little confusing when we were reading all the steps under the nonimmigrant visa application section of the website. Part 2 Also, another confusing part was when we were reading the description from the Immigrant / Fiancé(e) & K Visa Application Checklist on section “DOCUMENT DELIVERY ADDRESS: Prior to your interview”. The part were confused on reads as follows: Please remember to include a copy of your registration confirmation page with the other document that you send to the Consulate before your interview. Note: Fiancé and K visa applicants need to submit their appointment confirmation at the time of the visa interview instead of the registration confirmation. Does that mean she still has to include the “registration page” in the packet after creating a profile from www.ustraveldocs.com/de? Is the appointment confirmation page received from the Consulate or after creating/scheduling an appointment from http://www.ustraveldocs.com? 5.) Should my fiancé schedule/complete the medical examination before or after sending all required documents to the consulate? 6.) I know it says send all document regular mail through the Deutsche Post, but has anyone else sent the documents in a faster/secure delivery method without any issues? 7.) Does anyone have a list of documents to bring to the interview? Any advice or tips in this step process would be greatly appreciated it. Thank you in advance for helping me clear up these questions. Thank you, Matt
  13. I don’t know where it’s written or if it’s even written, but pertaining to a WoM (Writ of Mandamus), what do you all think a federal judge considers to be an UNREASONABLE length of administrative processing when considering the WoM?
  14. Hello all! I'm writing to see if I can get some insight on the NOA2 extension matter. Should I send a general email to the Embassy and see what needs to sent in order for them to extend our NOA2 or should I just email the Embassy requesting an extension. Also, does it need to be notarized? If so does the petitioner need to get notarized or the beneficiary
  15. Hello VJ members! I know there’s a pandemic going on right now but I want to use this time to gather required documents so that when the world reopens I will be ready. My question is, what would be the process for my beneficiary who changed his surname? I know when we get to the interview stage he will need to bring his birth certificate with him, however it won’t match the surname on his current passport. Has anyone gone thru this before and know of the procedures? Hopefully my question makes sense. Thanks.
  16. Hello VJ members! I'm debating (not really a debate though) on when and who I should reach out too in regards to our K-1 visa process. Our case has left the NVC and when we tracked the case it said 'Ready' which I assumed meant the Embassy will be sending us the packets with further information including an interview date. However, due to COVOD-19 the embassy is closed and is postponing visa interview appointments. Though my fiance and I were not given one yet I'm trying to figure out what steps should I take. Because I know the moment the embassy opens again the interviews will be backed up and we still need to finish some paperwork such as DS-160 because we weren't given the packets yet. The issus is the NOA2 has an expiration date and my fiance still has school to finish. I'm worried 4 months might not be enough and the NOA2 can only extended once. Does anyone know or who (USCIS, or Embassy) should I contact in regards to what steps to take. I feel like everyone in the K-1 process that is at the same stage as our case should be given some sort of accommodation? All cases I feel, that are either at the interview point or near NOA2 expiration should be given accommodation since most, maybe all embassies will be backed up. How long should I wait before I reach out? A month before the NOA2 expires? I'm worried to ask for an extension and this COVID-19 epidemic still hasn't settled and I don't wanna risk losing everything and having the fear of having to start alll over..... Any advice would be help.
  17. Hello there community! I am currently working on fiancé and I’s 1-129F packet. I am gathering employment history and other info for the form itself, but I am currently working on our circumstances of meeting letter. Would it help if we each wrote one? It’s no more than a page. What was your experience with writing a COM? also on a side note: I don’t have exact start and end dates for all of my employment history. Is this going to be a big deal?
  18. My fiance was granted his K1 visa at his interview in Montreal on March 4. It expires on August 14, 2020. As you may know, they've closed the US Canada border to nonessential travel. They keep talking about 'nonessential' as shoppers or tourists, while essential travel involves trade/commerce. Obviously immigrating to the US falls into neither of those categorires, and I cannot find any information on whether someone on a time sensitive K1 visa would be exempt from the ban or not. I spent all day trying to call USCIS, Homeland Security, Customs/Border Patrol, and emailing any government entity I could think of. The US Customs/Border Patrol says that until there's an executive order stating the details of the restrictions, they don't know who all is allowed through or not. There's nothing on the white house website yet, so all I have to go by is his speech. I also asked them if an extension would be possible, but they didn't know that either since this has never happened before. Is there anywhere else I should be looking, or people I could ask about this? I'm really nervous that we could lose our visa that we worked 11 months for because of this stupid virus.
  19. Hi Guys, Some background- I entered the US on Feb 2018 and got my EAD card on July 2018. I started a new job on Aug 2018. Lastly, I got my Conditional Green Card On Oct 2019. I just noticed that my company never deducted any FICA taxes (social security + Medicare) from my salary . Both my 2018/2019 W2 forms show- I used a CPA for 2018 tax return and he didnt mention anything about that so I just ignored that. This year I'm using TurboTax and I saw on the app that I owe the IRS thousands of dollars which in my opinion is because i didnt pay any fica taxes. Can anyone here have any advise on whether an EAD holder (while waiting for a gc) should pay FICA? Should a conditional gc holder pay FICA? Thanks, Dave
  20. Hi, got some quiz & concerns about the ban. My fiancée is British, she got her k1 visa march 19th and she plan traveling to USA April 26th. My question is, is she gonna be allow to travel concerning the ban. She will be flying from London LHR to New York. thank you reply will be approved
  21. Hi everyone. Strange situation here at the moment. I am currently in the US visiting my fiance. We had our K1 approved a few days before I left. My original flight home was on the 17th of March but as I work in schools, I have been temporarily laid off until the end of the month with my boss saying I will probably be out of work for 12 weeks in total. I entered the states on my esta and was granted the usual 90 day window to stay as a tourist. My question is: as the airline are offering free flight changes, I would love to stay an extra 2 or 3 weeks here. Could that cause an issue?
  22. Hi guys! is California Service Center slowing down? I saw at current processing time that even Vermont is at Nov 30 meanwhile CSC yesterday was at Nov 20 and today is Nov 19. how does it work?
  23. I had my interview in april, recieved an email today that it is canceled due to coronavirus, etc. What happens now? when should I re-schedule? will it affect my timeline? i dont know what to do.
  24. S' vremena na vreme VisaJourney odradi "ciscenje servera" i zatvori velike teme. S' obzirom da nama treba prostor za stare i nove clanove, evo ovde mozemo da nastavimo sa pricom i savetima o procesu dobijanja viza za USA. Na linku ispod mozete naci stari topic koji je zatvoren za komentare ali je pun dobrih saveta. Dobrodosli <3
  25. Was told to post this in this sub forum..... Hello, my fiance had her interview in the casablanca us consulate in January. She was approved. That same day, they called her saying she is missing a document. She sent it through aramex. Until now she still did not receive her passport and visa. When looking at the CEAC website, it still says "ready", which has been saying that since before her interview. On the ustraveldocs website, when she puts her passport number to track it, nothing shows up, it just says "There is no status update available for the passport number submitted" Please can we get some advice or help on whats going on. Thanks.
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