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  1. Hey all I’m starting this thread for any South African couples waiting for their visa to be processed, petition approved, or couples who have already been approved. If you have any stories or advice please do share. I sent my petition in on 02/12/2018 it was delivered 02/15/2018 I received my NOA1 02/20/2018. I’m currently waiting for my NOA2
  2. Hi all, So I checked the status of my immigrant visas case number and it has gone from "In Transit" to "Ready"! Now my question is, what are the next steps. I've been looking everywhere and it doesn't seem so clear ( when is it ever). My fiance things we should wait until he gets some form of communication from the consulate before doeing anything else. Apparently we need the letter from them before he can even do the medical? Basically, from any one of your experience, what should we do at this point (besides get our documents ready - I 134, etc)? Thanks!!!!
  3. Do we have a thread for this yet? I couldn't find one if there is!
  4. Hi everyone! Here's a new group for anyone who has just applied for AOS from K1 in July 2018! Fingers crossed for everyone!
  5. There we go, August filers congratulations on your decision to pursue this amazing relationship with your fiancee. This will be a fun journey so like @missileman say buckle your seat belt and prepare for the ride. Feel free to post your questions and share experiences during your K1 application process.
  6. Hi guys, I figured I could start this thread for May 2018 AOS filers in case no one has started one already. I filed for my two children , 11 and 9. They followed-to-join with K2 visas. Whats your case? Good luck to all us and let’s believe. It’s possible.
  7. Alright folks, brand new month right here, you all have made to the AOS phase. Congrats and happy new life together. This thread will be for AOS discussions for those who sent their AOS package in August 2018..... Good luck everyone and couple things, EAD/AP taking around 4 to 6 months Expedite Criteria : https://www.uscis.gov/forms/expedite-criteria AOS Checklist: http://www.visajourney.com/content/k1k3aos USCIS Processing Times Page: https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ USCIS Inquiry about your case: https://egov.uscis.gov/e-request/displayONPTForm.do?entryPoint=init&sroPageType=onpt Enjoy
  8. Hi guys! We emailed the petition last Tuesday (02/27) and it is supposed to be delivered today. Good luck to everyone starting this process
  9. My girlfriend and I met about 5 months ago on a dating website. She's gonna visit me in early 2019 for 9 days, And file for a K1 visa shortly after she returns to the US. My concern is whether one visit is sufficient to file for a K1 visa. Individuals from my country Morocco recommend filing after the second face to face meeting. Legally one meeting is enough, but I want some clarification please. Thanks in advance 🙏🏼
  10. avol93

    Filing taxes in the US

    Hi there!! We just got approved at our K1 Visa Interview (yay!!) and I’m finalizing all the bits and pieces to move over there. its my vague understanding that the US tax year matches the standard year (Jan-Dec). We are planning to get married in Jan 2019, so when she files for the previous year (2018) I’m assuming we file jointly? I will obviously not have worked in the US for any of that year but have worked in the UK. Do I put this on the form and do I need evidence like payslips? I won’t have any continued income from the UK once I move and I’m closing up my ISA, so won’t have any interest being paid into an account either. Ive also recently sent off the form to HMRC to let them know I’m moving, and a letter to the pension people. Is there any other tax/legal things I should be doing UK based before I go? Apologies if this is a repeat or super simple, taxes baffle me 🤷‍♀️ Thanks for any advice.
  11. My Fiance submitted a notice of readiness on Friday with the US Embassy in Dublin and we thought he'd hear right away when his appointment will be. Does anyone have experience with how long we should expect before his appointment is scheduled, and then how long it's taken to receive his passport back? Thanks!
  12. Hello everyone! We have sent our documents last friday and ETA to USCIS will be on February 2. 😁
  13. So 2 hours before I'm due to have my AOS interview I've gotten a phone call from a USCIS officer (I assume he works at the San Antonio office) advising the office has had to close today due to an emergency and that my interview will be rescheduled. Does anybody have experience with this and can let me know how far out the new interview would be? I will be extremely annoyed if we have to wait another month for an interview.
  14. Hi! We will be filing for my AOS shortly, and since tomorrow marks the start of a new month I thought it would be appropriate to start a new thread for all June filers adjusting from K1 visas. If you're filing soon or if you think you'll file within the next few weeks, please join
  15. Hi all, While I've been looking at the timelines of other people who have done the K1 journey from Australia, I've noticed a bit of a pattern in that it seems like the Sydney consulate conducts most of it's K1 visa interviews towards the end of any given month. Is that just a coincidence, or does the Sydney consulate actually wait to do K1 interviews in the last two weeks of the month? Reason I ask is my medical is next week and I was hoping to jag an interview early next month. Thanks.
  16. Can I file I129f petition to apply for K4 visa for the child of my CPR husband? I am USC and must file I130 for his 3 kids. They live abroad in Mexico. Husband is already in the USA with me and we have adjusted status, and been married less than two years. The children weren't included in the original petition for my husbands K1 visa on the I129f. I have read on the I129F instructions that the petition is only for alien fiances or alien spouses about to file I130. We didn't file I130 for my spouse, he is CPR after AOS from K1. Could I still apply for a Visa for his kids abroad?
  17. Hello, does any one know why there is no date available on the ustraveldocs site for booking the interview? Three weeks ago when I was preparing all the documentations I could see there were several available dates showing on their website on the left side of the page - Now nothing shows - all you can see is OFC dates, but when you go for the next it says no dates available at this time. I have called the UStraveldocs people and all they say is consulate releases that dates and it is on first come first serve basis. Any one has any advice?
  18. Hi guys! My fiancé hasn’t received a letter from NVC. However, we finally received a reply from them thru email and they attached a file stating that they are forwarding my case to my US Embassy and it’ll take several weeks. I tried checking the “case number” they gave but so far it says invalid on ceac website. I was looking for it under “non-immigrant”. My question now is do I wait for US Embassy to contact me or should I go on and get my medical now? How do I know if US Embassy received my documents already so I can schedule for interview? Can anyone please please please help me! thanks you, Clare
  19. Hi! I'm in a slightly tricky situation. My fiancee is American and I'm Canadian. We're both living abroad. We want to change this and start our life in the US. There are two options that seem good. One is a fiancee or a marriage visa. The disadvantages: processing time, and the fact that my fiancee can't necessarily show that she has the income/assets to support me. (Her parents do and I can support myself, don't know if that's relevant.) Another is an 0-1. Without going into detail, I'm an established enough person in my discipline that I can definitely get one. My thinking is that I could get an 0-1 and adjust status once I'm married and in the states. It's more expensive, but with shorter processing times, and I'll be able to work immediately. What do you guys think?
  20. Riya

    Mumbai consulate- K1 visa

    Hi, All the threads about Mumbai are really old and I could not find much information. My NVC status says Ready. Can someone please explain the process after that. I note on other forums that people usually start medical and schedule interview once the status is ready, but I checked on Rele clinic website and they asked to bring interview letter which I have not received. I have not received any packet 3 or 4 as well. Please advise the timeline for receiving interview letter and the visa process in Mumbai. Any information will be helpful. Thank you.
  21. Hey Everyone! I feel a bit ridiculous- but in the middle of a big house move, I have seemed to have misplaced my physical copy of the NOA1. I have read that I will 100% need my NOA2 once received, but does anyone know if I will ever need to present NOA1 in the future? Please let me know! Cheers, Sydney and Jamie
  22. Sorry for the title gore, but we only recently found out that USCIS has never even received the paperwork we submitted. We ended up getting Married in September when she arrived, and we're worried she might have to go back to her home country since her visa states it expires November 11th. What should we do in this case? Is there an expedition process? Is there anything we should prepare for? We're about to send another batch of paperwork and money order with an overnight ( as well with all the same verification we used before ). Just a little shaken up and worried about what's to happen- we don't want to interfere with anything and we certainly don't want ICE banging down our door..
  23. My fiance just received email from Nvc . Which states that now Nvc will transfer this petition to us embassy or consulate mumbai which takes weeks one case is ready they will contact me on the basis of this email can i start my further steps likes appointment should i wait to get the letter from local embassy ie mumbai embassy .
  24. Merhaba, sana bir şey sormam lazım. Birkaç hata yaptığımızı fark ettik. 1- Pasaport pulları göndermedik 2-pasaport tarzı fotoğraf yanlış 5 × 5 değil 3-Benim adresim kapı numaram ile yanlış.(I am the beneficiary) my door number so turkey 4- facebook 9 yıl önce tanıştık ama facebook kullanmıyoruz, bu yüzden bunun için bir şey göndermedik. 5- biz çok fazla otel kuponu ve bilet gönderdik ama genellikle biz satın aldık ama ismimi, ismimi ve tüm İngilizce ve Türkçe bilenleri düşünelim. Benim sorunum bizi tamamen reddetti. Şimdi 4 aylık bitirmek. Rfe düşünüyorum ama reddetmekten korkuyorum. Üzgünüm ingilizcem
  25. Approved June 1st for 129f, received my Noa 2 and am curious about next steps (I’ve read differing steps and timelines so I’m hoping for more up to date advice). I am leaving to be with my fiancée in a week and will be there for 1.5 months. What should I be gathering before I go, and what are the next steps? I would love to be able to bring her back with me so any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!