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  1. Hello everyone! We have almost everything ready to send the K1 visa papers, but there is one question I am not sure about. On the I-129F form, part 1, in the question of other names used. My fiancé has a Korean name which is his birth name and it is the one that appears on all legal documents: birth certificate, passport, credit cards, etc. However, when he moved to the US he started using Justin as it was easier to pronounce. This name does not appear on any legal document, but everyone knows him by that name. It appears in his emails, social networks and on his business cards. I just call him Justin, never by his original name. Should we put Justin in the section of other names used, even though it does not appear in any legal document? Thank you very much!
  2. Hi there, Since the COVID stuff they emailed my medical results to the consulate directly, but gave me an unsealed envelope with my vaccination record and xray CD, is that okay? Also should I bring the envelope with me to the consulate for the interview? Thank you.
  3. About a week and a half ago, we went to our k1 visa interview after having gone through the process for over a year and a half. At the interview, they gave us approval and even gave us a letter stating our approval and what the next steps would be. I left my passport with the consulate because they needed to do further processing, and they said to expect it back in about a week. Today we checked the case status online and it said: "refused". In the subtext, it said that our case would remain refused while undergoing administrative processing. Does this mean that our visa has been refused, or is this more of a placeholder while they process our visa? Is this a common thing to happen with people who have had their k1 visas approved?
  4. Hello All I thought I would make a Thread for Australian's who have their CASE COMPLETE at NVC and are waiting for an Interview to be scheduled at the US Consulate in Sydney! It might make it easy for us to keep in touch and update each other! I hope this is OK 🐨 We were DQ'd this morning so we will be waiting a while lol
  5. Hello! I am the petitioner and I received an email from the NVC that the visa petition was sent to the Bogota embassy on 6/8/2021. I know it usually takes a couple of weeks to receive an email from the embassy with the packet of instructions but we have received nothing. I’ve tried emailing them - nada. So my questions are: - Can we go ahead and schedule an interview without receiving the packet of instructions? I definitely don’t want this to backfire on us since this process has taken some time but not sure if this is the way to go at this point? - Is there a number that I can contact that would be answered by a person? It seems like they don’t really respond to emails - Is there anything I can do? Or I just have to wait? Is the packet of instructions suppose to arrive via email to me or to my fiancé? We might be being impatient but we just want it to continue moving and it was looking hopeful that things were moving along until now. Thank you so much for any help!
  6. My fiance came on ESTA from Spain, overstayed by 7 months. He entered May 30th of 2019 and returned to Spain the 17th of March 2020 because of COVID. Can I petition for the Fiance visa to marry him and have him reunited with me here in the US. or could we marry in Spain and then petition?
  7. Hi All, This is the background of my issue. I am an active duty service member in the army. Not trying to be entitled right now stationed at Oconus, not sure about the PCS orders yet. Now my fiance is in a foreign country and i want to expedite my case on humanitarian grounds. Do you think that would make a good enough case? Also what would be the process do we just call the military helpline and wait for someone to work on my case and give us some kind of tracking number to track the same? What have people done here regarding expediting their case, i know everybody's situation is different just trying to figure out as to how go about this process.
  8. Is anyone going through Rio had any movement in their K1 interview status?
  9. Hi all! My fiance is born and raised in Guam. I'm getting conflicting information regarding the tax transcript because some people are telling me this doesn't apply to Guam natives. Does anyone here have helpful information regarding this? He'll be going to the Dept of Revenue and Taxation (I guess their local taxing authority there) tomorrow but I just wanted to check with some of you who might have experienced this or know. Thank you in advance for the help!
  10. Hi all.. i have been looking around trying to gather information about getting PCC in India. I have been seeing mixed information everywhere. 1) My passport was issued in Chennai. 2)I have resided in many parts of India for period more than 6 month each time. 3)Currently i live in Mumbai (been more than a year). So how do i proceed with my PCC? Do i have to get them from all the places i have lived? or only from my current place of residence?
  11. Hey guys, so we transferred our case to Warsaw, Poland from Russia and I'm preparing the documents that we need for the interview. We don't have a date yet, but I am already getting started. I have a few questions about the Affidavit of Support since it seems we will use my dad as a Co-Sponsor. As things stand, my dad will have 3 dependents with my fiancee included, but there are 4 people currently living here not including my fiancee. On his taxes he only has 2 dependents and files "Married Filing Jointly." So, I'm assuming he will have 3 dependents with my fiancee included is that correct or is it 4 with my mom and dad, I'm confused here? 😵 2. If it's 3 dependents, he should be making a minimum of $27,450. If he doesn't make that much, he owns several cars and his own house. How can we show proof of this? 🤔 What documents do we need then? 3. As far as I know, we should take this i-134 form( both mine and my Dads-The Co-Sponsor), copy of his tax returns and any assets to make up for the amount needed to the interview? I started working for him this year, but he pays me in cash. So. I don't have checks to show proof of income. That's why I'm nervous about this, but he does have assets to show. I myself became a Real Estate Agent, but haven't made any income from this. Thanks for reading and for your help.
  12. Hello, I have been looking at the K-1, CR-1, and IR-1 visa issuance in Accra comparing pre-COVID (Jan 2019-May 2019) to Jan 2021-May 2021 of this year. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/immigrant-visa-statistics/monthly-immigrant-visa-issuances.html and https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/nonimmigrant-visa-statistics/monthly-nonimmigrant-visa-issuances.html Jan-19 Jan-21 Feb-19 Feb-21 Mar-19 Mar-21 Apr-19 Apr-21 May-19 May-21 K1 23 1 6 9 19 22 22 34 22 4 CR1 109 2 66 5 78 6 68 67 IR1 130 24 94 112 99 75 74 38 91 29 From looking at the numbers, it looks like K1 and CR1s picked up for awhile (Feb-April 2021) but CR1s have not. My question is what happened in May 2021? I realize this is limited information, but I wonder why there was a decline in May 2021 from Feb-April 2021? And why are CR-1 issuance been so low comparatively? My K-1 visa has been at NVC since beginning of April 2020. I figure I was about 2 weeks away from having my application sent to the Accra consulate before they shutdown due to COVID. Has anyone had their visa application sent to the Accra consulate from NVC since they began resuming interviews on a limited basis? I'm purely speculating, but I wonder if that has anything to due with the decline in the May K-1s and other visa issuances. The most recent visa approvals on VJ are from April 2021, so it is difficult to know what is happening and what months are being processed. It would be interesting to hear other people's take on the recent visa issuance numbers or any other insights. KateD
  13. My finance's visa was approved in Lebanon. They emailed us to update a few papers and request a fingerprint interview. Now no one will answer. Has anyone been in contact with anyone in Beirut. PLEASR HELP!! The visa is "ready to be issued" and we have had 0 responses.
  14. I have applied my fiancé visa for over a year, finally last week I got packet 4 letter to schedule interview, but every-time I check it shows finger print appointments but no interview appointment, since last night the dates on the calendar showing have been turning light blue im assuming people are booking those dates but for me its showing no appointment avibale, its not even showing on left bar "first available appointment" anymore, has anyone scheduled appointment for Mumbai recently, today is July 13, 2021
  15. Hey all I’m starting this thread for any South African couples waiting for their visa to be processed, petition approved, or couples who have already been approved. If you have any stories or advice please do share. I sent my petition in on 02/12/2018 it was delivered 02/15/2018 I received my NOA1 02/20/2018. I’m currently waiting for my NOA2
  16. Hello, I am new to this forum so I don't exactly know the correct way to go about explaining this. My fiance and I filed for a K-1 visa and received our NOA1 on September 14th, 2020 and have heard nothing back from USCIS. We have submitted two inquiries (one in May and one a week ago), reached out to my representative back in May as well as yesterday I reached out to one of my senators. The only information from USCIS was provided to my representative, stating that our case is currently pending security checks. I am wondering if these security checks have something to do with a fine I got a few years ago that I had forgotten to mention in the application which was for having a glass bottle on the beach? Is there any way to get the information to USCIS before potentially getting an RFE or are we just going to have to wait until we get a response from them (however long that may take). Should we expect to receive an RFE or just a late approval? Any and all advice/information is appreciated, thank you!
  17. Is there anyone here who was able to get a K1 visa consular appointment for the month of March, 2021 at the Mumbai Consulate, India? I was randomly checking my ustravel docs yesterday and just dumbluck (hopefully) was able to schedule my consular appointment for 12th of March, 2021 but am not sure if it was some sort of glitch. It still shows on my UStraveldocs account though. Asking because I would have to go through the police clearances and medical exams again.
  18. this is how far we get.... so far I-129F Sent : 2021-05-17 I-129F NOA1 : 2021-05-27 I am currently visiting my bf in the state for 3 months entered with ESTA visa. more we read about how slow the process is for K1 more scared we are (also covid situations seem to getting bad again....), we just dont want to go thru long distance without knowing when is gonna end!! so here is a hypothetical question... can we just get married here and start new process and forget about K1? or this is not a wise move to do as it might effect each other? or should we hire a lawyer? any ideas or experience to share are all welcome and appreciate!
  19. Hello, I would like to start a thread where people who filed in Moscow, Russia transferred their case to Warsaw, Poland due to the US Embassy in Moscow being closed and the US-Russia relationship being a little iffy at the moment. We could all share how our process is going to help others out. I do have a question. If we want to use our parents as Sponsors, will they be Co-Sponsors or Household Member? I read somewhere that there are two ways to go about this. For example, if I'm living with my parents at the moment and would like to use my dad to help me out financially; which steps should I take? Thanks.
  20. When filling out the I134 Affidavit of Support, in the Dependents' Information section of the form, are they asking for my fiancee to be put here if I'm supporting her, or is it only asking for children/other dependents?
  21. We are stuck and need advice: American and Italian, both living in the Netherlands. Got a job offer in the US and has to relocate in 3 weeks. Considering the current situation (covid travel ban and delays in processing visas), is it better to get married in the Netherlands and apply for Spouse Visa with exceptional circumstances DCF or file the K-1 Fiance Visa? We cannot understand if k1 visas are being processed, but at the same time we worry that the DCF won't be accepted because of such a sudden wedding.
  22. I am going to be doing the K1 interview on Tuesday and I'm starting to get a little worried. I am working on he I134 form and I will need a joint sponsor. Between my fiancee sponsoring me and my joint sponsor, they have more than enough to meet the income requirements. However, I am becoming a little nervous as I do not feel confident that I can explain to the officers the financial situation even if I do provide the requested paperwork like w2 and paystubs, etc. How concerned should I be and is it highly likely I'll get a denial or is it not as bad as it seems? At this point I feel we've basically done all we can to prepare for the interview.
  23. We are currently waiting for our AOS interview, adjusting from K1 visa. My wife just went to the California DMV and tried to take her written permit test. They turned her away because the name on the social security card is not the same as the name on her marriage certificate. She didn’t update her name, after our marriage, with the Social Security Administration. I don’t know how we go about doing this. She really needs to drive soon. She has her EAD. If she gets her name updated and has a replacement card ordered, will it still say on that card that she isn’t allowed to work now that she has her EAD? I was told by visajourneyers a while ago to wait until we have the green card to request a new card with her updated name so I’m very confused. Thanks
  24. Hi all, I've been reading a bunch of posts in the forums since returning to the US, and I'm concerned about our chances for approval, mostly due to us having a traditional engagement ceremony, including an exchanging of rings. Some background: -I'm female American (25) and he's male Moroccan (21), no prior marriages nor children, etc. for either of us. -We met initially in mid-2019 when I visited Morocco, kept nearly daily contact, began romantically seeing each other late 2020, and got engaged during my visit to Morocco last month. -I am not muslim (more agnostic) while he is muslim. We're both fine with this as long as our children are muslim, inshaallah. I'm okay deferring to his preference since he is more religious. -I just visited him and his family for 3 weeks in Morocco, but both of my visits to Morocco are within the 2 year period for filing. -He is proficient in English as that is our main language of communication, and I know some elementary Arabic / Darija. -I also keep in frequent contact with his brothers as they consider me part of their family. I also talk to his parents, but they don't know any English, so our conversations are less frequent. -We do have a shorter engagement period (which is I know is a bit of a yellow/red flag), but we are both people who exercise caution with those we date and don't want to 'waste' our time on a superficial relationship. -He has never traveled to the US / outside of Morocco We have plenty of evidence as far as photos, chat logs, etc. are concerned, but I am now anxious because I have seen so many threads warning against having an engagement party before filing. It was a simple ceremony, lasting less than 30 minutes. We exchanged rings, fed each other a date and milk, kissed each other on the forehead, and held hands in front of his family. After that, we took pictures and had a homemade lunch. We wore traditional Moroccan clothing for the ceremony that his mother ordered in advance of my arrival. They don't match exactly, but it's obvious that we are together. There is the possibility that I could not include the photos in my file, but we exchanged the photos over whatsapp, and I don't want to lie if we get an interview and they ask if we had an engagement party. Plus, if they ask if we had an engagement party, we say yes but didn't include any photos, wouldn't that also be suspicious? I'm trying really hard to get all of our documentation together, but it feels so sad that something used to celebrate our love with his family could cause us denial. Thanks in advance
  25. I just learned that Utah allows for online marriage license applications. Are we allowed to apply for our marriage license before my fiance enters the US as long as we don't actually get married until after her arrival? We do so after she receives her visa and knows her travel dates. Thank you.
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