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  1. A rather silly question. As these backlogs are massive is it possible for me the petitioner in the k1 visa process to apply for work and travel and work in my beneficiary/ fiancé's country while waiting for our k1 to process. I'm US and she is Thai
  2. Hello all, Does anyone happen to know or have heard about what the current interview times look like at the embassy in Egypt? We are (hopefully) nearing our NOA2 date (NOA1 May 2021) and would like to try to make a rough guesstimate of the remaining timeline. Any insight is appreciated! Thanks
  3. Hey all I’m starting this thread for any South African couples waiting for their visa to be processed, petition approved, or couples who have already been approved. If you have any stories or advice please do share. I sent my petition in on 02/12/2018 it was delivered 02/15/2018 I received my NOA1 02/20/2018. I’m currently waiting for my NOA2
  4. Hi everyone I’m confused at this point as to what happens next. my fiancé and I are doing a K1 visa. He is from Afghanistan and we had his case transferred to Islamabad. I saw on CEAC that they received the package from NVC on 7/21/2022. We haven’t received anything about instructions or interview appointment. From everyone’s experience do I pay the visa fee first on cgi federal website? Then apply? Or do I need to wait for embassy in Islamabad to schedule the appointment or send instructions first? When I email nvc all they say is to contact the embassy and that they sent the package to them. when seeing other peoples timelines it’s showing that after around 13 days they got their instructions and then interview dates were scheduled for between 30-45 days after. I already filled out the DS-160 form but I’m not sure what else I need or If I’m missing a step. Any help or advice is truly appreciated.
  5. Hello All I thought I would make a Thread for Australian's who have their CASE COMPLETE at NVC and are waiting for an Interview to be scheduled at the US Consulate in Sydney! It might make it easy for us to keep in touch and update each other! I hope this is OK 🐨 We were DQ'd this morning so we will be waiting a while lol
  6. Hi guys, I know it's a bit too early to start the forum for Dec filers 😂 but I figuered we can share our package lists and stuff, even feelings 😘 I've been collecting proof for this since AOS 🙃 I saved anything that's related to our marriage, so I could be less stressed out when it's close to the time for filing. My GC will expire on Feb 28, 2022. The earliest day I can send out my application is Nov 30. I plan on sending it out on Dec 1st. I will share my timeline when I do. Here's the USCIS link if you aren't sure when: https://www.uscis.gov/forms/filing-calculator-for-form-i-751-filing-jointly-with-your-spouse
  7. My now-husband came with a k1 visa. We married and now we are filling AOS. I haven't filed taxes for this year yet but my father has and he will be my joint sponsor. We live in the same house as we share our rent. From my understanding is that my father and I both need to file form I-864 and we both need to sign form I-864A. Correct? The confusing part for me is that my dad files married-jointly with my mom, who also lives with us but she's never worked. She has no income. So I'm not sure if she should also file a form I-864A.. I won't be using her income as she has none but she still files taxes with my dad. Is a form I-864A needed from her? or just my dad's will be enough? Thank you in advance
  8. Having a hard time understanding how to correctly enter Mexican address on form i-129f. My fiancé lives in a neighborhood outside the city. Where do I include it? And do I enter the state as province since the form doesn't have a selection for foreign states? Hidalgo 8 - street and number San Vicente Zapote - neighborhood outside city Yuriria - City Guanajuato - State
  9. Went to K1 Visa interview mid June and Officer asked for a Police Certificate from the country I was born. Got a White page G221 asking only for the Police certificate that was missing. Sent it to the Embassy July 20 and status changed yesterday July 26 from "Refused" to "Administrative Processing". Any idea how long will it take in a case like this in Paris/France? Thank you for info on this.
  10. Hey guys, I'm new here and I've been reading through the forum for some input from individuals on going the K-1 route. My fiance and I are just about ready to file for the K-1 this coming week. We're just wanting to make sure this would be the fastest route to be together. We've been seeing through several apps and facebook groups that this is the case as the processing backlog is almost null with cases from as early as December 2021 already being processed. We want to be together as quickly as possible and the financial aspect would not be a factor for me since I own a company here in South America and make passive income. I would be easily able to support and maintain us for 2 whole years if needed. I also know that if I bring my driver's license I can trade it in for an international driver's license once within the US so driving is not another issue for me. I'm just asking for some input from people since they keep claiming IR-1 and CR-1 are the way to go, our only issue is that we cannot get married as she cannot travel due to work and having 2 small children (Which I am dying to live with and yes we've met already in person, have lots of proof etc). Would greatly appreciate some input from you guys, Thank you!
  11. So my fiancés case finally reached Turkey today, he completed the ds-160 form. I just need to finish the I-134 forms. I have a few questions. my fiancé does not have a birth certificate as they do not receive any, will his jensia be sufficient? does he need to do his medical exam in Turkey or Iraq? He also has no vaccination documentation so will the appointment cover that or should he get that on his own in Iraq? since there are no mailing services where he lives how will he receive his visa? And if he receives it there in Turkey how long would that take? is it safe to go to Turkey 10 days prior to the interview and get his exam then? How early should he do that? also, should I have already received an email for the interview? How does that work? my fiancé has only cash as he is self employed, how might I prove this in the I-134? what should He bring to the interview other than the general checklist USCIS provides? my last question, is it okay if we have our wedding in Iraq before we legally marry in Arizona? All of our family is there and there’s no point in doing it in the US. So I’m hoping it’s alright im sorry this is so many questions I’m just very confused at the moment and do not want to mess up! Thank you so much in advance.
  12. My darling fiancé finally has her visa on hand and we have a flight booked for her to come home! Thank you all so much for all the valuable advice you've given, we really couldn't have gotten through this without it! She still has her CFO to do, but she's prepared for that. I know it's far from over, so what is your advice on what we should do next?
  13. Hi everyone!! So, I was reading this thread Cause it's something that really worries me... We applied for the k1 (yeah... I know.... and as many of us here, I wasn't aware of the many, many cons), and we are waiting for the NOA2. I'm the beneficiary, and I worked all my adult life. A lot. Also, I've been married before. I got married very young (first year of college) and earned my financial independence over the years, as I grew professionally. So, it was a natural course spliting the bills and life costs. It's really hard to see myself having to go back on those... As I was reading the recommendations, I was thinking: - How you guys prepared financially and professionally for the moving? Did the beneficiary had savings? The schools, hobbies, and all that, have costs. I don't feel comfortable doing those things on the expenses of my fiance... And I think that could be a very stressful issue for us. Specially not knowing how long it will take to have my EA... - Did the moving changed the dynamic of the relationship? In terms of the petitioner feeling overwhelmed to support the spouse for, maybe, years, or the beneficiary feeling trapped because of the limitations - Is there anything I should be aware or could do in advance to prepare myself to a better and easier transition? I'm a very independent woman, and I think would be really hard to have to rely on my fiance for every little thing... - Has the "money talk" been stressfull during the AOS time? What usually are the expectations of the petioner (asking in terms of cultural differences)? Like, is expected the one staying at home doing all house work, cooking, cleaning? Sorry for the long post. Of course I've talked with my fiance about all of that many times. But it's hard to know the reality before living it. So, any advices and sharing experiences are very welcomed!!
  14. My fiancé got her visa packet today! A few questions though. 1. I'm seeing a lot of advice that says to cut her passport out, then tape it shut. Is that correct? 2. She has two plastic envelopes with separate contents, is that normal?
  15. I would like to get advice. Which route is faster ? Should I go for a K-1 visa for fiancée? Or should we marry in Lima and file I-130 for consular processing? The embassy would be Lima, Peru Which one has the best shot at processing faster?
  16. So i have a couple questions i know are silly but, i been feeling really depressed about the situations going on. A) Uscis has been trying to improve their backlog and i am a 2022/June applicant. İ just seen that the time started to go up again on uscis site ( was 12 when we decided to apply and today it went up from 13 to 13.5 yes its little but a lot for people waiting.) İs it actually possible that they will succeed with their goal before we wait 14 months :( ? B) So i live in Turkey and the only way for me to go to the states ( i read that its possible for K1 applicants to go but its really hard to get a visa) is to apply to a tourist visa, but in the tourist visa they want to make sure you are going to return to your country, i have a job here and i am still studying.. İs it even possible to get a tourist visa while waiting for a k1? İ missed my fiancee and he was sick recently so i would love some help and insight on this topic :) Thanks a lot and i hope these hard tımes wıll pass for everyone :))
  17. Good evening VJers, I've used this site tons but never decided to actually make an account and post until now. Anyway, I am looking for some insight since any information outside of this site is questionable. Fiancee and I sent in our K1 December 2021. We are a few months shy of getting our NOA2, I'm aware. I am the petitioner. Little backstory: We met in the early summer of last year while out dancing, he was here visiting his family and at a point throughout the night he approached me, we hit it off, exchanged information and since then we have talked every. single. day. We've also visited tons over the months, over 4 times and right now he is here for a month due to some concerts we decided we wanted to go see together as well as traveling to bordering cities and get to know new places together, like we've always wanted. On that note, we're tired of the goodbyes, they're much too painful and I know the majority of you understand that.. and the time for him to go back is coming up. My question here is, would it be somehow illegal or, for lack of a better term, stupid to just go for it and marry and do his AOS while the K1 is active? Do I have to fill some form to cancel it if we do that and get started on everything need to adjust? We're aware of the long months ahead without work or travel if we choose this route and it's not an issue. I guess my only other concern is that back in 2017 I did a CR1 visa for my then husband, as a way of us finally being able to be together. It was approved and all but once we were actually together the marriage fell through leading to divorce (which was finalized in 2020). Whereas my current fiancee and I have spent a good amount of time with one another, our families even speak to each other and get along. My family is just as much in love with him as his is with me.. not that it matters much, but just thought I'd throw that in there. Everything with ex-husband was resolved easily, nothing was messy and we split recognizing we weren't meant to be. Would the fact that I did that be means for an issue going down this route?
  18. Hello again, helpful wonderful people! So we're almost there! My fiancé passed her medical exam and psychological evaluation, and her interview went great, now she's awaiting her visa delivery! Very exciting and scary at the same time 😂 She received this email about her upcoming CFO call, and some of it is confusing to me so I was hoping I could get some clarification from you all? I'll attach a photo but I don't need to know what it all means, just a few things... #6 - Is this required? If so, how do I go about getting one? #7 - What do they need to know and in what format? #8 - How would I get a notarized copy from the embassy? Is one sent to her with her visa? #9 - Why would they need this for a fiancé visa? #10 - For her or for myself? Or both? Thank you all again so much, you've all been such a great help! We're so close!
  19. Hey all, I've skimmed the Forum for a while and while I realize that most members recommend the CR1 route over the K1 route, I'm hoping to get some specific advice for my fiancé and me. To provide you all with some Background info: I'm half German and half American with dual citizenship. I grew up and spent most of my life in Germany and moved to the US a little over 6 years ago (As I mentioned, I have dual citizenship with a US passport, SSN card and I live and work here like any other citizen). My fiancé is Germany and currently lives in Germany. We've known each other for nearly 10 years but only started dating in August of last year when I went back home to visit friends and family. Since then we've been dating via long distance and have seen each other five times (We met in Canada during the time period where no visitors where allowed in the US, after the re-opening she's come to visit me here 3 times and I went back to Germany once. There is no significant age difference between us (we're both in our 30s) and neither of us have been previously married or have any sort of criminal history. We know we want to get married and for various reasons relocating back to Germany is not an option for me at this time. We've looked into our options and it seems like it really comes down to either the K1 or CR1 visa but we have some questions/concerns and can't decide which one is best for us. The most important thing is for us to be together and for her to move here as soon as possible, everything else is secondary as of now. We realize there is a significant backlog right now either way, but it is my understanding that at this point the fastest way for her to stay here with me legally and long term would be the CR1 visa, is this correct? If we do go with the CR1 route, we could easily get married in Germany on my next visit, but I've read on the USCIS website that they require proof that the marriage is "bona fide" and that's where we have some concerns. We can't really provide any of the suggested examples, such as joint bank account statements or a joint lease agreement. Are these absolutely necessary? Would it be enough to provide them proof that our relationship is genuine like photos of our trips together, phone logs, plane tickets, etc. as well as the marriage certificate from Germany? I would really appreciate any advice or insight from personal experiences. Thanks!
  20. I contacted USCIS 2 weeks ago to inform them they were outside normal processing times, they sent me an email yesterday stating "Your case is currently delayed because the required security checks are still pending. We cannot make a decision on your case until we receive the results of these checks". Has anyone else received something similar on their case? Is something wrong with my application or is this just a stalling tactic for USCIS? For the i129F, would it mean they are waiting on a security check of the petitioner (US Citizen) or the beneficiary? How long do these checks take and what exactly is involved with them?
  21. Hello. This is probably a long shot, but the information for the only TWO doctors they'll accept hasnt been updated since 2018, before covid. I'm wondering if theres anyone out there who recently (2020 and newer) had a Visa Medical in Ecuador as we want up to date contacts so we wont he stuck when the time comes.
  22. BearAndKoala

    Room N

    Good evening again, everyone. So this is kind of a panic post. My fiancé is currently at St. Luke's, and they discovered her scars from her depression during her college days (seven years ago) on her wrist. Now she's waiting to be evaluated in "Room N" That depression came from an abusive brother, an absent (but now returned) father, and the awful memory of a near assault at a college party. She's left that all behind and changed dramatically, and it shows. Should we be worried? Her interview is scheduled on July 16th.
  23. Hello everyone, Majorly confused over here. I’ve been in contact with some other K1 visa applicants who are also bringing over Dutch fiancé/fiancées and it seems that somehow..me(I’m American) and my fiancé(Dutch) made an interview appointment and got all our documents together based on links and information we found online at travel.state.gov and CEAC’s website and some ais website that was buried in the Amsterdam Consulate. When we tracked our case from the NVC the visa was “READY” and at consulate(I called them) so we took that as an okay to schedule an interview. They said wait for an email. He got an email from the NVC confirming the application was at the consulate. Edit- So we thought “this is the email! Ah ha!” When we applied for an interview and logged in to the ais site only one date was available edit: May 17. This is the only date available for about 6 months out. It seems like it’s just assigned? anyway. We never received instructions for how to make the medical appointment. We have everything else in the checklist. Appointment schedule page, DS-160, police report, I-864, passport photos. to hear some of the other applicants tell it, we are supposed to have received a packet 3 that tells us to send the DS-160 to someplace? I don’t know. All I know is we have everything and received an email just now with a listing documents for our interview and a link to make the interview (which we somehow already made a week ago). Very very confused. Did we skip P3? Did we just never receive it? Was this email P3 or P4?
  24. What is the timeline for K1 at the US embassy in Addis Ababa?
  25. I met my American boyfriend in this year's February. We met up in person for the first time in June (I visited him in the US on an ESTA), and both of us felt empty and depressed after I had to fly back home. It was a fairly short visit, but we photographed our activities and us together. While daily long sessions of video-calling helps, it doesn't compare to the happiness we had when we were together. Also, since we're a same sex couple, we've gotten concerned about Justice Clarence Thomas' suggestion to challenge same sex marriages. In short, we feel stuck and afraid. We want to be together really badly, but my country doesn't recognize same sex marriages. We plan on traveling to countries together to alleviate the lack of physical contact (and to take pictures of us doing things, but that's secondary). If we were to start the K1 process now, should we be worried about the scrutiny we may face because of how young we are or for some other reason? He is 19 and I am 21. Also, since he is young, we will need to use his mother as a co-sponsor. She's agreed to help us and we get along perfectly. Would having a co-sponsor indicate anything negative?
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