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  1. I was a regular reader of the last London thread to keep myself updated with current timelines etc before it went to 70+ pages and way off topic. I thought it was such a useful resource so I’ve decided to start the ball rolling again so we can keep each other updated on news as it comes in. To kick us off, me and my wife were DQ 10th July so we’re hoping to get our interview appointment email early November. It appears June DQ dates have been scheduled so hoping this is our time after literally years of waiting. Fingers crossed for no Tier 3 lockdown in London!
  2. Just found this thread and it has brought me so much joy. I hate sitting in limbo land being unable to plan my life until I know when I can head back to the States. Before finding this thread I wasn’t sure if it would be a 3 month wait or an 8month wait. EB1 I-140 approved end of June, all fees paid, documents and DS-260 submitted around August 22. Not sure how long DQing takes or if being EB1 affects anything, but I’m hoping that I could get an interview scheduled early next year at the London embassy. Not sure if anyone in a similar boat has some insight… Thank you for this thread!
  3. Here we go again, maxed out on so here's our newest thread...
  4. I've just had to reschedule my medical. Not the end of the world, but just a pain. Reason was my GP surgery still haven't sent the letter over, and when I've chased it they have the attitude of "we'll get it to you when we get it to you". I looked up the cancellation policy and they need 3 working days notice or they'll charge you £100. Meaning I'd have needed the letter by 3pm today latest, which isn't gonna happen! So I pushed it back a week and a half. Fingers crossed I get it by then and it all goes smoothly. I've not had my interview date yet so shouldn't be a problem, but going by everyone's estimations of interviews etc, I don't want my medical to be any later than mid-late Feb. Also, just an FYI for anyone wanting to know about wait times for the medical - mine was originally for the 7th, I asked to push it back to the week after and asked what dates they have, the lady said "what date would you like?" so there doesn't seem like there's much wait at all, there were multiple appointment times available morning and evening for several dates. Lots of flexibility
  5. Has anyone ever tried to request Direct Consular Filing through Montreal? I just emailed them today to ask if they would consider our situation and attached a bunch or supporting documentation.
  6. Hey I just read your post about the French police report. I also have one and only had it sent to me via email. Is this OK? Was your problem not having the original British certificate ? Thanks for your help! And well done 🙂
  7. Here is an update for anyone that has a visa / passport stuck at the consulate and they must travel. You can get a temporary passport. Cost is about $200 CAD. Be prepared to spend many hours at the passport office and also be prepared for the staff there not knowing what you're talking about. You'll need to be polite but push for what is allowed to get the temp passport and when you get your original back with the visa in it to do a exchange, where the original passport with the visa in it is activated again (only one passport can be active at a time) and surrender the temp passport. Ask for a temporary passport application, because your current passport is "Inaccessible" (official term is Inaccessible Passport) You can get a temp passport if you prove your current passport is stuck at a foreign consulate for processing AND you must travel Show proof of your passport being stuck in processing with the consulate and also proof that you have corresponded with them about the delays. Show proof of upcoming travel Bring an original birth certificate and proof of your identity Fill-out an application for a temporary passport (might be the same as a regular passport, but make sure they file it properly) Provide a guarantor (my wife used her adult daughter that is not living with her). The agent will call. Provide 2 references that are friends that can vouch for you. The agent will call them. If travel is urgent, the passport can be made within a couple of days, so show proof that you must pick it up in time for travel. Once you pick-up the temp passport, make sure there is a stamp/sticker inside that shows that it is a temp passport (the cover won't say it). I heard the temp passport is good for one year, not just for this specific travel date. When you arrive at the border, bring your proof of travel, proof of needing the temp passport, and of course your temp passport. In our case, the USA agent didn't ask for anything other than the passport and didn't say anything or ask about it, but that's no guarantee. When you finally receive your original passport with the visa, go to the passport office again Request that you need to surrender your temp passport and have the original activated again. You cannot carry two passports (from what we were told), so you need to activate one and surrender the other. You might need to push that you're not applying for anything new and all the agent needs to do is accept your temp passport and activate the original. My wife had to push a little about the urgency of this swap, because the initial staff wanted her to wait in the long application line all day. This wasn't necessary. My wife stood with the agent while the original was being activated again on the screen. It takes about 30 minutes for the system to process the swap, but it will be fairly quick (not hours or days).
  8. Hi everyone! We submitted our documents to NVC in April 2022, meaning that we could not upload the most recent tax transcript from 2021 as it wasn't available yet (we only uploaded the 2020 tax transcript). Should we now upload the 2021 tax transcript to CEAC before my interview next month or is it ok to just take a hard copy of the transcript with me to the interview? Any help/opinions would be appreciated
  9. Got DQ today and now thinking about everything that's about to transpire in the next few months. Any recommendations on how to get my stuff from Canada to USA?
  10. Honestly, I am at a loss to pick out anything that would red flag me. Interviews seemed perfectly good. No missing documentation. I have never had arrests or anything like that. I asked about what the reason for this was and officer had no actual information as to why it would be. Bureaucratic answer of following protocol of US govt, erc. Ok. Disappointing, and bewildering.
  11. Just checking. Am I able to cross, activate my visa and then travel back to Canada a few times to pack up and move? I don’t intend to import my car but will use it for a couple months to travel while I get settled.
  12. I submitted a K1-Visa case back in August and the first and only update I got in my case was the "we received your case here's your number" notification on the site and in mail. Everyone else who submitted around this time at LEAST got another update. I'm beginning to think I'm being ignored considering how the government feels about minority races (and unfortunately both of us are minority) AND because we aren't a straight couple. Does anyone know what's going on here? I've emailed the Texas building and I'm thinking of spamming the main USCIS email until I get an answer. If they have a number with a live person I'll spam that to.
  13. Hi, I have a weird question. How is pre-moving seen at the border? By that I mean the act of bringing stuff to my spouse's place before getting the visa. My guess is that it's not really popular with border officer because it is a big sign of you probably wanting to overstay your tourist visa and just stay (even though I'm pretty sure somebody like me that is 1 month away from their interview never did that ever). In my case I would pre-move my summer tires because after some weird circumstance I have them currently in my car and do not want to put them in my apartment or drive to go store them. AND on top of that I'm getting my interview in the next 1-2 months so I WILL need to move them very soon. I'm planning on going to the US this weekend and will have basically nothing else in the car except 4 tires. Thanks!
  14. PD: May 29, 2021 US citizen Nigeria Spouse waiting on approval.
  15. My province is not listed here. How do I surpass this to get it mailed to my house?
  16. Did anyone switch their interview to London from another embassy? My wife's visa is currently processing in Mumbai but she lives in London now. Given that interviews seem to be moving faster here, wonder if anyone switched into London
  17. Here's the next thread for our ongoing discussion... Thanks @KartineeKartoons continued from here:
  18. Sorry if this isn’t allowed but I have a medical question. Where are you guys getting your medicals done? My husband lives in St. Andrews, Scotland. He said the only place he could find that does medicals for visas is in London. Is this true? Are you going down to London for your medicals and staying until the interview or going back and forth? Is he missing something?
  19. Hi, sorry for not starting a new thread but seeing as most In here are from the UK, can I ask what the process is for travel declaration when travelling to the US after obtaining your visa?
  20. In June 2019 @KartineeKartoons started a group message for Canadian spousal applicant VJers who were stuck in the Montreal interview scheduling backlog. They invited members at the same stage in the IV process and the message group has remained active more than a year later, currently with 199 VJ members. Not all members are active in the conversation, and a few weeks ago someone suggested it was time to disband the message group. I am inviting all the active members to hold our discussion here, publicly in the forum, moving forward. Having our collective experiences and knowledge siloed behind closed doors is a disservice to the the whole of the VJ community. Let's strengthen the community as a whole by making a shift. Invitations: @DGF @shammykay @Tofu @sjb17 @rainbow-skies @Mzamour @Cath&Claire @sh114 @S.H.11 @Leah123 @DoubleE @Hadarah @MWhite @legendqueue @SeriaRisa11 @PawlD @i5love @Jay&Sid @mizzem @Kingsrish @Abhikochar @Je9ala @Madison99 @ArgiE0601 @Lovepeace0303 @leo18 @A&RN @marahm18 @acmanu @Sanmcall @Dkw @SASAS @Romans13 @Rose__ @InspectorGrover @canadavisa22 @chefcurry88 @lngtimecoming @Lovenature @mam521 @Noam D @Pat1976 @dee&vee @AMSAL @ReadIcculus @Jacqueline H @Couchpotato560 @Dbrennan @eketros @MrsDex @wordsfromdani @kburbasaur @Jenn&Matt @Waitin-Game @mika__ @Specter @ameena1423 @chanel167 @TOtoVA @Michelle_VM @BunyanP @HRubin @Irregularblob @US-EH @C&L2018 @rafale1973 @Lois K @2Ps @Rush11 @jackanddeona @Kaleigh11 @vjcl @SJS8581 @Ptitchou @fxch3 @starboogie @tmac99 @Flowergirl 737 @Prairiegirl3 @Skaur0609 @Cammabear @Emilini @jacketconfident @eagle212 @betzzymathew @Sarjb77 @Akaur @JACHA @Rotorhead @BeeSee @CGs_Mother @SAsal @Todd@Alya @Hamlet @AfterTheSnow @JandTK @Mel and Deb @Abe&Noha @anto3knee @PennyLaneB @JenTex @Aminac13 @Canadiangirl38 @Jaret&Rachael @llednew.rm Group members not specifically listed above haven't signed into and/or read VJ messages for a while but are more than welcome to participate. Let's all help keep information accessible to all and transparent, and alleviate the anxiety other visa applicants experience navigating this convoluted process.
  21. Hi everyone! the waiting game for the AOS+EAD+AP is killing me and I was thinking of going back into flight school to do a course and keep myself current. Does any of you know if I can do it with my pending status? I already have the basic American flight licences so I already got the TSA clearance done, if I wanted I know I can go and rent a helicopter and go for a fun flight. Just wondering if I can enrol in a class as well.. Thank you all in advance!
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