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  1. Hello, I am a u.s citizen and so is our child he has his report birth abroad and u.s passport my wife is Icelandic. we are filing a I-864 and we are using a joint sponsor to support us on a separate I-864 QUESTIONS 1.As the primary sponsor to my wife since my child is a u.s citizen do I still need to add his info under Part 3 family member 1. 2. On my joint sponsors i-864 do I have to list myself and my child under part 3 as derivatives to my wife? I wouldn't imagine i need to since me and my son are both u.s citizens and not aliens. 3. Do i still need to fill out an I-864W for my son even if hes a u.s citizen no SSN yet but has u.s passport and report birth abroad. We are filing at our local embassy. Thanks for any clarification Very respectfully Pat
  2. Hi All, Good Day! I just want to ask if anyone experience the same thing I did about the Online application of DS-260. In the "Present and Previous Address Information" where you got to mention in chronological order the places or addresses you've been from the day you turned 16 up to present. I wonder why, I always got Application Error every time I press save or press Next. Please advise. Thanks in advance
  3. We were approved for a K1 fiancé visa to the US coming from Egypt. My fiancé got the dreaded SSSS on her boarding pass after checking in. Is this normal for people traveling to get married?
  4. My Russian wife (IR1) and daughter (IR2) got an interview scheduled in Poland in mid April. We are trying to preparing the interview. One of the things to do is to register their visa delivery address. Since the interview is held in Poland, I need to register at https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/?language=English&country=Poland but it keeps taking me into Russian site indicating "Apply US Visa in Russia" instead of "Apply US Visa in Poland" at the top. I do not know if it is because my wife made a profile to apply US tourist visa in Russia before or simply her nationality is Russia and take her to Russian site as default. When I try to choose the delivery address at "New Application / Schedule Appointment" --> "Visa Type" (Immigrant Visa) --> it only has a choice of Moscow at "Post" instead of Warsaw. If I keep going to "Personal Data" to enter delivery address, it says enter Russian address only. What did anyone who is Russian who already had an account in https://cgifederal.secure.force.com but whose case was transferred to Poland, do to register delivery address in Poland? Also, is MBE pick up address in Warsaw the following?: Mail Boxes Etc. Warsaw ul. Wiertnicza 115, Warszawa, Poland 02-952
  5. Hi everyone! My partner and I got engaged last weekend. We live in New York City, I am a US citizen and he is a Canadian citizen who's been living in the US for several years on a TN work visa, which is currently in the process of being renewed so he can stay in the country for the next three years. He is interested in exploring other options for work, though, and on his TN visa, he's tied to his current employer. For that reason, we're thinking it may be best to get started on the green card process ASAP. We are planning to get married at the courthouse in June and then plan the actual wedding. Our concern is that we were really hoping to plan our wedding in Canada for the summer of 2024, and we're worried that if/when we start the green card process, he won't be allowed to leave the country until he's approved. This would obviously make it impossible to plan a wedding in Canada given that we won't know when exactly that will happen. That said, since he will still be on the active TN visa while his green card processes, I'm not sure if the 'no leaving the country' rule would apply to him. Does anyone have any info on this? I'm also curious what the green card timeline for Canadian citizens looks like... is it typically faster than it is for citizens of other countries? Thanks in advance for any/all advice!
  6. My wife and I are currently waiting for an I-130 application to be approved. I am a US citizen and she currently resides in the Philippines. She is contemplating applying for a workers visa in the Philippines as she has worked there in the past. Will applying for another workers visa and working in another country have any negative impact on our current application with USCIS? What challenges will we encounter if/when it is approved and she is currently in Japan?
  7. Hi, Does anyone know how long it takes after an approval for the visa/ passport to be back to the applicant? Just out of curiosity. Thanks!
  8. My husband had his Visa interview on April 6th in Johannesburg. The Embassy said they had not received his medical report yet, but they kept his passport and they will process Visa as soon as they get medicals. The medical centre said they have already sent his medical report. (He took it on March 23rd). How often does South Africa embassy update CEAC case status? It's been showing "Refused" since the day of his interview. Thank you.
  9. Hi! I was trying to book an appointment for my medical and the medical physician says that they'll send it directly to the Montreal Consulate. The packet 3 and 4 confirmations state that I need to bring the sealed medical report to the Consulate. Which is it? Does the doctor send it to the Consulate directly and I take nothing? Or Do I pickup the results myself and take the envelope to the interview? Any help is appreciated!
  10. The situation: my gf is a US citizen, and I’m Ecuadorian. We have a 4 year relationship, and right now we both live in Argentina. We are both currently at university. We want to get married, so we can travel and live in the US. We don’t know what’s better for us, the K1 or the CR1. Our main doubt is: Can we still do this even if we both live in Argentina, and we want to travel to the states? Sadly I let my B1/B2 expire, and because of the pandemic I haven’t renewed it. I paid the $160 fee por Ds160 and have my interview due tomorrow, in my country (Ecuador) but I won’t be able to show up because of my schedule (I’m mentioning this because I need to know if losing a visa appointment could give someone a bad record or something like that) We are both 21 y/o. She has double nationality (US and Ecuadorian) We met in high school and came to ARG to study, and last year she spent almost 9 months in US working. Would she need her payment stubs or something like that? Does she has to be obligatory in the US for whatever process we want to make? I heard about a Joint financial sponsor. This person has to be member of her or my family? Or can it be whatever person that volunteers? What’s the best option for us? How much time can it take for us to live in US together and for me to get the green card?
  11. Hi all, I had a tourist visa 20 years ago and I want to apply for a new one. I live in a non-ESTA country, in Europe. After submitting my DS-160 and before paying the fee, I've noticed on https://atlas.my.salesforce-sites.com/ that it takes at least 5 months to have an interview scheduled. The problem is I would have to travel to US in 2 months. My question is: is this timeline accurate (about 5 months) or should I pay the fee hoping that the interview will take place faster than 5 months? On the State Department website it is suggested that it may take between 3 to 5 days to have an interview scheduled... based on the workload. Thx all. P.S. No luck in contacting the embassy via phone.
  12. Hey everyone already waiting a year for a K-1 Visa, honestly I am kinda done with it, I think my depression kicking in.. please tell me I don’t have to wait for another year. From statistics in 5-6 months I will receive the visa. Thanks!
  13. S' vremena na vreme VisaJourney odradi "ciscenje servera" i zatvori velike teme. S' obzirom da nama treba prostor za stare i nove clanove, evo ovde mozemo da nastavimo sa pricom i savetima o procesu dobijanja viza za USA. Na linku ispod mozete naci stari topic koji je zatvoren za komentare ali je pun dobrih saveta. Dobrodosli <3
  14. Hi everybody :) My husband (26, who is a USC) an I (24, Danish) filed for i-130 back in July 2022. We have been married since November 1st 2021. Last time I was in the US was from July to September 2022. I am currently planning a trip to see my husband in the US in March, because it will be one year since his father passed away, and my husband and his family are having a small memorial. I am only planning on staying for about 2 weeks, because I’m worried the customs officer will be suspicious if I stay for longer, while my i-130 is pending. I didn’t really think it would be a problem to enter the US when it’s only for a short period of time and I do have a good reason to go, but now after doing some research, it looks like you need a LOT of ties to your home country, otherwise you can get denied entry. The problem is, that I basically have no strong ties to Denmark. I’m currently unemployed, staying with my parents so I own no property etc… Another thing is, I’ve previously gotten two extensions on my ESTA while visiting the US back in the beginning of covid. (First time was because my flights kept getting cancelled when I tried to go back home to Denmark, second time I got really sick and was unable to board my flight and leave the US. I have proof of both, and will bring them, if I go to the US.) I’m afraid that the extensions will also be a problem when I try to enter the US… Of course I will leave the US after my short stay, and would never try to commit visa fraud. But I am afraid that it looks like I would, with my i-130 pending and no strong ties to Denmark. So my question is: Do you think I’ll be able to enter the US? If I only stay for about 2 weeks and of course bring my return ticket? Or would it be too risky/is the chance that I’ll get denied too big? I know that it’s completely up to the border control officer to decide, so none of you can tell me exactly what will happen- but what is your guys experiences with traveling on ESTA while waiting for a visa, with no strong ties to your home country? And is a memorial a good enough reason to go? I so badly want to be there for my husband during this time. I’m also planning on going to the US in May, for my sister in law’s wedding. If I do end up going in March, will it then be harder to enter again in May, even if that is also just for a short stay? Thanks!!
  15. Hello everyone, Can I get tourist visa and travel to the U.S. while waiting for my K-1 visa? Are there any restrictions to that? It's been 9 months already since visa application. (only NOA 1)
  16. my fiancé (us citizen) filled the petition in 2021 USCIS received it in October 2021 as of now the case is received and all we got is the recipe notice. Our case is at the California service center, is it normal that we didn’t hear anything yet? Anybody else at the Cali service center ?
  17. My husband is american, myself and our common child got our visas and moved summer of 2021. My 15year old child from another father was left behind, long story. Anyway i have started the court process to get her moved where I am, we have settled and in a few weeks the judge will endorse the final order. Anyone else who has been through a similar situation and can give me advise on what wording the consulate is looking for? Or should i go straight to notarized letter? I've spent alot of time and money on the court process and want to get on with his without having to go back to change some words in our order.
  18. Hello, I have a few question that I hope someone smarter than myself could help answer. I recently submitted for a K1 Visa for my fiancé from France. However, after doing more reading, it appears that with the significant delay all over USCIS, but more so with K1 Visas, it would almost be better to have my fiancé, come here get married and just resubmit for the CR1. I understand that it would reset the timeline, however I am under the impression that if and when a CR1 is approved you are authorized to work and travel immediately as opposed to the K1 where after you are permitted in the US and get married you have to submit the forms (AOS, I-765, and I-131)for all of that then play the waiting game again. I am also military so in terms of that, being married is the only way I can get my fiancé/future wife any sort of benefits and recognition from them, they don't care at all unless the marriage is on paper. 1. First, can my fiancé come on a tourist visa (ESTA/ visa waiver program), get married then go back to France as I submit for the CR1, or are there requirements for remaining the the US. 2. If the CR1 is pending, can she come and periodically see me as we wait for approval? 3. A big reason for my potential change from K1 to CR1 is the ability to work and travel, is my impression of that true or am I mistaken somewhere. In advance thank you to anyone willing to help answer my questions, between COVID, Ukraine, and the rest of the world this process is both stressful and I feel like there is no good way to get clear guidance on best courses of action and movement forward. -Michael
  19. Hey everyone, I've been reading posts on this site for a few months now from those with Moroccan SOs about how tough the Casablanca consulate is and people's experiences with the K1 and CR1 visas. I wanted to present my plan to those who've been through the process or are going through it now and see what you guys think. Because of how tough the Casa consulate is, I'm strongly leaning towards doing the CR1 visa instead of the K1, as if I'm correct the CR1 doesn't expire and is more likely to be accepted/taken seriously. My plan is to marry on my 3rd trip, with each trip being about 3 - 4 weeks long. And obviously while the visa is being processed I plan on making more trips, but I read that it's important to front - load the I-130 application with a few trips. Is 3 trips a solid amount for that, and would 2 trips possibly be enough to frontload the application, if it was a total of 7 weeks? We will have been chatting for a little over a year before I visit him for the first time, and I'm 5 years younger than him (he's 29 and I'm 24) so no red flags with the age part. He's divorced but he was just married once to an Algerian woman (so not a Westerner). No kids on either side. He's unemployed now and it's highly likely he will be through the visa process as well. He's always worked and completed a university degree in Graphic Design in Turkey, but the company he used to work for only stuck around in Morocco for a couple years and after that it's been difficult to find steady work. Also he needs to work a lot on his English so that's what we're focusing on now. Will his unemployment affect his chances of getting the visa? I've read before that this doesn't really affect things because the Casa consulate is well aware of the high unemployment rates in the region. Also I'll probably need a joint sponsor because I don't think I'll be meeting the minimum income requirements for 3 years before I file for the visa. Would this affect the chances of success? Again based off my research it doesn't seem like it will because they just care about someone being able to potentially be responsible for 10 years. But I have heard some conflicting stuff about that My last question for this post is, is the Casa consulate still as tough now as it was years ago, in 2015 or 2016 for example?
  20. Hey everyone. So, we have submitted our I-130 petition on November 1st 2018 and when I checked my case status today it said that a "Request for Initial Evidence" was sent on July 15th 2019. I am so frustrated. What does this mean? It also states that they will not be working on our case until they receive the "Evidence" or when the deadline expires. What "Evidence" do they need? What does that even mean? The process is just so exhausting. Life has been full of constantly waiting. Whoever had the same problem, please let me know how it worked out. We would be very grateful.
  21. I noticed that the NVC Case creation timeframe has increased drastically the past 2 weeks. Anyone know the reason why? Could it have been because of Christmas / New years week? It's been increasing slowly since November 2022. Hopefully the can reduce it to below 30 days again. Right now it's at 62 days. You can check here: https://visawhen.com/nvc Or here: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/nvc-timeframes.html
  22. Hi everybody I need some help, my wife(I am a US Citizen) came to the US on a esta, we got married in march and the immigration lawyer filed I-130 I-765 I-485 on the 18 of April when do you expect the work permit to come? and even more importantly when will she be able to travel outside the USA? She did biometrics and July and she just did her immigration physical(dont know if it makes a difference) Than you so much for your time!
  23. I have interview for Eb3 (AOS). I was on dependents of the worker’s visa! 3 years ago my spouse renewed his visa on the border and then his lawyer wanted to renew my visa also! My visa at that time was valid for at least 2 years! So she made a mistake and sent his old visa so because that my extension was not approved and then we filed again with his current visa! So I got my visa extension approval after that . When I filled the 485 I put answered no for the question “ Have you ever been rejected visa?”, because on that time the lawyer told me your visa extension was not approved not rejected and my original visa was valid,so I don’t know on interview when the officer asks me about this question what should I answer him?
  24. Hello, My wife just became a US Citizen. She would like to file I-130 for her parents. She also has a 20 year old unmarried sister that lives with her parents in India. We can file separate I130 for each parent. Does her sister qualify to be a minor under her parents file or do we need to file her through brother/sister category which take long time? What is the fastest way for my wife's 20 year old sister to come to USA?
  25. I came back from after my J1 visa, completing my exchange year in June,2022 Now in December,2022 I am tending to apply for a B2 visa as my former host family requested me to visit them. In the visa application, the question is about me fulfilling my J visa staying in home country requirement. How do I explain that in the given box. I sure can not afford getting rejected.
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