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    Preparing to file a CR-1 visa application for my spouse (K1 visa denied in past)
    2:37 am today


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    I need advice on how to proceed and how to avoid RFE.

    We got engaged in 2018 and were planning a wedding in 2019 in the US, but due to covid, our plans changed. In April, I was granted a special entry visa due to a family medical situation and after the emergency resolved we decided to do a court marriage and after that our family decided we should also do the traditional wedding (in May).

    I understand that I can do I-130 application online, what I don t know is if I can upload photos, wedding invitations, etc online?

    I was thinking of front-loading the application (provide as much proof of our legal union as possible? As far as I understand it). So it would better if I mail in the package instead?

    Preparing to send in the following-

    1. Cover letter

    2. USCIS fees (cashier s cheque)

    3. Form I-130

    4. Form I-130A

    5. Copy of my Naturalization Certificate

    6. Copy credit card statement (proof of residency)

    7. Copy of marriage certificate (it says marriage certificate on title)

    8. My 2 passport photos in a clear plastic bag

    9. Spouse s 2 Passport photos in a clear plastic bag

    10. Proof of joint bank account in spouse s country (Copy of Bank Passbook)

    11. Copy of my boarding pass and copy of passport stamped pages

    12. Wedding Invitation card

    13. 9 photos of our traditional wedding

    14. 9 photos of our engagement (2018)

    15. 9 photos of our court marriage

    16. Link to Wedding video (maybe a USB drive with the entire video?)

    I was thinking of maybe also do a sworn affidavit from 2 people who attended the wedding as the guide suggests.

    Also, a letter stating (pleading) that I am getting married to the same person whom I was engaged to 3 years ago, so please grant her a visa so I can be with my loved one or something to that effect.

    Should I also file form I-864 and form I-864A with this package?

    Do I need to add anything else?

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    2:13 am today


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    What happens when he decides to break up with you right before the whole interview? ? Oh lord :(

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    USEM Manila Rescheduling Interview
    1:36 am today


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    @Ron Babb I saw your Manila embassy review. Thanks very much for that!

    Apparently you had to reschedule your interview appointment. Could you describe the steps you took to reschedule and any tips you might have for us?

    There is a good chance I will need to reschedule when we get the appointment later this year or early next. If anyone else has recent info to share, it is appreciated. Inclusion of e-mail addresses, phone numbers and contacts is always great! I have read old threads about this, but I would like to stay up-to-date.


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    I-130 online filing information
    1:11 am today


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    Can someond please advise me , of those who filed online , in the section for evidence there is something about school record is that for someone who is attending school in the US or is it for my husband the US citizen to uplaload a document from his school . He's 53 getting school record would be diffucult. Please help

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    My adopted daughter\'s U.S. Passport
    10:42 pm yesterday


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    Hi everyone. I finalized my adoption of my Thai wife's 7 year old daughter in the state of Florida last August. I let her Green Card expire because she became a citizen when I adopted her and hence no longer needed it. I did renew my wife's Green Card. Several months later, her grandmother in Thailand was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and I wasn't sure she would even live long enough for them to get through the quarantine in Thailand. So I applied for a U.S. passport for my daughter and paid for expedited service (4 to 6 weeks). I immediately sent her and my wife to Thailand using their Thai passports. This was at the beginning of March. My wife has her Green Card and can return to the USA without issue, but I have nothing for my U.S. Citizen daughter to return to America with. My intention is to overnight the passport to her when I receive it, and she would reenter the U.S. with her U.S. passport.

    I applied at the county courthouse in Gainesville, Florida. They instructed me that they would have to send several documents, but the court had those on file and all I had to do was pay the fees (which I did) to make certified copies. We applied at the end of February 2021.

    Subsequently, the U.S. Passport office sent me a letter requesting a slew of original documents, including medical and dental records, school transcripts, her original green card and our marriage certificate. I sent all of that 6 weeks ago but still have no word on the passport (I have booked a return flight to JFK Airport on August 1st, as she starts 3rd grade on August 10). I'm getting worried that they will not send the passport in time. You can't call the passport office. It's impossible to get through. I have tried literally 100 times. I'm really not sure what to do here. They have all the original documents. If I look online at the passport application, it states "we received your passport application on March 3 and are reviewing your documents".

    I realize now that she was not supposed to the leave US without the passport, but they are not functioning effectively since the COVID outbreak. It was either send her or tell her she couldn't go. As a husband and father, I really saw no choice except to send her and my wife immediately, the bureaucrats be damned. They were able to stabilize her grandmother, and even though she's dying, they have had some good quality time. So morally, I feel like I did the right thing.

    As far as our flight plans, I probably have 2 more weeks I can wait to see if they do finish processing it. After that, we're in uncharted territory, since it takes them 4 weeks to mail your passport. I'm also unsure if U.S. Immigration at JFK Airport will hassle my daughter since she left before her passport was issued. I'm flying to JFK on the day they arrive to be present in case she has any problem with immigration at the airport. I was able to book a flight on same plane and we will all fly from JFK to Florida together. This assuming that we get through all of this.

    This has been an exasperating experience. Anyone with any insight here, I'd appreciate your comments.

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