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    Waiting for NOA2(Approval) Since JUNE 2018
    3:44 pm today


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    Hello guys! My fiance applied for K-1 Visa on June 2018, we already received the NOA1 a day after we sent the 129F to USCIS and now waiting for NOA2.

    I m a newbie hoping to get to know someone with the same situation like mine which is THE WAITING ? I have read some forums and they got approved quickly, some are 1-3weeks or 1-3months, but it was on 2015-2016-2017.. I guess the processing now (2018) will take longer. BUT I HOPE NOT!!

    I can t wait to be with my fianc ! We have been waiting sine June 2018. We check email almost everyday, lol. I hope tomorrow when i wake up it will be approved!

    My fiance and i have been in LDR for almost 5 years. and we now, dont wanna be separated anymore!!??

    To everyone who applied this year. GOOD LUCK! I hope the approval wont take looooongggggg..

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    Birth of a U.S. Citizen in Oman
    3:26 pm today


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    2 Replies

    hello VJ family,

    I have applied for my wife.s i130 which was approved yesterday but we have a child that was born last week. So i was thinking to apply her birth abroad certificate. I have few questions.

    Do i have to be there for the application or my wife can do it if i send her the documents?

    While i was doing the application i read that i have to send an affidavit that i was physically present in the USA while she was born but in the last part of the affidavit it said that i have to sign before passport specialist, consular or the person who will handle the application?

    I just joined a new company and could not even go see my daughter yet. I was thinking the petition is approved and they should be here in 60 days now. I need this job at the same time so what should i do at this point any feedback will be appreciated.


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    Been waiting for approval (noa2) since June 2018
    3:22 pm today


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    2 Replies

    Hello guys, im newbie. I just want to share my journey and hoping to get to know people here with the same situation. (the waiting time) We have been waiting for the NOA2 (Notice of Approval2) since June. We submitted our application on june 2018 and we re still waiting for the approval. I can t wait to be with my fiance!!:((( We have been in LDR for almost 5 years and we wanna be together:)

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    What happens at the visa interview at the embassy?
    3:18 pm today


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    I have just received the visa interview notice, I'm kinda nervous for it now haha. Would someone be able to let me know what actually happens at the interview? What gets asked etc.

    Also, am I missing anything from my checklist?

    • Passport
    • Birth Certificate
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Police Certificate
    • Two colour passport photographs
    • Medical Exams
    • Confirmation of DS-260
    • Interview appointment letter from the National Visa Center (NVC).
    • Proof of your U.S. petitioner s status and domicile in the United States. (photocopy of a U.S. passport, naturalization certificate, or legal permanent resident card).
    • Evidence of the relationship between the petitioner and visa applicant (for example, photographs and letters).
    • Financial evidence showing your petitioner s income, such as federal tax returns or forms W-2.
    • A signed Affidavit of Support from your petitioner and any additional financial sponsors who submitted a Form I-864.

    Tomorrow i'll be scheduling my medical exam in London!


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    3:09 pm today

    Ahsan Z

    Read 7 Times
    1 Replies

    Anybody in F3 or F4 category, who aged out even after cspa applied, but able to go with his/her parents. Kindly share the way they applied and got success if any. Like retention of priority date

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