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    Help! Saw my fiance just once for 2 weeks last year. We can't travel again before the interview.
    12:07 am today


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    Hi again!!! My case was recently received by the embassy and I made my appointment . But suddenly I'm feeling concerned, I saw my fiance just once in 2018 (we both work) and for this year he was given 2 weeks of no consecutive holidays.

    We were expecting to see each other before the interview, but his company only approved one week for the month of July and a second week on August.

    Noa2 expires March 28. And interview is on March 1st. I'm feeling anxious and nervous about seeing each other just once.

    What should I say if they ask me why we haven't seen each other so often? Of course, the truth, but should I give a short or long explanation.

    Could this affect our approval?

    We must travel to a third country in order to see each other.

    @Greenbaum you've helped me before, do you think this could affect our visa approval?

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    To get a lawyer or not?
    12:07 am today


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    1 Replies

    Okay, so my fianc and I are trying to decide if we should get a lawyer or do the k-1 process on our own. Our situation is a little tricky and that s why we re even considering a lawyer. I applied for an ex fianc in 2017. We passed the I-129f and our application had reached the embassy. Then in March 2018 I withdrew the application. (We had broken up a few months prior but I forgot to withdraw the application) My ex fianc was abusive. I fell in love with my current fianc who I have known since 2016 and we started dating in march 2018. We ended up getting pregnant in August 2018. I m now 24 weeks. We want to apply for a fianc visa because we want to move to the US to start our life with our son. I ve been living in Cambodia since 2016. Because I applied for a different beneficiary in 2017 and withdrew the application in 2018 and now one year later am applying again, that s why we re considering a lawyer. I believe we will need a IMBRA waiver. Any advice??

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    Administrative processing !
    11:40 pm yesterday


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    2 Replies

    Hello everyone

    is there anyone experience administrative process my interview date is nov 14 2018 for 5hrs then american consul give me a white paper 221g includes my visa was refused for administrative process .. then my case on ceac still AP . and update last january 8 and january 22 . Can i ask what is the meaning of that update ? sorry for my english .

    Thankyou everyone

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    I-864 Joint sponsor?
    11:22 pm yesterday


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    4 Replies

    When my husband and I initially filed for his K-1 visa, I had a different work situation and was barely above the income threshold, so we used my dad as a joint sponsor, just in case. Now my income is more than sufficient to sponsor my husband, and I can provide evidence in pay stubbs (but not via taxes, yet). Any advice on filing with or without my previous joint sponsor for the adjustment of status, form I-864? Will the adjustment of status be denied if we do not list the same joint sponsor (when we no longer need one)? Thanks in advance

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    I-864 - Joint Sponsor Married Filing Separately
    11:16 pm yesterday


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    Hello everyone,

    My Joint Sponsor is married and files taxes separately from his wife.

    How to fill I-864 part 5 (Sponsor's Household Size)? Are we supposed to include his wife (question 3)? Or the beneficiary only?

    Does she need to fill an I-864A form?


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