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    Biden's Plans for US Immigration (Big Changes)
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    Need to get married this month but everywhere seems to be booked (California).
    My Fiance and I are in the K1 process and she is currently here with me in the US on a tourist visa.
    To avoid Covid risks we are considering getting married now instead of her going home, but we can't find any place to get married before the end of November when her current visa expires. Help!
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    2020 Election Thread
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    Visa K1 now (October) or Wait?
    Hi everyone, do you think it's a good idea to file my K1 petition now in October?  I am totally confused! I'm afraid of being late and having things take forever to get into the USA. Do you believe that processing will take more than 9 months now?
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    88 VJ'ers Approved in Aug, 99 so far in Sept -- Things are Speeding Up!
    Compared to July where we saw 34 approvals, we are pushing triple digits!  We have seen 25% of the approvals being K1-Visas which is a huge jump from 0% in July!
    Never lose hope!
    K1 Expedite Request
    Does anyone have experience with expedite requests for K1’s? (Or any visa if there’s no difference!) My fiancée and I are going to make a request on grounds of financial hardship for the petitioner.
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    Which Service Center is correct??
    12:02 pm today


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    Hello! I know there was a conversation similar to this somewhere but I cannot find it for the life if me. However, I received my NOA1 and the service center listed below shows Texas but the online status shows processing in Nebraska. Which location is most accurate to use for my case?

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    After Waiver Approval
    11:38 am today


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    Read 16 Times
    1 Replies

    Hi family!

    CR1 Waiver has been approved, I want someone to educate me on what documents the embassy will require from me apart from medical reports, criminal records and passport.


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    K1 visa process and the regional travel ban in the Schengen area.
    11:20 am today


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    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to make a post where we could talk about the K1 visa process within the Schengen area and the travel ban that is currently affecting us. So any information, updates, personal progress or frustrations in your own visa cases are welcome here as long as you keep a good tone. This is meant to be a place where we can "gather" and support each other, help out if possible or just be among other people in a similar situation. One day this waiting will be over, but for right now lets share the process together and celebrate together later on once we finally get our visas and can be reunited with the person we love without having to say goodbye again. ?

    If you want to be a part of this thread feel free to introduce yourself and let us know where in the process you and your fianc /e are currently at.

    I'm a Swedish K1 that met a wonderful man on a Christian dating app early last year. We got engaged in August and sent in the I-129F in late September longing to start sharing the rest of our lives together. Everything went smoothly up until the travel ban on Schengen came along... We literally heard about the travel ban the same morning as I had my visa interview on March 12th. We had preliminary plans to get married in April. We were so close and it felt like we literally stumbled on the finish line. It was heart breaking. But at least the interview went well. The consular officer said congratulations, but that they had to wait for my medical results to come in and that she didn't know what the guidelines would be yet with the travel ban. A week later we got an email from the embassy saying that the medical results had come in, but that I was currently ineligible for a visa due to the Presidential Proclamation (travel ban) and that the application will be reviewed again once the proclamation is lifted. So that's where we're at. Still waiting 260 days after the visa interview. We haven't seen each other in 15 months and there's not even enough words to describe how much we miss each other and wish that this was over. When I left Chicago in August last year my fianc didn't have anymore vacation days for that year, and then the NOA2 came early January so we decided to save his vacation for our wedding and honeymoon. In the beginning of the fall we heard about Americans having made it to Sweden successfully as a partner to a Swedish citizen and we wanted him to come and visit me, but he wasn't allowed to change any vacation days. So now our hope is that he will be able to come for a week in January when he gets new vacation days...

    So what about you? What's your story? How are you holding up?

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    10:35 am today


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    Read 77 Times
    11 Replies

    Simple life is a beautiful life BUT....I need to file for my spouse but we live self-sufficiently, completely off-grid with no debt, no credit, no payments, no income taxes,.... We choose happiness instead of a rat race... We are independent and ahead, but we have nothing to show for from USCIS perspective considering income, financial ties, except for the property ownership. I have an additional sponsor but I am scratching my head about packaging it all together when there is a lack of any documentation most people have. Would a letter of explanation with a couple of affidavits overcome this? Thank you.

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    While We Wait
    10:13 am today


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    Good morning. I was wondering if anyone has asked or knows if while we are waiting for our interview, is it possible to go and live with our spouse in the US?

    Also, is it possible to schedule our interview at a consulate in the US instead of waiting for the Montreal backlog? TIA

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