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  • Recent Immigration Discussions:

    EAD Renewal - K1 Visa Holder Adjustment of Status
    3:09 pm today


    Read 6 Times
    1 Replies

    Hi everyone,

    If I am filing for my EAD renewal, what would I answer on the following questions for the I-765 form?

    1. Immigration Status at Your Last Arrival

    2. Your current immigration status or category

    I came on a K1 Visa and got married.

    I had my past EAD approved with Advance Parole and I did use my Advance Parole one time to leave the USA. My adjustment of status is still pending so I am very confused with those questions. My last I-94 says class of admission DA.

    Thanks in advance to everyone!

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    After Wedding Ceremony
    3:06 pm today


    blank avatar

    Read 16 Times
    2 Replies

    We just got Married so we want file the Green card (I-485).

    Can we use the

    Temporary Online Married Certificate


    Do we have to wait for Original Married Certificate to FILE for (I-485) Green Card?

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    NOA2 Deadline
    2:31 pm today


    Read 38 Times
    7 Replies

    Hi everybody,

    My NOA2 is valid until february 8th 2019.

    I plan to visit my fiancee for his birthday in january. Is it risky to plan the interview beginning of february?

    What is the exact deadline meaning? To take the interview, right?

    Thank you!

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    DS-160 Previous travel to US questions
    2:30 pm today


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    Read 29 Times
    4 Replies

    Hello, Im in the process of filling out the online DS-160 application for my fiance who is from Colombia. It asks if she has ever been to the US? the answer is yes several times but it was some 13 years ago and she has no recollection or paperwork for dates, what to do, guess?

    Thanks, Dennis

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    Can I apply for citizenship when I am still waiting for removal of conditions?
    1:36 pm today


    Read 64 Times
    3 Replies

    Hello. I sent all my paperwork for removal of conditions on November 2017, and, of course, it is still pending.

    I got my 2-year green card on 01/08/2016. Since this coming January will be 3 years living in the country (married to an US citizen), can I start filling for my citizenship?

    If so, when I ca start the process?

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