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    DV Lottery of K1 Visa - Can I file for both?
    I applied for the DV lottery 2025 and hope to be selected this year. My fiancé and I discovered that there is a fiancé visa for the USA. Do you think if we apply for the K1 visa but are selected for the DV lottery that we can stop the fiancé visa process? What are the timelines and options here :)?
    • 24 replies
    Confused about steps after marriage
    My fiancee arrived last month on K1 fiance visa and we got married yesterday. It seems from what I have seen online that I made a mistake by not getting SSN prior to marriage? I am going to the SSN office on Monday to gather more information... also worried about employment authorization and travel authorization(s). Thanks for any insights!
    • 58 replies
    N-400 interview in TWO days. Last wise words?
    Hey everyone!! My N-400 interview is in 2 days. I am so nervous!!

    Any last words of advice?? Do's and don't? Anything you wished someone had told YOU? Thanks!
    • 36 replies
    Divorce from non-immigrant (out of status) and financial responbsibility
    I go to court next month for another hearing... The judge previously said the "Plaintiff was financially obligated to support [my ex] while she resided in the United States." What does that mean?
    • 88 replies
    Recently filed 129F - still so many questions - here's the first
    I am a USC, my partner is Burmese.  We met in Thailand in 2022 and are starting the K1 process but we have soo many questions... Please help! :)
    • 46 replies
    Tourist visa cancelled by CBP agent.  Can we still get a CR1 or K1 Visa?
    Upon my gf's most recent arrival, her tourist visa was cancelled at the airport due to her frequent visits last year and suspicion of working here. She was denied entry and sent back same day. Is a CR1 or K1 visa process an option still? I would appreciate any advice or tips you can provide!
    • 62 replies
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    Can an edgy social media username result in visa denial?
    6:47 pm today


    blank avatar

    Read 20 Times
    2 Replies

    I'm a canadian woman derivative in a family based green card application. In 2020 I had to give my social media's, and being as honest as possible I listed my twitter and instagram usernames which are definitely considered "edgy". i would've been paranoid if i wouldn't have listed them either. Now that Ive got my interview I'm paranoid that it will be scrutinized when I am in fact not a criminal and have never been associated with anything criminal. Would this username be seen as grounds for visa denial?

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    Question about the K-1 visa medical exam
    4:58 pm today

    Korede Temi

    blank avatar

    Read 39 Times
    1 Replies

    Hi everyone,

    I recently completed my K-1 visa medical exam in Helsinki. The doctor told me that everything looks good, but the blood test results will be ready in a week. They also mentioned that I need to come back to collect the test results on the same day as my visa interview.

    Is this a normal procedure? Has anyone else experienced something similar?

    Thanks for your help!

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    B2 or E2 visa? Please help
    4:51 pm today


    blank avatar

    Read 34 Times
    1 Replies

    I am a Canadian citizen on a B2 visa in the States and it expires on 17th July.
    I have a business incorporation that I have registered in the States. I need to be in US for 6 more months. I have an investment for the business amounting to $100,000. I have a question:
    Should I extend my B2 visa or apply for business visa E2?
    Can I extend my B2 visa? Would there not be a conflict since I have a business registered now?
    If I go for E2, and apply for that but the result does not come till the expiry date of my B2, can I still stay in US on maintained status since my application for E2 is in process or do I have to leave for Canada?

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    I-129F Query - Visa Interview before Medical?
    2:54 pm today


    blank avatar

    Read 72 Times
    4 Replies

    Hi all,

    One of the paralegals involved with our case has said that you can have the visa interview before the medical. I won't be doing it that way as will be doing medical before visa interview, however, I am just curious if anybody has done it this way around in terms of the process? As I haven't been able to see anything online regarding this.

    Hope you can help!

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    August 2023 Filers I-130
    2:34 pm today


    blank avatar

    Read 49 Times
    2 Replies

    I searched and did not find a thread for August 2023 I-130 Filers so wanted to get a thread going for us.

    I m a USC and filed on August 3, 2023. Case was first at the Nebraska SC and later told it was transferred to the Potomac SC. Here s to a speedy unification with your loved ones!

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    • EatBulaga

      We are K1-to-AOS, and soon-to-be ROC filers.
      · 0 replies
    • cherine brooks

      I file a K1 visa for my husband in 2021 and they refuse him, because of controlled substance and they gave 212 (a) (2) (a) (i) (ii), they claim he is inadmissible. we got married in July 2021 of the same year. and I file an I 130 in 2023, waiting on a response, I'm worried if they will denied me again.
      · 0 replies
    • Prosper_s

      Category: F2A
      PD: 31 January 2019
      QD: December 2020
      Been waiting for interview at Lagos consulate like forever. Please how long does it take to get an interview date? What more can I do? The waiting time is really frustrating.
      · 0 replies
    • BoyMoma

      2 years late to file I-751
      I am two years late in filing my I-751 form. Here’s the situation:
      - We completely overlooked this particular form.
      - After my initial green card expired, we applied for the I-90, which has been in process for two years.
      - With the extension they provided, I was able to travel and receive my driver's license.
      - In April this year, I filed for the N-400.
      - During this entire time, I received no communication from USCIS regarding missing documentation.
      - Today, at my naturalization interview, I learned I was supposed to file the I-751.
      - After some back and forth with the officer, he still conducted my interview. He mentioned that since I am married and have children, I should not have a problem, and he asked me to submit an affidavit of explanation plus supporting documents.
      - Later today, I received a letter in my portal asking for "missing documents," specifically the I-751. They gave me four days to provide evidence of the I-751 acceptance or processing status.
      I am unsure of what to do. Please help and advise.
      · 0 replies
    • noman shahid

      Hi any one can advise me USCIS denied my case because they ask for RFE and my petitioner didn't check in account and the respond time expired and USCIS denied my case . please tell me can I appeal in this scenario?? 
      · 1 reply
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