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    K1 Visa Delays: So frustrated and disappointed, I don't know what to do
    We applied for the K-1 Visa back in September 2021... no updates, no progression. I don't know what to do, I see some people from May 2021 still waiting. It's infuriating!
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    Getting a K-1 Visa fastest?
    My fiance and I are just about ready to file for the K-1 this coming week. We're just wanting to make sure this would be the fastest route to be together...
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    ESTA To AOS Potential Problem?
    I met and married a wonderful woman who entered the US on an ESTA in 2020. At the time of our marriage, she had overstayed her ESTA by over one year . We married after nine months of dating (June 2022). We are starting the process of adjustment of status. She told me last night that she cancelled her return ticket home a few months after her 90 day ESTA expired. She has also been working in the US illegally since May 2021...
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    Travel before applying for AOS
    My fiance and I have decided to apply for AOS instead of spousal visa.   But we will not be able to do the wedding and submit the AOS application before my fiance's visa entry expires.  I read before that there is a small chance that my fiance could be detained for overstaying her visa.  But we also need to travel before our wedding.  Will it be a problem to take flights after the visa entry expires?  Would we be better to stick to other forms of transport?  Thanks in advance for any thoughts or experience you have...
    • 98 replies
    Why does the US hate AOS from tourist visas?
    I've been studying the immigration process very closely ever see we embarked on this journey, and I don't get it from a US point of view. If you adjust status, then you qualify for a green card, and your visa bulletin is current. It's not like you are adjusting status despite an ineligibility to do so. What kind of problems, possibly security or workload related does it create for USCIS for aliens to adjust status from a tourist visa...
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    Waiting for AOS/EAD - how do people spend these 6-9 months without work?
    I'm getting frustrated waiting for my AOS approval... Do people really NOT work for those 6-9 months it takes for your AOS to be approved? I applied for my EAD with my AOS in December 2021 and it says the case is pending.
    So how do you spend your days?
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    Visa bulletin for f11
    11:11 am today


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    Hey guys hope you're doing well! I know nobody really knows but any idea or estimate of when the visa bulletin will move forward for family based greencards? It's kind of frustrating watching the months go by and there's no movement at all especially when it's just needs to move 2 weeks for my priority date to become current ?

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    Tourist Visa-Delimma
    10:41 am today


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    Read 123 Times
    22 Replies


    I am not sure if anyone can help me with this because it is a unique situation. A bit of background, my oldest sister-in-law is officially married to her husband and has unofficially (will get to that in a minute) 2 daughters. The problem is, the husband has a second wife and officially that wife has 2 kids plus my sister-in-law's daughters. Basically when my sister-in-law's biological daughters were born, the husband tricked her and put his other wife's name as the mother so officially as per Pakistan's NADRA system my sister-in-law is not the biological mother and it is the husband's other wife. The problem is this: my mother-in-law wants to invite my sister-in-law to come visit us and we already applied for her, however the kids' dad is stating to apply for the youngest daughter as well to go with my sister-in-law. Now we don't know what to put in the application in terms of how the youngest daughter of my sister-in-law knows us and if she will be traveling with my sister-in-law since by birth certificate she is not the mother. the youngest daughter is a minor too so I am assuming that she will be rejected if we don't put down anyone in terms of mother and if she knows anyone in USA. My sister-in-law wants to come with her biological daughter and the father is giving the permission for the daughter to travel with her mom and will provide the letter too but since we already filled out the mother's application we did not mention that she will be traveling with another person and even if we had we have no way of explaining how she knows the daughter since the daughter is not officially her daughter. She can say step-daughter but even then by law the other wife is alive and living with them. I don't know what to do, will the sister-in-law get the visa and will the daughter get it too? will the officers ask them to provide proof of their relationship? will they be able to pull up her daughter's records if we mention that daughter knows us? Are minors allowed to travel to us on visit visa if they don't know anyone officially but still know us.

    I don't know what to do at this point. The father is adamant that we apply for the daughter but is not willing to change the birth certificate since his own immigration to canada will be jeopardize.

    I can provide more information if someone can help me with this.


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    Interview Cancelled And Notice Ordered
    10:25 am today


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    1 Replies

    I checked the status of my husbands i485 today and saw Interview Cancelled And Notice Ordered the history shows the same day a notice stating the interview was ready to be scheduled was posted. See image below.

    we had an interview date back in feb this year but had already moved out of state and uscis hadn t processed our move paperwork fast enough. So it s been a status of rescheduled for a long time.

    obviously the notice will provide more information and hopefully we should be getting it soon, but I was wondering if anyone else had experienced anything similar and what the outcome was?


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    Experience: Abandoned green card holder, later B2 visa approval as Third Country National
    10:03 am today


    Read 37 Times
    3 Replies

    Wanted to share our experience, as its a bit of a rarer situation that I didn't see a lot of information about beforehand.

    TLDR: wife was a precious green card holder, voluntarily abandonded it, not able to use ESTA to visit the US, was recently approved for a B2 visa through the Bolivian US embassy (though we live in Chile) because the Chilean embassy has been closed to B2 visa interviews due to COVID.

    As in the title my wife was a green card holder (approved in 2017), then we left the US to live in her home country Chile (in 2019) and voluntarily abandonded her green card, because her father got really sick and later died. We ended up staying here in Chile, with no explicit plans to come back to the US. But we have had lots of issues visiting the US as a family since moving here. Chileans can use the ESTA, but once when my wife was 16 she accidently overstayed her tourist visa in the US by a week , because she didn't really understand the process well, but for that reason she can't ever use the ESTA (its an automatic rejection). Soon after we got back to Chile, COVID hit and the US embassy here closed to all B2 interview visas and have been closed until november of 2022. So she was unable to get a visa for over 2 years and we were unable to visit the US as a family (us and two daughters). I made a couple trips by myself but never with my wife or daughters (they are very young and if something happened my wife wouldn't even be able to enter the country).

    So in January of this year (2022) I started contacting US embassies in other countries, to see if they were open and if she could do her interview there. The Bolivian embassy said she could, so we scheduled an interview and the soonest we got was today (December 2nd). So she flew to Bolivia and had her interview today. The interviewer was rejecting the majority of applicant withs 3-5 minute interviews, but after asking just a couple questions mostly about her overstay and her green card story (it was important to him that she voluntarily gave up the green card) and without even looking at single one of the documents she brought (we prepared a whole folder of job contracts, rental agreements, car ownership), he approved her.

    We are waiting to get the visa back to see how long the visa will be valid for. Luckily Chileans can visit Bolivia with just her country ID card, so she can leave her passport there and it will be mailed to a friend in Bolivia.

    So just wanted to share our story...and give hope to anyone in similar situations!

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    9:25 am today


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    My interview was on November 14th at 8:00am - I was approved pending medical. I had my medical appointment over a week in advance but there was an issue with getting the X-Ray back so my medical wasn't received by the consulate until November 15th am. The consulate officer told me that if my medical was received in short order that it wouldn't put me behind at all and that my passport should be mailed on that Friday. I now know from reading these forums that it was a blatant lie. There was an update to my file on November 15th and November 22nd.

    It is now December 2nd and I'm still 'refused' in the CEAC portal which means at best my passport will go out next Friday (4 weeks post interview). I am posting this because this forum has been so helpful for me trying to get answers since the consulate seems to have a problem giving people any information while their lives hang in the balance. When I went for my interview there were 15 windows and only 3 seemed operational. Obviously there is a staffing problem! This is beyond infuriating knowing that if the doctor's office hadn't messed up, I would probably be with my hubby in the US by now!

    This is my story and I will update regularly in hopes of helping some other poor soul in this situation find peace. My in laws are pretty heavily involved in politics in VA. I have my father in law reaching out to his congress person today and he will escalate this to the Governor if need be. This is not acceptable to hold onto people's passports (from another country - in my case Canada) for this length of time with no communication. I have clients in the US and my hubby and I are seeing a fertility specialist in NYC so this is beyond maddening as I'm sure it is for all of us here in this situation.

    I have been in this process since late 2019 and to have this delay at the end is maddening. I will update here as Montreal updates me at their glacial pace! :(

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      Good Day! I want to ask for help regarding the status of my processing fee of IV FEE. Since i paid already the AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT (AOS) but the IV APPLICATION PROCESSING FEE could not go through since the amount of it won't appear as I'm about to pay. See the attachment photo please . KINDLY HELP ME 🥺🙏

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      After 274 days of waiting his 10 year card was issued - no interview, nothing. We just celebrated our 4th marriage anniversary. Now to work on citizenship paperwork URGH 
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      Im a green card through my family not marriage. I got married with my husband in our country and he is not a citizen in US nor a green card holder. Can i file for a divorce here in US or should i get it in our country since we got married there? Unfortunately, they only have annulment and no divorce thats why i wonder if i can file for divorce here since I’m a resident in US. Thanks for those who could help.
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      Does anyone here knows which dq month/year the US embassy Ghana is working on for Cr1?
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