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  • Community Spotlight
    K1 Visa Delays: So frustrated and disappointed, I don't know what to do
    We applied for the K-1 Visa back in September 2021... no updates, no progression. I don't know what to do, I see some people from May 2021 still waiting. It's infuriating!
    • 132 replies
    Getting a K-1 Visa fastest?
    My fiance and I are just about ready to file for the K-1 this coming week. We're just wanting to make sure this would be the fastest route to be together...
    • 63 replies
    ESTA To AOS Potential Problem?
    I met and married a wonderful woman who entered the US on an ESTA in 2020. At the time of our marriage, she had overstayed her ESTA by over one year . We married after nine months of dating (June 2022). We are starting the process of adjustment of status. She told me last night that she cancelled her return ticket home a few months after her 90 day ESTA expired. She has also been working in the US illegally since May 2021...
    • 87 replies
    Travel before applying for AOS
    My fiance and I have decided to apply for AOS instead of spousal visa.   But we will not be able to do the wedding and submit the AOS application before my fiance's visa entry expires.  I read before that there is a small chance that my fiance could be detained for overstaying her visa.  But we also need to travel before our wedding.  Will it be a problem to take flights after the visa entry expires?  Would we be better to stick to other forms of transport?  Thanks in advance for any thoughts or experience you have...
    • 98 replies
    Why does the US hate AOS from tourist visas?
    I've been studying the immigration process very closely ever see we embarked on this journey, and I don't get it from a US point of view. If you adjust status, then you qualify for a green card, and your visa bulletin is current. It's not like you are adjusting status despite an ineligibility to do so. What kind of problems, possibly security or workload related does it create for USCIS for aliens to adjust status from a tourist visa...
    • 103 replies
    Waiting for AOS/EAD - how do people spend these 6-9 months without work?
    I'm getting frustrated waiting for my AOS approval... Do people really NOT work for those 6-9 months it takes for your AOS to be approved? I applied for my EAD with my AOS in December 2021 and it says the case is pending.
    So how do you spend your days?
    • 108 replies
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    Forum question for filing/payment
    9:42 pm today


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    Hi everyone,

    Me and my fianc finally got married on March 18, 2023 on a K1 Visa. We are currently filling out forums I-485 and I-765. But cannot find clarity on how to mail them in (since we are mailing both forums together) and can't find the filing fees. If anyone has been through this process and can advise us where to look, etc. it would be greatly appreciated. We tried looking on the USCIS website but it wasn't giving us much information. Thank you in advance.

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    Post-DQ, if CEAC shows \'Accepted\' for Petitioner and \'Submitted\' for Joint Sponsor...
    9:23 pm today


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    Read 13 Times
    1 Replies

    1. Does it mean that they aren't using the Joint Sponsor? (Screenshot ?)


    2. Step 10 (here) states that applicants "do not need to bring [their] Affidavit of Support or financial evidence [they] submitted to NVC."
    Is this accurate? I've seen multiple accounts here mentioning that they bring thei sponsor's updated I-864 + Financial Evidence to the interview.

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    Can my father be derivative of my mother when i130 for my mother is approved.
    9:11 pm today


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    Read 21 Times
    3 Replies


    I submitted i130 for my mother in June 2022 and my father in July 2023. Currently my mom I130 is just showing "your case is taking longer....." status while my dad I130 shows "4 months". Based on others' experience, this may mean their case can be approved with some months apart. So I am wondering if my dad can join my mom as "derivative beneficiary" when her I130 is approved. Has anyone tried it before? I would love to hear your experience.


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    8:51 pm today


    blank avatar

    Read 26 Times
    3 Replies

    Hello guys hope ur all OK.Have quick question My sister she live in Sweden she planning on visiting me here in the.Her question is the website said apply for the visa 3 months in advance. But she want to travel btwn June or July so if she applies Next month, wouldn't that be to early? If she planning on traveling been June or July ?

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    Site that shows what might be next step
    7:38 pm today


    blank avatar

    Read 51 Times
    2 Replies

    I forgot the name of site and wonder if anyone can find it for me..

    It is a site where show you the next possible step with percentage for each form (i485 and etc).

    For example, if you are on biometric, next step about 70 percentage received interview is scheduled and 29 percentage blah blah.

    Thank you

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    • kierabug  »  Poppy65100

      How was your interview!!?
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    • H&I

      Hi Everyone...Wow..I can't believe it's been almost 13 years since this journey started...A couple major events have happened..Hamada was in an almost fatal accident..he hit a rock going around a curve and lost control...flipped his car 4 times...but he came out of it with stitches and a lot of glass in his scalp...then his grandmother died...that was a very sad time...then I lost my son...and that has been and continues to be an ongoing healing process...we have a little home in N.C.. Hamada is a Department Manager in Harris Teeter...we survived this horrible pandemic...and we are Thankful and enjoying life to the fullest...Hamada has his final interview at the end of the month...I am so proud and so excited for him! 

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    • MissLadyRea  »  ltodd456

      I don't know how it took so little time. It was really unexpected! 
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    • Miles28  »  Spurnell

      Hi, good evening. Please i did like some guidance from you concerning the k1 on the NVC fee. 
      Our case is at the NVC as well.
      I did like to find out if the beneficiary is able to pay the 265$ fee.
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    • Jag23  »  Shankar6116@gmail

      Hi Shankar,  What is your interview date? My documentary qualified date is October 6th and I'm trying to figure out when I will get my interview letter and when interview might be?
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