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    Long distance relationships during Covid
    How are you dealing with your long distance relationship during covid? My boyfriend and I have been apart for a year already and I am feeling so drained, he's also in the military so I guess it gets a little more complicated. 😢  Hopefully we'll be able to reunite soon and all of this mess will come to an end.
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    Is a Zoom Marriage Valid for Immigration?
    I’m staying with my fiancé for about a month and a half, and we’ve decided to definitely go for the Zoom marriage... Are we on the right track? Thanks in advance!
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    Congrats to the 171 VJ members from nearly 55 countries that were approved in March!
    Congrats to the 171 VisaJourney members from nearly 55 countries that were approved for US Visas in March!
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    Approved Spouse Visa. Zoom Marriage!
    My husband and I married through a Utah Online marriage ceremony (via Zoom) in September 2020. I visited him in Costa Rica in October 2020 and filed for the CR-1. Our I-130 was approved January 29, 2021.  

    My husband passed his interview this morning and now we await his passport and POE in the coming weeks.
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    Married to US Citizen, left to visit Canada but now denied re-entry to the US by CBP officer -- Help!
    I am Canadian and I recently got married to an American. I was staying in the US and took a quick trip home and on my way back to the US was denied entry... help!
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    March Visa Bulletin & April Predictions Released
    March Visa Bulletin and April estimates are now out!  Decent movement this month.
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    Form N-400, Section 8 - how to fill "Date to" for current employment?
    9:50 pm today


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    In form N-400

    Under: Part 8 - Information About Your Employment and Schools You Attended

    It says: "List where you have worked or attended school full time or part time during the last five years"

    Then there are form fields where you can fill out the information about each employer/school that is relevant.
    Among the form fields are two date fields "Date From" and "Date To".
    Obviously, you're supposed to enter the dates when you started and ended employment/school

    But what are you supposed to put in the "Date To" field for current employment?

    I would normally write "Current" or "Present" but the form field is requesting to enter a date in MM/DD/YYYY format.

    Just wondering if anyone has knowledge on what to do here.


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    Return of the Naturalization Certificate by the Passport Agency
    9:48 pm today


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    2 Replies

    Hello fellow VJ-ers,

    What has been your experience re. the return of your Naturalization Certificate after applying for a passport?

    - does the Passport Acceptance Facility staple it to the application and all the other application support documents?

    - does the Passport Agency return the original Certificate in a full Letter envelope or do they fold it in two?

    I am asking because my experience for applying for my younger son's passport, his original Birth Certificate was returned folded in a half-Letter size envelope.

    Once I am naturalized (hopefully at the end of the month), I am wondering if I can provide a prepaid self-addressed FedEx envelope along with a rigid document holder for the return of the Certificate.

    Has anyone tried? Is it even possible (maybe not at a USPS Acceptance Facility, but a a regular Passport Agency)?

    Thanks for your feedback.


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    n400 May 2021 Filers
    9:30 pm today


    Read 10 Times
    1 Replies

    Hello, I did not see a May 2021 thread created yet so I figured I would start one. We just completed the n400 for my husband today. The waiting game begins :)

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    Petitioning Mother from Philippines
    9:30 pm today


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    Read 16 Times
    2 Replies

    There's this one question in filing out an N-400 for my mom. It asks for my address history.

    "Where have you lived in the last 5 years?"

    I've been in the US since 2013 and haven't changed my address. When I was putting in my address in there, it asks for a Start Date and an End Date. I don't know what to put in the end date since I am still residing in the same address since 2013.

    Should I just not answer that portion? How do I go about it? Thanks!

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    Consulate of Mumbai India
    8:57 pm today


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    1 Replies


    Consulate of Mumbai closed due to increase number of covid on April 12th. My husband interview was scheduled for the 14th of April which got cancelled. We got an email a week later saying to schedule interview online but there are no dates available. There is no update on their website as to when they will open. Does anyone know any information regarding that or when we will be able to reschedule appointment?

    Thank you


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    • Earl JoJo Macven

      Good morning friends,
      It's a good morning for me  and I want to use this medium to express the abundant joy I feel, I did my k-1 immigrant interview on the 5th of may 2021 and it was successful, it was approved immediately  after 5-10 minutes after series of questions honestly all I could tell you'll is make sure,I repeat make sure you get your complete  document to backup your interviewFor the Interview, make sure you have the Following:
      Entry Document
      1. Interview Appointment letter
      2. NVC Documents
      3. Visa fee Receipt
      4. International Passport
      5. DS-160 Confirmation page
      6. Medical Exam
      7. Police Report
      8. Approved Form I129f (NOA2) and (NOA2)
      Petitioners Documents 
      1. Birth certificate 
      2. Copy of Passport 
      3. Divorce Degree (If Applicable)
      4. Passport Photo (2*2)
      5. Affidavit of support .6. Tax Transcript (3years)
      7. W-2 Tax (3 Years)
      8. Tax Returns (3years)
      Beneficiary Document (Fiancé)
      1. Passport (2*2)
      2. Birth Certificate
      3. Birth Certificate Affidavit (For Nigeria)
      4. Birth Certificate Population Commission Letter (For Nigeria)
      5. Divorce decree (If Applicable)
      6. Pictures together, (An ALBUM IS ADVIED)
      7. Evidence of Communication (call log, WhatsApp, Emails, Text message, video calls)
      8. Boarding passes
      9. School Certificate, Training certificates or skilled certificates .
      This document are very important to back up your interview, many of this instructions are not written on the K-1 packets documents. So please for you'll who are going through K-1 follow this instructions and get your documents complete you will not get many of this document listed here on your k-1 packet. 
      Some of the question I was asked are:
      1 How did you met your fiancée?
      2 where does she work and what is her position in her place of work and how long was she employed.?
      3 When did you propose to her?
      4 when did she come to Nigeria and how many times?
      5 when did she live Nigeria back to her Country?
      6 what time do you call her in the morning?
      7 Will you be having kids if yes why if no why?
      8 Are you convinced you met the right person?
      8 Her house address?
      Note: Your complete documents indicate that you're prepared and you know what's you came for therefore no room to scrutinize you.
      · 0 replies
    • J&D1008  »  GGK

      Hey Girl! How are you? Did fiancé have his interview already? 
      · 0 replies
    • Lynxwarden

      As of May 4th 2021, I've been approved for permanent residence in the US after 2 years of being in limbo.
      I got verbally approved on the day of my interview (March 8th), since then it had been silent and my EAD expired so, no work, more stress. Only took calling 15 times over the past couple of days and JUST yesterday managing to get through their stupid automated robot lady to speak with a real breathing person and figure out what is happening.
      Now I'm just waiting on my green card. I'm a permanent resident now, and now I guess I just coast along till it's time for me to do the citizen stuff 😂 🥰
      · 0 replies
    • Moe&Reh  »  Rkhan@123

      Hello everyone,
      My wife had interview in Cairo, Egypt on the 24th of March 2021 she was not ask many questions and the consular was very nice to her he asked for a proof of domicile of me. However I send the paper a week later... 4 days later they send me this .... Please note that the file with the officer for his review, once we finish our procedures, we will process the case to conclusion. the last update was on April 5 2021 case remain refused  It’s been almost a month since they sent me this email ... just wondering if there is a timeline for them in Cairo or someone is in a similar situation? Please if someone have the same situation or knows about it comment below thank you very much
      · 0 replies
    • RafaelTexas  »  X & R

      Good progress and good luck.
      · 1 reply
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