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    • anixryan  »  little immigrant

      Hope you're doing well. I wanted to ask you if you've heard anything about new scheduled interviews. The embassy started with IR1/CR1 & 2 & K1 visas on October 3rd apparently. Do you know of anyone that has had an interview scheduled? 
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    • Grace1984  »  Greenbaum

      Thank you for your guidance and expertise. Takes the stress level down by 80%!!! LOL
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    • Soley  »  DutchMex

      Hoi, ik ben ook Nederlandse, heb ook in Mexico gewoond (in de tachtiger jaren) en nu in Florida. En mijn local office is ook West Palm Beach 🙂 grappig die overeenkomsten  
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    • KevNat  »  Xia Angela

      Have the Embassy in Jakarta scheduled you for an interview yet? we've been calling the Embassy but they kept telling us that the consular workers are still working from home. 
      My wife and daughter received NOA2 back in July 2020. 
      Thank you
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    • Dr. Hassan

      Hello Mates,
      I have submitted my online N400 during last week of June. Got receipt and confirmation letter.
      However, I haven’t heard anything about fingerprints.
      Online portal initially showed 14 days process and since then it is showing “We are taking longer than expected to process your case. You do not need to do anything at this time.”.
      I live in Torrance, CA. I was wondering if it is uniquely happening with me.
      Many thanks,
      Dr. Hassan
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