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  • Community Spotlight
    New Healthcare Requirements for US Immigrants
    Immigrant visa applicants will have to demonstrate that they will be covered by health insurance within thirty days of entering the country or have the financial resources to pay for medical costs.  Details below:
    • 660 replies
    US Immigration Petition Approval Stats (I-129F, I-130 and others)
    Have you ever wondered how frequently petitions are denied by USCIS?  We've collected a list of statistics on common petition forms.  Interesting results!
    I-129F (Fiancee Visa Petition):  19.6% of petitions denied
    I-130 (Spouse Visa Petition): 17.8% of petitions denied
    I-485 (Permanent Residence Petition): 14.4% of petitions denied
    I-751 (Remove Conditions on Residence): 3.7% of petitions denied
    N-400 (Citizenship): 10.5% of petitions denied
    I-131 (Advance Parole): 31.4% of petitions denied
    I-765 (Employment Authorization Documents): 17.5% of petitions denied
    I-140 (Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers): 7.6% of petitions denied
    Note, that all numbers above are from the last 3 months at USCIS (3Q19).
    • 8 replies
    SSN Card Help on K1 Visa
    Hi there, I'm currently here in the US under a K1 visa. I arrived in August and got married a week ago in Sept. We went to the SSA office and were told we could not get a SSN yet. Help!
    • 47 replies
    Top 10 Mistakes at Visa Interviews
    Top 10 Mistakes at Visa Interviews:

    The Visa interview is the most important part of the whole visa process. A successful interview has a positive impact on your visa being granted. Following are some of the most common mistakes people make during their interview.

    1. Not Prepared Well for the Interview

    Being prepared for interview can better equip you for the interview. Prepare beforehand for commonly asked questions and their appropriate answer will be helpful prior to the interview.

    2. Not Providing Complete and Truthful Information

    It is very important that you provide complete and truthful information. Any incomplete/false information can lead to unnecessary delay(s). False information can have severe impact on your future ability to apply for US visa. It may also cause you lot of frustration and legal actions against you. You could be band for life from receiving a US visa. THINK before answering.
    K1-VISA Income/Household & Joint Sponsor Question
    Hi there, I am Max, in the UK. I am getting on top of FORM i-134 and have a few queries....

    1. The household will be my FIANCEE'S parents - who live there with her. So the FULL TIME occupation is THREE (3) - HOWEVER , she has 3 children (9-11-14) who are there 3 days a week. What is the correct way of stating the household occupancy? - I believe she is NOT the MAIN CAREGIVER.
    2. If a JOINT SPONSOR is required - where on the form i-134 do you add this information - so it is taken into account? Just use the SPARE PAGES at the back?
    3. FINALLY - Question 38 (I DO/DO NOT Intend to make specific contributions etc...) - I am not sure what to put here - as I will be working (intend to in IT) and want to take nothing from her. I expect to find work fairly swiftly.
    • 58 replies
    Please help!! K1 Visa expiration question
    My (now) wife is here on a K1 visa. She arrived in the US in July. Her 90 days ends October 2nd. We got married last Thursday. We are waiting for the marriage certificate now. Does our paperwork need to be sent out by the end of the 90 days, or do we just need to be married before the 90 days are up?
    thank you!
    • 32 replies
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    A newbie to Family sponsor application ! Thanks for your help !
    11:10 pm today


    blank avatar

    Read 12 Times
    2 Replies

    Dear everyone,

    I am a newbie to this topic and searching information to bring my family overseas to the USA. I started to research now. Hopefully, I can start a new application in 2020.

    My mom (born in 1964) and my brother (born in 1992). He got married to a girl (born in 1992) and they have a daughter (born in 2018) . It is form I-130 only to sponsor for both my mom and my brother 's family ?

    I guess it will take 2 years to bring my mom here. For my brother 's family, it might be 13 years ? By that time, he probably has 2 children already.

    One more thing, they will require financial proof which is tax of 2017, 2018, 2019? If my husband and I divorced in 2019, will they look at my income separately or with him as well because we filed tax together in 2017, 2018.

    Thanks so much.

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    Notices of receipt from uscis
    10:55 pm today


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    Read 19 Times
    3 Replies

    Hi all,

    so I sent in forms I130, I485, I131, ead application AND I130A.

    I got notices of receipt for all of those forms except for form I 130 a , since my husband received a receipt for the I 130 does that mean it includes the I 130 a as well or should I be receiving a separate notice addressed to me for the I 130A form?

    thank you

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    I am oversea
    10:23 pm today


    Read 35 Times
    2 Replies

    Hi I am in qatar now since my case revoked and I decided to move from pakistan to qatar and I came here on resident visa.So my question is when my wife apply for me again and I want to give my interview this time in qatar Us embassy so I can able to give my interview or not your help will be highly appreciated thanks alot

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    10:21 pm today


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    Read 44 Times
    5 Replies

    My wife was issued a visa but she wasn t given the packet that she will travel with. Anyone know anything about this or have similar cases? Thank you

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    Translated Divorce Decree
    10:18 pm today


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    2 Replies

    Hi guys! Helping a friend here. I d like to ask K1 Visa applicants from Russia who are divorced.

    Does the divorce decree need to be translated to English.

    If yes, where did you have it translated? Is there a certified translator that needs to sign it? Where do we find it?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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