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    What if i don't get the recorded marriage certificate back before the 90 day K1 fiance visa expires?
    I am getting married next week and just learned that it may take weeks to get the recorded marriage certificate mailed to me.  This will put us beyond the 90 days. The officiant says he can take a photo of what he files at the courthouse (is that a file stamped non-recorded marriage certificate or something else)? But I am worried that it won't be sufficient to adjust status.

    What should I do?
    1. File for AoS before the 90 days expires with the photo of documentation he sends me and possibly/probably get an RFE?
    2.  Wait beyond the ninety days and file for AoS?
    3. File for AoS within and then supplement that filing in a few weeks with a nice copy of the recorded marriage certificate?

    Also, after we file for AoS, what paperwork should my fiancee carry with her to prove she is in the country legally?  
    • 33 replies
    K1 Visa 129-F Denial -- Next Steps?
    Well after waiting for an answer from our RFE response, I got an electronic notification today that our petition has been denied.  I'm sure most people who have been denied quickly leave this forum all together but I could really use some advice.  I have not yet received the letter, so I have no explanation for exactly why we were denied but I would think it would be safe to say it is related to our RFE.  It said the letter would explain the reasons and what our options are but I have read on here that there are NO options after being denied a K1.  I guess I'm reaching out to anyone on here that has been through the same thing that could shed some light on where to go from here.
    • 94 replies
    NVC Filers - November 2019
    Welcome to another monthly thread for those going through NVC! This is the one place you should visit if you are filing through the NVC in November 2019!
    Please read everything below and refer to it throughout your NVC journey, whether this is your first month at NVC or your third. 


    Before posting questions, please read the wiki Saylin wrote on the NVC process. Once you're done, read it one or two more times to really understand it ;). Don't forget to also read the official form instructions as well as USCIS and NVC's websites!
    • 706 replies
    New Healthcare Requirements for US Immigrants
    Immigrant visa applicants will have to demonstrate that they will be covered by health insurance within thirty days of entering the country or have the financial resources to pay for medical costs.  Details below:
    • 936 replies
    US Immigration Petition Approval Stats (I-129F, I-130 and others)
    Have you ever wondered how frequently petitions are denied by USCIS?  We've collected a list of statistics on common petition forms.  Interesting results!
    I-129F (Fiancee Visa Petition):  19.6% of petitions denied
    I-130 (Spouse Visa Petition): 17.8% of petitions denied
    I-485 (Permanent Residence Petition): 14.4% of petitions denied
    I-751 (Remove Conditions on Residence): 3.7% of petitions denied
    N-400 (Citizenship): 10.5% of petitions denied
    I-131 (Advance Parole): 31.4% of petitions denied
    I-765 (Employment Authorization Documents): 17.5% of petitions denied
    I-140 (Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers): 7.6% of petitions denied
    Note, that all numbers above are from the last 3 months at USCIS (3Q19).
    • 9 replies
    SSN Card Help on K1 Visa
    Hi there, I'm currently here in the US under a K1 visa. I arrived in August and got married a week ago in Sept. We went to the SSA office and were told we could not get a SSN yet. Help!
    • 49 replies
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    Any idea how long nvc to book a interview
    11:09 pm today


    blank avatar

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    1 Replies

    My interview is in Montreal. I found out 2 weeks ago my paperwork was accepted by nvc, I am being lined up for my interview.

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    What is case id while.scheduling an appointment for the interview
    10:46 pm today


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    Read 6 Times
    3 Replies

    What is case id for scheduling an appointment for the interview?

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    CEAC documents before interview
    10:17 pm today


    Read 17 Times
    3 Replies

    Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone is able to clarify what documents are needed to upload if any before interview. This is for my wife's parents and the operator had told her some conflicting information on the phone which has led me to question what I've already told her. We got an email about what to bring to the interview, there are black and red boxes on this checklist. I assume it means marked as any box with an 'X' in it, all the red boxes are empty so I don't think we have anymore to upload to CEAC and we just have to bring the documents to the interview.

    Sorry if this is covered somewhere else, but I've been searching for other examples and have not been able to find anything.


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    Interview Nerves - AOS Interview coming up fast
    10:03 pm today


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    7 Replies

    Hello all, new here. I'm looking for any advice I can get.

    The Background

    My wife and I are in our mid-late 20's, I'm a USC and she's a Polish Citizen. We met while she was working here and dated long distance for a while. On one of her visits here (B2) we got sick of the way we were living and wanted to marry. The ceremony was a tad rushed as we decided this close to her authorized stay expiring. Unfortunately this was in vain, as we hugely underestimated how difficult it'd be to get her health records from Poland and our AOS application was not filed until several weeks after her would-be departure date.

    We applied and had a fairly normal timeline for NYC filers. She received her EAD a little over a year ago and has been working fulltime while we're establishing our life together. Our interview was just scheduled for two weeks from now.

    The Evidence:

    We're taking the proof of AOS very seriously given the overstay and the non-immigrant visa. We know for a fact we'll be examined under a microscope. Unfortunately, we paid a consultant to help us file i485+i130 who recommended we did NOT send evidence of a bona fide marriage so this is the only shot we've got.

    We have:

    • A joint bank account. She's set up for direct deposit, lots of living expenses
    • Car title in both our names
    • Car insurance in both our names
    • Life insurance beneficiaries for each other
    • Apartment Lease in both our names
    • Renters insurance in both our names
    • Utility bills in both our names
    • Internet bills in both our names
    • Roughly 100 mailing labels addressed to both of us (I'm a shredder so I had these anyway)
    • A photo album of about 60 pictures of us both from the last 2-3 years. A good portion are with family members, some from Poland
    • Flight itinerary from my visit
    • Her name and SSN are on my tax return documents

    The Ugly:

    Here's what I determine will definitely bother a USCIS Officer:

    • No wedding photos besides one blurry shot (you can barely tell its us)
    • There's a separate bank account in just my name (result of a big identity theft attack that hit us last year), my paychecks go here to split the money
    • Separate health insurances (financially made sense given our employees)
    • No rings (we were pretty deep in debt when we married, we're thankfully fully out now)
    • B2 Visa implications
    • Overstay (explained above)
    • There is a second vehicle in JUST my name (I bought this in cash and we needed it registered asap for my new position, she was away at work so I rushed the DMV stuff myself)
    • The tax returns have her name and SSN but aren't joint, they're "Married Filing Single" at the advice of my tax preparer. She had no income in 2018 as she'd only just gotten the EAD by year's end.

    Stokes Interview:

    We practice common Stokes Interview questions every night. I do everything with this woman and visa versa and have no fear about an inability to pass one of these. It's the evidence I'm worried about.

    The Plea for Help:

    She truly is my world and I want this life together so badly, but as you can see my case is far from anything to feel confident about. Please help critique my evidence, give me tips, anything I can do to strengthen this upcoming interview.

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    9:47 pm today


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    Read 35 Times
    4 Replies

    I am a us citizen, my wife is a green card holder, is their any way I can bring my wife s sister into the US?

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    • Mikeja  »  rdxxs8513

      Just have a question since u got ur card , my case now is Card is being produced since Nov/15th , how long it takes you to get urs in mail and did they updated ur status when they mail it to you or you just received it without seeing any update online ?
      · 0 replies
    • JohnAna05823  »  benef

      Hi Benef.  Yes, ours was on a Wednesday as well.  Not sure why google shows they are closed on Wednesday other than the main windows were closed (looked like where they maybe process documents and stuff, about 20 windows).  So it may just be open for interviews but they can't put open because it's really not fully open so people don't go there expecting to have documents and stuff processed?
      Good luck with it!  They have metal detector there and worse than airport so would not recommend bringing too much.  If you have kids and stuff be ready, as we had a carseat and baby had to come out and carseat went through conveyor and i had to hold our baby out as i went through the metal detector so be prepared for that.  Jewelry, watch, everything off.  Shoes too if I remember right.
      Wasn't too bad, just about 10-15 min of them asking to verify the information we submitted and provide a few documents to prove relationship and that was basically it.  Good luck!
      · 0 replies
    • emma24

      Just mailed the I-129F!!! I'm so nervous but so excited to be DONE working on it!! 😃
      · 0 replies
    • JessLes  »  mcinnis17

      Hi Mcinnis,
      I hope I'm not intruding, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for your situation with the system failure at your interview.  We had to resubmit a document too, but it was our fault for not having the correct police certificate.  Does your status say your visa has been issued or is it still in Administrative Processing?
      I really hope you receive your visa soon.
      Best wishes,
      · 0 replies
    • ravishanker76  »  lmladreno

      I am also in same situation and i am planning to file N400 in 1st week of December 2019
      · 2 replies
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