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    Questions about the K1 Visa
    11:36 am today


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    1 -I want to get the exact infos about the Documents that my US Fianc need to send me the step before the Interview ,

    2- Can i get one plane ticket one way ?

    3- what estimated processing time to get the Visa k1

    4- How much the medical exams will cost me ?

    5-Any idea about where I can make the Medical exams?

    Wish you all the best of luck , Thanks

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    Are affidavits required?
    11:32 am today


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    Hi all, just working on my I485/I130 etc. and was curious if anyone knows for sure if affidavits are required? It's not an issue of getting them just more an inconvenience for family and friends, my husband and I have been living together for 2.5 years and have plenty to support we are in a relationship. Thanks!

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    Varicella Vaccine "not routinely avaiable" on DS-3025
    11:13 am today


    Read 26 Times
    3 Replies

    My fiance is here in the US now from England. I was looking over his DS-3025 and under Varicella, it says not routinely available. He had chickenpox as a child. We only have one civil surgeon in our area, she said we need to either have the medical results from London (full medical results) or redo the tests here in order to fill out the I-693. My question- Can she just fill out the vaccine portion of the I-693 or do we need to have it fully completed? ALSO we called the Medical in London where he had his test they said they didn't have the results as they were sent to the embassy. Does anyone know if it is possible to get the medical results from the embassy in London? (Not just vaccine records) Thank you

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    filling out ds 160
    10:50 am today


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    Read 34 Times
    6 Replies

    When they ask for the application receipt / petition number... do they mean the number they gave after the petition was approved or the number of the petition when we first filed. thanks

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    Child support nightmare.
    10:40 am today


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    28 Replies


    1. my fianc shares custody of his children.

    2. He pays maximum child support each month and has never missed a payment.

    His ex does not work and is a money hungry person.

    She contacted human services to get more child support than he pays her ($4k a month) so she says but what has actually happened is they ve raised a federal case against him for NON payment without verifying her claim.

    After speaking to them he now has to prove he has paid her since their divorce and now a case has been opened he cannot get it closed and will have to pay them for them to pay her every month. Case was opened January 20th balance on his account yet to be verified.

    Before anyone asks i know for sure he pays her each month I have a joint account with him the money goes out of.

    Im stuck in additional administrative processing post interview on day 41.

    could this get me denied?

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