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  • Recent Immigration Discussions:

    What shall I bring to the AOS interview?
    10:55 am today


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    Does anyone know what to bring to the AOS interview? What sort of evidence? (I filed from a k-1 visa)


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    We dont receive Noa2 but we receive NVC LETTER
    10:26 am today


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    4 Replies

    What to do if we dont received noa2 but we already have nvc letter and our case status is ready.? Help pls

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    Affidavit of bonafide marriage
    9:51 am today


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    Where can I find some templates or examples of these letters?


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    Administrative process visa
    9:50 am today


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    Hi good day everyone!

    Asking for an advise and help from all of you guys.. my husband is applying for a asst waiter in a cruise ship, he interviewed last Jan 26, 2018. The consul required him to pass the old passport 221g form because he didn't bring it with him during the interview because he declare that he came from Iran but that's only for 3 days to have an exit stamp because he worked before in Dubai. Weeks pass by and the agency received an email that his vis is under administrative process and until now we don't have any update. We are checking it from time to time in the website but there is changes on the status. It's been one year and 3 months..is there any agency or anyone can help us what we can do maybe they need another docs from us. By d way the passport was return to the agency.. thanks in advance who can help us..

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    Visa Processing Duration
    9:39 am today


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    I submitted my passport alongside my parent's last Thursday for renewal through DHL (as we qualified for the Visa Interview Waiver). We were told the process would take up to 30 working days. Can anyone please confirm this? I have checked online but all I see is 10-15 working days.


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