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    Anyone got biometrics letter recently
    8:43 pm today


    Read 20 Times
    2 Replies

    I am about to file my I-751. I am traveling a lot internationally at the moment (so I can finish trips before my CR expires) and want to keep a rough window open for when a biometrics typically gets scheduled for.

    I have looked at the excel file, but not too many current examples:

    How many days after mailing did you receive your biometrics letter and how far out was it scheduled for?

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    Adjustment of Status - 2 Middle Names
    8:38 pm today

    Sam and Brendan

    Sam and Brendan

    Read 32 Times
    2 Replies

    Hey Everyone,

    My husband has two middle names on his birth certificate; however, his passport, K1 visa, and existing social security card (from a J1) do not list either middle name. Also, only one was listed on the k1 application because he doesn't use the second middle name often. Should I match his passport/soc, k1 application, or birth certificate?


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    N400 in Seattle Experiences
    8:29 pm today



    Read 27 Times
    2 Replies

    Hello Seattle applicants. How many months did you wait for your N400 from start to finish?

    It looks like Seattle is a bit backlogged. I applied Oct 2018, expected completion time Feb 2020. Originally the estimation was 2019 Dec but the system updated the wait time. Though probably not among the longest, I'm still surprised by how long it's taking. Back in 2015 and 2016 when I checked on the processing times for Seattle office, it was around 8 months. Tbh I'm quite unhappy with how USCIS is handling this surge in application numbers. It doesn't look like they are increasing the processing speed to reduce backlog. I wonder if they are intentionally doing it. This situation is quite inconvenient for me. Because of I-751 & N400 filling my I-751 is frozen and bundled together with N400. Green card expired in 2017. It's hard to travel with the extension letters. Not every airline is familiar with them. When I got the second extension letter of 18 months I wasn't expecting it to expire but it is now, in a month.

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    How does one pay for the I-130 petition if you live in another country?
    7:56 pm today


    Read 65 Times
    5 Replies

    My husband and I are living in Australia, so far for almost 3 months now. We are putting the I-130 petition together right now, and I don't know how to proceed with the payment. Do I pay the amount I need to pay in AUD through a check, or is there a different payment method I need to do?

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    How long after interview can fiance travel to US?
    7:54 pm today



    Read 65 Times
    6 Replies

    I know that the embassy in London will tell my fiance if he is approved or not on the day of his interview. And from what I have read, they return his passport to him at that time. Is he ready to travel at that point, or does he have to wait for more paperwork? We had to select a pickup location for him when we scheduled his interview which makes it sound like some documents will be sent to him.

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