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    K1 Visa Delays: So frustrated and disappointed, I don't know what to do
    We applied for the K-1 Visa back in September 2021... no updates, no progression. I don't know what to do, I see some people from May 2021 still waiting. It's infuriating!
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    Getting a K-1 Visa fastest?
    My fiance and I are just about ready to file for the K-1 this coming week. We're just wanting to make sure this would be the fastest route to be together...
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    ESTA To AOS Potential Problem?
    I met and married a wonderful woman who entered the US on an ESTA in 2020. At the time of our marriage, she had overstayed her ESTA by over one year . We married after nine months of dating (June 2022). We are starting the process of adjustment of status. She told me last night that she cancelled her return ticket home a few months after her 90 day ESTA expired. She has also been working in the US illegally since May 2021...
    • 85 replies
    Travel before applying for AOS
    My fiance and I have decided to apply for AOS instead of spousal visa.   But we will not be able to do the wedding and submit the AOS application before my fiance's visa entry expires.  I read before that there is a small chance that my fiance could be detained for overstaying her visa.  But we also need to travel before our wedding.  Will it be a problem to take flights after the visa entry expires?  Would we be better to stick to other forms of transport?  Thanks in advance for any thoughts or experience you have...
    • 98 replies
    Why does the US hate AOS from tourist visas?
    I've been studying the immigration process very closely ever see we embarked on this journey, and I don't get it from a US point of view. If you adjust status, then you qualify for a green card, and your visa bulletin is current. It's not like you are adjusting status despite an ineligibility to do so. What kind of problems, possibly security or workload related does it create for USCIS for aliens to adjust status from a tourist visa...
    • 103 replies
    Waiting for AOS/EAD - how do people spend these 6-9 months without work?
    I'm getting frustrated waiting for my AOS approval... Do people really NOT work for those 6-9 months it takes for your AOS to be approved? I applied for my EAD with my AOS in December 2021 and it says the case is pending.
    So how do you spend your days?
    • 108 replies
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    Husband threatening with deportation
    12:16 am today


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    I entered the US on a K1 visa. Got married 14 months ago and have had my conditional green card for 6 months.

    Things with the husband are bad. He recently threatened suicide if I left him. I called 911 and he was put on 72 hour hold.

    Since he's been out all we do is fight. I will be getting copies of the police reports.

    However, tonight he said that if I divorce him he will call immigration and have me deported or would use a lawyer to do so. Our marriage was real so is it really that simple for him to do this?

    I know I will need a waiver to remove conditions after a divorce.

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    Visiting BF and Mom in US on TouristVisa
    11:55 pm yesterday


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    Hello. My Thai GF of 3 years will visit me in July with her daughter. She has a valid TouristVisa, has been here for two weeks some 4 years ago. She also visited Canada for a few days on that trip, but departed from LAX. Her mom lives in a different state, USC for 15 years or so, and would like to travel here to spend a few days together, visiting my big city. Last three years, I was traveling for 1 month in Thailand, returning home for 2 months, repeating the cycle. We bought land and started building a new house over there. She's a head nurse in a government hospital, and has to finish her contract, 6 more years. Now, reading this and some reddit, CBP is looking for strong ties to her country, that's fine. She will have paper from her hospital, with her position and salary, well above average. Statement acount with a decent amount. Bills on her name. Home title on her name, land on her name. New car lease on her name. The little one is enrolled in a private school, always a top 3 student, 12yo. Will have letter from school, that she's allowed to travel to US, including when she's expected to be back. They have an official document stating that her mom is the one exercising parental power, for traveling abroad with her daughter, as she has a different last name. Also, they have father consent, even if irrelevant, they never been legally married. I've read that Thailand is somehow red flagged at CBP. There is 0 intent for her to overstay those 12 days, she won't leave her job and kid's school, as well as her other engagements there. At least not for the foreseable future, as I am the one moving there. But I understand that we have the burden of proof. Are these documents sufficient? Is there anything else we haven't think about? Forgot to mention, my return ticket to Thailand is on the same flight as their departure. Maybe I'm just paranoid. Thank you for any advice, and for reading my too long post.

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    Field office or Service center
    11:36 pm yesterday


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    4 Replies

    Hello All,

    I got 2 updates on my case today. It says fingerprint have been applied and Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, was transferred to another office for processing.

    Does this mean my case was sent to another service center or it's been sent to my field office?

    If field office, that definitely means an interview right?

    Thanks for your input.

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    Visa tourist
    11:33 pm yesterday


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    2 Replies

    Hello, I am usa citizen,my wife is pregnant and I try to bring her mom to take care of her after delivery what should I do and how long it will take to get visa for her please?

    Thank you

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    Step father sponsor need help
    11:05 pm yesterday


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    4 Replies

    Hello everyone my friend is looking for advice and lawyers want to charge her 10k+ to file what I think should be an easy thing to do, but am looking for advice here!

    My friend is 19 years old turns 20 September 18.

    Her mom has been married to a USC for two years. They married before she was 18.

    They both entered the country on a b2 and overstayed.

    What would be the process for her to get LPR can she file with her mothers petition since she s under 21? Does she have to wait until her mom is approved and then file? They re from Brasil.

    So they would have to file two petitions both containing the following:

    Documents Relating to I-130, Petition for Alien Relative

    1. Form G-1145 to request notification

    2. I-130 Petition for Alien Relative

    3. Form I-130A

    4. Check for filing fee

    5. Petitioner Birth Certificate front

    6. Petitioner Passport page

    7. Beneficiary foreign passport

    8. Beneficiary Birth certificate in original language

    9. Beneficiary Birth certificate with English translation

    10. Passports style pictures for both with name on back

    11. Supporting documents showing bona fide marriage -----

    EXCEPT HERE for my friend who would just need a marriage certificate to show it happened before she turned 18?

    a. Copy of Marriage Certificate b. Apartment lease agreement c. Health insurance under petitioner d. Joint Financials e. Proof of Beneficiary as beneficiary on retirement accounts f. Three letters of support from friends with licenses g. Pictures of couple together with friends and family

    Documents Relating to I-485, Application to Adjust Status or Register Permanent Residence

    1. Form G-1145 to request notification

    2. Form I-485, Application to Adjust status or Register Permanent Residence

    3. Copy of Beneficiary s passport with entry stamp

    4. Copy of Beneficiary s U.S. Visa, reflecting entry as a tourist

    5. Copy of Form I-94

    6. Copy of Beneficiary s Birth Certificate in Portuguese

    7. Copy of Beneficiary s Birth Certificate in English

    8. Check for filing and biometrics fee

    9. Form I-864

    10. Petitioner tax return transcripts last three years

    11. Petitioners social security card

    12. Petitioners pay stubs dating six months

    13. Two passport style photos

    14. Copy of beneficiary s passport

    Documents Relating to I-765, Application for Employment Authorization

    1. Form G-1145 to request notification

    2. Form I-765 Application for Employment Authorization

    3. Two passport style photographs taken November 2020

    4. Copy of I-94

    5. Copy of Marriage certificate

    6. Copy of Passport Page

    7. Copy of Passport Page with U.S. Visa

    8. Copy of Entry stamps

    9. Form G-1145 to request notification

    10. Form I-131 Application for Travel Document

    11. Reasoning for Advanced Parole

    12. Two Passport style photographs

    13. Copy of passport page

    14. Copy of U.S. Visa

    15. Copy of entry stamps

    16. Copy of form I-94

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      Hey hun have you received your NOA2 yet?
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