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    USCIS Preparing to Resume Public Services on June 4th
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is preparing some domestic offices to reopen and resume non-emergency public services on or after June 4.
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    Brazil travel ban : Does it affect GC holders?
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    NVC Process
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    CSC Slow to Process I-129F
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    Immigration agency seeks bailout, plans to charge more for visa applications
    USCIS has requested $1.2 billion from Congress due to lost revenue during the coronavirus pandemic.  The agency is proposing a 10% surcharge on application fees to reimburse taxpayers.
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    Married on a Tourist Visa
    My fiance and I have been dating for a year and is currently in the US on a Tourist Visa. She has been here for 4 months and I decided to propose. What steps should I take now?
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    Better to file forms online or to mail them?
    11:51 am today


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    Read 19 Times
    1 Replies

    Hi guys!

    I came to the US almost 3 months ago with ESTA and a week ago my husband and I got married. We decided to stay in the country and file for the AOS

    (please note that none of this was planned ahead; we were planning of moving to EU together, but things changed because of the pandemic)

    We are filing the forms now and apperently we need to file the i130 (and 130a for me) and the i485. We found out that the first one can be filled out online, but the second one has to be mailed.

    Our doubt is weather it is OK to do so... Maybe it's better to print both the forms and mail them? Our preference was to split the procedure as I have only a week left of the 90 days that I can spend here with ESTA and the online procedure makes it faster to start the AOS process, as I can submit my personal documents digitally and we don't need to wait some extra days for the post office to deliver the envelope.

    what do you think guys? Any advice? Thank you

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    11:19 am today


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    Read 57 Times
    1 Replies

    Hi guys,

    I completed my interview and my passport pick up date was in March (I got a yellow slip) . However, the day before my pick up- the embassy announced that they are closing for COVID.

    The country has opened officially from last week but the US embassy remains closed. I have emailed them regarding this and they reply with an automated email.

    Any idea how i could reach them? and when the embassy might open?

    My husband and I miss each other so much and it has been so long I wish i could see him soon.

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    Anyone with H1B 221G from Indian Consulates?
    10:58 am today


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    Read 11 Times
    1 Replies

    Hey guys,

    Anyone one got any update for 221G cases for H1? My friends' case got updated again from Refused(April 3rd) to Refused(June 3rd) and no email or anything. Anyone having similar updates?


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    Ciudad Juarez Movement (interview)
    10:57 am today


    blank avatar

    Read 40 Times
    3 Replies

    Hello all

    I just had an email about an hour ago stating my August 14 Interview was cancelled. I was so sadden to see this, it was still 2 months away. I thought maybe by then things would be better and i could attend. Has anyone else had their appointment that far cancelled recently or has anyone had their appointment rescheduled? I was so looking forward to August and now who knows how many more months this will put us back AGAIN. We were there and Covid 19 happened so it put us back to August and now this.

    The email said:

    * The appointments at the applicant service center (ASC) Ciudad Juarez ASC and the Consular SEction Ciudad Juarez for the following applicant(s) were cancelled.

    It then states names and appointment dates that were cancelled

    It continues to say:

    To schedule a new appointment or to get more information, please log into our website.

    Best regards,

    the CSRA Visa Appointment Information Service Team*

    The email said nothing about being cancelled because of Covid 19 nor did it give any explanation at all. I went to check if I could reschedule and still everything is blocked with this message in red

    *There are no available appointments at the selected location. Please try again later.*

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    OFFICIAL update on passport services from Department of State
    10:31 am today


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    Read 63 Times
    4 Replies

    It's a couple days old, but here's the official statement from the Department of State regarding passport srevices: https://www.state.gov/update-on-u-s-passport-services/

    I think we can hope they'll follow this for visa services at all the embassies.

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    • JeanneAdil  »  AlbieBio

      if you were married in 2019 and still need to file tax returns ,  you can add her
      the only time you can get a ITIN is when you file to IRS
      needed things to do this are on the following IRS page:
      https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/nonresident-alien-spouse#:~:text=If your spouse is a,Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).&text=If
      if you already filed ,  amend the 2019 tax returns
      · 4 replies
    • AlbieBio

      Hi, i have a question please. 
      So my wife is in Ghana and i have sent in my petition for the I-130 but wanted to verify, would i be able to get a Tax ID for her even though she is not here  and the I-130 is still being processed. 
      I am about buy a house and would want to put her on the lease or some bank information as more evidence. 
      Please let me know if its advisable or if its possible.
      · 0 replies
    • Bella872222

      PD 7/29/2019
      Texas Service Center 
      Approved 5/8/2020
      NVC WL 5/9/2020
      Pay Fees 5/9/2020
      NVC Document submission 5/14/2020
      DQ 5/29/2020
      · 0 replies
    • FD21  »  Dustin725

      quick question, how long after you got DQ'd at NVC did London embassy email you w/ details of your interview? 
      · 4 replies
    • FD21  »  Allison&Alex

      quick question, after approved at NVC level, how long did it take for London embassy to email you details of interview app't? 
      · 0 replies
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