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    Do i really need to do a letter from a friend?or optional?
    4:34 am today



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    1 Replies

    Hi im a K1 visa, i haven't submit my adjustment of status my gc will expired on august 26 my question is do i really need a letter from a friend or any family friend just to justify our marriage is real or optional?? And where do i have to adress the check i live at california. Thank you

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    When exactly can I apply for citizenship (through marriage to US citizen)
    3:20 am today



    Read 28 Times
    2 Replies

    I am married to a US citizen. I recieved my 2 year conditional green card back in November 2016. I filed to remove conditions off the green card in October 2018. So far I have received a letter of extension of 18 months on the green card while my paperwork is being processed.

    When is best for me to apply for citizenship? And how long would it take?

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    Calling each other husband and wife in whatsapp chats
    3:09 am today



    Read 73 Times
    7 Replies

    It recently came to my attention that some chats that i submitted to USCIS contained conversations where we called each other husband and wife. All of the instances occur before we even met in person, so it was actually impossible for us to be married. My worry is that an interviewing officer will see this and reject our application even though we are not married and we just occasionally call each other that because it's a term of endearment. My fiances interview is next week and i just want to know the likelihood that some of these instances are caught/flagged by the embassy officer and whether it would be a big problem if they did notice it? In 50 pages of chats submitted its maybe mentioned like 10 times or so. Also does the consular officer or anyone review the documents already submitted beforehand? Are they reading through everything or just making sure all required documents are there.

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    Our CR Interview Experience
    2:27 am today

    John & Rose

    Read 57 Times
    7 Replies

    Here is our experience this morning...Most questions were asked by the Filipino pre processor. They asked about the denied K-1 and about all the paperwork.

    We offered our police reports and court documents but he said it was up to the CO if he needed those. They took our Cenomar? and thanked us for requesting the Cenomar even though we are married. That is what they wanted to see. He mentioned that some people request a marriage certificate but what they get with the requested Cenomar is a list of all marriages and the disposition of the previous marriage. I ask about that since it has come up. Yes, even though you are married, they want you to request a Cenomar.

    After that they got for fingerprinted.

    The interview was next and all the CO asked was where did we meet and when was the wedding. We were in the interview for about 10 minutes but most of the time was the CO typing and looking at his computer screen. He handed back the original paperwork which really scared us. There was so much silence until he told AJ that the visa would be void if he get married before entering the US and that he needs to register for selective service. There were no questions for the kids and after he told AJ to register for selective service he congratulated us and said our visas are approved so confirm the delivery method and we should have them in 2 to 3 weeks.

    We were really freaked out when they returned the paperwork to us!

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    IR1 with a criminal past
    2:18 am today



    Read 23 Times
    1 Replies

    Hi all just wondering if anyone had any knowledge

    We are in process at moment filed 3 X I130 for husband and our 2 children age 15 and 12 I have been with my husband for 21 years married for 8 this year and always lived in UK I m dual citizen (father is American citizen )

    My husband got into a fight when he was young and was charged with Affray and ABH did some community service and a fine this was all in year 99 so 20 years ago and at the time he was 17 years old so a minor in US from there he has a clean record nothing at all.

    We are almost at NOA2 so been getting everything ready for next stage we have his ARCO shows no live trace so ordered SAR which lists it and I have applied for his memorandum of conviction from the court which should be with me soon does anyone think this may cause any issues or any advice or anything else I should get ?

    Thanks for all support and advice this forum is amazing :)

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    • Vaccination waiver question
      We are in the process of having my fiance immigrate from the Philippines. Assuming we get approval to move ahead in the process, the next step would be the medical review/vaccinations. We would have had vaccinations as a kid, but she has no paperwork for any of it.
      I am not going to get into a debate on pro or anti-vaccinations - I am just wondering if anyone has successfuly requested to not have vaccinations for religious reasons. I heard of one person getting a waiver, but that was well over a decade ago. Is this still a possibility? Did you do this successfully? If yes, how? What is the process?
      Any advice or feedback is appreciated.
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    • Divorce and Remarry: Getting to the US Faster on a K-1 Visa?
      Since the timeline for K1 visas appears to be about 4 months faster, would divorcing and remarrying be an option? I certainly don't like that option, but if it saves me 4 months then I might have to think about it. I have not filed anything in the US. Could we just have another ceremony there? Since her ID shows her being married, I am assuming the answer would be no on that one. 
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