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    K1 Visa Discussion
    popularity rating: 48246 blank avatar Frebeni
    #2 My nonimmigrant status (I-94) has expired, while I am waiting for my I-485 to be adjudicated, which I applied for while the I-94 was still valid. What is my current immigration status?
    Green Card Discussion
    - popularity rating: 3614 blank avatar Sami1994
    #3 Moving CR-1/IR-1 to a third country
    IR1/CR1 Visa Discussion
    - popularity rating: 3328 blank avatar ViktorS
    #4 K1 visa phone call logs communication
    K1 Visa Discussion
    - popularity rating: 3320 blank avatar Love1989
    #5 K1 after previous marriage and CR1 that ended in Divorce
    K1 Visa Discussion
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    March Visa Bulletin & April Predictions Released
    March Visa Bulletin and April estimates are now out!  Decent movement this month.
    • 0 replies
    US Immigration Act of 2021 (proposed)
    The White House has released a proposal for the US Citizenship Act of 2021 to: 1) Provide pathways to US Citizenship, 2) Strengthen labor relations, 3) Prioritize smarter borders, 4) Address root causes of migration.
    • 71 replies
    Can I continue working remotely while waiting for an EAD?
    I plan to move to the US as soon as possible, get married and file for AOS along with an EAD. I have a job with a non-US company that has me working remotely. I can continue to do that legally from the US, before my EAD is issued?
    • 31 replies
    New Covid19 travel ban on South Africa, U.K. and Brazil (Jan 24)
    President Joe Biden will sign a travel ban Monday on most non-U.S. citizens entering the country who were recently in South Africa. He will also reinstate travel restrictions on the entry of non-U.S. citizens from the U.K. and Brazil, where new Covid strains have emerged. The restrictions will also apply to Ireland and much of Europe. Former President Donald Trump had rescinded the restrictions just before Biden took office.
    • 66 replies
    Air travelers will need negative Covid test to enter US
    Most air passengers coming to the U.S. from abroad, including children from the age of two, will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of their trip. The new rules, introduced by the CDC, come into effect Jan. 26. Only certain passengers transiting through the country or coming from places with little testing capacity will be able to enter the country without a negative test. The U.S. currently bans most visitors from Brazil and Europe.
    • 82 replies
    Choosing a K-1 Fiance or CR-1 Spouse Visa in 2021
    VisaJourney members discuss the pros and cons of choosing between a K-1 fiance and CR-1 spouse US visa in 2021
    • 115 replies
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    Determining I-130 Request for Evidence Turnaround Time
    3:17 am today


    Read 16 Times
    1 Replies

    In October 2020 I received an RFE notice for information regarding my adopted son, who I am petitioning for with the I-130. I was able to use the USCIS online account to upload the needed documentation. It was received by them on November 3, 2020 and after further inquiry, they have indicated that the information is being reviewed. It has been 4 months now, and I still have not received notification of completion. Is this a long time to wait for RFE turnaround? Is there any way to estimate the time? Anything I can do to make the process speed up? Thanks!

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    Court ordered name change BEFORE or AFTER submitting I-485?
    3:01 am today

    Hassan Raza

    Read 22 Times
    2 Replies

    Hi, my fiancee and I just got married (she came on a K1) and she changed her surname to my surname legally, via the marriage process.

    However, her middle name is still her old middle name but in our culture, the wife would change her middle name to my (the husband's) first name. The only way to do this in NY is to file a petition and get a court order granted, then publish it in a newspaper. Seems like a lot of work for just a middle name change (her first name won't change). It says this can take 1-6 months or longer.

    The issue is I need to submit a I-485 for green card application asap, given she only has about 1 month left until she overstays her K-1 visa.

    Should I do this middle name change legally now, and apply for the I-485 immediately afterwards, even if she overstays her visa? Or should I just apply for it using her current married name and deal w/ changing the middle name after she gets her green card?

    Thank you!

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    130(201b) Petition of Alien Relative of a U.S.Citizen
    2:34 am today


    Read 13 Times
    1 Replies

    My son had medical exam done in St Lukes Ermita today, but he did not got his xray film in the releasing, they gave him only the reciept that has barcode and the payment receipt also..is it normal? No xray film needed na ba?

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    Petition upload and supporting docs questions.
    1:48 am today


    blank avatar

    Read 20 Times
    2 Replies

    Hi, I have 2 queations regarding the i130, i130a petition filing process. If I do via online, do I need to upload petition by petition? Or i need to combine everything and upload 1 big file?

    Also, I plan to submit the following supporting evidence to prove i have a bona fide marriage. Please advise if this is enough.

    1. Marriage certificate in English

    2. 2 passport style photos (2x2)

    3. Picture of the Wedding card in English showing parents info, date of marriage, location of marriage and hall name.

    4. Pictures of my marriage whereby a lawyer is sitting and watching myself and my wife sign the register book including the religious priest who is watching us as well.

    5. An affidavit from a person who attended the marriage including all his personal details (date of birth, how he came to know about the wedding, etc)


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    Passport after naturalization in NYC
    11:44 pm yesterday


    blank avatar

    Read 39 Times
    2 Replies


    Can application for passport be submitted in the same building where oath ceremony is?

    Is appointment necessary?

    With travel proof, can it be expedited? Or expedited can be done only in passport agency?


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    • elifg  »  Sartre

      Hi! I have also applied from Miami Beach. My receipt notice date is July 7th and haven’t heard anything yet. No biometrics nothing. My  estimate case completion date is April but estimated wait time says ; We are taking longer than expected to process your case. 
      what does it says on your estimated time left? 
      · 0 replies
    • SS_V  »  BatmanFlow

      Hey I read a post by you asking for Indian police certificate for your parents even though they've been living in Canada for a while so thought I'd ask.  I just got my USCIS approval and am now in the process of uploading my documents for NVC. I'm a Canadian citizen and have been living in Canada since the age of 17. I'm being asked to upload all police certificates for countries I have lived 6 months or more which would not only include Canada but India as well as I was living there from the age of 16-17. When I look at the type of police certificate needed from the US govt website it is not possible for Foreign nationals applying outside of India to obtain a police certificate which contradicts the requirement. Did you end up needing the Indian police certificate for your parents at all or no? If not, did you mentioned anything on the DS-260 form? Thanks for all your help!
      · 2 replies
    • Gapols

      Aloha. We just got our interview notice and schedule for my Green Card. My wife is my sponsor, and my Father in-law is my Co-sponsor.  In the letter one thing we need to bring is the Form I-864. which say, "If required, a completed Form I-864, with all the the required evidence(unless already submitted.)", which we already submitted during our application.
      My questions are :
      1)My wife have a different Job now and different employer. Its not the same employer that we indicated in the form I-864 that we submitted. Do I need to do a new I-864? 
      2) Do I need to bring my wife's new paystub ?or the old one is good. 
      3) Do we need to inform the officer about the change of Job?

      Thank you so much.
      · 0 replies
    • Pamela Singh  »  William Overbeck

      If you talk on Facebook Message and Video Chat.  You can take screen shots that you are communicating as often as you can.  Also print off your Facebook Messages, emails and cards and letters.  That is some proof of a relationship.  
      · 0 replies
    • Maria imtiaz

      Embassy take twice interview from me and they take interview from my wife also in US for bona fide relationship. Now embassy email me and ask me for 2 photos for visa and submit new medical report. Is this Good sign.......?
      · 0 replies
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