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    11:26 pm today



    Read 24 Times
    5 Replies

    Interview in 3 weeks no work permit is that Normal?

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    AOS - 2016 Income Below Requirement - Input Needed
    11:17 pm today


    Read 39 Times
    7 Replies


    We should start by saying we are working with RapidVisa and are not too happy right now.

    The petitioner makes more than enough and will have a pay increase in 2020. Plus, there are assets, no mortgage, etc.

    However, the 2016 income on tax returns was below the requirement by about $800. RV is wanting us to use a co-sponsor.

    Is this really necessary? What else can we include in the packet to avoid RFE or denial?

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    Visa K1 - NVC Case Ready
    10:54 pm today


    Read 11 Times
    1 Replies

    The case status is ready but the packet 3 has still not been received. Are you able to submit DS-160 and pay fee and book interview in HCMC first while waiting for the packet 3? Thanks for any advice.

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    Aos k1
    10:54 pm today


    Read 36 Times
    6 Replies

    Hello I'm filling out my adjustment of status form. I need to know how to get the priority date .

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    Expedite approved
    10:51 pm today



    Read 13 Times
    1 Replies

    Got expedite approved on October 21st, how long it takes NVC to send case to consulate?

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    • Married with an ESTA (tourist) visa
      My family and I came to the states for a family vacation (with ESTA/tourist visa). My American citizen boyfriend of 3 years spent some time with us. After 86 days together, he asked me to marry him because he couldn't bare to separate from me. We are now married. How do we go on from here? What steps do we take? What forms do we need to submit? Will we be denied?
      My ESTA visa is about to expire in 3 days, will that be a problem with the process?
      • 58 replies
    • Wedding celebration on K1 Visa in a foreign country before filing for legal marriage in the US
      My fiancee and I are currently going through the K-1 process. I was advised that NVC just sent my paperwork to Vietnam on June 23, 2018. I already booked a trip to Vietnam for my our engagement party on July 11 before our interview inquiry. Our marriage celebration will be on October. We will be filing the marriage license in the U.S. if her interview goes well.
      Our concern is that what if my fiancee fails the interview and the i-129f was completely thrown out AFTER our marriage celebration? We plan to file for cr1 if that happens but would it look bad for our case because we had a marriage celebration while still going through the k-1 process or would it not be a problem as long as we don't file the marriage license until my fiancee is in the US?
      When filing the i-129f, we signed the promise that my fiancee and I would get married within 90 days upon arriving in the US. 
      • 64 replies
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