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    A bit of hopeful news... 34 VJ'ers had their IR-1 Visas approved in July so far!
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    K1 Visa... to file or not?
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    I129F denied due to 2 year meeting requirement, next steps for person with flying phobia? (merged)
    I have severe flying phobia and even with medical evidence and the financial support, USCIS denied my I-129F application. The beneficiary's family are long time friends and lives in Sri Lanka. I will now file a CR1 but I cannot fly, especially since going to Sri Lanka from USA requires minimum 16+ hours and 3 flight changes. Only a person with flying phobia can understand. Help?
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    My fiance got denied boarding with a valid K-1 Visa, transiting through Paris
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    Trump Cuts Legal Immigrants by Half, and He's Not Done...
    By next year, Donald Trump will have reduced legal immigration by 49% since becoming president. That will have significant repercussions for the nation’s economic growth, according to a new analysis. The cuts to legal immigration have come in several categories, and it appears the Trump administration is not finished restricting immigration.

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    August 2020 US Visa Bulletin & September Estimates Released
    The latest August 2020 US Visa Bulletin has been released by the Department of State.  VisaJourney has also updated estimates for September.
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    Help With Legal Name Change
    6:09 pm today

    Taylor and Eric

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    Hi everyone, could really use your expertise regarding legal first + middle name changes during a pending/impending USCIS application.

    Quick sentence of context: I moved to the US from Canada on a K1 visa 3.5 years ago. I'm the immigrant spouse and currently have my application for removal of conditions pending (form i-751). I am eligible to apply for citizenship on September 23rd. My application is ready to be submitted end of next month.

    The problem: I legally changed my first and middle name (this is something I've wanted for many, many years so I refused to wait, regardless of cost). I just received the notarized and official documents, signed and stamped by the judge, stating that it is legally changed.

    Do I notify USCIS immediately and, if so, who do I contact? Where I do I submit this and is there a form to do this? OR can I simply notify USCIS by just including the notarized order from the judge with my application for citizenship and not worry about it otherwise, since I'm submitting it so soon (end of next month)?

    Thank you so much for your help.

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    Dilemma regarding AOS or Consulate process
    5:48 pm today


    blank avatar

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    1 Replies

    Hi everyone,

    I am a Norwegian man who has an American wife. We have been married for a year now.

    I am currently with her in the US now, on my B1/B2 visa, which I entered on in March. When I arrived, the officer told me that I should have her petition for my Green card.

    We were not planning that I would stay this long, but because of C-19 then I am still here. My I-94 expires September 20th.

    I now have two optins:

    1: Try to get an extension on the I-94 before it expires, and file AOS. Then I will have to file the I-131 parole document in order to travel again, since my job in Norway requires that I go for work before I will eventually get the Green card.

    2: The other option is to leave, and go through the consular process, through the embassy in Stockholm.

    I have concerns related to both options.

    If I go with AOS, it seems that obtaining the I-131 parole document for travel is uncertain with C-19 and the process time. It says online that the office in Houston (where I am) has a process time of 4 weeks - 5 months. Not being able to leave for 5 months, would make an impact on my work back in Norway. I am also not confortable with not knowing whether my I-94 extension will be approved by last exit date. Since so many are applying now it might not be comfirmed prior to current expiration. I am also aware that filing for AOS might be frowned upon since I arrievd on B1/B2.

    My conern about the consular option is that because of C-19, I am not really sure if they even process Green cards in Stockholm now. From reading other posts, it seems that they most likely will let me back in on B1/B2 although she has petitioned, if I document that I am still tied to Norway and will return on a return ticket. However, not knowing how long the Green card application will take is a concern. Not sure how many times they would let me enter.

    Any thoughts would be highly appreciated?

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    Is the US issuing B1 visas right now?
    5:45 pm today

    Kate T

    blank avatar

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    2 Replies

    My friend is wanting to visit from New Zealand and doesn't want to overstay in case of another shutdown. He is applying for a B1 visas online and has tried to call the consulate in Auckland, NZ but hasn't been able to talk to anyone. Does anyone know if these visas are being issued right now or where I can find out if the US consulate in Auckland is open?

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    question about f4 visa
    4:46 pm today

    joseph cristian

    blank avatar

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    1 Replies

    hi .i just received my welcome letter.when will nvc schedule my interview.my pd is 8/8/2007 f4 rest of the world.thanks

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    Help, Petition for Alien relative: additional evidence
    4:15 pm today


    Read 47 Times
    4 Replies

    I'm new to this so please bear with me. I'm a US citizen and I'm applying for my wife to immigrate here using the file online tool on the USCIS site. I believe I have everything I need, I've submitted two affidavits from two people who were at our wedding in US a few years ago, the marriage certificate, my birth certificate, passport photos of both me and my wife, my passport, her i-130a and many photos of us together with both her family and my family.

    My question is that next the form asks for additional evidence and I'l copy the text from the page:

    "If a required document is unavailable, you must provide a typed or printed explanation of the reasons that document is unavailable and submit secondary evidence to establish eligibility. Secondary evidence must overcome the unavailability of the required documents. USCIS may request an original typed or printed statement from the appropriate government or other legal authority to support your claim that the documents are unavailable.

    The following types of secondary evidence may be submitted to establish eligibility:

    • Religious record
    • School records
    • Census records
    • Written statements"

    I assume I don't need this but I want to be to be sure. Really want to have here here asap and not go through any steps again. What do you all think?

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    • CTimeline

      My passport was applied at post office on June 27, 2020. It has been 5 weeks now. Just called passport center and they told me that my passport is being actively processed at NH. This is one of the bigger centers along with New York but in phase1 (NY is in phase2).
      National Passport Center, 207 International Dr, Portsmouth, NH 03801
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    • therealsunnydiego

      7/16/20 -  Application mailed
      7/20/20 - Application received
      7/27/20 - Check was cashed
      7/31/20 - Received 797 - NOA
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    • cleon86  »  MadamEspazien

      I never lived with my husband after we were married either since we met online. I just went back and forth to visit him often. Be sure you include lots of evidence with photos you together, receipts for your wedding rings, conversations you've had, plane tickets where you've traveled to see him, etc. It shouldn't be a problem that you haven't lived together. I'm sure they see that situation all the time. It's common. 
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    • Vamp.nz  »  Hobbit_Babe

      Hello. Im in wellington too. Im about to go thru this process to move to my fiance in north carolina.  I would love to make contact and be able to share notes. 
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    • April Khin  »  YvetteS

      According to your timeline your advance parole was approved exactly 3 months after NOA received. 
      My NOA is Apr 16 and will get biometrics done next week. I am worried about the timing as I will have to make an overseas trip in mid September. 
      Could I please ask, how long did it take for you to receive the advance parole approval  after biometrics?
      Thank you!
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