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    February NVC#>Interviews
    8:19 pm today


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    This is for any updates you received After getting your NVC# in February. We are working on DS-160 and the Visa fee. Just awaiting the case to get to the embassy to schedule interviews.

    Anyone else with an NVC Case# in February please comment with updates. Thanks!


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    Need help with filling out NVC portal with I-864
    8:16 pm today


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    1 Replies

    Hello All,

    Need a little help.

    First Question:

    I am currently not working and about fill-out the I-864. My spouse brings in the income and is he to fill-out the I-864A (Instructions for Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member)? He is considered a Household Member and NOT a joint sponsor - is this correct?

    Second Question:

    On the NVC portal where it shows "Please select a sponsor for the list below", I'm afraid I can't add in my Spouse's name to upload the I-864A . Can I just upload the I-864A with my name in the droplist?

    Any help is much appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    K-1 Visa approved......can one apply for another travel visa?
    8:10 pm today


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    1 Replies

    Fiance is in China, we plan on having a honeymoon perhaps to Thailand/Japan before we head to the US.

    Is it allowed to get another travel visa during this time?

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    Filed as Head of household when married-Naturalization
    8:10 pm today

    Cat in Water

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    I have a problem. I'm am doing my form N-400 and I am stuck at the part where I have to submit the tax returns for the past 3 years. My husband and I have been filing as married filing jointly for the past two years. However three years ago I filed as head of household under a different address other than the one I lived on. The reason is because I supported my mom and siblings 100%. I rented an apartment under my name and paid all of their bills since my mom had separated and couldn't work due to health issues. She would take care of my child while I worked. I did not lived with them. The person who filed my taxes convinced me this was the best choice to get most of my tax return and the right one because since I was supporting them I was Head of Household. That is now a problem since I can't submit that as proof of our marriage and it seems to be required. On top of that all of the bills are under my name. We don't have joint bank accounts. I only have him as a driver under my auto insurance and that's it. I am thinking about waiting another year to submit my application since then I would have 2017, 2018 and 2019 under both of our names. I recently had gotten my permanent green card on November, 2018 and since it's been over 3 years I really wanted to submit my application for citizenship. Regarding the tax thing, is that even legal? If it is, are they going to have a problem with that?

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    Tax docs!
    8:07 pm today


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    Hi all. I am going to file online and am wondering if I have to submit the whole tax returns papers (7 pages I guess for each year) or just the form 1014 which is the 1st page of the tax return? Same with bank account statements, should I upload the whole statements or just the front page that has the names and balance? Thanks

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