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    K1 Expedite Request
    Does anyone have experience with expedite requests for K1’s? (Or any visa if there’s no difference!) My fiancée and I are going to make a request on grounds of financial hardship for the petitioner.
    • 24 replies
    A bit of hopeful news... 34 VJ'ers had their IR-1 Visas approved in July so far!
    Despite Covid and a rash of US consulate closures, 34 VJ'ers had their IR-1 Visas Approved in July so Far! Congrats!

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    K1 Visa... to file or not?
    Do you think it is still a good plan to file for a K1 Visa during these times or just wait for the situation to improve?
    • 134 replies
    I129F denied due to 2 year meeting requirement, next steps for person with flying phobia? (merged)
    I have severe flying phobia and even with medical evidence and the financial support, USCIS denied my I-129F application. The beneficiary's family are long time friends and lives in Sri Lanka. I will now file a CR1 but I cannot fly, especially since going to Sri Lanka from USA requires minimum 16+ hours and 3 flight changes. Only a person with flying phobia can understand. Help?
    • 160 replies
    My fiance got denied boarding with a valid K-1 Visa, transiting through Paris
    She is flying from Tunis to Paris and then to the US. They stopped her at the airport and said k-1 visas were not allowed. How is this possible? I'm speechless right now. 
    • 91 replies
    Trump Cuts Legal Immigrants by Half, and He's Not Done...
    By next year, Donald Trump will have reduced legal immigration by 49% since becoming president. That will have significant repercussions for the nation’s economic growth, according to a new analysis. The cuts to legal immigration have come in several categories, and it appears the Trump administration is not finished restricting immigration.

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    AOS got sent back, saying incorrect fee?
    4:06 pm today


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    My wife entered America on a K-1 Fiance Visa.

    We mailed in our AOS on August 31, 2020. It arrived there on September 2nd. Today, we got our AOS back saying the fee we wrote on the check is incorrect. Our check was for $1,635.

    $1,140 for I-485
    $410 for I-765
    $85 for biometrics

    We didn't send in I-131 as we won't be needing that.

    What did we get wrong?

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    EOIR 29
    4:02 pm today


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    Hi Everyone, I hope someone can help me here. I filed FORM EOIR 29 because they denied my i130 form. Does anyone has the same issue? How long for them to approve it. Thank you

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    September 2020 I-130 Filers Club
    3:34 pm today


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    3 Replies

    Here we go!!! We just filed an I-130 for our CR1 on September 15th 2020...already feeling nervous, excited and impatient ? So curious to find out which USCIS centre our case will go to and when we will receive our NOA1..

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    Canada US border restrictions extended
    3:18 pm today


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    The months-long closure of the U.S.-Canada border to non-essential crossings has been extended again. The border crossing restrictions will last at least until late September, probably longer, due to the pandemic. The outlook is leading people who used to cross regularly to make major life changes.

    Some U.S. politicians and businesses want the border closure eased. But a lot of Canadians look at the uncontrolled spread of Covid-19 south of the border with alarm.

    Len Saunders is an immigration attorney who works in Blaine, Washington, just a few blocks from the Canadian border. When the U.S and Canada tightened the screws on discretionary border crossings back in March, Saunders expected his business to take a hit. Instead, he's busier.

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    3:07 pm today


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    I am filling out an I-944 (came to the US as a tourist, ended up getting married and am not filing for adjustment of status-permanent residency). I have some questions about the form.

    1. Do I need to provide a H.S. transcript, if I already have a University and Teacher's College Transcript to submit?

    2. Do I need to include an evaluation of equivalency? All my education was in Canada, but the lawyer we saw during a consultation did not mention anything about showing equivalency, just mentioned submitting transcripts or proof of degree.

    3. What can be listed as occupational skills? Would this be my teaching license or the additional courses I have done since becoming a teacher (special education part 1 and 2)?

    4. For number 5 (english and other language skills): can I just mention that I went to an English Speaking University in Canada? English is my first language so I don't know what evidence to use to show that in those boxes.

    5. How do I provide evidence of assets that include bank accounts for myself? Since I am Canadian I won't have a US credit score or tax transcript to submit. My husband (American citizen)- can we submit tax transcripts as evidence of his assets?

    6. If we have debt that has recently been paid off, we do not have to include that information on liabilities /debts (#10) correct?

    7. I am unsure about the second 'no' statement in #16 (part 3): "No, I am not certified to receive in the future any of the above public benefits?"

    I have never had to go on and have never used public benefits (neither has my husband), so I answered 'no' to the first statement (no, i have not received any public benefits), but I am unsure about what this second statement is asking.

    Thank you,

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