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    • Chanan1111

      This is my  update right now.
      Since we have known that we will receive NOID, We hired a new lawyer who had worked on cases like this before to help us prepare our response to USCIS.
      April 1, 2023 We hired a new lawyer.
      April 11, 2023 We started preparing the documents as the lawyer told us to.
      October 27, 2023 We received NOID, They gave us 87 days to respond. 
      January 5, 2024 Our lawyer sends all documents to USCIS.
      January 8, 2024 Response to USCIS' Request for Evidence Was Received 
      And that's the current status right now.
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    • Maria3456

      My minor child (9 years old) has an unexpired Green Card and valid foreign passport. He has no re-entry permit and has been out of the country for more than 2 years.
      Can he enter the country with these documents? Or does he need a returning resident visa?
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    • kas_xo  »  Amir muse aishor

      Hey my Visa type is IR2 and Location is Ankara i got DQ september 2023. 
      Did you get a interview date? how long did you wait?
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    • Henny0107

      Hello! 1 day later I heard back from my embassy in santo domingo and I got this answer: 
      To Whom it Concerns:
      Thank you for your patience. We sent your request to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.
      However, they cannot expedite this case.
      Please note: Only the U.S. Embassy or Consulate can approve or deny expedite requests.
      This case is now documentarily complete. That means the National Visa Center has all the required documents. Your application is now waiting for an interview appointment.
      I Will send another expedite today letting them know i am now DQ along with emphasizing more the fact that USCIS approved my expedite request recently given the urgency of my situation and if they still deny that I will send it with my senator who expressed interest in helping me in this phase and contact the white house as I did with USCIS to get it approved. Any additional tips you would recommend?
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    • babaTaiwo

      Please when is it  likely i get an interview date for FB1 category, I have received 60days  notice/letter for three times now making it about 180days . My DQ date was August 2020. Responses will be appreciated
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