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    DV Lottery of K1 Visa - Can I file for both?
    I applied for the DV lottery 2025 and hope to be selected this year. My fiancé and I discovered that there is a fiancé visa for the USA. Do you think if we apply for the K1 visa but are selected for the DV lottery that we can stop the fiancé visa process? What are the timelines and options here :)?
    • 24 replies
    Confused about steps after marriage
    My fiancee arrived last month on K1 fiance visa and we got married yesterday. It seems from what I have seen online that I made a mistake by not getting SSN prior to marriage? I am going to the SSN office on Monday to gather more information... also worried about employment authorization and travel authorization(s). Thanks for any insights!
    • 56 replies
    N-400 interview in TWO days. Last wise words?
    Hey everyone!! My N-400 interview is in 2 days. I am so nervous!!

    Any last words of advice?? Do's and don't? Anything you wished someone had told YOU? Thanks!
    • 36 replies
    Divorce from non-immigrant (out of status) and financial responbsibility
    I go to court next month for another hearing... The judge previously said the "Plaintiff was financially obligated to support [my ex] while she resided in the United States." What does that mean?
    • 88 replies
    Recently filed 129F - still so many questions - here's the first
    I am a USC, my partner is Burmese.  We met in Thailand in 2022 and are starting the K1 process but we have soo many questions... Please help! :)
    • 46 replies
    Tourist visa cancelled by CBP agent.  Can we still get a CR1 or K1 Visa?
    Upon my gf's most recent arrival, her tourist visa was cancelled at the airport due to her frequent visits last year and suspicion of working here. She was denied entry and sent back same day. Is a CR1 or K1 visa process an option still? I would appreciate any advice or tips you can provide!
    • 60 replies
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    Green card on OPT
    1:19 am today


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    1 Replies

    I am an f1 student currently pursuing my masters, if i get in OPT will i be eligible to apply for a green card? I have an advantage as my country of birth is Saudi Arabia and the line for saudi arabia is very little. So is it possible to get GC during my OPT or i will have to wait till i get my H1B?

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    Cr1 instead of ir1 after second marriage anniversary poe
    11:22 pm yesterday


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    Read 18 Times
    1 Replies

    I have taken entry in us after 2 years then I should get ir 1 green card instead of cr1.

    My POE is after second marriage anniversary.

    Can I keep my green card now that our lives are moving forward on divorce?

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    Husband Has 2-Year Job in Vietnam: Removal of Conditions Form I-751 + Reentry Permit Form I-131 Question
    10:34 pm yesterday


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    Read 76 Times
    4 Replies

    So my situation is just a little complicated, and I'm just wondering if I can get eyes on this to check if I've gotten the timeline right.

    My American husband got a 2-year contract job in Vietnam. I am to move over to be with him but we underestimated how troublesome my 2 year conditional green card would be.

    It expires March 10th 2025 but I plan to be in Vietnam with him already.

    So the earliest I can apply for Removal of Conditions is December 10th 2024.

    I believe I do not have to be in the US to file, but I need the actual filing receipt to reenter the US when my conditional green card expires.

    I also believe I have to apply for a Reentry Permit because we plan to only visit family in the US once per year while my husband is working in Vietnam.

    But I see that if I were to apply for the Reentry Permit now, it expires when my conditional green card expires, so there's no point. I need the whole 2 years it gives me.

    I also see that for the Reentry Permit, I have to be physically present in the US for filing and my biometrics appt.

    I believe this is the correct timeline where I can get everything approved safely, allowing me to stay in Vietnam for 2 years:

    1. I fly off to Vietnam in August 2024

    2. I get a family member in the US to send out my package for the Removal of Conditions on December 10th 2024 while I'm in Vietnam. I will have a physical address in the US.

    3. I fly back to the US sometime in January 2025, under the 6 months red flag limit.

    4. I should have gotten my Removal of Conditions filing receipt by then, and I can now safely apply for the 2 year Reentry Permit that should be now based on my pending 10 year green card right? I will also ask them to send the approved Permit to the US Embassy in Vietnam.

    5. I wait for the Reentry Permit biometrics appointment.

    6. I attend my biometrics appointment that's hopefully scheduled by March 2025.

    7. I fly off to Vietnam.

    8. I collect my Reentry Permit when it's approved at the US Embassy in Vietnam in late 2025 or early 2026.

    It also takes 6-12 months for the Reentry Permit to be approved, so 4 questions:

    1. Is my timeline correct?
    2. If filed after I receive the receipt for Removal of Conditions, will my Reentry Permit be 2 years because it's based on my pending 10 year green card?
    3. How risky is it to ask USCIS to send the approved Reentry Permit to the US Embassy in Vietnam?
    4. Since it takes 9-12 months for the Reentry Permit to be approved, will the official filing receipt would suffice at immigration if we fly back to the US to visit family (in Dec 2025, I would have stayed about 9 mths in Vietnam)?

    Would appreciate any thoughts. I can fly back to the US at any time if need be, it'll just be really troublesome.

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    Help, please. B2 tourist visas for 2 relatives in Colombia.
    9:02 pm yesterday


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    Read 95 Times
    5 Replies


    I respectfully looked and researched before asking this.

    My wife and I, in the USA, are trying to get b2 tourist visas for her brother and nephew who live in Colombia. I filed 2 separate visas (nephew is 21, dad is 53) so as one doesn't potentially knock the other out of getting approved.

    I think i made a mistake. I paid for the visas tonight but didn't set the appointments yet. My question is...does anyone know how or if i can schedule their appointments together in Bogota or did i screw myself by filing and paying the fees before finding the answer to my question?

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    8:16 pm yesterday


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    Read 78 Times
    5 Replies

    Do I continue working unauthorized after filling for spousal visa ?? Yes my spouse is America

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    • Admitt  »  ShawnK

      Hey Shawnk, I am in a similar situation as you with my timelines. Someone recommended the same process as you mentioned to get a dual working visa. Do you have more detail on what dual intent working visa entails? What do i need to prove to get one.
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    • jerondasonko

      How much is the current fee for paper mailing the US naturalization Citizenship fee? Does it include the Biometric fee? Or is it combine now?
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    • ArshH  »  MT84

      Hi all   Did Anyone who interviewed on Friday (April 5th ) and had their visa approved see a status change on the visa tracker to "issued" yet??
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    • jerondasonko

      I797C Notice of Action Rejection Notice
      I recieved a I-797C Notice of Action rejection Notice for not answering one question. I want to resubmit correcting it. My question is can I resend the 535 cashier check that was stamped by USCIS and sent back to me? And include a second cashier's check with it for the difference for the new filing fee? Is my 535 cashier check still good since no case was processed?
      · 0 replies
    • jerondasonko

      I got a I-797C for failing to answer the very 1st question not intentionally but it happened. My application the fee cashier check was sent back stamped, and my documents was sent all back. It states correct the Appilcation and resubmit. A green page was attach to include when sending. My question is my cashier check still good its for 535 can i still use it and send another one with it for remaining balance for new fee? Do they accept multiple cashier checks to cover the new fee? Or should i get a new cashier check for the new filing fee? Am confused about whether my money is lost from my initial submission that was rejected I have yet to go to bank to see if its been cashed and whether it can be converted to a new one for the new fee.
      · 0 replies
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