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    Waiting for AOS/EAD - how do people spend these 6-9 months without work?
    I'm getting frustrated waiting for my AOS approval... Do people really NOT work for those 6-9 months it takes for your AOS to be approved? I applied for my EAD with my AOS in December 2021 and it says the case is pending.
    So how do you spend your days?
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    Hidden cost of processing a K1 Visa
    Recently we were knocked backwards on the processing of our Adjustment of Status after entering on a K1 Visa.  As you are aware the initial cost for the processing of the AOS  is $1225.00 USD.  What is not as well known is the cost of processing the I-693 and other items...
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    K1 vs CR1 Visa
    My fiance and I are trying to figure out the best route to take for immigration. We plan to reside in the US. I have been researching the best I can without a lawyer but it is quite confusing. Thankfully a kind Redditor pointed us in the direction of this website. Can you help?
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    How to find work in America?
    Dear friends, could anybody share experience on how and where to start looking for a work. I am about to get my SSN and I just received GC. I don't have driving licence and I am not sure if I will drive. Any advices on job website or tips are highly appreciated! 🙌🙏
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    Expediting K1 visa due to Ukraine crisis
    With the Ukraine/Russia crisis happening right now, has anyone seen any updates from the U.S. government on expediting K1 visas, or any Ukraine visas in general? I reached out to my immigration lawyer and I'm waiting to hear back....
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    Which Visa is easiest and best, K-1, K-3 or CR-1 for my situation?
    First of all, I initially visited my girlfriend in the Philippines in October of 2018, traveled the country and with her, then came back to the US. I moved there in January of 2019, leased a couple of houses, then moved back to the US in February of 2021. We married online through Utah on a zoom wedding in December of 2021...
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    Cambodia: Medical Questions (pre-medical) [Vaccines]
    6:54 am today


    blank avatar

    Read 10 Times
    3 Replies

    I am always trying to be one step ahead. I know my wife will need to get all the required vaccines listed here for entry into the USA. My question is about the vaccine records. After she receives each individual vaccine, what record is good enough for proof? Is there any official guideline about what is acceptable?

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    Uploading additional paychecks after submitting
    5:38 am today


    blank avatar

    Read 34 Times
    3 Replies

    Hi all,

    My wife (USC) and I submitted all our docs at the start of the month. She had been living in the UK for 4 years and recently moved back to the US and took a job, earning above the poverty threshold. As she's been living/working in the UK and the job is new, her tax transcripts show 0 income. As per advice we read on this forum we uploading additional proof of income (3 x pay slips, job acceptance letter, etc.)

    Is it worth uploading new payslips during the wait to fortify her evidence of income? Is there any downside of doing it (e.g. resetting the clock)?

    Any advice always appreciated.

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    Consular interview location
    5:15 am today


    Read 24 Times
    3 Replies

    Hi all,

    I was hoping to get some feedback or advice on my status and plans!

    A quick explainer:

    Wife is USC, I am Australian and we are both UK Residents.
    I-130 submitted on May-21. No Response yet.
    Consular interview location selected at London.
    Wife starts new job in US around August 22 (I will accompany to help set up).

    Now after my wife moves to the US, we will not have a real reason to stay in the UK as I'll quit my job and our lease is up anyway! The only thing tying us back to the UK is the pre-selected location for the interview.

    Is it feasible to change the location to another embassy/consulate? For example after I help set up in the US and with the expiration of 90 day ESTA I would prefer to fly back to Australia to be with family and try and find a quick source of temporary income.
    My fear is that changing anything with the application process will result in staggering delays and pain.

    My ideal scenario would be, I-130 approved within 13/14 months (May or June 22) and a consular interview in 3 months after the fact which means a quick 1 week trip back to the UK for an interview and a pint then back to Freedomland with my GC.

    The threats to my plan are extra delays in i-130 processing and issues with buying a 1 way ticket to the US (as I won't know what date to fly back to the UK for the interview).

    It should be noted we have an immigration lawyer, though truth be told, they do not inspire confidence.

    Thanks everyone.

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    She cheated / want to withdraw case / will she find out?
    4:46 am today

    Sad K1 Man

    blank avatar

    Read 76 Times
    6 Replies

    U.S. Citizen here, met a girl and fell in love. Thought she's the one, submitted 129F application, found out through friends and family that she's been seen with another man, I have real proof. I want to withdraw the case, I have only received NOA1, it was submitted in March of 2022. She has the case #, will she find out that I withdrew the case? I feel very used and stupid, this is my only way of getting back at her, I haven't confronted her yet...

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    Newly married and already issues
    12:02 am today


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    Read 163 Times
    10 Replies

    I got married to my Filipina roughly two months ago and we are already having issues. I know no marriage is perfect and all relationships require constant work. But I'm at the end of my rope and need some help.

    I'm 41 and she's 27. Neither of us have been married previously, but she has two young children who believe I'm their real dad. We are very attracted to each other. She's currently 6 weeks pregnant.

    She's a bit immature in my opinion. I currently work full time while she stays at home. Many times, she spends all day on her phone or watching TV rather than helping with household chores. I come home from work frequently to the house messy. Food from breakfast and lunch and dirty dishes all over the place. Sometimes she will do laundry and then leave the clean clothes in the basket for days staying wrinkled.

    We seem to argue a ton about money. I am a very frugal person and this immigration process and the wedding cost me a ton of money. I'm still young and trying to save for retirement, keep a budget and provide for my family at the same time. Her idea is that I provide even if I have to take out loans to buy things she thinks we need but are more wants than anything else.

    Anyhow, yesterday we took the kids to their biometric appointment as part of the AOS process. Afterwards we were going to take the kids to the local zoo. On the way, as I was driving through busy afternoon traffic, she was teasing me and pulled on my face and nose covering my eyes so I couldn't see the road. I nearly caused an accident because of it and got upset. So I hit her in the shoulder to get her attention. I don't think I hit her very hard, but according to her it caused bruising.

    We got to the zoo and she was obviously upset and crying. I tried to get her to talk, but she just pushed me away and told me she wasn't going with us. She ended up staying with the car while I took the two kids. We came back two hours later and she's vanished. She wouldn't answer phone calls, or messages for hours. I had no idea where she, so we just waited and waited. She responded to messages, but it's vague responses not to worry about her, that I don't care about her and that she doesn't love me anymore. She says she's with friends. Yet, I wasn't sure and didn't want to leave her.

    So we ended up waiting 9 hours and she never shows up. So I end up driving an hour back home with the kids and no wife and no answers really as to where she is.

    Today she messages me while I am at work and asks me to bring the kids back to where we were the previous day. She's obviously still upset by the way she's responding and very vague answers. I drove the kids an hour back and we wait almost 90 min for her to show with a Filipina friend that I don't know. Anyway, my wife is not making any visual contact. Keeps her back to me the entire time I am helping the kids into their car seats and handing over some clothing to her friend.

    I don't know what I'm supposed to do at this point. I'm upset because my kids are gone and they are upset that daddy is gone. They were pulled out of school a week before their last day. The youngest is supposed to graduate kindergarten on Tuesday. I have all their stuff at the house. Clothes, toys, identification including passports. With my wife being pregnant, she has upcoming prenatal appointments to be to and I'm concerned about her and the kids getting the care they need. Especially now that she has no money, nor insurance information on her.

    Is this just some silly tampo fit and she will realize the predicament she's put herself and the kids in?

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