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    ROC evidence weak?
    4:37 pm today


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    I am going to file for my ROC soon and I feel I don t have strong evidence for it I have joint tax return,joint bank account ,joint credit cards,joint gym membership Sam club member ship,son birth certificate One letter from in laws stating they own house and we are living with them 2 affidavit for bonafide marriage,close to 60 photos from different occasions like birthdays,have separate health insurances,no life insurance,had joint dental insurance and life insurance coverage for 6 months through work but now expired I don t know is it good idea to attach them as they are expired I think our evidence are weak we never went on trip other than that going to movies couple of times but reality is our financial situation is weak we cannot afford house and cars we are living with in-laws

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    I-693 Medical
    4:33 pm today


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    Administrative Processing 221(g) K-1 Brazil
    4:30 pm today


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    Hello all,

    I met my fiancee while she was in the United States on a J-1 Au Pair visa. Her visa expired in May 2017 and she applied for a change of status. She left the United States in Sept 2017 after not hearing back about getting the change of status approved. Eventually (Nov 2017) I received a document saying the change of status was denied on an account of abandonment for leaving the country. I visited her in Brazil and attended her sisters wedding in Oct 2017 where we became engaged. We then applied for a K-1 visa.

    My fiancee had her interview on Sept. 4 at the US consulate in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. As most of you know she prepared many documents and proofs of our relationship. She described the interview as being very easy. The CO asked her when we met, when we started dating, and when we became engaged. She then congratulated her and said she would have her visa in 2 weeks. They kept her passport at the consulate.

    A week later she received an email stating they could not conclude the processing of her visa. She was refused under article 221(g) because her eligibility could not be clearly established. The email went on to say the refusal could be overcome with he submission of additional information. They asked her to email:

    1. The dates and destinations of trips abroad in the past 15 years.
    2. Full names of siblings, children and spouse (current and/or former).
    3. All addresses for the past 15 years.
    4. Prior passport numbers.
    5. Brief description of prior occupation(s), if applicable.

    About two days after sending this info she received an email stating she was approved. After about 3 days the status was not changed in the system and she inquired about what was going on. She then was told to disregard the previous email of an approval and that she was still in Administrative Processing. So far it has been almost 6 weeks since her interview.

    A family friend who has experience in this matter said that they may be looking at the fact that she overstayed her J-1 visa for 4 months. Could this be the issue? How long should we anticipate for this process to take? Are we in danger of a denial? Has anyone else had similar experiences? If so what advice could you offer?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

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    Vermont service centre
    3:20 pm today


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    Hello house, my fiancee sent or posted our application to vermont service centre. I hope we didn't make a mistake.

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    Requirements for CR1 Visa
    2:53 pm today


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    Hi friends. My husband and I have been working on getting all the documents necessary to apply for his CR1 visa. He is originally from Honduras, but a citizen of Belize. Our question is this, we have his original birth certificate from Honduras however I see later on it asks for proof of citizenship, will his Belize passport be suffice or will he need more documentation considering the fact that his citizenship is not the same as his birth country? Looking forward to your thoughts!

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