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    Cr1 visa spouse
    8:14 am today


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    Good evening everyone. I m a USA citizen, I just wanted to know if I was gonna file cr1 visa what do I need to do to get married in the phillipines.

    (I m here now in the phillipines)

    My fianc and I have a beautiful daughter my first goal was to do the k1 visa so we can be together no more of me flying back and forth.

    so when I started asking what s the process for a k1 visa they gave me their opinion and also the cr1 visa came up because you get evrything at once meaning while fianc wouldn t have to wait for 4-6 months for a green card and working permit.

    So whats the process for cr1 visa ??

    i know that I have to get proof of singleness??

    i have spoken to a lawyer and said that I would have to go to the USA embassy in Manila, not a problem only thing is how do I get an appt for it? Also what s the time frame??

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    What I need to do?
    7:39 am today

    Mabie Luna

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    I have a pending I130 (just recently filed) but i also have a current 10-year Multiple Tourist Visa. I had visited US since 2014 for four (4) times and always going back home. My question, do you think i will still be allowed to enter Hawaii for a seven (7) day vacation? I have no intention of overstaying as i don't want to jeopardize my pending I130. But there's a heresay that once there's a filed I130, you can no longer enter USA.

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    Required Documnets (check list for interview)
    7:20 am today


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    5 Replies

    Question: Mine and my Fianc s petition is at the london embassy and is in the 'ready' status. He has booked his medical october 8 and made his interview for November 12th

    My question is, will he revive a packet from the embassy????

    As for me, what do i need to give him for proof?

    So far i have:

    ?I-134 signed and dated
    ? letter of employment (does it matter when it was dated?)
    ? 2017 tax return & transcript
    ? W2s
    ? Bank Statements
    ? copy of original birth certificate
    ? copy of NOA2
    ? facebook posts, messages with him and my family, pictures with description

    ? my birth cerificate original

    ? copy of my passport

    is there anything i am missing!?!?!

    Any help or advice would be much apprecaited ?

    Also: i heard that my fiance (benificary) needs his birth certificate.. But ive heard he needs the long version not short version?? What is that exactly?? @Greenbaum could you explain??

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    K1 visa from Ready to Administrative processing to Application Received
    7:05 am today


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    Hi guys, I am from Manila Philippines. I need some opinion. I had my interview last Sept 7,2018 Friday and after that the consulate told me that "Visa approved, wait your visa and passport to be delivered " she kept my passport. From Sept. 10- 21 ny status was in Administrative Processing. I checked the following week today Monday Sept. 24,2018 and may case status as Sept. 24,2018 changed to Application received. I called their hotline today since it has been more than 10 days. They created am escalated report for my case. I am worried and wondering. Is there anyone who has the same this experience?

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    I360 widow of USC
    6:47 am today

    Betty b

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    please I want to know if anyone has an idea processing time for i360 widow of USC takes

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