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    F2B changing to F1
    2:06 pm today


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    I have filed I-130 as the LPR mother sponsoring of my F2B unmarried (21+) son in June 2018.

    In June 2020 I became citizen. This change of status moves my son's petition from F2B to F1.

    We did not inform to USCIS about my change of status , neither ask USCIS to remain in the F2B category.

    We are planning to keep watching F2B and F1 priority dates in the next 2 years, then decide between F2B or F1.

    Does the USCIS would accept my son's request to stay in the F2B category, two & half years after I became a citizen ?

    Please Kindly advise.

    Your help is very much appreciated.

    Thank you,


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    Legal Action
    1:50 pm today


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    Hey everyone, I have now tried several avenues. Their customer service, the ombudsman and my congressman to no avail. I've now talked with an attorney and suing the Government is quite expensive. I'll be talking with a second later today as well. It's become quite evident to me after 3 months of waiting for the NOA1, they are simply not working. There is no real effort and the incompetence is mind boggling. I'm considering organizing a legal effort to sue USCIS over this. I'd like to gauge support and see how many here would be interested in this to know if it's feasible. The more people represented in one lawsuit the better, not to mention it's much easier on the wallet for all of us. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks

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    I-130 visa
    12:48 pm today

    Sana millwala

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    I am a US born citizen. Have been living in pakistan since last 30 years. Have not travelled back to USA since then. I want to apply for my children's immigration. I want to return back to USA.

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    Why don\'t they make I-129F application electronic?
    12:38 pm today


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    6 Replies

    I cannot comprehend why they don't make the K1 visa I-129F petition all electronic. Wouldn't it make the life for everybody easier? You could pay right online upon submitting and they could "receive" it much faster and any RFE would simply require uploading materials electronically. In this day of age not to have this process be electronic really is absurd and makes everybody's life difficult, especially the many people waiting for their petitions to actually be officially received.

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    K1 Question - I-129F regarding my beneficiaries U.S. visits
    12:17 pm today


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    Hello everyone, I have another K1 / I-129F question

    My fiance and I began filling out the paperwork, and on numbers 38.a - 38.h, it says "If your beneficiary is currently in the United States, complete item numbers..."

    My fiance is not currently in the United States, but she was (that's how we met), and she has had a number of visits over here, the most recent one being the one where we met and began our relationship (we will also be using her trip here as part of our evidence of meeting)

    However, while the instructions on the I-129F itself say "If your beneficiary is *currently* in the United States", the separate instructions packet says "Provide the date of your beneficiary's most recent entry into the United States, her I-94 Arrival-Departure Record Number, if available, and her immigration status at the time of arrival."

    I'm a bit confused by this, as the form itself is asking if the beneficiary is currently here, while the instruction packet says to document the most recent entry.

    I'm not sure if I should fill out 38.a - 38.h with the information from her most recent entry when we met even tho she is not currently here, or if I should leave it blank since she is not currently in the United States?

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