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    Which line when entering US as family, US citizen with Foreign Spouse?
    What are others experience when entering America with your US spouse -- which line during border control (US Citizen or Foreign National) did you go in and what was your experience?
    • 11 replies
    Bringing Prescription Medicine into the US
    My fiancée will be arriving in the US this summer and will need to take medications with her. Some of them are prescribed and others are over the counter. Do we need to worry about anything (one of the meds is a Schedule IV opioid)?
    • 51 replies
    Do you need to propose to your girlfriend before you can file for a K1 Visa?
    Hi everyone! My girlfriend and I met while on a trip and hit it off. We never formally got engaged and I never proposed, however we think the K1 Visa makes sense to us. What are the rules?
    • 31 replies
    Step Kids Not Accepting Step Mom
    I have been in an LDR with a Filipina since June of 2020 and we finally got our K1 Visa approved. The challenge is that my children are not accepting my fiance now that she in the US. Any suggestions?
    K1 Denied. Applying for B1 Tourist Visa instead?
    My fiancé and I originally applied for the K1 visa, but we were denied. I went to visit her December and we are considering a B1 tourist visa now. Is this possible?
    DS-5535 and Administrative Processing after K1 Visa Interview. What's next?
    My fiance had her interview at the Abu Dhabi US embassy yesterday and they refused her visa for no apparent reason. The interviewer gave her a sheet that our case requires "administrative processing" and may take several months. What's next?
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    I-130/A address too lengthy
    6:08 am today


    blank avatar

    Read 22 Times
    2 Replies

    Hi folks!

    I recently got married to a Japanese citizen in Japan, and am trying to file I-130 as soon as possible. While the other parts of I-130A could be filled out with no problem, I just have one problem with the length of Japanese street address. My spouse and I are filling the form electronically using Adobe Acrobat, but the problem is that the past address of my spouse is too long to fit into the address box given in the form. It is 39 characters in length (thanks to the phonetic structure of Japanese), and of course there is no way we can fit this in the secured PDF file (hand-writing on the paper does not work either). I then came up with an idea of using Part 7, providing the street address in Part 7 while leaving the street address parts of Part 1 with this sentence "*See Part 7 due to Length". Would this be fine or would there be alternative solutions to this? Thank you!

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    I 751 plus n400 combo possibly jeopardized by wrong legal advice
    4:16 am today


    blank avatar

    Read 50 Times
    4 Replies

    Hi! While waiting for already 18 months for my i751, after consulting my lawyer, I decided to apply to n400 to both speed up the case and do two things at once. Now I have what I think might be a combo interview coming up in 2 weeks. Only yesterday my attorney took the time to speak to me in person, and after reviewing my case (that the same studio helped me file) told me I might not be eligible for a n400 because I don't meet the physical presence criteria. This is happening because I traveled for 2 months this spring, after filing the n400 in February (me and my husband both travel for work). Before filing and during my filing appointment, I asked my paralegal if I could travel after filing since I had some commitments abroad, and she said "Yes, you can" and "The count is made 3 years from filing, so you are good". Apparently, as I learned only two weeks before the interview, this is not the case, and now my 18-month count, that until the filing date was below the limit (17 months), is off two months. What should I do? The laser says to reschedule, but I would prefer to withdraw my n400 and get the 10-year green card with or without an interview, and then apply for naturalization.

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    I130 filing online missing section
    2:01 am today

    Kimona S

    Read 34 Times
    2 Replies

    Good day if ANYONE could help me I would be grateful. I submitted my i130 online yesterday. I am currently looking over the pdf and part 4 item 59 is missing. I am absolutely certain I filled out this section. I am worried sick since I ve seen this. Is this normal for the online system? Should I write letter about this or contact someone at USCIS? What should I do in this situation. All help would be appreciated.


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    Concurrent Filing
    1:37 am today


    blank avatar

    Read 40 Times
    3 Replies

    Re: CR1 Visa

    Can the Petitioner of the I-130 submit other forms concurrently? Such as I-864? If so, can someone beak down what forms can be added besides the


    Also, do I have to date the I-130A or leave the date blank along with blank signature? Thanks!

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    Canceling K-1 Petition to Shift to DCF
    12:54 am today


    blank avatar

    Read 71 Times
    7 Replies


    I have lived overseas for the past 4 years. Have shared an apartment with my partner for over a year have been with her for almost 2 years. We've received our NOA1 from our I-129F for a K-1 a couple weeks ago. I recently learned that I may be able to qualify for DCF? We will be traveling to the US shortly for ~2 months on her existing B2 visa and could get married in my hometown while there. Additionally, there has been talk about me relocating to North America (I.e. US) for work.

    If we get courthouse married next month and my work provides me a letter saying that they want me to relocate to the US in the next (6?) months, do we seen any reason why I should not be able to apply for DCF for a CR1 visa?


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    • Marily Jarolim

      Hello everyone,
      I am now eligible to file a N-400 naturalization, but I am confused on what name I should put on the application form. I got married July 2021 and changed my legal name both first name and last name but I did not update my green card. Part 2 (Information about you) of the Form N-400 saying Your current legal name, and then next page showing other names used since birth. Should I put my current legal name now on my application and just put my previous name on the other names used part? Thank you and hoping that someone can answer my question.
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    • DMY12  »  RobertoG

      Hola Roberto! Have you received your interview date yet? My husband was documentarily qualified May 12th so super close to your timeline. We haven't received anything as of yet. 
      · 2 replies
    • Aspire5532  »  Mike E

      We have k1 interview tomorrow in Denver Finally 🙌 😬 
      · 7 replies
    • reey

      Hi.Wanted to ask about B1/B2 visa considering the long waiting times in my country.When is it best to apply for it for purposes of N-600k.Do i apply before approval or after?
      · 0 replies
    • AWAHID

      hi there,
      Can anyone advise on recent GC updates for asylee?
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