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  • Recent Immigration Discussions
    Spouse Address change I-130
    2:09 pm today



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    My wife lives in another country and I have filed her I-130 for immigration. She have moved to a new address as they were living in a rental property now I am not sure how to update her new address with USCIS. Any information will really help

    Thank you

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    DS 260 Question-Immigration Law Violations (Seeking Clarity/Assistance on how to respond)
    2:09 pm today



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    1 Replies

    Under the Immigration Violation section, the question summarized asked if you ever sought to obtain a visa by fraud or misrepresentation...yes or no with space for explanation. This is the situation-Beneficiary was removed from USA at entry from airport, during interview it was discussed about his security. Visa application was completed by employer, visa approved at interview and no questions were asked about his background. However, from the airport denial this resulted in a 5 yr ban and visa revoked. Beneficiary was not charged with misrepresentation however it was stated he was inadmissible due to inconsistent statements and not enough funds. 235(b)1.....212a (7)(A)(i)(I)

    Transcript discusses this issue-Employer completed visa. Consular office in JA did not ask about background. Beneficiary incorrectly assumed that background questions were related to Cayman Island (where he lived) and not JA. Final determination did not include being charged with misrep at determination of inadmissibility/removal proceedings at airport.

    Should this question be answered with Yes and brief explanation as provided here or any other thoughts

    Thank you.

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    Where to obtain Police Certificate in Dominican Republic
    2:06 pm today



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    1 Replies

    Can someone please explain to me where my fianc can obtain a Police Certificate required for the K-1 visa as well as what he needs to have to do so?

    Thanks for the help!

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    1:51 pm today



    Read 9 Times
    1 Replies

    I post this July 5 2019 here

    Fast forward. My Oath Ceremony Notice was received and one of the questions on the back page reads since your interview, have you been arrested, cited, charged, indicted, convicted, fined, or imprisoned for breaking or violating any law or ordinance, including traffic violation? Yes or No

    I was rushing to a bus station at about 5.30am after an uber cancelled on me. i decided to drive my truck to the station, parked it in front of the station and ran into the station to catch the only bus(that was already pulling away to go) that will get me to my son's doctors appointment in another city. I then called a friend to go pickup the truck before the parking authority staffs will start work at 8am. My friend didn't get there by 8am and a violation ticket for not paying was already issued.

    Please i want constructive advice on how to handle this cos its making me panic. How should i go about this since the ceremony is days away?




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    K-1 chart log, tickets translation
    1:30 pm today



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    2 Replies

    Hello everyone!

    Please, advise - do such evidence documents as chart logs, train tickets, etc. need to be translated by a certified translator or it would be enough if I ( the beneficiary ) or my fiance translate it yourself and put such a certification to certify a translation:



    Actually, I have done already the translation of our chart log (we selected some parts from each month) and now we are thinking how better to certify it. The document is pretty long, about 40 pages (I have 2 columns table: 1-st column translation and 2-d column original text).

    We both are fluent in English, but our native language is Ukrainian. That is why we communicated in Ukrainian.

    I have read different topics on this subject on VJ and also the USCIS official page, but still don't have a clear answer in my mind. Someone told it was OK to do it yourself, someone that it may cause problems. What is your experience with that?

    Also, if we would decide for hiring a translator to have it reviewed and certified by them - is it OK for USCIS if a translation agency would be not american, but foreign (ukrainian)? It is much cheaper here. Or they prefer to have translations certified by american translation agencies?

    Much thanks for sharing your experience on this subject!

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      Our concern is that what if my fiancee fails the interview and the i-129f was completely thrown out AFTER our marriage celebration? We plan to file for cr1 if that happens but would it look bad for our case because we had a marriage celebration while still going through the k-1 process or would it not be a problem as long as we don't file the marriage license until my fiancee is in the US?
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