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    Changes in Family Discussion
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    #2 USCIS messed up the biometrics appointment, can't get it resceduled since September
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    Citizenship Discussion
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    Embassy Discussion
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    Which Visa is easiest and best, K-1, K-3 or CR-1 for my situation?
    First of all, I initially visited my girlfriend in the Philippines in October of 2018, traveled the country and with her, then came back to the US. I moved there in January of 2019, leased a couple of houses, then moved back to the US in February of 2021. We married online through Utah on a zoom wedding in December of 2021...
    • 61 replies
    Should my Fiancee try to get a tourist visa while we wait for the K1 visa?
    The K1 visa process is taking longer than we thought. A year to process form i129f it looks like.
    Is there any risk in applying for a B VISA while waiting for the K1? If my fiancee gets denied for the B-1 visa will that affect the K1 visa??
    • 28 replies
    Greencard holder outside of USA 26 months due to Covid, wants to return
    My husband got his greencard in 2018. He is a UK citizen, I am the American. We have been stuck in the UK due to Covid. I had a baby in Feb 2020. Is my husbands Green Card still valid to enter the US?
    • 53 replies
    K1 Visa Rejected Due to Lack of Evidence of Relationship (Vietnam)
    After waiting since April due to covid, my fiance finally had her interview today and was rejected. We have met 5 times prior to covid and haven't been able to be together for over 1.5 years due to covid. The interviewer said they did not have time to look over the paperwork, and in the same breath told my fiance that she didn't bring enough evidence to support our case that we have a "bona fide relationship"...
    • 64 replies
    Omicron Covid Variant and US Immigration Impact Thoughts?
    VJ'ers discuss whether the US may ban foreign citizens (including K1 Visa Holders) from entering the country due to the Omicron variant or if the current vaccination policy will stay in place.
    • 70 replies
    From vaccines to testing: What travelers need to know before the new US travel system launches on Nov. 8
    The White House has announced that a new air travel system will take effect Nov. 8, allowing entry for fully vaccinated foreign tourists. The system is set to launch more than 20 months after the U.S. began imposing travel restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    The move by the White House will essentially have the U.S. drop its travel ban on dozens of countries while also making entry more challenging for the unvaccinated. The new system will allow entry for foreign nationals only with vaccinations approved by the World Health Organization and would add testing requirements for unvaccinated Americans.
    • 40 replies
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    Previous permanent residency - DS-160
    1:17 am today


    blank avatar

    Read 39 Times
    1 Replies

    Hi all, I am a K1 applicant filling out DS-160. I used to be a permanent resident of a country however after I left and was out of the country for a number of days I lost this.

    I understand the question relating to whether I am CURRENTLY a permanent resident of another country should be answered NO, is this correct? I am

    worried because the perm residency stamp in my passport has no expiration date and I do not want them to think I am not telling the truth.

    Im obviously listing the country in the section about living in another place for more than 6 months.

    any ideas on how to go about this?

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    Help with replacement Biometrics notice
    12:21 am today


    Read 49 Times
    3 Replies

    Hey guys need some advice because I feel like I failed so much so I am not sure if things will be ok or if there's anything more to do.

    On Tuesday I got a notice from USPS that a letter from immigration arrived. When I went to pick up the letters it seems I somehow manage to lose the envelope with the letter (It's even more sad because I remember basically having my eyes on it and then left for a bit to got to the bathroom then bam gone and now I start to feel like I lost it during my walk back from the mailbox) in it before I had a chance to look at it. Talking with an agent in USCIS through Emma they told me that there is a biometrics appointment for 2/2/22 (Which the case status hasn't updated for) and after a short discussion they sent me a pdf file at my email which is the ASC notice.

    I wanted to ask if there's anything else I can do at this point, is it even worth trying to get them to resend the actual paper or just the printed pdf will do?

    Anyone else had a similar experience?

    Thank you all.

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    Error on CR-1
    11:53 pm yesterday


    Read 43 Times
    2 Replies

    I just noticed that on our CR-1 my husbands name is missing on the page where it asks for the names of who got married. Also the area he had to complete his info in his native language is missing. Which makes me feel this electronic version on my USCIS account isn t showing our petition exactly how we submitted. The reason I think this is because I completed the visa and I remember specifically my husband doing the native language part. Then he went over the petition to make sure there were not any errors. He s very meticulous so I know he would have noticed. How can I fix this?

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    INA 301 (g) provision
    11:09 pm yesterday

    Edgar ADLC

    Read 78 Times
    4 Replies

    Hi everyone, I'm new here to Visa Journey. I would like to ask for help in determining if my wife has a case in Deriving citizenship based on the requirements when having a USC Mother and Alien Father at birth in wedlock.

    The USC Mother at birth satisfies the first requirement

    But I am concerned about the residency requirement specifically.




    Specifically, this provision in INA 301 (g):


    ... or any periods during which such citizen parent is physically present abroad as the dependent unmarried son or daughter and a member of the household of a person (A) honorably serving with the Armed Forces of the United States, .... may be included in order to satisfy the physical-presence requirement of this paragraph.

    Wife was born 1992 born in Philippines

    USC Mother of Wife was born 1973 in Rhode Island, USA

    USC Mother of Wife lived in the USA from 1973 to 1977 then flew to the Philippines and stayed there until 1992 when wife was born.

    This would mean that she had only 4 years in the USA as physical presence, and 0 years beyond 14 years of age (the requirement of residency is 5 years, 2 of which is after 14 years of age)

    But while USC Mother of wife was living in the Philippines, she was living with her father (wife's grandfather) who was a USC in Active Service with the US Navy from 1970 - 1996 while in the Philippines.

    That would mean that from 1973-1992, USC Mother of Wife fits into this provision

    "physically present abroad as the dependent unmarried son or daughter and a member of the household of a person (A) honorably serving with the Armed Forces of the United States"

    -- Am I correct??

    If that the case, would USC Mom of Wife living with the USC Navy Father (wife's grandfather) satisfy the residency requirement for my wife's mother?

    Do we have a case?

    Thank you all!

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    Lack of Immunization Record for Medical
    10:47 pm yesterday

    Love P

    Read 68 Times
    4 Replies

    Has anyone done a medical before and did not have any immunization record to bring with them? If so, what happened? I am going to have my medical soon and I do not have any immunization record to bring (except my COVID vaccine card). The US Dept of State website have this statement (below), so I am assuming it's ok to show up to the medical without the immunization record. However, I still wanted to come here and ask if anyone has experienced this. Thank you all.

    "Visa applicants should consult with their regular health care provider to obtain a copy of their immunization record, if one is available. If you do not have a vaccination record, the panel physician will work with you to determine which vaccinations you may need to meet the requirement."

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      Hello Mr.  Steve01 I just sent you a message about my husband and I age difference and that my husband was just approved with his USA Visa this month.  Just always be honest with immigration.  Age is only a number.  If you are in Love like me and my husband, age difference does not matter.  Continue to Love each other and be happy!
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