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  1. Here's the next thread for our ongoing discussion... Thanks @KartineeKartoons continued from here:
  2. Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone has received an interview appointment at the Abu Dhabi Embassy after recently getting their DQ. it would be great if someone would share their experience.
  3. Hi everyone, I started this topic to help everyone waiting for her/his physical green card after she/he arrived to the United States So I hope everyone share his OS155A status and post the time between his date of entry, the immigrant fee date, the date you received the physical card in mail. Wish you all the best My status: Poe: Newark May 5 2016 Paid : April 20 2016 USCIS status: payment received on 4/20/2016
  4. I was a regular reader of the last London thread to keep myself updated with current timelines etc before it went to 70+ pages and way off topic. I thought it was such a useful resource so I’ve decided to start the ball rolling again so we can keep each other updated on news as it comes in. To kick us off, me and my wife were DQ 10th July so we’re hoping to get our interview appointment email early November. It appears June DQ dates have been scheduled so hoping this is our time after literally years of waiting. Fingers crossed for no Tier 3 lockdown in London!
  5. Where are the Dominican Republic filers? What stage is everybody at? If you already have your NOA2, is anyone thinking of expediting? Currently I am awaiting NOA2. My NOA 1 date is 7/14. I am getting paperwork together for an expedite but I am not ready to submit yet.
  6. Hello, Is anyone else having problems with the CEAC website when submitting a NVC payment? I submitted my IV payment and it was with drawn from my bank account the next day but the status still shows as "PROCESSING" and does not allow me to submit any documents. My AOS payment processed with out any issues.
  7. With the essential documents, the USCIS states that some of the documents shown in the picture are to be submitted with the i130 form too. What I wanted to ask that is it essential to submit at least one of these? or can we just skip them all together. Because since my to-be wife is in USA and I am here in Pakistan we can't produce anything apart from the "Affidavits by the third parties". Is it necessary to submit it?
  8. Here we go!!! We just filed an I-130 for our CR1 on September 15th 2020...already feeling nervous, excited and impatient 🤩 So curious to find out which USCIS centre our case will go to and when we will receive our NOA1..
  9. Hi! Our CR-1 application got documentary qualified on Sept. 24th. We are wondering how long does it usually take until we get our interview email or date in Egypt? If anyone went through this recently can you please tell me how long you waited for the interview after you got DQ? Thanks.
  10. Hello All I thought I would make a Thread for Australian's who have their CASE COMPLETE at NVC and are waiting for an Interview to be scheduled at the US Consulate in Sydney! It might make it easy for us to keep in touch and update each other! I hope this is OK 🐨 We were DQ'd this morning so we will be waiting a while lol
  11. Hello Everyone, I am trying to decide whether it would be best to pursue a CR1 or K1 visa for my fiancee with the hopes of us being able to live together as soon as possible. My original thought was to pursue the K1 as its timelines are generally shorter, but I had someone going through the process reach out to me and tell me that due to COVID, the timelines are so slow that they are taking as long as a CR1 and it would be better to pursue so she would receive her right to work. However, when I look on Visa Journey, it is showing the average time of a K1 near 300-400 days and a CR1 for 600+. Do any of you have personal experience with this given the particularly bad embassy situation in Moscow right now? Any general advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you! Charles
  12. Hello All, I am in the final stages of putting together and submitting my spousal based I-130. I am a US citizen applying for my Pakistani wife. I am just wondering what kind of experiences you guys have had with the process during covid in terms of processing times? How long does it take to get the I-130 approved, how long does it take for the NVC cr1 visa process once the i130 is approved? Especially with covid 19, I am assuming all steps of the process are going to take longer. My brother had done the same process about 5 years back and it only took 12/13 months (Obama administration). Are we seeing any changes now that the Biden administration has stepped in, or is still Trump policies, which I am assuming are more difficult. Any and all help/suggestions/tips would be appreciated as I am newly starting this visa journey, and of course am very anxious/nervous.
  13. Hello friends, does anyone know what’s the next status after “Immigrant visa fee payment received”? It says they will mail the card within 90 days of entry to the US or payment (whichever happens the latest). But I was wondering if we should just wait for the card in the mail or if there’s any status update I can track. Thank you
  14. Hi everyone, Our expedite request was finally approved on Friday 4th June. We were expecting to be in the May batch of interviews as we were DQ'd at the end of February 2021 but I guess this is promising considering they didn't release any last month. Just wondered had anyone else recently heard anything about an expedite request they had filed in London? What were the wait times like between NVC emailing to tell you the expedite was accepted and your case status changing to “Ready”? We keep checking our CEAC status but it still is saying "At NVC" after 5 days now. I feel like based on what I've been reading, this is a long time? I am most likely wrong. We have the "Case has been expedited to post" message in our message folder but that's about it. As always, thank you in advance.
  15. Hello, US Embassy Jamaica are processing IR1/CR1 interviews starting with reschedules of interviews cancelled in March/April due to Covid-19. Anyone been rescheduled yet? What about new interviews for DQ's since April? I became DQ on June 17th, no interview date yet. Trying to get an idea of how long interviews are taking to be scheduled.
  16. dear forum members greeting of the day ! i am tunisian married to a US Citizen and she gonna file -130 petion online this month . we talk in daily basis for hours since 2017 and she stayed with me 12 months in tunisia before we get married im confusing about the quantity of messages i have to screenshot and upload, because almost we talk and text in daily basis during 4 years. is there any advice if i get the daily record or i will get randomly convo from each week or month and what is the best way to arrange them proprly thank you
  17. I'm hoping to hear some stories from people who have experience with embassies that stopped processing visa's due to curfew's and what happened after those curfew's were lifted. Sri Lanka is currently under curfew until at least the 14th and I believe they are only processing humanitarian, medical emergency, and IR/IH3, IR/IH4 (for adoptions?) visas. My question is did your embassy start processing more types of visa's after the curfew was lifted? I understand there is going to be a backlog, but I just want to hear other people's stories. My husband had his interview on April 29th and we have a CR-1 petition. They requested different translations than the ones we brought. Apparently they only accept ones from sworn translators in Sri Lanka, even though the ones we brought were accepted and approved by the NVC. No where does it say on the embassy website that they require that as well and the NVC didn't say anything about it either. Anyways, we dropped off the Sri Lankan translations May 4th. On May 11th our CEAC status was updated to "refused", and we haven't had any change since then. They haven't been responding to phone calls or emails. I do understand that even without the curfew we would still be in a "normal" time frame if we're in AP. But we can't even get confirmation from them that they received our documents. Mentally I'm not doing well, but I'm more worried about my husband's mental health. The waiting for an unknown amount of time is killing. I'm looking for slivers of hope that spouse applications have continued at least at other embassies after curfew's were lifted. I know every embassy and country will be different. I'm just desperate for some hope. Married for 2 years as of May14th... Whether or not you have any experience or hope to give, thank you for reading and understanding. I'm not expecting much in regards to personal experiences... I think I mostly just need to hear from others who understand this feeling.
  18. Hi there, my wife filed an petition for me last march. We received the NOTICE OF ACTION (Form I-797C) in march, which stated that they received the form and its processing. Later on within a week we received another letter which stated some login credentials for USCIS account and told us to activate the USCIS account. As required, we activated the account. Now I would like to know what's the next step? Its been a couple of months and still we didn't received any update. Please note the priority date is 17th March 2021 and the petitioner is a US citizen and visa type is CR1.
  19. Hello guys!! Quick question, I had my interview today and I was given a 221(g) form and the consular officer has ticked on “further consideration will be given to your visa application after we receive the items checked below” so he has checked financial documents and evidence of relationship. And I submitted them just now. Is this a bad sign? They kept my passport and original birth certificate and marriage certificate and the translations. What could happen next? At the interview the consular officer didn’t even wanna look at the evidence I brought there. If I’m getting the visa will I have to be interviewed again? Any possible red flags about my experience today?
  20. Hello, I've just received a message from NVC case FE note it says NVC cannot review your case until all the required documents are submitted but I have actually already submitted all the required documents DS-260, CIVIL DOCUMENTS, AOS... So, what to do now please?
  21. Hello members, What has been your experience with the Ombudsman office for cases outside normal processing at USCIS? Did it help your case? Thanks.
  22. Hello everyone, I am currently thinking of petitioning my soon to be husband. A little backstory first, I was born in the states and lived there for 13 years before my parents decided to move back to Guatemala. We've been living in Guatemala for 12 years now, and honestly I want to move back to the states, I have gone every year to visit my family in the US. Ok now to the actual info that matters, I have been dating my boyfriend for 9 years and we're both ready to get married in June (we have not lived together, I've been living with my parents) and want to move to the US. So I started researching the whole process of petitioning and all the fee's, I came across Direct Consular Filing under Exceptional Circumstances and would like to start the process. I have been applying to jobs to get the relocation letter and am waiting to get hired from one hopefully. I would deeply appreciate it if someone can give my a little guidance on how to this because I feel so lost. My questions are: 1. How do I start this process, do I have to go directly to the embassy of Guatemala or can I do it online? 2. What's the time frame of relocation notice? can it be implying me to leave to work in 2,3,4 months? 3. I will be having a joint sponsor since I have not lived in the states for 12 years, Can my joint sponsor be my brother? he has a stable job and is earning more than the total year earnings. 4. My brother can hire me and give me the relocation notice, Would this be a problem? 5. If the embassy approves, how long would it be expected for my boyfriend to get his visa/green card/SSN? 6. What kind of documents would they want me to show to see if our relationship is real? 7. Do you think DCF-EC is the way to go? Would be very thankful if someone can help me answer these questions also can I start the process as soon as next month or July since we are getting married in June?
  23. Hello Everybody, Today is the second anniversary or our Marriage and my passport is still at the US Consulate. I'm waiting for the consulate to complete their administrative processings in order to deliver a final decision. I have applied for a CR1 Visa and my question is : Since we have 2 years marriage and the case is still pending, if the final decision is positive, will they automatically change my CR1 visa to an IR1 Visa ? or Do i have to send an email or message to ask them to change it ? Thank you in advance Mohamed
  24. Anyone’s i-130 (CR-1) for spouse got approved recently from Vermont service center? I’m still waiting for updates 😞
  25. Hey everyone, it looks like May has been hard on a lot of people from around the world in the IR-1 and CR-1 category. It looks like some countries didn’t even do IL/CR-1 IL’s this month…I figured it would be a good idea to have a place where this information was stored. If you, or someone you know (tag them), got an IL letter, please post below: Date IL received - Consulate or Embassy Name - DQ Date - Interview Date
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