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  1. I could not find a general forum for all the Texas Service Center filers to come together and share their progress. This will give us TSC filers a general idea of what dates they are currently working on. My timeline is in my signature. Good luck to everyone, keep us up to date on your progress!
  2. Hi everyone, I started this topic to help everyone waiting for her/his physical green card after she/he arrived to the United States So I hope everyone share his OS155A status and post the time between his date of entry, the immigrant fee date, the date you received the physical card in mail. Wish you all the best My status: Poe: Newark May 5 2016 Paid : April 20 2016 USCIS status: payment received on 4/20/2016
  3. Hi All, I've been looking around and I'm sure it's here but I'll ask: - How long from emigrating under a CR1 will it take to get my social security number? - Can I start work whilst waiting (my boss wants me to re-start a week after a move)? - Any experiences? Thank you
  4. Heya! I hope that you are all doing well and that you are safe and sound. I am studying how to fill form Ds260 and I saw the question Previous addresses I was in Germany for more than 6 months but I always kept paying my taxes in my own country, was always registered in my own country and most of all... I left Germany on a touchy note. (nothing illegal, just personal bad experiences) Even though I wasn't registered as a German citizen with citizenship, do I have to put my German address as previous address? Thank you so much!
  5. Hi! Our CR-1 application got documentary qualified on Sept. 24th. We are wondering how long does it usually take until we get our interview email or date in Egypt? If anyone went through this recently can you please tell me how long you waited for the interview after you got DQ? Thanks.
  6. Hi everyone. I thought I would create a thread fo all of us who have petitions pending in China during this outbreak to share information. The embassy was closed last week due to the Chinese extension of spring festival holiday, and now the embassies have suspending visa services due to the US government’s limited staffing at the embassies and due to the president’s proclamation banning entry of foreigners who have been in China in the past 14 days. For myself, my fiancé visa petition was scheduled to be shipped to Guangzhou embassy last week and it didn’t ship, the next scheduled shipment is supposed to be next week on the 18th. At this point I don’t even think that’s going to happen. NVC says that they will of course extended the validity period of petitions they couldn’t be processed by the Embassies in China due to the outbreak, but that doesn’t worry me as much as trying to figure out when my loved one is gonna be able to get here. Anyone else out there in similar circumstances?
  7. As some of you may know, there is a provision in US immigration law that allows consulates around the world to reissue the expired visa if a person is unable to travel due to situations not under his control. I have read that particular provision and understand it except the line I have marked in RED below..can somebody please explain me what is the meaning of this line. The provision says as following-: 9 FAM 504.10-5(A) (U) Issuing Replacement Visa During Validity of Original Visa a. (U) If you are satisfied that an applicant will be or was unable to use an immigrant visa (IV) during its validity period because of reasons beyond the applicant’s control and for which the applicant is not responsible then you may issue a replacement visa with the originally allocated visa number within the same fiscal year even though the visa has not yet expired. You should recall and cancel the originally-issued visa and collect once again the appropriate IV application processing fee (including the Diversity Visa Lottery Fee for a DV applicant), unless the applicant was unable to use the visa as a result of action by the U.S. Government over which the alien had no control and for which the alien was not responsible. Now, Let us suppose my Cr1 visa expires in august and I apply for the reissue of visa at US consulate. Suppose, consulate start workimg on my case after september. Can a consulate be able to reissue visa or extend visa even after 30 september 2020. Because when we read provision "FAM 504.10-5(A) (U)", there is a line in there(marked in red above) that says something "SAME FISCAL YEAR". Does this have anything to do with my Cr1 immigrant visa if in case I need to get my visa reissued or extended? I will really appreciate if somebody can please guide me.
  8. My stepmom already had her CR1 interview in Manila two months ago (January 13th), all was okay until a slight hiccup after her interview. She got the section 221(g) document after her consulate interview because they need her police clearance certificates (PCC) from both Taiwan & Qatar (she was employed in those countries between 1987-1994). She has the Taiwan PCC (I already uploaded it in NVC’s CEAC), but still needs the Qatar one; her nephew lives in Qatar & is obtaining it. Qatar’s MOI where she will get her PCC from is on semi-lockdown too due to the COVID-19 shelter-in-place protocol! When I contacted her nephew, he said it’s not yet ready to obtain (it’s generally a one-week working period); her medical at St. Luke’s will expire in a couple of weeks! Because of COVID-19, will there be a delay in her immigration case from the US Embassy? She has one year to submit the missing hard copy items & the Qatar PCC has to be uploaded into NVC’s CEAC!
  9. Cr1 visa expires it 3 weeks but all flights are suspended because of covid19. What is the process to extend cr1 visa and how long will it take it again ? I know medical would be required again but is there gonna be another interview or waiting in administrative processing again?
  10. My wife she is us citizen , she was arrested that month for drugs trafficking , i received the NVC welcome letter that month as well , about affidavit of support I have a co-sponsor , should I proceed and pay nvc fees or I will get a denial ?
  11. Hi, my newly wedded husband an I would like to file for the CR1 visa soon but I could need some advice first. I already asked in a few facebook groups but couldn't really find an answer to my question. So, my husband is from MN, I'm from Germany and we got married in Las Vegas (Nevada). Nevada allows you to chose a new last name in the license application or you can just leave it blank. I called the city hall (Standesamt) twice because the first officer seemed a little confused and gave me different answers when I asked to verify if we're talking about the same issue. My "problem" is, I'd like both out last names, so FirstName MaidenName HisLastName. The officer first told me it's ok to do so. But then he asked which state we got married in and then said that Nevada only allows both last names if they're hyphenated. I don't want it to be hyphenated, that't a little too fancy for my liking to be required to use it every time i gotta sign something and it seems more easy going without the hyphen. Has anyone else changes his/her last name in Germany and used the US name change law and could give me some advice ? Also, we'd like to file the i-130 petition ASAP, should I file it with my maiden name ? And at which point do I have to send them my new passport with my new last name ? My passport expires in March 2021 so I'd like to renew it with my new last name but atm all offices are closed due to the Covid-19. Kind regards and thanks in advance! Rina
  12. Being in administrative processing was told to submit extra documents, then i saw everyone here complaining about their case turning to refused even though consulate officer told them to submit extra documents. I called my embassy but they can't give any info. Please is this a new method now for people who are in AP?
  13. Hello! just wanted to update anyone with a expedite request approved......my husbands expedite was approved on 3/17/2020 the day before the embassy closed, I thought we wouldn’t hear anything from the consult until the reopened but today I received a call to schedule our interview! They have appointments as soon as the first week of April. The agent stated that expedites are being worked on during the shut down as they are considered emergency cases!
  14. I don’t know where it’s written or if it’s even written, but pertaining to a WoM (Writ of Mandamus), what do you all think a federal judge considers to be an UNREASONABLE length of administrative processing when considering the WoM?
  15. My Hungarian fiance and I (US Citizen) are planning on getting married in Ireland (where he and his family reside) this September. After that, we plan to apply for the CR-1 Visa. At first, we were thinking we could have him stay on VWP for less than 90 days and then he could go to Mexico for a few days and re-enter. I now realize that could easily constitute border hopping. Anyway, some complications to our situation: 1) I am a full-time student and can't take longer than 2 quarters (about 5 months) off of enrolment to maintain my admission. I am currently on leave for work and will have to return in September just after we get married. 2) He is currently trying to find an EU-based remote working job so he can make money while in the US, which would mean he quits his current job. Is that an ok thing to do? Would that maintain enough of a tie to EU to eliminate issues when entering US on VWP? 4) While he has a well-paying job and mine is decent, we both have student loans and a wedding to pay for (though we're trying to keep costs to a minimum!). 5) While we're very good at long distance, we are looking forward to finally living together. If our only option is to live apart and make short but very few visits, we'll do more than our best. But given it's a marriage, we want to do everything we can to remain physically together. We're now considering the following: - We get married in September in Ireland. - We enter the US a few days/weeks after our wedding, fiance on VWP with a return ticket already purchased for December. I go to school and work for one quarter. Fiance works remotely from EU-based job. While living in the US, we would be staying in a studio apartment rented from my parents. No formal lease to attach him permanently to the address. - While in US, we apply for CR-1. - In December, before his 90 days on VWP are up, we return to Ireland and stay there while fiance continues to work remotely or perhaps at his old job? Not sure yet. I may be able to do some online coursework and care for his family members (non-paid). I may also be able to do research for my degree there (we met while I was studying abroad in Ireland). I could be there for up to 90 days on a tourist visa. - Depending on CR-1 status at this point, we could either 1) live separately for a short time waiting on CR-1 greencard approval, me studying in US, him working in Ireland. Or we could 2) do the switcheroo back to the US so I can study in US while he's here working remotely. - Depending on options we would then: 1) Schedule our interview at the consulate in Dublin and he would enter US on CR-1. Would I need to be at the interview? or 2) Schedule an interview at an embassy in the US. Is it possible to do this for visitors on the VWP? Then have him fly in from Mexico or Canada (or somewhere else with inexpensive flights) on CR-1. It's a little complicated, but is this situation viable? I will so appreciate any advice anyone can give. We already decided after months of back-and-forth that K-1 wasn't going to work for us so we're really trying to make the CR-1 work. And of course this is all dependent on the COVID-19 situation. Sorry if this was a headache to read! Much love
  16. Hello guys. Small question. How does this DS 5540 form work? Does this apply for pending i 130 petitions with the USCIS as well? We didn’t get the NOA 2 yet but what happens when we get the approval? I heard the public charge rule applies only for the petitions/applicants file on or after 24th February 2020 but I’m not sure about this since we will again have to file the ds 260 after the approval. Does the beneficiary have to go through this as well apart from the DS 260?
  17. My case has been in AP for more then 7 months. I very exhausted mentally and just cant deal with the torture. We sent more then enough evidence but the counselor said they wanted more proof. We sent so much and it seemed just hard to believe that they would want something again. They contacted us after some time and said documents where not receive. I genuinely thought that I was being discriminated. It sounded so B.S that they didn't receive the documents. I had the tracking number and gave it to them and they responded. They said they received the documents and since then heard nothing. Im frustrated. I am US Citizen and I miss my wife so much to the point where I have become depressed. Now the Cornovirus has come. Will this impact the processing? Will they still process the case? Anyone in the same boat?
  18. Dear, Visa Journey colleagues. My husband (US citizen) and I got married on April, 30th 2018 in Korea and we are currently under the NVC stage with immigration visa (CR1/IR1). As my husband wanted to stay with him, I've been going back and forth between US and Korea with ESTA (VISA WAIVER - up to 90 days stay) until now. We've been on going this immigration process through the lawyer (case priority date ; June, 2018), which is very unhelpful and wasting of time and money , And currently we got stuck at NVC stage for document review so long. After our lawyer's office screwed uploading papers on NVC portal a several times (duh), finally all documents were accepted EXCEPT the J1 visa document related to me. the J1 visa document was uploaded on the NVC portal on Sep. 2018, but no one reviewed it so far on the NVC end. the lawyer's office made an inquiry about it, however, all we could hear from the NVC is a sort of generic respond saying, "the document is still under review." . (Even this moment, we don't really trust what the lawyer office does. we didn't just fire them since we paid the balance and it seems like we are almost done with this painful visa journey) As I need to go back to Korea again on this upcoming April, to not overstay in the US with ESTA, We couldn't tolerate that kind of delays any further and finally spoke with the representative this morning after making more than 30 times of calls, needless to say we were on hold more than 40 minutes. (My husband always calls them but seems like he has more luck when I am with him while making a call 😮) The lady saying "due to the recent system update, the system might not show the document to the NVC officer for reviewing and that's what happens to you unfortunately. there's nothing I can do with it." It was really outrageous that we all could see the document on our end but NVC officer couldn't see it...? Even if it is true, c'mon.. How many times we made inquires about "that specific document" so far... srsly....!! Me and my husband was so furious, literally lost our words what to say, and asking her back how come no one contacts us regarding the issue,,, she replied to us ; there are so many cases, we cannot just review one by one and revert the opinion back, also said there's nothing she could do about it and just re upload the document on the portal. I know They have notorious fame with their case handling manner and it has been the issue for so many years and we're very exhausted with this kind of emotional distress. However, we really want to address this unbelievable issue to somewhere for the immediate attention on the case, regardless it is effective or not, as we believe some people need to speak their voice for the other people to prevent the same issue. I mean, We pursue the immigration process in a legit way, but consequently we are the victims due to the ignorance and systemic issue of the government. So Please Please advise where we could make complaints, either official or not, other than emailing / calling NVC, If you have any idea... (We already asked the lawyer for the channels, but we don't really expect positive answer from them.) Thank you in advance, Sincerely, K.
  19. My wife had interview on march 11th,2020 . Everything was good and consular congratulate her for visa approval and took her passport. Yesterday I was checking status of visa and found visa in on Administrative Processing. Does anyone has experience like this? They didn't ask any documents and didn't say anything. We don't know anything what happened.
  20. S' vremena na vreme VisaJourney odradi "ciscenje servera" i zatvori velike teme. S' obzirom da nama treba prostor za stare i nove clanove, evo ovde mozemo da nastavimo sa pricom i savetima o procesu dobijanja viza za USA. Na linku ispod mozete naci stari topic koji je zatvoren za komentare ali je pun dobrih saveta. Dobrodosli <3
  21. I would like to share my recent medical examination (ME) experience at St. Luke’s Medical Center Extension Clinic (SLEC) at 1177 Jorge Bacobo Street, Ermita, Manila (Philippines) for CR1 - US Visa to give you a peek, knowledge and understanding of what happened to me inside. Since I am not from Manila and SLEC is the only medical facility for a US Visa ME, I emailed them for my queries and waited for their response before I filed my leave of absence at work and booked my flight to Manila. After 2 days, I got their response that female applicants may now undergo ME even during their period. Though an online appointment with SLEC was not necessary (since they operate on a first come, first serve basis) I made sure to accomplish my US Immigrant Visa - Online Registration to reduce registration time. Me and my mom arrived around 4p.m. in Manila, a day before my scheduled ME and we stayed in a hotel 6 mins. away from SLEC. DAY 1 04:45 am → Me and my mom arrived at SLEC. I was approximately the 50th person in line 05:00 am → Two guards opened the entrance door & started accepting applicants 05:35 am → When it was my turn, I handed my organized documents to the guard. He took two (2) NVC Interview Letter, one (1) photocopy of my passport biographic/data page, four (2) 2x2 visa photos with my full name written at the back of each photo (make sure you have the neutral facial expression in your photos otherwise the guard will ask you to submit another photos/ this visa photo guide will help you ---> http://www.slec.ph/img/us_photo_guide.png), one (1) copy of the SLEC online registration confirmation and my passport 05:45 am → The guard stamped my papers and handed them back to me with the number 14 (small rectangle green card) on top. He stamped the back of my right hand with “SLEC A”. He checked my bag and saw the bottler of water and small biscuits that I packed. I was allowed to keep the bottle of water but he asked me to leave the biscuits (since foods are not allowed inside) so I gave it to my mom. Good thing, we already ate before we went to the clinic. I was the only one allowed inside and my mom had to wait outside the clinic. But don’t worry, SLEC has a waiting area for your relatives who accompanied you 06:00 am → Reception Counters at the ground floor started to open. They started calling out numbers & colors. I saw three different colors, mine is green, some are blue and some are red. It was pretty cold inside but I had my jacket to keep me warm. 06:15 am → When it was my turn, I gave the receptionist all the documents and he started asking me questions (is this your first time at SLEC, complete name, date of birth, educational attainment, civil status, occupation, last country visited etc.) After that, he took my photo and fingerprint scan. Then he instructed me on what to do next, handed me my PDS form with my patient number and passport back 06:20 am → I went to the 5th floor to pay the Medical Examination Fee at the Cashier. It was still closed when I got there. The lady guard took the PDS form, instructed me to sit at the waiting area and wait for my name to be called 06:35 am → Lady guard called my name, gave me my PDS form. I handed my PDS from, passport and P17,025.00 to the cashier. SLEC doesn’t accept checks, credit nor debit cards for payment. The cashier instructed me what to do next, gave me my passport, receipt for the fee and PDS form. 07:12 am → I went to the 3rd floor for the X-ray. I handed my PDS form, receipt and passport. The nurse asked me to read, sign a waiver and/or consent and fill out all items she checked. She asked me to write the date of the last first day of my period. I returned it to the nurse and waited for my name to be called. 07:20 am → The nurse called my name, gave me my documents (PDS form, receipt, passport and radiology number), instructed to me go to radiology room, take my shirt, bra, jewelries off, wear the hospital gown and make sure my long hair is tied up. There are seats inside the x-ray changing room and I waited there for my number to be called. 07:25 am → It was my turn, the radiographer took my documents and asked me a series of questions (full name, date of birth, educational attainment etc). She then asked me to stand in front of the x-ray unit positioned at my chest level, placed both my hands on my hips and hold the pad, roll my shoulders forward, lift my chin and take a deeeeeeeep breath, exhale and then another deeeeeep breath. That was it and I was done. She asked me to take my documents which she placed on the chair, change my clothes and go to Laboratory. 07:37 am → I went to the Laboratory at the 4th floor for my blood and urine tests. I handed the nurse my PDS form, receipt and passport. She gave a paper to read and sign (consent/waiver document). I returned it to her, took a seat and I waited for my name to be called. 07:45 am → It was my turn, the nurse returned my documents and asked me to scan my finger. She lead me to the laboratory room where I waited for a few minutes. I gave my documents (PDS, receipt and passport) to the nurse, she scanned my finger and took my blood sample to be analyzed for many things. She returned my documents and instructed me to go to the first door at the right side for the urine test. 08:00 am → I drank the bottle of water I brought with me before the blood test so by this time, I was ready to pee. I handed my documents (PDS, receipt and passport) to the nurse, she asked me when was the last first day of my period and what was the time when I last peed. She gave me a clean sterile container to collect my urine sample. There was a line drawn on the cup, she instructed me to fill the cup up to that level line (do not add water if you did not reach the level line and if it exceeds just let it be) cover the container, if you get anything on the outside of the cup, wipe it off with toilet paper. After I collected my urine sample, the nurse asked me to place it on the round tray with my name on it. I washed my hands and went out of the room. She handed me my documents back and instructed me on what to do next 08:00 am → I went to the 2nd floor for the immunization interview, I submitted my documents (PDS, receipt and passport) to the man at the immunization reception. He gave me a form to read and sign. I returned it to him, took a seat and waited for my name to be called. 08:40 am → After the long wait, my name was finally called, I went to the reception area where the man gave me my documents back then I was lead to the immunization interview room. The doctor asked for my finger scan and she asked me a lot of questions. It was quick though. 09:00 am → I went to the 5th floor and submitted my documents to the nurse at the vital signs counter. I waited for my name to be called. When it was my turn, she took my weight measurement, temperature, blood pressure and then asked me to go to another room where my height measurement and eye test were taken. Then they forwarded my documents to the US Counter and instructed me to wait for my name to be called. 09:25 am → US Counter called my name, the lady handed me my documents with number 7 (Room 8) attached. She instructed me to wait outside the room. 09:40 am → I was called by the doctor inside the physical test room, I handed her my documents and she asked for my finger scan. She asked me to sign a document stating that I have not given birth nor had any pregnancies and/or abortions. Then she asked me a series of questions (full name, date of birth, educational attainment, occupation, operations, hospitalizations, mental health etc… it was a lot of questions) and she types all of your answers in their database. She then asked me to take my clothes off (except for bra and underwear) and wear the hospital gown. She checked my throat and asked if I have other tattoos aside from the ones on my left arm. She then asked me to lie on the bed. By this time, my heart was pounding and the doctor felt it. She asked me if I am scared or nervous. I said I am scared that I will be asked to get totally naked. She smiled. Then she asked me if I have given birth, I said no. Any pregnancies…… no.. she checked below my tummy and my back and legs. And that was it. She returned my documents and instructed me to submit them to US Counter outside. 10:30am → I submitted my documents to the US Counter and after 10 minutes, my name was called. The lady instructed me to return tomorrow at 9:00 am for immunization and collection of my medical examination result. She returned my receipt which was stamped 9:00 am at the back and my passport which was stamped and signed at the 2nd last page. DAY 2 08:30am → I handed my documents (receipt and passport) to the guard at the entrance and he asked for my finger scan. He instructed me to leave my passport and receipt at counter A. I took a seat and waited for my name to be called 08:45am → I heard my name was called and I was asked to wait on the 2nd floor for the immunization. Yeap, it was a super long wait… I took my phone and played games while waiting. 10:20am → Finally, my name was called. I went inside the immunization room where I got my four (4) shots. The first two shots didn’t hurt but the third and last shots hurt so bad. The nurse told me to avoid becoming pregnant during the first 60 days from the date I got the vaccines. 10:45am → I went to the ground floor - counter A and waited for my name to be called. 10:55am → yhaayy I was called. The receptionist asked me to leave my passport on counter A and wait for my name to be called. 11:00am → Counter F called my name. I went there and was greeted by a lady nurse. She asked me a series of questions (full name, date of birth, educational attainment, occupation, inteview date, husband’s name, my medication for my asthma, my last hospitalization etc) she then asked me to check my name and date of birth which were written on the CD of chest radiograph. Then she asked me to check the details written on the Vaccination Documentation Worksheet. Then she handed me the US Dept. Of State Form (Vaccination Record) which will be presented for application of work in the USA. Then she gave me a sealed short brown envelope with the huge warning “DO NOT OPEN” written on it. This will be brought at the time of interview and only the consular officer has the right to open it. Then she stamped the 2nd last page of my passport and signed it. Before you leave SLEC, make sure you have your passport, official receipt, CD, sealed brown envelope and your vaccination record (Vaccination Documentation Worksheet). The whole medical examination process was exhausting yet I am so glad everything turned out well. It was such a wonderful experience. If you are about to do your medical examination. I am wishing and praying it will turn out well too. I hope this post helps.
  22. Hi all, this is my first time here but I am a US citizen engaged to a South Korean. She had been visiting me here in the US on the Vista Waiver, but we have not married yet. We had been looking at our options for getting married. We thought about K1, but we didn’t like the long period of limbo associated with the adjust of status (she wants freedom to travel back and forth between the US and South Korea). We also do not want to lie to the officer at the port of entry and get married on her ESTA visa. So we decided on perhaps getting married in Canada and then using the marriage certificate to apply for CR-1 here in the States. To clarify, we are both non-Canadian residents. So my question is, will the marriage haven taken place in Canada affect our chances on receiving the CR1 visa? thank you all.
  23. So I got this DS5535 after 2.5weeks in being on AP but now refused. I filled the answers and emailed them back because that was asked. Now my question is how do I know that they have recieved my email. Also i know the people who get these have to wait a year and so. But are there any one who got rid of this in a month or two??? Would love to know about thier cases. Visa category F4 Islamabad embassy.
  24. Starting the thread for January 2019 Filling - been through this process on the K1 journey all the way through an interview at the Mumbai Embassy last April 2018. We were stuck in AP and had a rare chance to spend 45-days together so we jumped ship and married in India (Nov 24th). So, here we are again going through the same process and praying that it goes faster. Mailed: Dec 26th (tracked delivery on Dec 28th) Notification: Pending NOA1 & Service Center: Pending Happy Journey!! Annie
  25. Hi all! My girlfriend (F29, nurse, Washington state, USA, us citizen, single) and I (M31, banker, British Columbia Canada, Brazilian citizen, Canadian permanent resident, divorced, valid B1/B2 visa) have been dating for 7 months, and started to seriously consider marriage lately. We have been spending almost every other weekend together, in Canada, in the US, and we are still getting educated on both the fiance visa and the spousal visa. We live within a 2h drive from each other. For this process to work, we would have 2 priorities: staying together after the wedding, AND ability to work asap (for me in this case). We understand that these priorities work against each other hahaha, so that's why WE NEED YOUR EXPERIENCE and ADVICE. If we do get engaged (we are doing church counseling right now) it would be during the holidays when we are visiting my family in Brazil. (She shouldn't read this haha) Please feel free to remind us of anything we may be missing. While we do understand the basic pros and cons of each visa, a few questions are still unclear. These are the things that freak us out about each visa: K1: can't drive/open bank account/travel/study during AOS? (Even with a current Canadian drivers license? Education wise, I would look into certifications more than standard formal education) Employers basically won't really take EAD seriously (due to expiry date/temporary status) so actual skilled work roughly 12 months after the wedding?? Must not have wedding plans upon Montreal interview for K1? Or is it ok to plan in advance and disclose it during the interview? CR-1 Which country should we get married to pursue the CR-1 process? Should it include the wedding ceremony or are they just looking for the marriage certificate? eventually getting married and still living a couple of hours apart, won't that be held against us? Overall, does it look like a K1 case to you guys, or is it more of a CR-1? Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you all! Cheers
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