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Jamaica Review #24866 on October 20, 2018:


Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

Interview was 8:30 I reach before 8am and was inside before 8:30
I was asked.

Who’s filing for u
What’s my husband name
How and when did we meet
What site did we meet on
Which states he live
Where does my husband work
What kind of ... read complete review

Guangzhou, China Review #24865 on October 20, 2018:

Sophie & TJ

Review Topic: K1 Visa

Swear Everything I say is true.
Fingers print
Q1: What's your name?
Q2: What's your spouse's name?
Q3: How did you meet each other?
Q4: Can you tell me the process of your relationship?
Q5: What's your fiancé's job?
Q6: What's your job?
Q7: Wh... read complete review

Montreal, Canada Review #24864 on October 20, 2018:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

It was a pretty short and seamless experience if you are prepared. I actually think I was over prepared, because I didn’t even need to show them half the documents I brought, but I think it’s smart to bring as much evidence as you can just encase they request it. I entered the building at 8:15am... read complete review


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