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  1. Hi, My mother in law is bringing her son into the USA via i130. She is now in the process of filling out the i864 with a joint sponsor. The question is, can the 2017 taxes be used since the 2018 taxes haven't been done be either.
  2. Aloha, My fiancé and I have our interview coming up in the end of February. He is Australian and I am American. I'm feeling pretty good about our documents, I've been working very hard to make sure we have everything they require and then some. The one thing that is pressing on my mind is that I have not made enough money the past few years to be required to file for taxes and I haven't filed. I feel a bit dumb, but I did not plan ahead for having tax returns to bring with. I read somewhere that I can bring a letter stating that I was not required to file along with my I-134 Affidavit of support and that of my joint sponsor. My joint sponsor is my retired father you gains money from his retirement plan. He has plenty of evidence, tax returns from three years prior, bank statements and proof of his retirement payment each month. My question is, will this be enough evidence to get by? My fear is that my lack of tax returns will be an issue with them. Any constructive advice would be welcome! Thank you!
  3. Hey guys! I spent the last 4 hours looking for answers I can't find, so I figured I'd just ask on here! My husband came here on his K-1 visa and is now waiting for his AOS to receive his green card. I'm filing my 2018 taxes right now and I'm filing as married. My husband does not have an SSN yet and does not have work documents yet. he obviously isn't working right now, do to that. I'm confused as to what I should do. Is he eligible to fill out a W-7?? or should I say he's a non-resident alien? In my head I thought he's viewed as a resident alien because he has an alien ID number. Please give me guidance if y'all know how I can properly file my taxes! thanks in advance!!
  4. Hi everyone, I don't know if it is ok this question in VJ forum. But i need some help, so if someone knows something i will be thankfull. I was living in USA with a J-1 Visa. I came back to my country in july 2018. So, i am not sure if i have to pay taxes.
  5. Greetings from Texas, Y'all-- I need higher levels of wisdom than I am experiencing locally. If I've done something wrong, it wasn't intentional. Please be kind with your responses. :-) I have a tax filing extension (until October 15) for my 2017 taxes. I filed my taxes on May 21, 2018. My/our status was Married Filing Jointly. I put all 9s in the ID box, submitted a completed W-7, and attached a certified copy of her passport. 1. My wife is a domestic worker in the Philippines, and she led me to believe all she could give was a letter of employment with her wage rate. I included a photograph/copy of the letter with my return. 2. The NVC sent us a "soft checklist," saying that I was missing, "A copy of every W-2 form that relates to your 2017 tax returns." I only had one W-2, so they must mean her wage documentation. 3. Come to find out that after HARD work, she got hold of four pages that show all of her wages in 2017. 4. My 1040EZ is somewhere in the system. The IRS tool tells me it is being processed and that "Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available." It's been 7 weeks as of today. 6. Our appointment in Manila is August 7, complete with booked tickets & all. Is this a real issue? I've overpaid, even if Married FIling Single. I've got 29 days, and I'm completely open and willing to try suggestions. What should I do next? Appreciate Y'all, LG
  6. Hi all. Here comes the wall of stupid text. Our ROC window opens on June 1. I work remotely for a software company and make over 5 times more than my husband on his good year - he works part-time bar and driving jobs. Plus, we moved across the country a few months ago, and while I continued working for the same company, it took him some time to find a job. That means that rent and loans come out of my paycheck. I don't really know how a joint account would make sense in that situation, but we can definitely open one, or I can add him to one of my credit card accounts with his own card. Do you think it makes sense opening a joint account at like a credit union, or can we just get a card for him with one of my accounts? Adding him as an authorized used for my primary credit card account is not an issue, I'll probably do that anyway now (although he's against that), and those cards could be used for groceries and gas. But with the majority of my paycheck going towards rent, bills and loans (which are in my name because of my income and credit) I don't even know how much I would be able to transfer to a joint bank account that it would mean anything. How does a joint bank account work? I have my checking for my direct deposit, and he has his own checking for his direct deposit. Would we need to change that? Or should I just dump the rent monies into that account and then write a check from it? (This could be difficult because transferring money between banks takes time and my rent is considered late the day after I get paid. My only hope here is that the landlord takes a couple of days to cash the checks.) All other bills and loans that I pay are in my name, so I don't know if paying them from a joint account makes sense. Another thing is that he has a few accounts in collections and a delinquent student loan - the latter means that IRS takes his refunds. For that reason we file as "married filing separately", because my refund helps us cover some bills, and in 2017 it actually paid the AOS fees. Can we just explain the student loan thing in the cover letter, or do we have to file jointly and file form 8379 (Injured Spouse Allocation)? Other than that: • we got both our names on the lease • one of the cars has both our names on the title • we have the same insurance policy for both cars (with both of us listed as drivers for each, but the policy is in my name) • he's on my health insurance • I will work with the notary to draw a power of attorney for each of us • Our apartment community just changed hands and the new owners can now add my husband's name to the utilities bill I also have him as a beneficiary of my checking and savings, and of my Acorns Later (IRA). Not sure if it would be possible to get some sort of official proof of the beneficiary thing though. I also reached out to the electricity provider and asked if they can add my husband to the account. I have Spotify Family for the two of us, but I doubt that would count, and how to prove it Oh! I also have him listed as associate with AAA but no official way of proving that (our cards have different numbers on them). We each have our own cell service plans with different providers (he likes to change providers, and it kinda helps being on different networks when we are somewhere with poor coverage). I know this is not a neat list that people usually post I'm mostly worried how much the separate tax returns and the absence of a joint bank account will matter.
  7. I'll just come out and say this: I have unfiled tax returns for 2011 and 2010. My wife is from England and we are in the immigration nightmare currently. It's unbelievable, the tangled brush of bureaucracy. Currently, I have a good job, but I was on unemployment (in Texas) in 2010 and 2011, basically moving around a lot trying to find work. I am trying to get my late 1099 forms filed, so I used my mother as a joint sponsor on our I-864 file. She more than meets the requirements. I didn't realize that I still needed to file an I-864 in my own name, and we got a RFE (Request for Evidence) asking for my form. In the form, there is a tick box that says "I have filed a Federal tax return for each of the three most recent tax years. I have attached the require photocopy or transcript of my Federal tax return for only the most recent tax year." So, I am going to rush to get my unfiled taxes taken care of, but my question is this: Will the fact that my taxes for the last three years are super late, or that I have an outstanding balance with the IRS, mean that our AOS petition will be denied? I don't know what I'd do if my wife were taken from me over something like this. Thanks for your answers, Allen
  8. I, the petitioning sponsor, am working on Steps 4 and 5 of my wife's IR-1 visa application process. The earnings from my current part-time job in Japan plus my wife and my combined assets may put us over the required 25% above the poverty line (125% of poverty). But to be safe, my mother (who files taxes jointly with my father), will be the only joint sponsor. Also, my father sent me a signed letter on his business letterhead saying there's a full-time position paying $15/hr. effective when I make landfall in the US. My question is, how should my mother calculate her earnings for 2017? -Simply add together line 1 from both of her W-2 forms [...which wouldn't show their earnings from real estate sales from their other business.(Yes, I know; real estate holdings must be proven with further documentation.)]? -Split their adjusted gross income from their 1040? -Other? Thank you for reading! Kind Regards, Itchy
  9. I filed my 2017 tax return as MFJ with ITIN renewal. ITIN was rejected in May, exemption denied. Spouse and I lived together all year in 2017, separated in March2018 and wants nothing to do with me. That means I can't submit a new ITIN application, how do I go from MFJ to HOH and can I even do that? Can a court order us to file our taxes together for 2017?
  10. Hi guys. Hoping to hear from some canucks and see if you guys are getting N-400 ASAP or are happy to stay as a LPR. I know dual US-Cad citizens (dual at birth) who live in Canada and they’ve told me that US tax compliance is a nightmare. If if we ever wanted to move to Canada (no plans) we’d have to deal with TFSA being taxable, gains over $500k on sales of primary home being taxable etc. does it make sense to just stay as a LPR? Canadian passport is pretty much accepted the same as a US zone. Anyway. This whole concept of citizenship based taxation is quite worrying. Spouse and kids are all USC and I’m Canadian. Kids are dual. I LOVE America and living here and am torn. Feel like LPR gives options and other than voting and being able to sponsor someone I am not missing anything else am I? If we leave USA to live abroad I’d lose LPR but I guess I could always file N-400 at that time? Thanks guys. Hoping others can share their thoughts. Pros cons etc. . Thank you.
  11. Hi! I’ve been reading lots here, trying to figure things out before making this, my first post (please tell me if I've done something the wrong way!). Here’s my situation: I am a USC and have dual citizenship with an EU country. My domicile is in the US, but my work is location independent: I can work anywhere. I have a house, car, extended family, etc. in the US. I also have a high income, so must think carefully about taxation. My fiancée is a Spanish citizen. She (we are a same-sex couple) will be completing her Ph.D. before the end of the year. She is planning on an academic/teaching/research career but is open to whatever opportunities arise. We have been living and traveling together this year to avoid overstaying either of our allowed times in various countries. Yes, I can live and work in the EU on that passport, but I don’t want to pay taxes in another country if I can avoid it. We have been in 6 countries so far this year, and it would be very nice to be able to stay somewhere for more than a month or two at a time! Our first priority is staying together. Second concern is my fiancée’s ability to work wherever we are. But, I can afford to sponsor my fiancée’s entry to the US and support her if she is unable to work for a time while things are processing. We are taking photos and keeping records for the proof of relationship. We have met each other’s families, friends, etc.. So, the questions: 1: When should we get married? As soon as possible? As far as I can tell, the K-1 visa has no significant benefit, so it is better to just go for the CR-1. 2: How can we stay together as much as possible without overrunning my 90 days in Spain, her 90 days in the US, or 90 days basically anywhere? Or my 182 within a year in any particular country? 3: We will be talking with an immigration lawyer in the US soon. Anyone have suggestions for good ones? The plan: Currently, the best idea we’ve come up with sounds a bit daft, but may work (we will, of course, be running it by immigration and tax lawyers). The idea is to move to Chile and stay there together while all the US papers are being filed. We’ve been in Chile together before. My fiancée has work contacts in Santiago and has a reasonable expectation of getting a one or two year postdoc position there. Chile has exceptionally easy immigration and favorable tax laws. Since all of my income would be from sources in the US, I would be exempt from Chilean taxes for the first three years. I assume that it is reasonable to think that my fiancée can get a green card within three years? I know DCF is not an option in Chile, so the paperwork would all be done via mail. Because my domicile is in Montana, I believe the papers will be processed in the Nebraska facility, which seems to have slightly better processing speeds than some of the others. The Santiago consulate seems pretty chill and low-traffic from what I’ve read. Appointment wait times are not too long. Or, am I barking up the wrong tree altogether here, and my fiancée should try to get entry on her academic qualifications + a job offer? Thanks for reading! Ideas? Comments? Questions? Hints?
  12. Hi guys for 2 years I've been filing Head of Household, i have 2 children, however i am married. i recently filed an amendment to file as married filing separately. I have the tax transcripts for all 5 years as required. Will the head of household filing status be an issue for the n400 interview since the transcripts of the amended return wont be available in time for the interview which is a month away? Can i just bring a copy of the return for the 2 years that was amended?
  13. I'm getting a lot of mixed information, I was told to submit the affidavit of support so my fiancé could take it to his interview and now im being told no it isn't necessary can someone please help so I don't do the stupid thing and prolong the process even more.. thank you!!!
  14. Hello guys, i am filling IR1/CR1 visa for my husband and currently need to file in my 2017 taxes so i can forward them to NVC, i was wondering what is the fastest way to file my taxes as married filling separately as my husband is living overseas and does not have SSN or TIN. i was told that i can no longer fill in " NRA " in place of SSN or TIN on the taxes forums, can someone confirm this please? Thank you all in advance!
  15. hello everyone, i need some help , how many years of tax declaration its necessary to present for affidavit of support?? or just the last year?? thanks
  16. Hey, can anyone please help me with telling me everything I need to file form W7? And how do we file it? I mean, where do we send it and are there any fees? Thanks
  17. Hello, Here is a quick synopsis of my story- I sincerely appreciate any help in advance! My wife and I were married in 2016- when I went to file my taxes in 2017 (FY2016), I wanted to file as Married Filing Jointly, but was unable to because at that point my wife did not have a SSN and the documentation need to get an ITIN was unattainable. I was forced to file Married Filing Seperately. She has now received her SSN and I had no trouble filing Married/Jointly in 2018 (FY2017) using her SSN. What I am trying to do is file an amended return for the 2016 tax year as Married Filing Jointly. Does anyone know what docs I need besides a 1040X? Any help/response received is appreciated! Thank you!
  18. Hello community! I just got a letter from the USCIS requesting the petitioner for my case (my wife) to fill out the I-864 form and send it to them with the required evidences. The thing is that, she never did her taxes - on the last 4 years, she did not really work as she was doing some exchange programs abroad. She works now but the money she makes now is not enough to cover the sponsorship. So we used her mom as a joint sponsor. When I sent my paperwork, I just sent an I-864 with my mother-in-law information and taxes returns. Do you know how I should respond to this once my wife has never done her taxes? Also, do you think I should submit a second copy of my mother-in-law information? thank you very much!!
  19. I need some help on filling out the I-864 form. The first, is on Part 2 item number 2, could I put my U.S physical address for my wife and put her name on the “In Care of Name” My second question is for part 6 item number 7. I’m self employed and in my taxes I have two different income amounts. In this part should I put my income without the profit or loss from business? Or should I put my income including the profit/loss from business on part 6 item number 20? I also didn’t file taxes on 2016, I didn’t earn enough to report to IRS. What should I put on part item number 24.c? Will I need to provide evidence why I didn’t file taxes that year or it won’t matter?
  20. Hello. I have prepared my forms and taxes for 2017 and 2016 to use for my 1-864 visa sponsorship for my husband. However, I did not file taxes in 2015 as I was still a student and dependent on my parents then. Should I include their taxes? Or will the two years suffice? Thank you.
  21. Google couldn't tell me, but you clever folks might know: So we will get a visa to go to the US and then later on get a green card. I'm doing CR-1 myself. But from what point on is your income taxable? The day your flight lands in the country? The day you request your green card? The day your SSN is issued or the day that you receive all your documents?
  22. Greetings, I recently applied to Citizenship N-400 and my case was denied due to an improper error from USCIS 20 years ago. According to USCIS: Timeline: Enter the country with tourist visa 09/18/1992 Request for Asylum 10/22/1992 Asylum Interview 09/01/1998 My date of birth 09/09/1977 - I turned 21 on 09/09/1998 Recommended Approval 09/22/1998 Granted Asylum 02/22/1999 LPR since 04/24/2012 Applied for N-400 06/09/2017 Interviewed for N-400 11/21/2017 Denial N-400 05/21/2018 When I had my interview for asylum with my parents, my two older siblings at the time were asked to do their interview separate because at the time of interview they were 21 and 22. My younger sister (16 at that time) and myself (20 at that time). All my siblings are now citizens but because I was 20 at the time of the interview and my asylum was approved when I was 21 USCIS told me on the denial letter that I don't qualify anymore. My green card was given to me by mistake. I came here when I was 15, I have a family here, a career and I'm shock that this is happening to me. I need advise on how to tackle this and recommendation for lawyers that believe in this case and that they are willing to fight this un-justice. Thank you.
  23. Hello, I am USA citizen. We got married in September of 2017 in Russia. Should I have checked my marital status as married on my 2017 taxes?
  24. Hi, I am a resident with a pending Removal of Conditions (ROC) process pending. My window to apply to citizenship opened on May 10th. I haven't filed any form yet. I need some suggestions from you on how to deal with this situation. I first came to US as an au pair 2011-2013 (In New Mexico), left and came back on 2015 with a CR1 visa. I got my green card in Aug 2015. I now live with my husband in Texas. For 2015-2017 I filed taxes join with my husband. My concern is the taxes while I was an aupair. For 2011 I did file taxes helped by a program in the community center I was taking classes at. The thing is that the person told me I was going to get a refund and I did. Later I realized I was not supposed to as I was foreign. For 2013, I worked Jan-Jul and I thought I hadn't made enough money to pay taxes. Au pairs get paid around $198 per week. It is my understanding that my earnings in 2013 were a little above of the amount needed to pay taxes for. I am not quite sure going to an accountant would help. After I came back to US with my CR1 visa, I talked to two accountants in New Mexico and they both told me that if the IRS didn't send me a letter I should not be worried. Well, I am worried. I was not supposed to get refund. So that means that I got money from the government that I am not supposed to and I own them money too from 2013. Now that I am in Texas I am confused about what to do. I don't quite trust accountants as they are not informed about the immigration details. I have postponed this due to work. I also thought about filing for citizenship until after our ROC is approved, but I need to get this tax issue fixed as soon as possible. Is there any ex aupair with similar issue here? Maybe someone with a similar situation? I will call Texas IRS to get an appointment and talk to them about it directly. Thanks in advance for any information.
  25. ashcashbananas


    7 weeks ago I sent the IRS a packet that had a w7 form, a copy of my husband's passport, and my w2 form. I need an ITIN for my husband in order for me to file my taxes. Today I received a letter from the IRS stating "We rejected your ITIN application because you didn't include a completed and signed U.S. federal income tax return with your application." Can someone please help me? Are they asking for a 1040 for a previous year? I'm stuck. Thank you in advance.