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  1. My husband and I are about to start the NVC step of but he didn't file taxes for the past 3 years. He filed for 2019 but the 2 priors he didnt even though he was supposed to. The problem is that now IRS is not mailing the wages transcripts we would need to back file those years and he cant get them online because doesn't have a credit card or any other kind of credit. Can we still file the i864 and write a letter explaining? We will have his father as a joint sponsor with us Is anyone else with the same problem? I really dont know what to do. We were approved from USCIS on april 6th and until now we are stuck.
  2. Hi! I just have a pretty simple question for ya and thank you in advance for answering it! Quick story..... I got married to my girlfriend this past Feb 2020. Before we got married this past Feb 2020, I filed my taxes beforehand (Jan 2020) as 'single'. She currently lives & works in Dubai, but she's a Filipino citizen. I know that tax season is quite ways to go, but I'd like to jump on this concern immediately and start asking questions. Now my question is should I file my taxes next year as MARRIED/SEPARATELY or MARRIED/JOINTLY? What are the PROS/CONS of both? Thanks! *More questions to follow*
  3. Hello everyone! I am starting my Naturalization application and I know we need to attached our tax return for the past 3 years. Can I attached copies of H&R Block or do the need to be official transcripts from the IRS obtained at the IRS? Thanks!
  4. Hello! I filed for the K1 back in March as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco, right before we were evacuated due to COVID-19. I should be getting my NOA2 within the next couple months and then hopefully the Consulate will be open in Casablanca so my fiancé can move forward with the interview. If he has an interview this year, I know I have to use my 2019 tax returns. I only made around $5000 last year as a PCV in Morocco, which is obviously way below the federal poverty line. However, I start my federal job next week where I will be making way over 100% of the federal poverty line. How would you suggest filling out the AOS? I really don't want to use a joint sponsor (even though my dad would say yes if I asked him), but I am just worried about my 2019 federal tax returns, that the officer will look at them and immediately reject it. Should I even include them in the AOS or should I just submit pay-stubs of my current job? Thank you in advance for your help!
  5. Hi everyone, My husband and I are getting ready to file an i-130. We've been living together in Russia for the past 3 years and so my husband wasn't able to work so he didn't file his taxes. This year he filed but stated that he was single on the form because it wouldn't go through otherwise. Will that influence the process? His mom is our co-sponsor and her taxes are fine. Thank you so much in advance!
  6. Megnme

    RRSP redemption

    I think it would be a good time for me to start redeeming my RRSPs gradually over the next few years. I’m 62, living in the US as a Permanent Resident, and I have no Canadian sourced income. Any suggestions on maximum amounts to redeem per year that wouldn’t put me in a high tax range? Thanks!
  7. Good afternoon. I've been trying to figure out this on my own but i'm really struggling to find the correct path. if anyone see this and could share a light i would really appreciate. My husband is USC and we had our I130 approved and sent to NVC in the beginning of april. Because of all that it's going on right now we are kinda stuck on our documents. He file his 2019 taxes but didn't for the previous years for no specific reason. We know he has to do it but my question is: should we go ahead and submit the documents with the current year only, since it's the only required by NVC? His income is not enough to be the only sponsor so his dad is joining us and he have all the taxes filled for previous years. Im worried because of this 60 days EO. unfortunately we cant file the taxes immediately since he doesn't have the previous w2's and the IRS website doesn't recognize his student loan account number, so can't check online. He can't order by mail also since they are not doing it because of the Covid 19. in case we send the files with just his current year taxes and they send us a rfe, how long do we have to respond?
  8. Greetings everybody, I am a permanent resident married to a USC. We live in the United States. I am looking for advice and guidance in the following situation: I am selling a property in my home country, and plan to have the money transferred to the US. I want to know if I need to report that sale somewhere, and what the process is like. The sale is an apartment worth approximately 56k. I will have the deed translated into English, and certified. I just don't know where and how to report that income. Thank you in advance. Stay healthy
  9. Hey Visa Journey!! With the uncertainty of how things are currently going I've decided to start the process to apply for my U.S. citizenship. I'm a bit stuck when it comes to the amount of evidence to upload on the website. For eg. how far back and how many pages of joint back statements should I submit? Are there specific pages of my taxes that I should submit? I figured because I'm filing online I don't need to upload every page of specific documents. Has anyone had any experience with filing form N-400 online? Any advice would be great thanks!!
  10. Hi, I am a USC I am wondering how am I suposed to do taxes with my husband who is Mexican and has lived there all his life? is it married filing jointly? thanks!
  11. Hi, Besides the W2, I have just received a 1042-s form (fellowship, code 15) for 2013 because I got my green card only at the end of the year. Could someone that has faced this situation in the past tell me how they proceeded about this form? (ie, did you treat it exactly like a W2, for example) I will be filing "Married filing jointly", probably with TurboTax, in case that is relevant. Thank you so much in advance.
  12. Hi there! So my wife and I are currently based in Australia and we are looking to start the IR-1 process! My questions are: 1. From Australia, can we send our packet to the required service centre from outside the country? 2. As my wife has no US income but had filed her taxes last year, will this still be accepted as a current tax return form? Thanks for your assistance!
  13. Hi, just wondering, for those who went through the CR-1/IR-1 visa process - is it better to file as married filing jointly or married filing separately? Does either one help or hinder the success of your visa application? (We are currently waiting for USCIS to approve our I-130 and living in different countries, but wondering how to file taxes for 2019.)
  14. Hello Everyone, I hope there is someone out there who has been in the same situation as me. I am a former au pair in the US. I came back to my home country end of July 2019. I am currently applying for a K1 Visa with my boyfriend and I am trying to do everything right, so I won't ruin our chances. My question is about taxes in the US. I worked as an au pair for six months during 2019 and I assume I have to pay taxes for those six months right? I obviously don't want to pay the money if it's not what I have to do but on the other hand, I don't want to not pay, if it will affect any decisions regarding our petition. Anyone who knows anything about this? Thank you :-)
  15. Hi Guys, Some background- I entered the US on Feb 2018 and got my EAD card on July 2018. I started a new job on Aug 2018. Lastly, I got my Conditional Green Card On Oct 2019. I just noticed that my company never deducted any FICA taxes (social security + Medicare) from my salary . Both my 2018/2019 W2 forms show- I used a CPA for 2018 tax return and he didnt mention anything about that so I just ignored that. This year I'm using TurboTax and I saw on the app that I owe the IRS thousands of dollars which in my opinion is because i didnt pay any fica taxes. Can anyone here have any advise on whether an EAD holder (while waiting for a gc) should pay FICA? Should a conditional gc holder pay FICA? Thanks, Dave
  16. Hi everyone! I filed for adjustment of status from K1 in september, also added the forms for advance parole and EAD and applied for a SSN in the same form. I got my EAD 2 weeks ago, but so far nothing on my SSN. The instructions say that it shouldn't take no longer than 7 business days to get after EAD. So, I called SSA yesterday and said I needed to file in person. I called the office in Savannah but they are closed to the public due to the coronavirus outbreak and they don't know when they will be open again. Also, the guy said the process for a SSN with the EAD can take up to 6 weeks, so I needed to way another month either way. My question is, how is my husband supposed to file taxes as married if i don't have a SSN and since I have a EAD I'm not eligible for an ITIN? I hope my SSN gets here before the deadline to file, but what can I do in case it doesn't?? Thank you!!!!
  17. Hello! My husband (USC) wants to pay his 2019 taxes, but we have some doubts. I am in the process of CR-1 and I live in Mexico, but I do not declare taxes (it works differently in Mexico than in the US, you do not need to declare if you earn less than a certain amount per year) and i've never been in the US. 1. Can he add me as a dependent? he sends me money every month. 2. If I can't get an ITIN because I don't have tax returns and I've never entered the US (they ask me to have US stamps in my passport) is there any other way to add me without the ITIN? or does he have to fill his taxes as a single person? 3. last year due to ignorance and because he had never lived in the US, (he was born there and emigrated to Mexico as a child) he filled taxes as a single person, this was wrong? our interview for the CR-1 visa will most likely be at the end of this year, weare afraid this may be a problem, I think he need to make a correction to the taxes sent from 2018 but I am not sure. sorry for the bad english :( and thank you.
  18. Hi all, My husband and I are awaiting the approval of our I-130 and I know at NVC they will want the I-864 with tax returns. I, the petitioner, have not worked in over a year so usually would not file taxes but do I still need to send in the form and a tax return for myself? If so I would need to get an ITIN for him from the IRS correct? I will be using a cosponsor and I will submit all of their stuff. They would be more of the main sponsor but I believe it has to be me.I Thanks
  19. Here's the situation. I am in a 3 year relationship with a girl I met online. I am in California, she's in Indonesia. After a couple years of talking on Skype everyday, we finally met in person about nine months ago and spent a month together at her home in Indonesia. I proposed and we are now set to begin the process of a K-1 visa to bring her here. This is where I have some questions. First, I am in a unique situation of being a professional poker player for the last seven years. This is my only source of income (make more than poverty line of 21,000 but less than 32,000 on average a year). Now while I know it is unlawful to not pay taxes on my income, I have been under the radar as a cash game casino poker player and simply have never filed as a self employed poker player. I do not have any large assets so it has been easy not to file taxes in the past as I do rent here in California. Anyways, obviously I can not continue this if I am going to bring her over here. I have done the research on how to file as a poker player, this is not a issue, but I am not sure how far back I must go to prove financial support for bringing her here. Must I show the most recent year of taxes for last year or do I have to show 3 years of taxes. I have read both. I have been told that if my current bank statement shows less than poverty line (about 20-21,000) then I must show I made atleast the 21,000 for the last 3 years in a row, but if I have that amount in my bank account I only need to show 1 year of taxes. Unsure if this is accurate information. If I must show 3 years worth, then I will owe quite a bit in taxes ( I did this on paper according to my situation) it would be in the neighborhood of 8,000-10,000 owed in back taxes, which I already found out I can set up a payment plan on that amount fairly easily to be paid off over a 3 year period. I have no problem doing this for the woman I love if it is what I have to do to bring her over, but obviously I would prefer 1 year of taxes as proof to be sufficient since I could then afford to just pay those taxes off immediately or over a couple months at worst. Also is this something I provide in immigration process before or after she is approved for visa, sounds stupid, I'm pretty sure it is before, but I may have read some forum stating you provide the proof of support after she has come over here with her visa. Anyone with knowledge, please help me. Thanks a million!
  20. First off..I'm sorry for asking questions that have probably been asked on here multiple times, but I've spent the last several hours looking for information and have become completely overwhelmed. I'm even more confused than I was before. I just want someone to explain to me in the simplest way possible, what forms I'm going to have to complete and send, and to where they need to be sent. My husband came over in September last year from Germany with the K-1 visa and we were married in November. We are currently in the adjustment of status process, he went for biometrics and now we're playing the waiting game. He was employed in Germany up until August of last year and his mother filed his taxes for him over there already. From what I do understand, we can file jointly as a married couple with him as a resident alien rather than a non-resident alien. We would be using the 1040 (just the 1040, no other version with letters behind it) and include a statement explaining that we both want to be treated as U.S citizens for the tax year of 2019. He does have a SSN which I know needs to be included on the statement and forms. What I don't understand is the difference between Form 1116 and 2555...I've seen both suggested but I don't know which one is more appropriate. I've also seen someone mention FBAR and Form 8939. I don't want to waste time on forms that we really don't need to do. I'm also confused about all these other exemptions I've heard about..bona fide residence test, physical presence test, etc. and how they are applied. If I just file married but separately, does he still have to file anything? Anyone willing to help me out?
  21. Hello All, I have a question about the affidavit of support and taxes when in the NVC stage. I am a US citizen and I am currently living here in the United States. My Spouse is living in Lebanon and I have already submitted the I-130 Package back in the beginning of October. Our case has yet to be approved but I want to be on top of things and snub out any problems before they arise. I have not filed any taxes since 2013 since I was a student for 2 of the years and the rest I was living abroad in Lebanon and not making enough to file taxes abroad. I am now a full time employee, working in my field, at a reputable firm in Seattle and started working in early December 2019. So there is some income on my 2019 W2. I was advised to obtain the IRS Form 4506-T . so here are my questions: 1) Should I consider finding a co sponsor since I have not filed taxes in 5 years 2) What should I do about not having filed taxes ? Will this delay the process ? If so how can I avoid these delays ? Thank you in advanced. Gerrard
  22. Hello, my wife is here in the US on a fiancé visa and all of the affidavits have been filled out to say that I am the one financially responsible for her and all of that. Now that we are doing taxes I am wondering if I am supposed to claim her as a dependent??? I’ve also heard that you can’t claim a spouse. But the legal paperwork for her visa and upcoming green card says that I am financially responsible for her. Please help me figure this out! Thank you so much!
  23. Hi all, I am a dual US/Australian citizen who has been living in Australia for 20 years (since I was 8 years old) and never filed taxes nor worked in the US. I have filed the i-130 under exceptional circumstances to petition my spouse here in Sydney so that we can move over together to the US. I have a job offer that starts in 3 months time. Since reading about next steps and reading lots of things on this forum, I believe I now need to file my tax return in order to fill out the I-864 form correctly. Does anyone know the quickest way to file my taxes for the past 3 years? I will also have to file the FBAR forms for the past 6 years I believe since I wasn't aware I also had to do that. My interview to file the I-130 in person is on the 5th February so am hoping I can somehow get proof I've submitted the tax returns ASAP. Any recommendations very welcome! Thank you!
  24. Hi there! I'm an Alien pending I-485 AOJ with my wife So I was wondering since USCIS requires a Affidavit of Support, and as of current, I can meet the income requirements if I file for the Tax Year 2019. I filed In late June of 2019, and turns out the income I submitted didn't reach the minimum Federal Poverty Guideline, due to complications with our Joint Sponsor and dependents and extra income and that for Tax Year 2018. However our Joint Sponsor now would meet well over the 125% Poverty Guideline. My deadline to submit is April 12th I tried searching on the USCIS website to see what "Most recent Tax return" had any definition to see weather I could file with 2019 Tax Return but I couldn't find anything. I will call USCIS tomorrow to see if they have any answers but I very much doubt it. TL;DR Basically my question is can I use the Tax return of both my Joint Sponsor for Tax Year 2019, as my 2018 wouldn't meet the income requirements unless I asked a different joint sponsor to Sponsor me. Which is a pure hassle.
  25. I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am still considered a Canadian resident because I still have a leased car under my name. Hoping to get rid of it by this year. It’s been tough. It’s my first year filing taxes here in the US with my husband. How did my fellow Canadians file their taxes as a US permanent resident and Canadian Resident?
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