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  1. Here's the situation. I am in a 3 year relationship with a girl I met online. I am in California, she's in Indonesia. After a couple years of talking on Skype everyday, we finally met in person about nine months ago and spent a month together at her home in Indonesia. I proposed and we are now set to begin the process of a K-1 visa to bring her here. This is where I have some questions. First, I am in a unique situation of being a professional poker player for the last seven years. This is my only source of income (make more than poverty line of 21,000 but less than 32,000 on average a year). Now while I know it is unlawful to not pay taxes on my income, I have been under the radar as a cash game casino poker player and simply have never filed as a self employed poker player. I do not have any large assets so it has been easy not to file taxes in the past as I do rent here in California. Anyways, obviously I can not continue this if I am going to bring her over here. I have done the research on how to file as a poker player, this is not a issue, but I am not sure how far back I must go to prove financial support for bringing her here. Must I show the most recent year of taxes for last year or do I have to show 3 years of taxes. I have read both. I have been told that if my current bank statement shows less than poverty line (about 20-21,000) then I must show I made atleast the 21,000 for the last 3 years in a row, but if I have that amount in my bank account I only need to show 1 year of taxes. Unsure if this is accurate information. If I must show 3 years worth, then I will owe quite a bit in taxes ( I did this on paper according to my situation) it would be in the neighborhood of 8,000-10,000 owed in back taxes, which I already found out I can set up a payment plan on that amount fairly easily to be paid off over a 3 year period. I have no problem doing this for the woman I love if it is what I have to do to bring her over, but obviously I would prefer 1 year of taxes as proof to be sufficient since I could then afford to just pay those taxes off immediately or over a couple months at worst. Also is this something I provide in immigration process before or after she is approved for visa, sounds stupid, I'm pretty sure it is before, but I may have read some forum stating you provide the proof of support after she has come over here with her visa. Anyone with knowledge, please help me. Thanks a million!
  2. First off..I'm sorry for asking questions that have probably been asked on here multiple times, but I've spent the last several hours looking for information and have become completely overwhelmed. I'm even more confused than I was before. I just want someone to explain to me in the simplest way possible, what forms I'm going to have to complete and send, and to where they need to be sent. My husband came over in September last year from Germany with the K-1 visa and we were married in November. We are currently in the adjustment of status process, he went for biometrics and now we're playing the waiting game. He was employed in Germany up until August of last year and his mother filed his taxes for him over there already. From what I do understand, we can file jointly as a married couple with him as a resident alien rather than a non-resident alien. We would be using the 1040 (just the 1040, no other version with letters behind it) and include a statement explaining that we both want to be treated as U.S citizens for the tax year of 2019. He does have a SSN which I know needs to be included on the statement and forms. What I don't understand is the difference between Form 1116 and 2555...I've seen both suggested but I don't know which one is more appropriate. I've also seen someone mention FBAR and Form 8939. I don't want to waste time on forms that we really don't need to do. I'm also confused about all these other exemptions I've heard about..bona fide residence test, physical presence test, etc. and how they are applied. If I just file married but separately, does he still have to file anything? Anyone willing to help me out?
  3. Hello All, I have a question about the affidavit of support and taxes when in the NVC stage. I am a US citizen and I am currently living here in the United States. My Spouse is living in Lebanon and I have already submitted the I-130 Package back in the beginning of October. Our case has yet to be approved but I want to be on top of things and snub out any problems before they arise. I have not filed any taxes since 2013 since I was a student for 2 of the years and the rest I was living abroad in Lebanon and not making enough to file taxes abroad. I am now a full time employee, working in my field, at a reputable firm in Seattle and started working in early December 2019. So there is some income on my 2019 W2. I was advised to obtain the IRS Form 4506-T . so here are my questions: 1) Should I consider finding a co sponsor since I have not filed taxes in 5 years 2) What should I do about not having filed taxes ? Will this delay the process ? If so how can I avoid these delays ? Thank you in advanced. Gerrard
  4. Hello, my wife is here in the US on a fiancé visa and all of the affidavits have been filled out to say that I am the one financially responsible for her and all of that. Now that we are doing taxes I am wondering if I am supposed to claim her as a dependent??? I’ve also heard that you can’t claim a spouse. But the legal paperwork for her visa and upcoming green card says that I am financially responsible for her. Please help me figure this out! Thank you so much!
  5. Hi all, I am a dual US/Australian citizen who has been living in Australia for 20 years (since I was 8 years old) and never filed taxes nor worked in the US. I have filed the i-130 under exceptional circumstances to petition my spouse here in Sydney so that we can move over together to the US. I have a job offer that starts in 3 months time. Since reading about next steps and reading lots of things on this forum, I believe I now need to file my tax return in order to fill out the I-864 form correctly. Does anyone know the quickest way to file my taxes for the past 3 years? I will also have to file the FBAR forms for the past 6 years I believe since I wasn't aware I also had to do that. My interview to file the I-130 in person is on the 5th February so am hoping I can somehow get proof I've submitted the tax returns ASAP. Any recommendations very welcome! Thank you!
  6. Hi there! I'm an Alien pending I-485 AOJ with my wife So I was wondering since USCIS requires a Affidavit of Support, and as of current, I can meet the income requirements if I file for the Tax Year 2019. I filed In late June of 2019, and turns out the income I submitted didn't reach the minimum Federal Poverty Guideline, due to complications with our Joint Sponsor and dependents and extra income and that for Tax Year 2018. However our Joint Sponsor now would meet well over the 125% Poverty Guideline. My deadline to submit is April 12th I tried searching on the USCIS website to see what "Most recent Tax return" had any definition to see weather I could file with 2019 Tax Return but I couldn't find anything. I will call USCIS tomorrow to see if they have any answers but I very much doubt it. TL;DR Basically my question is can I use the Tax return of both my Joint Sponsor for Tax Year 2019, as my 2018 wouldn't meet the income requirements unless I asked a different joint sponsor to Sponsor me. Which is a pure hassle.
  7. I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am still considered a Canadian resident because I still have a leased car under my name. Hoping to get rid of it by this year. It’s been tough. It’s my first year filing taxes here in the US with my husband. How did my fellow Canadians file their taxes as a US permanent resident and Canadian Resident?
  8. Hello everyone, so unfortunately, I just realized, that in order to file: Married, filing separately, you must submit your tax returns by mail and you cannot submit them electronically. Which normally would be no problem except I needed to submit them electronically so that I only have to wait 2-3 weeks to request my tax transcripts as opposed to waiting 6-8 weeks to request my tax transcripts if my tax returns were by mail. That would add probably another month onto this already long and tiring process! The reason why I want to file taxes for 2019 now and submit them with my AOS of support package is because I was a student before becoming employed full time in as an RN in November 2018, but I don't have the taxes to prove it yet. My 2018 tax transcript from when I was a student shows barely anything and was less than $10,000. Is there any solutions to speeding this process up!? My husband and I couldn't find a joint sponsor and we wanted to play it on the safe side and just wait to file 2019 taxes so that I could complete and submit the AOS without needing any joint sponsor. My questions I guess now is, can I just submit a copy of my tax return along with W2 and provide the tax transcript when my husband goes to his interview? I know the website technically says I can but many places/people say tax transcripts are the preferred document and I'm concerned they still may request further evidence for a tax transcript and thus, delay the process. Also, on the I-864, would I be able to just write my total income that I will have on my 1040 tax return instead of waiting for my tax transcript to fill in this information on the I-864? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  9. Hey everyone. So we're working on the I-864 and I've got the previous years 2018 transcripts but Ive just realized I never filed 2017. Ive got all the numbers but can't submit until the IRS opens on Jan 27. Would it be a massive issue for marking No I haven't filed the last 3 years and explaining on the back that they will be filed once they open? Anyone had any issues like this? Also don't be dumb like me and file your taxes on time. piggyback question, they say recent years taxes which I assume mean 2018 now, but when do 2019 taxes become the most recent year taxes, if that makes sense. Thank you all for your help
  10. Hi! I have a question regarding taxes if anyone can help me. I am a college student that just got married in April 2019. I received my NOA1 and waiting for NOA2. I submitted my I-130 and stated that I was a student under the employment section. At the moment I do not have a job and the past year I was claimed as a dependent. I am wondering if I should do my taxes and do the EZ form and become independent. I know that for the years to come, my husband and I will have to file jointly to show we have a bona fide marriage, but will my tax situation look bad to the USCIS Officers. I have a joint sponsor to help me with the financial part, but will it look bad if I don't have any tax returns. Would it be okay if I am still claimed as dependent? I want to do my taxes even if I don't have to ( since I'm unemployed) to show that I am married and independent, but not sure if it will matter much. I do receive financial aid for college, so maybe that can show that I have a means of getting by.
  11. Hello, My wife immigrated to the U.S. middle of this year on a k-1 and we married a few weeks after her arrival. We filed for adjustment of status and are awaiting our interview. We are going to file taxes jointly for 2019. My question I have is, is the income my wife earned abroad (in Sweden) PRIOR to her immigrating on her k-1 taxed in the U.S.? She worked January & February in Sweden before immigrating to the U.S. in April, and she payed taxes on this income in Sweden (where she was a legal resident at the time). We are planning to get an accountant, but I am trying to roughly figure out now the amounts we'll owe for financial reasons. So two questions really: (1) does her pre-immigration income get taxed here, and (2) does her pre-immigration income count as part of our gross adjusted income? Thanks so much!
  12. Hi all I am a K1 Visa recipient and my husband and I are filing our AOS soon. I have a question regarding the required tax documentation on the I-864, Affidavit of Support. I understand that if we file AOS before the end of 2019 our most recent tax year would have been 2018, and we've got that. But if we file in January 2020, would our most recent tax year be 2019 already, thus requiring the proper documentation for 2019 instead? I ask because the company my husband works for doesn't send out W2s until February, but we REALLY don't want to wait any longer to file our AOS because my I-94 had been expired since October 22nd. We've planned to file this December 16th but something came up, and we might have to reroute the budget for that one onto something else.... sigh (I know, I know, we're filing late, but life happens and so here we are...) 😅 So I'm thinking: 1) Perhaps USCIS would allow the submission of 2018 records due to the fact that tax season for 2019 won't be over until April 2020 anyways? 2) Perhaps we could include an explanation on our cover letter as to why we're submitting 2018 records despite 2019 ending? So yeah, I would appreciate any input from anyone who can help. Thank you all
  13. Hello everyone, Today my husband (USC, petitioner) and I (beneficiary) received a yellow letter RFIE for form I-485. We don't understand what exactly they need from us because in the letter it looked like they're saying in the first page "You need another sponsor because the petitioner doesn't meet the 125% poverty guidelines." Then on the 2nd page it sounds like "The sponsor is adequate but deficient in paperwork needed to proceed." Are my assumptions here correct? Did I interpret the RFIE correctly? If we're indeed required another sponsor that would meet the poverty guideline, why is that when based on Form I-864P my husband does meet the guideline for a 2 member household? Is it because it's not much past the minimum? I'm also currently not working as we're still waiting for my EAD. We included in the package: Tax return transcripts from IRS (2016, 2017, 2018) Two W-2s for 2018 tax year because he changed jobs 4 months salary stubs from my husband's employment We didn't send any copies of tax schedules. Could this be the reason for the "deficiency in paperwork"? Any other paperwork we should have to sent? Any other we could submit? Did they make a mistake here? Please go to https://imgur.com/a/2aVUvPl for images. Any insight regarding our case would be greatly appreciated.Thank you all.
  14. Hi everyone - I want to try to get this right from the first attempt, but I'm not certain about how many supporting documents to submit. I'm the beneficiary, so my wife is completing the I-864 form. She has filed taxes for 2016 ($12k), 2017 ($0) and has a non-filing letter from the IRS for 2018, since income was $0 again. My father-in-law will be joint sponsor, and has income way above threshold. He files taxes jointly. He is completing an I-864 form and my mother-in-law is completing an I-864A. Questions I have are: (1) For my wife, can we just send the letter for 2018 and explain she had no income? (2) For my joint sponsor, I have his 3 last tax transcripts, and income has been steady - can I send only last year's? (3) Since joint sponsor files jointly, I have his two W2s and an additional 1099 for 2018. If I submit transcripts for the past 3 years, do I need supporting W2s and 1099s for all three years also? This would be a pain to find. (4) For current proof of income, I have his last two or three most recent paystubs - is this enough? Obtaining employment letter can be done, but is more annoying and would take longer. Thanks a lot for the help!
  15. Hi, my fiancé hasn’t paid taxes and I know you need to send the tax return with application for gc. I’m wondering if an installment plan from IRS would be sufficient or if there is another way how to prove you are going to pay the taxes eventually. Has anybody been in the same situation? Thank you for your help.
  16. Hello All, As you can see from the user name this thread is about Hal and Olive. We are both very new to this subject and interested in posting and reading to get information on what we will have to do, what hurdles will will have to jump and what processes we will have to complete and when. I am hoping right now to get any general information from the forum members and delve deeper as I (we) learn more. So with that said, perhaps I should start with the basics. I Hal, am an American Citizen - born here in the US. I am 60 years old. I was a professional most of my life and I retired 6 years ago. About 9 months ago, I met Olive online through a dating site. She is 54, a Singaporean Citizen and also a professional, still working, and we have decided to marry and live here in America. So the first question is... Is there any known general governmental impediment that will keep US from marrying and living in the US? Olive is still working in Singapore and will officially retire when she comes to marry and live with me. She will never have worked in the US so I am guessing that she will not be entitled to any US retirement program except as a surviving spouse through my Social Security if I were to pass. But this is OK because she has her own retirement plan in Singapore. T he question here is how do I find out what programs she may be able or required to join? How do we find out about those? Another huge question is this, there is no mandate to have health care insurance in my state "South Carolina" but of course, I think it would be very unwise to go without. So, can anyone suggest - or point out a place where I can investigate the cost of a health care plan for my Olive? Of course I can check with Blue Cross and other providers, I was just hoping to pick up a clue or two if there is a "best way" to go about this. So, those are the basics Regarding Hal And Olive. Any suggesting guidance will be most welcome. Thanks, Hal
  17. Hello! Im trying to read and understand the process as much as I can so everything can go smoothly in this process with my fiancé We are doing the k1 visa, once we do the AOS and I get an EAD how do we should file taxes? And how it will be after i get once i get the green card? Thanks in advanced all this topic of taxes are being complex for us
  18. Hi everyone. Some of you may remember that I was living in Algeria with my husband for the past 2 years. I've moved back to the states recently and have established domicile. We are in month 10 of our journey and waiting patiently for our NOA2. (We're at hellishly slow Nebraska.) We have a joint sponsor because I won't have enough established time at my new job. I didn't file taxes though because I wasn't even living in the US. So how do I write a letter stating that? What I mean is, is there a template to use? I've Googled but am getting conflicting information. Thank you in advance for your help!
  19. Hello everyone, I am a US citizen looking to help my wife obtain her green card. So soon I will need to submit form I-864 for the process of helping my non-US wife obtain her green card. The form asks for my income (US or not) and tax files from the past three years. In the past three years I have worked overseas in Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. I was unaware until VERY recently that even though I am working overseas I am still required to file US taxes, which i did not (my annual income in those countries was always low, between $8,000 - $13,000). I don't meet the income requirements anyways and will need my father to file form I-864a to help sponsor my wife. It is important to note that I had NEVER worked in the US as I was a fulltime student there. Will the fact that I will submit form I-864 without any irs tax files be an issue since my father will be the sole sponsor and I dont meet the income requirement? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  20. I'm filing Adjustment of Status (family-based), as I'm working on the Affidavit of Support, my husband and I found out that he is not required to file taxes for the most recent tax year (2018) but he filed his Federal income tax return anyway. We have a copy of his tax transcript (2018) and a letter explaining why he is not required to file taxes (low income). He had two jobs in 2018, he only filed for the most recent job, which is also his current job (since Sept 2018). He has not filed tax return from his previous job that he had on early part of 2018, nor was he given a W-2 by previous employer. His current income however, meets the requirement to sponsor me. I'm not sure how to go from here. Any advice? We are planning to get his W2 from his previous employer, file an amendment to his 2018 tax return and use the following supporting documents for Affidavit of Support: W2 and copy of Federal income tax return (amendment 2018) 2018 tax transcript (what we already have), as well as the letter explaining why he was not required to file Copy of most recent pay stubs Copy of email from current employer stating that they requesting for Employment Verification Form to be completed and email/fax back to USCIS (his employer does not provide letters to verify employment or income). We asked them multiple times and explained why we need such letter but they always redirect us to website that they use to verify employment/income. I'm unsure if these documents suffice to support our application but these are all we have so far. Are we doing the right thing? Is there another way/evidence we need to provide? Please advise. This already sounds too complicated for me, and I'm trying to explain the situation the best I can in the hopes of getting sound advice on how to go about our application. On top of this, my visa expires by the end of this month so we are pressed with time, and I don't intend to unlawfully stay in the country and possibly hurt my chances of being approved of the application. I would appreciate all answers. Thank you in advance!
  21. I'm a 1099 employee and also W2 as of last November. My 2018 taxes dont show too much income on my W2 job which is by State of CA. 1. How can my employer, who issues me a 1099, write a letter when I am an independent contractor? 2. Should she ballpark using whats currently in my pipeline of work that hasn't settled yet? 3. Our embassy only requires 1 year tax returns or transcripts. Im getting a co-sponsor anyways. 4. I will add job #2 when I complete my I134 since I didnt have that job when I filed the I129F 5. Can I bring my W2 job stubs and perhaps the last stub for my 1099 job to interview EVEN though that 1099 stub may possibly be older than 30 days? Thanks!
  22. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I moved to the US from Canada on a K-1 Visa on November 24, 2018, I filed for and received my SSN in January 2019, I got married on February 13th, 2019, and filed for my AOS on April 04, 2019. I have not worked or made any income since October 31, 2018, so I assumed I didn't need to file any US taxes because I haven't worked here and haven't earned any income yet for 2018. I filed my Canadian taxes for 2018, and am currently filling out my Determination of Residency Status (Leaving Canada) form, and I came across a section that asks "Are you subject to income tax in that country on your world income?" and I was questioning whether or not I should check "yes", so after reading up about it, I started learning that the US does require you to file your world income if you are a resident, but I'm wondering if it applies to me since I don't have a green card yet and came on a K1 visa in 2018? I'm worrying now because it's past the April 15th deadline to file, and if I was supposed to file US taxes for the amount I made in Canada in 2018 and I haven't what it could possibly mean for my status, and what I can do about this. If anyone has had a similar experience and knows any info it would be greatly appreciated!
  23. I got the bad news that my USC Fiancee (who filed his taxes for the first time in his life) has filed them incorrectly. Which leaves him saying that he meets about $4000 of the $16,910 income requirement for the i-134 (K1 visa). What does he have to do now? If he can include his assets too who does he need to value them? Good news is I got our case number from the NVC last night so I should be booking my Medical/Interview very soon. Which means that if we don't want any delays we have to find a solution quickly. But... my fiancee is very slow and I am starting to freak out. P.S. It also can take 16 weeks for a tax return to be amended and he doesn't want to wait that long.
  24. I was told my wife and I should file our tax return jointly. She has temporary greencard until December 2021 when she is to receive her permanent green card. We have a tax credit for our kid that we want to collect on thats apart of my federal tax return. Im concerned it will be taken by the government as my student loans are in default if we file jointly so of course I lose any federal tax return im owed. Can we file separately so that we can collect on that earned child credit or is that a really bad idea when immigration sees separate tax returns ? And is that a useless futile thing that the government will clearly see through and tax our earned child tax credit some other way ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I dont mean to sound greedy, but my kid has Crohns disease and I spend a ton keeping her alive and she doesnt qualify for Medicaid or Allkids.
  25. Hello to all my visa journey experts, I am fairly new to taxes and I don’t have much experience. My spouse and I got married in 2018, he is not from this country neither is he in the country. He also does not yet have a social security number. My question to you all is what would I file as (for tax purposes)? Also, If I file as married do I need to get a tax identification number? If I file will it have to be by mail? And about how long will it take to process both my taxes and the identification number? I want to make sure I file on time and this is the only thing we are waiting for with our affidavit.
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