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  1. My wife (AUS) just got her visa approved this month, and we're moving from Australia to the US in May. We're planning to go to Dallas to set up, and we want to ship our belongings, but finding out general costs to just ship things isn't working very well without a well defined manifest. We're looking to send general household goods, and we might send some flat pack furniture (only about 1500 new) but we'd like to just pack some stuff up in like a 2x2x1 meter crate if we're going to do that. Has anyone done anything similar, or should we just sell off furniture for whatever we can get for it and buy new in the US and send our smaller goods by smaller package sea chests? Any companies people have had good experiences with? Thanks!
  2. hi guys! so I applied for the I-130 for my husband who is from Brazil. at the time we sent the documents in from off shore while living in Australia. we just got the notification from the NVC that they have opened our case and we can start to upload all the affadavit and documents to the portal. so the interview date has not been scheduled yet but the interview location is suppose to be in Australia, but our visa there expired and we had to leave. we are now living in his home country of Brazil and need to switch the interview to Brazil. does anybody have experience doing this? I have tried to call a bunch of times and the NVC nobody will pick up. any advice on this would be super appreciated. trying to get all these things done as soon as possible!
  3. Hi guys, I have a K1 interview in Sydney on the last Tuesday of March. I noticed some people have requested an earlier interview after being assigned one, how did you go about this? I know it's not always possible but I thought it's worth a try if it's no harm. Additionally, what did you bring as proof of income? At the moment I have my fiance's: W2s 2016-2018, and am in the process of getting the most recent tax transcript Stamped letter from his bank to show his savings account balance and when it was opened Employment letter that states his hourly rate, start date, that he's a current employee, but not a salary (not a salary based job) 3 months of pay stubs Is this enough for the Sydney consulate and is there anything else I should bring for proof of income supporting documents? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I had an account on this forum before but I can't access the email it's linked to, so I've remade- hope this is ok. Recently I abandoned the K-1 Visa, I don't wish to disclose why but we still want to be together and get married, we really do. But what if we want to move back to my home country to marry, are we able to? Especially if we've abandoned a Visa before? Does it look bad/suspicious? The process itself was fine and went smoothly. We did everything by the book. No hiccups as far as actually getting the K1 and going through all the steps. Does anyone know someone I can contact about this sort of thing? Also, most importantly, we still want the opportunity to go back to the US if need be (BOTH of us), whether it's to live there/visit (as a married couple). So let's just say I have them on a fiance visa of some kind (I am from australia, so perhaps a subclass 300? Correct me if I'm wrong. I also saw online someone mentioning a 'i130' but that almost doesn't make sense to me) and we want the opportunity to move over in the near future (after 8 months-2 years say of being in Aus/being married. It really depends). So what if we married in my country but decided to move back to the US after all? I did every single thing by the book and it went great, but does it look suspicious? I take it we can't file for the K1 Visa again and I can't get married over there at this point on any Visa (correct me if I'm wrong though), so while it is tempting to ask about that too I think I know it's out of the question. I know this sounds all a bit strange but any advice/messages are appreciated. Thanx everybody.
  5. Hi! Does anyone know or have an experience with regards to providing police clearance from a foreign country when you applied for the K1 visa? I stayed for a total of 6 months in Australia as a tourist only. I've read here that people who worked and lived in foreign countries for 6 months or more needs to provide a police clearance. Does this directive apply to tourists? Thank you.
  6. I filed the I-129f (petitioner form) for my fiancé and I begin the K1 Visa process in Aug/Sept, and am expecting it to be adjudicated Feb/Mar. We're getting ready to start working on all of the other documents that will need to be done before my fiancé's interview, one of which is the police checks. My fiancé is a Japanese citizen currently living in Japan, but he has lived in Australia and Canada for 6+ months in the past 2-3 years on working holiday visas, so he'll need to get police checks from those countries as well. Does anyone know the process(es) for requesting a police check from Australia and Canada while abroad? Is this doable by ourselves, or would you recommend getting a lawyer to help? My fiancé got a lawyer estimate in Japan for assistance with a K1 Visa, and it came out to about $2000. Thanks in advance for responses!
  7. Hi, I don't know how to post in the country specific forum so if someone needs to move my post to the Australia specific area please feel free to do so. I received an email from the Sydney consulate stating I should have received my interview email from NVC by now ( I have not) but my issue is they have asked me to fill out the Cover Sheet in the email - I am not understanding how? Yes I can put my name and NVC case number but in regards to all the list of ordering of the documents - am I suppose to tick off the ones I have as well as putting them in order? I also don't require a joint sponsor for my case - why have they asked for those documents?? I also don't have an Australian Citizenship Certificate because I was born in Australia, so I have my birth certificate only. I have attached a copy of the cover letter. any help is appreciated
  8. hi all just had our interview in sydney today and have been approved! we wanted to know how long its been taking to process the passport and get it back for most people recently? we are in the sydney area. hoping its under a week! thanks
  9. Hi guys, My husband had his interview 17 days ago and is dying to get back to the US as we just had a baby 2 months ago and it's been absolute torture being away from our son for this long, especially because it took 5 long years to conceive. Anyway, he attended his interview alone in Sydney and they requested a couple things but was told he should get his visa in 1 to 2 weeks (although he wasn't given the official approval.) #1. That I send them an email stating that I don't have a W2 for certain years because I've been working in Australia from <date to date> (Even though we showed them my Streamline Offshore Procedure paperwork which is only used when you're working overseas) #2 that I email my birth certificate to show proof of how I'm related to my father who was my joint financial sponsor. Because my income over the last 6 years has been overseas, they recommend i have a sponsor from the US. My husband called me as soon as he was out of the building and I emailed those documents within an hour. I then get an auto response email saying if they need anything else they will respond within 2 business days. 6 days later (4 business days and 2 weekend days) I receive an email stating that I need to sign and date the email I sent regarding why I don't have a W2. Again, send that within the hour. Next day we receive an email stating that we upload the I-864 on CEAC under 1099 and to change the file name. That one was very odd because we weren't the ones who actually uploaded that document, they did. Regardless, my husband does that straight away. We get the same auto email response saying they will contact us within 2 business days if they need anything and that it generally takes 10 business days to get the visa and documents back. I wish they would have told us everything we needed to do in one go! It would save so much time. Has anyone experienced anything like this where they needed more information after the interview and how long did it take for the status on CEAC to say approved, or for you to receive an email or tracking number from Australia post saying your visa is on it's way? Also, on under 1099 on CEAC it says "missing" which as I explained earlier that I've been working in Australia for 6 years hence why I don't have one. I'm just worried they are going to respond saying they need something else. Meanwhile it's Labor Day weekend and it's just another day nothing will get done. Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm beginning to research how to get my stuff from Sydney to the US. Any Australians here who can recommend a good shipping company? We likely won't be shipping any furniture, mostly clothes/personal belongings in large suitcases or boxes. Thanks!
  11. Hi all, While I've been looking at the timelines of other people who have done the K1 journey from Australia, I've noticed a bit of a pattern in that it seems like the Sydney consulate conducts most of it's K1 visa interviews towards the end of any given month. Is that just a coincidence, or does the Sydney consulate actually wait to do K1 interviews in the last two weeks of the month? Reason I ask is my medical is next week and I was hoping to jag an interview early next month. Thanks.
  12. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone who has done the K1 process in Australia can give me some info about the way the US consulate in Sydney deals with the AFP police checks? I tried to get a AFP fingerprint check done but I live in a rural town that has a lot of problems with crime so the local police always said they never had time to do my prints. So, I went and did the name check instead, which the US consulate says is acceptable as long as you list all the aliases I've ever used, well, I've only ever used the name on my birth cert so that's the only name I put on the police check. Is that going to be enough for the consular officers or are they going to reject it because I only have one name on the police check? Thanks in advance!
  13. Question for anyone who has recently had their K1 interview in Sydney! Just reading over my Packet 4 checklist on what to bring and I noticed most items on the checklist state in brackets after - copy or original Letter of intent - copies are accepted Medical - original Passport photos - original MRV receipt - copy Etc.. But the I-134 form and supporting documents it says COPY ONLY Which I guess just surprises me as its an official form.... So just curious if originals are needed OR Does anyone know if a copy will suffice?
  14. My fiancee and I feel like she's running short on time to get her interview scheduled since our wedding in the US is scheduled for December 1 and the Sydney consulate seems to only do interviews toward the end of a month. She emailed packet 3 back to them with 2 attachments (DS-160 confirmation, MRV fee receipt) last Wednesday, September 12. We still have not heard anything back. When she calls them, they just tell her to email USTravelDocs' Support-Australia address. But they said they haven't gotten her email. She doesn't have time to call them again because she has to go do her medical exam today and then get back to work tomorrow. Here is the text of the email she sent to Support-Australia: Why haven't they gotten this and moved on to sending Packet 4 and scheduling her interview yet? What can we do? Edit: CEAC says "Ready" on our case. If you need any other info, please don't hesitate to ask me.
  15. Hello all! My fiance is from Australia, and we are currently awaiting our NOA2. Based on processing times at the moment, we will most likely receive that next month (NOA1 was March 8, 2018). However, we have been planning from him to visit here over the holidays, from November 20th - January 1st. Will this cause any problems with the next steps? We were hoping that he would be able to do the interview in January, once he returns to Australia. Any clarification would be appreciated!
  16. Hi everyone! My partner and I are looking at finally closing the gap and applying for the K1 visa so I can be with him. He is currently unemployed though. He has a best friend that he has known for 20+ years that makes way over the 125% required (he makes around 40k each year). This friend has agreed to be the co sponsor for us. My only question is will this really affect my chances of being approved? Should I just wait until my partner has a job? I read a post about someone going to Sydney consulate (about 6 years ago) and they got denied for K1 because they used a friend as a co sponsor. They were told that it had to be a family member, that a friend couldn't be relied on etc. I'm just wondering how likely it would be for me to get denied and if anyone else has had experience in going through Sydney with their partner's friend as their co sponsor. I'm so worried that if I apply now it will just lead to denial and be a big waste of time
  17. My potential joint sponsor is working on an I-134 now for my fiancee’s visa and has some questions: Is she supposed to say that she has not submitted a visa petition for anyone? (#26a-c) Should she check that she does not intend to make contributions for my fiancee’s support? (#38) Or should she do what the sample says, check neither box, and mention something like "(description of me) is filing I-129F for his fiancee"? Her income is several times FPL, so I’m not going to have her list assets. (Or should I?) Proving assets is an awful lot of work, would take longer than we have to prepare (since the wedding date is already scheduled), and would add a lot of weight to an already quite expensive package to send to Australia. Another thing I'm wondering longer-term: while this person doesn't plan to ever retire, would needing to retire (e.g. because of her employers or unforeseen medical reasons) affect her ability to do the sponsorship using just income? I am self-employed, had a low-income year both last year and this, and had to print off a lot of bank and retirement account statements to prove my assets. I’m trying to sponsor my fiancee myself based on my assets, but the joint sponsor is a backup plan. I am also actively interviewing for new jobs that could pay U.S. $100k+ per year.
  18. My fiancée and I are January 2018 filers, almost 7 months into our wait for NOA2 now. She made 2 trips to the US last year. When we filed for the K-1 visa, we printed her electronic I-94 forms to show that she was in this country. I just got back from a trip to see her. In total, I visited 4 countries in 5 weeks: UK: Transit only. Since I didn't leave the airport, I didn't need a transit visa and didn't get a passport stamp. Singapore (her birth country, where she is a citizen): Both of us went there for about 2 weeks. My passport was only stamped on my initial arrival, not when we left. Malaysia: We took a day trip here for a pre-wedding photoshoot. I got passport stamps both entering and exiting Malaysia. Australia (her current country, where she is a permanent resident): I was there with her for about 3 weeks. I asked for a passport stamp both when I got there and when I left and was told that Australia no longer stamps passports. Usually what I've seen here (in terms of proving that you made the trip) is that I should use boarding passes, passport stamps, and photos at recognizable landmarks. I have some questions: Since I have boarding passes and luggage tags for all of my flights, and photos of me and my fiancée in both Singapore and Australia, should I be concerned about an RfE based on not having passport stamps? Do Singapore or Australia have equivalent online systems to the Electronic I-94, which I can use to prove that I was in these countries? What else can/should I use in lieu of my printed passport to show USCIS that I made this trip?
  19. Hey Immigrants, I am planning to shift to Newyork from Brisbane. I need an expert moving company in Brisbane who can transfer my all goods and my expensive piano from Brisbane to Newyork without any inconvenience. If you know then please suggest me.
  20. k8mate

    B2 for Fiance of USC

    Hello and thanks for any help, it's greatly appreciated! So I'm an Australian citizen engaged to a US citizen. In December of 2017, My american fiance applied for the off-shore Australian de-facto partner visa. Processing time for the partner visa is between 12-16 months. We anticapate the visa to be granted between January - April 2019, in which we plan to return back to Australia permanently. My american fiance has been with me in Australia since January of 2018 on a tourist visa, leaving every 3 months together during his stay to renew his visa, and has to return back to the states for work in August. We've been engaged since January of 2018 and our relationship is over 5 years old. I lived in the USA for over 4 years, working full-time on an E3 visa and forfeited my E3 in December of 2015. My fiance and I would like to stay together in America while we wait for the Australian de-facto partner visa to be granted, which requires us to travel back to australia once granted. We have no interest in applying for the green card, or settling down in America, and I will not be working while I'm there. We're wondering the best way to provide evidence for his application for the de-facto visa and proof that we fully intend on living in Australia once his visa is granted. Do we attach documents during the online application, and if so what are the best documents to provide to prove my ties to home and my fiances application for the australian de-facto partner visa? My fiance works full-time online for an American company as an employee so we can provide all recent pay and bank statements. I have my own online business in Australia and a bank account with sufficient funds. I do live at home with my parents since we're saving for a house in Australia, but I have car and insurance in my name, phone number, mail, etc. We're really hoping someone could provide some more insight into if our situation sounds doable for a B1/B2 visa. We met with an US Immigration lawyer yesterday and he said our situation is perfect for the B2 Visa because the fact that we applied for my partner's Australian visa and not the K1 visa proves that we fully intend on living in Australia together. We're just really concerned after reading all the denial posts on this forum and we want to make sure this is a viable option, or if anyone has any experience in a similar situation. Thanks so much for any help!
  21. Hey guys! So I am currently living in Australia with my husband, he’s from Brazil. We applied for our i-130 from overseas via the lockbox in Chicago back in March. We are leaving Australia in December as our visa is coming to an end. This is posing a difficult desicion on where we can go and what we can do to wait for the visa. Some people are saying it’s okay to enter he US on his ( current) tourist visa. Some people are saying this is a big NO as it may look like he is trying to stay. Any insight on this is helpful. Can we go to the US and wait for it there? Or can we go visit my family for Christmas in December as long as we show ticket out of the US and wait for his visa say in Brazil for example. Help please!!
  22. Hi All. My Fiancé applied for a K1 Visa for me in March and I'm hoping to get some insight from others in the same position - I know it's early days for us compared to some of you and I realize the current processing times are showing 5 - 7 months, but I also see case inquiries are back in November so I'm just wondering how long everyone's been waiting? I am a freelance designer so am able to work pretty much anywhere with my Australian clients, so I had been going back and forth between Australia and the US staying for 2weeks - 3months at a time (on a B1 tourist visa I attained a few years ago when I backpacked the US) But on my last visit to the US in January I was taken in for questioning and told it didn't look good that I was spending so much time there and I was only able to stay for 1 month and told that we needed to find an alternative arrangement if we wanted to continue our relationship, and so we got engaged (love also had something to do with it haha). So now I'm back in Australia waiting and continuously checking our visa status (a useless and heartbreaking process). Going 7+ months apart is looking extremely excruciating so I'd love to be able to go over midway for a few weeks to spend some time together but I'm scared they won't let me in with my history. Any ideas? How long is the process taking for others? Thanks and good luck everyone!
  23. Hi everyone! Kinda a random question but I'm just wondering if there's a certain day of the week people generally receive the email stating when their interview will be? Also we had our NVC forms approved a week ago and we're wondering how long it has been taking other people to get their interviews from when NVC finalised their stuff? I have had a look through all the Visa Journey forms about timelines but would like to hear some more experiences! It seems that a lot of people stop updating by the time they make it to the interview so it's a bit difficult to gauge it. We're in Australia if that helps Thanks!!!
  24. Hi, I’m going to be moving to MN soon from Aus on the K1 visa and I’m incredibly lost as to what I need to do!! I know I’ll need to finish my phone plan and cancel my part of the rent etc but do I need to cancel my bank accounts? What else?? Also once I’m married do I need to change my last name with anything here in Australia? Such as my super annuation, passport, or ATO? I’ve tried googling for detailed lists as to what I need to do but there’s nothing!!! Any help is very appreciated! Thanks.
  25. Hi all, I'm new here, so thanks in advance for your advice and patience--this site is a great resource. I'm a USC living in Sydney with my Australian husband. With the help of an immigration attorney (I know, I know) we filed for his I-130 last year and received his NOA1 on November 21, 2017. VJ projects NOA2 approval in late May; however, we reached out to my Senator's office for help and are currently waiting to hear whether we will be approved for expedited consideration due to financial hardship--Senator's office filed the request on our behalf, so fingers are crossed. We were engaged and wedding planning before starting the immigration process, so had planned for a wedding in Sept 2018..only to realize, whoops, we would be getting legally married much sooner than that in order to be eligible for an I-130! Senator's office advised that we might have a leg to stand on regarding financial hardship because of the cost of the wedding, which will be held in the US, and because we are hoping to settle permanently in the US afterward. My question is, what can we be doing now to prepare for everything that will be needed following NOA2? My parents have agreed to sponsor my husband (so I know we'll need their last three years of tax returns), and because he lived in England for six months before we met, I'm assuming he will need an additional police check in addition to an Australian one (?). I know he will also need to do a medical exam, but we have held off investigating that because I wasn't sure how long it would be valid for. Is there anything else we should be thinking about now? Thanks.