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  1. Hello if you've found this post. I haven't seen anything like this so I wanted to start a place where people who submitted for their children can have a place to exchange info on the process. I am filing for my stepchild who lives in Colombia currently. We filed online and our process is being "actively reviewed" at the Texas Service Center. I'll post updates in case this is helpful for people in a similar position. Hopefully theres some people out there that would like to participate in this thread! I'd love to hear if anyone has insight into whats going on regarding these cases at USCIS right now.... Cheers!
  2. I don't think a thread for the May 2022 I-130 filers has been started so I wanted to take the initiative and be able to talk to people in the same boat as me! Feel free to remove if there is already a thread for this! My current timeline: Date Filed: May 9th, 2022 NOA1: May 13th, 2022 Good luck to all of you
  3. Filling out form I-130 online for my foreign spouse. Me and my wife have visited irl and lived together in the same house (her father's house) for 4 months while I was visiting her home country visa-free, is it ok to list this address as an answer for where we last lived together or will USCIS not accept that as living together? I intend to list it for our support of a bonafide marriage as well, so is it ok to list it as an answer to this question or is it better to put "Never Lived Together"?
  4. Submitted on January 20, 2022 Immediately went into 'Case Is Being Actively Reviewed By USCIS' Texas Service Center
  5. "Where were you and your current spouse married?" We got married yesterday while we were (and still are) on vacation together in Denmark, physically together in the same location, but it was done via Utah County online marriage ceremony. We are filing out I-130 online today and are unsure what to put for this question, should it be Utah or Denmark?
  6. So apologies for length. Skip to TL;DR if you want to, but if you don't I will love you. So technically she is not my wife. But we might as well be. I'm a US citizen and currently in Seattle. Girlfriend gave birth recently back in the Netherlands. I came back to the US because of a family medical emergency. We are now thinking of making a permanent move to the US This separation is really affecting my mental health. With that in mind, let me just ask some questions. So if funds are not a problem would it be a bad idea For them to come to Vancouver on an eTA (essentially almost like visa-free) using baby and mom's Dutch passport (Canada normally allows 6 months stay). We get married in Vancouver and file I-130. We find an AirBnB nearby for them to stay and me when I come to visit. Mom would not be working (on maternity leave). File for baby's CRBA, US passport in Vancouver (couldn't do it in Netherlands due to situation). I cross the border frequently with or without baby (depends on feeding). Apply for a visitor record when the time comes for wife. If denied, wife goes back to Netherlands and stays at mom's. Meet at International Peace Arch whenever we can. TL;DR Is it bad idea for foreign spouse and American child to wait out USCIS process in Vancouver if US citizen spouse lives in Seattle and funds are not a problem, since working is not allowed? Should US citizen go back and forth across the border? Should US citizen parent file CRBA outside of country in which child was born in third country?
  7. Hello all, I am a US citizen and I have already filed an I-130 for my foreign spouse (NOA - 12/08/2021) at the TSC. The current processing times indicate 10-14months of wait time before my spouse can join me in the US. As I was looking through the forums, I did the see the option of filing the I-129F as well for perhaps a faster entry of my spouse into the US (current processing times indicate 3.5-7months). However, the USCIS website (https://www.uscis.gov/family/family-of-us-citizens/k-3k-4-nonimmigrant-visas) indicates that the need for a K3 visa is rare as the I-130 is processed faster. So, I am in a bit of conundrum as to whether I need to file I-129F or just wait for my I-130 to be adjudicated. Greatly appreciate any feedback you all can share!
  8. For those who have just recently filed I-130 for your family members, please join the thread. I am a US citizen filing for my spouse. Priority Date is 06/22/2021, the letter came from Texas Service Center, but USCIS said the case is assigned to California Service Center.
  9. Hello, I am starting to collect all the information to file a I-130 for my wife. This will be her second green card application, she received her first green card together with mine, which was employment-based (I think she was what is called a "derivative beneficiary"). When we moved to Europe many years ago she abandoned her GC by filing I-407. There is the following question on I-130: Has anyone else ever filed a petition for the beneficiary? Since she was only a derivative beneficiary I think no one had to file a petition for her, so I think the correct answer is NO. Or does whatever my employer filled out for her count as a petition? Thanks
  10. I am currently living in Thailand with my wife, and want to start the process for getting her greencard when we plan to return next year. I am filling out the I-130 Form on the USCIS website and am running into the following issue: On the "About You" Section, the phone number fields will only accept US phone number format. I don't have a US phone number anymore. I can enter my mom's US phone #, but I am concerned this will cause problems later. Can anyone advise how I can fill this out properly given the constraints of the USCIS system? I have searched extensively on my own how to contact them, but it has proven to be difficult. I greatly appreciate any advice or help anyone can offer.
  11. Hello everyone, I am seeking some advice for my spouse and I. My spouse is a Japanese citizen holding a permanent residency card. We completed our i-130 and my spouse was granted her residency here in the United States 2-years ago. It is now time for us to submit a i-751 to remove conditions on her residency. Previously when we went through the i-130 process, while I was stationed in Japan, we answered "yes" on her i-130 in reference to "have you ever committed a crime...etc." This was also documented in her ds-260 that we were required to submit. My spouse was able to get her criminal record pulled from the local police office where we filed, but it was sealed, so we do not know if there is in fact any record of her crime. When she was 14 years old she was caught shoplifting, taken to the police station and questioned, then later released to her mother. To her knowledge, she never needed to pay a fine, nor was she charged for the crime. When we spoke to the counselor at her interview for her i-130, they accepted the documents of her criminal history and she was accepted. From my interpretation, in the directions (i-751) it states that she is required to provide documentation (again) on the incident. The document would require either my spouse traveling back to Japan and hand receiving the record, or requesting the record through the local embassy, which we were quoted at potentially taking up to 3 months to receive. I have called USCIS three separate times requesting more information, but it seems they are not allowed to answer whether or not she has to submit the criminal record again or not. Today I spoke with another USCIS representative and he suggested it possible that I provide a written statement of the situation and that we have already previously disclosed this and provided the criminal record for her i-130. She has not committed any crimes since gaining her residency (in her 2-year conditional period). As it stands I have written the letter that was recommended, and included it with her filing documents signed by both of us. My questions are; Does she in fact need to submit the same criminal record for the i-751, or is this stored in the USCIS database for reference? Does the question on form i-751 refer to the conditional 2-year period, or is it in fact "have you ever"?
  12. Hello everyone! We filed the I-130 for for Immediate Family Resident in August 2021 from Lima, Peru where we were both living. In order to get things established, I (the US citizen) came back to the US in January 2022. I have finally found a job and in 3 days am moving into what will be our new place of residence once my husband (Peruvian citizen) can come. Today, I looked at our case online and tried to see if I could update the address (physical address for me still shows Peru, mailing address is what I have always used while living abroad - but both of these have changed to the new address now) and I saw a message that said the address could not be updated at this stage of the adjudication process. The capability, however, looks like it is still enabled. Any insight into this? Does it look like we might have a decision soon? And then I could update the address? Thank you so much for your feedback!
  13. Hi, created this topic coz i havent seen any similar to the date that i filed for my parents’ petition. I-130 submitted online on June 19, 2021.
  14. Good morning everyone. I’ve searched this forum for awhile but couldn’t find the answer to my question. I’ve submitted an I 130 petition for my mother in November 2021 after becoming a citizen. At the time, she was planning on immigrating to the States. But her situation has changed. 1. My grandmother broke her hip and is unable to move so my mom has to provide constant care 2. My sister had a baby and she is a single mother The status of my petition is Case is being reviewed by the USCIS as of March 2022. my question is, how do I withdraw the application? I’ve seen on the internet that you need to send a letter to USCIS explaining your withdrawal. also will we get penalized and will the withdrawal affect any future applications? Thank you!
  15. Hello, I filed my i-130 online on May 29th, and I received my receipt online today with the IOE number. While reading about the K3 process, I noticed it said to put a copy of the back of the birth certificate, and I realized I only included the front of my long form BC plus the apostille form with that. Do I also need to take a photo of the back of my BC and upload that also, and is it too late to add it now if that is the case? Thank you all so much and best wishes, everyone!
  16. I came to the US by marriage to USC with I-130 petition and did not list my child as they were not migrating with me at that moment. I am now a green card holder and have been so for the last 6 years. I have talked to a few people and they told me that I can now not petition for my child because I did not list them on the I-130 form. Now I am worried and was hoping I could get some other advice from people on this forum. Thanks for any info.
  17. Hello! Hope you all are doing well and that I'm in the right section here. My parents recently filed the I-130 form for me (unmarried son, over 21 years old / F2B). Right now I'm living in Germany but I want to leave it in the end of the year and live as a perpetual traveler / digital nomad until I'm allowed to enter the US as a permanent resident. This means I won't stay longer than 180 days/year in the same country. Unfortunately my family and I are running into a problem. As we understand we have to immediately notify the USCIS when I as beneficiary relocate somewhere else. Since I will fully deregister myself from Germany and don't register somewhere else officially (like a normal relocation), we don't know what we should tell the USCIS to prevent the application getting cancelled. I won't obtain any special visas and travel only via normal tourist visa if that's important to know. I already thought about asking my sister here in Germany if she would be willing to let me user her address for this purpose but she declined. Also my parents and I are wondering if I can just tell the USCIS that I won't have a permanent address anymore but my parents (petitioners) address in Florida as contact address? Which consulate would be responsible for my case when I officially deregister from my home country? Does anyone know how I can handle this correctly? I'd be absolutely happy if someone can help me out since this topic gives me nightmares and absolute headache for weeks now. Thank you very much in advance!
  18. Hello! New user here. I just recently got married to my Russian husband, who is currently residing in Armenia due to the war. He has no intentions of ever returning to Russia. I am the US citizen petitioner filling out the I-130, and in the "Information about beneficiary in their native written language" section, it's asking for his name and address in his native language. His name I understand should be in Cyrillic, but the address he's living at right now is Armenian. Should that also be in Cyrillic, or should it be in Armenian? Thanks!
  19. Good day all, All documents and fees were approved and completed on my IR5 on March 7th 2019. Notice from the NVC was that an interview would be scheduled at the Consulate and I would be notified by email or mail. Does anybody know what the approximate turnover times are for the interview? Can I expect an interview in April? Thank you!
  20. Hi all, Your precious help is very much needed! My I-130 was approved 2 weeks ago, however, the notice said that we made a mistake by selecting both AOS and Consular Processing, hence, we should file I-824. This was incorrect as I checked the submitted I-130 form and found out we left AOS empty and only filled out Consular Processing section as the beneficiary is outside the US. I have tried to resolve it with USCIS endlessly to send our petition to NVC immediately (info pass calls, tier 2 agent call, online messages) but they insisted that we file for I-824. Our I-130 was processed at Texas Service Center and its processing time for I-824 is up to 27 months. It is ridiculous and beyond insane to have our case delayed for over 2 years due to USCIS error. I have submitted inquiries with a copy of the submitted I-130 form to four congressmen and the USCIS Ombudsman office to get my case sent to NVC immediately without filing I-824 due to a clear USCIS error. We haven’t heard back from them yet. Do you think USCIS will fix their error and send the case to NVC? Is there anything else we should do? Your help is very much appreciated! Thank you in advance.
  21. I am a f1 student married to a USC. I am currently living with my spouse for the last 1.5 years inside the US. While filling the i-130 I found this question on page 5 part 4. In 11a. I typed in my current residence inside the US that I share with my spouse, can someone help me with part 12 and 13 please.
  22. Hello everyone, I am a F-1 Student living in the US and recently got married to a USC. My spouse and I have been living together for about 1.5 years in the same apartment which I was going to use as my mailing address. I am filing for I-130, I-485 etc. this Friday and will be moving to a different city for a summer internship next week but my wife will be living in the same apt. In this case, how should I update USCIS about my change of address? Also, is it possible for me to receive mail at my wife's apt while I am away? Thanks!
  23. I did not see a new thread yet for November 2019, so I guess I will start it! 😁 I actually have NOT filed my I-130 yet 😩 but I am committed to doing so by November 15, 2019! That is my personal deadline! We have been married almost a year and due to some laziness on both our parts we haven't moved on this but we have made so much progress with it now it makes sense NOT to put it off any longer. So WELCOME all other Nov 2019 brethren! I need your support to get this DONE! 🖐️
  24. Hello everyone, I am an F1 student inside the US and my USC spouse is filing the I-130 for me online, I had a question. The duration of authorized stay in my I-94 says 'D/S' but I can only enter a date in the online application, so what answer should I put down? Thanks in advance!
  25. Here we go!!! We just filed an I-130 for our CR1 on September 15th 2020...already feeling nervous, excited and impatient 🤩 So curious to find out which USCIS centre our case will go to and when we will receive our NOA1..
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