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  1. Hello All, I am starting a new thread for July 2019 filers of i-130 for parents. I just mailed an application for my mother today. Please join the conversation and share your journey/process.
  2. Hello all I-130 filers, Lets put our I-130 timelines for California Service Center Filers.
  3. Hi All, I really hope someone could help me here. Yes, there are attorneys out there, who could answer my questions, but I don't have the financial means to pay for one. I've also tried to seek free legal advice, but no one in New York City seems to have availability until January, 2020. I simply can't wait that long. To make a long story short, here are some basic facts about my situation: 1) Entered the US (last entry) on an O1 Visa (Feb. 2019) 2) My job was terminated in July, 2019 3) Got married in July and applied for I-485, I-130, and I-765 4) I accidentally applied under the wrong category, C35, the first few times. It wasn't until a USCIS officer told me the category might be wrong. I had my biometrics taken in September, so everything seems to be on track with the I-485 and I-130. The I-765, however, has been denied a handful of times, and while it may be my own fault, I'm starting to questioning every single part on the form. I simply don't know what to put in certain boxes. It's getting frustrating because we're living off of my husbands salary, and I really want/need to go back to work asap. My questions are as follow: 1) I had EAD before back in 2017, but under a different category. My request for employment should be "initial," correct? 2) I entered the US on an O1 visa, but lost that status immediately followed by my termination. What is my current status, then? 3) Should I still attach my old EAD card even though it isn't relevant for this category? 4) The category I'm filing under is C9, correct? Thank you, and have a wonderful day! Best, Daniel
  4. Hi all, Starting the February thread to share the journey with a few people. We sent the I-130 application January 31st from France to the Chicago lockbox. I know it arrived in the US on February 2nd but don't know if it has been delivery yet. I am a french citizen and my wife is a US citizen. We met in Australia where we were both living in 2011 and got married in 2013. We got our first child in 2015 and, while Australia was great, we felt it was too far from our respective families. So we decided to move and I got a good job opportunity in France in June 2016. We thought my wife would be able to find a job speaking only english at first and learning french on the way. It hasn't worked that way so my wife stayed at home looking after our boy and taking french lessons. We got a second child in 2017. Now we have realised that, without speaking french, it will be very difficult for her to find a job in her field, and without a job it will be very difficult for her to become fluent in french as she spends most of her time looking after the kids. So we decided to move again, this time to the US. She has been applying for jobs and we hope she will get one from here and that we will be able to do DCF in Paris then but in the meantime we filed with USCIS to get the process started because it takes so long.... Good luck everyone.
  5. Starting the thread for January 2019 Filling - been through this process on the K1 journey all the way through an interview at the Mumbai Embassy last April 2018. We were stuck in AP and had a rare chance to spend 45-days together so we jumped ship and married in India (Nov 24th). So, here we are again going through the same process and praying that it goes faster. Mailed: Dec 26th (tracked delivery on Dec 28th) Notification: Pending NOA1 & Service Center: Pending Happy Journey!! Annie
  6. Creating a post for 2017 I-130 filers for spouses of permanent residents, please share your PDs and any further actions going forward.
  7. I see there may be as many as five or six months between NOA2 approval and the Consular visit. We hope to receive the NOA2 within a month or two (PD is 10/11/2018) but would like to visit the US for the holidays in November or December. Any chance on getting a tourist visa for my Brazilian wife? She has been to the US many times without violating the dates of previous visas.
  8. Would anyone know or direct me to where I can find out about how long it will take from the NVC stage to getting an interview at the Islamabad embassy for the I-130?
  9. Hello everyone, My husband had his visa interview last October (2018). The officer gave him a yellow card marked with missing documents that later on were submitted to them by us. It has been almost one year now, upon checking his visa status on CEAC website it says administritive processing and the last date updated is September 15. The case only gets an update whenever we send them an email asking about the case process.I am very concerned now I feel like it is only us whose case has gone under AP for so long. My husband's passport was collected from him by the officer at the time of his interview and it is still at the embassy. We have a 2 and a half year old son who was born in the U.S and is a U.S citizen, and even that didn't help. I got to the U.S on November 2015 and I am still on a green card. The embassy handling my husband's case is the U.S embassy in Kabul Afghanistan. Also not to forget reading the forums here on visa journey I got to know that I could get help from my state's/city's senator regarding the issue and I did that the senator I contacted is Kamla Harris and she works for my area her office was helpful but the only thing I got from them was an official letter stating that I have to wait and this wait can not be expedited or waived. If you guys have any suggestions or similar stories please, please share it with us. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, I wanted to create this post for individuals who were recently (2019) approved and waiting for their case to be submitted to the National Visa Center (NVC). I was not sure if anyone is aware of this helpful link below. It provides you with the steps of for NVC and their processing time. Hopes this helps and I hope others will share their experience and helpful information. Thanks https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/after-petition-approved/begin-nat-visa-center.html
  11. Hello, I'm a US permanent resident since 2015. I have Italian citizenship while my wife is Iranian, currently residing in Canada. We applied for the I-130 petition for my wife last year, and we have a priority date of August 2018 at California Service Center. Since my wife is an Iranian citizen I'm unclear whether she would be issued a visa post approval of I-130 or not due to the current Travel Ban in place? Does anyone have direct experience? Also what is the average time post I-130 approval before Green Card granted? Thanks, A*
  12. This forum is to help and keep track of status for USC who are petioning a Parent to immigrate to the USA. Please remember to keep it civil and try to use this forum to only help each other on relevant topics pertaining to the VISA or immigration process. Good Luck to everyone!!!
  13. Good day all, All documents and fees were approved and completed on my IR5 on March 7th 2019. Notice from the NVC was that an interview would be scheduled at the Consulate and I would be notified by email or mail. Does anybody know what the approximate turnover times are for the interview? Can I expect an interview in April? Thank you!
  14. It being late October, and no October filers for 2018 found on the site, so I started this one. I am a USC living in Brazil and petitioning for my Brazilian wife of 30 years. It's complicated, but the basics are that I am are applying for a resident visa for my wife for the second time, the first being granted in 1989 after our marriage in Texas in 1988. We lost the visa in 2014 in part because of my ignorance of immigration rules and because of family medical situations in Brazil that prevented my wife from traveling. In 1989 the procedure was very simple. Today it's become 10x more complicated due to 9/11. Since we both live outside the USA we are using a state-side lawyer to be sure all paperwork is as correct as possible. Turns out I would have submitted my I-130 in March, but due to using a lawyer, it was only submitted in October. I hope that at least it goes through without a hitch. On one hand she already has a SSN and it was necessary to include her old Resident Visa ID# on the application. Don't know if this will delay or speed up the process. Based on Oct 2017 filers, we might be looking at a long year ahead of us. 10/05/2018 I-130 sent 10/08/2018 I-130 received Chicago Lockbox
  15. Hello, My husband filed i-130 for my son last year September and I expect to receive RFE soon. (My husband threw away RFE notice on purpose) As I brief my situation, my husband traveled to Philippines last year and cheated on me and he punched my face so I called the police. He got arrested and got 3rd felony but I hired the top lawyer and it dropped down to misdemeanor. We tried to work out the marriage so we decided to bring my son here and he filed i-130. But unluckily, the marriage didn't work out and may going to divorce. He became so ugly and now I'm going to move out. Here is the question. So what's going to happen to my son's processing? We've been waiting for a year and I regret I should have filed i-130. Does anyone have the similar situation as me? Thanks for reading this and I may need to meet immigration attorney.
  16. Our NOA-1 from Nebraska is January 18, 2019. Is it too late to file a K-3? Thanks
  17. Hello everyone, Please, did any of you who mailed their form i -130 using a USPS money order without signing it get a rejection or did USCIS accept it? The USPS money order does not provide a place to sign as compared to money orders from western union and others. Thank you.
  18. I finally submitted our packet!! Let the countdown begin.⏳🕐 Anyone else submitted or planning to submit this month? Come over here!!
  19. Today my status was changed to RFE , am a son of LPR , i need to know what will they ask for ?
  20. Hello all! I searched for a forum that was in my shoes, but I couldn’t find one so instead I created one. I am a US citizen and my husband is in Nigeria. I filed our documents through a lawyer in June 2019 and I am currently in the waiting process. I have my tracking number they provide to check on the website for when they approve me or through my lawyer. I am believing God for a miracle of a short processing time. I am filing through Nebraska Service Center. Has anyone receive notice yet?
  21. Hi, I am excited about this website and I am glad that we are all here to support each other. So I got married in May 2019, filed my I-130 in June 2019, and my K3 in August 2019. I had no idea that I could file the K3 Visa until I did some research because I would have filed it sooner, but the immigration office told me that my I-130 would be processed/approved before the K3 visa. The K3 visa application was free so I did it anyway, so I guess I have nothing to lose. So with that being said, when I checked the processing times for the Nebraska Center for both the I-130 and K3... it says that the processing time is shorter for the K3 visa. Please provide your thoughts and opinions, thanks. P.S. It would be even better to get comments from individuals that actually works at some of these processing centers 👍
  22. Hi there, I just noticed that the Nebraska Service Center's time line is now 18 to 23.5 months for a spouse-based I-130. The receipt date for a case inquiry is now November 10 2017. This is weird because a few weeks ago the Nebraska Service Center's time line was 12 to 15 months, and they were processing cases with a receipt date in June 2018. How can it be that as time has gone by, the Service Center is going backwards? Why didn't they process the November 2017 applications before processing the June 2018 applications? Anyone know what's going on? Edit: Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum. I'm not sure how to move it...
  23. Hi, I am US citizen and about to send I-130 package for my sister. I am sending the following supporting documentation. Am I missing anything? Thanks in advance! 1. G-1450 Credit Card Transaction Authorization for the amount of $535.00 to cover the filing fee; 2. G-1145, E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance; 3. Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative; 4. Naturalization certificate of the petitioner; 5. Birth certificate of the petitioner; 6. Birth certificate of the beneficiary; 7. Marriage certificate of the beneficiary (because of name change after marriage)
  24. Hello everyone, We just have a question regarding AOS and the Final Public Charge ruling and hopefully somebody can shed light to this. We're in the US and I'm the USC. I have a pending I-130 petition that I sent out back in April 25 2019. We've recently sent out my wife's AOS packet to the Chicago lockbox. Sent via USPS - Aug 31 2019 Received by USCIS - Sept 4 2019 As of today we've received nothing yet from USCIS. Will my wife be required to fill form I-944 after the Final Public Charge Rule takes effect on Oct 15 2019 if she has an RFE? We've made sure to send correctly the necessary documents. So hopefully there'd be no RFE. What do you think?
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