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  1. Hi everyone. I arrived in San Diego, CA under a K-1 visa on March 5, and we just got married two days ago. I also added my husband's last name to mine on the marriage license. I understand that for GC/filing AOS I will need to fill the form with my married name. But within the waiting period between now and getting my GC, am I already allowed to put my married name on other documents/paperwork, such as Driver's License, Medical Card, insurance, bills, etc. even though my existing ID's (passport, SSN, unexpired I-94) are still under my maiden name? Will I encounter a problem when they ask for proof of identity that matches my married name? Is marriage certificate a sufficient for a proof? I appreciate all the answers.
  2. I tried to look for an answer in the forum and I can't find the answer. Yet, I'm sure many has the same problems as I do. I just received an email from the County Clerk at City Hall, my appointment for the Marriage License and Ceremony are canceled until further notice. The surrounding counties are the same, local government offices are closed. How can I get marry with fiancee with City Hall closed? She will be arriving in mid April and if they don't lift the "lock down" with 90 days, we are in deep trouble. My questions is what other member's plan B is? Where will they be going to get marry? If they can't get marry within 90 days, what will they do? Have the fiancee stay in the USA until the corona virus settles down and then get marry? Have the fiancee go back to the home country and reapply in the future?
  3. Hello everyone, Thankfully we're done with the interview back in March 10, 2020. We weren't approved on the spot sadly. Although we were advised to watch out for the decision in the mail. As of today we still haven't received anything. Aside from the "Interview completed" message online, there's no other updates. I'm slightly pessimistic so I can't say if the interview went well. But my partner believes so. 😅 Is the result taking too long? Or are we in for a bit of a wait? If we are, how long would the proper wait time until we need to contact them?
  4. Hi all, I'm new to this site. My fiancé (Morocco) and I (US) are getting married this summer in Rabat. We will apply for the CR1 immediately after I change my name. About us: - age: he's 1 yr older than me - both of us have never been married or have any kids - I work full time and remotely so we're fine for proof of support - we met online in 2018, in person on two separate trips in 2019, then a third time again earlier this year - the trip this year was for our engagement, which included my parents meeting his family in morocco I'm curious to hear how the marriage process went for others, I've been reading a lot of horror stories - how long did it take for you to complete the marriage process? - my sister plans to witness when we're officially married if possible, will we know ahead of time (even the day before) when we can get married? do they set an appt to get married? or is it when we get approval from the judge, that's when we are married right then and there? - is this generally accurate? I've been combing through a bunch of sources online and the process seems so different for everyone 1. get all the necessary docs and translations 2. go to consulate appt in casablanca for the Affidavit of Nationality and Eligibility to Marry form(s) 3. get it stamped at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Ministry of External Affairs in Rabat 4. medical appts 5. police report 6. submit application to marry to an adoul to be certified 7. go to local courthouse marriage office to submit certified paperwork and wait until they tell you to return? 8. meet with an adoul who will ask you to sign a marriage contract 9. go to the police for clearance and wait for a report 10. take everything to a family judge who will then marry or tell you to return? 11. get multiple copies/translations of everything and apostille everything - any other advice or resources would be helpful! Sorry for the long post. Thank you all in advance
  5. My Hungarian fiance and I (US Citizen) are planning on getting married in Ireland (where he and his family reside) this September. After that, we plan to apply for the CR-1 Visa. At first, we were thinking we could have him stay on VWP for less than 90 days and then he could go to Mexico for a few days and re-enter. I now realize that could easily constitute border hopping. Anyway, some complications to our situation: 1) I am a full-time student and can't take longer than 2 quarters (about 5 months) off of enrolment to maintain my admission. I am currently on leave for work and will have to return in September just after we get married. 2) He is currently trying to find an EU-based remote working job so he can make money while in the US, which would mean he quits his current job. Is that an ok thing to do? Would that maintain enough of a tie to EU to eliminate issues when entering US on VWP? 4) While he has a well-paying job and mine is decent, we both have student loans and a wedding to pay for (though we're trying to keep costs to a minimum!). 5) While we're very good at long distance, we are looking forward to finally living together. If our only option is to live apart and make short but very few visits, we'll do more than our best. But given it's a marriage, we want to do everything we can to remain physically together. We're now considering the following: - We get married in September in Ireland. - We enter the US a few days/weeks after our wedding, fiance on VWP with a return ticket already purchased for December. I go to school and work for one quarter. Fiance works remotely from EU-based job. While living in the US, we would be staying in a studio apartment rented from my parents. No formal lease to attach him permanently to the address. - While in US, we apply for CR-1. - In December, before his 90 days on VWP are up, we return to Ireland and stay there while fiance continues to work remotely or perhaps at his old job? Not sure yet. I may be able to do some online coursework and care for his family members (non-paid). I may also be able to do research for my degree there (we met while I was studying abroad in Ireland). I could be there for up to 90 days on a tourist visa. - Depending on CR-1 status at this point, we could either 1) live separately for a short time waiting on CR-1 greencard approval, me studying in US, him working in Ireland. Or we could 2) do the switcheroo back to the US so I can study in US while he's here working remotely. - Depending on options we would then: 1) Schedule our interview at the consulate in Dublin and he would enter US on CR-1. Would I need to be at the interview? or 2) Schedule an interview at an embassy in the US. Is it possible to do this for visitors on the VWP? Then have him fly in from Mexico or Canada (or somewhere else with inexpensive flights) on CR-1. It's a little complicated, but is this situation viable? I will so appreciate any advice anyone can give. We already decided after months of back-and-forth that K-1 wasn't going to work for us so we're really trying to make the CR-1 work. And of course this is all dependent on the COVID-19 situation. Sorry if this was a headache to read! Much love
  6. I'm doing some research for my boss and she asks: "I did a fiancée visa for another Brazilian in 2016 he came into the country in January 2017 and left in April we did not get married I never filled out any paperwork or told anybody anything about what happened he just left before the visa expired and that was it I need to know if that’s going to have any bearing on applying for a fiancée visa for [my new partner]." Are there repercussions on a new K-1 process if you've already had a partner enter on a K-1 and did not go through with the marriage process?
  7. Hello good people! My boyfriend and I are planning to get married soon. I'm on a F1 visa and he's a US greencard holder. After we get married we plan on starting our life here in the US. It looks like things are expedited when you're married to a US citizen, while it takes longer when you're married to a resident. My question is, does it matter if we got married now while he is on his greencard? Or should we wait till he becomes a US citizen? He's already done with his finger print. Also, what if we just got married now and he could file my greencard application once he becomes a citizen? Wouldn't my application still be treated as the application of a spouse of a US citizen? Or the fact that we got married when he was on his greencard slow down the whole process? Thanks in advance!
  8. My husband had his visa interview in Barbados on January 15. On the checklist it says we need 2018 taxes or IRS transcripts. 2018 tax was the first thing available so I put that in the package for them to review at the interview. At the end they now said I need IRS transcripts. I felt frustrated because it said either or on the checklist. Nonetheless, I sent over my IRS transcripts the very next day and their response was: "The next step is that the consular officer will review the entire case and make a determination. We will communicate with the applicant once we have further instructions. We cannot say whether or not the visa will be ready within your time frame. Considering that the embassy will be closed Monday and Tuesday, processing will be delayed. Then there is the factor of getting the passport to us and getting it back to the applicant". I don't Understand why the entire case needs to be reviewed if that's the point of the interview and if we was only missing one paper why is it taking over a month to reviewed. I honestly didn't think I would be waiting so long after the interview.. I was so excited to get the interview date because I told my self the end is finally near. I also email again on January 30th and their response was "Once the consular officer reviews the case, we will provide an update". I don't know what to do at this point, and waiting is just so frustrating.
  9. Hello all, I got an SSN before I got married, and now I'm thinking of going to the Social Security office to have my info updated to my married name. However, I found this on the Social Security website: " Corrected Card for a Noncitizen Adult If you change your name, become a U.S. citizen, or your immigration status or work authorization has changed, you need to tell Social Security so we can update our records and when necessary, issue a new card. " Source: https://www.ssa.gov/ssnumber/ss5doc.htm The thing is, my AOS packet is still pending. Once my applications come through, am I supposed to "declare" to Social Security that AOS and EAD have been approved? Does that mean I shouldn't have my name updated until then? Because I might be wasting a whole trip/process if I'd have to come back after approval anyways. Need advice on the matter.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm currently on a J-1 visa for physician residency and my country was recently added to the travel ban list. My boyfriend is a US citizen. I understand I will have to serve a J-1 visa waiver period vs 2 year home country requirement after completing residency next year. My question is: if my goal long term is to get a green card should I marry my boyfriend sooner or later, would I get a green card any quicker? We've been together for a while already so we know we will eventually get married. Thanks!
  11. Hello, I just have one question regard my case in applying for a Green Card through marriage on the K3. I am currently in the U.S. working on an O1. I am about to apply for my Green Card through Marriage. I want to see if I can switch employment during the wait time for my Green Card once I file it, do I need to file I765 for that to be possible , to enable me to work untied to my current employer? My current O1 has 2 more years of validity on it with my current employment. I read on the i765 form not to file the i765 if you are on an O1 however im wondering if this will enable to me work separate to my O1? Do I need to maintain my current status working on my O1?
  12. A little background: I currently reside in Michigan. I acquired my US Green Card in 2010 and was consequently naturalized and became an US citizen in 2016. My wife is a naturalized Canadian citizen. We had been in a long distance relationship for 6 years and in July 2019, she visited me over a weekend and we got married in a small ceremony (about 10 or so friends and family). I have the marriage certificate from the district county. She returned back immediately after we got married and has since been in Canada. I had not filed for a K-1 Fiancee visa prior to getting married as I was not aware at the time. So she entered as a visitor on her Canadian passport when she came here and we got married. While doing some research to start her immigration process, I read that this could constitute as visa fraud. Had I known, we would have gotten the K-1 Visa first. I have doubts that this could be a potential problem for her immigration process. She has not visited the US since and has held a residence and job in Canada. 1) Is this true and if so, how serious is it could it be? What are the steps to resolve it? To start her immigration, there are some different ways to do it and I am not sure which is the correct way to proceed based on our case: a) Bring her here and file I-130 (Alien Relative Petition) and I-485 (Adjustment of Status) at the same time. b) Bring her here and only file I-485 (Adjustment of Status) at the same time. c) File for I-130 and then file for K-3 visa( Non-immigrant visa for spouse) and then bring her here. d) Any other? Would a) and b) be safe as she would come as a visitor and could stay longer than intended while filing I-485 (Adjustment of Status) We have already been apart for months on end during our long distance relationship and want to be together as soon as possible. I have talked to multiple lawyers and only gotten different answers and have turned here for help. Its very confusing but we want to try and go with the safest option. Please help! Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hey again, I wanted to know if there is a link on here that already has a step by step on how do the CR1. Also is there an updated estimated processing time for Jamaica, I've heard about 3 different time frames. Also my wife has a child under 18 and I was told that I have to do an application separately.
  14. Hi! I think I have a pretty straight forward question, but I am not really sure about the steps that I should follow. I am currently on a F1 student visa working on EAD that you get for one year after completing my studies. I am getting married to a US citizen in January and planning to change my last name to my spouse's last name. I am trying to understand when I should/can change my last name on my SSN and drivers license. I am applying for the new EAD along with our application for my Green Card (Adjustment of Status and Petition). Do I need to wait for my new EAD (with my new last name) to arrive in the mail first or do I have to go to the SSN office as soon as I have my marriage certificate? I believe that I can't change my drivers license before my new EAD comes because they request that as a proof of identity at the DMV, but I am also not 100% sure. Thanks!
  15. Hey there everyone, So I am coming really close to filing my green card package, I have filled out all my forms and have all my supporting documents, But I am still confused about the Fees. I know that some forms vary based on age, immigration status, where you are etc, so its very confusing. These are the forms I'm submitting: i130 i130a i485 i864 ( x2 - sponsor and a joint) i765 i131 Do I have to pay the total of all the fees? Do some of the forms not cost anything because they are being submitted with other forms? Do I need to pay the biometrics fee for each, or just once? Do I put it all together on one cheque or multiple? If anyone knows the answer, or has a link to something explaining it more easily than any of the resources I have found, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks P.S. I know I am to do the i693, but I have been advised to do that when I get the interview notification so it doesn't expire.
  16. Does anyone have any experience registering their marriage at a French consulate here in the US. I read that one can get French citizenship through marriage after five years but it has to be registered with France. (Not sure if this is under the right topic.)
  17. My fiancé (Morocco) and I (US) want to get married this summer in Morocco and honestly I have no idea where to start. I’ve read a lot of the government stuff but it’s a little confusing and overwhelming. And then I read through some things here and find out little tidbits of info that add to the confusion. So I hope I’m in the right place to ask some questions? My questions so far are: - aside from the documents listed on the US embassy page, what are other documents the Casa embassy sometimes asks for? (like paystubs, work letters, military papers, proof of relationship documents?) - I’m from Indiana and my local police station sent me to an online portal to get my “records” but it is basically just a page that says there was nothing found on me. Is this acceptable as the police report for the embassy or am I just asking the wrong thing of our police station? - how many passport photos do we need in total (I’ve read 2 and 4)? - does his family/family member need to accompany us to these appointments so we are not alone? for example can it be me, my fiancé, and his mother? (I read that in Rabat you cannot be alone together for some of the papers, is it the same in Casa?) - how long should we expect this process to take? - once we are married, if I want to stay and live there for a while, will this cause problems? I won’t be working, and will probably not have a job in the US but I’m worried if we decide to stay that applying for his visa to the US later will be more difficult. I know this is a lot but I really appreciate anything and anyone who can help and point us in the right direction!
  18. Hi All! I’m a United States citizen. I’ve been living in Italy since September 2018. On November 30, 2019, I got married IN ITALY to an Italian guy. We want to move to the United States ASAP, preferably NYC where I’ve lived my whole life. So far I have filled out the i130 form. Then I got stuck. I do not know what else I am supposed to fill out (when applying from Italy) OR where to send stuff. Dallas lockbox ? Or do I try to make an appointment with the Consulate here in Italy? Where - Naples? I tried to call and can’t get a human. I looked here and on USCIS site. SOME OTHER QUESTIONS I HAVE: 1) SPONSORSHIP: I have not worked since July 2018. I have no income. Even then, I was not making enough to sponsor my husband. I have no assets. Can my MOTHER who is also a citizen, sponsor him on her own? How do I go about that? What form? 2) PROPOSED RESIDENCE: I listed my mom’s apartment for where we would live after moving to NYC. She owns it and it’s where I grew up. I still get mail there I’m sure and it’s listed on my expired driver’s permit. 3) PROOF OF CONTINUED RESIDENCE IN USA Someone told me that I need to show that I am still a resident of New York. Meaning I should vote, renew my expired driver’s permit (I don’t have a state ID or license) and take other affirmative steps to show I have not abandoned New York/ USA. Is that true? My family immigrated to NYC almost 150 years ago and has been there since. I was born in NYC and have lived there my whole life. Since I moved to Italy September 2018, I’ve visited NYC from December 22, 2018 to February 1, 2019, and from May 22 to June 15, 2019. by just being out of the country on and off for 14 months, I obviously have not lost my citizenship. 4) APPLYING FOR SPOUSE VISA FROM ITALY I know it is more difficult & lengthy to apply from OUTSIDE the USA. Has anyone done this who could contact me? We got married in Italy instead of in USA because my husband is not in the financial position to quit his job in Italy while living in USA and waiting for a visa in USA. He wants to apply for jobs in USA but feels that it will be easier to get one once he has obtained his green care or its at least pending. Getting a job to sponsor him is difficult. I want to move back ASAP but I don’t want to leave my husband. I don’t have the funds for a lawyer. I am homesick and miss my family and friends and my city. I am not fluent in Italian and it’s hard to find work here. I think I have more opportunities back home. Please message me or comment if you have been through this or you can help.
  19. So, after months and months of anxiously waiting, our paper work has been approved by the NVC. I got the email while visiting my husband in Barbados.. We were both very excited to open the email, just to find out that we will STILL be waiting. Anyone on here will be or already interview at the Barbados embassy. How long was your wait till you got an interview date. Me and my husband started the paper work October 2018, I know we are near the finish line but it doesn't feel like it! Best wished to all.
  20. I am not sure if you can help but I have a general Question. I am a US citizen living in the US and I visit South Africa three times already and met someone there and we been dating long distance. Can you please answer the following question below so I have ideal the process just in case for the future. 1) What is the process for a US citizen to marry in South Africa. 2) If marry in South Africa can I right after Apply for any time of residency to stay living in the country for many years until I can change to permanent.
  21. Hi! I am a lawful permanent resident at the moment and will be filing my citizenship this May 2020. Also, I am getting married in the Philippines this April 2020. I am planning to petition my then spouse after I take my oath and get my certificate of naturalization. I need an advice whether to change my last name or not on my marriage certificate to be filed in the Philippines. Would this cause conflict when I apply for my citizenship? Should I just wait for my citizenship application to legally change my name? If so, what would be the effect of this when I petition my spouse after obtaining my citizenship knowing that my legal name would already be different from what is on the marriage certificate. Please help.
  22. Hello, I traveled to USA as a tourist, I am from Germany, I have a B1/B2 Visa and can stay 180 days. My boyfriend made me a proposal to merry him now, so now we would like to stay together and merry here in USA and that I stay here with him. He is american citizen and he has a good job and earns enough money for now for both of us, I cant work. We contacted a lawyer and he said we should not merry now, we should merry after 90 days I entered the country and then merry and then submit our file. Does anyone have experience with this process and can give us few tips or any recommendations ? I appreciate your help and thank you!
  23. Hello All, Upon entering into the USA on K1-Fiance, Is it okay to get married first according to Indian customs in the US and then get married in the courthouse and obtain official marriage license? Thanks!
  24. Hello, I am having EAD with F-1 OPT now and it will be expired on 02/2020. I just got married to my husband who is US citizen. So we are trying to apply the green card with I-765 asap. Just wondering If i can work between the gap from my current ead expired to getting new one from I-765 with I-485. also, do I need to I-693 when I send all of the documents to USCIS? Or can wait till the interview day? Thank you
  25. Hello, I met my girlfriend travelling and we plan to marry. She is a guidance counsellor in new york and i live in germany. I just finnished my appreniceship as industrial mechanic and i would like to move to the usa to build up a future with my soon to be wife. The problem is that i have a criminal record with 2 offenses with drugs and i was sentenced to 2 years 8 months of jail. I am still on probation. Is there any chance for me to get a work permit in the usa when i marry her? There is no reason for me to go to the usa any other than her because i have a great job here. Thanks for the informations!
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