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  1. Hello everyone. I need some help. I am a 10 year greencard holder (IR1). Since leaving my spouse (please refer to previous topic). I was able to file a divorce case with a court in CA. My spouse got served and this must have triggered him as he has reported me to USCIS (I'm not worried about this as he has no evidence since it’s all lies) but my concern here is that he told me he will be filing a response to my divorce by ticking the box “annulment based on fraud”. I appreciate that this maybe not be the right place to ask but I cannot afford a lawyer and wanted to know how I proceed if I filed for a divorce based on irreconcilable differences and he is responding with annulment based on fraud? He is doing anything and everything he can to spite me and I just want to move on.
  2. Hello! Long time no see! So, I thought I would start a thread for those that are from Argentina going through the process of the ROC in 2022 based on a green card through marriage. To begin, here is the general guide at VJ: Then, here is what USCIS has: https://www.uscis.gov/i-751 Now, this is only a preliminary list, but I wanted to start something so we can get the discussion flowing. Evidence: -IDs -Bills -Statements -Insurance -Deeds -Leases -Birth certificate of children (if applicable) -Proof of traveling together -Photos Remember: The idea is to prove that you have cohabitation (living in the same address) and comingling financially (you have merged your finances both liabilities and assets). **Please note it gets much more detailed, I am only providing a simple general list so we can get some starting points.** I will soon share a typed up letter of what the cover should bee based on some other ones I have seen here.
  3. I would like to get advice. Which route is faster ? Should I go for a K-1 visa for fiancée? Or should we marry in Lima and file I-130 for consular processing? The embassy would be Lima, Peru Which one has the best shot at processing faster?
  4. Greetings, Any advice on how to get things moving. We had a 1 year ban due to marijuana (admitting to past use). Visa processing was scheduled to resume June/21. Hospital contacted spouse for 1st drug test in October/21. No communication has been received since then. I have made contact to the Embassy (responses redirect to hospital), contact made to hospital with no responses, spouse has went in person to explain situation and nothing. Any advice ?
  5. So, this question tends to come up here a lot as people think about going the CR-1 route instead of the K-1. Here's a basic run down of how to get married in Russia. As state on the Embassy website, this applies to Russian and American citizens only, things could get trickier if the other party is not a Russian citizen. https://ru.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/local-resources-of-u-s-citizens/marriage/ Time frame: Roughly 2-3 months Physical locations involved: Local Russian consulate closest to you for getting a Russian visa You can use a third party visa service to apply and it is possible to do via mail - check options in your area Local office where you can register the foreigner's Russian visa (post office, other bureaucratic office...options vary) https://www.visahouse.com/en/information/visaregistration/ US Embassy in Moscow - US Citizen Services Department Bolshoy Devyatinsky Ln, 8, Moscow, Russia, 121099 // Большой Девятинский пер., 8, Москва, 121099 https://ru.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/ - email and how to get an appointment Hours: Monday-Friday currently by appointment only, no walk ins. Department of Legalization of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Moscow 1-Y Neopalimovskiy Pereulok, 12, Moscow, Russia, 119121 // 1-й Неопалимовский пер., 12, Москва, 119121 Hours: Monday- Friday 10:00am-12:30 p.m. and 2:30pm-5:00pm (until 4:00pm on Friday) - walk ins allowed Legalization Department Official Site (in Russian only) Local ZAGS in your city in Russia ЗАГСы Российской Федерации (in Russian only) Step 1: Obtain a visa to Russia Type of visa is irrelevant as long as you'll be able to stay a few months, preferably multi-entry if you want the freedom to come and go while waiting. Ideally a 3 year visa with stays of up to 6 months would be the best bet (preferably a private visa). The entire paperwork to marriage process will take a least a few months. Ballpark it at 2-3 months of waiting to be on the safe side. Once you arrive in Russia, be sure to register your visa in the town where you will be staying ASAP and get the registration. Also always keep your migration card together with your passport and do not lose it. Step 2: Get the information page of your passport translated into Russian (the page that has your name and photo) Can be done anywhere as long as it is certified that the translator knows both Russian and English Technically, you can do it yourself but taking it to a professional will ensure certainty plus a nicer looking format Translations in Russian tend to be cheap so it's worth the money - turn around time is also very fast, usually takes only 24 hours This document will later be given to ZAGS when you go to get married, so they can read and verify your passport NOTE: If you have previous divorces, you need to go ahead and get those divorce certificates translated into Russian as well Step 3: US citizen completes the "free to marry" affidavit at the US Embassy in Moscow and get it notarized You must complete this form in Russian stating that you are free to marry. Must be completed in Russian - so get a Russian speaker to help if you can't write. You must state if you have ever been married before; if you've been married before and are now divorced (list date/place of divorces) Email US Citizen Services to request an appointment for notary services. Wait time for getting an appointment is currently unknown. Bring affidavit, your US passport and any divorce certificates with you (get translations into English if necessary) Pay $50 at the US Citizen Services unit at the Embassy in Moscow and sign the form in the presence of the notary there. Do not sign the form until you are at the window with the notary officer! The affidavit is only valid for 3 months after it is signed by a notary Step 4: Get the affidavit authenticated at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow Right after you get your affidavit notarized, take a short trip over to the Legalization Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs You do not need a prior appointment for this, walk in is possible - but during Covid, that might be different now One you hand in your affidavit for authentication, there will be at least 5 day turnaround time to process it - NO EXPEDITES or fast processing are available! This paper must be picked up in person when it is ready, no mail option is available. So either plan 2 trips to Moscow or plan to stay there for a week. Cost is 200 rubles, pay nearby in the building at the cashier. According to website, it might be 350 rubles now? Step 5: Choosing a marriage date and place at the local ZAGS Contact the ZAGS office in your town or city in Russia where your Russian fiancée/fiancé's is registered/currently living. Walk ins are possible but again check in advance due to Covid if you can walk in still. Bring all above mentioned documents to ZAGS for review. If you bring any foreign documents such as divorce certificates, bring translations into Russian and Apostille if applicable. Note: you will need to get the Apostille in the country where the document originated, so take care of that ideally before entering Russia. There is a 32 day obligatory wait before you can actually get married. At some ZAGS locations they will have a calendar right there where you can pick an available date and time from an option of available slots. Some cities have more than one ZAGS location, so think about it in advance which one you want to get married at Some ZAGS offices have rooms where many guests can attend, some are bigger and more ornate than others. If you want, you can have a bunch of people attend the civil ceremony at ZAGS and make it quite formal, or you can just do a quick in and out style eloping with no fanfare at all. Some ZAGS offices are very elaborate and decorated and accommodate guests better, so think about it in advance which office will be good for your needs if there's more than one to choose from in your city. Talk to the staff at ZAGS which one might best fit your needs. Once you select a date you'll be given an invitation paper with your selected date. You can leave Russia during this time or you can stay and wait it out. If you choose to leave, just make sure to register your visa again when you re-enter. Step 6 Get married at ZAGS! Once your wedding day arrives, arrive to ZAGS with all the proper paperwork mentioned above Submit it to the office where you will go through a couple steps of signing papers and getting your documents checked and reviewed again Once you both sign all the necessary papers and the ceremony is complete, you'll get a marriage certificate in Russian with both your names on it. It's a good idea to get it translated while you are in Russia and also buy a plastic cover to keep it protected (it only costs a few rubles.) That's it - now you're officially married in Russia! Now you can start the CR-1 process if all steps go according to plan.
  6. Hello, My girlfriend is a legal citizen of Venezuela, but currently lives in Peru with her 2 kids. I am about to start the process of moving her to the USA. I have already researched and understand the K-1 visa process, but I am lost on the passport requirements portion... My girlfriend has an expired passport and we need new passports for her children. She spoke with someone in immigration that quoted her $250 for her passport renewal and $350 each for new passports for her children. I thought that sounded really expensive so I thought the guy in immigration might be trying to pocket money. Is there anywhere online where I can apply for passports on my girlfriend's behalf? And do those prices sound correct?
  7. I hope this is the correct forum to ask the question and get some advice! I recently moved back to the us after living abroad for six years, I have been in a relationship with my Korean boyfriend and lived together for the past 3 years. I recently moved back to the us and he came with me on an esta vida to visit. Originally, our plan was to just have him visit and then we would do the k-1 fiance visa application, but after the controversy with roe v Wade, I didn't want to risk how it could affect same sex marriage. So we decided to get married before he leaves in two weeks. Is this fine and what kind of issues could this path to marriage/green card cause? Does anyone have any advice on the steps we should take or have experience in a similar situation? Thank you for any advice!
  8. Hi, I have arrived in the US on my k1 visa and will be getting married soon, but I’ve heard the maiden name to married name change is confusing with all the forms. Is it possible to not change my maiden name to married name until after I get my green card? Will that make it easier so I can put all the forms in my maiden name, then just change my name more down the line, or will that look weird to imigration? Or is it easier to just change my maiden name to married name right after marriage? (Also I already have my SSN and it is in my maiden name. ) Thank you
  9. I am applying for the citizenship based on 3-year rule: being married to us citizen. The question: how many times your husband has been married? Before current marriage I have been married twice. Do I put number of marriages as 3, including current marriage or 2 (just prior marriages)? thank you
  10. Posting from a throwaway account as I shared my last account with my husband. So I am a UK citizen and married an American Citizen. To cut a long story short, we went through the IR1 process (we have been married for more than 2 years). I had my interview at the London embassy at the very end of March and I was approved for a 10 year greencard. I have sold most of my belongings (including my car), quit my job and did everything that I needed to do in order to prepare for my move to the states. Sadly I recently discovered that my husband has been using multiple dating apps and attempting to meet up with women. I confronted him about this and it is as if his mask has fallen off, he has become a completely different person- spiteful, bitter and angry. I feel so blindsided and heartbroken. I feel like the man I married does not even exist. He now wants to get a divorce which I will not be contesting. I have a few questions that I am hoping you guys can help me answer as you are all so helpful and informative. 1) I have mentally and physically prepared myself to move to the states, if I still want to move, will there be any issues at the point of entry? Or will I not be allowed to go because my husband and I will be getting a divorce? 2) I have (obviously) not yet visited the states with my approval, can my husband cancel my greencard? 3) If I am able to go and 'activate' my greencard, I was planning on applying for a re entry permit to come back here to the UK and make sure I am fully ready to move. the re entry permit would buy me some time and extend the usual.6 month waiting period if I feel I need a few more months. 4) If I am granted a re-entry permit, could there be a possibility that I am denied entry based on the sole fact that I am no longer with my husband? I apologise if this does not make sense. I have had little to no time to research any of this as I was completely blindsided by my situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi everyone! I have a few questions about my sort of unique situation. My fiancée and I have been together for almost 4 years, and are planning to get married this April. We would like to file for the I-130 and AOS concurrently immediately after. We are both in the US, and she is a US citizen. The possible hang-ups are that I'm currently an international student with an expired F1 visa, within my expired passport, but still in status and with a new passport. My SEVIS record is still active and my I-20 has program end date on 2025, since I went on a PhD program after undergrad. I was told by my international student center that yes, I am still in legal status with all these, but I'm not sure if USCIS would treat this as a red flag? Next, while we're getting married in April, I do want to end my academic program and will not be in it starting this August. I am already incredibly tired of being in university, and it has taken its toll on my health, so going back would be a last-resort. However, not going back will cause my SEVIS record to be terminated in August -- an authorized early withdrawal. I was wondering if this would affect my application even after I've submitted the I-130 and the I-485 in April? Furthermore, my fiancée and I currently live in different states. We've lived together for two years previously, however, before I had to move to a different state for school. She currently lives with her parents because her workplace is near their house. She makes a bit above the wage requirements, so we're not worried about that. We do have proofs of our relationship, and lots of friends to back it up, but would it count against us if we have different US addresses? I am planning on moving in with her at her state around July, since I have to finish up with my lab work before leaving uni, so we are not *immediately* cohabitating after being married. Finally, would any of you recommend simplecitizen for this? I'm a bit inept at filing forms, so I thought of availing their $400 package. But if this is indeed a complicated situation, I might avail of the $850 package instead. Thank you so very much for all your help! I am so happy that this forum exists.
  12. Hello everyone, I am a USC. I'm preparing the i129F packet for my Fiance and I have some questions for those who've been in a similar situation of being a previous petitioner. In 2014 I got married overseas in Egypt and petitioned for my ex, he was approved for a CR1 visa. After a 15 month process my then-husband flew here the following year in July 2015 and we stayed with some of my family where I was currently living. Everything started off great until issues between he and my family started. Then he wanted us to move out on our own so he started looking for a job, met with managers but never got call backs. He arranged to go stay with a mutual close friend out of state because he claimed he was feeling uncomfortable living with my family. He also wanted to try getting work out of state there. I was very upset about the change in plans, it was not what I was expecting at all. This created a lot of issues between us. Within a few months of his arrival that happened and he was staying out of state. I later flew and stayed for a month with him and for the most part it was horrible for me, lots of fighting and not getting along. I returned home after and separated (informally), which he did not like. When we did talk it was still more fighting and then a week or 2 of no talking. After a month and a half to 2 months I tried to reconcile and I sent him a box of marriage therapy type books I had been reading, treats, amazon gift cards etc for him and some things for our friends family he was staying with. He is the type to hold a grudge about everything and didnt reciprocate trying to reconcile. After going through depression, I felt fed up and filed divorce a few months later the following year. Shortly after I filed he contacted me apologizing and wanting to reconcile and mentioned that he was considering coming back home. I paid for a 1 year family pass for the zoo (I have 2 kids from a previous Relationship) to have something to do together. I even added him as an authorized user to my credit card in attempt help him start building his own credit. After a few months he ended up not coming back, instead he suggested I and my kids move there with him, which I didnt feel it was right removing my kids from their life and family here. Then he suggested I move there with him and leave my kids here and i could visit them periodically, that I wouldn't have to work and he would take care of it all. I was definitely not about to leave my kids behind and move away just because he decided he wanted to stay living in another state. I knew that my state gives a 6 month period before divorce finalizes incase the couple reconciles and decides to cancel it. I let the divorce process continue without cancelling and I'm glad I did. Clearly it was not working out and we couldn't even agree on what state to live in. We divorced based on irreconcilable differences and it was finalized Dec 2016. He had to file a divorce waiver and remove conditions by himself and go the rest of the way without me. Fast forward, he attended his interviews, did his biometrics, gave them everything they wanted to know and was granted US Citizenship in the end. Now about my Fiance. We knew of eachother through a mutual female friend on fb 7 years ago but he and I never had contact back then. Over a year later He messaged me saying happy new year and gave advice about staying happy in marriage and sent a link but I never responded. I was married at the time and it wasn't my thing to talk to men even though he wasn't showing interest or trying to flirt or come on to me in any way. During my separation from my husband I contacted this man asking for help with translating some things. He happens to also be from the same country as my ex husband. So he finally responds back over a month later because apparently he was away in the military. We talk a little and he wants to block because he doesnt want to cause problems in my marriage. He had no idea that problems already were there and I was separated. It wasn't an issue any longer to me talking and being acquaintances. I let him know the current circumstances and then we didnt talk again for several days. We ended up excepting eachother as friends on fb several days later. While me and my ex were having problems and were separated, me and my now fiance were becoming friends. We became close, I considered him a best friend to me and he was there for me to vent a lot about the problems in my marriage. At the same time we started becoming attracted to one another and did like eachother but i didnt consider us as being officially dating or in a relationship. After my divorce became finalized I tried to move on with my life and went on to pursue a long distance relationship with my now fiance. But it wasn't entirely easy for me having been down this road of long distance relationship before and this whole process. I still had some fears of another relationship failing especially during that year after my divorce. I felt like all my heart, emotions, effort, time, etc. I put into my marriage and that whole process was for nothing in the end and it left me shattered inside. I feared this type of let down happening allover again. But I continued on having this new, long distance relationship. Several times we planned to meet in person but due to our work schedules and circumstances it became delayed. At the same time I felt like I needed this delay to fully heal and be whole again. In Nov 2020 we broke up for a short period without talking, due to other things. Mostly he felt the distance was becoming too much and felt that I was often purposely delaying our relationship even more from going foreward to the next step. Though he was trying to be patient through it all with me, we have had ups and downs over the last 3 years. Many times we talked about a future together and for the most part we get along great together and see eye to eye with many things in common. I also knew inside that I didnt want to pass him by and live with regrets later in life of what if. I arranged with work and got approval for vacation and flew to where he resides for work in Bahrain. This turned out being the best decision I could have made. We had an amazing time together. During that period we flew to kuwait to spend time with some of his family and I loved it. I took them each gifts and in turn they took me out and wanted to shop for me, my kids and my mom. They took me to dinner..it was really nice and they were so welcoming. After flying back to Bahrain I had one week left before returning home to the US. We talked about engagement before going to see his family and wanted to have it with them there and wanted to find rings in Kuwait but our trip was shortened due to missing a flight and having to schedule a later one and pay all over again, plus his work schedule.. he couldn't take more than just a few days off. So after returning to Bahrain, we shopped and purchased our engagement rings and became engaged Feb 28, 2020. Since then the pandemic picked up more and I havent been able to make another trip. I also work in a covid facility so it's been pretty hectic this past year and with my kids and my dad also getting covid and having to care for them too through it. Thank the Lord I have not had the virus yet. We have made some arrangements and discussed the details of our wedding and I know time is ticking and I need to file this now as it has to be within 2 years of meeting. I know that there are some red flags being I was married before and previously filed a CR1. Both are from the same country of Birth and Starting a relationship just after my divorce. I'm hoping for the best and just want to know if others have filed k1 after marriage and divorce, how did it go? I'm wondering if I will have to prove at some point the bonafides of my previous marriage. It's been just over 7 years since I had gotten married and just over 4 years being divorced. I've moved a few times and dont have much proof of anything left as he took whatever there was with him. Should I expect them to ask for some letter from my ex husband? Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.
  13. Hi ! I hope everyone finds themselves well. I am new to this Forum and was wondering if anyone could have any tips or suggestions regarding the adjustment of status process for a DACA recipient. Some background: I have been DACA since it's inception in 2016. I have not accumulated any illegal presence in the United states. Clean record, driving record, no criminal record, great school record. Not even a traffic ticket is under my name. I am a graduated college student (21 years of age). My fiance is a college student who is finishing up her Master's degree (22 years of age). She is an America Citizen (born in Tampa). We have been together for 2 years and a half. I sort of understand the adjustment of status process, however, my Fiance's family situation is not the greatest. Her mom is sort of controlling of her finances and has been declaring her as a dependent since she was in college (my Fiance does not live with her, get money from her, is not even on her health insurance). We are planning on getting married this month or the next and we are worried that her mom claiming her as a dependent on her taxes for 2021 will look bad when we apply for my adjustment of status. I know USCIS is very attentive and can be suspicious of any tiny little thing. Should my Fiance file as an independent for 2021 and not be claimed as a dependent? Is that the safest route? Or would it not matter at all? I would appreciate any tips or suggestions. We are trying to get a lawyer, but the office we were looking into and trust, does not have availability until March 1st for these types of cases. Thank you once again.
  14. Hi folks, My partner (25 M from New Jersey) and I (27 M from Canada) are about to embark on the marriage and legal process of me moving to the USA. Context: We met during undergrad in NYC and started dating our senior year (2018). We decided we were too young to get married while I was on OPT, so we stayed together long distance while I was in Toronto and he stayed in NYC. We both have BFA degrees and he is a performer in a well-known company in NYC and I've been working many different jobs living in Toronto. I was issued a temporary SSN for my OPT period, but that has not been used since the period ended in August 2019. We are not married yet, and would likely apply for a CR1 visa. It's easier for me to visit him, and we have more of a "life" together in NYC, so we're planning on getting married in the states. What does travel look like for me during the application process? We hope to gather as much information before hiring lawyers and making any moves that would make the process longer or more difficult. If anyone has advice on where to start, it would be greatly appreciated! I've been browsing visajourney and Reddit, which have been very helpful to start. As most people, we would love to process to be as efficient as possible so I can move back to NYC and eventually begin working. Thanks!
  15. I am female u.s. citizen currently collecting documents for my Moroccan fiance and I to be married in Morocco. we will continue to the spouse visa process. does anyone know if any documents needed for marriage in morocco need to be apostilled? if they dont need an apostille, do they need any form of notorization before i bring them with me or send them to my fiance?
  16. According to what I know my fiance who is from the USA needs a police record in order for us to marry here in Morocco. But I don't know if it's okay for him to get only a police record from the police department of the state he lives in!?
  17. My fiance is from the U.S. and we took an appointment at the U.S. embassy to get an affidavit and eligibility for marriage and that's not the only thing we need we need his passport copy notarized the problem is that I don't know whether I need an appointment for each one or just one appointment for both I'm afraid we will be turned away for only having one appointment cause on the confirmation page of the appointment it's said one service and not two and the number of services we need is 2
  18. Hello so I'm marrying an American citizen and I saw on the website of USA consulate in Morocco some informations. on marriage and I saw they were listing the names of some specific translators but the problem is that my fiance is coming here to Morocco for just few weeks so to gain time we agreed on him translating the documents in the USA but we don't know if our documents will be rejected if we don't get them translated by the translators listed by the us embassy in Morocco ?! Can we translate them in the USA or not?! Thank you
  19. My fiance is American and im from Morocco we are planning on marrying next month here in Morocco he is staying here for two weeks I want to know in details the process of marriage and how much time does it take and how to do it in the shortest time possible,any advices for me?
  20. hello i just need a quick guidance on what my wife and i should be focusing on doing soon. So my wife and i are thinking of visiting philippines soon and her passport is expiring in 9 months. But ever since pandemic started and her being pregnant and giving birth to our son. We havent really had the chance to take care of them. So heres the situation my wife's name on her passport is still her maiden name. But on her greencard/social and state id she has my last name on all of them already. So i was just wondering, what requirements does she need to be able to renew her passport with after married name? And btw do i need to legally apply in court for her to change her maiden name to after marriage name? Or i dont have to? Since her social/greencard and state id has been updated already. Sorry i dont really know much about these thing and cant really afford any immigration attorney right now. Hopefully you guys will be able to help me somehow. And does she have to report to the philippines consulate that she had got married already? and sorry if i ever post this in the wrong section, please kindly move it if needed. Thank you very much
  21. Hello everyone! This is my first time posting. I am a US citizen (also have Turkish citizenship) and currently living in the USA. I met my fiance through a family friend in the Fall of 2020. We maintained a long distance relationship for about 9 months. In the summer of 2021 I went to Turkey to meet my fiance and we decided to get engaged. We had a small engagement ceremony with both of our families in her house. After spending 3 weeks with her, I had to fly back to USA due to my job. Since my return to the USA, we have been video chatting literally everyday for hours. We now decided to get married but are in no rush. We don't have a significant preference on whether we get officially married in the USA or in Turkey. Nonetheless, our marriage ceremony will take place in Turkey with our families and friends likely in the summer of 2022. I am quite indecisive on whether to pursue a CR1 or K1 visa route. I have a very legitimate and prestigious job in the USA, thus we do not have any financial restraints. Namely, my fiance does not have to work in the USA or make money immediately. Our main priority is to bring my fiance to the USA as fast as possible. It has been really hard to be away from her and we really would like to be together ASAP. I know that with COVID-19 pandemic things have been slower than usual, which is expected. However, I am seeing an improvement in processing timelines. Turkish consulate currently processes and prioritized all K type and immigration visas. My fiance still has 8 months of college to go through before she can come to the USA. However, once she is done with school, we would like to be reunited promptly. If needed be, I can get married officially as soon as in January 2022 in Turkey or can delay it to pursue an official marriage in the USA once she arrives here. I apologize for the long thread but wanted to share as much as I could for the best guidance. Thank you in advance! I appreciate your time.
  22. Hello, I am trying to find some information. I don't mean to put down anyone, I am just looking for unbiased visa information. I came to the United States with a tourist visa in 2019 and my visa was extended due to Covid-19. During that time I met my now wife and we got married in September 2020. My marriage was in good faith but unfortunately my wife has issues with alcohol. It has taken a toll on us both emotionally, psychologically, and economically. I have collected all of the necessary documents to apply for my green card but sometimes she's not in the right mind set. I am not confident in actually filing for the green card in her situation. We have tried working on it but as I have mentioned her abuse of alcohol has taken a toll on our lives. I was wondering if anyone has experienced a similar situation. What step can I take, am I able to apply by myself? Divorce is not certain at this point but if it does come to that how will that affect my visa situation? Will I be able to apply for a green card? Any information is much appreciated. I am open to messages if you need more information.
  23. Hi, I had my interview in Montreal for 1R1 March 17, 2021. I was issued a 221g refusal until I could send in police check. my status changed from ‘refused’ to ‘ready’ on April 27. I have no idea what this means. The officer who conducted my interview said he didn’t see why I shouldn’t get my green card. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Do I really need another interview or does this mean they have received all my documents? The date changed to today May 3 but it still says ready. So confused and worried!
  24. My wife got a divorce 5 months now and we just got married a month now and she went back to usa . Can she apply for me there so i can come live with her or she have to wait a year to do so Because i heard that she have to wait for a year to pass since the previous marriage. before she can apply to bring her current husband to the state
  25. Hello, nice to meet you all. I'm 28 from Italy, my fiancee is 40, US Citizen. We fall in love 3 years ago and been together ever since. We are now making arrangements for our Wedding in Italy. Going trough getting all the necessary Apostilles on her Papers. We will Marry in January next year. I know that after the Marriage we will be able to submit a CR-1 Application, but there are things that concern me regarding the procedure . I feel i need to clarify our relation first. We met Online, trough a Videogame we both played, we have been close friends for 5 months before mutual intrest started showing up.When i met her she was married. We had an Affair for a year before she decided to leave her husband. At that time, i was Single. We been trying our hardest to be together. We never met in person, still. I tried last year to go visti her in December but i was denied entrance in the United States. I was on an ESTA and i admit, i was planning to overstay my welcome , 'cause i really want to be with her. The Officers came to this conclusion after finding evidence of me looking for a job on my laptop, so, this time she is gonna come over and live at my house for a couple months. We decided to get marry in the time she gonna spend here. Both of us have jobs and a career in our respective Country. She does not have ties with her family, didn't talk to her Parents or Brothers for years, but i have strong ties with mine. My family welcomes her with open hands, all of them met her trough Videochat or talked to her trough phone calls and give approval to our Marriage. I love her more then anything else in the world and i would do anything to be with her, does not matter if it's gonna be in the USA or in Italy, all i want is to be with her and spend my life with her. There is a age difference, but i'm not the kind of man that's fit to be a father. I don't like kids, don't want kids and she's agree with me. She is not able to have kids, anymore. From her previous relationship she got 2 daughters, one 20 years old and the other one is 18 years old. They didn't grow up with my fiancee, as they where given to Foster Parents. Her ex-husband was the abusive type and quite the garbage of a man. The dude lived for 20 years off her shoulders without working. He did drink, he never been violent but had a big issue with gambling and spent most of their money that way Ever since we met, i've been supporting her. I've sent her money to get a new house, a new car and helped her get back on her feet. I send her 400$ each month for the rent of the house she lives in ( that we hope is gonna be our house soon) to help her sustain the expenses and she did the same with me in the past. She helped me when i lost my job in 2018 and during last year pandemic, when in Italy i couldn't work due to lockdown. To put it simple: ours is a genuine relationship made of love. I really want her to be the one i spend the rest of my life with, and nobody else. Despite this i'm concerned about Red Flags that might surround our application for the CR-1 after the Marriage. Mostly our age gap, me getting denied entry in the USA, she leaving her Husband for me and us sending money to each other regularly in the last 3 years. Even though we have Videochat, chat logs, text message and phone calls proving that we have been in contact/relation for over 3 years i'm afraid our Marriage might be seen as a GreenCard Marriage. we don't care where we are gonna live and who is gonna move to be together. If i can't go to her, she will come to me. We really just want to spend our life together. Now, if the people in here are willing to give suggestions, what we can do to better prove our love and relationship, what would be the best course of action? Thank you very much in advance.
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