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  1. My fiancé and I have committed to going the route of a CR-1 visa and are now trying to plan our wedding quickly so that we can get the ball rolling. The current plan is to fly into the USA and apply for a marriage license, Sign it and after a required three day waiting period we will have a small ceremony in her yard with a pastor and her kids and a few local friends to bear witness. I will then return to Canada to start my 14 day quarantine and we can start the CR-1 process. We do have a concern about me entering the country with the intent of marriage. I do have to be truthful about my intentions when I am at the airport going through customs. And when I tell them I am intending to enter the country to marry my fiance and return to Canada are they going to believe me? Or is it likely they will refuse my entry? Does anyone happen to have any knowledge or experience on this subject? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! -Spencer
  2. We (I am the beneficiary; my spouse is the US citizen in what follows) sent out our application on July 20, and it was received on July 24. Yesterday (Aug 4), I saw two transactions posted to my credit card from the DHS for the applications/petition fees. Even though we still haven't gotten our eNOAs yet, the aforementioned transactions seem to suggest our application/petition package has been received and processed in some way. So now enter my worries; bear with me, it's a two-part story. For the relevant evidence we sent three items: Copy of title of a jointly-owned vehicle; Letter of verification of jointly-owned bank account; Copy of state tax refund notice for 2019. (In addition to our marriage certificate, of course.) (A note about [2]: we used a letter of verification stating joint ownership, provided to us by the bank, as opposed to bank statements themselves. This is perhaps a mistake, I've now realized. I read elsewhere that bank statements would be more relevant and powerful, as USCIS adjudicators in fact will sometimes look at whether the joint bank account is in actual use or not.) We decided to send these three items by looking at USCIS's instructions for the form I-130. We currently live together (more on this later) but the house is under my spouse's name only; we don't have children; and we didn't think affidavits would be considered strong evidence. To be clear, there is a lot more we could've provided, such as documents showing we are co-beneficiaries of each other's life insurance, documents showing I am a dependent on my spouse's health insurance plan, receipts of trips taken together, photos we've had over the years, etc. At the moment of preparing the application/petition package, though, we were working under the assumption that since we've been married over four years the three items listed above should be enough. But now I'm not so sure if that's a reasonable assumption, for the simple reason that our marriage, from an outsider's perspective, can seem to have some "red flags". This gives rise to the second part of my worry. One "red glad" is our age difference. My spouse is 32 years older than me; for what it's worth, we are also a same-sex couple if that's relevant. Many articles I've read online mention that age difference is a big red flag. My spouse also had a prior marriage (to a US citizen) whereas I did not. Another one has to do with the fact that for the past few years we haven't always lived together. I have been attending school out of state, and even though my spouse and I would usually spend time together during the summer and winter break, technically speaking my primary residence has been elsewhere (I'm on a F-1 visa). Until COVID hit us, that is, so I moved back with my spouse in March. I mention this because I worry evidence for our cohabitation can seem a bit too convenient, I suppose? Anyway, my worry is that we might not have provided enough evidence to establish a bona fide marriage, in light of these potential red-flags. The are other documents in the application/petition package that could be regarded as relevant evidence, such as our jointly filed tax return for 2019. But I am not sure if those would be looked at since I did not mention them as part of the I-130 form package. I suppose if we get hit with a RFE we can always submit all the evidence we could've provided in the first place, and potentially more. How likely is that? I would hate to see that happen, though, as delay would be a certainty in that case. Likewise, what are the chances of us getting a NOID? Are there folks who submitted rather "thin" evidence for a bona fide marriage? What are your experiences like?
  3. Hello VJmembers! I hope everyone is well and safe! I'm posting this in regards for a friend who is not in this platform. They are planning on getting married (when everything opens up) in the US. They will be on a tourist visa and their spouse to be is a US citizen. What steps should they take from there after getting married. Can the US citizen automatically apply to adjust their status. Or do they have to go back to their homeland and apply for the i30 and wait for approval. Any help would be greatly appreciate.
  4. Hello to all VJ's! It has been a long time since I last posted here. I hope you guys are all safe and healthy amidst this crazy pandemic that's still going on. I just need some valuable piece of advice especially from the pros and experienced people in here but everyoneis welcome! 🙂 Here's a little background about my story. I married a USC in 2012 in the Philippines. We went over the IR1 process and in Oct 2015, I arrived here in the US soil with the husband on a 10 yr GC. We were happily married and no kids until 2016, I caught him cheating.. not just once or twice or thrice but 4x! I fought and stayed married until the marriage became overly unhealthy and toxic. I asked the ex for divorce but he continously refused to give it to me. I didn't want to file first because the Philippines doesn't recognize divorce and me being still a Filipino citizen. As to my understanding, if I file here first, I would still be legally married in PH and didn't want that to be the case. Fast forward Dec 2019, I moved out and went on vacation to be with my family back home in the Philippines while trying to process what happened to my marriage and what the future holds for me when I get back to the states. Moving forward, we are separated since last December. And just last week he finally agreed and we filed for divorce, him being the petitioner. My question is first - While the divorce is in process, should I change my last name back to my maiden name NOW or just retain the ex's last name? (If I do now, I know it's a lot of work and will have to change all my documents and identifications.) But in the future if ever I remarry, would that be easier to change it later? Which is better or beneficial perhaps? Second - I will be applying for a US citizenship 🇺🇲 by end of this year as me being a permanent resident of 5 yrs. (Also btw, ex didn't want to file for my citizenship during our 3 yrs of marriage so I'll be filing for mine.) If I decide to change my last name back to my maiden name now, would that have any effect in my citizenship application later? Or if I retain the ex's last name then apply for citizenship, do I have to file for a petition to change it which might be bloodier? I'm not really sure! Is there any consequence or draw back to that? Or is there anything else I'm missing or need to know that might be helpful in my current situation? I'm just a bit confused about this whole new thing going on in my life right now. Please enlighten me. I'd rather do the right or best thing now and not look back and say "I could have done better." I'd highly appreciate any advice or input regarding this matter. Thank you all in advance! ✌
  5. Suzbogo

    Visa/ corona

    Does anyone know if the U.K. is processing visas currently? I am from the US, trying to apply for a visa to go to the U.K. to marry my fiancé so he can come here (after I quarantine for two weeks). We are trying to get married as soon as possible to start our CR-1 filing.
  6. I am looking for recommendations on the best course of my timeline. I am a Canadian International Student in the US - I am currently an F1 Visa holder. My F1 is set to expire Dec 2020 - I am currently working on my dissertation and plan to graduate with my PhD by 12/2020. My current plan is to apply for OPT w/ a December start date. My Fiance is American - we were supposed to get married this July (in Canada) but had to postpone due to covid to next July (in Canada) - I am thinking that the best course of action is to apply for OPT w/ a December start date, get married July 2021 and then file for adjustment of status to permanent resident. We had considered getting married earlier - but my fear is that if I apply for adjustment of status from OPT to permanent resident before July 2021 that I wouldn't be able to leave the US to attend our wedding in Canada? Or would I be able to leave the country still because I will be on OPT status? Would you recommend getting married prior to July 2021 and transferring status from OPT to permanent resident? With still needing to leave the country for our Canadian wedding in July 2021 Or would you recommend not getting married until July 2021 at that point transferring status from OPT to permanent resident? Or is there another option that I have missed? I guess my biggest concerns are that I want to be able to work and I want to be able to travel to Canada to see my family - and I need to be able to leave the US in July 2021 for our wedding. Thank you for your help!!
  7. I am a PhD student currently on an F1 visa, and my wife is a US citizen. I have been working on filing the necessary applications for adjustment of status from F1 to GC. However, I am sort of in a bind and facing a lack of information about experiences with filing the I-944, for someone especially in similar circumstances. The root of the problem lies in the fact that I own virtually no assets, basically living on a meager assistantship stipend. I have been studying in the US since 2015 starting with my masters, and have amassed a significant amount of CC debt while trying to compensate for living and medical expenses due to gaps in funding during grad school. My wife is also currently in grad school (supported by a TA position), and I can meet the federal income guidelines for AoS only if both of our incomes are combined. I feel like there is a high chance of rejection if I try to file my AoS application with an I-944 showing the state of our finances. Given the circumstances, I have thought about not filing for AoS, and instead just applying for OPT after I graduate. Once I get a job offer and have a better level of income, I could apply for marriage-based GC. I just wanted to see if anyone else is sort of in a similar situation and what you think, or at least get some advice.
  8. hey all, I've seen some helpful advice on this forum so posting for thoughts. I am a UK citizen and boyfriend is a US citizen. I visited him in early March on the Visa Waiver Program just before the US banned travel from the UK. I was only intending to stay here for 1.5 weeks but all my flights (6 to date) had been cancelled. I've now been in the US (California) for over 90 days and was granted satisfactory departure recently (so now 27 days into the 30 day satisfactory departure extension). We decided we wanted to get married and applied for a marriage license and appointment. The County office are due to get back to us this week to confirm an appointment - so not legally married yet. But I have a flight booked on the day of admission expiry (in 4 days) but it can be moved back if needed. I do not intend to stay or move to the US immediately, my goal is maybe move in the next 6-12 months (if permitted). So plan was always for me to go back to UK after marriage if it were to happen here. However, it is now looking unlikely that we'll get married before I return home to the UK due to the County office not responding, so I was wondering what my best options are. I really want to marry him before I return home so that we can start applying for the relevant visa as I know it can take a long time but also so that I can visit him if the covid-19 ban were to be extended for a lot longer (assuming those on spousal visas are exempt from travel ban?). - Do I stay here a little longer and overstay by a couple of weeks (assuming marriage appointment isn't too far into future)? I'm not sure how this would look to USCIS when I get around to applying for a marriage based visa and how it would impact my next visit to the US. - Do I just go home and get married on my next visit to the US - can I next visit on a visa waiver programme, get married and go home to UK? WOuld that be allowed, or do I need some sort of marriage based visa before I get married even if I was returning to the UK? -Marry in the UK then apply for relevant visa? There's a US ban to visitors from the UK so we are considering option of getting married in the UK but there's a long waiting list, and no remote option and more costly so this option isn't ideal. If we do this, can I apply for the relevant marriage visa from abroad and enter the US without issues? -Any other options I've missed? thanks
  9. Hi I have a unique situation. I am Canadian and I lived in the us for 10 years. During that time I obtained my green card. I met my American Fiancé there and we had a child together. Due to health issues with our daughter, we had to move to Canada before I obtained my citizenship. Since that time I have been on a travel visa but can not obtain a new one as I am not able to travel back to the US due to COVID. My fiancé and I had planned our wedding, but it has been postponed due to travel restrictions and having family in both countries. Would getting married in Canada, change anything for my green card? I need a solution or my green card will be pulled due to being out of the country. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all..I am a US citizen who will be going to morocco soon possibly get married...I just need to know what documents i need to take with me there so that I dont miss anytime and waste all my time..I met a girl who i have been speaking with online , religious, i have video /text with her and family...they seems legit and not looking for a way out of morocco..just in case when i go meet and i decide to marry i just need to know what documents i should have with me... About me: Divorced, US citizen.. someone also said i need my original birth certificate is that really needed??
  11. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and have been doing my research on the US Immigration process, hoping to understand whether the K1 or the CR-1 (I-130) is a better option for us. All of this is separate to the COVID-19 situation and the recent Immigration Ban. Some background: Boyfriend: US citizen by birth; lives and works in Los Angeles, CA Myself (Female): naturalized Canadian Citizen (2011) (original citizenship: Pakistani - no longer valid). Born, lives and works in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We have been dating for about a year now (we met in LA while I was on vacation) and we are planning on getting married ASAP to live in LA. We see each other once a month either in the US or in other parts of the world (minus during the COVID-19 period). We were last together in Feb 2020 in LA. We aren't picky on where in the world we get married, as long as we are able to live together in LA as soon as possible, with the possibility of me working in the US sooner rather than later. I have a steady job in Dubai, and would not like to quit and move just to 'wait around' for the right to work, hence, the need to be able to work is crucial. If we were to categorize, priorities are as follows: 1) working in the US sooner rather than later 2) being together full-time 3) funds. i.e. OK to proceed with a process that allows me to work sooner than later, but which could take longer to enable me living there full-time (as long as we can continue our once a month visits globally - separate to COVID) vs. something that allows me to move quicker, but idle in terms of work. I have seen the below advice floating around on other topics within this forum. Is a lawyer recommended for either of these processes, or are these manageable on our own? It seems that the CR-1 option is better for us, however, once I apply, am I allowed in the US as a visitor just to meet him? Or do I need to wait until approval of this process? How long does the CR-1 usually take? Does my living/citizenship arrangement make it more complicated? If we decide on the K-1 route, how soon can I receive the EAD to work? (I know the below has timing guidelines, but we all know these aren't always the reality!) Thank you so much! I know this post is lengthy/detailed, but makes it easier to have the facts laid out to navigate the process!
  12. Hi everyone, my first time posting here... I'm from the UK and married my American husband 9 months ago, we entered this relationship and marriage in good faith but our marriage is not working out at all, we are both really unhappy. The pandemic and 2020 have thrown a lot of heartaches our way with family sickness and job losses. I have a 2 year conditional green card (as of April 2020) and currently interviewing for jobs. If we separate and divorce, do I have to notify USCIS and leave the US immediately? I'm really heartbroken. Please share any helpful information if you can. Thank you
  13. I am having trouble figuring out exactly what I need to bring with me to Turkey to get married and was hoping I could find someone here who has gone through the process. We are getting married in Adana. I have spoken to the consulate in Ankara and they told me I can make an appointment for the affadavit to marry once I arrive in the city. My question is what is everything I need to bring with me from the USA to get married in Turkey. Is there anything that I can do here and prepare ahead of time? Also I have heard some people mention getting apostille for their documents but there is no mention of that on the marriage instructions provided by the US consulate in Turkey. Thank you so much for your help!
  14. Hi, I received a Request for Evidence Notice on May 27, 2020. USCIS requested that I submit a photocopy of the marriage certificate that has been issued or recorded with the Haitian National Archives. I am the Petitioner and a United States Citizen, my husband and I got married in the Bahamas. Why are they requesting marriage certificate to be recorded with the Haitian National Archives? please advise.
  15. I got married with USA citizen in Ukraine one year ago. Is this marriage legal in USA? I mean does USA government consider him like a married person? Thou am still abroad and waiting for my visa interview
  16. Hi everyone I'm new to this website and I don't know how things work around here but I could really use some help in trying to understand what to do about my situation. My fiance and I would like to get married towards the end of the year, maybe around September, but he lives in Morocco. I'm not sure what documents I need to bring, or the places in Morocco I need to go to get everything situated ( he's just as confused as I am. On top of that we're both kind of in a struggle right now, both live at home with our parents and are struggling to find work. He told me that I will need a job in order for us to get married because they will ask for a job certification, however, my mother is willing to become a joint sponsor and help out as much as she can if I do not find work. Of course we're filing for the cr1 visa but I have no idea how to go about that, considering I still need to save up for it which is why we decided to file for that later. To sum it up my basic questions are, 1. What documents do I need to take with me for marriage in Morocco? 2. Will me not having a job effect our approval of marriage and if so will my mom becoming a joint sponsor resolve that issue? 3. Should I start the cr1 process now and pay when I have the money? Please dumb down all responses for me, I have such a migraine from stressing about all of this lol.
  17. Hey folks, I'm an international student who recently graduated from college. I am currently unemployed and nearing the end of my 90 days grace period of OPT, which is right around the corner on 05/20/2020. However, by the grace of God, I got to marry my American girlfriend, whom I've been dating for a while, yesterday. The thing is, I don't think I'll ever be able to file the adjustment of status anytime before the 20th due to the uncertainty in the arrival time of the marriage certificate, which puts me at risk of being out of status. I've gotten a chance to consult a family friend lawyer, who informed me that the case is favorable for me whichever way one looks at it. However, the lawyer lowkey insisted/suggested that I enroll myself in a community college to be perfectly safe. I understand the lawyer is doing his job to let me know all the options available but my problem is that I doubt I'll be able to do all that and get another I-20 in just 5 days. On top of that, my funds will be pretty dry after I pay for the lawyer and the document fees... From any of your experience, if I file the adjustment slightly later that the 20th, do you think it will matter a whole lot or will the USCIS try to hold this against me? Thanks a lot in advance
  18. Long story short, my parents are from a very traditional Hindu background and would be very hurt if they learned that I married someone from outside our caste, let alone an atheist foreigner. I thus decided to never tell them. They’re very old in their seventies and I just don’t want to them discover this fact and lose their tranquility in the twilight of their lives. For the sake of this question, please assume this decision as given. I’m still in touch with my parents and we talk once or twice every month. The problem is, they may want to visit the US. I wouldn’t have to invite them; they have the financial means to apply for a visitor’s visa and come here by themselves. In this case, they would have to provide information about their son which includes my marital status. They will be putting it as “single”, and I’m guessing the immigration officer will most likely catch the inconsistency and reject their application. Do I need to worry about this? If yes, will the officer let them know exactly why it was rejected, thus revealing my true marital status to them? I have asked this question on other forums and received varied answers. Some points of concern : The DS-160 visa application does not ask for marital status. It does ask however, my status in the US (US citizen, permanent resident, etc). They will be putting in 'temporary worker' since they're not aware of my permanent status. Even if in some way I communicate to them to put in "PR holder" without revealing my marriage, it might cause inconsistencies in the interview process since I will be the main stated reason for the visit, and they will be unknowingly answering wrongly to questions about me. Tourist interviews are short and if the Officer believes parents are concealing facts it won't go well and may get denied. Now, this is fine even if it does jeopardize their chances of getting the visa, what I'm *more* concerned about is the immigration office letting them know the exact reasons for rejection, and my details to them. Elsewhere I have received varied suggestions, but the consensus seems to be that even if the visa is denied they will give my parents a paper with the section under which their visa was rejected, not a particular reason. Is this accurate? and what about inconsistent answers *during* the interview process? is it a possibility that the officer crosschecks the info there itself and informs them? Lastly, is it a bad idea or a valid option to write to the embassy (after the submission of the DS-160 form) informing them of my situation ? will they be cooperative ? Thanks
  19. Yesterday I received a rfe for a photo passport. I only submitted copy of passports, marriage certificates and copy of citizenship, but not birth certificates. am wondering if I can send photos of my wife and I ( us together) and birth certificate in order to avoid further rfes . I asked many lawyers if can do that. they told me to only submit the requested information. I am only wondering if someone has submitted evidences that were not requested before. Thanks
  20. Hello, fall 2017 filer here. I got approved recently after responding to an RFE for my I751 petition. The forum has been incredibly helpful, arguably better than some immigration lawyer I spoke to. I want to share my experience and timeline in case it might be helpful or can alleviate some anxiety out there. Timeline: Fall 2017 jointly filed, Biometrics followed up very quickly in 2-3 months time. Then long wait until Feb 2019 for RFE for general documents to prove bona fide marriage. I responded in two weeks after receiving RFE. The response was acknowledged on Friday the same week the documents were delivered. Card in production around 10 days after the acknowledgement of RFE response. Long wait but quick turnaround after RFE response. There is one complication with my RFE: after getting married, my husband and I lived two years together and we lived apart for two years because of work reasons (relocation, different city) and then we were physically separated for another 8 months because long distance take a toll on our relationship. So when filing jointly 2017, we did not live together but NOT by choice, when receiving the RFE, we were not living together BY CHOICE. As you can imagine, this creates a complicated situation because we are in the limbo mode: not divorced but not living together either. I consulted an immigration lawyer about the best strategy going forward and he suggested me to get a divorce first, wait for the divorce decree and then respond to the RFE by switching from jointly filed to a waiver. He thinks this process will probably take more than a year and he thinks rather than wait for approval on 751, I should wait until 2020 to file N400 to force an interview happen quickly. All makes sense right? I thank god every second for not listening to him! What I did instead was to write a long letter explaining the ups and downs of our marriage as well as having my husband write a letter. In the letter, I told the officer that a divorce down the road is considered but we have not yet decided finally. I also told the officer that we want to REMAIN JOINT FILING STATUS. Note: my husband and I are still on good terms despite separation. I decided to be 100% honest with USCIS and listed my past address since we get married. Of course, I also sent a giant packet with photos, affidavits from a couple, banks statement for past three years, IRS transcript (I sent returns initially, not transcript), Amazon orders, birthday gift receipts, copies of driver's license with same address showing, copies of my H1B visa to prove I did not need green card to stay in the country, the proof to show that first two years of living apart was not by choice, and flights and hotel reservation for past trips. I bought a big multi-layer folder and fill it in full. Overnighted it via Fedex to USCIS. ~ Two weeks later, I got approved! The moral of the story is BE HONEST - worst strategy is to lie in an immigration application Lawyers are incentivized to complicate the situation so that they can charge you more. Also some of them are too busy that they will rarely help you respond to an RFE in two weeks, only you can do that. USCIS apparently values timely responds as indicated in their notification when RFE response is received. For really complicated situations you might need a lawyer, but be aware of their incentives and don't get bluffed by them. Word of mouth is probably important here when looking for a good responsible lawyer. USCIS officers understand marriage fall apart and takes a very humane customized approach when looking at our cases. Don't be afraid that they might not understand. As long as your marriage is real, you have nothing to worry about. Be creative and exhaustive with your supporting evidence. I underestimate the document requirement when I first filed, I thought they might retain the file when I get my conditional green card and merely send a few updates. If you have not filed yet, be sure to send as many documents as possible to avoid RFE. Be creative means not only tax document, children birth certificate or mortgage, you can send anything that shows you get married because you fall in love. I actually sent in the Facebook page of our relationship status change many years ago when we first started dating. Be as detailed as possible in your cover letter and in the affidavit letter. Let the witness talk about events you did together, how you get to know each other as a couple. Amazon orders histories are good proof of joint living as well as relationship. This is a long way to say, don't be afraid of RFE and don't be afraid that a damaged marriage might cause a denial of your petition. And most importantly, if someone say, you will definitely get an interview because you and your husband don't live together any more, WALK AWAY from that person as they know nothing about I751 petition. Thanks and hope this can be of help!
  21. Hey Everyone, I'm in a sticky situation. I met my husband in 2014. We had been on and off for a couple years, despite that I always loved him. He asked me to get married to him March 2016. (we actually got married July 2016) A big reason why he asked me to get married so quickly is because he was having immigration issues, but he also will say he loved me and saw us together for the long term. I on the other hand would have married him regardless if he had immigration issues. In my heart I said yes because I loved him and we were going to be together anyways. Proving that our relationship is legitimate is no problem for us. We were real. Unfortunately, we fight ALOT. So much to the point I cannot handle it anymore and it really ruins my entire day/week. So it is best we divorce. We have a green card interview coming up in a couple months. He has said to me that he would refuse to sign the divorce papers because it effects his immigration status. He has told me to go through with the interview and that we can go our separate ways after (while maintaining marriage status) and I said to him I don't want to pretend. If we aren't together as a couple we are no longer going to be married. I would divorce for irreconcilable differences, and I have much proof to support that claim. He threatened that he would notify immigration of marriage fraud and that I married him only to get him a green card. Which is harsh since I got married because I loved him and we were a real couple. This breaks my heart because I just want to play clean and he is ready to take the guns out on me. I am not trying to destroy him. I just want to do what is right. And us being married is not that. I feel trapped. A part of me thought about just not showing up to the first interview and having them deny it. Are there any consequences to me (the citizen) for not showing up? I know I need to consult with a lawyer about this but any words of advice helps!
  22. Hello there! My boyfriend and I are in a bit of a situation.. He's been living in the US for 7 years (5 years under the F1 visa) and we have been dating for 6 years now. He graduated from a US university and has been working for a US company while under the OPT stem extension. Problem? His employer applied for an H1b visa twice but he didn't win the lottery. Now his F1 visa is expiring in June, so he has to stop working by then and would have to leave by August. His employer is able to relocate him to Canada and offered to apply for the H1b visa again (with again, no guarantee). So how does he come back? Where we get stuck... (1) We want to get married!! BUT if we get married now [while he is in the US] and start the green-card process here he will lose his job since it takes months to receive the EAD work authorization, which we don't want. (2) So... is it possible for us to get married right now and start the green-card process LATER [while he's abroad and I'm still living in the US]? I can't leave because I'm currently in grad school. If we do this, we won't have time to live together, start a lease, open a joint bank account, etc. Only thing we have is proof that we have been dating for 6 years and we actually do want to get married!! What should we do? If you have any advice, we'd really appreciate it!! Thank you
  23. Remote Marriage in NY during this time: Not sure about the obstacles in implementing it in different counties but if successful, K1 visa holders in NY waiting for marriage should be the first ones to enjoy. Not sure if it’s limited to NY residents only. (Be aware that with recent zoom hacks, you might see some sample actions that you have done or will be doing afterward in the video feed) https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2020/04/coronavirus-in-new-york-marriages-by-video-get-certificates-remotely-during-pandemic.html Note: I put the post under AOS from K1 targeting K1 visa holders, feel free to move it wherever applicable.
  24. Hi everyone. I arrived in San Diego, CA under a K-1 visa on March 5, and we just got married two days ago. I also added my husband's last name to mine on the marriage license. I understand that for GC/filing AOS I will need to fill the form with my married name. But within the waiting period between now and getting my GC, am I already allowed to put my married name on other documents/paperwork, such as Driver's License, Medical Card, insurance, bills, etc. even though my existing ID's (passport, SSN, unexpired I-94) are still under my maiden name? Will I encounter a problem when they ask for proof of identity that matches my married name? Is marriage certificate a sufficient for a proof? I appreciate all the answers.
  25. I tried to look for an answer in the forum and I can't find the answer. Yet, I'm sure many has the same problems as I do. I just received an email from the County Clerk at City Hall, my appointment for the Marriage License and Ceremony are canceled until further notice. The surrounding counties are the same, local government offices are closed. How can I get marry with fiancee with City Hall closed? She will be arriving in mid April and if they don't lift the "lock down" with 90 days, we are in deep trouble. My questions is what other member's plan B is? Where will they be going to get marry? If they can't get marry within 90 days, what will they do? Have the fiancee stay in the USA until the corona virus settles down and then get marry? Have the fiancee go back to the home country and reapply in the future?
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