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  1. Hi all, I'm not sure if this is a correct forum to ask but I have a question for my wife that had been approved as a conditional permanent resident. We did the civil ceremony for the wedding on August~September on 2019 and applied for the green card and my wife got her conditional green card a couple of months ago. We are now planning on doing the actual wedding in our home country, which is South Korea, this coming winter. People are not advising us to go out of the country until the condition has been removed just to be safe for more than a couple of months while my wife is planning on staying there for at least 3 months. Is this not a safe thing to do while you have a conditional green card?
  2. I (US citizen) and my husband (Ukrainian citizen, US resident) were married in the states but now live in Ukraine. I'm being asked to provide proof of name change since I took his last name when we married. The only documents I have are our marriage certificate, old and new passports, IDs, and SSNs. Ive spoken to the county clerk and the social security office in the US but everyone agrees that a "proof of name change" document does not exist in my country. I've explained this to the immigration offices but they insist it must be out there. I know this question is more related to outgoing immigration but maybe someone had to do something similar? My embassy offered to notarize an affidavit but that was deemed irrelevant as well. Super frustrated, any points in the right direction are appreciated!
  3. Hi there, my wife filed an petition for me last march. We received the NOTICE OF ACTION (Form I-797C) in march, which stated that they received the form and its processing. Later on within a week we received another letter which stated some login credentials for USCIS account and told us to activate the USCIS account. As required, we activated the account. Now I would like to know what's the next step? Its been a couple of months and still we didn't received any update. Please note the priority date is 17th March 2021 and the petitioner is a US citizen and visa type is CR1.
  4. Hi all! I'm new here but about to start this process. I have a few concerns if anyone has experience. I came to the US last year for a holiday (VWP), had my flight home cancelled in December, received 3 x VWP extensions, found a job (as flights were still 15k+, I'm a registered nurse so was in demand, was eligible for an E3 and had it in my plans to work overseas again at some point - I spent 2019 in London), and re-entered on an E3 mid-March after an emergency appointment in South America. Obviously while in the US during this process I met my boyfriend (hence the title haha). We met back in October. Everything was very normal and fine until we found out last month that he has to move to Puerto Rico. Being on an E3, my visa is tied to my job. Being an RN, I can't get a job immediately in any state as I have to be licensed there. I also don't speak Spanish so I'm not eligible for most of the jobs there. We didn't want to do long distance so we were looking at how I could come to PR with him. We are getting married so that we can be together. A few things! We have to leave ASAP, but my 90 days since my last entry (03/19) is the exact date we wanted to get married (06/17). He is meant to be in PR the week before, so we legitimately can't have him leave any later. Our city hall is only doing Tuesdays and Thursdays as well and it's Thursday the 17th, extending beyond this would add another 5 days. I have the obvious worries about this with the 90 day rule. If you had asked me when I entered on the E3 if I'd be married in 3 months I would've bet all my money against it! It was definitely not planned, but can I include any evidence in our I-485 to reflect this? Secondly, given my US travel history the last 8 months I'm worried they'll think I was entering fraudulently at some point. I genuinely wasn't! Granted we entered into our relationship while I was on the VWP, but I couldn't get home to Australia unless I was willing to pay 20k. My original flight was cancelled after I was symptomatic for covid. This was reflected in my VWP extension applications. Despite the stress and convoluted sounding experience I'm so happy everything has worked out how it did. We're super happy together and so excited for this next adventure. I can't imagine the pain of being denied our application and not being allowed to be together. **One of my good friends is an immigration lawyer, I have obviously spoken to him but wanted some anecdotal experiences. Thank you in advance!!!!
  5. Greeting everybody, I hope everybody is doing well! I want to share what’s going on in my life at the moment and see if I could get any help from the community. I’ve been married for about 2 years but we are no longer partners but we still living in the same place but in separate rooms, I’ve been a Green Card Holder for about 8 months, and this whole situation has always been hell since we got engaged, my partner has always been aggressive verbally and physically towards me and on top of that, she starting doing drugs (cocaine) and I’m concerned that could get me in trouble. Since I stopped letting her do whatever with me, she has been threatening me, saying she will deport me or cut herself (Which has happened 3 times) if I don’t do what she wants/needs! There is a good amount of people who have witnessed some of her actions and also messages of her being verbally aggressive towards me. My question is what kinda lawyer should I be looking at this point? And also how would that affect my ROC process?
  6. My wife and I live in Massachusetts. Her and her mother immigrated from Brazil when my wife was 4 and has always held an up to date green card. Her mother just became naturalized 2 years ago. We were legally married in 2019. My question is; when can she apply for naturalization? And what are the steps to doing this? Also, what are the benefits of becoming a citizen vs. just holding a legal green card? If she wants to become a citizen she has to apply and pay fees right; there is no way of just transitioning to becoming a citizen because we are now married? I have been getting lost on the mass.gov website and cannot, for the life of me, find a definitive answer. TIA
  7. I filed an I-130 for my wife shortly after we got married. She intends to take my last name now that we’re married, but because all of her documents at the time stated her maiden name, we used this for her name on all forms for the I-130 filing. We included her married name in the other names used section of the forms, though. Now it appears that by the time she has her medical and interview, her current passport won’t be valid for long enough to meet the requirements for visa issuance. So we need to renew her passport. The ultimate goal is that we get her passport and green card in her married name. Should we ask for a name change when we apply for the passport renewal? Will it cause issue with anything further down the line? I know she’ll need her passport for her medical. I assume that she’ll need to carry her marriage certificate with her to that to prove the name change, in case the appointment is in her maiden name.
  8. Hi, I had my interview in Montreal for 1R1 March 17, 2021. I was issued a 221g refusal until I could send in police check. my status changed from ‘refused’ to ‘ready’ on April 27. I have no idea what this means. The officer who conducted my interview said he didn’t see why I shouldn’t get my green card. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Do I really need another interview or does this mean they have received all my documents? The date changed to today May 3 but it still says ready. So confused and worried!
  9. So, this question tends to come up here a lot as people think about going the CR-1 route instead of the K-1. Here's a basic run down of how to get married in Russia. As state on the Embassy website, this applies to Russian and American citizens only, things could get trickier if the other party is not a Russian citizen. https://ru.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/local-resources-of-u-s-citizens/marriage/ Time frame: Roughly 2-3 months Physical locations involved: Local Russian consulate closest to you for getting a Russian visa You can use a third party visa service to apply and it is possible to do via mail - check options in your area Local office where you can register the foreigner's Russian visa (post office, other bureaucratic office...options vary) https://www.visahouse.com/en/information/visaregistration/ US Embassy in Moscow - US Citizen Services Department Bolshoy Devyatinsky Ln, 8, Moscow, Russia, 121099 // Большой Девятинский пер., 8, Москва, 121099 https://ru.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/ - email and how to get an appointment Hours: Monday-Friday currently by appointment only, no walk ins. Department of Legalization of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Moscow 1-Y Neopalimovskiy Pereulok, 12, Moscow, Russia, 119121 // 1-й Неопалимовский пер., 12, Москва, 119121 Hours: Monday- Friday 10:00am-12:30 p.m. and 2:30pm-5:00pm (until 4:00pm on Friday) - walk ins allowed Legalization Department Official Site (in Russian only) Local ZAGS in your city in Russia ЗАГСы Российской Федерации (in Russian only) Step 1: Obtain a visa to Russia Type of visa is irrelevant as long as you'll be able to stay a few months, preferably multi-entry if you want the freedom to come and go while waiting. Ideally a 3 year visa with stays of up to 6 months would be the best bet (preferably a private visa). The entire paperwork to marriage process will take a least a few months. Ballpark it at 2-3 months of waiting to be on the safe side. Once you arrive in Russia, be sure to register your visa in the town where you will be staying ASAP and get the registration. Also always keep your migration card together with your passport and do not lose it. Step 2: Get the information page of your passport translated into Russian (the page that has your name and photo) Can be done anywhere as long as it is certified that the translator knows both Russian and English Technically, you can do it yourself but taking it to a professional will ensure certainty plus a nicer looking format Translations in Russian tend to be cheap so it's worth the money - turn around time is also very fast, usually takes only 24 hours This document will later be given to ZAGS when you go to get married, so they can read and verify your passport NOTE: If you have previous divorces, you need to go ahead and get those divorce certificates translated into Russian as well Step 3: US citizen completes the "free to marry" affidavit at the US Embassy in Moscow and get it notarized You must complete this form in Russian stating that you are free to marry. Must be completed in Russian - so get a Russian speaker to help if you can't write. You must state if you have ever been married before; if you've been married before and are now divorced (list date/place of divorces) Email US Citizen Services to request an appointment for notary services. Wait time for getting an appointment is currently unknown. Bring affidavit, your US passport and any divorce certificates with you (get translations into English if necessary) Pay $50 at the US Citizen Services unit at the Embassy in Moscow and sign the form in the presence of the notary there. Do not sign the form until you are at the window with the notary officer! The affidavit is only valid for 3 months after it is signed by a notary Step 4: Get the affidavit authenticated at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow Right after you get your affidavit notarized, take a short trip over to the Legalization Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs You do not need a prior appointment for this, walk in is possible - but during Covid, that might be different now One you hand in your affidavit for authentication, there will be at least 5 day turnaround time to process it - NO EXPEDITES or fast processing are available! This paper must be picked up in person when it is ready, no mail option is available. So either plan 2 trips to Moscow or plan to stay there for a week. Cost is 200 rubles, pay nearby in the building at the cashier. According to website, it might be 350 rubles now? Step 5: Choosing a marriage date and place at the local ZAGS Contact the ZAGS office in your town or city in Russia where your Russian fiancée/fiancé's is registered/currently living. Walk ins are possible but again check in advance due to Covid if you can walk in still. Bring all above mentioned documents to ZAGS for review. If you bring any foreign documents such as divorce certificates, bring translations into Russian and Apostille if applicable. Note: you will need to get the Apostille in the country where the document originated, so take care of that ideally before entering Russia. There is a 32 day obligatory wait before you can actually get married. At some ZAGS locations they will have a calendar right there where you can pick an available date and time from an option of available slots. Some cities have more than one ZAGS location, so think about it in advance which one you want to get married at Some ZAGS offices have rooms where many guests can attend, some are bigger and more ornate than others. If you want, you can have a bunch of people attend the civil ceremony at ZAGS and make it quite formal, or you can just do a quick in and out style eloping with no fanfare at all. Some ZAGS offices are very elaborate and decorated and accommodate guests better, so think about it in advance which office will be good for your needs if there's more than one to choose from in your city. Talk to the staff at ZAGS which one might best fit your needs. Once you select a date you'll be given an invitation paper with your selected date. You can leave Russia during this time or you can stay and wait it out. If you choose to leave, just make sure to register your visa again when you re-enter. Step 6 Get married at ZAGS! Once your wedding day arrives, arrive to ZAGS with all the proper paperwork mentioned above Submit it to the office where you will go through a couple steps of signing papers and getting your documents checked and reviewed again Once you both sign all the necessary papers and the ceremony is complete, you'll get a marriage certificate in Russian with both your names on it. It's a good idea to get it translated while you are in Russia and also buy a plastic cover to keep it protected (it only costs a few rubles.) That's it - now you're officially married in Russia! Now you can start the CR-1 process if all steps go according to plan.
  10. My husband came to USA on a K1 visa and we were married in California, USA. I want to apply for my OCI since we have been married for 2 years and it says "apostilled marriage certificate" required. Does that mean I get it apostilled here in California for India? I was also reading about the Apostille Convention and am a little confused, does it mean it's required to apostille it but it's still valid in all the other countries part of the convention?
  11. Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. I am planning to go home to PH by December. I am a US citizen and my fiancee and 2 kids (not his) are in PH. we are planning to get married when I get home. It is the first time that we will meet in person but we have known each other for 13 years. We just lost contact because of our circumstances when we were still teenagers. **Please do not judge us on hurrying or we need to know more of each other. We already know that. WE ARE SURE** since we are getting married on our first meeting, it might raise redflags and i know for a fact that we can prove that our relationship is real. My kids know him and he is very well accepted them. We are planning to get married virtually also vie WebWed after we get married in PH. I know it's not a "valid" marriage and the marriage on PH is the only that thing that can be recognize by USCIS. Just want to know your thought about getting married twice and if on some sort, what's the best thing to do.
  12. Hello, I've been reading many posts here and got some good opinions about whether we should put nicknames on the form or not. (Answer is, even though it is not officially documented, YES, IF it is very commonly used among many people around you AND it is a lot different from your name and last name, so that during an interview it won't confuse officers and align with other relationship proofs. Otherwise, NO or not necessary, but no harm in doing. There are many different opinions about this though, but I believe a middle ground like this conclusion is probably better.) A bit about my case: I'm an international student here in the USA on a F-1 visa and later got married to a US citizen (first met him after already arrived and started the program at USA). I will be using his last name (fill in the form Part 1 #1.a.). I never had a middle name before. Since birth, I have had a nickname "Kate" and almost all my family, friends, people at work, etc. in my home country and in the USA call me Kate, but it was not on my birth certificate, our marriage certificate, nor any other legal documents (except all of my emails and on my CV which I think it is not official enough). My actual (legal) name is "Nutnicha". My question is can I use my (not officially documented) nickname "Kate" as my new middle name (fill in the form Part 1 #1.c.), if I added my nickname in this form (fill in the form Part 1 #4.b. and labelled as Nickname)? My reason I would like to add my nickname as my middle name is for the (academic) publications purpose during my degree. My guess is no, I need to make it official first (by court I believe), or wait until I apply for US citizenship. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Sorry if I missed some of important posts and please guide me there. Thank you! Kate
  13. Hello - I am a USA citizen and I wish to marry my girlfriend who is a citizen of Latvia. I want assistance and do not want to do the legal work myself. Should i hire a family-based immigration attorney or should I use one of the websites like Boundless or Simple Citizen? What’s your opinion?
  14. Hello everyone, I am a USC. I'm preparing the i129F packet for my Fiance and I have some questions for those who've been in a similar situation of being a previous petitioner. In 2014 I got married overseas in Egypt and petitioned for my ex, he was approved for a CR1 visa. After a 15 month process my then-husband flew here the following year in July 2015 and we stayed with some of my family where I was currently living. Everything started off great until issues between he and my family started. Then he wanted us to move out on our own so he started looking for a job, met with managers but never got call backs. He arranged to go stay with a mutual close friend out of state because he claimed he was feeling uncomfortable living with my family. He also wanted to try getting work out of state there. I was very upset about the change in plans, it was not what I was expecting at all. This created a lot of issues between us. Within a few months of his arrival that happened and he was staying out of state. I later flew and stayed for a month with him and for the most part it was horrible for me, lots of fighting and not getting along. I returned home after and separated (informally), which he did not like. When we did talk it was still more fighting and then a week or 2 of no talking. After a month and a half to 2 months I tried to reconcile and I sent him a box of marriage therapy type books I had been reading, treats, amazon gift cards etc for him and some things for our friends family he was staying with. He is the type to hold a grudge about everything and didnt reciprocate trying to reconcile. After going through depression, I felt fed up and filed divorce a few months later the following year. Shortly after I filed he contacted me apologizing and wanting to reconcile and mentioned that he was considering coming back home. I paid for a 1 year family pass for the zoo (I have 2 kids from a previous Relationship) to have something to do together. I even added him as an authorized user to my credit card in attempt help him start building his own credit. After a few months he ended up not coming back, instead he suggested I and my kids move there with him, which I didnt feel it was right removing my kids from their life and family here. Then he suggested I move there with him and leave my kids here and i could visit them periodically, that I wouldn't have to work and he would take care of it all. I was definitely not about to leave my kids behind and move away just because he decided he wanted to stay living in another state. I knew that my state gives a 6 month period before divorce finalizes incase the couple reconciles and decides to cancel it. I let the divorce process continue without cancelling and I'm glad I did. Clearly it was not working out and we couldn't even agree on what state to live in. We divorced based on irreconcilable differences and it was finalized Dec 2016. He had to file a divorce waiver and remove conditions by himself and go the rest of the way without me. Fast forward, he attended his interviews, did his biometrics, gave them everything they wanted to know and was granted US Citizenship in the end. Now about my Fiance. We knew of eachother through a mutual female friend on fb 7 years ago but he and I never had contact back then. Over a year later He messaged me saying happy new year and gave advice about staying happy in marriage and sent a link but I never responded. I was married at the time and it wasn't my thing to talk to men even though he wasn't showing interest or trying to flirt or come on to me in any way. During my separation from my husband I contacted this man asking for help with translating some things. He happens to also be from the same country as my ex husband. So he finally responds back over a month later because apparently he was away in the military. We talk a little and he wants to block because he doesnt want to cause problems in my marriage. He had no idea that problems already were there and I was separated. It wasn't an issue any longer to me talking and being acquaintances. I let him know the current circumstances and then we didnt talk again for several days. We ended up excepting eachother as friends on fb several days later. While me and my ex were having problems and were separated, me and my now fiance were becoming friends. We became close, I considered him a best friend to me and he was there for me to vent a lot about the problems in my marriage. At the same time we started becoming attracted to one another and did like eachother but i didnt consider us as being officially dating or in a relationship. After my divorce became finalized I tried to move on with my life and went on to pursue a long distance relationship with my now fiance. But it wasn't entirely easy for me having been down this road of long distance relationship before and this whole process. I still had some fears of another relationship failing especially during that year after my divorce. I felt like all my heart, emotions, effort, time, etc. I put into my marriage and that whole process was for nothing in the end and it left me shattered inside. I feared this type of let down happening allover again. But I continued on having this new, long distance relationship. Several times we planned to meet in person but due to our work schedules and circumstances it became delayed. At the same time I felt like I needed this delay to fully heal and be whole again. In Nov 2020 we broke up for a short period without talking, due to other things. Mostly he felt the distance was becoming too much and felt that I was often purposely delaying our relationship even more from going foreward to the next step. Though he was trying to be patient through it all with me, we have had ups and downs over the last 3 years. Many times we talked about a future together and for the most part we get along great together and see eye to eye with many things in common. I also knew inside that I didnt want to pass him by and live with regrets later in life of what if. I arranged with work and got approval for vacation and flew to where he resides for work in Bahrain. This turned out being the best decision I could have made. We had an amazing time together. During that period we flew to kuwait to spend time with some of his family and I loved it. I took them each gifts and in turn they took me out and wanted to shop for me, my kids and my mom. They took me to dinner..it was really nice and they were so welcoming. After flying back to Bahrain I had one week left before returning home to the US. We talked about engagement before going to see his family and wanted to have it with them there and wanted to find rings in Kuwait but our trip was shortened due to missing a flight and having to schedule a later one and pay all over again, plus his work schedule.. he couldn't take more than just a few days off. So after returning to Bahrain, we shopped and purchased our engagement rings and became engaged Feb 28, 2020. Since then the pandemic picked up more and I havent been able to make another trip. I also work in a covid facility so it's been pretty hectic this past year and with my kids and my dad also getting covid and having to care for them too through it. Thank the Lord I have not had the virus yet. We have made some arrangements and discussed the details of our wedding and I know time is ticking and I need to file this now as it has to be within 2 years of meeting. I know that there are some red flags being I was married before and previously filed a CR1. Both are from the same country of Birth and Starting a relationship just after my divorce. I'm hoping for the best and just want to know if others have filed k1 after marriage and divorce, how did it go? I'm wondering if I will have to prove at some point the bonafides of my previous marriage. It's been just over 7 years since I had gotten married and just over 4 years being divorced. I've moved a few times and dont have much proof of anything left as he took whatever there was with him. Should I expect them to ask for some letter from my ex husband? Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.
  15. Hey!! So me and my fiancee we've been wondering, do we need to see each other after getting married online? We saw each other multiple times before. But in order to file for CR1 do we need to see each other?
  16. Hello everyone. My fiancé have applied for the K1 visa and I was just wondering what other K1 couples have done in terms of wedding planning and ceremonies. Obviously the most important thing is to start a new life with the person that you love, but I would still like to be able to celebrate that milestone like other couples. However, we can't have a wedding "ceremony" in the 90 day window because it does not give his relatives in India enough time to plan the trip and my parents, who have graciously offered to help pay for the wedding, do not want to put deposits down before we know for sure that he will be allowed to enter the States. So our plan is to have our pastor marry us within that 90 day window and then have a ceremony and reception later. I think it's kind of silly to have a ceremony once we are actually married but he wants his family to be able to share in that experience with us, which I understand. I guess my question is -- how have other K1 couples chosen to celebrate their wedding (legally wed, exchanging of vows in the 90 day window)? Has anyone else had a ceremony after they were technically married? Did you enjoy it or did it feel silly?
  17. Hi there! We are going to get married in a couple of weeks here and apply for AOS asap. I want to take my husband's last name. How does it work with all the paper work for AOS?
  18. Dear altruists, My current VISA status is F1 and I am married to a USC and applied for AOS based on marriage. I have received I-797C to appear for an interview. I have given a list of the documents to bring with for the interview. According to the list I have to bring (among other things): 1. All documentation establishing my eligibility for lawful permanent resident status 2. If your eligibility is based on your marriage, in addition to your spouse coming to the interview with you, bring: - Ceritified copy of marriage document - Birth certificates, etc. - Supporting evidence of your relationship(lease, joint bank account, etc.) What I understand is that 1 and 2 are asking for same documents (Please correct me if I am wrong). If they are asking for same documents, should I bring 2 copies of each document? Thank you
  19. I had a query regarding the employment history in the I130 A section for marriage based green card. (Currently on H1-B) -I worked for Employer A from March 5th 2018 to Present (26th Dec 2020 at the time of writing) -We were acquired by Employer B and the acquisition was completed on the 1st of December. I signed the new employer (employer B's) offer letter on the 21st of December. -We do not need to initiate an H1-B transfer as it is apparently only an 'amendment of status'. -I am yet to receive a pay stub from my new employers, employer B. (I will probably receive one or two before submitting my Green card application forms) Query: How do I represent this on the Employment history section of the form I 130A.
  20. Hello VJ members! Happy Holidays! (ASKING FOR A FRIEND NOT IN THIS PLATFORM) A friend of mine got married few years back and brought their spouse on spouse visa (i-130) they currently have been granted their 10 year green card now. Sadly, things started to go downhill and the spouse started to show their true colors. They are not a USC yet and haven't applied for naturalization yet. What happens next? Are they invited for a naturalization interview? If so, do they need to be there (they just got divorced). If they don't show up to the interview are they no longer eligible for Citizenship. I'm not sure what happens now. Do they just leave it and then after 10 years when the green card expires that's the end of that. They aren't planning on submitting anymore applications on their behalf because of how they've been treated. So they're just confused as to what happens next and I myself am not sure either. Any help would be appreciated. The spouse was brought in i-130 visa I'm not sure which year, but they now have their 10 year green card.
  21. The woman who is now my fiance left the USA less than a year ago. She was under DACA status and left without filing for advance parole. I understand this means she is now unable to come back into the US as a result. My question is: because she left while dealing with a mental illness, could this be grounds to overlook her not having advance parole? She left the country 3 days after being released from a mental health institution. Or is the only route to get her back in the country by applying for a fiance/spouse visa? I would welcome any input. Thank you.
  22. Hello, I just got engaged to my fiancé here in England but I am from the USA. The plan is for her to move to Florida with me but I have a few questions..... 1. Can we get married when she comes to Florida on an ESTA as long as she intends on going back to England? 2. Why are people saying it could be fraud if she comes here on an Esta visa and we get married? 3. When she does fly back to England, what is the best visa to apply for?
  23. Remove the wait and get married online and change your Process. Kabayan party-list Rep. Ron Salo files bill seeking to allow “virtual” wedding using video, audio and data transmission devices. Republic of the Philippines HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Quezon City, Metro Manila EIGHTEENTH CONGRESS First Regular Session House Bill No. 7042 This will allow you to get married online, and start the process of either a CR1 or a 13A to return, since the Philippines has cancelled their SRRV. Key Take aways: (1) legal capacity of the contracting parties who must be male and female; and (2) consent freely given in the presence of the solemnizing officer (3) Physically being on camera (4) WHEN THE MARRIAGE WAS PERFORMED VIRTUALLY, THE CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE MUST BE NOTARIZED PRIOR TO ITS REGISTRATION WITH THE LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRAR TO ENSURE ITS AUTHENTICITY AND DUE EXECUTION, AND TO PROPERLY ASCERTAIN THE IDENTITY OF THE CONTRACTING PARTIES. (5) Everything else required to get married in the philippines. HR 7042 Marrying in the Philippines
  24. Hello. I am a citizen of the United States, and I currently live in Pennsylvania with my fiancé. We are attempting to submit a marriage application but due to the Plandemic (COVID-19) We’re running into small potential problems and we’re unable to get in contact with anyone to get assistance. My fiancé is here in the US legally, on a B-2 tourist visa that has been extended over the past 13 months. We began dating several months ago and have decided to marry but in Pennsylvania the appointments in person are completely booked until at least January 2021. We were told we could file a marriage application in any county within Pennsylvania since our current county is booked out. So after attempting to do so we discovered that the next county over is doing all marriage applications online, followed by a video meeting/ to my understanding, virtually being married rather than in person. as I stated, I haven’t had any success in reaching someone in the office via phone or email but my question is... can someone in my situation, a US citizen marrying an immigrant, with only a passport and valid b2 tourist visa, marry virtually without any problems? I’ve read that the documentation required to marry is either a social security number and card or a passport but on the actual application, it requires a social security nUmber to be entered for both applicants, and if I leave it blank it does not allow me to continue to the next part of the application. As it stands, it does allow me to enter “000-00-0000” and then continue to the next portion but we’re trying to have as few problems as possible. Has anyone else ran into the problem or have any advice on the best way to marry rather quickly but properly? Thank you in advance.
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