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  1. so i got my combo card but i noticed my middle name is not listed. i do have a long full name so i think they just couldn't fit all the characters in. do i need to get this corrected or this is ok? for example if my name is: First name: Janey Joane Middle name: Middles Last name: Somename On the front of the card, it says: Surname: Somename Given name: Janey Joane M I do see on the back of the card they have the my full name at the bottom like this: SOMENAME<<JANEY<JOANE<MIDDLES<
  2. Hi There, Hopefully this is the right forum to post this in. Hoping someone can shed some light on this situation for me. I entered the USA on a K1 visa, and got married in September. AOS/EAD/AP was filed on 28th September 2017 and they received on the 1st of October. I have since received my EAD/AP and recently passed my NYS permit test and received the card in the mail. I noticed my driver's permit is only valid for a year, which I am assuming is because my EAD is only valid for a year. I am sitting my road test soon and I'm assuming my actual license will also have the same expiry date. My question is , once I've got my green card , do I just need to go back to the DMV to get them to change the expiry date to a normal time period , rather than the 12 months .. hope that makes sense... just looking to get some clarity on what to do. Thank you Yaz XOXO.
  3. hey guys. so i entered the US in Oct 2017 on K1 visa. I married my fiance in Oct and filled for AOS, advance parole and employment. However, tax time is coming. Are we to file jointly here in the US, and am I to file in Canada (my home country as well), as I still have a bank account and such there? Any info is greatly appreciated!
  4. Hey guys, A little background story: I came to the States on my 3 year tourist visa for 4 months to visit my boyfriend back in 2016, and then I returned to Russia (my homeland country) for two months, then I came to the States for another 4 months, and then went to Russia for another month or two, and then when I came to the US for the third time I was stopped at the customs at JFK airport and was given a NO AOS, NO COS, NO EOS in my passport + limited stay (1 month). And also my entry to the country was not recorded in the CBP system, which led to the fact that I don’t have the most recent I-94. And my excuse for this whole mess is that I was always told (and I also researched it on my own and figured out the same thing) that the main thing is to leave the country before you’ve been there for 6 months (180 days) (and I always followed this rule), but, apparently, it turned out to be not very accurate. So now, when I came to the States for the 3rd time, my boyfriend popped the question (I am going to assure you right away that it wasn’t because of any stamps or anything like that; actually, we had been in a loving relationship for a several years before we got married). So, we filed all the forms for the AOS (although, we sent them 2 weeks after the date stamped in my passport, so you could say that I was out-of-status for 2 weeks), a month later I was invited for my biometrics appointment, two months later I got my EAD and AP, and I already have my interview scheduled. And now the most important part (finally): so, the thing is that I had to go to Russia for a month in Jan because I have my university here (I’m a correspondence student, but I still have to show up twice a year at my uni to take my exams, otherwise I will be kicked out), so now I am here, but once I’m done with everything I’m going to travel back to the States on my Advance Parole just a couple of days before my interview. So knowing everything that I told you just now, 1). do you think that I’m going to have any problems at the customs? (NO AOS stamp in my passport and no recent I-94) 2). And what about the interview? I can already feel that they’re going to question the authenticity of our marriage, but we definitely have more than enough evidence to prove that we are in a bona fide marriage. Your answers would be very helpful! Thank you very much!
  5. Hi! When my husband and I started our k1 process, we were both living overseas and had no income in the US. Therefore, we needed to use his mom as a joint sponsor this whole time. Now we are settled here in the states and both have jobs, we earn over the amount and technically no longer need his mom to be a sponsor for us. So, my question is, for my interview, should I bring another affidavit from his mom or should we just bring an affidavit for him? Is there a way to stop his mom being our sponsor now we can support ourselves? Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone, My husband and i applied for his AOS. We started filing on October 2017 and then we heard back from USCIS two weeks(if that long) after we sent the forms. So the process was going well, he even had an appointment for his biometrics on Nov 1. Then after that maybe a week after that's when we received the request for initial evidence. So we filled another form and attached the appropriate documents a week after receiving the request... So far we haven't heard back from USCIS starting they received our documents. This is going on two months and we don't won't it to go past the expiration date we received. So if anyone can help us understand why its taking so long❓
  7. Hello, I did not see a thread for January 2018 filers so I thought I would create one. Priority Date: January 8th 2018 We sent I-130, i-485 package with affidavit (i-864) and i-765. Waiting anxiously and checking the mail every day for a receipt or something. I came with a tourist visa and we have been married since July 2017, based in Maryland. Good luck to us all, God bless
  8. Hi guys, So I had my green card approved from a K-1 visa last week. I have a notice that arrived two days ago saying my green card is on the way. My husband and I leave the country Thursday and when I expressed the worry to the officer about the green card not arriving in time he gave me the stamp. My question is: should I bring any extra documents with me but my passport?! I’m bringing my marriage certificate in case I get asked about my name change, also bringing my ID with new name, as well as the notice I received two days ago.
  9. Hello, I am currently on H1B visa and my wife is Green card holder. So I have applied for adjustment of status and below is the timelines. AOS Applied and Received by USCIS (from Chicago) - Oct 2nd 2017 Biometrics Done - Nov 7th 2017 I have applied for EAD and AP along with AOS. When it crossed 90 days of normal processing time, I called and created service requests for the EAD twice. No reply yet and still waiting. Anybody had or having similar situations and any luck in any way? Thanks in advance.
  10. Seems like me and two other people are the only ones whose case is pending for over 100+ days at NBC. F2A Category (married to GC holder) PD: 03/28/2016 i130 APPROVE- 7/14/16 AOS i485, i131, i765 received by USCIS 10/4/17 Biometrics done 11/8/17 Raised an SR- 12/29/17 Anyone else on the same boat?? I need to know if people before my PD got any approvals or heard anything. This wait time is ridiculous!
  11. My EAD/AP card expired 03/04/18. I am planning to travel home to Canada on 04/01/18 to visit my grandma who is sick, so she can meet our son for the first and likely only time. I had read the EAD automatically extends for 180 days so I didn't rush to renew my card. But inlight of needing to go home, I'm now realizing it likely won't be enough time to renew my card before April. My question is a) If the EAD is automatically extended for 180 days, does that also apply to AP? and b) If not is there anyway to have a renewal expedited so I can still go home in April?
  12. We filed our AOS package, adjusting from a K1 visa on Nov 28th 2016. In early December 2017 I received an RFE for a new medical from the Omaha field office. We are located in Houston so I'm confused as to why I received this letter from Omaha. I called USCIS and a 2nd tier agent couldn't give me any other information besides that our I-485 was still pending. Does anyone have any idea why this could be, or has anyone had a similar experience?
  13. Hello! I got married this weekend to my beloved husband and now we are looking into filing papers to adjust my status in this country. We already have the I-130, work permit form and the other form that I need to fill out myself but I spoke to the person filing our marriage certificate and she said that we also have to file birth certificates, I-94, passport, 6 passport sized pictures, marriage certificate, medical letter (I-693) and my husband has to file pay stubs for the last three months, letter form his employer, Tex returns, birth certificate, 2 passport sized pictures, drivers license, Social security card, US passport. Do we have to file all of that for the adjustment of status or is there anything else we need to file along with all the other paperwork? We want to file all of this by next week so I really need some quick answers!
  14. Hello, i am an F1 student and i have been legally in the US since 2014. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for over 3 years now and we have decided to get married. We are planning to get married next month. School tuition has become a little too high for my family now to help me pay for it, especially since once of my parents lost their job last year. Since we're starting a new life i would rather use that money to help settle down together. My question is whether it would be an issue if we got married and i withdrew from school before the required deadline. Would the school possibly create an issue for me between the time we got married and the time we filed for AOS? Would my withdrawal have any repercussion on our application for AOS? Thanks in advance, this issue has been worrying us a lot.
  15. Our American citizen friend recently married his Filipino fiance. She entered the U.S in October 2017 and they were married in December 2017. They were recently turned away at the SSA when filing for a SSN. The SSA employee told them that they must complete their AOS process and have a green card in hand before applying (Indiana). I have read conflicting reports that some states will only process a new SSN for a non-immigrant (i.e. K1) if their I-94 is within fourteen days or more of expiring. Can anybody confirm without doubt that this is true?
  16. Hi everyone! I have a question! Im currently in the process of getting all the paper work I need for my AOS, I got married last September and I already have 90% of my paper work ready. I just need to ask about this matter. My husband was staying in the Philippines for 7 years prior to him moving here to the US to work again. he only has taxes from 2017 since he only started to work November 2016 and the requirements to show proof of financial support needs at least 3-4 years of his taxes to be shown. My sister in law told me that my parents in law or her and her husband can help to sponsor us and that we can show/submit their taxes instead of my husbands.she also told me to hire a lawyer because she is worried that the USCIS might reject my application due to the texes only being a year old Because her friend is now in that current stuation. what do you guys think. I'm pretty certain the sponsor taxes will be enough for them. do I really need to hire a lawyer? im only asking because I know some of you got through it without asking help from one. please let me know. thanks in advance Nicole
  17. Hi, I need to renew my EAD and my AOS based on marriage is still pending (1 year). I read the instructions and I understood I don't need to pay the required fees but do I need to send the fee for the biometrics? Thanks
  18. So I just got the notice that our application was rejected due to having an outdated I-485. Our whole packet was returned though, including the paperwork for AP and and work authorization. Do I have to refill out all the forms (essentially sending an entire new packet with the green letter it says to place on top)? Or do I send back the forms I submitted (the ones with numbers printed on the bottom) with a new current form and just include the notice that I just got? Also, do I have to write out a new check or use the old one that has US Dept of Homeland security on it?
  19. Here are a few thoughts about moving to Vermont on a K1 visa. When I was doing my research, I did not find a lot of information specific to Vermont, so maybe this will help someone. Social Security Administration - this was very painless both when I first applied and when I went in to change my name after we got married. I had all my paperwork prepared according to their website and the VJ guide, and I did not encounter any issue at all. I used the Burlington, VT SSA office, and it was quite easy. I went in, got a number, waited for my turn for about 10 minutes the first time and about 20 minutes the second time. A very nice lady took my application and paperwork, asked some question about it and then informed me that I would get my social security card in the mail in two weeks. I got it within the week both times. DMV - I first scheduled my written test using their General Information Phone Number and was able to get an appointment relatively quickly (within two business days). I went into the South Burlington office, and I got an application form at the check-in desk and proceeded the Exams office. After filling in my application and having my required paperwork with me, I took my exam on paper (their online system was out of order for the day). I passed the test, and he was sent back to the check-in desk along with my application and the paperwork. I got a number and waited to be called. I waited for maximum 5 minutes, and I was then invited to one of the counters where a lovely lady took my application. She informed me that I could not get a drivers license with an expiration date extending over the expiration date of my I-94 which was the proof of my lawful status at the time. She then proceeded with my application, and I got a learner's permit, expiring on the same date as my I-94. She also let me know that I could schedule the road test as soon as I felt ready to take it. I was able to make an appointment for the road test using their online scheduling form, and a week later I went in, together with my husband. For the road test, you must be accompanied by another person, over 25, with a valid drivers license. The guy I took the road test with informed me once again that the expiration date on my drivers will have to match the I-94. The road test consisted of verifying that the emergency brake works, driving around a bit, a hill start, turning around according to the VT drivers manual and parallel parking. I passed, and I went back to the check-in desk. I got a number, and I barely got to sit down and was called to one of the counters. Now, this is where it gets very interesting. The guy processing my paperwork was, it seemed to me at least, familiar with the K1 visa and the process of adjusting status. He asked me if I had applied and if I got my EAD already. I said that I had applied but did not have the EAD yet, though I had my I-797C forms. He checked his manual, verified with his supervisor and then let me know it was good that I had the I-797C on me because based on it I can get the two years permit. This saved me from being stuck at home not being able to drive for a while until I got my EAD, an extra trip to the DMV and surely some money for a new permit. Getting Married - This was the easiest of all. You don't need a social security number, and it is as easy as going to the city hall and getting the license. Changing my last name was pretty easy too. There's nothing on the marriage certificate that indicates the name change. Based on the marriage certificate I was able to change it with the SSA and get the drivers license in my married name. All my AOS/EAD/AP paperwork was filed in my married name as well. Until I get to change my passport to the new name, I will need to carry the marriage certificate with me whenever I need to prove identity. Keeping busy - this is not related to the visa process at all but has contributed to my sanity during the first few weeks after I moved. Being stuck and home in freezing weather I was very excited to get a library pass and have access to many, many free resources. The Green Mountain Library Consortium has a rich collection of online resources. All I had to do for my library pass is to go into my local library with my ID and some mail proving I'm a resident. It was very heartwarming to discover how friendly Vermont people are, and how they mostly want to help you. I just got the appointment for the biometrics, and once I learn more about the process, I will post updates. If anyone else has tips or thoughts about this, please reply to this thread.
  20. Hi everyone, has anyone needed to reschedule their interview and how did you do that and were you able to pick a date or they just send you a random date again? How far do they postpone it? Can you get a date maybe a week or two later or you need to wait another god knows how long? Thank you
  21. Hi guys!! So, I just got my conditional, marriage based, 2-year green card. I now that 90 days prior to my second anniversary as a conditional permanent resident I must start the process to get my conditions removed. I would like to know generally how long does that take because the officer told me that on my third year green card anniversary I could apply for citizenship, but if the process to take the conditions out takes longer than a year, what does one do?! Just trying to understand how it all plays out... Thank you!
  22. I recently send off my adjustment of status application (K-1 Visa holder now married) along with the I-765 form for Employment Authorization. On the form I indicated that I have not yet applied for a my SSN and would like the SSA to provide one. However I now need a SSN in order for my wife to file taxes. I have not yet received a receipt from USCIS to say they have received my application so I am assuming they have yet to assign me a SSN. If I apply for my SSN now would this cause an issue with my application? Also, did anyone else apply for SSN through their AOS/EAD form and know, roughly, how long it would take before I receive the SSN this way? Thank you in advance, Tom
  23. Hi, My husband (K-1 Visa) and I were married on 10/6/17 and submitted all our paperwork for AOS/EAD/AP on 10/10/17. We received the I797C notifying us of its receipt as of 10/20/17. On 11/1/17, fingerprint appt came and on 11/1317, fingerprints done. On 11/17/17, we received a RFE and submitted it on 11/20/17 (delivered on 11/21/17, according to USPS)....and have not heard a word from them since. Did we miss something? I keep getting these emails of couples receiving EAD approval who submitted their apps around the same time we did...so I'm starting to get fearful that we did something wrong, forgot a form, etc. Before now, we hardly ever go to the mailbox. But now? We are literally stalking the mailbox daily! I thought we were waiting on an interview date...nothing. Just wondering if this is common or am I just worried about nothing. Everything else in the process has gone smoothly and this website has been a tremendous help. But we're a ball of nerves over here.... Thanks!
  24. Hi Everyone, I'm becoming very impatient! I have a job offer and I need to start working from 22nd January. Can you guys help me to get an idea when my EAD should be approved by? Case is with National Benefit Center (MSC). 08/30/17 -- Filed I-765 and I-485 09/25/17 -- BIO Completed // 11/15/17 -- Called USCIS, got a referral number, no feedback received 12/05/17 -- Called USCIS, got a referral number, no feedback received 01/08/18 -- Called USCIS, escalated case to Tier 2, then escalated to Tier 2 Supervisor who told me she would call back in a few days, still waiting... On the USCIS tracker it only shows "Fingerprint Fee was received" since 09/12/17 for I-485; and "Case was received" since 09/07/17 for I-765. Its been 134 days!
  25. I'm posting on behalf of someone else, wondering when one's medical exam and biometrics expire. In this case, the AoS interview is scheduled for just over 13 months from the priority date. For those adjusting from non-immigrant visas, when does the medical exam expire? Is one required to re-do the medical simply due to a long AoS processing time? What about USCIS ASC biometrics?