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  1. trying to make an appointment but when i call the appointment number it just says they are too busy and hangs up, your tax dollars at work!
  2. hi, sorry to bring this old thread up again but I'm in the US now and my wife will be here in a few days and i need to file my tax ASAP as married filing jointly so need to get her an ITIN maybe i'll go to the IRS office in Durham, NC. of course thee is no help on the phone so what should i take, beside both our passports, my SS card, my NC driving license and a certified translation of our Thai marriage certificate. anything else? thx
  3. ok thanks. i was looking at timelines for bangkok and it looks like there is no chance she will get called for an interview this year anyhow
  4. OK, thanks, maybe better not no push our luck. It looks like IR/CR1 in Bangkok is taking over 400 days so likely she would not get her interview until spring next year.
  5. OK, thanks for the info everyone. SusieQQQ said "FYI it has been taking over 4-6 months for these extension applications to get adjudicated recently.". We would only want to stay an extra 6 to 8 weeks beyond the 180 days at most, since I work outside and would return to Thailand when the winter kicks in. So suppose we apply and hear nothing back (likely), do you think there would be an issue at the airport when we leave? The last thing we want is a black mark on her immigration record. Thanks
  6. Hi all, I have a few questions if I may. I applied for a IR/CR1 in Dec 2020, and we are going to US on B1/B2 next month and plan to stay 6 months (we live together in Thailand now). My listed address on the application was a rental in Thailand. We obviously don't want any more documented sent here since we are moving out so should I change address to a friend in Thailand or to my US address for next 6 months? Can I list my wife's address as a US address? Also what happens assuming I130 approved? I think I get a packet of stuff for the I-864 form right? I think I can fill that in, in USA right and return it. Then the NVC will send all that to Bangkok I guess. What if Bangkok calls my wife for an interview while in the US? Can she change location to the US? Can she delay the interview until after she gets back to Thailand in October? Is any of this likely to happen before October anyhow? Thanks for helping, Steve
  7. I just read this "What If Your Status Expires Before USCIS Approves the I-539? If you have filed Form I-539 to extend your visa or change your status and the date of your authorized stay on your I-94 Arrival/Departure record has passed, don’t panic. USCIS cannot place you in removal proceedings until your application has been decided upon. In addition, you will not accrue unlawful presence while your application is pending. However, if you receive notice that your I-539 application has been denied, even if the date on your I-94 has not yet passed, your B visa will become void and you will be required to depart the U.S. immediately. " at nolo.com so once you apply, you can legally stay past the 180day limit our application has been decided upon, which is great, so its kind of like an automatic extension if you leave it until a week or so before the 180s are up right? also since "However, if you receive notice that your I-539 application has been denied, even if the date on your I-94 has not yet passed, your B visa will become void and you will be required to depart the U.S. immediately", it would be very risky to apply early in case you get denied and don't even get the 180 days right? what to do? thanks
  8. we have a B1/B2 visa for my wife and are flying to the US soon. I (USC) will be working and i'd like my wife to stay with me at least 6 months (which is standard i think) and extend if possible. I understand i can apply for an extension 45 days before the 180 is up right? do i need to give a reason, is just staying with me enough of a reason? Also, we have applied for spouse greencard already, thinking interview in Bangkok towards the end of this year but no notification yet. Would that be a problem for a B2 extension? Also on a related note, what if she gets an interview date in Bangkok while in the US, can she opt to do the green card interview in the US? or failing that, can she delay the Bangkok interview until she gets back? Thanks
  9. ok thx, we'll be in the US before end of april anyhow so i think easier to take care of it when i get there as for the stimulus check, i just hope it finds its way to my son's new address in US
  10. How long does it take for an agent to get the ITIN? do they not need the passport? thx
  11. what does NRA mean? anyhow mailing it is too slow, trying to change address now so stimulus check sent to right place i actually finally got a human on the phone at the IRS and they said can't change address by phone anymore, totally f'ed up, IMHO
  12. Hi, I need to inform the IRS of my new US address and the only ways are call (don't work, tried for days, lines too busy), mail (too slow), file a return now on line. the problem is i need to file with an ITIN number for my wife and that takes too long to get. turbo tax will not let me file married without entering the ITIN for her and i need her for the $24000 standard deduction any ideas? thx
  13. ok, thanks, I didn't realize I had until June 15 to file. although we are planning to go to the US in mid April anyhow so then I'll not get the automatic June 15th thing I guess? Still I guess I can just apply for an extension and get the ITIN in the US for my wife. I was hoping to file my taxes today on line so I can register new US address for stimulus check, but I guess that isn't happening, so will have to call the IRS tonight and try change my address on the phone
  14. Hi, does anyone know if we can submit an ITIN application with an old, expired passport? we don't want to sent the current active one because we are traveling soon. Thanks, Steve
  15. hi all, FYI, my wife just got a B1/B2 visa while waiting for green card. the green card never came up in the interview although i did put that she is applying on the application, maybe the inspector didn't notice that or didn't care
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