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  1. we've been waiting over a year for AOS, I485 interview. we just filed 2022 joint tax return, is it worth uploading that to my wife's support documents as addition proof that we are still together? thanks
  2. we'd probably change the return flight to get back in time. my main concern is when she gets to the port of entry at JFK, they would question why she was gone for so long.
  3. are you talking about I131 application? it took 14 months for my wife to finally get one and i called every month to ask then why so long
  4. thanks, so you think 4 months would not raise any problems getting back?
  5. my wife is awaiting green card interview for I485 AOS. she finally got an Advance Parole Document (I131) after waiting over a year. Its valid for a year so expires Mar 2024. We'd like to travel to Thailand for 4 months next winter, is 4 months too long for a Advance Parole? I've heard people say you should only leave for a few weeks but that may be just BS. any thoughts? thanks PS, I know if we get an interview appointment while we are away, we'd have to come back sooner.
  6. is she now USC or still on greencard? i didn't realize she could get SS while you were still alive. this is all great news. thanks
  7. i'm 63, my wife is 53, i stated taking SS at 62. good to know she'll be eligible in 9 years.
  8. great info, thanks for that. at this point i'm thinking we just stay retired, living in the US for most of the time with a couple of quick trips abroad for a couple of months each. then apply for n400 in 3 years. i think when my wife is US citizen she would automatically receive my SS survivor benefit so no need for her to do her own SS.
  9. ok, thanks. what about time in the USA? suppose we are here for about 7 months a year and travel for about 5, would that negatively impact naturalization?
  10. my wife just got employment authorization, hopefully green card soon. she'd like to get citizenship ASAP. is it usually necessary to have a work/tax/SS history in the US to get citizenship? i ask because we're retired and not working, but maybe she should do some work if it helps the citizenship process. thanks
  11. my wife just got an I-797 employment authorization as part of the AOS I-485 application. she actually has no real plans to work, we're both basically retired. but it would be advantageous for her to get SS in 10 years (i know its necessary to work 10 year, 4 points a year to get 40 points to be eligible for SS). Also i'd like her to get my survivor benefits when i eventually kick the bucket. given she doesn't have a real job, what's the alternative? i'm guessing just file taxes and SS as self employed and make up a job like house keeper, nanny or something. do you think the IRS and SS admin would take a dim view of someone doing that if not working. usually they what to find people who don't pay tax on income, not the other way round, so i'm thinking OK. also, down the road i'd like her to get citizenship. is that easier if she has paid taxes and SS or don't they care? what do you all think? thanks
  12. I applied for I485 AOS last august for my wife in upstate NY. we are planning to move to Virginia in a month. should we tell the USCIS/NVC about the new address or not? will a change of address push us back in the queue or is maybe Virginia quicker than NY? thanks
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