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Found 23 results

  1. hello i need to know how i can extend my SB-1 Visa? it has been 2 years since i received my sb-1 visa and i don't know i can still extend it or i should re-apply for it. thank you for your help
  2. Initial immigrant visa appointment cancelled at London Embassy due to Covod19. Managed to reschedule for May 2020 but cancelled on the website again today (April 21 2020) Anyone else experiencing the same problem?
  3. Hi there I'm very new here and don't know how to go trough proper question procedure. Sorry for that in advanced. On March 19, 2015, USCIS approved your Form I-130, Immigrant Petition for Relative, Fiance(E), or Orphan, Receipt Number WAC15900*****. Then it was sent to NVC for next steps. But today, my husband got another email from NVC that mention: "Dear Sir/Madam The National VISA Center (NVC) received your inquiry regarding the immigrant visa petition: DHK2015***** filled by *my husband's NAME* on behalf of *my NAME*. We returned immigrant visa petition DHK2015**** to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). If you have more question about this case, please contact USCIS. USCIS CONTACT INFOMATION: .......................... .......................... .......................... Case Number: DHK2015**** Petitioner's Name: ******* Principal Applicant's Name: ****** Preference Category: F2A Your Priority Date: 03Nov2014 Foreign State Chargeability: Bangladesh Invoice ID Number: ******** U.S. Embassy" Now my question is, what does this mean? What should I supposed to do now? I'm totally get confused now and also upset for a such long delay. It's almost a year that I can't meet with my husband :-( Please someone guide me what should I do now? Thanks again
  4. I am planning to have my Medical Examination at New Delhi at Max Hospital, Lajpat Nager . VJ members may please share their experience on the following points - 1) Do I have to take appointment for Medical Examination also through UStravelDocs.com , along with Biometrics & Photos ? 2) Can I complete Medical Examination , Biometrics & Photos in one day , as I have to plan my travel plan to DELHI ? 3) Can I collect the Medical Examination report the same day or Max will send it by courier to my address , though UStravelDocs ? 4) Will Max upload the Report to NVC and US Consulate , Mumbai directly also ? 5) What is total amount of the fees and mode of payment ? Thanks in advance for VJ members’ comments.
  5. These sites helped me a lot. https://slec.ph/us-visa-applicants.php#immigrant https://www.visaconnection-philippines.com/medical---slec.html God bless!
  6. HELLO! I am a child of green card holder. (22 years old) under F2A. My interview will be on March 11, 2020. My mom (petitioner) was on Tourist Visa when she entered the US. I was only 11 yrs old then. She overstayed her visa and then married a US Citizen. Will this affect my application? Also, PLEASE help on what possible questions to expect during the interview? Thank you so much!
  7. As the Trumps travel bam kicks of today, can we share experiences, from appointment, interviews, point of entry. Any relevant info so we can all learn? Any one traveling on a pre-issued visa anytime soon?
  8. Hello, Our K1 fiance petition got approved and we also have a DS-160 application number and confirmation. We've tried to follow the necessary steps but we got stuck at trying to schedule an appointment online for an interview. We have tried online several times to schedule, however it has always given us the no available appointments. I was wondering when is the payment usually made ? Is it before or after the scheduling of the appointment? How do you send the payment via mpesa or postbank? We have not made any payments, could this be the reason why we are not getting any appointments dates ? We would like to send the $265 payment via M-Pesa however we do not know the number to which to send the payment, or do we need to go to the Postbank to get the payment information? How can we make sure that payment is attached to our application and schedule an appointment? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. I received my interview date on 12 December and the interview is in January! I wanted to know since the email has this part about health insurance, do I need to make arrangements for health insurance or not? And I did check online and the proclamation was halted and the injunction has been issued by the court. Is it still worth it to purchase health insurance before an interview or can I just attend the interview without it! Though many of the people on forums were not questioned about it! https://www.balglobal.com/bal-news/injunction-issued-in-case-challenging-trump-health-care-proclamation/
  10. Hey everyone, Thought I would do a quick review of my experience with Dr. Lyndon Mascarenhas for the US immigration medical, as reading about other people’s experiences on here was really helpful to me. I received an email on October 15th saying my interview date had been scheduled for November 18th. That same day I emailed Dr. Lyndon Mascarenhas office and Dr. Ian Zatzman. I received a response back from both offices within a few hours. Dr. Lyndon’s office said they could fit me in October 21st at 2:15 pm, so I ended up finalizing an appointment with them. (Earliest appt available with Dr. Zatzman was Nov 5th). The actual medical was a breeze and super quick. Office was easy to find. I arrived around 1:30 pm and was asked to fill out some paperwork. I then provided one passport photo, my vaccine checklist and interview letter to the receptionist and was asked to take a seat. Around 2:00pm I was called into the room and was asked to fill out a questionnaire (had a bunch of yes or no health related questions on there). About 10 minutes later, Dr. Lyndon came in. He was super nice and friendly. Asked if I was healthy overall, to which I responded yes. He checked my blood pressure and asked about my profession. Whole thing took less than 5 minutes. He then handed me a blood sample test tube and urine sample bottle and some paperwork. Instructed me to go to the basement level for an X Ray and then LifeLabs around the corner for blood work/urine sample. I paid my fees (350 + 50 for courier + 1 for using a debit card = $401) with the receptionist and proceeded downstairs for the x-ray. I was in and out in 10-15 minutes as there wasn’t much of a wait. Then headed over to LifeLabs. It was quite busy at the time and I had to wait about 30 minutes. Not too bad. The actual sample collection took a few minutes. All in all, I finished everything by 3:15 pm. I received an email from the receptionist today that my results have been mailed out, with tracking info. It should arrive tomorrow. So I waited a total of 6-7 business days for my results to be processed and sent out. Overall, the process was much easier than expected. I’d highly recommend Dr. Lyndon Mascarenhas, his office was professional and seems to be well run.
  11. Our petitioner is aged and is on SSI program Will this affect our case which is F3 with PD December 2008? Does being on SSI lower our chance of getting an approval even after submitting a Joint sponsor?
  12. I just want to know how many times can an IR1 reschedule one’s immigrant visa interview appointment? I kept searching regarding my concern but I am not able to find one. Hoping for your optimistic response.
  13. URGENT HELP NEEDED! Hi, My step-sister is living in the US with her family for the last 6 years. My concern is I want to go to the US, that's why my step-sister is planning to get me to the US also. We believe that the fastest way for me to get there is through my loving mother. I want to be there also with my mother, my step sister already filed for a petition to my mother, who is currently waiting for the medical examination schedule. But I am turning 21 next year 09/2020. In your own opinion, do I still have a high probability that I will go in the US? We are willing to pay an legal help to get there. I also believe that there is an option for my case to be expedite. I am from the Philippines, answering my concern would help me a lot. Thank you and God bless us all!
  14. Hello Everyone, I am currently here at US, Florida for J1 Internship, I have a boyfriend and I really need to stay here thinking about our future. I know that I just need a green card to stay, but we don't want to get married yet. Is there any other way we can do so that I can get to stay here aside from marriage? Thank You
  15. My father's initial status was Administrative Processing after his immigrant visa interview on June 27. He had to submit a few documents like updated police certificate and family registry and i864-A so he was given 221g. After submitting the documents on July 17, my mother's visa went from READY TO ISSUED on Aug 1 and my father's visa went from AP to READY FOR INTERVIEW. The date has been updated a few times but case still ready for interview. No feedback from embassy. Please help if you know anything about this scenario!
  16. Hello everyone, I just became a new immigrant by winning the diversity lottery, DV2019, and got a one-year temporary green card sticker in my passport in the end of August. Currently, I want to apply for a social security card, but I'm abroad in my country,Taiwan. A couple of questions confuse me. Q.1 : Can I visit the Social Security Administration in Guam where is the nearest SSA from Taiwan and apply for my social security card? Q.2:Can I access my social security "number" right away as applying for a SS card in the SSA in Guam? Q.3: Besides, can I leave an US address, Plano in Texas, where I''ll live, on the SSN application Form and require the SSA in Guam to file my social security card to that address? Thank you so much.😊
  17. Hi Team I can able to see there is so much delay in scheduling the interview date for immigrant visas for Mumbai, India. In this group also most of the people not updating spreadsheet ( case complete to interview status spread sheet ). Please provide me your inputs
  18. we filed for immigrant visa back in 2006. My case was approved and case processing started. We submitted all the required documents with few mistakes that we corrected. One of our friend jointly sponsored us. He was able to submit all documents except for w-2 form as he is a doctor and self employed and is sponsoring alone (without his wife) so he does not have W-2 form. Our case has been stuck for a while and we do not know what to do.
  19. Hello, I would like to inquire about my case. I recently received a welcome letter from NVC to process the next steps of my immigrant visa that my Dad petitioned me with. However, in my birth certificate, the name of my Dad is not placed (Father's name in Birth Cert = 'not applicable'). Just wondering if this would affect the processing of my papers? Anyone ever experienced the same situation? How do we go about it? Thank you in advanced. God bless!
  20. Hi, anyone here can share experience on getting 221g for a greencard visa? this was at the London embassy but I am happy to hear any story. at interview they were just given the 221g with the circles for further admin processing checked off only. not asked to give further info or anything. I could share more about me but would rather hear more if anyone has any experience same/similar to share..... thank you...
  21. My aunt is in the US awaiting her green card. The tourist visa she arrived with has not expired. Is she able to leave the US and come back using that visa? Even if she’s waiting for her immigrant visa?
  22. Hello, Asking this question for my husband who entered the USA on 12/13/2018. On the DS-260, we opted for the SSN to be automatically sent upon entry. It says on the SSA site if the SSN is not received within 3 weeks, to inquire further. I just spent 2 hours on hold with SSA to receive no answers and to speak with a very confused representative, so I will ask here and hopefully get some advice. 1. Is the DHS affected by the government shutdown? The representative at the SSA told me this is the cause of the delay in transmitting information from the DHS to the SSA. 2. My husband received his green card within 2 weeks of entry into the United States, however, still no SSN on week 3. I figured it would take longer than 3 weeks, especially with Christmas and New Year holidays, however, he wanted to seek more information and we will go to the local SSA office next week. Should he just wait patiently, and is it normal to receive the green card before the SSN? Thank you!
  23. Hello VJers, This is actually very off topic, but I don't know where else to go. My husband is an avid redditor so that forum is not an option... I immigrated on a K1 Visa two years ago, I am sending in my ROC paperwork in May. Life has been very good for my husband and I, we both have good jobs, in August we bought a house and a new car, we have four cats and we are talking about babies in the very distant (like 5 yrs) future. I love life here and I absolutely adore my husband, but there is a big issue and I am struggling to figure out what to do about it... My husband and I took a road trip to my Canadian hometown to visit my family (about an 11 hour drive) this past July. We had a great trip, I saw a ton of my family, we all had a good time swimming, eating, and drinking. BUT on our last night there, my husband and I got in an argument (they happen!), it wasn't an extremely bad one and after fighting for about 15 minutes he wanted to leave the house to cool off, which he usually does when we argue. My Mom saw that I was upset and got involved in the argument, she was screaming at my husband and physically tried to stop him from leaving the house, which included putting her hands around his throat (according to my husband). While everyone was screaming, my Dad panicked and called the police. My husband left the house before they arrived, he went for a walk and ended up at my Aunt's house. The police arrived and questioned me at my parents, then went to speak with him. They made a note about us getting in a domestic dispute, there were no charges against anyone. We were told to spend the night apart and not communicate, in the morning I was to pack the truck, pick him up, and we would head home. We did text a bit during the evening, mainly me apologizing multiple times and him saying he just wanted to leave me in Canada. I picked him up first thing in the morning and we headed home, we argued for the first hour or so and then talked it out. Fast forward to today: my husband and I are still great, our relationship is good and we love each other more than anything. My parents are planning a trip to visit soon to see our new house and bring some of my furniture, and my husband plans to leave the house and not see them at all while they are here. My husband feels betrayed, heartbroken, and has lost his trust in my parents. He saw them as his own parents because he never had strong parental figures in his life. He loved them and is so beyond hurt. We have had altercations in my family's house before (between my parents, with neighbours, etc) which have been much worse and never did my Mom lay a hand on anyone nor were the police called. My husband feels like my parents true colours came out and that they have always hated him, mainly because he took me away. I feel stuck, I want to support my husband in any way possible but it hurts to have to sever ties with my family more than I already have. I miss my hometown, I don't want our children to miss out on seeing where I grew up and having their Aunt, Grandparents, and the rest of my Canadian family. In addition, my Mom's health is poor and I worry that something will happen to her. I don't know how to continue to make my husband feel supported and like I am on his side, while also trying mend the relationship between them enough that we can at least be apart of my family still. I am hoping that someone here has any type of advice to help me through this. Thank you for reading the long post, and thank you in advance for any replies. Sydney
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