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  1. Dears Our priority date is current since last July, still waiting for an interview appintment. Usually how long it takes to schedule interviews for F3? months or years? Thanks
  2. Hi there, my wife filed an petition for me last march. We received the NOTICE OF ACTION (Form I-797C) in march, which stated that they received the form and its processing. Later on within a week we received another letter which stated some login credentials for USCIS account and told us to activate the USCIS account. As required, we activated the account. Now I would like to know what's the next step? Its been a couple of months and still we didn't received any update. Please note the priority date is 17th March 2021 and the petitioner is a US citizen and visa type is CR1.
  3. Hello, I am a u.s citizen and so is our child he has his report birth abroad and u.s passport my wife is Icelandic. we are filing a I-864 and we are using a joint sponsor to support us on a separate I-864 QUESTIONS 1.As the primary sponsor to my wife since my child is a u.s citizen do I still need to add his info under Part 3 family member 1. 2. On my joint sponsors i-864 do I have to list myself and my child under part 3 as derivatives to my wife? I wouldn't imagine i need to since me and my son are both u.s citizens and not aliens. 3. Do i still need to fill out an I-864W for my son even if hes a u.s citizen no SSN yet but has u.s passport and report birth abroad. We are filing at our local embassy. Thanks for any clarification Very respectfully Pat
  4. Came to the USA at age 14 in 1998, and have been here since then. I came with an uncle not really knowing where we were going since parents and grandparents could not take care of me. I got married with a US citizen in 2009 and have been married since then. I need guidance in what to do to make the process easier since learning that I might have to leave the country is freaking me out. I have four children who I am a stay at home father to and a kid with disabilities which requires my attention. I need to learn what past laws can protect me since I came here at a young age without having truly a choice. Please help, I need to help my wife in work and such since everything is expensive. Thank you, have a great day. Came from Mexico
  5. The situation: my gf is a US citizen, and I’m Ecuadorian. We have a 4 year relationship, and right now we both live in Argentina. We are both currently at university. We want to get married, so we can travel and live in the US. We don’t know what’s better for us, the K1 or the CR1. Our main doubt is: Can we still do this even if we both live in Argentina, and we want to travel to the states? Sadly I let my B1/B2 expire, and because of the pandemic I haven’t renewed it. I paid the $160 fee por Ds160 and have my interview due tomorrow, in my country (Ecuador) but I won’t be able to show up because of my schedule (I’m mentioning this because I need to know if losing a visa appointment could give someone a bad record or something like that) We are both 21 y/o. She has double nationality (US and Ecuadorian) We met in high school and came to ARG to study, and last year she spent almost 9 months in US working. Would she need her payment stubs or something like that? Does she has to be obligatory in the US for whatever process we want to make? I heard about a Joint financial sponsor. This person has to be member of her or my family? Or can it be whatever person that volunteers? What’s the best option for us? How much time can it take for us to live in US together and for me to get the green card?
  6. I received an email from NVC regarding my immigrant (EB2) visa application that they have verified my civil documents and now I have to wait for my interview to be scheduled for me. Is there any way I can find out how long do I have to approximately wait for that? I live in New Zealand (Auckland). Cheers
  7. Hi all.. I have a question and i realized it just now 🥺 So, i was pregnant when we submitted the I-864 (affidavit of support) for the immigrant visa application while completing all the required documents and i did not included my unborn child yet in the form and now i gave birth this month and our cases still at NVC.. Is this a big problem for us?. Before our household count is 3 that’s what I put in the form but now we are 4 .. Do i have to take an action about this?. Do i need to inform the NVC about this and tell them that we have a plus one in our household?. Help please! Thank you! 🙏🏼
  8. Hi Folks, I am a U.S. citizen and I petitioned (IR-5 visa) both my parents. Both my parents completed their medical exam at SLEC Manila a couple of years ago just right before COVID-19 and the lockdown in the Philippines. My mother passed her medical exam but my father did not because he tested positive for tuberculosis (TB). As a result he received a letter from the Embassy of the US in Manila. On the letter it says this: We never applied for a waiver. My father completed his tuberculosis (TB) treatment with a doctor in Angeles City, Pampanga (not in SLEC Manila). We decided not to do the treatment at SLEC Manila because at the time COVID-19 was at its peak. He now has his TB treatment report (as proof he no longer has TB) which he can provide the panel physician during his medical examination (still to be scheduled at SLEC Manila as of 7/24/2022). Here's where I am at with my parents: SLEC Manila Medical Exam - appointment to be scheduled for medical examination (no walk-ins available as of 7/24/22) Immigrant Visa Interview - appointment on 8/2/22 Here are my questions and I am really hoping to get some answers/opinions/suggestions: Did I the do right thing by not applying for a waiver but having my father complete his TB treatment instead? If so, can I schedule his medical examination at SLEC Manila and have him provide his TB treatment report to the panel physician, in preparation for his immigrant visa interview on 8/2/2022? Otherwise, what should have I done? Source regarding positive TB skin test (https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/step-10-prepare-for-the-interview/medical-examination-faqs.html): Thank you so much for any help you can provide.
  9. Hey Guys!! I recently got my US visa after 4 years of waiting 2018-2022 as a f2a case ( child of permanent resident) . I would love to hear some personal advices of what to do next as a new resident. So far this is my checklist to do as soon as I enter the US: Social security Get debit card Get credit card Driver license Selective Service system registration Take toefl exam to enter college Roth IRA and other retirement accounts In terms of college, I’ll be transferring to a in state school to major in Accounting and Information systems. Apart from doing this checklist, what other things you guys think I need to get done to have a successful citizenship journey and what is your advice for me. Hope you guys have an amazing day! Peter
  10. I know as an new immigrant (ir1) we don’t need to provide proof of vaccination to travel to USA. But if the airline company is insisting on the proof of vaccination, what I can do or show to convince them that this is not a requirement for me to travel to USA. I have a flight in 5 hours.
  11. Hello, is it that US citizen filing for their child application faster than PR holder because I was told that currently those that are being granted for interview are family preferences that was DQ in February 2020 while immediate relatives that are being called in for interview is those that were DQ in January 2022. my case is with the US embassy Montreal and they told me that. My mom is due for her citizenship but hasn’t filed for it yet, is it advisable for her to go ahead and put in her application for my sake?
  12. Good morning/afternoon fam. I was living in Ukraine before and due to the ongoing war, I came back to my home country (Nigeria). This morning, we got a notice from the NVC about a change of Interview location to Frankfurt in Germany. Does anyone have any idea why they did this and how I can go to Germany for an interview without being a resident there. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, my wife has an O-1 Visa and her company is sponsoring her a new EB-1 Visa (the company lawyer said us that the new Visa will be ready before July 2022). I noticed that this Visa is a an employment-based green card and that if her I-140 petition is approved, his spouse may be eligible to apply for admission to the United States in E-14 immigrant status. We are living in US and I have an O-3 Visa (as spouse of an O-1 Visa holder) that expires in July 2022. Do you known how is the process to get a E-14 immigrant status and what does it means? What are the next steps to get a Visa? If my O-3 Visa expires do I have to leave the US? Thanks to all.
  14. Hi there my cr1 interview is in about two weeks. But right now I am confused about the additional documents that I can include in files for the interview day. I have collected all the documents according to the usual guidelines. But since it’s an expedite case on medical case I have included the doctors reference letters and expedite email approval in my files. If anyone can suggest what other documents can I include in my file would be really helpful. Also if I should follow any sequence for documents while arranging my file for the interview day. thanks in advance
  15. Hi, my documentation got approved in sept 2020, I am still waiting for interview date to get fixed. Can anyone tell me what would be the delay and how long it would take. also is anyone’s appointment has happened( when did the documentation get approved by NVC?) second question- can I apply for a V visa, I got married in dec 2018, petition was filled in June 2019.
  16. Hello, Does anyone know what to if you are a TCN(Third country national) with a Turkish Permanent residents card! My husband lives in Iraq but he has a Turkish residents card. I know the US Embassy of Ankara in turkey are only doing limited services for Turkish citizens and nationals! Do I just need to email the embassy with the front/back of the Turkish permits card or does anyone know how the process works ?
  17. Hello, One of my son will be 21 years old in December 2022. When should I start worry about his age? Right now his case is at NVC. All of the necessary documents are submitted per June 22. Thank you and have a blessed Monday everyone!
  18. Hi, Just wanted to know if the USCIS send any letter after receiving petition and if it does, then how long does it take ? Thanks in advance.
  19. Last month President Biden revoked the presidential proclamation invoked by former President Trump, regarding a freeze on issuing green cards (10014 and 10052). These proclamations were related to non-family based immigrant visas. However, the US consulates have yet to resume stamping out these visas. Anyone have any idea, what is the timeline. Biden revoked the proclamation https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2021/02/24/a-proclamation-on-revoking-proclamation-10014/ Thank you
  20. Hi there, I and my family is applicants of F4 family visa category. We received DQ email in October 2020. Recently I've logged in CEAC and noticed that my name has been removed from the applicants list while the other three family member including principal applicant remained unchanged. I thought this might be because my age is no eligible to move to USA in a F4 visa category. Therefore my question is DOES NVC REMOVE APPLICANT EVEN AFTER DQ DUE TO THE REASON I'VE STATED ABOVE? Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi everyone I would be pleased if someone could answer my below question as I am eagerly waiting to know what is going on and if anyone else is also in the same boat. My self and my daughter went for the CR1 and CR2 interview last year 2020 jan and march respecrively at the U.S embassy consulate in Colombo Sri lanka. However, up until now we have not received any updated information of our visa status from the embassy. when checking the case status, it says refused and the long paragraph. Emails are not being responded after last year September. My self and my husband emailed but still no answer. However recently they re-opened the DS-260 applicatio but we do not know which information to add since it says documentary qualified. Can please someone let me know what i should do as the next step.
  22. I understand that NVC update the number of cases completed on their statistics page. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/immigrant-visa-statistics/monthly-immigrant-visa-issuances.html . Can anyone explain that what is the VISA Bulletin? I am unbale to get it, though NVC update it very frequently https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-bulletin/2021/visa-bulletin-for-february-2021.html
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