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  1. Hi, My interview is on the 19th of march, i still have recieved my FULL DISCLOSURE check, i only have a current name check that lists 2 offences. i have been in trouble for fighting and mostly driving eg speeding drive unregistered and failure to pay tolls. I recived community service 20 years ago. Can anyone let me know if they have had or heard of a similar situation being approved the VISA? Any HELP is appriciated. 2017 static driver testing - driving with a prescribed drug : fined $700 (i was driving with serequol in my system - i take this medication daily for bi-polar and didn't travel with my script that day, received fine only was allowed to drive home I am allowed to drive with this medication. This medication gives false roadside drug test readings which is why it states – Driving with a PRESCRIBED drug.) EXCEED SPEED BY LESS THAN 10KM/H (CODE:1926) Offence date 05/03/2015 fined $350.20 EXCEED SPEED BY LESS THAN 10KM/H (CODE:1926) Offence date 06/03/2015 $290.40 FAIL TO OBEY TRAFFIC LIGHTS (CODE:2101) Offence date 12/11/2014 $530.50 EXCEED SPEED BY 15K BUT LESS THAN 25K (CODE:1928) Offence date 06/03/2015 $400.40 DRIVE UN-REGISTERED VEHICLE IN TOLL ZONE (CODE:2351) Offence date 01/12/2014 $313.20 DRIVE UN-REGISTERED VEHICLE IN TOLL ZONE (CODE:2351) 26/11/2014 $311 DRIVE UN-REGISTERED VEHICLE IN TOLL ZONE (CODE:2351) 23/11/2014 $311 DRIVE UN-REGISTERED VEHICLE IN TOLL ZONE (CODE:2351) 06/12/2014 $313.20 DRIVE UN-REGISTERED VEHICLE IN TOLL ZONE (CODE:2351) 23/01/2015 $313.90 DRIVE UN-REGISTERED VEHICLE IN TOLL ZONE (CODE:2351) 09/02/2015 $254.10 USE HAND HELD MOBILE PHONE WHILE DRIVING (CODE:2078) 14/11/2014 29/11/2013 EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN SPEED ZONE BY 1 PTS 01/04/2014 FINALISED INTERSTATE LESS THAN 13 KM/H 06/01/2012 A 5964804 EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN 3 PTS SPEED ZONE BY AT LEAST 13 KM/H NOT MORE 20 KM/H SPER MC 05/03/2012 $200.00 05/01/2012 200121245 EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN 3 PTS SPEED ZONE BY AT LEAST 13KM NOT MORE 20KM/H SPER MC 16/04/2012 $200.00 30/12/2011 200120275 EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN 4 PTS SPEED ZONE BY MORE THAN 20km/hr $333 14/12/2011 200116899 EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN 1 PTS SPEED ZONE BY LESS THAN 13 K/HR SPER MC 07/04/2012 $133.00 04/10/2010 14482064 EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN SPEED 1 PTS ZONE BY LESS THAN 13 KM/H $133 2008 driving whilst suspended fine $600 (due to moving around i didnt recieve notice or fines in mail) 2007 licensed suspend from state debt recovery non payment fines (was out of work) 2007 H 33245122: FINE: $600 costs- court :$70 Disqualification :12 months :(LC38794) 2005 driving over speed limit less than 15km/hr fined $225 2004 not display P plates fined $76 12/04/2002 negligent Driving fined $175 2001 was charged with affray for fighting outside a pub – received fine was charged between 1999 – 2003 I was charged with destruction of a light and given community service of washing police cars and mowing a church – I do not have the exact details of this at the time of writing and apologise about that fact. I have had my license suspended and then lifted a lot of times over the years due to non payment of fines which went to state debt recovery, the suspensions were lifted when i paid my fines. All my fines are now paid. This is due to working away and not receiving any mail and fines going to debt recovery, all the suspensions were lifted when I paid my fines. Suspensions due to non payment of fines dates (these are for all states to the best of my knowledge: 30/07/2002 04/04/2006 23/10/2007 03/06/2008 25/09/2011 22/04/2012 30/08/2013 09/01/2016 21/09/2018 I have no Current drivers license due to not only not requiring it as i work at sea but after being pulled over in 2017 and being fined for driving on my required daily medication i decided not to drive anymore as to not experience the incident ever again. I am deeply ashamed of my charge of affray in 2001, negligent driving in 2002 and every fine i have ever received. i have always paid my fines as soon as i have been able. Due to my working lifestyle and contracts all over the country and at sea i have struggled to get my mail and subsequent driving and speeding fines were increased due to non payment and my non receiving of the information. I realise all this is my fault due to my work life and not keeping up with my legal priorities. I have since remedied this lifestyle and have accepted and remedied the consequences regarding them. If i have missed anything off my federal police check i sincerely have not done this purposely as at the time of writing this i am still waiting for it.
  2. Hi all, I have a minor criminal record from my country of birth and a country where I lived in ( both expunged). Do I need to get new police certificates at the time of application (online)for citizenship from both or should I only get them when I have a date for the citizenship interview so the certificates are less than 6 months old(so saving time and money by not having to get them twice). Also for the country I lived in ( south Africa) i have lived in i have the certificate from when I applied for the still pending r.o.c ( June 2018) and its been nearly 13 years since i was last there. As the certificates take a while to obtain I want to apply in good time so that I have them and i can apply for citizenship within a week or two of being eligible( mid june 2019). Many thanks for all your responses. Prw
  3. Hello, I am searching for my answer here but cannot find the exact question/answer in the forums: Was the form I-129F revised at some point in the past few years? I ask this because as I have mentioned I have had 2 K-1 visas approved (2009, she came here to US and we married but divorced in 2013, then 2014 however she never came here to US- Yes, I am aware of the multiple filer waiver) and the only questions asked regarding criminal records/conviction, arrests, charges, etc. had to do with violent / domestic violence crimes, human traffic involvement, substance abuse and things related but none of those applied to me and there was no question of other types of crimes. I see now that in Section 3- Lines 4a & 4b is asks if I have ever been arrested, convicted, charged, etc. of ANY type of crime at all anywhere at any time in my lifetime. I pleaded No Contest to doing construction work without a contractor's license many years ago and when I was about 19 years old (1979-80) I also pleaded No Contest to NSF checks (writing checks on an account where there re insufficient funds); I have been open about this any time i was asked. Can I just simply explain this on a separate sheet of paper? I hope I don't need to go to court to request documents or records; Also I have approximate dates, not exact dates. I do know these are not the types of offenses that will keep me from being approved. Did I miss this the first 2 times I filed and was still approved? I am sure they have all this info right there when they need it... Thanks!
  4. Hi all, Just had a quick question and hoping for some input. I was charged with gross misdemeanor theft back in 2010. I served no time (just probation), and the charge was dismissed and vacated (on rehabilitative grounds). I, at the time, had not been granted asylum. I was able to successfully asylum and my green card shortly thereafter, even with my criminal history. I was wondering if obtaining citizenship w/ this criminal history will be an issue? I have no other charges since 2010 (other than a passenger side seatbelt ticket). Since the maximum sentence for this crime is exactly 1 year, would I be eligible for the Theft Exception? Thank you.
  5. How can I find my FBI criminal records? Or how can I find all of my criminal records for Texas and Louisianna? Please provide links if possible. Thanks in advance!
  6. I have a concern if someone would be kind enough to help me. I think I am worried about nothing, but I like to make sure of everything. I am going to be filling out the I-129f to get my fiance here to the US from the Philippines. I have a great background as in my work history, lived in the same area in Texas, I have never been married, have no kids, I have a great job now, and everything should look great to them except this one thing that I am unsure of how they will view it. I am 35 years old. My concern is my criminal background for where I have to check yes to 3 or more drug or alcohol charges. I have had no other legal problems. I have 5 that were all misdemeanors. I had 2 different possession charges way back in 2002, a PI that got dismissed in 2005 or close to that year, a DWI 2 years ago, and a PI over 6 months ago. She has no problems with her and she is aware of everything about me. Is this something I need to worry about? This has been driving me crazy and it may be for nothing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  7. hello everyone, i have checked internet including here in visa journey, recently had a good response but i still want to ask others opinion, hoping you can help me 1) traffic incident unless involving prohibited substance or alcohol doesnt have to be disclosed unless the fine is $500 up, did i interpret this part of i129f correctly? this means i can chunk off all his traffic violation unless $500 and up? 2) in iowa records from a website, it is shown there the "financial" which shows the cost that he needs to pay (includes, cost, fine, surcharge, restitution, others) referring to item 1, should we just consider the fine amount and not the total cost? 3) i129f question part 3, 2c three or more arrests or convictions, not from a single act, for crimes relating to a controlled substance or alcohol; question a) is open container considered here? (this is not shown in the fbi rapsheet) b) certainly public intoxication is considered here? c) alch. chapter 123 vio is considered here is this 3 item considered to answer YES ? since they arise not in a single act. 4) so im guessing the rapsheet from fbi is not enough for submission to uscis? this records shows a) arrest information (only shows the charges, not the full description or explanation), b) court disposition and c) sentencing, this should be enough since i read that in case a record isnt found in county uscis will do background checks especially from fbi? also do you think this is considered as certified copy? 5) the information available on this website https://www.iowacourts.state.ia.us/ESAWebApp/DefaultFrame?in=1 is certainly not certified so uscis will not find this enough but only as good reference for knowing all his arrest, do you agree? 6) last question, uscis needs "court certified copies of arrest and/or disposition of each case" ....... where exactly to get this? i read many articles where it said, to get it to the county ? so it means, if he was arrested into 3 county in 1 state, we have to contact all those county to get the documents? and by that means, we have to specify which crime we need or can we just give person information (name, birthday, etc) thank you very much in advance for those who will respond
  8. Many years ago my american fiancee was judged by General Court-Martial and the sentence says: - Offense(s): Agg Assault; Conspiracy; Destr to private Property - Guilty - Forfeiture $ 963.00 /30 months - Reduced From E-3 to E-1 - Confined 2 years 6 months Is his criminal history a problem for to have the K-1 visa? Do we need a Waiver request for that? Thanks
  9. Hello, this is my first post on this forum. I am a Canadian citizen (born in Canada) and I have been dating my girlfriend who is a us citizen (born in the us) for approximately 4 years. We have now filed petition for the k1 visa. My questions and concerns revolve around my criminal record. Juvenile record is assault police officer in 2010 ( which I recived while trying to be detained inside my home and resisting) I was 16 at the time. I have an assault x2 which I received for slapping another youth that was in a cell with me during the time I was in custody for the assault police. At the time I was told I no longer had a home to go to and was scared to leave the juvenile hall and not have a home to go too. I slapped this youth intentionally to be able to extend my stay in detention. fast forward 2 years in 2012 I am now18 years old. I had a really bad day and made the mistake of trying to relive my stress by drinking alcohol. While at my friends house I realized I've had way to much to drink and called a cab to come take me home. I remember getting into the cab and then I woke up in custody. I had been dropped off not at the requested destination, where I had stumbled into a coffee shop. I ended up picking a fight with one of the employees and damaging some property. I received an assault charge and a mischief under. I was also charged with breaching my conditions of probation from my first conviction ( a no alcohol order, a curfew and a keep the peace) fast forward to 2016 I've mature and made many positive strides in my life. I am now 22 and in a committed long term long distance relationship. At this point we've done some reading and assumed I'd need a waiver for inadmissability. We spent many months going through this process and come to the final step of handing in the forms at a port of entry. Where I was informed by the officer (who also went and spoke to his superior) that I was indeed admissible because I have no cimt's. He specified that they don't even take into consideration my youth record, and the assault and micheif could be something very minor( I did not go into detail about my chargers) he told me I had been misled by the waiver company inside Canada. He clipped somthing to my criminal records copy that said "no cimt's" and told me to bring this record file everytime I cross and hand it to them at the boarder when asked about my criminal history. I left with a huge smile excited to be able to go see my girlfriend there and finally meet her family and her 2 young children who at the time I have never met in person just FaceTime but had still grown to love them very much. fast forward another 2 years and it's now 2018 and I'm 24. My girlfriend has both been here a bunch and I have traveled there a few times with 0 problems crossing the boarder. I took the advice of the officer at my initial vist at the port of entry. The longest time spent there being 3 months. As the time between now and my interview shortens I find my anxiety about this at an all time high. I've planned my whole life around this and I am with the woman of my dreams, the thought of any coming between that makes me sick to my stomach. im concerned if my k1 visa will be approved in the interview. I know they base their decision on cimt's which I've been informed I do not have. But I've also read they use discretion at these interviews. I'm fairly good at articulating myself but that little voice in the back of my head named anxiety doesn't allow my mind to be at peace with this. Please, I would really appreciate any and all input on our situation. Thanks in advance. I also apologize for the story book, I just like to be thorough.
  10. Hello! I tried to look for an up-to-date thread about the criminal background part of I-129 so I’m opening a new thread. Does anyone have any actual experiences or facts (I see a lot of conflicting opinions back and forth on this forum and that’s why I’m more interested in experiences/facts...) if the following situations need to be reported with the K1 application (petitioner’s side): 1) arrested but not convicted or charged, no matter how long ago, if it fits the specified crimes? 2) arrested and charged but charges dismissed, if it fits the specified crimes? 3) arrested and convicted (misdemeanor) but conviction has since been cleared due to years gone by, if it fits the specified crimes? 4) arrests, charges, convictions that aren’t listed in the application? I’m trying to make this as straightforward as possible so I tried to cover all options. it just seems so ridiculous to report ALL incidents with the law no matter how small from one’s youth if their record is legally clear today and nothing would come up in a regular background check... but I’m assuming immigration background check is somehow more strict? Another thing we’ve been wondering just between us (here comes the “non-fact non-experience opinion section” of my post ) is why do they need us to clarify every single event from his past if they can just pull the records themselves and see what happened in each case anyway? Seems like a lot of hassle in detail for things that ultimately wouldn’t affect the application because no charges/dismissals etc. I don’t get it other than it’ll surely look bad on the application if you have to put “yes” to a bunch of things that aren’t essentially more than an arrest long time ago.
  11. Hi, I was planning to apply for a B-2 VISA this year. However, back in January 2017, I have learned that someone filed 2 cases against me re: Photo-Video Voyeurism and Unjust Vexation. The Incident happened almost 4 years ago. I was able to sort this out immediately after a couple of hearings (Cases dismissed with Prejudice) due to complainant's desistance. Now my plan to apply for US VISA is in shambles. I am in the process of sorting out my NBI Clearance to reflect the dismissal status. Questions: 1.) Since cases were dismissed with Prejudice, will they still affect my application? 2.) Are my cases considered of Moral Turpitude and does it matter since cases were dismissed? This is my only issue with the law and has been a traveller for the last decade. I have been issued Tourist Visas from the UK, France, and Student Visa from Germany. I am also currently a holder of a 5-Year Japan Visa as well.
  12. So today I received a letter from USCIS and it said that I need to give evidence to them concerning my criminal record and such. The problem is that I'm 100% sure I answered no to all of part 4 of the form I-821d yet is says that I answered yes. I now see why my request has taken so long since I filed back in may of 2017. So my question is, if I have no criminal record or any record of me doing anything illegal, do I call someone about this or do I try and get the evidence and explain in a letter that all of those questions where supposed to be no? If I have to call someone can I be given the number to call about this?