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  1. I am worried about if they raise a question asking me that I took a long term mortgage before i applied of AOS , that may prove that the pre-intent to stay longer in USA on the temporary visa
  2. Talked to couple to mortgage companies , they will give on a condition that my wife is primary and i will be secondary holder
  3. HI all , I am planing to buy house as i got recently married . My concern is soon( probably in 2 months ) I am going to file AOS from F1 visa and my wife is USC . If i do the 30 year mortgage before applying for adjust status , will i have trouble proving the intent during the interview as right now i am on stem opt . Can the visa officer ask me questions like why did i do 30 year loan on the temporary visa and my intent was to stay longer while applying for loan . Thank you
  4. Ans 1) No just leave that blank as A-Number implies to a GC holder , dont worry about it about it . 2) I would suggest to leave that blank to unless u have some government issues id reflecting that name. 3) You need to put your VISA number on that (The one on F1 visa) 4) Put as F1 (It could be found on your recent I94). Good Luck !
  5. Its not two wedding , its just one . I travel earlier to celebrate as all the close family where present at that point of time
  6. Sorry to say but i dont get it , the intent was same as all of you guys who got married on other visa . Its just i went out for small celebration and then wanted to do legal procedures. I am here from for like 5 years now . Would i b right if i did the AOS before travelling .
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