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  1. Ty , Hopefully will hear same from u'll shorty!
  2. Had interview today , was supper easy , only basically questions , done in 10 mins , approved after an hour😀.
  3. Thank you , But in case when the officer asks for the Original , is it okay to provide secondary proof like School Leaving Certificate ?
  4. I was collecting the originals for the interview and couldn't find the original Birth Certificate of mine. I was under impression that I had it and didn't bother to look for it well before (Very dumb of me). I have the Scanned copy for it. I talked with my parents and they can get the new copy of the original from my country next week and send me overnight. But my interview is on Monday . Do officer ask for the original birth certificate in the interview (We have for my wife - She is the petitioner) and if they ask for mine what should I tell them ?. Any response is appreciated. Thanks
  5. Thanks But I am still having hard time understanding how can I-130 be approved without the interview?. Isn't it the ultimate GC application (Petition of alien Relative) ?
  6. Interview in March 1st week for AOS (Marriage). Got an online status update today stating I-130 was approved. Couple of questions 1) What does this mean when there is still an interview pending and then awaiting approval after that?. 2) How does this effect interview ? 3) Does this i-130 approval make interview easy to approve for officer ? 4) Is this normal in adjustment of status application ?
  7. Question interview on March 1st week for AOS (Marriage). Got an online status update that I-130 was approved. What does this mean when there is still an interview pending and then approval after that?
  8. Same for me even after interview was scheduled my EAD was approved and mailed it to me. I wasn't expecting them to approve EAD as they already scheduled the interview
  9. So my appointment was for code 2 but officer told me that the system auto changed it to code 3. I would say wouldn't hurt to request that if system doesn't auto covert. I have seen people do that. Good Luck ! My EAD also got approved today morning and status changed to card being produced!
  10. Ty Guys! , Finding ways to see how to get interview date from teir 1 officer as USPS is delayed!
  11. Ty Ty☺️ , feels like i won a million dollar lottery lol
  12. Finally got biometrics appointment , after 8+ months 🥲
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