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Found 8 results

  1. I am a US citizen trying to get married to my Filipina gf so we can start the CR-1 Visa process. What are all the documents I need as a US citizen? Can the process of marriage be done in 1 visit if I stay 30 days? The most confusing part if the certificate of legal capacity to marry, I know there is an embassy in Manila but on their site, it looks like they aren't notarizing them atm, is there any other way to get an appointment to fill out and process this document? If there isn't would a K-1 fiance visa be better in this case?
  2. My case is documenitarily qualified (Sposal Visa) since jan 2021 and in line for interview by using my petitioner (Spouse) and joint sponsor documents. Unfortunately, the joint sponsor is refused to give me updated documents which shows his current status for my assumed interview at the embassy. Because of which I want to change my joint sponsor. My questions are- 1. Can I change my joint sponsor at this stage? 2. What are the Pros and Cons of changing my joint sponsor in my case? 3 Does NVC accept my new joint sponsor, once it issued my case is documentarily qualified?
  3. Me and my girlfriend feel that our relationship isn't the most "normal" and we worry about how strong our proof of relationship/marriage will be for either K1 or CR1 respectively (we are unsure about whether to do K1 or CR1 but leaning towards CR1) We already know that we want to get married and will do either K1 visa or CR1 visa depending on whichever one is most likely to be accepted for our case. We have known each other for 6 months, 2 online and 4 months in person living in the same house together 24/7 and never being separated once. Since I was in the UK without a visa, I left before it got too close to the 6 month deadline, worried about my ability for future UK visits given her ESTA was denied at Port of Entry when trying to visit me in the US (treated as immigrant without visa, no strong ties to UK) We always had marriage in mind as an end goal for our relationship when we got into it in the first place, always kind of treated one another like a husband and wife, and after 6 months of our relationship together none of that has changed in the slightest. Due to this amongst other factors of only knowing each other for a short time, not having many pictures together, not going out on dates much mainly staying at home, not getting along with her family for pictures and not being able to meet my family for pictures due to her ESTA denial , her being 18 me being 25, not wanting to go into much detail about how and why we met (personal reasons), etc. we worry how our relationship would look like for a K1 visa, thinking that CR1 visa might look stronger. If we did marry online then met up for consummation purposes basically right now and submitted the CR1 visa asap, would our case be strong enough to be approved, or would it be stronger to not marry and submit the evidence we have (some pictures together, spending money on one another, living together for 4 month despite not having easy legal ways to prove that, letters from family recognizing relationship, call logs, chat history on discord, and whatever else evidence we can put together) for K1 visa?
  4. Hello! I had a couple questions about the CR1 visa. My husband has his interview in Cairo soon. -I was wondering if I need to fill out an updated I-864 form, as the one I uploaded on the CEAC was a year ago. -I was wondering if we have to confirm the appointment registration and how to do that. I have followed the step 1 link and added the address where he will pick up the passport but I do not know how to confirm the appointment registration? - I was wondering if I should upload documents to the CEAC website before the interview such as pictures of us, updated IRS forms, and such? -Also are there any other fees that are needed to be paid at the embassy? -Also do I just screenshot our conversations on whatsapp, do I have to save him by his full name, and do I have to translate it if they are in arabic? Quote
  5. Each month, VisaJourney dives into the official US State Department data and captures the latest Family & US visa approval trends for K1, CR1, IR1 and IR5 visas. This page is updated monthly. K1 Visa processing is starting to pick up. K1's are3 being sent to Mexico City. IR1 Visa processing is ramping up. There is likely a significant backlog that will take 8-12 months to clear given the slow down last year. It appears IR1 processing is taking priority over K1s at the moment. CR1 Visa processing (couples married less than 2 years) is following the same trend as IR-1 Visas. What do you think of the data (below)? Do you think the US consulate in Ciudad Juarez is artificially slowing don K1 Visa processing to prioritize other work or for other reasons?
  6. Hello everyone, I have a question. So I read on the ucis website that all foreign documents must be translated to English by a certified translator as far as the website states it says birth and marriage certificates, police records and bank statements. But here's my question, a friend wrote me an affidavit of support letter for a bona fide marriage, does this too has to be translated by a certified translator or can I do it myself?
  7. Hi, I'm new to VJ but have been lurking for a few days now We just feel so lost and overwhelmed by the visa spouse visa process. My fiance is a dual US and British citizen and has been actively looking for jobs in the States, things seem to be progressing well and he already has an interview lined up for next month! We are due to get married in May so are trying to get our ducks in a row to submit the I-130 form. However, with the way things are progressing with my fiance on the job front, would it be wise to wait until he has received a firm job offer before petitioning so that we can expediate the process, or should we just begin as soon as we get our marriage certificate? Would there be a way to request an expediated application after we have started the process and he then gets an offer? Also, because my fiance currently resides in the UK how would we go about submitting the I-130 from the UK? Of course we do not have a US address yet, but he does have family that live out that and who we will be staying with until we get on our feet. So could we use his uncle's address? Any advice on where and how to begin this process or even words of encourgement, there just seems like SO much to do - its so overwhelming.
  8. Hello VJ! So, I had my interview Feb 3rd and it went smoothly(the normal and regular questions like who’s calling you, oaths...). She asked few questions, I wanted more tho... coz I was more than beyond ready in terms docs and to provide answers to any questions asked. But to my greatest surprise I was asked to go get attestation of birth certificate and DHL it to the embassy. I got to know about the attestation thing a day to my interview and it was impossible to get prior the Day. The CO said I was good to go that I should provide it quickly... I don’t know how long this will take before my visa will be issued????? I’ll be glad to see from people that had this same ish. My advice: go with your attestation of birth cert coz about 3/4 of us were asked to provide it as your birth cert/affidavit *MIGHT* be refused. It has to be done on time as it takes few days to get it done, I hope this helps someone?!!! In it and through it, I give God all the Glory 🙌
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