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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, I wanted to start this feed for DFW I-751 filers. Let's share our timeline and stay in touch for this process!
  2. Hi all, Husband USC, Me UKC Since me and my husband have started this process and he has gone home, and found himself again, but now he wants to split from me and stay friends. Obv, I'm heartbroken but I'm not going to beg him to stay, because I think his long distance work has caused him to be too tired to continue with this. That being said, I overstayed my ESTA in 2017, by less than 180 days. Regardless I know I'll never be able to get an esta again. We haven't received NOA2 yet and I have yet to have that conversation with him about what happens then. I don't think he will pay NVC or go ahead. I would like to visit at some point so I can collect my belongings if it's really over, but I don't have strong tie to the UK with being married to a USC. I had cut all ties here knowing I was following him. So all I have is a job, I live in my parents spare room and no car finance or mortgage etc I just pay rent to my mum. Will I be able to obtain a visit visa from the embassy or will I have to wait for the NVC stage to expire?? Thanks in advance. X
  3. Hello all, My I-130 receipt notice has an IOE receipt number and states TSC at the bottom left. However, I subsequently received a USCIS online account access notice with VSC specified at the bottom left of the notice. I have since applied for I-129F and that has been delegated to the VSC. So, I am confused as to whether my I-130 is being processed at TSC or VSC. Every day counts and it looks like TSC currently has shorter processing times. Any help on this topic from the group here is greatly appreciated. TIA!
  4. Hi everyone, My husband is encountering some difficulty with renewing his driver license. His EAD/AP combo card expired this past Wednesday, and his Texas DL expired along with it. He sent his renewal applications for the EAD and AP back in May. He has IOE receipt numbers (which I thought were supposed to process quicker!) Apart from receiving his I797 Notice saying that his EAD would automatically be extended for an additional 180 days after it expires and another notice stating that USCIS would re-use his biometrics taken last year, it has been radio silent. He had an appointment to renew his DL last week at the DMV in Fort Worth and brought his I797 extension letter along with his combo card that was about to expire. As expected, the DMV employee AND the employee’s supervisor were not familiar with immigration law. My husband had to explain over and over again that his extension letter is proof from US Immigration that his work permit will remain valid beyond its expiration date. He showed them the pages we printed out from the USCIS website that explained the nature of the extension in length, but they wouldn’t budge because all they were seeing in their system was that his work permit was about to expire. They said they couldn’t issue a new license based on that information. Thankfully, my husband knew to ask them to run a “second verification,” which is when the DMV contacts Homeland Security to inquire about a person’s immigration status and driving eligibility. It usually takes 3-5 days to run this check. We just received a letter from DPS dated Sept. 16 - the day after my husband came in for his DMV appointment. It stated that DHS was not able to verify his documents. We are at a loss because we know of other people here in TX who were able to successfully get their documents verified during this second stage. DPS stated that they have forwarded the documents to USCIS for a THIRD verification. Apparently it can take USCIS up to 20 days to respond… Has anyone in TX encountered a similar outcome? Was the third verification stage successful for you? I’m wondering if we are facing these road blocks because we went in and tried to renew the license BEFORE his EAD expired. The other posters who shared their experiences stated that they went in after their cards expired. This is such a hassle, as my husband has to drive regularly around our city for his job. I just checked with USCIS and they said that all looks good with his application, but it’s still pending….
  5. Sent the I130 out on July 1, 2021 to the Texas Service Center, received July 6, 2021. NOA1 dated July 7, 2021 with Potomac Service Center address at bottom. No documentation that it was transferred?! Anyone else with a similar issue and any ideas? Thank you 😊
  6. Hello everyone! Is anyone else here with a standalone I-130 petition processing in a field office? I filed two I-130 petitions for both my parents as a USC in January 2020. My mom received her GC through AOS in 7 months. My dad's standalone I-130 with an IOE*** (Ellis / e-file) number resulted in a receipt notice from Texas SC and no further case actions. * August 2020 - when the case became "outside normal processing" in Texas, I reached via "My Account" and was told that the case was transferred to the New Orleans Field Office [sic] and is "within normal". * January 2021 - on a case filing anniversary I reached out again via "My Account" to inquire about the current processing status and received a canned reply to be checking California SC times * March 2021 - I followed up using "Ask Emma" online chat to ask where the case is processing and was told that it is indeed in New Orleans. To my question about how to get processing times of that field office, the agent created a service request directed to the field office. The office responded advising to expect a case action within 90 days. The letter also mentioned to contact the Call Center after 90 days, if no action * June 2021 - Surprise! 90 days came and went with no action. * August 2021 - Could not get through past the AVR system at the Contact Center. Filled out another "My Account" query and was told that the case is in .... California (again!). The response completely ignored my questions on lack of action past 90 days (no apologies either). * September 2021 - Was finally able to speak with a live person at the Contact Center for the first time. Asked a question about where exactly the case is processing. The agent first proceeded to "educate me" as he was waiting for the system to load that my I-130 would not be processing at a field office, as they usually handle cases requiring in-person interaction, and that surely the case must be in California. He then reversed himself in surprise when the system showed the case is assigned to New Orleans. My observations so far: - People handling "My Account" queries must either have a completely different system, or are operating in bad faith - Should I be preparing to receive summons to appear for an interview in Louisiana while I've been residing in Maryland? Meanwhile my mom is having to travel back-and-forth during the pandemic to maintain her status here and be spending time with my dad. My dad needs a medical procedure which I'd like done in the U.S, except he is not eligible for a B2 visa with a pending I-130 case.I am afraid I will be still in the same spot 32 months in I tried contacting my congress person and have been "ghosted" so far. The lawyer I consulted advised to "just wait", which would be OK except I'm not sure that this case is proceeding towards the same path as the majority of similar cases processing at service centers. I think spreading I-130 cases out to field offices may have made some sense in early 2020 when USCIS was closed to visitors. Except right now those field offices are backed up with interviews. Did anyone else have their case transferred from Texas to New Orleans in 2020? Can anything be done? Thank you!
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